Video Games Are Crazy These Days

November 12, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 87 Comments

Video Games Are Crazy These Days

Now, when you work
as much as I do, it’s important to take
some time to relax. And when I’m not working
on this show, I like to unwind the way any normal
31-year-old woman does — by playing video games. Doin’ me! Come on! Now, I love all video games, but I prefer the ones
I grew up with. I mean, you can tell how old
someone is just by asking them what their first
gaming system was. You know what I mean? Like, mine was
the original Nintendo. Can I get a —
[ Cheers and applause ] My older sister had an Atari. And my parents had the one
where you’re in a car going as fast you can
while 100 other cars drive towards you and
you’re constantly swerving to avoid hitting pedestrians. Yeah, it was called
“Driving in India.” [ Laughter ] [ Laughs ] Growing up, I had that same game
everyone else had. The “Super Mario Bros.”,
“Duck Hunt” split. Shout-outs to
“Duck Hunt,” though. Can we take a moment? [ Cheers and applause ] I swear, ’til this day,
I don’t know how they made that gun connect to the game. That was the pinnacle
of technology. Don’t @ me. Well, it wasn’t
very challenging because the ducks moved so slow. It was less like “Duck Hunt”
and more like, “Yo, should we wake these ducks
up before we shoot them or…?” Also, can I just say,
with an adult perspective… Mario should’ve taken a hint.
You know what I’m saying? Princess Peach
was never really into him. She wasn’t.
“Kidnapped” by Bowser. Yo, he had a castle!
She was leveling up! What’s up?
Mario is annoying anyway. I mean, who wants a guy that has to announce himself
all the time? No matter what you say to him, he’s just like,
“It’s a-me, Mario!” Folks, we all know that Bowser
is way hotter than Mario. I mean, he’s got the spiked
leather bracelets, the abs… the amazing eyebrows. Wait. Come to think of it,
is Bowser gay? [ Laughter ] Video games have come a long way
from when they first started. Before, it was just two lines
hitting a dot back and forth… or a man jumping over
some barrels. Simple, innocent. Now it’s like I gotta effin’ run over this prostitute
for no reason, get into a drag race
with a bunch of gang members, rob this liquor store,
and kill everyone inside, because, you know, fun! Games today are so complicated. Y’all, there are
so many buttons. I feel the same way
about video games that guys do about
unhooking a girl’s bra. Just up, down, over,
circle, square? I don’t know. I don’t know. And the graphics
have gotten so detailed. I know that makes me sound old,
but now I know what my parents must have thought the first time
they saw “Pac-Man.” Just like, “This is the most
realistic yellow circle eating ghosts I’ve ever seen.” [ Laughter ] And even though
I’m not good at them, I still try to play newer games. Like, I love “Fortnite,”
but it’s just so hard. You know? The best I’ve ever
done was finishing second. So it’s basically
just like my sex life. [ Laughter and applause ] You clappin’ too hard.
You clappin’ too hard. She’s like… [ Laughs ] Who hurt you? [ Laughter ] I don’t know if you guys
play “Fortnite,” but recently a black hole
appeared in the game, shutting it down
for two whole days. Seriously, a meteor came down,
hit the island, and set off a chain of events that sucked up everything
on the “Fortnite” map. It was the ending to “Lost”
that we all deserved. And here’s how old-school I am. When “Fortnite” stopped
working — this is true — my first reaction
was to blow on my PS4. I’m like… [ Laughter ] But, of course, it was all
just a marketing stunt. “Fortnite” is back, and there
are all these new features. I mean, there’s a new map
you can play in, you can upgrade your weapons,
and now you can even go fishing. Yeah. For a game where you’re supposed
to kill everyone in sight, that sounds relaxing as hell. Straight up,
in a couple of years, we’ll be able
to boot up “Fortnite,” collect some essential oils, and make our characters
fall asleep during a massage. Just like… But, real talk, I actually
really respect gamers. I know sometimes
they get a bad rap. I mean, even I’ll admit
that I never really understood why people watch other people
play video games. But then I was like,
“Well, I watch other people play basketball.
It makes sense.” They do what we can’t, and they
actually make bank doing it. Hmm. Plus, pro-gamers are better role
models than basketball players. Because you can’t cheat
on your wife if you’ve never even
talked to a girl.

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