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  1. hairyson 94

    I can forgive technical issues (a given for Unity on a console, unfortunately) if the rest of the game is strong. If Banjo Kazooie is in my Top 5 games of all time, do you think I'll enjoy this based on 2017 standards of gaming?

  2. SonPlaysMinEcraft

    8.8/10 too little jontron

  3. TheTinFoilHatter

    The hype is unreal.

  4. quebex

    this was pleasant to watch*

  5. Sander

    awesome video guys! great chemistry between you two 🙂

  6. Elite GamingWolf

    you can play the arcade games? thats pretty cool

  7. Nah


  8. Junayet Miah

    wonderful. Thank you for making this video. 🙂

  9. Dominic lord

    Why don't you have more subscribers? This video was great!

  10. Tim Vega

    this game comes out on my birthday! great video!

  11. Hubblebub Lumbubwub

    Is the fridge inspired by Rick and Morty?

  12. Mind

    wonder if the game will have dlc/expansions?

  13. HighTech

    Awesome video.You deserve a lots of subs,Liked and Subbed,check my channel LIKE and SUBSCRIBE, and we can support each other from now on 🙂

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