Top Ten Disappointments in Video Games

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Top Ten Disappointments in Video Games

As any great gift to the world could humbly tell you, joy…is a valuable resource. Any day you receive it…is one to stash in the heart. Though, the day you learn it’s also a FINITE resource threatens to break said heart. Video games, being our latest and perhaps greatest great gift…knows how to do both. Likely, better…than any other. The happier they make you, the higher the voltage when they shockingly disappoint. Mmm…I smell a mood fatter than Canada. Yes, we’re all intimately familiar with disappointment. Such is the fate of an eternal pursuer of smiles… The frown was invented for a reason, people. Hopefully I can pin it down while not being a disappointment myself. …too late! Alrighty, disclaimers… All my choices are conditional on official developments. NOT community development. In other words, only the cause and effect of the proper professionals behind each misstep are considered… …and not atrocities committed by the player base. It’s all on the brainchildren. Be it an entire game, creative choice, or executive dumbassery…yeah, lots to talk about. Share your own list! It was…probably easier to make than mine. Let’s roll! Call me a moldy boomer wrapped in threads laced with mummy farts, but…I’m real half-and-half on the digital age. Stop me if you’ve heard this before: I actually like OWNING the things I buy. You can TELL me it’s mine, but if I can’t touch it…it ain’t mine. Physical for life! But, virtually replicating historical artifacts for…preservation’s sake, is FAR better than leaving the ether to babysit them. Ahem! I have come to say the N word! …and trust me, it’s hard enough WITHOUT an r. Nintendo. Hoo, lordy. I dodged the cliche of flushing Switch Online down Loggo’s ass-gravy esophagus just fine. But that only meant something else was guaranteed to hit. In this case, with a deliciously retro sound byte. You mind laying out your thought process when you KILLED Virtual Console, guys? It was like that of a supercomputer when you came up with it. But the slow yet steady steps taken to phase it out of the public market… …yeah, I hear the sounds of somebody not wanting MONEY. Y’know? Company food? It’s like financial Atkins, this shit you’re doing. DON’T. I’ll admit adding bits of old catalog and sticking them in a clean vintage plug ‘n play system is nifty… …and, hell…including them in your online service adds value where it’s REALLY fucking needed. But…why can’t I just buy them all to own them all? I love these old games! Sure, I’d prefer physical…but still! Our great gaming grandpa’s supposed to be fun, man! Not racist to grass the one time we wanna frolic in the grass! It’s so limiting. …and for a company I know damn well has unlimited joy to give, taking that away “because waffles” halfway offends me. It’s…pre-made CODE. From billions of years ago! Pictures on a PHONE take more space! You give goods, I consume, your wallet gets thicc and juicy! Done! NEXT. Some say high expectations are just an excuse to dodge mediocrity. …completely forgetting that that shit’s a homing torpedo, and we’re a crippled 60 ton boulder. Still, it’s a sign that we still practice hope. It’s beautiful. But when our friends start requiring fresh straight jackets every Sunday…yeah, that’s ugly. Three’s one hell of a number. It’s company, it’s a crowd, and turns on the charm on it’s dates with time. It’s also the amount of swings you have before striking out, so…! …MMM! 3 titans of entertainment turned thick-skulled idiot pariahs… …the live footage of Konami, Bethesda, and Blizzard taking the piss after the piss makes a 1,000 monster truck pile-up look like a utopia ruled by Mr. Clean. First up, Blehzzard. I’ve never given even a phantom of a fuck about them. But banning and fining a top player of one of your games for fighting against atrocities plaguing his home country and LYING about Warcraft 3: Reforged being a faithful remaster… …there goes any chance of me ever caring about you. Still, a lot of my friends cared. They’d be owed an apology if that MEANT anything from you anymore. Next…Bethesda. GOD, this hurts. Turning their fun as fuck game franchise about living through the aftermath of a global disaster… …into an ACTUAL global disaster with NO chance of living through turned them into THE hit punchline of 2018. Disgusting incompetence, LYING about promo item craftsmanship, running away with the money… …MILKING poor loyal customers with your shitty subscription service…assholes! If that new Elder Scrolls isn’t Breath of The Wild good, you clowns are DONE! …and finally, Konami! The big top tent of this whole damn circus. Abandoning your beloved franchises, focusing more on GAMBLING with stupid-ass PACHINKO machines… …and fucking humiliating and EXHILING Hideo Kojima… My spit would DODGE you if it was launched your way! *sighs* Yeah, I’m done here… Double standards can be…fascinating. Sure, they suck and cause problems…but they kinda show you what people are…afraid of. Sonic fans are ripe for this case study. No matter how many times he screws up, they’ll NEVER turn on him for fear that he won’t come back. It’s heartwarmingly fucked. I mean…C’MOOOONN! Ya gotta love ‘im– “He-he-hey! What’s this big red button do?” *presses* I hate Sonic. Open letter to all technicians: Don’t make your self-destruct button shiny and gigantic. Make it puny and smear it in Muk splooge and decaying dreams! Nobody’ll touch it, then! It is somewhat fortunate that we now have an example of that to NOT follow…but, man! …MAN! The year 2014 saw a brilliant push to re-brand post-2010 Sonic into something fresh and exciting. Goofy, enjoyably stylized redesigns…an all new world! Nay, generation! Mmm…never heard that one before… The TV show’s awesome as hell. But Sonic Boom’s attempts at being a game…were more like attempts on his LIFE. You think the Wii U NEEDED an atrociously unpolished, horrendously dull, subtractive defamation of beloved colorful super mammals? …in the middle of the awesome modern resurgence, no less? Rise of Lyric makes my stomach scream. On top of, like I said…being unpolished, dull, and back-ass on SO many things… …it added ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to the franchise. No, not even a mortal wound that helped it grow. Sonic 06 is at least hilariously bad…and was a valuable, if not harsh, learning experience. Sonic Boom’s highs are textbook average, and it’s lows are too low for even PAPER to limbo under. Playing it just makes you feel EMBARRASSED for liking Sonic. …and I was excited for this, too! Just…EXCUSE! Now! “It all went by too fast…” BULLSHIT. Don’t talk like you know what that word means! “Wasn’t there a 3DS game, too?” I-I dunno, I don’t–*sighs* …I don’t give a shit. Knuckles! Please! Save us! Formerly just a VERY strong creative suggestion, flying the flag of originality is beyond critical for an art form these days. WASH the fucking thing, or…wave it around in a stupid way at the absolute bare minimum. If you’re gonna schlorp up my mannies, it’s common etiquette to at least do it like nobody else. A game console without exclusives is basically just a shiny drink coaster. GEE, WOULDN’T THAT BE STUPID. Huh, boy oh boy oh boy… Anybody who’s become rich and successful can only be 1 of 2 things: brilliant…or lucky. Remind me again: which one is Microsoft? ‘Cuz it kinda looks like neither right now. You might say I’m filling the cliche of Nintendo fanboy by unconditionally hating the Xbox One. Except…no! Reminding the capital M how much they fucked up this last generation is what binds us as a species. Leave the Wii U outta this, man. That at least had games! Oh hoh, you bet your ASS I ain’t ever letting THIS one go! Don’t quote me on this, but didn’t you clowns “promise” your “cutting edge” home console would have…enticing…exclusives? Like, the reason why we should give a shit? What happened to THAT? With the SOLE exception of Rare Replay, which in itself is simply a collection of old masterpieces made mostly on your RIVAL’s platforms… …there is not a DAMN thing worthwhile you can find ONLY on the Xboner. EVERYTHING else was either multi-platform, or a TIMED exclusive that ended up on PC later anyway! …and better! In addition to being an ATROCIOUSLY unprofessional blunder, you pretty much spit ALL over your brand loyalists who DARED to expect special catering. This probably would’ve been MUCH higher if I was a die hard Microsoft supporter. …but even as a casual customer, I wanna puke! It’s like even they themselves knew that Xbox One’s just hip slang for “just buy a PC”! Like this whole thing was just a TIP JAR… “Huh-ho, sorry! We’ll get it next time, though!” GAHHH! Remember what I said. The happier a player’s made, the more deadly a shock of disappointment grows. So take one of the great kings of your heart, and the pressure to stay king could effortlessly crush all 15 legendaries that run it. Yet despite being pretty much my favorite thing ever, Pokemon’s never struck out hard for me. Got iffy a grand total of…twice, but it never lasts. Yep. Never…lasts… It’s never fun when it arrives, but when the time comes to ask…what the HELL happened…? …the answer’s a mythic monster just WAITING for you to catch it. I can’t ever seem to shut up about my historical disappointment in X and Y. But long after coming to terms with the sub-100 Pokemon roster, I clear the air with the ONE thing I simply can’t get over. It never gave me a second chance. Although not everyone likes it, EVERY. SINGLE. REGION. …on the face of the PokeEarth, merited a strong look back. Be it in a remake, refresh, or sequel…we got another chance to see it’s worth. But after saying “Adios, Kalos.” for the first time…it was the last. You can keep your “Dexit”, you can keep your Let’s Gos…not revisiting the X and Y mainland is what really got me. It’s so discomforting! Every player, be it a huge fan that LOVED Kalos, the nay-sayers who think it’s bland and lacking… …or hell. Guys like me, who merely felt indifferent… NEVER got to see the untapped potential, huge improvements, or added exposure they were hoping for. When it gets to the point where the third pillar of your mascot legendary trio isn’t even fully BUILT until the NEXT GENERATION… …I must repeat: what the HELL happened?! It honest to Arceus felt like they WANTED to forget it, even while it was new. Even when it needed them arguably more than any other. Cubone ain’t the only tragic orphan in the series. …and there’s no evolution awaiting it. NOTHING’s more hype than Smash Bros. NOTHIN’. It could inhale for an ugly sneeze and we’d still impregnate our pants. Ridley! FUCK yes! King K. Rool! Oh mah god, TAKE ME! Mother…fuckin’…BANJO & KAZOOIE! *happy shudders* Assimilate my existence, Daddy Sakurai! Kirby! …Kirby! King K– I try to be respectful to homicidal balls of cosmic bubble yum, fair to say…maybe I dunno what it’s like. I dunno. But this kinda downgrade…even Dr. KING would be speechless! Hate to stack shit on top of an already oppressed kind, but…I have no idea how Kirby mains sleep at night, knowing how hard they were jipped. Sakurai’s star-born son is one of the most versatile characters in gaming history. Dozens of unique weapons of infinite chaos…and a lot of cute hats! He was destined to be one of the all-time coolest characters in all of Smash. So, please tell me. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?! Out of the 21 move slots Smash allows, ELEVEN of Kirby’s are basic, almost STOCK kicks. No personalized flare, no diversity, and zero franchise loyalty aside from *kinda* resembling old fighter animations. I suppose this may have been an attempt to replicate how ability-less Kirby feels in his games. Okay. Yeah, ask anybody why they like Kirby. You’re definitely gonna hear tons of ‘em say “HIS FEET”. NOBODY likes using ability-less Kirby! It’s BORING, as FUCK. Even after two decades, they’ve only BARELY gotten halfway. Half of his move set IS fun and interesting, and *clears throat* LOYAL… …yet the other half is the blandest, most BORING Smash material I’ve ever seen. …and SHIT, his play style’s practically DEFINED by these boring-ass moves. Yeah, I don’t think you realize how serious this is–KIRBY…IS…BORING. Those words…should not be friends! I forbid it! See, this is why I love Mega Man. HE’S WHAT KIRBY SHOULD’VE BEEN. Look, I don’t need perfect accuracy here, otherwise he’d be quintuple S tier… …but THIS, is not this. Fun…NOT fun. Omnipotent cosmic silly putty…FOOT: the character. I’m the last person to suggest that life is simple, but likewise…I’m also not one to deny patterns I don’t like. And the vicious cycle…is one of them. Reach one end, loop back to the opposite…rinse, repeat…at a SELECTIVE speed. I get vertigo just writing it. One day you’re king, then peasant, then king again… …then peasant again? HA! You wish! Oh…! Kil- *gags* Kill it! This is why you don’t pull your job off of a paper strip out of a hat. Pull gaming’s equivalent of the french beggar…and kill’s your only shot at peace. …and I’m fuckin’ serious, man. KILL IT. …WITH FIRE MAN. Feels like it was only yesterday when Capcom’s abusive parenting and racism towards robot children was making headlines. Cancelling hyped up games for likely shitty reasons…drool-sleeping on the franchise that made them a household name for YEARS… …and like that. Like an angel leaving hell to fetch us heaven, Mr. Keiji Inafune said: “FUCK all y’all… …the world need some blue robot goodness, Imma head out!” …and head out, he did. Only… …forgot to bring that goodness… Pinned up a call to finance on the internet’s own help wanted sign: kickstarter! Mighty No. 9! Hell yeah! As in: yeah! …hell sounds good right now! OBLITERATING it’s pledge goals, revitalizing the public’s passion for one of gaming’s finest…restoring the hope of millions! …and then it all rained puke chunks… Over a full year of radio silence and delays, leaving the faithful funders in the dark… …only to pop out of it to jumpscare the public with a horrifically underwhelming junk heap. …causing irreparable damage to Inafune’s new studio and kickstarters in their entirety. …and you just HAD to wind up that punch, huh? Give us hope, then tossed it in a buzzsaw! 4 million goddamn dollars and over 3 years for…what? Something not even HALF as good as the worst REAL Mega Man game? Kicking’s a love tap at this point. Ship this dead horse to the GLUE FACTORY and stick this memory to a dark corner just like Capcom did! A long, hard day of shattered hopes… …personal plans downed by the brunt of reality’s harsh check. Agony, I can’t escape… Alas, not but one night betwixt the pages of a good story…sets me free. Telling me a towering tale gives my villainous days endings worth keeping. …it’s all we could ever want. The happily ever after! Everyone’s been read that one book that’s awesome all the way through…until the last few pages. Cue the shitty ending that ruins EVERYTHING. Perhaps the most infamous software disappointment in all of modern Nintendo… …post-2007 Paper Mario blew a gory, gaping, gangrene-coated hole in the Mario RPG ensemble’s left leg. …and big shock–that dead tissue is still dead, despite having an elder wizard for a doctor! I hate making those that genuinely like Sticker Star and Color Splash uncomfortable. But for you all to really understand how inhumanely scarring these nerve nukes REALLY were to the vast majority… …try to imagine a time when these games FUCKING meant something! Magical worlds, profoundly professional passion, and mechanical and strategic excellence…unflinching in the face of time. OH, RIGHT. You DON’T have to imagine! The legend’s true! So…WHY…did you throw all that away? Watch the video in the corner card if you REALLY need to hear the big problems. But…I’m just, hurt. I can no longer fall peacefully asleep to a magical chapter of Mario Once Upon a Time. I have to take the nightmare of creatively sterile, unfulfilling, BORING as FUCK worst-sellers with admittedly gorgeous covers taking up shelf space. Sure, they look pretty, but oh GOD–don’t read them… I’ll say it again: this isn’t Paper Mario. It’s Mario-shaped paper! If they came before the other 3…there would be NO problem here. But it’s too late! You’ve shown us what you can do! …and until you care enough to do it again, don’t you DARE read where they once read! I couldn’t even imagine what it’s like being on top. …those comments should be interesting… But, truly! Look at you! Up in the clouds on Jupiter! You’re standing on the whole universe for your cover shot of “Hot Shit Quarterly”. …you have ANY idea what kinda pain you’re in for, should you fall? I don’t think you realize… …how, loud… …the human voice can actually scream. This mic’s a replacement. This…is a re-take. I…MURDERED…the last one, recording this segment. A capital F in the chat for this brave, brave soldier… …and right back on top of the atomic FUCK. YOU! …Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts deserves. I know a lot of people say “this ruined my childhood”, and that’s stupid… …but, THIS crime against space-time tried it’s DAMNDEST to. …and almost succeeded. Imagine: your best friend from childhood falling into an eight year coma. You wait by his bedside every day of each of those–unsure if he’ll even wake up again. But when he magically comes back, he’s now a car obsessed, preppy asshole with no memory of the fun…and no care for you. “Not so bad”, huh? “Still worth a try.” …surely. I hate, this fucking game… Nothing anyone can say will ever sway me… This. Is defamation. …and the FATTEST middle finger I’ve EVER been given. Oh, yeah! The game IS a boring-ass vat of molten butt sludge barfed in and out of Gruntilda’s hairy EARHOLE… …even the goddamn Gizmondo’s too good for! …but I don’t give a DAMN about it’s quality. It shot 2 of my favorite childhood games and ANY hope of them ever getting sequels in the FACE. With an ugly, blocky grin on it’s own. Completely, trivializing the beautiful wonder of magical adventure so many of us were SHAPED by. It’s a fucking…insult! Thankfully, WE won in the end, ya lifeless…bastard! Knowing when to let bygones, be bygones…is crucial in keeping happy. Sometimes…you can’t do anything about it. …and you gotta let the past die, before it kills you. But…listen to me. I’ll say that again: …sometimes. But when everyone knows, for an indisputable FACT…that you can do EVERYTHING about it… …letting that past die, is what’s gonna kill you. You disappoint me more than anybody else… …Valve. Casual reminder that it’s perfectly okay to cry. …and even more so to let others see you do it. But… *depressed sighs* As something somehow even more uncomfortable to discuss than goddamn Sticker Star and Nuts & Bolts combined… Valve’s detachment from the holy water spigot is tragic. Once the dispersers of the deepest, most beautiful software pool PC gaming had ever seen… …is now a neglectful father putting hobbies before family. I’ll put it straight, I don’t give a demon’s DAMN about VR. I wholeheartedly feel it’s an overhyped, overpriced fad with minimal sustain as an “industry standard”… …despite the fascinating tech. Well, guess who disagrees with me! Ooh! Better yet! …guess who disagrees with me SO hard that they tunnel-visioned close to ALL of their resources into it? …and that’s where it gets uncomfortable. I’m yelling callously at a creator…for doing what they want. That’s disgusting. It makes me feel awful! But at the same time…what about what WE want? The consumer? The loyal fan that protects you from heatstroke? Do you think we LIKE, watching our favorite IPs DIE…because their rich daddy’s too busy swatting at digital bugs?! Portal. Left 4 Dead. Team Fortress 2…my 3rd favorite game of all time… Abandoned at worst, and drip fed…at the ABSOLUTE BEST. I’m so glad CS:GO and Dota 2 fans have the LUXURY…of consistent love. But guess what? IceFrog and Hidden Path…AREN’T the father. They’re the beautiful uncle who always WANTED to be a father. …and the fact that this is all, by absolute CHOICE…really hurts me. It hurts…a lot of us. …and this isn’t even considering stuff like that stupid-ass card game they made. …and they do it, because they feel invincible. Must be intoxicating. Others can relate. Blizzard…? Konami…? …Rare…? *quiet chuckles* YOU taught the gaming world the consequences of not looking back. You better have more than a piece of wood covering yours… This is being Fawful’s Minion… Good night, team… …and now, give it up! For the high-tier Patrons! …may we meet again!

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  1. Resident Geno Guy

    Ngl, during that Smash Bros segment I thought you were going to say Byleth

  2. Madness Arcade

    X and Y was a great introduction to 3D for the series and it was dark and whimsical and it was great

    The plot where Lysandre gave up on humanity and wanted to destroy everything was very mature

    Sword and shield was also a great mature storyline

    The 3000 year war was a fantastic lore

    The anime was the untapped potential

    Sword and shield was also a new take on the story and again mature

    The anime made x and y better even tho I loved it anyway

  3. Griffin Galloway

    I personally still really like sticker star and color splash but I'm not gonna pretend i don't understand why people hate them

  4. PurestBean

    Every Mario game released on 3DS, Wii U, Switch and every future Nintendo console. Because they are ALL mediocre and bad compared to their perfect and flawless N64, GameCube, DS and Wii predecessors.

  5. The Insane Mentalist

    I honestly can't forgive sega for what they did to Boom. Despite what you said about 06 being a harsh but necessary wake up call, Boom and even to an extent Forces are both examples of them clearly not learning anything from their past mistakes.

    Just like how 06 is them not learning anything from the development of XTreme.
    Take the red pill with me, Sega's rabbit hole of business failure goes way deeper than you think

  6. nightshadow lucario

    Over 2000 views in just 21 minutes, just goes to show how much people love ya Logan
    Logan: busts down a fucking door I hAvE cOmE tO sAy ThE n-WoRd

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    Can we get a moment of silence for blizzard before Activision. They were taken too soon.

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    I dread what awaits me in the single digits.

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    When I first saw you were talking about Smash, I literally thought you were talking about all the Fire Emblem characters.

  12. JoshtheOverlander

    Mighty No. 9 is actually a good game for me, it's just very flawed. What it needs is a second chance with a better team.

  13. Acejak1234 F22raptorace

    the 3ds sonic boom games arent bad and theres alot of reasons why rol is the way it is, it was supposed to have alot more content then what it has now, and bigredbutton were planning to make it for ps and xbox but for some reason were unaware of segas contract with nintendo where three of the next sonic games had to be nintendo exclusive, like 06, it was because of other companies a sonic game came out unfinished and unpolished, but tbh i like 06, i was able to 100% beat it a little while back

  14. tribuster 3000

    Color splash was good

  15. tribuster 3000

    Sticker star was not good

  16. Garry Courtney

    15:29 I can tell you exactly why kirby is so bad in smash: SAKURAI DOESN'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT KIRBY ANYMORE. He left Hal labs, ignores the franchise as much as humanly possible, and was likely forced to include the modern characters in any way possible, cause he wouldn't even bother making them spirits if left on his own. Ever notice that since brawl we haven't had a single kirby rep, or a stage that's from anything beyond super star, it's cause as long as Sakurai's in control, kirby will get nothing, we'll be lucky if Bandana dee gets the final dlc spot. Cause no shits are given to kirby in smash. ZERO

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    Sonic forces. Period.

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    14:15 Preach Fawful's Minion, Preach!

    As if having Kirby as a low tier for most of his Smash history ain't bad enough, Kirby feels like a slap to the face in terms of his moveset, thank you so very much for shedding light on this

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    you can like sticker star if you like but i honestly think its bad on not just a fan level its bad on a GAME DESIGN LEVEL!

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    Am I the only one who finds the irony in the message of Kiseki being about standing together, loving each other and be who we are, and then have Game Freak/Pokemon Company/Nintendo leave X/Y in the dust?

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    Off topic, but does anyone want a Super Paper Mario switch port?

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    The biggest disappointment was Nintendo not letting non-Japanese players play Fire Emblem 4 on switch. Cmon Nintendo, we'll just emulate it so why not translate it?

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    Oh you wanna talk about fighters being poorly represented in Smash? SONIC THE BALLHOG

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    Thank you for ruining a whole spinoff series!

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    At 5. Ok, I see why he’s a Disappointment in Smash Bros! & I know Kirby Mains (Including Me), Hate just, FEET Moves but, I still like him! He’s alt least, one of my Mains, I have Variaty, but I get what Your Saying! (Also, Amazing Job on the Video)

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    Xbox’s X series looks like a retro Hard drive

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    Kirby's been my Smash main ever since Melee because I like the gameplay. I don't give a fuck about how little it resembles the source material, I just have fun playing as Kirby.

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    My chortling snake plush nerd is back! YES

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    could you possibly remake BK and BT using the Smash module.

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    While I do agree that sticker star kind of sucks, I actually like Color Splash quite a lot. Although I can see why some others wouldn't like the game and I do agree that the game does have some major flaws.

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    for Sonic Boom, Rise of Lyric is the worst by far.

    Shattered Crystal and Fire and Ice are way better. (those are the Sonic Boom games for the 3DS)
    mainly cause they were made by Sanzaru Games and they stayed closer to the formula the Rise of Lyric.
    But I can agree that the TV show is the best thing to come out of the Boom franchise

  46. Mobius the Dragon Tamer

    I share most of the issues covered on this list. Though I must ask, does everyone still have hope that Valve can change? It may be unwarranted hope, sure, but I have hope that Valve will listen to us again, and return to their kids. Especially TF2. That one needs the most love out of all of them.

    Also, good work, Blizzard. With what you did in regards to banning one of your best players over a subject he cared about, you've ensured that I will not touch a single product of yours. Ever.

  47. Suite Life of Dio Brando

    My biggest gaming disappointment was Paper Mario Sticker Star.

  48. Jasia C-W

    Interesting list, it really put into words why I was so bothered by Kirby in Smash!

  49. Platinum Warpstar

    I can understand why you’re upset with Valve, they haven’t really paid much attention at all to their top tier franchises like Portal, Team Fortress, and Half-Life: the elephant in the room here.

    And I understand why you’re upset about Half-Life Alyx, but I am extremely hype for the game, and it actually got me to play the first Half-Life game, and I loved it, now one of my favorite FPS games.

    But I can totally get why you aren’t really obsessed over the new Half Life, it’s VR exclusive, and the gateway to VR is really expensive, $400 at the minimum on PC. And to spend that much money for one game isn’t really… worth it. My hope is that they can make Half-Life 3 due to Alyx’s success being the best selling VR game on Steam right now, before it’s even released.

    And while I am insanely hyped to play Half Life Alyx, I don’t think VR should become the new standard for gaming.
    I love VR, but I think it should be an alternative to gaming as opposed to it being the new standard.

    I want to see VR getting more support, like maybe have a Portal VR game at one point, I think that’d be awesome, but I also want them to make standard games, without VR being a necessity.

  50. Jacob Hall

    I can understand Blizzard, Bethesda and Konami, but Activision is getting worse and worse. And while EA may have improved, its not hard to improve from shit.

  51. Acejak1234 F22raptorace

    color splash wasnt bad, it was similar to sticker star but people enjoyed it, i even enjoyed pksparkxxs lp on it

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    I am


  53. GatorRay4life

    Is it sad that I think every Fire Emblem game following Awakening is a disappointment (Barring Three Houses because I haven't played it YET) I mean Fates is a game that I think should've been cancelled, Fire Emblem Echoes story while good isn't enough to save the FRUSTRATING LEVEL DESIGN, Warriors is repetitive as heck, And Heroes has aged like milk barring Book 3 which was a step in the right direction in my eyes. Some other disappointments I can list are (In no particular order)
    The rest of Nintendo's mobile games (Barring Dragalia Lost which I think is pretty good)
    Mario Party Island Tour (A game I dislike so much that I'm probably never gonna touch another MP game with a ten foot pole)
    Sega's refusal to sell all their IP's and get out of the gaming industry
    Disney killing Lucasarts (And rubbing salt on the wounds of the Star Wars fans that the prequels inflicted but that's got NOTHING to do with video games)
    And finally Nintendo porting the censored version of Tokyo Mirage Sessions to the Switch.

  54. A Person With a Name

    Virtual Console is just a label to put on the re-releases of these retro games. They can sell them anywhere on the eShop. The problem is that they aren't doing that.

    I guess this "list" was just a disguise for a series of mini-rants on the gaming industry.
    I'm okay with that.

    ngl Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice is actually a really solid game.

    Kalos… I could see the potential the region had, the hidden lore, the places that were RIGHT THERE that we literally just couldn't go to. sigh it's heartbreaking.

    …Kirby having a 'bland' moveset in Smash is this high up?
    Huh… okay I guess I get it. Still, this high up?

    Dear Valve,

  55. Red Violet

    wow. you really had to him me where it hurts with #5, huh?

  56. Subway Footlong

    "I don't give a demon's damn about VR. I wholeheartedly feel like it's an overpriced, overhyped fad." I feel like this will age absolutely terribly in 20 years or so.

  57. Alex Tolleson

    Man. The Valve one fucking hurt. And i dont even play their games

  58. Beta Zero

    I agree with literally every, and that makes me depressed.

  59. Sarasaland Subserviant

    “Kirby” and “Boring” should NEVER be within the same context.
    That’d be like “Fawful” and “Unfunny.”

  60. Justin

    It’s about time someone pointed out valve’s unhealthy obsession with VR. I don’t care much for it either, I feel it’s overpriced, overdone, and as you said, overhyped. You’d think valve would realize just how much we loved full, finished games rather than these glorified tech demos.

  61. Conner Heise

    “Beautiful Uncle who always wanted to be a father”
    Tf2 is at least breathing

  62. Gustavo Borealis

    I still think Sword/Shield was worse than XY.

  63. Isaiah Schoenfeldt

    How you been fawful

  64. PikachuAlex17

    20:52 Dude that actually slayed me oh my lord.

  65. TeamOrchid

    I'll be honest, if Paper Mario Sticker Star was Kirby Sticker Fest with the mechanics still the same it would still be a shit game. The combat system is just horrible. Like forget comparing it to Paper Mario, compare it to MegaMan Battle Network which took a card based battle system and made that shit shine! And they did it without exp either! Color Splash makes minor improvements to the gameplay (and was the funniest shit every) but still failed to ultimately deliver on being a good card based with how little strategy is involved, especially since there's no way to get a good idea of how much damage you're doing because THERE'S NOT A SINGLE NUMBER ON YOUR ATTACKS ANYWHERE! Not on the card, not on the enemy, not nothing! The only thing making it Paper Mario does is turn it from a "Come on Kirby, you're better than this" into a gut punch.

  66. jacking the black thing

    I know Fawful prefer staying positive, but I do like when he has fury. Because we get some funny stuff out of it and some genuine heart

  67. Sidney Titus

    "Look, a shooting star! I wish for a Heavy update!"
    "lol how bout no"

  68. GEEKFOREVER (Pixel Gaming/Sur La Toile Ce Soir)

    Another good video…


  69. Ties

    I never really cared much for gen 5,
    Its alright I don't hate it but it's still my least favorite gen in the series

  70. Benjamin Marson

    When you started the Kirby smash segment with saying all the new fighters you were exited for, I was expecting the segment to be about Byleth.

    Glad it wasn't

  71. Bee-Zee Soul

    I haven’t played nearly as many games as I would like to say I have, but I was extremely disappointed when my 2nd favorite fighting game IP, Soul Calibur, released a game with mediocre gameplay, a god-awful story mode, and only half the legacy characters, and almost didn’t come back. Thank god for Soul Calibur 6.

  72. 3DS_Fell God- My Hope Will Never Die

    The biggest disappointment of all were the memes we made along the way.

  73. Original Gameteer

    If were bringing up Kirby in smash,
    The fact that half of the kirby stages are just Dream Land and Meta Knight still hasn't had a FS from the actual series is a disappointment imo
    Dedede didn't get a FS based off him until ULTIMATE (Brawl was just generic enemies somewhat connected to him and 4's was who even knows)

  74. The Ender Engineer

    I honestly do question what goes on in the mind of several developers when it comes to some of these stupid ideas.

  75. ManiacX1999

    I'm kinda grateful Sonic Boom is mostly forgotten now

  76. TheCrazyOne

    Fawful: I’m going to say the N word
    Me: No is my favorite N word

  77. Joel's Playhouse25

    I love Sonic Boom, Kirby in Smash and Modern Paper Mario

  78. Minako Hiashi

    If I could go back in time and tell myself about what Pokemon is today. I would probably hate myself. As a little kid with no experience in the jrpg genre Pokemon seemingly could do no wrong

  79. dimentiorules

    #10 If Nintendo added more systems to their switch online service and actually released them at a good rate, it might actually have been a good replacement for virtual console.
    9. How can you mention bad companies and not include EA?!
    8. Sonic fans never turn on him?! Are you living in some sort of bizarro dimension?!

  80. evil I


    Has no hourly music just a single ambience song thats about 10 minutes long . I found that pretty disappointing

  81. takanuinuva

    #10. I believe the reason is Nintendo didn't want people to have to buy Super Mario Bros a third time. I think the Nes and Snes free service with Switch online is good. Just needs updating more often

    #3. I would not put Color Splash under the same criticism as Sticker Star. While the Combat is just as bad.
    The writing is miles ahead of Sticker star.

  82. KruelKoopa

    Here's a capital F. Not just for the brave soldier you spoke of, but for your poor voice as well.

  83. Joke

    Ekhem…ekhem… Chibi Robo Zip Lash… ekhem…ekhem

  84. Banjo and Kazooie

    Minion when I wake up is always a good time.

    maybe i need a better sleep schedule.

  85. EmperorBoo Dr.Uknown

    Could you do a messed or blessed on all of the Smash Bros Characters? And on the online? World of light is amazing but just disappointing on the cutscenes. That is it, every thing else (except for the monotony of fighting all the time) is genius fan service with all of the spirit battles, symbolizing each and every character with careful detail. And although most of it's other modes aren't impressive, the game aren't bad at all. Okay, maybe the janky items but other than that I feel like I just don't enjoy playing the game all by myself with the limited amount of options. I don't have anyone that is interested in the game that wants to play. It is always Pokemon or Minecraft or Untitled Goose Game or Ultimate Chicken Horse. I hope "*I*" get some thing next time, since the online turns me into a salt mine not being able to get into elite smash with the Miis.

    Other than this, ultimate is really good for what it innovates. The game has reached balance (mostly)! Bye-bye, Brawl Meta knight, and Smash 4 Bayonetta! The competitive side must be mad happy at everything. Also, the customization on the battles are amazing! So casuals can enjoy the fact this game exists! And it is really supportive of getting together and play! So fans can enjoy hanging out together. And the music and the history is just what gaming historians needed.

  86. Judge Eternus

    My ONLY nitpick about this video?

    I like Ability-less Kirby.

    Everything else either is on point, or I can see the reasoning.

  87. pikachu 227

    That last point. Yeah I feel that too. It's really disappointing. Even the banwave on the bots was just a short victory.

    Please valve, set your priorities

  88. Thortron TartTV

    Color splash is an actually funny and good game but yeah sticker star was shit

  89. blaa6

    The ending of Far Cry 5. Nuff said.

  90. BrandonFRFX

    Man I felt every word

  91. The Bucket God

    I main Kirby in Smash Bros., and I honestly don't mind the representation of Kirby, even with his lame kick attacks. Hearing what you had to say though, did make me think that he could be represented better. He has so many amazing abilities in his games plus a mech in Robobot, yet he is given almost none of that. I love my boy Kirby the way he is, but he is essentially the SON of Sakurai, and the boy deserves some better treatment from his father than he gets.

  92. Salvador Garcia

    “My spit would dodge you if launched your way.”
    Dang. I’m saving that.

  93. Joel's Playhouse25

    #1 Mega Man X7

  94. "I have come to say the N-Word!"

  95. aquantic libbyssandbox

    "I smell a mood fatter than Canada"

  96. BlackPawn18

    I think smash ganondorf is worse than kirby, he still has all of his moves copied from captain falcon and only recently got his sword smashes. The king of evil deserves better

  97. King Bash

    Although I agree that Kirby definitely needs a more interesting move set, I’ve become so used to his current moveset that I’ve found him pretty fun to use.

  98. The Average Memelord

    "Leave the Wii U out of this, at least it had games!"
    Is that the inspiration for the Switch's tagline?

  99. I’m

    “Oh wow, TF2 gets its own segment. It’s like we’re watching Fawfuls minion o something.”

  100. Banjo and Kazooie

    F for that mic.
    Probably spent hundreds on the new one.

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