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  1. Giang Trang

    Love you cowsep

  2. Edwil Navarro Madplay's


  3. Chris Hiley


  4. Samsung Winchetser


  5. Maiko Mahilum

    hey cowseppuuuuu. greetings from the Philippinessss 🙂



  7. Syrenzo Sicuan

    Every day upload is real 😂 Cowsep ftw! #PhServerPlease

  8. Marcelo Santos

    First ez

  9. Christian Rulloda


  10. Biel Santos

    Master best champ ever

  11. Hoosain M

    Woop woop

  12. Guilherme Senna

    DALE PORRA! greetings from Brazil!

  13. Magnum Dong Adventures

    Cowsep, just wanted to let you know, you're more than a youtuber or streamer whatever to me. You're a friend. Thanks for always making fun stuff to watch 🙂

  14. Jomsu

    Early af hello cowsep

  15. amin toutink

    Editor was in Alpha !

  16. HM pro Oussama

    hi cowsep, i'm wondering when will you do a EUW "TO MASTERS" serie aswell?

  17. dyrill john kabigting

    90th like XD

  18. minimusmax Max

    Sup cow man, my woman and I will be in South Korea next month. Any suggestions for food?

  19. Ricardo Lara

    I don't know why but I get so happy when I see a notification of a new cowsep video

  20. Golbez 158

    Cowsep: "Shenron, can you make my team not bad?"
    Shenron: "That wish is beyond my power."

  21. trung huynh

    ăn lol rồi

  22. Stephen Conroy


  23. Ierrk

    IM NUMBER 847!

  24. Đỉnh Cao Liên Quân

    chương trình học tiếng anh cùng cowsep bắt đầu

  25. VampGamerk YT Moderator

    I'm very sad today thanks for the vid It let me feel better a little

  26. 8 Pixels

    I love when you look tilting. Kinda funny lmao

  27. Trường Giang Nguyễn

    5:07 cái đệch

  28. It's Pretty Big

    i main yi and im pushing high plat.. 12 wins in a row b2b wtf

  29. Ana Otaku

    1:14 why don't you just simply use a delay?? xD

  30. Scott Nguyen

    never give up, that's cowsep

  31. Vitamin- Luv

    Leo rank cuối mùa 😀😀😀
    Lựa chọn hay đấy

  32. Edwil Navarro Madplay's

    Cowsep is getting rusty.

  33. SunFlareNova

    33rd comment

  34. Wro Ken

    Macro plays ftw

  35. Le Sy Gia Bao

    Sylas carry this game

  36. Wikwil

    Cowsep you are spamming those videos like a pro. Gotta say-I love it 😀 Keep up the good work!

  37. never die

    Ba ga

  38. Omni Yambot


  39. Damien Fleury

    Hi guys, Do you know when Cowsep is taking Ignite or Flash in his games please ?

  40. Throbbin So Hard

    That darius must be so mad lol

  41. Tuấn Thành


  42. Huy Vinh Phan

    Việt Nam love you ❤❤❤

  43. Kenji Sang

    hi cowsep i been waiting for next video today :3

  44. Wen Ricky

    back with the hidden ward trick

  45. Pochacco Dayou

    That tryn was so dumb and inting

  46. Omni Yambot

    That sylas is a god

  47. An Thai

    Cố lên a ơi e vẫn hâm mộ a và master yi

  48. Dung Tran

    I think if you want to increase your views and subscribe to your channel from Vietnam viewer. You can make some reaction videos of hot Vietnamese songs. Vietnamese people love to see that and you have the advantage because you have Vietnamese subtitles.

  49. Bui Huy JB

    HAY VC

  50. Công Trần Thành

    Thằng tryn là con súc vật , rác rưởi

  51. Scientist Mad

    Never have fate in the vietnamese trymdamere top 🤣🤣

  52. Walker BFA

    Cút xà at 10:39

  53. Some Random Guy

    wow, that tryn at 10:20 just single handedly lost them the fight lmao

  54. XionSteel

    Cowsep dies a lot while team cleans up, 100% because their team blows 3-5 ults on him to permastun.

  55. I want to die

    Hey cowsep. Do you think it's possible to get gm or challenger with yi right now?

  56. Koto Lad

    Nice gane

  57. VulcanXIV

    dang a video of cow throwing that's nutz

  58. Donex Garcia


  59. Vuong Nguyen

    Good my son, cowsep

  60. Mạnh Quyền

    Hello cowsep I'm Fan Son Tung M-TP

  61. Thưởng Ngọc

    watch ur vid is more fun than a comedy vid

  62. Dũng Hoàng

    Pls not " Quảng Cáo " =))

  63. Thạch Cô Hồn

    Thằng nhóc darius đi top mang thiêu đốt.

  64. Silver Celius

    Cowsep: WINNABLE!!!!
    enemy team buy 5 stop watch
    Cowsep: 15min ff boiz

  65. Aina

    Cowsep carry Tryn 2/12 lol

  66. Windy Alice

    8:54 that ult didnt go through windwall, its because sylas threw it next to the windwall so that it can explode, windwall cant block the explosion

  67. Larder 1

    Rank VN chơi đa số cá nhân là nhiều ,tư duy với văn hóa còn kém nhiều lắm ,nên leo rank đơn đôi thì nên đánh 2 người cho chắc

  68. Hải Trần

    that sylas is a beast

  69. Cường Vlog

    ai xem sau mk nhớ đăng ký kênh cho mình nhé ko thì bạn giàu ú ụ hiiii
    <3 like coi

  70. Elias Júnior

    the bastard is a genius!!! XXXDDDD

  71. Gavin

    Any game is winnable when you abuse Yi

  72. Vu Hao

    Thằng ngu trym còn trẩu

  73. Larry Dale Nopuente

    I want to see more ph server gameplays to just read my fellows chat

  74. 김지수YAMETE-KUN

    Sana all

  75. Stealthier666

    You played very well Cowsep, good luck!

  76. Stefano Cappello

    Love from Brazil, i love u vids


    hello Cowsep

  78. Stefano Cappello

    greetings from Brazil, love u vids cowsep

  79. Trần Dần

    You are climbing rank in Viet Nam server and nobody is vietnamese comment in this video ?
    Việt Nam đâu điểm danh nào

  80. Linh Truong

    Tryndamere điển hình của một thằng trẻ trâu chính hiệu XD

  81. Ian K

    Sylas hard carried that

  82. Spinz XenonSP

    "two twelve baby", positive sep right there

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