Top 10 Scary Video Game Tropes We Need To Leave In The 2010’s

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games, the cliché’s we always expect to see and the themes that we know, but don’t
know what to call them. But what are the worst of the bunch? That’s what were exploring with todays list
of theTop 10 Scary Video Game Tropes We Need To Leave in the 2010’s. Most of these are scary because of how much
they are used. Roll The intro. Unkillable children
Look, I know this makes me sound crazy. I am. And I know why you set the children to be
immortal. But if you’re going to do that don’t make
them dicks! Honestly, we all just mod away immortal children
anyway, and what a Dragon attacks whiterun and all that ends up remaining are the milk
drinking arsehole kids? That’s so lame and annoying. I’ve modded away unkillable kids in every
game where ive found it. Especially skyrim because oh my god Braith
deserves it and you know it for a fact Bethesda. While I know you put it there for a reason,
im slightly unclear as to what that reason is. Are you decreasing your rating? Because like you already got M so is killable
children really gonna bump you up to adults only? This isn’t the hot coffee mod. Also stop disabling achievements when mods
are installed, there is a mod that fixes that too. 2nd Final Boss Fights
You’ve been playing the story for 35 hours, you’ve completed all the side quests and
DLCs and you’re finally ready to take on the Big Bad Evil Guy and finish the game. It was one harrowing boss fight, you used
all your health elixirs and you ended the game close to death, but you did it. Syke! There’s another boss that’s been controlling
the one you just fought this whole time! Didn’t see that coming huh? Well now, on low life and with no way to restore
health you need to fight an entirely new boss, who is even bigger and badder than the last. Oh joy. The thing that makes this scary is the fact
that after every boss you defeat, you’re left wondering If that’s it. You think you just defeated bowser? WELL GUESS WHAT HIS BONES CAN SURVIVE IN LAVA
AND YOU GOTTA DO IT AGAIN! This is the reason I have trust issues, and
why I get so hung up on people. The left, but from my experience, like a video
game boss they’ll come back. No. People don’t, but most video game bosses
do. And it needs to stop. Center Of The World
For most of the games with an open world, you’re the center of it. Things only get dealt with when you do them,
because apparently everyone else is lazy as all hell. Hey man, I lost my sword in this cave, can
you go grab it for me. Ill pay you. You don’t do it for like years, Thanks for
getting my sword! Here is the money I promised! Plus a little something for being so fast! Like stop, if I take too long to do something,
make the game resolve it. If I wait to get the sword, have that guy
go get it himself to save him the money. If I take too long to join the empire and
reclaim skyrim for the empire, have a 50/50 chance as to who will win the war. Have things resolve without my participation. It would make the world feel more alive, and
give you incentive to do the quests when you’re given them, or sometimes at all. We may orbit around the sun, but don’t let
the game orbit around me. Bullet Proof Glass
When there are monsters or enemies behind glass and I shoot at them, why is the glass
magically bulletproof? It shouldn’t be. Like I get you want me to see this doctor
stab this helpless patient in the eye to know why i’m shooting them all, but why cant I
save the patient? I already know why i’m shooting them or I
don’t care why i’m shooting them! The fact that a hospital would have bullet
proof windows on the outside is fairly ridiculous but on the inside is incomprehensible! If something is made of glass, it should be
able to be broken. The windows in this normal suburban family
house that I decided to rob, I cant break a window to escape? The skylight of his church that I need to
crash through to save the day, impenetrable? This is one of my biggest pet peeves in video
games. Sure you want us to have boundaries but don’t
make those damn boundaries out of a material that’s famous for breaking! Stupid Protagonists
Why is it that im just staying here, in this room defending myself against zombies or monsters
or animatronics that want to eat my flesh? Why am I not getting outside and running away
from the things that can kill me? Because the protagonist is dumber than a putting
a bowl of raisins in water to get grapes. And all the protagonists in horror games are
dumb, like why did you come to this forest with only a flashlight alone in the middle
of the night just to look for some journal pages? Why did you think going into the room with
an obviously barricaded door would be a good idea? Why do you think coming to a haunted house
on Halloween with a group of friends when there is a serial killer on the loose would
be a fun group bonding experience? The only bonding you’ll be doing is when
the killer sews your mouth to unspeakable places. Have the protagonists be there for a reason,
blair witch did a great job at this, since the main character is investigating the disappearance
of a boy in the forest. But most games don’t and it should bother
you. Constant Jumpscares
This is one of the most important ones, sure a few jumpscares can get to me, but once I
know what to expect they’re not scary anymore. Take the My Little Pony Game I played on the
channel, first couple of times I got a ghost crawling at me on the ground I was scared,
but once I learned when it would happen I could anticipate it and expect it so it stopped
being scary. The same goes for everything. The only game ive seen do jumpscares right
is Spooky’s Jumpscare mansion, because they got increasingly scary, building more with
each level. But when you rely on the same thing to provide
the same jumpscare it’s never gonna work. Plus the best kind of horror is the kind that
scares you for a prolonged amount of time. The long dark hall that you need to walk through,
the horrific events you cant stop because of bullet proof glass. The ever looming fear of you opening that
door and there being something behind it, that’s the good stuff. Sure Five Nights at Freddy’s managed to
pull it off, but after learning the patterns you won’t really be scared by it anymore. Prophecies
You are the true son of the leader of a kingdom, who’s court wizard was cast out for practicing
necromancy. Now he is coming with his army of the dead,
and since you were born on Halloween night under a full moon on a Wednesday, you are
the only one who can take them out. This is the kind of bull these games are pulling. Once I see a prophecy in a game I get mad. Like sure they may not be particularly scary,
but some can be. And the idea of having a prophecy that is
a core element of either gameplay or the story is so terrifying for me to think about in
a newer game I don’t think id be able to handle it. Prophecies are like a game dev’s crutch,
leaning on them for support even if they can use both their feet and move more creatively. Whenever you see a prophecy you know that
the rest of the story is going to be about the prophecy and only about the prophecy. It’s a scapegoat, something the writers
go to when they’re out of ideas about progressing the story further. Its scary how much its used. Torture
Going along with the bullet proof glass thing, the stuff you see behind it is always terrifying. Whether it be someone cutting someone open,
or someone hanging upside down by their feet while being beated with a baseball bat, or
even just a body being dropped in from the ceiling, if there is an area with NPCs behind
glass its gonna be scary. But stop with the torture, I don’t care. It doesn’t make the game scary and it doesn’t
help me justify killing people, i’m playing the game to kill these people and I get that
torture is classified as horror but its not really that scary when its behind indestructible
barriers that the npcs cant get around either! Maybe force me to watch it up close, then
have the torturer break the glass and then come after me while I have to run away, but
don’t make it seem just like your everyday run of the mill torture scene. Gore
while sure some people like gore, I know at least one who thrives off it. Having a game filled with gore doesn’t make
it horror. Suspense, dread, existentialist ideals, capitalism,
that’s what makes a horror game scary. The ability to see something gory may help
add to the scare factor, but without the proper sound design, music, environment and atmosphere
the game just wont be scary. While like I said, some people love it, they
may not be looking for a horror game with just gore, and different people have different
definitions for gore. Its just easier to make me dread what may
come next, then have it not appear and make me more anxious than to have someone screaming
while being sawn in half with a rusty spoon. Like come on guys, you’re better than this. Giant Insects
I hate spiders, they’re the bane of my existence, one spider makes it into my dream, that dream
becomes focused on that little thing ruining my life, even talking about it right now I
feel the sense of anxiousness and dread that I do when I cant find a spider I saw earlier. Damn It now i’m remembering the spider I lost
a couple of months ago and haven’t seen since. Where could it have gone? Not just spiders too, scorpions, snakes, centipedes,
earwigs, they’re all gross as hell when you super size them and make them required
to fight. When Hadvar says “whats next, giant snakes”
after fighting the spiders at the beginning of skyrim I got so worried I shut the damn
game off. Then found out that there wasn’t so went
SAKE PLEASE SAVE ME FROM THIS ETERNAL TORMENT! There we have it friends the Top 10 Scary
Gaming Tropes We need to leave in the 2010’s, I know not all of them are really horrifying,
but its scary how much they’re used and what is associated with them. If you enjoyed be sure to hit like and subscribe
for daily gaming content, and ring the bell to join the clan and level up. And tell me down below any scary gaming tropes
you want to see vanish in this decade. Thank you all-

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