Whose MONSTER Tracks Are These?! 🚘 Blaze and the Monster Machines Guessing Game | Nick Jr.

Let’s play a Blaze
and the Monster Machines guessing game! Do you know
which Monster Machine this is? He has yellow flames on his sides. A best friend named AJ. And uses blazing speed to save the day! Have you figured it out? That’s right, it’s Blaze! Look out, Blaze, pinching crabs! Let’s get outta here! Woah! Woah! Phew! [gasping] Those crabs sure woke up crabby! I wonder how we’re gonna get past ’em. Hey, I’ve got an idea! Let’s make a snack for the crabs! Yeah, they can’t pinch us
if they’re too busy eating. Here! We can make ’em popcorn
with this popcorn machine! Yeah, it’s working! [cackling] Those crabs sure like popcorn! This Monster Machine
has a talent for lasso tricks! Likes to wear cowboy hats. And says yeehaw! Which Monster Machine is it? Right again, it’s Starla! Popping hubcaps, there it is! Well, looks like there’s only
one thing left to do! What’s that, Starla? Ride ’em, cowboy! – Yahoo!
– Yeehaw! [engine revving] Yeehaw! [laughing] – Woah!
– Woah! – Yeehaw!
– Yeehaw! This Monster Machine
is usually up to no good! Has a friend named Pickle. And likes to cheat! Which Monster Machine is it? Yes, it’s Crusher! [giggling] A little cheating
ought to slow those guys down! [giggling] [crashing] Look out! – Woah!
– Oh, no! Truck after truck
is being knocked out of the race! But hold on, one Monster Machine
is still on its tires! – Come on, Blaze, come on!
– It’s Blaze! Watch out! And the winner is… Blaze! It’s just not fair,
I wanted to be the champion! This Monster Machine
has a tail like a tiger! Claws to climb things! And stripes! Which Monster Machine is it? [roaring] That’s right! It’s Stripes! Tell Stripes to jump! Say jump, Stripes! Jump, Stripes! [roaring] I made it! I felt the wind pushing me! – Jump, Stripes!
– Jump, Stripes! [roaring] Alright! – Jump, Stripes!
– Jump, Stripes! [roaring] Ha-ha, it worked! – Yeah!
– Way to go, Stripes! [roaring] Woohoo! Nice jump! Thanks, guys! This Monster Machine
has stars on its sides! Wears a cape. And loves doing daring stunts! Which Monster Machine is it? What a race! Good job, it’s Darington! Way to go, Darington! Now you can finally ride the super track! Thanks, Blaze! And up they go! Darington and Blaze
to the top of the super track! Super track, here we go! And… they’re off! – Woohoo!
– Yeah! There they go, side by side
through the loop-de-loops! Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Coming around the final turn,
they’re headed for… the Flaming Star! Will they make it? Yes! Which Monster Machine is your favorite? You can ask your parents to subscribe
to the Nick Jr. YouTube channel for new videos every day and find more
of your favorite shows on TV on Nickelodeon and the Nick Jr. channel!

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