XRAY creates a game day print for the Habs

January 14, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 4 Comments

XRAY creates a game day print for the Habs

Art to me is… It’s something that you can never really put your finger on, because it means something different to everybody. I moved to Montreal about ten years ago. There’s an open-mindedness here, and a feeling that people are not afraid to express themselves. It makes you feel like taking your own risks. I’m Bryan Lanier. My artist name is XRAY. A lot of people call me a pop artist… I’m just an artist, trying to connect with people. I kind of like to take the commercial world of advertising and sort of use their techniques to to turn it back around, and to advertise feelings. I didn’t grow up with hockey, but moving to Quebec… You’ve never seen sports fans like that before. They — they…you almost feel like you… grew up with it too. When I first started working on the print for the Canadiens, I was a little frustrated because I was having a hard time finding an angle that really connected to me. I kind of came across those collectible cards. That was something that was actually part of my childhood experience. The old printing on those cards, it wasn’t like super high-end printing. Little mistakes that I thought give a lot of character. The concept that came to me was to make it look like a pile of cards, like some kid had been collecting these cards for years and years… and now they’re an adult, they took them out a box out of a closet, they dumped them on the floor and then they kind of just spread them around. When you buy those cards as a kid and then when you look at them later it takes you right back. I really love it, personally, so I mean, I hope other people like it too. Maybe when you’re younger and you see those movies about artists you think you’re just gonna, like… make something good and then everybody’s gonna be like, “Yeah, you’re great!” That’s similar to the world of being an athlete. You’re gonna get knocked down a lot, you’re gonna get a lot of doors slammed in your face. The difference between the people who are able to fully enjoy and to stick with it is the ability to get back up after you get knocked down.

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  1. Quinton Bowbeer

    go habs go

  2. Mark Salah

    Those are actually so nice

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  4. Philip S

    10 days after my birthday 😃
    Hope I get tickets

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