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  1. Aaliyah D


  2. Amethyst Jean

    My choice is the unicorn crop top or alligator slippers. Fun game. Very price is right

  3. Elissa Dillard


  4. EJ Aguilera

    Should have been called Good Mythical Alfonso.

  5. JP Raps

    Can we replace one of them with Alfonso please! 🙌🏾

  6. Three Little Pigs

    People only say NO judgment, when they secretly judging 🧐

  7. Captain Obvious

    Get your morning started right with a heavy dose of Good Mythical Morning

  8. Justin Martinez

    I literally only clicked this for carlton

  9. Phil Michael

    Travel and eat casu marzu from a sheep milk farm…

  10. zengrath

    Does he always talk like that? Or is he forever permanently stuck in host mode.

  11. Gavin Taylor Music

    4:01 when alfonso hurts your feelings it hits deep

  12. Mitchel

    Great show tonight guy's, love it!

  13. Argent Android

    Loving Alfonso being in Host mode the entire episode.

  14. Emma Paige

    link wtf happened to your jeans' knees

  15. anaceofhearts

    I dont know need it anymore, but damn id love to have that binder

  16. Oldstuff Man

    How much is a Nilla Wafer Top Hat?

  17. Brandon Bieber

    Someone is trying WAY too hard lol

  18. s Davis

    Y'all get the best guests.

  19. ShatteredSoul77

    don't forget AFV!!

  20. Åce The Åłien

    Is Craigslist like Trademe?

  21. Hogan Wayland

    I instantly Liked as soon as I saw alfonsos face

  22. Anthony Marro

    It's butler Carlton!

  23. Mackenzie Campbell

    Alfonso is awesome. He should really be a game show host.

  24. Axley Bronson

    If he doesn't do the Carlton, I'm rioting

  25. captain night wolf

    hey you know that massage video in 2016? well its the future and i have come to say hello rhett!

  26. Kelly Wilber

    This is one of my FAVORITE games you play!

  27. Josh Buck

    Rhett and Link remind me of Daniel Stern and Dana Carvey

  28. Andi Tisdell

    But it's November… none of them are allowed to bust.

  29. Tony Mckenzie

    I’m so happy you didn’t ask him to dance because that’s one of his most hated requests even though it is amazing. Great show and thank you for the entertainment!

  30. TheFallingFlamingo

    Whoa wtf it's Carlton

  31. Dtrav thstud

    Watching afv when the show pops up….conspiracy

  32. Jiordan Burris

    Honestly I’m usually skeptical when they have celebrities on here(I also couldn’t tell who it was cuz my eyes are bad) but when they said Alfonso ribeiro I was like “oh! Ok! This’ll be good” and it was

  33. Tyson Nugz


    My mamaw at a yardsale:

  34. Do The Do

    WOOH! Alfonso! Love that guy, love this show, love it together.

  35. Randomly Rachelanne

    Alfonso 😍


    Game Idea:

    You have to guess what the question of a family feud round was and the only clue you have are the answers. You’d have 4 options, and one would probably be Rhett’s ridiculous answer.

  37. GryphonBrokewing

    Alfonso nailed it.

  38. The Lone Knight


  39. JSK

    Carlton !!!

  40. Matt Maerowitz

    This was an excellent excellent episode. Loved Alfonso in this. He might be the only one who could take over as host while not being disrespectful. Fantastic.

  41. Random Guy

    Crazy Rhett and Link decide not to put most of their celebrity guests in the title of the video.

  42. Jessica Johnson

    Ok Alfonzo he steppin 🥱🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  43. Mylifewouldsuckwithoutphan

    Okay but I low-key want that rainbow unicorn crop top 😂

  44. Daniel Turner

    These are the weirdest things on Craigslist! Great job guys!

  45. john google

    I thought this was the fresh prince of bel air guy

  46. Demon Raptor

    Alfonso Ribewhat? from What show?

    nah son, that's Carlton, he will always be Carlton.

  47. Tyrn dvra

    Whos here remember him as carlton banks in tne fresh prince of bel air?

  48. Jessica Hedrick

    Link = Garth…….

  49. Ben Henderson

    Ngl, I didn’t see that coming Will

  50. 94dodgedude

    Carlton dance plz

  51. Christopher Durnal

    Hi link I’m a big good mythical morning fan and I would love to tell you that I am an Okie from Muskogee I love me some Merle Haggard

  52. KiDDTeB

    I thought the crop top was a purse too

  53. TakodaRA

    12:23 so delighted. It’s great.

  54. Max Riv

    extraño buenos y miticos dias en español

  55. Mr Solo Dolo VI

    80% of this channel's audience doesn't even know who Alfonso truly is..

  56. Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM

    That little hat Link is wearing, weirdest thing i ever seen.

  57. Joe Shakalaka

    I just wanna see The Carlton

  58. dhelor


  59. Trish Deonarain

    This is #21 on trending

  60. Megan Gintha

    Okay but like can he do the carlton dance 😩????

  61. Truth Seeker

    Everytime I see Alfonso, it seems that he keeps getting smaller.

  62. Angela Schmidt

    My aunt gave me one of those porcelain figurines of 2 kids sledding. Aw.

  63. rap kid B20

    JUST BOUGHT THE LOST CAUSES OF BLEAK CREEK!!! I'm so excited I love you guys! Another awesome episode!!

  64. Roselia Thorn

    Alfonso is has like 30+yrs in the buisness & it shows. He hijacked the show & became the host aha

  65. Galiant2010

    Everyone has that big top energy… all trying to be hosts lol.

  66. redshirt49

    The dealer cannot draw on 17, and if the player knows any math, neither should he.

  67. Tyler Miskin

    Saw Rhett at Stater Brothers in Loma Linda, CA tonight. My 6 year old son was thrilled. He said, “I thought you were just a movie!” He can’t stop talking about it. 😂

  68. Hamish Andrews

    Is that Carlton

  69. Elliot

    I 100% do not understand how this game works lmao

  70. Nessawr

    Alfonso made this game so fun 😂😂

  71. Linda Pena

    Well well

  72. SirG

    You know life is going good then your watching good mythical morning at 2:00AM and eating M & Ms and jerky…

  73. Cameron Brown

    1:59–2:05 I might know a Power Ranger who would want to try that on.

  74. norwAySMR

    Wow, he doesn't look like he's aged a day since Fresh prince!

  75. Ma Big

    Oh look it’s Carlton!

  76. Kim Rushington

    This is awesome !!!

  77. Sheriff_Smiley-BHRP

    i kinda wanna see how Link would look if he didnt shave his face for like a week. Like if you curious to so they see

  78. erikshappywife

    Now THIS is a game I would LIKE to play😄❤

  79. Harry hines

    Who else remembers him as Carlton on the Fresh prince of bel air?

  80. Jennifer Mercer

    Awesome episode

  81. amara

    what size shoe does rhett wear

  82. Jessica ruby

    As soon as I saw Alphonso I thought oh it’s carolton

  83. James P

    Would of been funny if you introduced him as Carlton xD

  84. Old Lady Gamer

    I want that cats book! And the captain cat figure.

  85. Kaitlynn Leary

    Alfonso: crop top
    Me: whispers it's a tube top…

  86. OzoneGamerStation

    This is the guy that thinks Fortnite needs to pay him for a dance…

  87. Cam Laycock

    Come on bite me on the bum please Hollywood style 🖕🖕🖕

  88. 10k Subscribers Before 2020?

    This feels like Alfonso is hosting and Rhett and Link are the guests… kind of funny.

  89. Chester Shoeberry

    Please do snack blackjack again!

  90. Tricky Nicky

    I thought hes gonna say host of Americas funniest home videos lol

  91. Megan Kaylee

    Love these videos 🥰

  92. ZebraJ

    Love that Aussie hat 🇦🇺

  93. Mai R

    Is it only me or after link got told he was busted he just looked really sad..

  94. James Hawk

    i thought dealer has to sit at 15+

  95. Occasional Vlogger

    Did Link just say Crocodile fugly and no one noticed?

  96. Jason B

    Even Craigslist is overpriced in California.

  97. CTG85

    This was awesome. Should do this blackjack thing more often.

  98. DatNigga Jeezus

    Oh snap

  99. Marzel parcel

    Alfonso is freaking awesome!!!!!

  100. Marzel parcel

    Rhett shave that bushman beard..

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