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His cleaver cuts with little effort, slicing
freely through the fragile bone of some fool with grand designs beyond his station—an
Acolyte whose meat and marrow splits cleanly, the dust of his being a cloud of thick gray
as his body shatters and drops. Just as quickly, more blades are on Zulmak. He takes cuts but never staggers. Welcome back Guardians… this is a very tough
topic. I want to talk about Zulmak, the boss of the
Pit of Heresy dungeon, who was intended to claim Oryx’s throne. The lore book, inquisition of the dammed explains
the rise to power of Zulmak, which includes three hive siblings we have not heard of before,
Malkanth, Akrazul and Azavath. These Hive siblings are like the new Oryx,
Savathun and Xivu Arath. Speaking of Savathun, she also features at
the end of this video. SO stick around for the lore of spicy Crota,
also known as Zulmak. As usual, the artwork at the beginning of
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the BUG in the gun, not the coding bug, but the actual HIVE bug within the gun. Click the top right hand corner, or link the
description. This is myelin games, and I hope you enjoy
this latest Destiny 2 lore episode. [INTRO]
So, the story of Zulmak, starts with the three new Hive siblings that I mentioned, Malkanth,
Akrazul and Azavath. These Hive siblings, very similarly to Savathun,
want to subvert the sword logic. The sword logic is a philosophy and a power
that the Hive follow, to oversimplify it, if you defeat someone they deserve to be defeated,
if you defeat everyone, you deserve to be King or Queen of the hive. Weakness is carved from the Universe with
the sword logic. These three siblings, believe that what is
left of Oryx’s lineage, i.e. the daughters of Crota, such as Hashladun, are not worthy
to take the throne, and they themselves intend to claim leadership over the Hive, by subverting
the sword logic. The lore entry I.IV: Of Tattered Blood and
Broken Bone reads, “We alone recognize our lack of worth and
thus stand above those who seek Ascension ignorant of their truest reflection… “Ignorant of the logic’s base demand. “But I say now, with an unfettered mind… “The sword logic is not all. “And the logic can be subverted—must be
subverted. “I have studied paths both honored and depraved—the
might of Oryx, the strength and cunning of his sisters, the folly of Crota’s pride, and
the necromantic sin of the unfavored. “I have long since stolen knowledge from the
World’s Grave—known texts and secret learnings. “I have prepared for this day—for the time
when reliance on the rule of might—the survival of the fittest—would prove to be misguided. So, these three siblings are scheming about
how to side-step the sword logic and claim leadership from the Osmium throne lineage,
i.e. Crota’s Daughters. As you likely know, the Hive don’t really
care about heritage, or ancestry, you don’t claim the throne because your granddad was
king, however, it does appear the Daughters of Crota have claimed temporary control over
a sect of the Hive. The Daughters of Crota, including Hashladun,
have set up what is essentially an arena, known as the Pit. The purpose of the Pit is to crown a new king
through the Sword logic, you throw the Hive into the Pit and whoever survives is the strongest,
the champion will prove the Sword Logic. The Irony is, the Daughters of Crota are running
this Hive fight club, but they refuse to fight, they would be destroyed in the Pit, YET they
are still temporarily leading this group of Hive, even though they are not the strongest. Have a listen to the lore entry, II: An audience
with slaughter, the Daughters of Crota are referred to the puppet masters ironically
ruling the Hive without risking the Pit. It reads,
Would-be puppet masters watch with keen eyes from the crimson towers that hang from the
jagged walls of the Necropolis’s hallowed and hollowed ground. They of cunning thought and grand design who
lack the brute strength to take the sword logic’s gift by force. They who consider themselves the shadowed
architects of empires. They who build their legacy upon the trade
of secrets, the gossip of ages, and the sowing of lies—words their weapons; cutting as
any blade. Among the murmuring lords of wicked tongues,
tainted royalty glides to the fore. Sisters of the anti-mercy. Sisters of doom. The Daughters of Crota—Daughters of the
Worldbreaker. The offspring of destruction, direct heirs
to the abandoned throne, yet removed from the Pit’s calling. The same privileged manipulators whose existence
Malkanth and her siblings wish to challenge—wish to destroy. So, Malkanth is part of this trio of Hive
siblings I mentioned, Malkanth, Akrazul and Azavath, who want to get rid of the privileged
Daughters of Crota. So how does this all connect with Zulmak. Well, Zulmak emerges as the champion of the
Pit, completely destroying all other Hive. Have a listen to one of the fight scenes. His cleaver cuts with little effort, slicing
freely through the fragile bone of some fool with grand designs beyond his station—an
Acolyte whose meat and marrow splits cleanly, the dust of his being a cloud of thick gray
as his body shatters and drops. Just as quickly, more blades are on Zulmak. He takes cuts but never staggers. He grabs a charging Knight by the neck, sliding
the point of his blade through his attacker’s throat, then up and out through the shoulder. The green of the brawler’s eyes flickers and
is gone, his body no longer a vessel. Zulmak tightens his grasp around the dead
thing’s neck and swings high, lifting the carcass as if it were a shield to block another
blow. So you would think that Zulmak should claim
the Hive throne, he is the strongest, he has proven with the sword logic that he is worthy. Well, the temporary leaders, the Daughters
of Crota; Hashladun, are just like, nah, you didn’t really prove yourself, you cant be
king. They claim the current Hive are too weak and
Zulmak’s victories mean nothing, he has not truly proven the sword logic. The lore entry IV: Blood Sport reads,
Hashladûn is disappointed. She has grown tired of the façade of the
slaughter. None are worthy of the sword logic. Zulmak may be impressive. But he is no Crota. He is no Oryx. And he will fall. Besurith whispers. And the sisters turn to leave. The congregation on high all follow—their
crimson temples emptied—leaving none to witness the assured disappointment in the
Pit below. As you can see, Hashaladun has her own agenda,
she is like, no one is worthy, so yeah, the Daughters of Crota will continue to be the
puppet masters. Hashladun also argues that the Sword logic
should not just include strength, power, violence, but also cunning and guile, and so she proves
her rule through cunning. Have a listen to lore entry X: Faith in Bone. It reads,
To Hashladûn’s mind, the Pit has proven a failure, regardless of Zulmak’s triumph. Further, the Daughters hold a secret belief
that their forbearers have yet to fail the logic’s call. Crota and Oryx were both defeated, yes, but
not for the first time, and the Daughters still have faith that the King of Bone, the
Taker of Will, the one and true King of Shapes, would never fall as far as to be lost in eternity. If nothing else, the terror of their deeds—the
memory of their conquests—lives on, like nightmares that may be awakened for the weak
to truly know fear. In that faith, the Daughters have made plans
of their own, schemes to rekindle the greatness of their lineage, strategies born beyond the
Pit. Thus, deep beneath the Hellmouth, the heirs
probe strange new possibilities from ancient discovery. Possibilities that will forgo the Pit to carve
new paths and new Understandings through which the logic may yet prove their grandfather’s
authority. So, the three new Hive siblings, Malkanth,
Akrazul and Azavath want to overthrow Hashaladun and the other Daughters of Crota, and they
are going to do this by defeating the unbeaten champion, Zulmak and proving to all the Hive,
that they should claim the throne. The way that the three siblings go about doing
this is by transferring the strongest soul into the strongest body. Akrazul has the greatest rage and soul, his
essence is stronger, just remember, Akrazul=soul, as this about to get really confusing. Akrazul is actually missing an arm, so he
is strong of soul but weak of body, so, Malkanth, puts Akrazul’s, soul into Azavath, Azavath
is strong of body but weak of soul. Together they make a super Hive champion. Malkanth is the one performing this ritual. Transferring Akrazul’s soul into Azavath’s
body. The newly formed Akrazul, in Azavath’s body,
immediately kills Malkanth who performed the ritual. The lore entry IX:X Apocrypha reads,
All went dark and gray and then he gasped anew—his first breath in his sister’s shell—and
through new eyes, he saw Malkanth smiling down on him and knew the whispers were not
deceit, but a promise. The edge of his blade slid into Malkanth’s
sternum—a fatal wound, deep and clean. Akrazul, now Azavath, would be no one’s pawn. Her rage would be unfettered. The Swarm would suffer. Then, the wicked offspring of the Light would,
too, and any others who stood before her. The coming slaughter would end only in dust—hers
or all others’. SO, this new champion is on an absolute rampage,
it has the strongest soul and the strongest body, and it killed Malkanth the sibling performing
the soul transfer ritual. NOW, the soul swapping does not end there,
the Soul of Azavath, the one who had a strong body, and Akrazul’s soul was transferred
into it, Azavath’s soul was then transferred into Malkanth’s body. Why? Well, because apparently her soul contained
the secrets of the deathsinger song, a song that could kill an entire civilization. Have a listen to the lore, and then I am going
to summarise all of the soul swapping. Lore entry IX. XII Apocrypha reads,
“The Pit. Even now. He has gone to inflict his righteous judgment
upon the Swarm.” “He will kill them all.” “Or most. He is truly mighty.” “He is worthy.” “At one time, maybe. Now? He is not the answer you sought.” “And you have returned me, because…” “The answer lies in you.” “My Song.” “The Choir.” I am not going to go into the details now,
but the Choir are powerful wielders of the Deathsong, and there is a really cool lore
entry where they basically destroy an entire planet with it. So, soul transfer summary. To help make this easier, I am going to use
some numbers and also make up some character names. So…. Akrazul’s (1) soul is put into Azavath’s
(2) body by Milkanth (3) forming super Hive champion (4). Super hive champion (4) kills Milkanth (3)
Azavath’s (2) soul moves into Milkanths (3) body, forming SUPER Milkanth (5)
God, I hope that makes sense, so super Hive champion, ie. Akrazul souls in Azavath’s body enters the
Pit and easily defeats Zulmak and a bunch of the Hive. The lore entry XI: X Apocrypha reads,
His defeat was swift and anguished. Zulmak, the conquering champion, was certain
he would stand victorious and earn the right to be crowned the Swarm’s new Prince—if
not in blood, then in title. But none had counted on Azavath and the full
force of her true, brutal nature. As the ‘Singer’s twin blades massacre all
who dared enter the Pit, the gasps from the congregation echo off the darkened edges of
the sheer cliffs, as if the ancient rock were cheering the relentless carnage. As the bodies pile up one on top of another,
there comes a calling only Zulmak can hear… Zulmak’s scream fades from his broken body
and, were anyone paying attention, they would see a slight flicker as the almost-champion’s
essence is torn from this plane and secreted into another. SO, after Zulmak is defeated by Super Hive
champion, Akrazul in Azavath’s body, SUPER Milkanth, i.e. Azavath in Milkanth’s body returns to the
Pit, with the deathsinger song. She sings the song destroying super hive champion. The Lore entry XI.X Apocrypha reads,
Akrazul has lost himself in his new being. But here, as his sister Malkanth floats toward
him, confusion takes hold. His sister is dead. By his own hand—his new hand. Through new eyes, he takes in all of her—the
tattered elegance of her gown, the wound in her chest left by his blade—but he lingers
on her eyes. There is a caring in them beyond any Malkanth
has ever shown. Then, the hushed voice returns, tearing into
the corners of this being… A lullaby hits the ear of Akrazul who is now
Azavath. As it shatters his essence, a tear crusts
and clumps in the corner of his eye. It felt good to let loose his wrath, but standing
on the pile of his broken adversaries, he feels only relief, and love—and then he
is gone. Ok, so out of the three new sisters who were
introduced in this lore book, only Azavath is alive, Azavath was transferred into Miklkanth’s
body and she knows the Deathsinger song. So you may be thinking, well, how the hell
does Zulmak appear in the new Dungeon, if he was already defeated in the Pit. Well you may have noticed there was also some
more soul stealing when Zulmak was killed, have a listen again,
Zulmak’s scream fades from his broken body and, were anyone paying attention, they would
see a slight flicker as the almost-champion’s essence is torn from this plane and secreted
into another. Well, that soul went to the Daughters of Crota
to remake Zulmak. You may ask, why is this so complicated, well,
we suspect this is all the trickery of Savathun, Savathun wanted to create the Hive champion
Zulmak and also arm the Hive with the Deathsinger song. Now, what I have not mentioned this yet, but
throughout the lore book, there is this presence speaking with the Hive, influencing them,
very much like how the Darkness would speak, and I believe this is Savathun’s work. Have a listen to lroe entry XI X Apocrypha,
which I believe is Savathun speaking with Hashladun, the daughter of crota, it reads,
What of the treacherous witch below? She and her siblings cost us much with their
sinful games.” “That witch, in all her forms, is the patron
saint of both your gifts. “Her actions freed mighty Zulmak, that he
might be remade and bound to your will.” “And the second offering?” “The Choir of the Deathsong will rise from
the failures of the Pit. “Failures made possible by the siblings’ ambitions. “Ambitions that have granted you a champion
and the Choir. “Do with them all your fathers could not.” And then all is silent. Essentially, Savathun has plotted the Hive
against each other to create a stronger Hive, to create better weapons, in this case the
Choir, a team of Hive using the deathsinger sons, and Zulmak. This is best seen in the final lore entry
of Inquisition of dammed which reads, Somewhere, in a shadowed realm, the Whisper
Queen smiles as she ponders death. She has gifted the Swarm a weapon of beautiful,
perfect destruction and a mighty champion—the means to move beyond their pathetic adherence
to a sword logic beyond their grasp. The Daughters will see these gifts as a boon—a
rising tide to lift the Swarm and challenge the Light. And there you have it, this was meant to be
a story about the future king of the Hive, Zulmak, but once again, the real puppet master
is Savathun. And with that that concludes this latest Destiny
2 lore episode, if you would like to support the channel and cannot think of a comment,
you can leave the words, SOUL SWAP, because god dam that confusing. As usual, it ahs been a pleasure, peace.

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