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Lag. Often seen as the scapegoat for many in-denial bronze and silver players, the Mysteries of Connectivity are often misunderstood. In this official cinematic, you’ll learn what can affect your connection – – from your home to Riot’s servers, and everything in-between. As you ponder your options in champ select, you make a revelation. You are one of the most gifted, mechanically advanced, Gold IV players to grace this game. You lock in Yasuo. Perfect. Let’s fast forward a bit. You see a soft and supple Ashe split-pushing all by her lonesome. You see the Enchanted Arrow casting and you instantly wind wall it. Easiest mechanical outplay of your life. Attempting to fire a tornado, you mash Q with all your might. Nothing happens. You’re mowed down by tens of thousands of icy crits And your team flames you for getting caught. Promo series failed. So…what happened to the data packet containing your doomed skillshot? Our journey begins with you pressing Q. For some, this is an easy task, For others they have to get through the sticky mixture of soda and nacho cheese dust From years of high level gameplay. Now remember, class: A WiFi connection will always be weaker than a hardwired connection. So, if you have run a 60 foot Ethernet cable across your house To achieve a stable connection, That’s a sacrifice your home décor will have to take. Your firewall should be equipped with the right information to handle League’s gentle packet; If it doesn’t, it’ll be thrown in the same bonfire as those packets trying to harm your PC. This process can be slowed down if you’re running a lot of network intensive applications or if you, or your roommate, Happen to be torrenting some… …questionable material that can cause packets to never quite reach their destination. After that packet fires out of your PC and through your router, We come to a crossroads. The first path is known as Riot Direct. Riot has spoken with many Internet Services Providers, making pacts and treaties To setup Riot Direct as an ISP backbone, so the packet’s journey is as smooth and, well, Direct, as possible, from you to the Riot Servers. However. In cases where Riot Direct isn’t there, the other path must be taken, Putting you at the mercy of your ISP. Now, our hero has to enter the dark bowels of the information superhighway. When the packet shows up at Riot Servers, typically, it’s good to go. Other times… …There could be routine maintenance that needs to be performed. Now our beloved little packet, that we’ve nurtured and raised through all these milliseconds, Explodes like a firework into 10 total pieces, 1 headed to each of the players in the game To confirm that it needs to display Yasuo’s Q. Beautiful. Almost brings a tear to my eye. But, this is your Gold III series, and Gold III players do not cry. Now that you have a full grasp of the trials and tribulations the packet has to go through, Do what you can on your end to ease its journey, From ditching your WiFi to making sure nobody’s sabotaging your connection. OK. Let’s get back into the game. Again, you block Ashe’s ult with a reaction time even Twitch chat would give you positive reinforcement for. With your ultimate primed and armed with new knowledge of networking, You launch it toward your adversary and it connects. Triumph flows through your veins. You can already feel the prestige of your new Gold III title. You remember all the hard times you… Well, can’t win ‘em all. Godspeed. And don’t forget to visit the support site for more tech tools and knowledge.

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  1. DudeQThat

    I mean, I did have 4000 ping before

  2. Alan Shi

    I only press the enter button

  3. TheNotSoAvid

    And all of this in a few seconds

  4. Nguyễn Quang Huy

    Bronze IV pick lock yasuo, probally we all know what will happen next

  5. someonewhoexist

    Fuck you guys

  6. someonewhoexist

    Dota players usually have you know a real gaming computer and not a shitty potatoe

  7. nick eismann


  8. Ricardo alves

    I love the animation in this

  9. B1squite

    M8 if you're playing yasuo you are definitely not higher than average.

  10. I Feel Like Shit

    My brother calls me bronze but when he 1v1 using my internet and I use his, he lost to me when I’m bronze and he’s platinum

  11. nikosnas21


  12. Lunatic Programmer

    Thanks, but I'm familiar with how networking works in games

  13. 章ウ一

    Really? Pressing W on Brokesuo is such a high mechanical skill? Even without using his wind wall, the Ashe arrow would have done 0 damage because of Brokesuo's free zero second reaction time Janna shield passive.

  14. Chrisobalantis

    when you are yasuo main and even riot laughs with you…

  15. Lorenzo Buellis

    Is this professor milk?

  16. Kyl barry

    is this a teaser at a new map?

  17. Reshura

    y r u the best

  18. Exnympho

    EX DEE

  19. aninexxx

    lol yasuo could of e

  20. French Bread

    Couldn’t that yas dash to the caster minion

  21. Chinese Electric Batman

    So, W has like a 14 second cd, how did he manage to use it twice? HACKING CONFIRMED.

  22. Chinese Electric Batman

    1: Wired Connection
    2: Giving My PC priority access
    3: Forwarding Riots traffic
    4: Still Experiences Server Lag
    5: (-‸ლ)
    6: ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

  23. greg77389

    It's the absolute worst when you're playing Tryndamere and you press R right before a killing blow hits you but the game says "nope you died brah!" and your team pings you for not using R…

  24. Sight staticz

    being nasus is hard not easy to master O.O

  25. Jarid Gaming

    I'm fucking dying lol Riot Support is like "Shut up you cry baby bitch"

  26. nu

    He didn't E the minions. Actually boosted.

  27. ProNickGamer

    Q is the first skill

  28. Kevin G

    Riot, please take out League of Legends out of Garena's hands in SEA.

  29. Vortelaris

    I remember when this just got released

  30. ultimate tm

    Shut the fu*k up riot, I can’t play normally because of abnormally high ms and insane fps drop every time I enter combat or look on the mini-map, therefore I don’t want to climb (not to mention my “teammates”).

  31. nexsoloxka 123

    Please fix the 'There was an unexpected eror with log in session. Please try again' I almost quit for this thing only, please fix it 🙂

  32. Shadow_ Esports


  33. lonely wanderer

    You successfully hit someone with your Q suddenly didn't press R
    Fuck it just tower dive

  34. AYYOUB

    fuckk u riot

  35. FunkyMonkey

    damn, I'm just 8 seconds in and I'm already getting roasted to death

  36. WreckerPlaysMC Gamer651

    " questionable materials "

  37. GMD Morixade · 36 years ago

    riot do you play gd?
    yes you do



    Why is he playing yasuo Im triggered

  39. Andymelo

    Yasuo mains deserve this 3:37

  40. kameel haddad

    how about middel east servers ???

  41. Jaylen Arrogancia

    3:36 I though yasuo's W is on cooldown

  42. testunot


  43. Takumi

    can this game die please.

  44. Explosive Bacon

    In Australia the packets need to learn how to travel upside down resulting in more time required to reach riot server.

  45. OZI


  46. Patrik Pojsl

    Only Yasuo players deserve lag
    Change my mind

  47. Sweet Toko

    3:35 this could be used to kick start a new episode on how to press E

  48. Előd

    Holy shit is this professor milk?

  49. Luskarian

    That poor roommate though

  50. Raresu

    fuck you

  51. yanaa

    Why didn't I see this before?

  52. NhatAnh0475

    3:37 So classic 🙂

  53. Deciduous Capybara

    A for me :/

  54. E- Mail

    Wifi is far from slow, the problem with wifi is that most users don't know how to turn off server searching. If its on you will have ping spikes, which will make ping increase randomly and make wifi lag. For gaming you have to open up cmd and type in this command: netsh wlan set autoconfig enabled=no interface="Wi-Fi"

    replace WI-FI with the network name it can be different

  55. IceHot 900


  56. TSM_DovlaIQ200 YT

    Cant belive that riot made this so funny hahahah

  57. tomislav dipic

    Riot can u fix an game braking bug

  58. Just a Biscuit

    I love all of this, I don’t have time to mention every single detail i loved about this, big or small.

  59. Fadey

    1:43 "questionable material" hehe

  60. Frikazoid Official

    Of course it had to be fukin Yasuo

  61. Hex Curse

    can we just take a second and admire how the riot team is a bunch of minions trying to get the toast out of their toaster

  62. Spejbl Hurvinek

    wtf who decided to pick kata to display porn?!

  63. Buranka naxui

    i have 150 ping on average

  64. adriana g

    2:04 Tinder be like…

  65. ahd21

    riot got a dirty mind 1:42 2:05

  66. Elotes606

    quit lying it's your shit servers that cant handle traffic

  67. The Cyka Blin

    sure fcking thing but why my barrier no worl?

  68. Callme Me

    Music 3:33 pls. I give u maybe something 🙂

  69. Infamy By Design

    Why not e to that minion? Woulda lived

  70. epokk

    why didnt the yas just e to the winions

  71. RaduStefanutz

    yasuo had w twice????

  72. BannedThriceLol

    I still get 500 ms every game.
    What I learned:
    Don't use wifi
    Ban yasuo in every comp/draft game you play.
    ty riot

  73. Matthew Wang Grinnell

    I would just like to say…

    I main Ashe

  74. Nathaniel Lo

    So thats what happens before the minion is teleported onto the rift

  75. Mike / Fujiwara Takumi

    i like your humor, roasting on yasuo´s and on the toasters that are the servers.

  76. Giovany

    oh its a offical riot channel thats why this video has no jokes and sucks

  77. Pepega Forsaaan

    00:00 Oh god no, They have forsaken us.

  78. Jeff The goose

    Gold and he didn’t e the minion… ok

  79. BlastCore

    Hey how can i solve an issue with wifi problems from the family of 5?

  80. my existence is impossible


  81. Marios Anastasiou

    Questionable material😏

  82. Maz Bunny

    jokes on you …. Ashe no longer crits!!!! buzzinga!

  83. Nuth Jitpakdee

    Nah my CPU is just sucks

  84. Catmanpop

    Yas forgot to e the minion tho…

  85. Håkon Johannes Haug Schøninng

    Typical Yasuo players

  86. Mr Flippo

    Bro. I was lagging bro.

  87. Xk5 Revel


    Nothing happened

  88. mayria & kwnstary مٓیرآ& کونتسری

    More like u press q to peek and die even though ur behind cover cs go

  89. hani san

    Ml should do the same lol is better

  90. Runex


  91. Miły

    2:05 In poland this moment is censored xD

  92. PerkzyPlays

    Oh shit , that's deep

  93. Nintendofiery1-up 1

    cries in euw

  94. Alex

    Soft and subtle ash(ass)

  95. Cartoon Collection

    So why my connection still unstable?

  96. Johnny Siera

    I was gold last seson and i play for just almost 3 years but i just hate my teammates cuz somtimes they quet and feed but i dicede to carry them amd i learned my lesson and i will be the one

  97. Snow Tatoe

    You can just E your way out xD

  98. Onli ADC

    wow lmfao it was a realy good one. 😀

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