Top 20 MacBook Air Games 2019

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Top 20 MacBook Air Games 2019

– [Narrator] Just because
you own a MacBook Air, doesn’t mean you can’t
play some fantastic games. Today I want to share with you my Top 20 MacBook Air games of 2019. These 20 games are playable
on all MacBook Airs released since Mid 2012,
some even before that. For reference all these
games have been played and externally recorded on a
11-inch, Mid 2013 MacBook Air. Anyway, lets get to it. Number 20 we have Return of The Obra Dinn. MacBook Air’s are not really capable of playing games with
advanced 3D graphics. This is why this
first-person adventure game with its old-style graphics,
is perfect for a MacBook Air. Return of The Obra Dinn doesn’t require a powerful graphics card to run well. You play as a detective
who is tasked to find out why this Obra Dinn ship has
arrived into port at Falmouth and why the boat is damaged, and why the crew are dead or missing. When you stand next to a corpse, the game allows you to travel back in time to when this individual was killed. Its a very cool feature and it
makes the game super unique. Number 19 is DELTARUNE. Chapter one for this game is free on the games official website, so you can download it from the link in the description if you want. The second chapter is
coming later this year, but I’m not sure if it will be free or if it will be on Steam or whatever. DELTARUNE is a role-playing game, where you play as a human named Kris. Kris and his classmate
fall into an unknown place known as Dark World, which is inhabited by dangerous monsters. The goal is to basically
get out of this place. DELTARUNE is created by Fox and is related to their previous game Undertale. So, the gameplay is very similar, from the art style to the game play. For example, when you’re
fighting enemies . Number 18 we have Sky: Children of Light. Here we have an upcoming
free social-adventure game. It is coming to iPhone and iPad first in July for free with the macOS release coming shortly after. You can explore with
worlds, solve puzzles, and partner with up to
eight online players. I haven’t played much
with this game on Mac, only like 10 minutes, so I’m sorry there’s not much game play. But from what I’ve seen, its very well optimized for MacBook Airs. Sky may run at 30 frames per
second on older MacBook Airs but it’s still perfectly playable and it’s powered by the Metal API. Number 17 is Horizon Chase Turbo. If you’re after a great racing
game for your MacBook Air, look towards Horizon Chase Turbo. It has old-style graphics
that represent similar games from the 80s and 90s, but it also mixes in modern elements. This allows the game to
run for the most part at over 50 frames on all
MacBook Airs from 2012 onwards. It may sometimes dip into the 40s but that’s dependent on your hardware. It is an arcade racing game,
that has many locations, cars to be driven, and powerups
to collect along the way. It can be played in split screen also, across all the game modes on offer. There is a free demo of this
game available on Steam. Number 16 we have Celeste. In this amazing platformer, you are tasked with helping
Madeline climb a mountain. Madeline is also challenged
by her inner demon, which is a representation
of her dark side. The controls are very easy to
use, you simply need to jump, air-dash and climb to reach
the top of the mountain, but the levels are filled with obstacles and very challenging platform environments to make all this a difficult task. Celeste has heaps of
challenging platforming levels to be completed, a
narrative to experience, and interesting characters
to meet along the way. Number 15 is The Witness. Thanks to the power of the Metal API, The Witness can run on all
MacBook Airs back to 2012. Now yes, your frame rate may be 25-30 frames on 2012 to 2013 models though. But this game doesn’t require a very high frame-rate to enjoy it. In the Witness you wake
up on a strange island, that is packed to the
brim full of puzzles. Solving these puzzles
will unlock more areas around the island, which allows you to find clues, bring back your memory and hopefully to find
a way off the island. If you enjoy puzzle games,
and exploration titles The Witness is a great game
for you, or your MacBook Air. Number 14 we have Stardew Valley. This game should actually
run on all MacBook Airs back to 2008, if you happen
to own one that is that old. But don’t hold me on that. Stardew Valley is a
role-playing farming simulator. You must take care of your
farm, look after animals, talk to other characters, and overtime you can improve your skills. You can do so much in
this game, it’s incredible what’s on offer to you. Be warned though Stardew
valley is notorious for being super addictive. Make sure you have a lot of
time to invest into the game, to see what it truly offers
is what I’m trying to say. Number 13 is Batman Arkham City. While this is an old game, it’s a good example of
the type of AAA games you shouldn’t play on MacBook Airs. But also, I’ve put this game here because Feral Interactive, the
devs who ported it to Mac have updated it to work with modern Macs. It now is a 64-bit app with Metal support. Arkham City is officially supported on all MacBook Airs
released since Mid 2012. However, there are a
few things to consider. The loading times can be quite long, on a MacBook Air. and if you have a 2012 to
2013 model you will be playing at an average 25 to 30 frames
per second, at low settings. But this game still plays and looks great at these
settings, regardless. If you’re after an action-adventure
game Batman Arkham City is the best game for you,
as it’s not too demanding. Number 12 we have Into the Breach. This is a turn-based strategy game, where you have to defend
cities again an alien threat. Into the Breach revolves around time but also randomly generated worlds. So, whenever you complete a level, the next one offers you a
completely new environment. It just keeps things fresh. Plus if you are defeated
you are sent back in time to another timeline to save another city. Its a great little strategy game, that is incredibly difficult to master as the gameplay is not forgiving. You will die a lot. Into the Breach should
work on MacBook Airs back to late 2008. Number 11 is Skillwarz. Finding an FPS game for MacBook
Air is a difficult task. This is because it is very
challenging to find one that can easily receive
40-60 frames per second. Which is required to play competitively in these types of games. So, Skillwarz is a good
option for Air users, and its completely free to play and is downloadable It has 20 maps on offer, different weapons to choose which have attachments as
well that you can put on such as silences, different
sights and cameos. It’s a very underrated game so I highly recommend checking it out. Number 10 we have Rimworld. This is a sci-fi colony
sim, that is driven by a very smart AI storytelling system. You start off with just three survivors, and from here you must begin to build, manage, trade,
explore, and fight off enemies. I highly suggest that like me, you start this game by
going into the tutorial as it can be somewhat
overwhelming at first to understand how to play. I just really strongly suggest that. But after a while once you get used to how it operates and works, it’s actually quite relaxing and can be very good background game. But like Stardew Valley, be warned, it can be very hard to stop
playing as it’s quite addictive. Number nine is Dusk. Here is another FPS game
for you MacBook Air users. Because it has old-style graphics, it can run on all MacBook
Airs back to 2012 perfectly. The game is inspired by
90s classics such as Quake, Half Life or Doom for instance, Dusk offers three campaign episodes, where you battle frightening enemies. To fight back, you’ll have different
weaponry available to you such as sickles, swords,
crossbows, rifles, shotguns, etcetera. Plus Dusk also has a arena mode, which is very fun to
play with other players. Number eight we have Dead Cells. I really enjoy playing this game, it has great action gameplay
that is simple to get into but as you play it becomes
incredibly difficult. If you don’t know Dead
Cells plays differently to other platformers out there. It has no checkpoints for example, and when you die you go all
the way back to the start. It might sound annoying, but since it has
procedurally generated levels it is not the same experience
over and over again. There’s always something
different to see on your journey. There are lots of weapons
to unlock and find, different enemies to battle, well-crafted controls are here and really colorful graphics too. Number seven is Slay The Spire. The graphics here might be simplistic, but the gameplay is really
fun and addicting, guys. Slay the Spire is a
turn-based strategy game that has you passing through levels, and as the title of the games says, you will slay monsters along your journey. You can upgrade your skills
and attacks as you progress and choose different paths to go down, which offer different story outcomes. Slay the Spire is incredibly challenging, and absolutely doesn’t hold
your hand at any given moment throughout the entire gameplay. Number six is Iron Marines. Originally Iron Marines
was a mobile title, but this year it was ported to PCs. This is a good thing because Iron Marines is much more suited to a PC environment, with a mouse and keyboard, in my opinion. Its a real-time, dynamic
and deep strategy game, that takes place on alien planets. The gameplay might be
inspired by StarCraft, but the difference here
is that Iron Marines has a more arcade tone, with
a very colorful art style, and visuals, graphics, whatever, and it mixes in funny humor. Number five we have Vainglory. Some of you might be saying
why would you not put DOTA 2 or League of Legends on this list? Well while those games are
great, don’t get me wrong they are too demanding
to play on MacBook Airs, especially older ones which
I’m trying to cater towards. Vainglory is the best
option if you are looking for a free MOBA on a MacBook Air. It can play at 60 frames per
second on the highest settings. Which looks great. Plus, it offers cross-platform
play between Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. Which is fantastic. You can ignore the comments on
Steam saying it’s unplayable as they are referring to
the Windows PC version. The Mac version has no issues at all based on my experience, anyway. Number four is The Sims Four. This game is still be updated for Mac four years it was
released on our platform back in 2015. It has just received a new expansion, titled Island Living
and in the coming months it will be updated to
support the Metal API. The Devs have also confirmed
that with the Metel update it will still be playable on
MacBook Airs back to 2012. This is great as the game will run even better than it is now. And for the record it already runs great on MacBook Airs, so I am excited. The Sims Four is a simulation game where you look after
Sims in the modern world. Number three is Cuphead. Cuphead is a run and gun action game. The devs said the game was inspired by cartoons of the 1930’s,
from the visuals, and audio. You play as Cuphead or Mugman,
in either single-player or local co-op and you
can go through worlds, find new weapons, use powerful moves and discover secrets along the way. Cuphead recently received
a huge update, Cuphead 1.2. It brings character selection,
fully animated cinematics, new animation and art,
additional languages and most importantly,
Metal support for Mac. So the game runs great on
MacBook Airs back to 2012. Number two we have The Gardens Between. The devs for this game, The Voxel Agents have optimized this game so well it can run on
MacBook Airs back to 2012. And I was very surprised. I didn’t think it would be able to. But do keep in mind, if you have a 2012 to 2013
Air model, you will get around 30 to 40 fps at low or medium settings. But at these settings the
game still looks gorgeous, in my opinion. It looks great. It’s an adventure puzzle game where you can manipulate
time to solve puzzles. It explores friendship, childhood
memories, and happiness. Let’s look at some notable mentions. DiRT Rally is a great racing
game for MacBook Airs, and it actually plays pretty well at 30 frames on the older ones. But because of Airs
have poor graphics card, this game must be played
at the lowest settings. GRIS is an atmospheric platform game, that follows a young girl
lost in her own world. Darkest Dungeon is a challenging gothic rogue-like turn-based RPG. It shows the psychological
stresses of adventuring. Barbearian is a fast-paced
hack ‘n’ slash game. Please note it is only available
for Mac on the App Store. Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is a free-to-play strategy game, with battles of monsters
from all around the world. Number one, we have Katana ZERO. This is my favorite game
on my 2013 MacBook Air. It is incredibly fun and well-polished around every corner. Katana Zero is a stylish neo-noir, action platformer which
brings stunning visuals, fantastic music, fast paced gameplay and offers a very deep story. The gameplay has you slashing, dashing and controlling time to get past levels. I highly suggest you check out this game if you have a MacBook Air or
any other Mac for that matter. And that’s it. If you own a MacBook Air,
what games do you play on it? Were some of them on this list? Did I miss a game? Let me know in the comments. If you found this video useful, please leave a like, as it
helps the channel greatly. And subscribe for more
videos about Mac games. Thanks for watching.

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