Top 10 Scary Games That Mess With Your Mind

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Top 10 Scary Games That Mess With Your Mind

If a baby is born at 11 p.m. in California
and another baby is born at 2 a.m. in New York, they have different birthdays even though
they were born simultaneously. Greetings gamers and welcome back to top 10
gaming. I’m your host connor munro and the killer
whale is the natural predator of the moose.. Why am I spitting all these facts you ask? Well that’s because today is all about screwing
with your mind. By the way thank you for already hitting like
and subscribe I could actually see you do it. And now that you’re looking at the buttons
to see if i’m right, you might as well click them. Oh boy this is gonna be a fun video. Cause today we talking the Top 10 scary games
that mess with your mind baby. Roll the intro, backwards! #10 Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem
Eternal Darkness is a psychological horror action adventure game from Nintendo for the
game cube. The game is similar to resident evil in a
way, but distinguishes itself with unique features. Memorably its sanity effects. In the game you take on the role of several
characters as they battle a powerful entity who seeks to enslave humanity. You know typical villain dreams. The way this games melts your mind is by using
it’s sanity effects. These things mess with your game in such a
way that you think the TV is glitching. This game gives you a fake blue screen of
death, fakes the screen going black, fakes changing channels, and even fake mutes your
game. You will be second guessing everything in
this game, and of course most of these effects come right in the middle of a fight, so you
panic and try to fix the issue, but its not really there. Its just there to melt your brain. #9 Dead Space 3
Every monster you find in the Dead Space series are creations of the Marker. An alien artifact that can drive people slowly
insane. In the second game in the series you experience
the hallucinations this insanity brings, and in dead space 3 the effect of the marker is
similar. It works the same way in multiplayer as well,
however when you hallucinate its exclusive to your screen, not your partner’s. Meaning you both don’t see the same thing,
further adding to the mind screwery that are these hallucinations. Its as if the two of you are really hallucinating
and not just seeing the same thing. Which is pretty damn abrasive. Can you imagine a system like this in another
game? Like think of any other game where you aren’t
really seeing what should be there, but your friends are seeing it as well. Now imagine you saw them in different places! Like a really glitchy multiplayer mod for
a single player game. Now that is for sure screwy. #8 Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
While the series itself is the embodiment of psychological horror, Shattered memories
watches you. And I don’t mean that in a tinfoil hat everything
it watching you kind of thing. Even if it’s true, I mean that in a the
game pays attention to your action in the game. It does so, and is able to put them through
some form of algorithm or some other form of code, to be able to adapt the game to your
choices. The game gets inside your head and makes you
question everything just by paying attention. Hear that ladies? Maybe your boyfriend not listening to you
is a good thing. If he did, he’d be able to get inside your
head. Well the whole series is just all about mind
duckery so if you see a dog controlling the whole thing, along with everything that happened
its probably just normal at this point. #7 Inside
Everyone is scared of the unknown. Its what fear is, we don’t know if something
is lurking in the dark so we’re afraid. We don’t know what death is like so we come
up with ideas about what it could be, we don’t know if this new food will taste good or make
me pay for it twice, so im scared to eat it. Fear of the unknown is something everyone
can relate to, but in Inside, you literally know nothing Jon Snow. You play as a nameless id, who has to outrun
and overcome a cluster of deadly obstacles, rabid dogs, hydro monsters, and remote control
corpses. And the ending of the game is so confusing
I don’t think anyone has figured it out yet. The game is set in the future when a government
has created a dystopia. Not knowing is what is really screwing with
you, who are you? Why are we running? What are we running from? Are we running too something? Is any of this actually real? Are we in a simulation? Did they really send KFC to outer space? All of those questions come flooding out and
in all honest I’d rather not know. #6 Layers of Fear
This game will have you questioning every single one of your memories as well as your
last steps. In layers of fear you walk the same path over
and over, but each time something changes. It gets to a point where you’ll be questioning
if that chair was on the other side of the room, or if that candle at the end of the
hall was lit last time? You’ll even begin to question if things
are ever really moving at all, causing you to wonder if you did the last pass correctly
or if you really need to go to therapy. Every small detail will start screaming at
you like a banshee on acid and will make you so paranoid you’ll even wonder if you’re
still playing the game after you’ve turned it off. #5 Home
Home is a unique horror adventure from a Toronto indie developer. Beautiful pixel based graphics are somehow
still able to evoke a sense of overwhelming dread and fear in this wonderful game. The graphics are chilling, but combined with
jump-inducing sound effects makes this game on the level of even silent hill. The game is about Rachel’s Husband, who
wakes up in a strange dark room in an unfamiliar house. He has no memory of how he got there, where
his wife is, or how to get home. He only starts to panic when he finds out
a serial killer is at large, and his wife may be a target. The game also includes text based choices,
you make these choices as you explore new environments and they ultimately shape the
story. Some seem small but in the end all the choices
culminate into an ending that will leave your mind blown. So go check it out if you’d like to, the
game can be found on its own website and is just 2 dollars. That’s what we spent on the Lasagna Boy
game. So might as well do it. Support smaller developers. #4 Ben3.exe
This game was on my Best EXE games list and for good reason. This game will screw with you for what feels
like months. But however is only a couple of hours. The game starts as more of a text based conversation,
showing you a black screen then your desktop. This game takes control of your computer,
almost like a virus. You never know if the game crashed or if its
faking it. I was playing this, then it crashed, so I
loaded up the forest. An hour later and I get jumpscared by the
exe. It was hidden from task manager and its not
a steam game so nothing tells you if its open. Even opening another game. I don’t feel like my computer is safe anymore. I cant handle using It for long periods of
time. I even deleted the exe and im still worried. Nothing has happened since, but Its always
in the back of my mind. #3 The Interlude
The interlude isn’t your typical horror, it is more about keeping on the edge of your
seat and on your last nerve rather than just jump scares and horrific monsters. The Interlude is about tension. You sit in your car waiting for someone who
you’re supposed to be meeting with. All you can do is sit, in real time waiting
for the individual. You can fumble around nervously, turning on
the windshield wipers, play snake on your Lokia phone, read your old messages, listen
to the radio. But you remain seated, because you can imagine
what would happen if you didn’t. you don’t know who you’re meeting and
you don’t know when you’ll meet them. All you know is that you want to stay safe
in your car. Who do you think you’re meeting? What is their backstory and why are you meeting? Let me know your version in the comments. I am actually meeting Joseph, an FBI agent
who has important documents for me about my current court case. We met when he decided taking a dump on my
car windshield was okay. Im staying in my car because I have a feeling
he will let me know when it’s him by doing that same thing again. Oh he’s also a bird. Because the birds work for the bourgeoisie! #2 Last Year
Last Year is a game I recently discovered. Unfortunately my computer can’t run it at
the best settings, but this game will screw with your head if you’re a survivor. The survivors in this game are referred to
as students and they have to try and complete missions to escape from the killer. The killer can despawn, turning him into a
ghost, where he can walk through doors and place traps and stuff, but they can only do
this when out of sight of any player. So the killer can run around a corner, vanish
and you wont know where they’ve gone. It can really drive you insane when you’re
about to kill them and they’re on your tail, but they vanish quickly. And then start placing traps all around you
ensnaring you because you weren’t paying attention. Then they kill you because you’re trapped. Yeah its really messed, and trust me, if I
could play it well I would be taking every advantage I could. #1 Get Even
Take a deep breath. Try to remember. A girl, a chair, a bomb. Just keep calm. Follow the voice into the depths of your memory,
relax. Search for the darkest memories in the deepest
recesses of your mind. Can you find her? The clock is ticking, and this is only part
of the treatment. Get even is about Black, a mercenary and gun
for hire when he wakes up in a mysterious asylum with no memory of his past. Under the guidance of his captor red, black
embarks on a guided air quotes treatment, facilitated by unique technology. A headset that allows you to relive your memories. With the help of the Pandora headset, you
travel into the depths of your mind to explore what truly happened when he tried to rescue
a girl with a bomb strapped to her chest. Or was he trying to save her? This game is all about memories. Empire rated the game a 4/5 and said that
this game sets out to mess with your mind and it succeeds commendably. When a game is all about memories it can really
screw with the player, since what we are seeing isn’t technically what we are playing. And even worse, this game is addicting. Once you start understanding things you wont
want to stop playing. But once you start understanding things its
like you are living in these moments as well, you’ll forget they aren’t your memories. And youll wonder why these events shaped you
into who you are today but, the reality is that they didn’t. There we have it friends the Top 10 Scary
Games That Mess With Your Mind. If you enjoyed be sure to hit like and subscribe
for daily gaming content, and ring that bell to level up. Plus, let me know in the comments what games
screwed with your mind. Personally I think scribblenaughts really
got to me. Thank you all-

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