Wii Sports Bowling – Perfect Game – 300 Score!

Nice throw! *applause* Nice throw! *applause* Nice throw! *applause* Nice throw! *applause* Nice throw! *applause* Nice throw! *applause* Nice throw! *applause* Nice throw! *applause* Nice throw! *applause* Nice throw! *applause* Nice throw! *applause* Nice throw! *applause* Perfect!

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  1. Super Smash Revan

    The most I've gotten is 6 in a row.

  2. Dax Douglass

    Now if I can only do this in real life

  3. D4rk Fire627

    Why the fuck did you play THAT LONG to train to get a fucking perfect game ???????

  4. Drake0306

    Gets perfect bowling score

    Nice throw!

  5. Newfound Hill

    N I C E T H R O W

  6. r0uNdM4r10 YT

  7. R A D O N

    I bow down

  8. JPHall6

    I’m so mad I got 298

  9. Michael Markovski

    My highest is 226

  10. redranger234

    Matt wants to know your location

  11. Sonic the hedgehog

    I did this once

  12. 胡李

    This is way different from playing bowling in real life

  13. Ross Sowden

    My highest is 277

  14. highprize180

    Hit this after after about 10-15 tries. Great method 🙂

  15. Sean Dufresne

    Peep jack black in the back

  16. Tpcito52

    My record when i was like 5 (or even less) was 223 and now like an adult i can't beat it, not even 200, now how i friccin did it i was a genius or something (no rly thia is real lol)

  17. vtt355

    This was my dream as a 10-year old. My high score was 202

  18. Diego Aguila

    I remeber getting several perfect games, they gave you a golden ball once you got your first perfect game

  19. Ifan Stoddart

    My highest score is 221

  20. David Dell

    I bet this guy almost cried on the 7th strike

  21. Alina Iwanov

    I don't want to play against you

  22. Mister Castle

    Thank you for showing me what comes after Turkey.

  23. CalculatinGenius

    Nice throw

  24. timmy3069

    Poofesure wants to know your location

  25. LoLoLaaarry124


  26. Kayli Miller

    Maybe you can teach Poofesure something

  27. SonicAteMyChiliDog

    Don’t show Poofesure this video

  28. Reddog5546

    I've done this once. It happened when i was like 10-12 years old. I would never lie, It just made me feel god like! I have witnesses too

  29. Sara Pardy


  30. I am Random

    I did this 6 years ago

  31. PrehistoricLEGO

    Your balls must’ve clenched at 1:13

  32. Bogey - Fun Run 3 Arena

    ? cheating

  33. Plumcake Cat

    2:21 Top oddly satisfying moment

  34. Richie _Number1

    Ok, look I was playing with my mom, and I kept on getting strikes. My mom asked me if I was using a cheat code. I told her no, and she asked: "what's the cheat code?" I told her I didn't use a cheat code. Lol

  35. trey way3

    Congratulations man??

  36. Mkx Fannn

    0:11 that’s the meme

  37. Unkown Error

    It would definitely suck to play against you in a game

  38. Soulmadness 2019

    Is this attack on titan?

  39. Nat Asuncion


  40. Addy Newlin

    if only i could do this irl HAAHAH

  41. Tommaso Antonelli

    My girlfriend plays just like this… that's why we never invite her to play

  42. Sergeantmajormario

    Imagine if Matt played bowling, he'd somehow get a Perfecter game

  43. The Media That Moves Us

    1:08 never noticed the background voices until now

  44. hotball1

    Dude your insane, your insane jarvis lol. Can you do a tutorial on how to make all strikes please bro??

  45. jackson c

    *elisa gets 301 points*

  46. Franklin Davis

    Poofesure wants to know your location

  47. PencilTheGamer :3

    There’s a 1/11500 chance to bowl a 300 point game in real life :/

  48. Jimmie - Main

    The guy Poofesure wishes to become as good as

  49. Prince Clickbait

    Professure has left the chat

  50. Jack Wenrich


  51. matthew voo


  52. Christopher Niceley

    All you get for a perfect game is “nice throw!” Oooof

  53. Memes Upon Memes

    “You okay Patrick?”

  54. Memes Upon Memes

    My dude got a perfect 300 score. But when Poofesure plays this game, he rages and laughs like a maniac.??

  55. David Gipson

    Can you make a 300 without throwing air balls? That would be very impressive.

  56. luke 17

    I remember my first perfect game.
    Good times.?

  57. DeKaasPizza

    Fake, the ball was a paid actor

  58. BlixerGaming

    you got 300 score
    wait where is my bed

  59. ZacharyTGM // Zachawee

    Game shoulda just put you at the max of 2500

  60. CEO100able


  61. Mr. J

    Give this man a trophy

  62. Bee Maister

    As a kid
    I never was able to go past getting a turkey

  63. tem pura

    i swear this dude is cheating

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