Top 10 New Releases (February 9th-19th, 2020) | New TableTop Games | New This Week

Hey Gamers! Lets take a look at what is new at your friendly
local game store! Each we want to highlight new games, miniatures
and RPG’s for you to check out so let’s get stared! In the world of board games be sure to check
out the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG: Shaddoll Showdown Structure Deck by Konami
and Video Vortex by Mondo Games. Pick up Trial By Trolley by skybound games
and Dungeons and Dragons: Dungeon Mayhem – Monster Madness by wizards of the coast As for minis don’t miss the Marvel: Crisis
Protocol – Thor and Valkyrie Character Pack by atomic mass games, Marvel: Crisis Protocol
– NYC Commercial Truck Terrain Pack also by atomic mass games and Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy
Miniatures: Icons of the Realms Spell Effects Mighty Conjurations by wizkids. In the world of RPGs take a look at Shadowrun
RPG: 6th Edition Cutting Black by catalyst game labs, Legend of the Five Rings RPG: Path
of Waves Hardcover by fantasy flight games and Cypher System RPG 2nd Edition: Stay Alive! By Monte Cook Games As for game accessories ask for the Marvel
Champions LCG: 1-4 Player Game Mat by fantasy flight games and the Battle Mats: Big Book
of Battle Mats by loke battle mats Thanks for watching New This Week! Where we keep you up to date with what is
new at your friendly local games store! If you saw any games that piqued your interest
be sure to head to your local store and ask them to help you out! If you liked this video give it a thumbs up
and stay subscribed to our channel! Here at Game Trade Media we want to keep you
in the loop with all things gaming! Thanks for watching as we’ll see you at
your friendly local game store!

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