D: Hi hi hohoho P: Hello DanAndPhilGAMES… sports fans D: this… P: That was rubbish I’m sorry D: Sports fans? That’s the worst one you’ve ever done P:Well, at first I was going to say “balls” and I was like No D:No P:And then sport, fans. D:Thats just got weird. D:Hi, how you doing P: *sways from side to side* I’ve cracked out the sexy zebra santa hat again D:You can’t even see my ant- l-look at this D: D:Look how am I- maybe I need to- P: You need to bend it D:I need to do that P: Yeah like a sad reindeer P: (laughs) it’s like Rudolf got hit by a car Kill Me D: And today, we are back in the lounge playing on the Kinect
P:Yep D:You know that thing that doesn’t work D:And we our doing our WORST NIGHTMARE *strange laugh* (Sure Dan) D: Sports P: Yeah, we’re playing Kinect Sports P: I don’t know why we decided to play this D:It’s an entire game themed around doing exercise D: Where you actually have to stand up and do exercise (Honestly who has time to exercise lol) P:And as we’re both equally terrible at everything sport *Dan sways* D: *Interrupts Phil* And I need revenge for the dancing game P: This could be a DAN VS PHIL (Insert explosion) D:We are filling up that board this December
P:Yeah D:Alright P: *points* Look how juicy it is (wtf phil) D:Phi,l where is the bubble bobble one? D:You keep putting- Phil keeps using blue tack instead of sellotape
P:It keeps falling off! D:And then the stickers keep falling off P:Wait, there she is P:Look how juicy it’s looking now *weird arm movements* D:That is so juicy Phil. P:Yeah P:I just want to keep doing this *continues with the weird arm moving* D:(very uncomfortable) Please stop P:Okay! P:So- D:*interrupts Phil again” Here we are in the game! Look P:Look at us! D:This is scanning us way better than the Japan Dance P:Oooh you can see I’m touching my head! D: We could just do the japan dance thing now D: And yeah and yeah, I’m doing the dance! *strange dance movements and noises from D&P* D: Do do do do P: Ba ba ba ba D:Let’s take a moment to appreciate my Xbox avatar P:What’s that on your eyes, like Google Glass? D:It’s like a- D:a Googl-Google Glass P:It looks like a Google glass! D:No, it’s like a Dragon Ball-Z power level reader. P:Ohh You are not over 9000 Phil, you’re a- you’re a 3 D:Nice picture there. P:Thank you P: tried hard with it. D:There we are P:Look at me! In X-box mode P:I’ve got old school Phil hair D: Awwwww ❤️ D: *gags* P:Bleh D:Look at that perv taking photos of us in the background P: Whoa-wha-what? We didn’t ask for that. D: S-stop! Baka! P:Stop it! D:I mean it says that is danisnotonfire but obviously the spiritual void the- that’s me P:That is dansinotonfire. D:That’s me. P:Anyway let’s play the game Funny fact, the guy that narrates this game is also the same person that narrates Buzz! (neat) Oh I thought I recognised that voice! It’s a small voice acting world in the UK He’s cashing it in with these games isn’t he! D: Wow actual minions P: WOOAH D: wow, oh my god.. P: Stand for me D: It’s like Tatinof hasn’t ended (too soon) D: Ready! P: Alright pick a red team mascot D:Who’s red team? Is that you? P: I’m gonna be the- I’m red team P: I’m going to be the snowman D:
(singing) Do you want to be a snowman? P: Yes, it’s kind of terrifying though, isn’t it? D: That is a long carrot *winks*(shut up) D:I mean, I’m literally the shark from the Katy Perry Superbowl performance D: So there we go D: Everybody get your left shark dance moves on P: Bring it on
D: Snowman vs shark (i would watch that) P: Time to feel chilled, mate No- We’re starting with javelin? D: Oh no
P: Oh god One of us gets to have, like, a sarcastic seat in the corner
Yeah I think it’s you first so I’m gonna sit here Okay Here we go Right Phil, grasp your javelin Grasping the javelin
Here we go Right, now run!
Running! Running! And go!
Go! Oh my fricking god
Oh my god that was actually good (rude) Yes! That was like 60 meters, wasn’t it? 64 meters As if you could actually throw a javelin 64 meters
I could (sure) I was good at athletics at school. It was the only thing I could do Long jump – 4th best I mean obviously ’cause we’re fricking giraffes Yeah I just have to step and I beat everyone Here we go! Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba Beat your best, Phil. Beat your best You can do this Oooooh
Wow Oh my – oh my. What, no no no no Noo That was incredible Was that a world record? I’m pretty sure That’s like actually – would be a world record If that happened
Oh my God Okay Sharky’s time to shine The key is to run really slowly Is it? Yeah Shut up! This guy D: Okay D: Got my javelin D: And-
P: Snazzy javelin D: Here we go, here we go, here we go, here we go D: Whoosh P: *laughs* P: Wow P: Good one, Dan D: Sit down!
P: Twelve-
D: Sit down! D: Okay D: Here we go, here we go, here we go, here we go D: Whoosh P: Oh oh oh! D: NOOOOOO
P: YES P: Take that arm P: Pank D: Okay D: You’re just like this ’cause you knew if it was in real life you would have impaled somebody in the crowd P: Probably D: I got WRECKED D: Look at that P: If this was real life I would have impaled myself with the javelin D: I mean, like, Olympic fail compilation on YouTube P: Oh yeah, 100 points for Phillybobs! P: Why do you get 50? P: Just for showing up
D: Because , well I got half your score P: Ah…
D: I mean, that’s fair enough D: Next one is ‘Target Kick’ P: Oh my God D: Oh no, we were complaining about being in goal in that Bishi Bashi video, and here we are! P: Oh no, this is happening now! P: So I’ve got to kick the targets D: Okay, go Phil! D: Start kicking balls!
P: Bam, bam! D: Yes!
P: Oh my God! D: Okay P: I’m terrible!
D: Wow, that alien in goal is pretty good P: Primary school flashbacks! D: Phil! D: (surprised) You’re actually doing okay D: You’ve gotten three P: Ah! D: Wow P: Alright! I’m actually – I’m doing alright D: You’re not doing bad D: Phil, go left! Up! D: (sarcastic )Oh no P: Stop it! Stop it! D&P: Okay P: I’m doing it, I’m doing it D: That alien is like literally me in goal
P: Right- P: I think the aim is to, like, aim as much as you can P: Wait, wait, wait D: You’re joking about being terrible but you’re actually really good P: I’ve got eleven D: Phil, have you been lying to us and you’re actually really good at sport
P: *laughs* P: I’m secretly a premiership footballer
D: *laughs* D: Here we go! D: Right, kick there! kick there!
P: Kick those balls D: Kick there D: Right, yes! Kick there! P: Aim for the alien D: Get out of the fricking way D: Look at this guy, he’s like cheating
P: The photographer’s back P: The photographer’s back D: Stop perving on me D: I’m trying to do the-
P: Twelve seconds!
D: Oh my God P: Ten P: *counting down* 10… 9…
D: How many did you get D: How many did you get?!
P: 8… P: I got 12 D: Oh god D: Okay… wait, wait, here we go! D: One there! One there! D: One there! D: One there! D: Another one in the corner D: YES D: Get your Phil out D: Get your Phil out for the lads P: What does that even mean? D: Who are ya
P: Ooooooh D: FOOTBALL
P: Yeah D: And what’s the next one P: Haikyu! D: Sexy Brazil Haikyu P: Amazing D: But what does this mean? Are we, like, doing this against each other?
P: That’s what season 2 should be P: Yeah, I think we’re playing together
D: We’re ACTUALLY playing against each other now P: Oh my God
D: Okay, no presh D: What do we do? P: I don’t know. I don’t know what I’m doing! D: Okay, here we go
P: Oh, you’re firing at me D: Running AND… D: HIYAH P: BAH
D: Kageyama super quick! P: Woo
D: Okay D: Right, it’s coming over D: That’s good, okay GAME: Now’s your chance D: Don’t mind, don’t mind D: Yes! D: Jump slam! D: Oh my God. Yes, I’ve done the quick
P: Smack, smack D: Alright, Karasuno. You can do this! SLAM! P: SLAM
D: BOOM D: Yes! D: Holy shit, we haven’t dropped the ball yet P: Oh!
D: This is lit D: Here we go! SMACK
P: This is it, this is it! P: Die!
D: Alright GAME: 0:1. Match point P: Noooo D: RIP my reindeer antlers, but they’re just not gonna survive this game D: I’ll pick them up later, okay?
P: Okay D: Your turn to serve, Phil P: Here we go P: KABLAM D: Oh, good one

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