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(Ali-a EarRape and mlg stuff) I’m sorry. Can’t we just start the video right now? There are many survival games. The reason is simple. It doesn’t need a plot to make it fun. Think about minecraft. It sold over 100,000,000 copies and yet it
doesn’t have a well established plot. However, Minecraft costs MONEY. MONEY! Yes, 30 Dollars of COLD HARD CASH! Same with Terraria. But, In
2014, 16 year old Nelson Sexton released the game Unturned to critical acclaim. Developed in the Unity
Engine, this generated high ratings like 9/10 on steam and 8/10 on IGN. HELLO MY FELLOWS, my name is
CHICKENWINGJOHNNY!!! and Welcome to Gaming on a Budg-(recordSonud)-I mean Stock Of Free
Games. If you’re new here or returning, let me remind
you of what SOFG is. I review free games such as flash
games, .exe games and fan games So, now that you’re up to date, LET’S GO!!!!!! -Transition- Looking at the art style, and looking at the
gameplay, you’d think it would be exactly like
minecraft right? WRONG!!! You can’t dig through the ground, You can’t
collect diamonds in unturned, (YOU CANNOT!!!). So, dispite the similarities you’ll see there
are lots of diffrences when you actually play the game. This one includes modern items like soda,
candy, and guns. Lots and lots of guns, but
we’ll get to that later. Right now, let’s just focus on the feel of
the game. Let’s get this straight. The sound design is on point. Wether it’s the footsteps to the roaring
blades of a helicopter, you are bound to be emmersed in the game. Heck, sound design is why I memed the
guns.(insert meme gameplay) well, also the gameplay but that dosen’t matter MOVING ON!! The graphics
remind me of minecraft but everyone knows that they’re similar. But yet, to me at least, it feels that it
had a whole lot more effort put into it. I don’t know why, It might just be that minecraft
just looks 16-Bit if you know what I mean. Unturned just uses solid colors making it
not look pixelated. This technice makes
this game look somewhat more athsteticly pleasing than minecraft because of its simplicity and
beautiful lighting to compliment it but, i do wish that
there were more effort put into the textures to make it look
a bit more realistic. The Poly/Tri count seems very low. However, what it does lack in Poly-count it
does have a consistent 60 frames per second. Overall the presentation of the game is simplistic
wether that would be good for you or not. The Lighting complimemts the solid colors
and the game has a wide array of colors. So, the presentation of the game gets a 11/13,
aka, the Original U.S. states minus Rhode island and delaware because. they’re small. In case you wanted to know, I don’t have a
personal vendeta aganst these states, I just picked
out random states. -transition- The gameplay is really fun, but hard to get
used to. Right from the get go, if you rush through
the tutorial, you’re going to have a hard time. that’s what happened with me when I played
it the first time as Fredbear Gaming. If you didn’t know, I played this game before
as a different YTber. I still have the videos if you want to check
them just be warned, they are VERY unorganized. If you hop into the game in easy mode, it
seems a bit too easy. You can get
through all of the citys without dying if you know what you’re doing. Then when you decide it’s too easy for you,
you move on to the normal difficulty Which then gets too
hard with crouching, really fast zombies, crawling, tough zombies, and even
zombies that turn invisible. this turned out to be a whole lot of trouble
for me while streaming. So, Developers, if you’re
listening, I’d recommend to change the easy difficulty to be a little bit harder and make
normal and hard modes easier so that it’s a smooth transiton from easy to normal
to hard. Overall, the gameplay is fun but hard to learn,
and the transition between easy to hard is a steep incline. So, with that in mind I give it a 10/13. -transition- Overall, Unturned is a REALLY, REALLY good
game with beautiful lighting and simplistic graphics to compliment it. The
models have too simple polys so I’d reccomend having a higher poly count and a bit less
solid colors however, what it does lack in poly count it does have in a consistent 60
fps. The gameplay is fun but hard to get used to,
and the transition between the easy mode and hard mode is way too steep for casual
players. So, With that in mind, I give this game my
ChickenWingJohnny rating of 21/26 otherwise known as !EEEEEEEEE! -outro- Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed this video of Stock of
Free Games. For the next episode, I’m planning on doing
sonic fan games because it’s sage 2018 while I’m recording
this. Also, Be sure to take a look at my discord
page. The link is in the
description below. Anywho, Seeyall next time when I stream Sonic
Fan Games. BYE!! Sources:

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