Untitled Goose Game AGDQ 2020

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Untitled Goose Game AGDQ 2020

‘Sup GDQ?!
Eyy everybody. I’m Tasselfoot.
Please call me Tass. This is Untitled Goose Game.
Welcome. Welcome welcome welcome
to Awful Goose Done Quick. I just wanna test something really quick.
Honk? Audience: Honk! – Honk?
Audience: Honk! – Alright, cool. This is what
it’s like to be a rockstar. So just really quickly before we get
going… I wanna introduce the couch. Couch you wanna… – Hi, I’m yisk. I’m the current
any% world record holder for this game. – And we wanna make sure, pleaseplease
meet the donations so that yisk gets to show off all the ridiculous
glitches that there are in any%. – I’m Shattermage. I also run
‘all main tasks’ like Tasslefoot does. I’m the former world record holder
in this category. – I’m Ritzblues. I’ve run this category before.
I’m also a former world record holder for 100%. – And I’m Aquana. I’m also a
former world record holder in 100% and I’ve also run ‘all main tasks’ before. – So ‘all main tasks’ is: we’re gonna showcase every single task that
you can get before the credits of the game. No hidden tasks, no speed tasks. And we’re gonna get started right now for you guys
’cause I know you are looking forward to honk. Timing is going to start on first honk,
so if we can count it down from 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Honk! Hello, I am goose. So this is ‘all main tasks’ and there are
not too many glitches throughout the run. Again, more reason to donate for
yisk’s any%. His run is all glitches. However, we are gonna a thing right there.
Technically not a glitch. Technically not. That’s allowed in glitchless categories.
We’re just gonna go right through there. So this game has 4 main areas and we have
to perform like 6 to 7 tasks in each area, which will then unlock a final task. This is groundskeeper Willy.
He is going to be- We’re gonna be fighting with him ‘mano a gooso’
in the beginning of the game here. And so I waited there in front of that gate
because it’s gonna aggro him down into the lake. He needs to get wet as
one of the tasks and he will do that. He just went and slacked to the mulch,
which is fine. Each area has a ‘gather task’.
These are the longest ones in each area. And the longest of those is the picnic,
and so we need all these items. We need to 4 items from
within the garden as well. That’s what we’re gonna spend most of
our time here in the garden doing. Doing these gather tasks. Just gotta grab his keys real quick though.
No big deal. The biggest part of RNG throughout the entire run,
and this game is full of RNG, is right here- That’s fine… Eh, this is-
this is actually not fine… It’ll be- alright, cool.
No big deal. It is- yeah, everything’s fine. We need to get the jam, pumpkin and
thermos from inside and we do need him to see that they are missing,
otherwise we’re just gonna lose some time. But groundskeeper Willy, he can start in
like 8 different spots and then he can go to any of the other spots
after about 5 seconds. So trying to manage where his position is
throughout the garden is the hardest part of the entire run.
Most resets for this category, happen- and actually most categories,
happen here in the garden. That’s fine, everybody brings a pumpkin to
their picnic, right? Like, that’s pretty normal. – I bring a pumpkin to my picnic too.
– Yeah. – Never leave without it.
– I like cabbages too. – I don’t really know where Willy is
right now, that’s slightly problematic. Ah cool, he’s over here.
Terrible RNG, but that’s fine. We’re just gonna honk him over here
and then we’re gonna use that water. Basically, he’s gonna go over there,
he’s gonna hear the water. And this whole game is full of
prioritisation and the NPC is trying to figure out what’s missing
and thinking about it a lot. So he’s now thinking about his thermos,
we also need to get his hat, we need to get rake in the lake
and we’re just gonna all of those things. We also need a carrot. It’s last thing
we need for the picnic basket. So we’re just gonna take that hat.
It’s no big deal. Pretty precise place we gotta drop it right there
and he’s just gonna wonder about his hat and we’re just gonna steal this rake,
and he’s not gonna see us at all. Or he is! And he’s gonna take it from us.
That is not nice at all. This is what I was talking about when it
comes to the RNG, because he didn- [coach laughs]
He just took it! That is just not nice at all, man.
Because- there, cool. Because he didn’t see the pumpkin earlier,
he has to aggro on it now. That was a little unfortunate.
Physics is a little weird in this game too. We’re kinda stuck right now.
– You can do it, come on. Can you go through the other end? – We’ll go the other side.
– There we go. – Yeah! So, ehm… – Oh no!
– Oh, alright. Now he’s wondering what
happened to the rake. It’s fine, we’re gonna go to…
right there. Not actually the lake. ‘Cause we need that carrot first. And when we get the carrot
it’s gonna trigger his final task. You have to do all of the tasks minus 1
in order to get the final task. So he’s gonna go over to do that,
which is putting up the sign and then we’re gonna honk
and then he’s gonna like fall on his butt. – Let’s go! Let’s go!
– So rake in the lake! Alright, we’re done. [audience cheers] Just the tip there. Alright, cool. So we’re a little bit off
on the cycle, just because of the issues with the pumpkin and whatnot,
and RNG we couldn’t really deal with. But we’re gonna hide over here, honk,
and we’re gonna move on. If you have any donations,
great time to get one or two real quick. Narrator: Actually, yes. Get ready to
run any%, we have met the incentive! [audience cheers] Thank you, everybody!
For meeting that goal! – You guys are in for a treat with that.
– That is fantastic. – Nice. – So we’re now in high street.
Don’t blink, high street is very fast. We gotta put the boy in the phone booth,
we gotta get the boy to buy back this toy plane. Eh, lady, can you come over here please?
Thank you. We need to break her broom. Not like- no, not like that. That’s fine. Physics is sorta a thing in
this game, when it wants to be. Yeah, she’s not gonna catch us, we’re
the fastest goose in all of high street. We gotta get into the TV shop, we gotta do that,
and we gotta get the boy’s glasses as well. We just terrorise this poor child, he’s gonna
have a thing for birds when he grows up. It’s gonna be therapy.
Yeah, it’s gonna be a problem probably. Not our problem, but his problem. So we took this apple, ’cause the
gather task here is to go shopping. And one of the- oh that’s not good either.
Come on lady, alright, it’s fine. We’re good. We have to go shopping in here
and so when the boy buys back… soon- Yeah, there we go. When he buys back his
toy plane it distracts the shopkeeper. And we can kind of undisturbed get all of
these items. We gotta get some canned product, maybe some beans, I’m not really sure
what it is. This unknown cleaner here. That fruit or vegetable,
which was an apple. This hairbrush. We also need to get some loo paper, which
I believe in the states would be toilet paper. And a used tooth brush. Not specifically
used but that’s really the only one that’s available to us. We honk to
cancel out an animation right there. And then lure her over with the leek.
– How many tries are we gonna get to this toothbrush? – Yeah… Oh, first try! That is the
trolliest toothbrush you’ve ever seen. And we’re just gonna lock her in here.
So we’re just about done with high street. We just need to finish up with the toothbrush,
the loo paper- oh no, our cleaner ran away so we gotta fix that too.
Again, not a big deal. One more second here. Great- no that’s
the broom. There we go, alright. So once again we’re gonna carry something.
That’s high street, and we completed it in the speed task. So we’re gonna
do 2 speed tasks here. Yeah, we’re gonna rock it classic
here with the View-Master. If you have any donations while
we do a little goose travel… Narrator: Sure thing, we have a $50 donation
from Xerxes, a $250 donation from Zack0064, a $500 donation from Steady127,
and a $25 donation from Eric183! All these awesome donations share the
same comment, a single word: “Honk!” – Thank you everybody.
– So this is the back garden. We have the tidy and the messy neighbours,
but those are just really hard to say so we just call them Roger and Tina. Roger can start off on a couple
different cycles, that was teacup cycle. And we’re gonna steal his flipper and
his newspaper. The newspaper cycle is really really long and he doesn’t
need it for anything. That’s a glitch.
– That was a good clitch. – Yeah, that was good.
That was a good hat clip right there. First try, every try.
And we’re gonna steal his stuff. So we took the View-Master because on the
other side we have to dress up the statue. AKA the bust. And we need an item for
the head, for the eyes, and for the mouth. And it’s faster to get the View-Master,
or a pair of glasses or anything like that… than it is to just steal it from Roger, and
it also creates a really nice distraction. Little dance, no big deal. There you go.
We just wanna distract her a little bit, so that we have time to
become a pretty goose. Who doesn’t wanna become the
prettiest goose in the backgarden. I don’t think she’s cooperating though,
a lot of the NPC movement is all RNG. Sometimes they just go in ways
we don’t want them to go. But we’ll just lure her down here,
and she’ll fix the gate. Because again, all the NPCs,
they have various prioritisations and things that they’ll do, and so
the gate is super high priority for her. But when she looks away, there we go,
she doesn’t know. We are the goose statue. – She has no idea that there is
an imposter where her statue was. – Bye.
– Oh look at that, it’s a goose. – Yes. There we go, we are majestic
over here folks. Majestic. So we did miss the cycle here that we wanted
to get. A little bit of time lost, no big deal. Back garden is routed really tightly,
and so everything that we do is in a specific order and most of it is so that Roger
will not go to the bottom of his back yard. That’s fine, we wanted here to see that.
And this is for the laundry task. That’s the gather task here in the
back garden. Sorry that we lost the ribbon. I know that everyone wanted to keep it, but
it loses time to keep it on longer than that. Yeah, so for the laundry we need to get
the soap, we need a slipper from Roger, and we need the bra plus two socks. Ngg… oh cool,
she’s coming down, awesome. So there’s a really tight cycle that we’re
try to make through all of this to get the rose clip, and it involves keeping
her appropriately distracted. She is not appropriately distracted
right now, so we need to fix that. And then Roger is also on
a really tight cycle up top. We’re gonna get his slipper…
yeah we are. And then we’re gonna turn around,
show him his butt, assert dominance. That’s how we do it around here. And then let him get chased down here.
Ooooh… – Are we gonna make it?
– I don’t know if we’re gonna make it here, you guys. – It’s gonna be close.
– You think we’re gonna make it? – I think you got it.
– Oh god. – You got it. Just barely.
– Oh god. I might actually- I actually think we might miss it.
– Oooohhhh! – Alright, that’s it!
– Yaay! – That was a little close.
Little closer than I wanted it. But it’s fine. So we’re not
actually done with back garden. We still need to break this vase. If you
played this casually you probably had Roger throw it over and you’re gonna find out
another way that you can break it. In the mean time, if you have more donations,
please. I’m sure there are some great ones. Narrator: Fantastic. Shattermage113
from your couch donates $10 and says: “Whater foul day, it would be if the
goose game any% doesn’t get met.” Well it did, so don’t worry.
Thank you so much Shattermage. – What a terrible pun. Narrator: $50 from madmage3555, says:
“New task: raise 2 million. Honk.” We’re so close to that, too!
Holy macaroni. And we have-
[audience cheers] We have raised 2 million, people! – This is awful, like…
– This is fine, alright. – Do a little goose dance for a flower. – No, don’t look at me, sir.
Sir? Thank you. So this is the pub.
This is the final area of the game. This is also very frustrating sometimes,
and RNG heavy because the old man has very long cycles, two of them, that we need to do.
But we just got one of them out of the way. And the other is this lovely pub lady, who
is one part linebacker, one part terminator. – Don’t worry, she’ll be back.
– Yeah, she- oh shi- yeah she will. So these, we’re gathering all these things
for the final gather task of you setting the table. We also need to get that toy boat and
it has like a 20 second timer to it. So, you know, we kill two ducks with one
stone. No killing of geese around here. And we actually did a great job. Normally
she is way way way trollier than this. I don’t actually know where she is ri-
oh look at that. That’s cool. She doesn’t know that anything’s missing.
That actually might be a problem. ‘Cause we do need her to aggro on all of
the missing items. See how this goes… It’ll probably be fine. In the meantime we
just need to watch the old man and make sure that can get his dart cycle because
if we do miss that it’s gonna be 40 seconds of waiting around and just randomly honking.
– What a shame. – Yeah, I’m sure you guys would be very
disappointed with me just randomly honking for 40 seconds. Ah, see, there we go.
Now she is seeing… Let’s just check in. Alright, so he’s getting ready to go there.
Alright, not gonna do anything else in chance of missing this cycle.
That would be bad. – And…
– Perfect. I’m not really sure what the pub lady is doing.
This is kinda not what she normally does. But you know, we’ll roll with it. – Would you say this has never happened before?
– No, it’s happened before. Just not- rarely. Yeah, just rarely. Rarely does it happen.
So, we did finish all of our items here. Basically what we wanted to do was
kind of honk and aggro her down here. But she decide to just do whatever she wanted.
The fact that she wasn’t trolling actually wound up coming back to honk us in the butt. And so we are onto our final final task here,
and that is to drop s bucket on barkeep- eh, bar, what on Earth is he…
– Vinny! – This is Vinny. Yes. He basically is
our bouncer. He’s our bouncer, Vinny. – Looks like box girl is not
gonna cause a problem today. – Yeah, box girl no issue whatsoever.
We do usually call her ‘blocks girl’ because she tends to get in the way.
This is just a swag clip right there. – Saves no time whatsoever.
– Saves no time but looks really darn good. We do have one last task that we have to
do from the pub. We haven’t done them all. Once again, just for routing purposes it’s
faster to just grab this pint glass and drop it in the canal on our way
to the model village. Completing the four areas,
that is not the final part of the game. We do need to grab the bell
and take it back home. This is where we’re gonna kinda
deviate from your casual play. We’re just gonna go through there.
I do need little Timmy though. This is little Timmy by the way.
Say hi to little Timmy. Audience: Hi Timmy! – We’re gonna use little Timmy to just
hoover up the castle, and grab the bell. And then we’re gonna swag walk
over the model model village. And then just kinda pop back over the top.
The model village is super cool though by the way. I highly suggest you check it out.
If you’ve played this game casually, you’ll know that the bell return is
incredibly trolly and frustrating to do, so we’re just not gonna do it.
Instead we’re just gonna clip- -First try!
Nice! – And this is basically been
Untitled Goose Game. I really just wanna do some shoutouts
right now as we finish up. And mostly shoutout Riekelt, my admin for
the goose game Discord and moderation team. Rowan, who is the current world record holder
of glitchless and AMT. He beat my time a couple days ago while I
was here, so you’re awesome Rowan. Everyone else in the goose community,
all you guys on the couch, everyone who’s been pushing this down since it started… – Time!
– And that’s time! [audience cheers] – 15:43. – 15:43, that’s in the okay-range.
I hope you guys enjoyed. This has been Untitled Goose Game. yisk: Hi everyone,
welcome back to Untitled Goose Game. Quick reminder, if you joined us after the
introductions of last run, I’m yisk. That is Tasselfoot, that is
Shattermage113. Is that right? – Yeah, just no numbers.
– No numbers. Shattermage. That is Ritzblues, and that is Aquana.
And I’m yisk. So, the most important thing you’re gonna
notice at the start of this- Before we even do anything,
is that I’m playing in German. – Why are you playing in German?
– Yeah, it saves time. – No it doesn’t.
– It doesn’t, but I like think that it does. – You gotta tell’m it saves time.
It saves like one frame. – Saves one frame.
Alright so let’s just get started. ‘Cause the- I mean why not…
So count us down. 5.. 4.. 3… 2… 1… Honk! So welcome to
Untitled Goose Game any%. It’s the best category in my opinion.
The only category, in my opinion. The only way right way to play the game.
As you can notice, it’s kinda glitching out a bit. I don’t understand why. So we’re gonna grab
this boot and we’re gonna try to do this. I failed, that’s… It’s fine.
That loses like 3 seconds. That’s nothing. – That’s a reset.
– Reset. I would have reset like 10 seconds ago,
this early in the run. So here we’re just gonna deviate
from the path, go up there. – Praise Geesus.
– Praise Geesus. Gonna try to clip through here. Nice, first try.
– Nice. Walls are optional. – That clip is actually a lot
harder than it looks. There we’re gonna part ways with the boot.
Say goodbye to that. Say hi to plate. – All hail plate.
Hail the plate. – So we’re just gonna try to go
through here. Come on. If it wants to cooperate. There we go, nice.
– Totally normal. – So yeah, we’re already at
the bell by the way. It’s been like, what, a minute?
– And 12 seconds. – Yeah, I don’t understand why people
would do tasks. That’s… slow. So we’re gonna ignore Timmy
and just go up the edge here. There we go.
And that’s the bell. So now for the absolute
worst part of the run. Which is getting the bell out.
– Why don’t you just go the way I went? – So, there’s a reason I don’t go the way
that Tasselfoot just went, and that is because there is a massive barrier
around pub before you complete it. Which is why we have to do that.
Clip back through pub. – That trick is actually really
difficult to do by the way. – Yeah, it’s one of the harder tricks.
– But this one’s the hardest. – And then for the absolutely
hardest trick in the entire run… which I can fail and this is not good.
So let’s just get it. There we go. That is really hard.
– That is very hard. – It is possible to clip out, but that’s a bit more
risky than I’d like to do during a marathon. – And these two are just gonna
stare at what you’re trying to do. – Yeah, I’m gonna let them drop back here really quick,
’cause clipping on the left side here is lot easier. So let’s just… ohhh… – Did you get it?
– Ahoooy! And that, my friends,
is Untitled Goose Game any%. That’s the run. That’s-
[laughs] Probably the shortest run this GDQ.
– You’re still under 3 minutes. So I’d just like thank my mom and dad,
for bringing me here, and raising me. And the entire community- oh, oh.
So time’s coming up… And, time! – Heey, sub 3. – Did I get a sub 3? 2:59?
– Even with the showboat.

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