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  1. good girls fun show

    I like with age and I was screaming and crying

  2. ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

    13:49 You can see Agent R’s face

  3. prinxess. lile

    It was dare

  4. Nicole Perez

    Alice did a dare

  5. Dana Garcia

    I saw the TikTok so I would look for the video that has the TikTok

  6. Hailee Sophia

    Hi Rebecca I’m you’re number one fan

  7. Katherine From Minecraft Diaries

    She did D

  8. sopha brown

    Alice did a dare

  9. Malaika Tabassum


  10. Kyliana Williams

    Yes you should.

  11. Isabella Fernanda

    This is how many people don’t like Alice 👇👇👇

  12. Jasmine Megarry

    I love you. You are the best

  13. Shi Lewis


  14. Hailee Sophia

    Rebecca I’m sorry about your best friend at least you have some best friends

  15. lithead mg

    Happy New Year!!!!!!!

  16. Kati's Kontent

    Alice’s face looked different at the beginning of her video

  17. Hunter Drey


  18. Maryah Lily

    13:26–13:53 you could see Agent S and Agent R’s eyes. It was sort of like a face reveal.

  19. Jennifer Rawson

    Well it feels like it has been nine years

  20. Myah Knight


  21. derrick george

    I am a fan of you Mr.s r

  22. Kinsley Gibson


  23. Andrea Paredes


  24. Kinsley Gibson


  25. Danielle Reeves

    who eles saw there face reveal i can soo agent s and r

  26. Caitlin Ennis

    Like if Maddy should officially join the gmn

  27. Taylor Oliver


  28. Cari Fleischer

    agent r and agent s are brothers!?

  29. Moiz Shahbaz


  30. Jeni Chase

    Rebecca has red eyes Rebecca has red eyes

  31. Ava L

    She picked dare

  32. M K

    I’m glad the GM is working with Rebecca zamola

  33. Anna's World

    Why don’t they ever call the police

  34. Ghizlane Nejmi

    Ooooooooooooooo agent r likes Maddie

  35. Hodhan Abdi

    Wheres Daniel

  36. KidAull 2011

    alice said dare

  37. Dylan Kelly

    No he loves Amanda but Amanda cheated on agent R and Amanda loves agent D

  38. Don Alexander

    She did dare because rebecca and Matt did dare

  39. Amelie Smithies

    poor Maddie only if she knew what was happing

  40. Melanie Ruiz

    Alice is the game master or this brother sorry u forget hidd as name I’m so silly will Alice is there Daugher one of them

  41. Jaelyn Vlogs

    I think agent R and Maddie should be together and make Alice jealous

  42. Carmen Leon

    Agent r likes Maddie

  43. Nhuan Chau Vuong

    Who hate Alice because she a liar 😠😠😠😠😠

  44. Rosendo Juarez


  45. Rossaly Ngoun

    Yes to Rebecca

  46. Truong Linh

    rebecca I saw your tiktok video on tiktok!!😘😘😘👍👍 love you

  47. Leo Espejel

    Alice did dare and she did is create an awkward Instagram post

  48. Maddie Westwell

    Still doing this huh

  49. Nevaeh Cornejo

    Rebecca is the best at the tick tock

  50. Rosmery Medina


  51. Rosmery Medina

    She said truth

  52. Xx• Irina •xX

    “A” is 100 percent not trusted right zamfam?

  53. Fernando Jimenez

    "Alice" did a dare

  54. Lidia Nery

    When agent S said anyone hungry🤣🤣🤣

  55. Dunia Hamed

    Matt is winning so far on tic tok

  56. Maleeha Mumtaz

    I love your video

  57. Maribel Gutierrez

    i hate alis😡😡😡😡like if you hate alis

  58. Crystal Blankenship

    Do not trust Amanda

  59. Sara Mohamedali

    Agent R laiks laiks maddi

  60. Manaialee Thompson

    The numbers from the music video is 42317282466171713144 sorry I don't know if it's All of the numbers

  61. ghost ninja

    Alice is a lier

  62. David Breig

    Right now on tik Tok
    1=Rebecca with 151.1k
    2=Matt with 77.9k
    3=Maddie with 28.2k
    4=GMI with 25.4k

    So be sure to download tik Tok and create a tik Tok

  63. Louisa Frempong

    Am older then madi and she is still scars of ghosts

  64. Kate Hoffman

    Alice did a DARE!!!

  65. Makayla Hatley

    alice did a dare in the van she had to express her feelings for agent r

  66. Louisa Frempong

    Imagine if maddie stole agentR from Alice well Alice is not that pretty

  67. Donart Cani

    I now it that was agent d

  68. Louisa Frempong

    When Matt pushed AgentR hand from Madi

  69. Kimberly Membreno

    Agent r and Agent s are Brothers

  70. Aleshia Fuentes

    Who agrees that they should stop the game master thing
    👇🏻hit the👍

  71. Savanah H

    Alice is mr x’s daughter

  72. Brian Leibl

    she did a dare

  73. Julia Gendelman


  74. Kandice Jones

    I think Alice is Mr.X kid

  75. # Cats4Life

    I just wanna say agent s we understand you, dont worry if they dont trust you, the zamfam trusts you, and rebecca and matt trusts the zamfam, so dont worry, we're here

  76. Paityn Ansell


  77. Jaliyah Preston


  78. Jaliyah Preston

    Sheep pick d

  79. Jaliyah Preston

    She pick Dare

  80. The Haifa Sisters

    Love. You guys I follow you on TikTok I followed on YouTube

  81. Victoria Russell

    did you know that.. The officer who came to arrest Mr x had on sunglasses so that must be a GM I helped her that I was going to get married to

  82. fatima melendez

    Noooo dare

  83. Lawrence Pebb

    I like the white in Matt’s hair like this if u think he should dye his hair white

  84. Jahzae Martin

    can we get a face reveal from agent r and agent s. can you not end face reveal when you do it plz

  85. Jose luis De aquino

    Agent R and Maddie sittin in a tree K I S S I N G
    Like if you ship
    #Agent Maddie

  86. Luca Petersen

    do not tust Alice

  87. Simon Anibal

    Hi r

  88. Hotwheels toys


  89. Madelyn Summers

    Are you kidding me Alice I am so mad!

  90. Michelle Veletanga

    I think Maddie and agent R like each other and I do agree with Maddie I never trusted Alice btw I like how she is so confident on telling the truth 😂 i love u videos 💗😊

  91. destiny hamilton

    Rebecca"s eys are red like if u saw

  92. Kaylee Harrison

    Alice is mr. X daughter

  93. margarita Romero

    Yea if you use It It Will help

  94. Shitil Ibna Islam

    When Rebecca said agent r has a crush Maddie was shoc

  95. Lidia Nery

    Alice pikted Dare

  96. Claudia Ramirez

    Matt and Rebeca i have something to say Agent D and Alice they got married by Mr. X from Lesly

  97. Marcus Yang


  98. Ana Ortiz

    I HATE you Alice Meriden stop hate you

  99. Ana Ortiz

    Agent D LOSER

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