The World’s Most Complicated Card Game | Medical Police | Netflix Is A Joke

– We need weapons-grade plutonium for an atarck. – Attack. – Attack. (suspenseful music) – Your story checks out. – Yeah. – I think I can get you what you need, but only if you beat me at cards. – I can play cards. – Okay. – And if you lose, Ivor– kills you. – Huh. – The game is deuce to nines, double draw. (intense music) Even cards are double tight. – Back to back? Or wall to wall? – Wall to wall. No sunshine. – Now you’re speaking my language. – Well played, friend. – Tapping trees. – (gasps) – You should have called a rock limit on your kangaroo tens. (chuckles) Spinning triplets, no stash. Looks like you’ll be cruising
this one off the top. – You’re clever. You just burned my blondie. But how do you know I don’t
have a double sidecar? – How do you know I don’t have a dull fun-run Jack-eyed jeweler? – You’re bluffing. I call. (suspenseful music) – Offload my bomber. – It’s your funeral. (dramatic music) Sixteen ducks. All in a row. Quadruple pot squatters
and thigh-high tulips, on the front side. (laughs) This is the end of the game, my friend. And also, the end of you. – Not so fast, Nicolai. Read ’em and weep. Two winks, side by side. Jeepers and creepers. – (cries out) You did it. (upbeat music)

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  1. Shifty 1050

    Go Johnny go go go

  2. rod axel

    Wtf is this?

  3. alex west

    Most Complicated is cups in friends!!!!!

     everybody knows that!!!!!

  4. Sudhansh Khatri

    Wtf is even happening

  5. matthew styles

    I'm so pissed I cant remember where the hell I know her from

  6. Clint Richardson

    That was kinda funny.

  7. Mobo TheGreatest

    a fake card game with its own fake lingo and terminology. This is the most hilarious thing I have ever seen. I'll never laugh at anything again. I am forever ruined for all things comedy.

  8. Talib Khan

    Wtf the fuck i just watched?

  9. Norm Jacques

    Go fish……

  10. Watch It Happen

    That's so stupid, but it made me smile

  11. John Possum

    That video was a joke. And not a good one.

  12. Speez71rm

    Adding is for my complicated friends. I myself like…easy stuff!

  13. Shawn Ravenfire

    Spock, what are the odds on a royal fizzbin?

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