Three teams. One big game.

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Three teams. One big game.

Football excitement is at a fever pitch here in Miami. The Chiefs and the Niners have worked all season for this one moment. But keep in mind, Verizon’s network engineers have been hard at work for two years to ensure the network is ready for the big game. Preparing for the Super Bowl, it takes a lot of people. From design, construction, implementation, testing, troubleshooting. They have made it happen. As members of the media in Miami are quickly learning this week, it’s already game time for our network team. Officials hard at work to make sure you have a ball at this year’s Super Bowl. With thousands of fans expected to show up, Verizon is making sure all your selfies and Instagram photos post without a problem. The company investing 10s of millions of dollars, installing 5G and wireless internet throughout the stadium and the city. There are dozens of 5G nodes in and around the stadium. Hundreds of antennas, some of them even under the seats. And the good news, all these network investments will keep Miami winning, long after the champion is crowned this Sunday. We’ve invested $80 million of enhancements in our capacity that’s going to be here long after the Super Bowl. It’s going to be permanent enhancement that our customers and visitors can enjoy throughout Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area. Stay tuned for much more from Miami later this week as we march towards the big game. Until next time, you’re up to speed.

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