Which Sims 4 Packs Improve Gameplay? (All DLC – Expansion, Game and Stuff Packs))

Hello YouTube. I’ve had this idea in mind
a while now. If cost weren’t factored in and I looked at Sims 4 DLC features individually,
no matter how small, what would I call the best, and most useful? Well, after some thought,
I have my answers to that question with my own justifications and encourage you to bring
up your own or tell me why you hate this or that in the comments. This type of video – and
its comments section – might be handy to people looking at packs this year when sales are
on. To be very very clear, this doesn’t mean I
am implying this or that pack is worth paying for, just to have that feature. It just means
they suit my gameplay and I find myself taking advantage of them. I think you need to want
several things to make it worth it, especially when it comes to expansions – because they
cost more – and even more so at full prices. Like I would not buy Seasons just for my first
item, which is Bee Boxes. Yes, Burtie’s Bee Box is the first I’ll bring
up but honestly only because it was a great way to segue out of that disclaimer. Fertilizing
plants is somewhat a pain in this game with a large garden, you’re doing them one at a
time, and there isn’t really a way to do so passively without clicking plants one at a
time. And using this awful, unorganized menu that vomits your inventory into a randomized
list. The Bee Boxes offer a passive aura effect
that is totally unique right now, and I applaud it for not only that but also the fact I actually
like to use them. It’s nice to get away from using that list. I like it when the developers
think outside the box and add features that are not just cookie cutter things we don’t
need, like new careers (cough) lawyer. These passively generate honey when the bees
are active, but their fertilizer effect is an awesome feature that is both unique and
incredibly useful. Next up is the Doctor Career from Get to Work.
Why? Well, I’ll tell ya. It’s actually got some depth to it and that is something sorely
lacking in this game. It’s probably the hardest career, but it also means getting promoted
can feel pretty rewarding. Playing Doctor in Sims 4 means you have to
actually know a bit about the awful illnesses Sims can come down with. Around the launch
of Get to Work it was quite a while before we really had solid advice to give people,
what with the various sicknesses and the symptoms that might overlap between the two. Sometimes
your Sim knows but other times, you’re taking a shot in the dark but it’s actually useful
to get to make an educated guess. Unlike with Veterinarian. You can do this either from
observation or inspired from a list of diseases and their symptoms. At the end of the day, the thing I’ll care
about from Discover University is not the degrees… those just boost careers. What
I’ll probably end up using from time to time is the Research and Debate skill that comes
with it. You can use this to convince other Sims they WANT to cook you a meal or clean
up after the party for you. What’s more, you can learn many skills on the research machine
and make money. Just don’t over do it, you might suck out too much think juice and kill
your Sim. While I didn’t remember jack about the Parenting
skill in my recent Lets Play, I do remember liking the Character Values system that came
with Parenthood. It’s not really about these pop ups that come on screen and let you pick
which one you’ll use to discipline your rambunctious scamp, but more the fact that it adds an extra
layer of depth that’s really badly needed to the childhood and teen stages of life.
We need a bunch of new activities and features like this to really make those interesting,
but Parenthood provided a nice start. Becoming a good parent and ensuring your kid gets these
values can give you some fairly unique bonuses related to autonomy. You could even play with Autonomy on and try
to raise them well without controlling them manually. On the flip side, your Sim’s kid can become
a real loser, belching in peoples’ faces and getting irrationally angry at others over
tiny stuff. It’s great. You might even deliberately seek to make an awful Sim. Yes, flaws can
be fun too. In fact, sometimes they are more entertaining for you as a player! Speaking of things you might not buy a pack
for, Cloudgazing is a feature I use in every playthrough and I’m not alone. Cloudgazing
and stargazing day and night, it’s one of the longer lasting inspired buffs and it’s
super quick to get a quick +1 inspired. Creative skills are the most abundant in the game,
so I love this for making my life easier and saving time. It’s definitely the most used
addition from Outdoor Retreat. How do I know? I just do, I mean.. it’s obvious. If you wondered if Discover University would
make it on this list more than once, yes… but really only for the skills. Robotics is
not just a money maker so it deserves to be here. Like Wellness, it fits neatly into that
Utility category. Servos aren’t really that great – they can be upgraded and all – but
they act a lot like a Sim with some frustrating limitations. Not being able to get them wet. The bots are the thing that saves this. Despite
the fact this skill will shock the shit out of you dozens of times while leveling it,
if you can get past those dazed moodlets and eventually get to level 7 the shocks will
reduce by a lot and you can craft bots and upgrade them. These can garden, clean, repair
household objects or cook meals for your Sim. Just flip a switch and they’ll start scanning
for work. You do need to turn them on and off but it’s a net gain in terms of time savings. Dance Machine is one of the only traits from
expansions – maybe aside from Child of the Island – that has actual features other than
some random emotional boost. Dance Machines can get a burst of energy to keep partying
when they’re at a nightclub. In addition, they get the ‘disco nap’ ability. It’s not
just a rename, but rather the ultimate quick nap to recover energy and get back to partying,
painting, or cheating with Mortimer Goth. The core feature of The Sims 4 Get Together,
clubs provide new ways for players to get Sims hanging out in groups. The biggest draw
of this feature is how well integrated it is. If you want to make a group that gets
together and fights each other, you can. IF you want a gardening group, or a movie watching
club, you can make that. The best thing about it is how things from DLC released after Get
Together continually find themselves in the list of potential activities. The devs have
done a fantastic job supporting clubs. Leveling up a club will give you secret handshakes,
skill and emotion boosts, or customizable club attire. Can I just take a moment to say
that notepad++ is telling me customizable is not a word, I call bullshit. The Beach Life aspiration in Island Living
is one of few things that will make its way into my regular gameplay. It basically gives
you a trait that stands in as a replacement for the Carefree reward trait, making the
fun meter being empty no longer stress you out. It’s quite good, but this aspiration’s
aware its reward trait is worth a good bit because it will only give you about 450 points
for completing it. Unfortunately a lot of reward traits from expansions aren’t very
useful for general use and only boost a specific type of play, like Master Vampire for instance,
but this one can help any kind of Sim. Speaking of vampires… and we have a few
other systems like this in this list. The Vampire system is not particularly unique,
it’s just the most fleshed out purely in the RPG progression area. Your individual vampire
gains perk points as they level up which can be spent to purchase powers, however taking
on new perks means embracing your Sim’s dark side, meaning you must also take a weakness.
Not every power is great, and not every weakness really makes you weaker, but it will have
you thinking a bit about how you want your vampire to be in the end and some of the powers
are really useful. This is an example of The Sims giving us choices, and choices that somewhat
matter. This is one of the only features that makes
you want to explore different combos in Sims 4. What I mean is, you get these tops and
bottoms, and each top and bottom combo does something different. If you were doing this
on your own, it’d take a good few tries to figure out what they all do. These are the
types of things that give you a bit of replay value and a cool reward for spending your
time doing something. You can pass down these relics to your Sim’s family who will get to
summon a blessing, or curse your enemies. What’s more, using a better gem cut will result
in varying bonuses. Man, coming off Expansions like Island Living
and Discover University I really look on the past with rose-tinted glasses. It seems like
Get to Work had a few things going for it in the gameplay area, but probably because
it didn’t really come with a a world. The retail system in that pack is also pretty
good, though it can definitely get repetitive. The thing is, I love being able to start a
stop selling just about any type of item in the game.. but the problem is that running
an archaeology store, a bakery, and a painting gallery really aren’t all that different.
Still, there’s stuff to do here in ranking it up, hiring more employees, and getting
boosts to help your store succeed. Wellness is the core feature of Spa Day, along
with the ability to make the new spa lot type and all the various supporting objects that
come with it. Wellness is incredibly useful to gameplay and just a couple of its socials
can be really handy. You can give a Sim a quick happy boost before work by providing
them some wellness tips, and your own Sim can eventually learn to get long lasting moodlets
from doing yoga, or even teleport through meditation. It’s a solid support skill. Ahh, Scientist.. one of my favorite careers.
Seemingly sharing the top spot for a career in Sims 4, it has actual gameplay and unique
rewards for doing well at it and pushing forward scientific advancement for the good of Sims-kind.
When it came time to make magic effects for Realm of Magic, the developers leaned on Scientist’s
cool rewards for spell effects and gameplay benefits, which should tell you a lot about
the neat stuff you’ll get here. Freeze ray that doesn’t do much, check, cloning machine
that is actually awesome – double check. Getting anal probed for snooping into aliens too much
and attracting their interest, triple check. Incense is something from Spa Day that isn’t
tied to a skill at all. You put down the incense burner, and bam you can pick from a variety
of different scents. When your Sim is in range, they’ll smell the aromas and get a nice little
buff to the mood type you picked. Overall, it’s a very handy thing, you’ve just got to
be aware they can catch fire. Very much worth it for a quick pick-me-up so that your Sim
doesn’t have to stop working just because mood fell back to happy. Making use of incense
is highly recommended if you have Spa Day and need another way to get inspired or focused. Earbuds from Fitness Stuff are definitely
great for keeping the fun need topped off, because you can use them about anywhere without
worrying about the portability and range problems that come up with radios. So yeah, I turn them down because I hate all
the popups from DLC and I don’t want to get into copyright issues because of some random
song playing if I forget they’re playing in a recording. But I acknowledge that these
can be useful. Heck, even kind of nice. This one’s pretty subjective, but it does
belong here because it’s fairly well integrated with the rest of the game. While I don’t like
celebrities, I do enjoy the fame system as another little thing to customize my Sims
and make them unique. You can rank up in fame from being an actor, sure, but you can also
use one of the base game skills like Writing to level your fame. You can become a famous
business person. The celebrity system isn’t just about the
perks you buy as you rank up from a one to five star celebrity. There are also quirks
that can come about, and they’re based on your Sim’s behavior. If you know about them,
you can even avoid certain quirks you hate by not doing activities.. like avoid mirrors
so your Sim won’t be vain, and eat only excellent foods so they’ll get a refined palate. Giving it one more reason to be on this list
the fame system features a public image system whether your pursue fame or not. This gives
sims bonuses independent of fame for having either a pristine or atrocious reputation.
Bad Sims can bribe their boss or throw a lampoon party, while good Sims get bonuses in dating
and making friendship. I think deciding on Seasons largely comes
down to if you want holidays and weather or not, but a nice side attraction that further
gives some child activities is Scouts. Sims who participate and master this weekend activity
and collect all the badges in their free time get a great reward trait that boosts skill
gains by 25%. It’s a nice bonus, just not worth buying a pack for as the badges just
aren’t very challenging to collect and there are plenty of other ways to boost skills. Ok one of the other great things from Outdoor
Retreat, ya know, that you can make use of in everyday gameplay. Hardly anyone makes
repeat visits to granite falls or so I’ve heard. I know I don’t, because there isn’t
a real impact from going there other than getting a horrible rash. However, this special
boost teaches your Sim to push beyond the best possible boosts for gourmet cooking’s
level 7+ recipes. It’s the only way to take that one step further. It’s a great reward. Ugh. For the last time. No! Ok, I was pretty hard on Realm of Magic for
being too easy, but I admit I will sometimes end up using magic on purpose. No, I don’t
like how easily it’s handed to you, but it says a lot that it upsets me and that’s because
the power is off the charts. If you want that, it’s there. Just don’t expect a balanced experience.
It’s the single most powerful activity in the game and hands down one of the easiest
things to master. Spellcasters get just about everything special from the Scientist career.
I think the only specials that have something unique going on when you have a caster are
the artifacts – there are a few spell effects there that are not available to magic users. If you want a butler made by Maxis, you’ll
find it tucked away as a side feature in The Sims 4 Vintage Glamour stuff. That’s right,
this stuff pack has an actual gameplay impact. You can hire a butler if you have it, and
they’ll live in your home and take care of things so your Sim can do what they do best,
making money and sleeping with married Sims. Where are the money trees in this game? Oh,
Seasons you say… See I forget about these all the time. They’re incredibly expensive,
but they basically make it so you don’t need money any more. If you combine them with the
magic spells we talked about – or the Scientist’s cloning machine, you can get another. Or you
could just put a fully ready to harvest money tree into your Sim’s family inventory. From
there, you’ll be able to dupe them forever. In an homage to the fertilizer list, I guess
I just kind of spewed these out in the order they came to me. Not everyone will agree,
but what little features do YOU like from expansions? What ones do you think do not
belong on this list? Hopefully this can be handy to players who are looking for something
to add to their gameplay because plenty of these are not the headline features of the
packs. I mean, we didn’t even know Research and Debate was a skill until University launched.
Anyway, thanks for watching and toss me a like or share this if you enjoy my content
and want to see me succeed. Have a great day, because I have no other catchy phrase.

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    I don't play with anything mystical, occult, aliens, vampires. My sims world might be smaller and that's okay with me. I love small town living. I use two mods. One npcc restricts townies from autopopulating and controls who does NPC jobs. The other is slice of life. Those gave a lot of depth. No one ages in my game. I got so tired of replacing the population. I don't miss aliens and mythical creatures. I like it to be a sim of real life.

  71. Alfin Kurnia

    Dude… forcing a sentient robot to make another robot is kinda fucked up

  72. Monta M

    I like the Get To Work careers and Jungle Adventure because selling artifacts is how I like to make money (also with gardening)

  73. Kitty Bierwirth

    I enjoy the combinations you provide. 😀

  74. Rayne Bloodshed

    The club skill boosts are pretty good, with the savant perk and great acoustics lot trait your skill with any instrument of your choice can go up so quickly you'll go from 1 to 10 in a day, also the homework boost works with University homework and costs 100 points so I usually get it immediately and have my roommates as club mates with a club gathering constantly going

  75. Jasmine Paris

    Loading up the sims 4 to try some new stuff thanks to this video😊🤭

  76. Leah Ashton

    I think what they should do is Hire the custom content makers and the mod makers and use those as packs.

  77. thisismyopinion

    I wouldnt be without my Go Outdoors pack, i use the camp fire every home i make, i love to see my sims actualy seeming to be having fun and the campfire seems to provide that mmm except when it spontainiously combusts and they cant put the fire out and the poor puppy ran indoors with his tail on fire and noone noticed so i had to make one of them run in and extinguish him, shouldnt they save the pets like they do the toddlers? 😀 also i love the guitar that comes with go out doors, i thinnk the guy that did the singing all the campfire songs had a ball doing so, the facial expressions and the joviality in the singing as the sim increases in ability are so funny i find my self singing along hahaha , not realy any skill bonuses to the camp fire and guitar i know but seeing my sims have fun makes me smile 😀 oh and i do love that with this pack you can truely play off gird 😀

  78. momahl114

    Carl: we don’t need new careers … like lawyers

    Me, a lawyer: but my simself!

  79. L Bryant

    I've been thinking about getting the sims but want to know if you have to buy them in order–in other words do they build on the previous expansion? I'm interested in object packs but will the most recent work with the base game?

  80. Jociaoftrades

    This is going to be a complex one but here goes:

    The vending machine from get to work or maybe it is called a cooler or whatever, that thing is one of the best items. Just have a business owner put one on their lot and you can put a ton of stuff into it. Play another sim go to it and you can buy an infinite amount of whatever was put into it. Potion of plentiful needs for non-spell casters at the push of a button? Snaggle fluster whenever you need it? Check. All can be put into a vending machine (cooler) and sometimes it sells the things for free. I know snaggle fluster is free.

    Now how do I get snaggle fluster you might ask? Well either you can have a sim make it and give it to your business sim or you can steal it. Using the magic power you can order one at a restaurant if you have that pack and use the magic spell to steal it into your inventory and from there it’ll be considered yours and can be placed into the cooler.

    In fact if you have the stealing spell you can use it to grab a lot of things such as the fixer needs serum from a scientist sim and make it yours. No this can’t go into the cooler, but if it was created by someone it can be sold via the retail feature. Or cloned using the cloning machine. In fact the cloning machine is insanely powerful. It being able to clone potions, drinks, and serums.

    So yeah those are my particular features I love.

  81. Per Lofgren

    I pretty much agree with your ranking

  82. TheChristmasDude

    every single pack should be 50% at least

  83. Anigurl28

    Just want to point out- club activity is woohoo with everyone. 😏

  84. T3hXinro

    We need to get you a catchy sign off phrase, like "Have a simtastic day!" or "Keep on simmin'!"

  85. Vengeful Goddess


  86. Miandey

    I saw your email, and i am late. Thank YOU! because your insight is good and today you made me smile again. And i didnt get Realm of Magic because of your review, but now i am thinking about it. EA should pay you some money, i am sure i am not the only one who LISTEN to you 🙂 you sold them another pack today.


    Really surprised to see you put RoM on here after knowing your feelings about that pack haha. Great to see you having more fun with how you edit your videos too!

  88. Chloé Dellande

    Do y’all know when ur sim goes to give birth at the hospital, do y’all know which pack that’s from??

  89. docette2015

    . . .I'm sorry, Carl — while I agree with a good majority of these (and totally give the thumbs up to the vampires and spellcasters — occult friendly here!), I am side-eyeing "Beach Living" so hard. Yes, it gives you a reward trait that keeps you from ever getting tense! But I find it hard to justify that trait when we already have Carefree, and when the aspiration itself is kinda — light. I dunno, I guess if your Sim doesn't mind living in Sulani for a while to just not get tense, but. . . I would have put Holidays on here instead — they're fun, you can play around designing your own, and they provide a great happy boost to Sims if you manage to complete them. And if you don't, they make Sims really sad — consequences! How often do we get THAT in this game?

  90. Barbie FromQuar

    It's nice to see Spa Day get a mention. I loved that pack from the start. Stressed from work, take a soak or meditate it away. It's awesome! Thanks for the list, good work.

  91. I Rob

    Vampires are OP at University, if you take the no hygiene, fun or social decay perks and have sun immunity. You can also work on homework/projects all night, don't have to worry about food, and can feed off your roommates.

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