WORLD OF HORROR – Early access First impressions

I have a confession to make. I am very picky with my horror games. Although I enjoy horror games a lot, I honestly
don’t play that many of them. Mainly because I find that very few of them
manage to catch my interest. What I’m trying to say is that, when I do
get curious about a horror game, I’m only ever going to stick with it if I’m truly interested
in it. And let me tell you, this game managed to
hook me from the first 10 minutes I played and it’s definitely not an experience
that I’ll forget anytime soon. Just like the title screen says however, the
game is still in early access so if you’re interested in checking it out please do keep
that in mind. So whatever thoughts and feelings that are in this video will obviously also be based on the early access version of the game as well. WORLD OF HORROR is an adventure game in which
you have to solve a number of different mysteries in the small sea-side city of Shiokawa in
hopes of warding off a terrible evil. The game was inspired by retro adventure games so if you’re familiar with games like Arkham
Horror or that sort of adventure board game, you’ll most likely find WORLD OF HORROR very
easy to pick up. But do not worry! Even if you have no experience with these
types of games and you just want to check the game out because you think it looks cool,
there’s a very handy tutorial that’ll answer any questions about how the game works. So don’t be too scared. As you start a new adventure, the game will
ask you to pick a case to investigate. Each one of these cases that you choose are
built up of a number of events that are randomly generated. This means that every playthrough will be
slightly different from the next and that you’re encouraged to investigate the same
mystery numerous times in order to see all possible events and see all possible outcomes. During your investigations as you’re traveling
to different places to check for clues you’re going to be faced with both enemies and different
types of skill checks. The combat is turn-based and features an action
bar which you can fill up with any kind of actions you’d like to take in battle as long
as you have the required equipment. You have several different options whether
you’d like to actually fight enemies, run away from them or try your hand and some form
of communication. The success of all of your actions obviously
depend on your current stats and equipment. And speaking of your stats and equipment,
there’s a leveling system which will allow you to spend points leveling up whatever stats
you’d like. As well as a shop that will sell you certain
items, but you can also come across items as you’re investigating. The outcome of the skill checks will also obviously
depend on your current stats. (So keep that in mind before you try something
stupid and end up dead like I did.) So although each playthrough of the game will
be of very varying lengths and very different overall, they’re all generally pretty short. And that is again because you are encouraged
to investigate the same mystery several times. You’ll see new things if you do and depending
on your choices, you might find a new ending. If you’re looking into this game, you’re probably
going to hear the same thing being repeated a lot. And that is that this game feels very Junji
Ito inspired. But that’s because it’s true. WORLD OF HORROR isn’t an adaption of any of
Ito’s stories and it’s not a rip-off in any capacity but it’s very obviously inspired
by Junji Ito. Although the extremely intricate drawings
from a Junji Ito manga can’t be translated into something like a 1-bit artstyle, that’s
also not the point. With its uncanny faces, body horror and placing
unknown horrors into the mundane, WORLD OF HORROR ends up feeling Junji Ito inspired. One can also absolutely not ignore the very
obvious Lovecraftian influences. When cosmic gods come knocking on your door
you’re bound to think of H.P Lovecraft. That’s not to say that the atmosphere doesn’t feel unique because it certainly does. The mixture of Japanese urban legends and
cosmicism is very interesting because it weaves together folklore with the horrors of the
unknown. So although the setting feels very average
every day, you’re bound to be creeped out when you open one of the lockers at school
and can’t even wrap your head around what’s currently living inside of it. It’s a game that wraps its claws around you
within minutes of starting it. Because of the nature of the gameplay, all
your decisions will either doom you or save you and it’s up to you to figure out what
the best thing to do is. All while trying to, you know, stay sane in
the face of eldritch horrors. The pixel art-style is something that although
fairly simple-looking, really gives the game a special feel. The black and white is reminiscent of old
manga and some of the monsters in this game really made my stomach turn. Something that’s also really cool is that
the game has a bunch of different colors palettes and gives you the choice to either customize
your color palette yourself or to pick a random one before each new playthough. This sounds really simple but it makes a huge
difference, especially when you go in for your 2nd and 3rd playthroughs because it can
give scenes a completely different feel. It is absolutely also worth mentioning that
this game was made by one guy. We’ve had several of these amazing releases
in the past few years that were made by just one person, and it’s really cool to see people
so passionate about their projects. So while WORLD OF HORROR may not be the longest
of experiences, that’s not something that holds it back. As a matter of fact it’s quite the opposite. It’s adapted a very effective short story
formula which is what makes it so addicting. As a horror fan, I would strongly recommend
it. It’s been a while since a game got under my
skin in the same way that WORLD OF HORROR managed to and it’s just as spooky as
it is refreshing. I was really longing for something unique
to catch me off guard this year and I was pleasantly surprised to find it hit me upside
the head. So if you’re interested in checking this game
out, keep your eyes open because WORLD OF HORROR will be available on Steam, Playstation
4 and the Nintendo Switch this year. And like I mentioned earlier, is already available now in early access. I hope you enjoyed this video. Thank you so much for watching.

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