Top 10 BROKEN Fighting Game Characters

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Top 10 BROKEN Fighting Game Characters

Nick: If you’ve been following Screwattack for a while, you know how much we love fighting games. For us, they bring us so much hype and excitement, but then there are some characters that just bring us nothing but salt and frustration. The 10 you see here aren’t necessarily unbeatable, but man, oh man, they can be rage inducing. So hey! I’m Nervous Nick for Screwattack’s Top 10 BROKEN fighting game characters. Announcer: NUMBER 10. Nick: Killer Instinct has never been a super execution heavy series, but even then, why is Cinder such an easy character to play in the original KI!? Not just easy, but rewarding too! Not only does he have one of the most famous infinite combos in fighting games, but he’s got another combo that ends up stunning you, letting him rinse and repeat until you lose. Oh, also, he can turn invisible. You know, just for good measure. Cinder was such a problem in the arcades back in the day, that Nintendo actually had to patch KI just to take away his infinite nonsense. Yes, behind the times Nintendo PATCHED A GAME IN 1994 by sending technicians out to all 17,000 arcade machines… …just to tone Cinder down. I love it. A man on fire did more to modernize Nintendo than competition from Sony and Microsoft ever did! Announcer: NUMBER 9. Nick: Love her or hate her, Ibuki will forever be one of my very favorite Street Fighter characters. Back in Street Fighter 3: New Generation, she was the first fighting game character I ever mained. But I’ll call it like I see it, this character’s broken. I can’t think of too many characters who have ever had a one button infinite. but here’s Ibuki comboing Elena with nothing but a standing heavy kick. Even I could do this infinite back in the day, and I was a complete fighting game newbie! Plus, her super, “Hashin Shou” was just dumb! I remember one time, I got hit by Ryu’s fireball and somehow mashed out a super fast enough to hit Ryu with it before he even had a chance to block! Oh, also this super sets up Ibuki’s infinite as well. If ever a case could be made for thick thighs taking lives… …this would be it. Announcer: NUMBER 8. Nick: When Street Fighter Cross Tekken was announced, it was like a childhood dream come true. I mean, two huge fighting game franchises coming together in an official game?! The possibilities were endless! Unfortunately, the game launched as a buggy glitch-filled disappointment and nothing embodies that better than “Mega Man”. Mega Man with GIANT quotation marks around it. Anyway, Mega Man could eke out wins with the tactic not so affectionately referred to as a TIMER SCAM. Basically all he had to do was get the life lead and trigger a bug which took him to frigging orbit, out of your reach, you can never hit him again for the rest of the game. After that it was only a matter of waiting for the timer to run out, or for the opponent to rage quit. But hey, on the plus side, Capcom has since managed to fix both this bug and Mega Man himself. Thank God! Announcer: NUMBER 7. December 15, 2015… …the final character for Smash Brothers Wii U is revealed to be none other than Bayonetta. The internet loses its collective mind with hype! …And today, the internet is losing its collective mind with SALT. Anybody who’s had to face Bayonetta knows the pain of losing an entire stock just because she got you with one Witch Time counter. This move is fricking dumb! Even without it, Bayonetta still has plenty of other ways to take you from 0% ALL the way to the Big Battlefield in the sky by killing you off the top. Pretty much the only reason Bayonetta’s not higher is because she did get patched so that you can escape her zero to death combos, but you’ve got to do this to your controller to do it! [BOOM] The only thing that wears down faster than your control stick is your patience when you’ve got to fight the Umbra Witch. Cross your fingers that if and when this game gets a Switch-port that Nintendo burns the witch one more time. Announcer: NUMBER 6. Nick: One word: RESURRECTION. Anybody who has had the misfortune of playing against Gill from Street Fighter 3 probably shudders at that very word. It wasn’t enough that this game’s boss character does chip-damage with his normals… shoots projectiles that can eat through everyone else’s… can stun most characters in one combo and also hits like a titanium truck carrying bricks! What truly puts Gill over the edge is everything he does with his Super Meter. You can use it to rain down a wall of projectiles from the sky… shoot rainbows that do a billion damage whether you block it or not… or worst of all, his dreaded RESURRECTION. Let me tell you the story of how this usually goes: You barely managed to land the final hit that downs this giant naked man… when suddenly he just gets back up like he’s demon-possessed and his health bar turns green again! I’ll skip to the end of the story: You lose! Hey, at least he’s banded by default in 3rd Strike: Online Edition! Announcer: NUMBER 5. Nick: How can you talk about broken fighting game characters without bringing up the all-time classic Akuma from Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo? You want to know what an overpowered fighter looks like? Behold! The quintessential textbook example! We all remember experiencing the nightmare that was the hidden boss Akuma… so when it turned out that the version YOU could play as was toned down, everybody said: “Oh, thank God!” But, he was STILL too powerful. Akuma was always meant to be something of a glass cannon, who hits hard but gets it even harder. The thing is, in his first appearance here, he was a too much cannon and not enough glass. If he kept throwing his red fireballs at you… YOU WERE STUCK-AND-BLOCK FOR THE REST OF THE MATCH, and even if you got past that, he couldn’t be stunned! At least Gill was banned by default in Street Fighter 3! Not so with Akuma. Announcer: NUMBER 4. Nick: Something that makes Marvel vs Capcom games so appealing is the idea that EVERYONE is cheap. That’s such a huge reason why these games are so fun! And yet, for most people, Dark Phoenix managed to suck the fun right out of Marvel vs Capcom 3. Phoenix may have the smallest amount of health in the game, but if she dies while sitting on all 5 Hyper-Meters HO HO, BOY, ARE YOU IN FOR SOME BULLCRAP! Reborn as Dark Phoenix her speed and damage output both get a huge boost, and since her teleport can appear in front or behind you, you basically have to guess which way to block. And then, on top of all that, if she triggers her X-Factor… she gets even faster and even stronger until she’s an nigh-unreactable powerhouse that can undo all your hard work in just a few combos. I haven’t played this game since 2013 and even though I was never really good at it… this character is still a big reason why I quit. Announcer: NUMBER 3. Bayonetta may be the modern-day controversial Smash character, but not so long ago, that dishonor belonged to Meta knight in Super Smash Brothers Brawl. This beach ball with wings seemingly has almost every advantage going for him! Ridiculously fast moves both on the ground and in the air, a powerful combo game, and for those of you into this sort of thing… NO BAD MATCHUPS ACROSS THE ENTIRE CAST! He may be a lightweight, but if your attack does anything less than kill him outright, Meta Knight is practically GUARANTEED to get back onto the stage again, since every single one of his special moves also works as a recovery. Plus, Meta knight is really good at running away from you the entire match. Remember that glitch that let him disappear for as long as he felt like? Yeah, not so fun for everybody else. Fun fact: Because Meta Knight is such a stupidly powerful character… he’s the only one in all of Smash who is nearly banned from all tournament play. And in hindsight, he probably should have been… Announcer: NUMBER 2. Nick: You know a fighter is bonkers if they’re banned from tournaments WITHOUT being a boss character, and if you played Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future, you can see why this exact thing happened to a little bird called Pet Shop. This freaky falcon is small, hard to hit, and loves nothing more than shooting you with a giant icicles that lead to TONS of damage. Pet Shop is so hard to keep track of because he’s all over the screen in this game… and he’s so strong, that he can even take Jojo himself from full health all the way to death in a single combo. GOLLY-MIT! I JUST- I JUST WANT TO SMASH HIS LITTLE BIRD FACE IN PIECES UNTIL IT SHATTERS! Oh yeah, just like that. Announcer: IT’S… NUMBER 1. Nick: If you’re watching a Screwattack Top 10 you must understand that if it’s number one on the list IT IS THE ANSWER. Ladies and gentlemen, let me personally introduce you to the number one most broken fighting game character of all. Ivan Ooze. In Power Rangers Fighting Edition on SNES, this character actually flies around the arena the entire game all the while shooting you with columns of lasers and projectiles that, get this, HOME IN ON YOU. Even if you somehow get in close on him, Ivan Ooze’s aptly-named invulnerable strike has, well, obvious advantages. It’s true that he literally can’t block, but with moves like these, WHY WOULD HE NEED TO?!?!?!? On top of all that, what if I told you that you can’t throw him OR hit him with low attacks!? That means half of your basic offense is COMEPLETELY WORTHLESS against him! Picking the best character in a fighting game doesn’t usually mean that you’re going to win automatically… Unless you pick Ivan Ooze in which case you will win every time. For secret number 11 we’re going back to Smash one more time for the Ice Climbers. These kids trolled their way through not just Melee, but also Brawl as well! If your opponent knew the right inputs, one grab from the Ice Climbers meant one death for you guaranteed. So maybe it’s for the best that they never made their return in Smash Brothers Wii U

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  62. I love dying

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    Uranus from Bloody Roar is banned in all of the game’s series bc her attacks aren’t reactable at all. And she was really fast. Too fast and her beast form takes half the screen when up close.


    Night Terror and Abyss
    From Soulcalibur 3

    Noob Saibot from Mortal Kombat 9

    Soulcalibur series

    Soulcalibur 4 and 5

    Those guys will make you rage for me I don't rage that easily and I beat Night Terror on first try

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