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  1. Kayleigh Winterton

    I want to be friends with that man and his chihuahua 😄

  2. Charlie Arnold

    I came here for Digger.

  3. jon dabron

    Is that dog overheating or is it just me

  4. Brandon Goldberg

    So where do we find the trailer?

  5. Alexia Muldrow

    Perioddd! 🤪🤪😂😂

  6. Who_Is_Josh_Wong

    Chuck is the greatest!

  7. Schafer B

    Love Chuck!

  8. Steven Lerner

    Thank you Chuck Testa

  9. capitalismgood

    Link contemplating if a DUCK is stillborn… waiting for him to realize ducks lay eggs… waiting for anyone to tell him that ducks lay eggs…

  10. Good Mythical MORE

    Note that today's content was recorded in advance of the US outbreak of COVID-19. Please excuse any reference that is no longer accurate or seemingly disrespectful or unhealthy due to general effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  11. Matthew Wade

    I want to see Biker Mice taxidermy.

  12. dianegron

    The Lord bless you, Mr. Testa! 😊 Like your ethics and morals.

  13. Breezy Mink

    – Wise words from . . . Chuck Testa

  14. Unknown

    Ahhhh ITS RHETT AND LINK!!!!!! Nopeeeeeeee just chuck testa!!!!!

  15. Kim Cayton

    Omg I thought Digger was a taxidermied dog with a speaker

  16. BuckBucktheWookie33

    Chuck is the real MVP!!!!!

  17. Lina Sketch

    "Aww, and he's leaning"
    "Yeah, thats cuz he's whimsical"

  18. Rachel

    Digger was the STAR of this episode!

  19. Jaida Waggoner

    I didn’t know how much I loved chuck until now

  20. Full-Metal-Girl

    Omg the dog is real! I didn’t realize that in the first vid😂

  21. Emi Arroyo

    loving Links Pink Ladies vibe jacket

  22. Kilgore

    someone take link saying "period" at 8:19 and turn it into a reaction gif pls

  23. G273 Outdoors

    Hey Link, is that the "last" members only jacket? Link……….Noooppeee.

  24. lisa simpson

    i love this man and his dog i want to cry

  25. Casey W

    I worry about digger

  26. ECG

    Link is certainly chaotic good, but like probably w fam is probably lawful good
    Rhett is… probably lawful good!? On here!? but w fam is definitely chaotic neutral

  27. Seth Stancil

    Anyone got an ID on links jacket?

  28. jack_leafs 51

    Chuck is great!

  29. Inch


  30. rumerstain12

    All I can say is the mice taxidermy reminds me of the movie dinner for smucks

  31. minmelethuireb2 (Rebekah)

    Chuck is so wholesome.

  32. Diana Burciaga

    My dads ft my grandpa, a wholesome morning 💕

  33. Eddie

    Wheres Meatigan when you need him? Apocalypse is almost here!

  34. Katie von Gremp

    I was nervous about the duckling, but it looked cute.

  35. homesteadwitchery

    I love rogue taxidermy and I think it's really fun. Regular taxidermy- I could take it or leave it, really, though I appreciate the talent it can take.

  36. Helen Macklin

    In human years, Digger is Apox 64 years. He's earned he's wheezie grunts the lil old dude.

  37. Omar Tribis

    Chuck should become a regular on the show, like a co-co-host

  38. Prasad Kumawat

    Nice jacket link

  39. Skiniox

    11:54 yourwecome

  40. Sad Onion

    the noises digger makes throughout the video are so cute

  41. GAY GOC

    link saying period is what gives me life in this rough time

  42. Forget me not

    1:40 look at digger

  43. The Sovereign Slav

    Just commenting to get this video more promoted

  44. Johnny Vegas


  45. Kristers Feldmanis

    Why did Rhett and Link get all awkward when Chuck mentioned them having one cameraman back in the day? Did something happen?

  46. Yag Chanell

    0k Sure,

  47. David Stanciel

    I like that no one in the comments is like "fiRSt!! I'm first!!!!!✨💥💥✨ I'm better than you!!!"

  48. Mia -

    Rhett is definitely a chaotic evil.

  49. Hannah Bryant

    Chuck is a national treasure!

  50. Dominic

    Love that members only

  51. MengChi Lai

    The dogs tongue is a seperate person

  52. Daphne Loose

    my favorite taxidermy creature has got to be the Jackelope!!

  53. Mermaid Atlantica

    "Here you sit with me still"

  54. Jules

    Chuck is frigging priceless

  55. Scarlett

    Rhett, you’re right, you’re chaotic neutral. Link is chaotic good. But you can both be chaotic evil at all times

  56. Hannah Jacobs

    "I'm chaotic evil" say Rhett, who in just the previous more, asked to be held like a baby

  57. Rachel Boisvert

    "I'm just chaotic"

    God I love Chuck

  58. peyton aydt

    chuck is so pure 🥺

  59. Phillip [TEC]

    Chuck is awesome.

  60. Chicken Snacks

    Digger is a god

  61. Healthyfamfun

    Links coat is old school with a new twist. Gotta get one.

  62. horisontial

    I love the notion of Chuck Testa declaring himself a Chaotic without an alignment 😀

  63. Dez W

    All I can focus on is the dog breathing loudly it's adorable!

  64. Wendybabendy

    Digger is HILARIOUS!!! Love him!!

  65. EcoLynn

    Chuck is hilarious

  66. silver070

    Digger has stolen today.

  67. Shann Kielma

    Hey link is that a pink members only jacket. Nice call!

  68. Karen Parker

    Chaotic Neutral in the house. I can see Rhett as Chaotic Neutral. Link more toward Lawful Good.

  69. Will Lee

    We love you Chuck!

  70. Nathan Auvil

    God bless Chuck Testa. I don’t even believe in god but I love Chuck. Keep it up Chuck.

  71. SuperAmericanism

    Chuck is such a natural. I find him sooo damn entertaining.

  72. ThisIsTori

    7:44 that laugh

  73. ThisIsTori

    9:38 how sweet. Link and Rhett both appreciating his words.

  74. Rosemary Pogyo

    focuses more on Digger 😀

  75. Jesse Felix


  76. Angel De Jesus


  77. KavaLogue

    These two are the best guests ever

  78. Kelarys

    "Cause he's whimsical" made my day

  79. Scribe13

    Rogue taxidermy? I'm intrigued

  80. Mari Brown

    Those few moments that we saw Digger zoomed in. Thank you whoever did that

  81. Sara McHone

    reminds me of dinner for schmucks

  82. xx AKSHUN xx


  83. Tim Kitchens

    3:17 Rhett does his impression of Roscoe P. Coletrane.

  84. Marlynn Williams

    I love this Chuck guy 😂😂😂

  85. Marcus StaAna

    First One!!!! Pin Me:)

  86. 500subswithnovideos Challange

    I wish I could’ve been stuffed by the gmm crew

  87. Marcus StaAna

    11:54 Pause😍😍😍🤗

  88. Aqua

    Chucks awesome lol

  89. MissAtari 2600

    Digger has me cracking up lol. I have a chipin thats old and he makes same noises

  90. Amanda Dawn

    With this pandemic it’s good to see they had prerecorded episodes cuz they are a part of my morning routine stay safe everyone

  91. Kevin Child

    2:25 I’m dying

  92. Noah Oswurth

    11:54 :3

  93. spacewater7

    He should've had two lines: Nooope. and Yehhhp. Take it from a Swede. Whose ancestor was Gertrude Rambo.

  94. Tommy Baxter

    Chuck testa is the besta

  95. Aggie I

    Chuck and Digger are the best guests GMM ever had.

  96. Zymosisproductions

    I think that voicemail was a segment from Man Of Steel. When Zod gives the message to earth

  97. ipissed

    5:57 Who farted?

  98. Shion Hart


  99. Casey Hoolahan

    Digger is so sweet, made my day!!!

  100. N

    Digger do be vibin' tho

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