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  1. Rusty Hodges


  2. Eddie Casillas


  3. timmyboy1034

    i have a Charakter of Level 40 in heroes of order and Chaos name: timmy1034

  4. Pedro Pereira

    I got an Xperia GO! And it support awsomely these all games 🙂 Anyways I would like to have a Xperia Play! Its awsome for playing games.. :/

  5. Joe Panzerknacker

    All fucking mmo games


    That doesn't look like a phone…

  7. extreme birdy

    It's a tablet.

  8. Richard Edogawa

    Thats a azus tablet

  9. Muhamed LAORd

    xD wtf?

  10. EliMiX

    Thanks for this, found 2 games for me here 🙂

  11. Kwai Brown

    Can we do a lot less of the 3d man im on a tablet but im not trying to destroy my battery all the time

  12. EduMarun

    annoying music on the background! besides that, nice video

  13. Szymon Brawański

    Geez, you mumble like an idiot.

  14. dougbkk

    Anyone know if Avabel supports a mouse and keyboard?

  15. Menken21

    thaksfo the games Bladeslinger best game

  16. Matthew Curzon

    The title is best 3d games…. if you aren't looking for 3d games then dont watch lol

  17. Antonio Lutzardo

    i got a little doubt, im about to buy an android for the first time and i wanna know if android games are compatible with all phones which android is its plataform… please help.. :S

  18. AndroidNub

    Not all android games are compatible with all phones. Most are compatible but can still depend on phone hardware (and software) whether it will run good or not. Some games are also region locked but very little.

  19. Antonio Lutzardo

    mmmmm… thank you a lot, that was killing me… but i need your advice, what do you think about htc one x? i like role-playing games and so, i'd like to know if it's a good device for such as games as on this video or if it's a good choose, as you can see i'm new on android xD

  20. AndroidNub

    asus tf300

  21. AndroidNub

    HTC one x is even better than my tablet. That phone should be able to play any game (that is compatible).

  22. Antonio Lutzardo

    thank you, i already bought the phone but it takes like 2 weeks to arrive to my country, and when it arrives, i will download almost all the games in your video…

  23. Kloy Pineda

    Can you name all the games highlited in this video please . Coz i cant hear clearly

  24. AndroidNub

    Hi. You can find all the game names and google play links in the video description.

  25. AndroidNub

    It's a Japanese game called Guilty Dragon.

  26. Sander

    [1:03] realy close to pc 😉 that was funny

  27. Sammy

    Hey could S.O tell me where I can download vice city for free?

  28. Sonia Mirza

    What the fuck he saying

  29. Connor Zuccotti

    You're using the asus tf300

  30. cartoons hindi

    is it nexus

  31. Mateo Dumbović

    android numb*

  32. Chaos Dragonia

    I love AVABEL Online i'm level 20 character name Acelle8

  33. Jergan Hector

    What game is 1.50

  34. Peter Bognar

    Great vid! A bit sorry you couldn't make it in HD… But a very good compilation and you actually bothered to show different scenes from games not just the tutorial…

  35. Dr.peppercola

    What's the name of the game in 1:10

  36. Justin Troy Marilao

    hey why when im playing real boxing its shows a very disgusting graphics and model not like in your video.. i have Dual Core Cortex-A9 and MTK6577t

  37. Voll Blau

    It this true 3D like the Nintendo 3ds or just games like Nintendo 64?

  38. TerabyteHero

    It's not that kind of 3d…

  39. Voll Blau

    This is sad, maybe in the next 3 years it will happen 🙁

  40. danny lotter

    What is the name of this game by 1:08 sorry im not understand what you saying

  41. Jaster Rogue

    Reign of Amira force close on my device,512RAM,Power VR any idea ?

  42. Piotr Cwalina


  43. Philip Vee

    Jester is it a kindle fire

  44. Michael Amann

    Wich is the name of the 1:08 game?

  45. AndroidNub

    Aralon: Sword and Shadow.

  46. Puayboon Loh

    3.30 what game?

  47. Zues X


  48. William Reed

    What's the 2 game called

  49. Adrian Dela Cruz

    are these games offline?

  50. Putri Amanda

    where earth and legend? D:

  51. Bittah inventah

    What's 4 game called ?

  52. Crimson The Mad

    I downloaded blades linger and it is really fun and addicting.

  53. SuperAppAttack

    RAW isn't available in United States 🙁

  54. dazabinho12

    1:40 what game ?

  55. Aj Mabborang


  56. Disabler

    what kind of potato are you playing on

  57. John Johnson

    What is the name of the second game?????

  58. Andreana Ramdhani

    thanks for sharing

  59. Matthew Gau

    Is there any games for Sony Xperia?

  60. Arakus Vodkom

    Avelen what should put name of games ur creepy language i cant understand laugh pls

  61. Gazanuhgully

    should of put Six guns

  62. Ricardo FireZ


  63. pesewell

    Why do you keep making girl characters

  64. pesewell

    Why do you keep making girl characters

  65. Finn Jakob


  66. Blythe Lim Wei Jun

    What the 3rd game call?

  67. Mayrose Bareng

    Whats th3 name of the second game?

  68. Umbra Deus

    Avabel is NOT just a MMORPG its a MMOTowerRPG… u go from one end to the other as it gets harder n harder like Tower games such as the Persona series except in Persona u actually climb a tower best way I can discribe Avabel is …Monster Hunter crossed with Persona with state of the art grafx

  69. Umbra Deus

    Aralon was horrible IMO the UI was tiny made it hard to see, read n control. N grafx were not good at all… but their other game the newer one ShadowBlade? Can't remember the name is pretty good like ES oblivion, not so much skyrim tho but pretty damn close

  70. Umbra Deus

    Game b4 spirited souls reminds me of SEs The Bouncer

  71. Dan Esp

    It's like skyrim with Androids! – Adam Kovic 

  72. Lazy


  73. Taymen Phua

    Are u Chinese?

  74. raku wilson


  75. Marlon Aslan

    What's the 3 game called?

  76. ümit mihnet

    3:31 game name?

  77. -FrozenCyborg-

    He should of added six guns to the video

  78. Icant

    wow srslyhow come RAW(rivals at war) is in this vid?!
    i mean its a super stupid game cuz u just watch ur soldiers shoot and kill or die
    u dont control em!!! the rest are cool

  79. Dap dap

    All this game sucks or they want money, Avabel is the man.

  80. ken k

    What was the game at the end

  81. mirza awad

    The Best Is 3d Game Is Ravensword: Shadowland

  82. Malachi Clarke

    u suck

  83. paul german

    What's the 3rd one?

  84. paul german

    What is the 3rd one

  85. paul german

    What's the 3rd one?

  86. paul german

    What the 3rd one

  87. Muie M

    I need order and chaos online who can give me a site ? Thanks for help(not magazin play )

  88. Lord Wrath

    I can barely hear your monotoned voice over the unnecessary music.

  89. Nicholas Nouth

    What is the second game ?

  90. Habibou Drame

    Trop cool

  91. Suiggy

    Does modern combat need wifi to play

  92. Gaming Music

    Could u plz make a videos for HD sword games like iron knights , E.warriors and monster blade ?

  93. m dlri

    Pls make a video how to get aralon for free

  94. AndroidNub

    If you like RPGs, check out this video: Top 25 Best Free Android RPG Games of 2014

  95. Leslie Dempsey

    What's the name off all the games??

  96. bernalseba

    Omg what happened to your voice! 

  97. Mohammed Ali

    You sound like your sick

  98. Air Conditioner

    I play avable and it's amazing

  99. Alperen

    Come back channel

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