Top New Apple Arcade Games Updates

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Top New Apple Arcade Games Updates

– [Narrator] Very quick reminder, I’m raising money for
the Australian animals that are battling in Australia fires. If you’d like to see
more information on this, there is a link in the description on a pin to comment. Many games are part of Apple Arcade. Have seen some massive content updates over the past few weeks and months. So today, let’s go over the best ones. Smash like on the video before it starts as this video took so much time to make gathering all this footage,
so that’s all I ask of you. Thank you. First, we have the role-playing
game Sneaky Sasquatch. I haven’t had the time to
play much of this game yet, which upsets me, because it’s just a really sweet little RPG. RAC7 Games recently added
the following content, animal night racers, new
drifting events are here, new quests have been added, we have lots of new fishing stuff, and this might sound
simple, but it’s pretty big. You can now sit down in chairs. (audience applauding) Fun fact, this game was made by a two-person team in Vancouver, BC. Christmas is over, but not in HOT Lava. The celebrations continues to
roll on in this 3D platformer. It’s snowing on the playground. We have a new holiday challenge. New curated community maps have arrived, such as The Blue Box and Parkour Island. They’re really difficult, though. Like they’re too hard. Redesigned the touch
controls and gyro controls and now have better visual feedback. In the future, too, Klei will be adding a 60 FPS option for the
latest iPhone and iPads and will add mouse and keyboard
support for iPads, too. Ballistic Baseball was met
with mixed reception at launch, mainly due to a few gameplay issues. But thanks to all the amazing constructive community feedback, Gameloft have heavily updated the game. For instance, career mode is here now. You can play it online or versing the AI. You can start in Semi-Pro league, earn training points,
train your team your way, manage your team, and make
your way to the big leagues. There is significant online, AI, and gameplay fixes and
improvements added, too. New emotes are here to use. And just overall bug fixes for timing and animations, et cetera. tint. is a memorizing and
relaxing color-mixing puzzler. The developer, Lykke Studios,
have actually been adding 20 new levels every two weeks
and will continue to do so for a very long time. Right now, levels 71 to 130 are available, with up to level 150
added later this week. In Feb., a level pack will
be added taking it up to 200! New gameplay mechanics have
also been added, such as Color Gate, which allows the
player to change current color into another one, skipping
the color mixing rules. Then there’s Jocker Line,
which will fill the entire line with whatever color you cross it with. And then last we have blank end point, which is a special type
of end point origami, allowing you to select a certain color. This one is coming later this week. Fun fact, if you have an
Apple pencil for iPad, you can press harder on
screen to get more paint out, just kinda cool. UFO on Tape plays with all the mysteries surrounding aliens and UFOs. You use the gyroscope
on your iPhone or iPad to look around and solve puzzles. In the latest update, though,
Revolutionary Concepts added the following, an
augmented reality mode for iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro models, you can now choose between motion controls and new touch screen controls, and new levels and more is coming soon. Fun fact, this game is
a sequel or remaster to the original UFO on Tape released on iOS back in 2010. One major thing was missing
from Super Mega Mini Party was more mini games to
play with your friends. Well two new mini games
have now been added. Super Dangerous Science Job, where you collect the
floating goo for science. And then we have Tugs of War, where you catch fish to
earn the most points. RED GAMES will add more
modes in the future, but please add offline
bots, that would be so nice. This space shooter had a rocky start, mainly due to performance issues, most noticeable on Apple
TV and older Apple devices. But quickly 34BigThings put out a hot fix to stabile all this. Recently they added an
entirely new chapter and we have another one coming very soon. Plus, heaps of other
improvements and fixes are here. Give it another shot if you
were disappointed initially. This is my favorite arcade
style game on Apple Arcade. You play as a dodo bird, obviously, and must rescue your babies
in 3D platforming gameplay. Not too long ago, the following was added. A new desert world with 10 new levels, new outfits to unlock,
and new enemies to avoid. And balance changes and
visual upgrades are here, too. A new ice world is coming
later in 2020, as well. I don’t like Golf, but I like
this parody game of Golf. I like it a lot, actually. It’s also great to play with friends. You just pass the
controller or your device and you can have turns on each level. The games received some
pretty decent new content. Finally, we have leaderboards
and achievements. A new epic final boss fight was added. More silly puns are here,
and new levels, too. Frogger in Toy Town is a 3D remaster of the classic frog-action
game from the 80s. What’s new? Well, a new horror themed
update was added late last year, known as the Winter Nightmare. This brought a new Haunted House, which features several new stages where you will continue
to rescue more froglets. Plus we have new costumes
and collection items. Konami will be adding
a two-player co-op mode in the near future, too. A racing game, where
to win you must cheat. That’s different. The first big update for Super Impossible
Road recently launched. We have a brand new
game mode, Daily Track, where you can compete worldwide for the best time on
a new track every day. Brand new challenges have
been added to Career Mode. In-game race table shows
live positions now. Real-time reflections have
been added for some devices. And various small changes
and bug fixes are here. This would be one of my
favorite games on Apple Arcade if the servers were not so laggy. At least we have some new content for Lego Brawls to talk about. Brand New Levels, Blacktron
and Western Town are here. New Level-Specific
Powerups have been added. More emotes, powerups, and
minifigs have also been included. This is one of the best
strategy games on Apple Arcade, featuring fast-paced
real-time strategy elements. What’s new you ask? Well we have four new
maps, Guardian’s Rest, Grim Wastelands, Ice
Wall, and Haunted Mines. Another fun fact, RED Reign is made by the makers of Bloons TD, Ninja Kiwi, so the art style is very similar. I have a small update for
this 2D fighting game to show, but I still thought it was
worth putting in the video. We have alternate costumes
for every character now. 10 selectable colors can be
chosen for every character. Is this the best casual game
on Apple Arcade right now? I think so, in Hexaflip, you
flip through hexagonal mazes filled with deadly obstacles. Late last year, Rogue
Games added 20 new levels. Say hello to a new city in Mini Motorways, a game where you manage
the flow of traffic. City Zurich is here, where you can tunnel through mountains and
bridge the Limmat River to keep traffic moving. This upgrade brings a new
gameplay feature, tunnels. And we also have a new photo
mode and new colors for cities. Message incoming, a
brand-new mission has arrived in Agent Intercept for you, the player. Mission, regain control of the satellite to stop CLAW’s latest plan. Next mission, sink Uko’s sub. And the last mission, take down Darius. New events have been added
to silly sports game, Big Time Sports. We have Hockey, Golfing,
and Speed Skating. A game all about the journey
of life is what you get here. Not too long ago, Block Zero added and changed some aspects of the game. They reworked the beginning
sequence of the game to be more enticing and easier to play. They updated the user
interface quite dramatically, especially on the main menu. And added new levels. Welcome to Stellar
Commanders, the one verse one strategy game where you fight for control of distant planets. What’s new, you ask? Jin Guo, which is the third faction that has nine exclusive units. We also have four new
neutral units to unlock, a brand-new planet to play on, and improved online match making. In this game, Things that Go Bump, everyday objects go to war. You can play alone or
in V multiplayer mode. Tinybop just added more
rooms have been added to the house, a bedroom and a nursery, also, new spirits, enchanted objects, new weapons, and new
friendly house spirits which will aid you in battles. I haven’t played much of Star Fetched yet, which is a shame because it looks cool. But in the latest update we have brand new levels, new boss, new enemies, and a new weapon blueprint. The eye style is also
really fantastic here. I just really love it, good job, guys. Speed Demons is a crazy
highway racing simulator. It’s super hard, really hard. Radiangames added the following recently. Chapter six is here
with 30 plus new levels, six new vehicle types, a new
daily quest system is here, and you can play in
landscape mode on an iPad. The next update is coming very soon, which will include
chapter seven and eight. Many overlook this puzzle game, but don’t. It’s super relaxing and just a good game to play with your friends because you can just pass it to them and you can out what to do
on the puzzle, you know. Plus, you don’t want to miss
the latest content, right? Because over 75 new patterns and seven new artists have arrived. That’s massive. Will you replay some of these games now? Let me know in the comments. Those are the most notable
Apple Arcade updates that I could find. I’ll be sure to make another
episode in the future. So leave a like, if that’s something that you would like from me. Subscribe and turn on
notifications if you’re new, as this the best place to find
info on Apple Arcade games. Anyway, thanks for watching.

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