The Sri Lankan Electric Sports Car

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The Sri Lankan Electric Sports Car

Europe is the place for high performance sports car USA is the place for high performance electric cars While everything is going on like this, we hear very interesting project from Sri Lanka A group of Sri Lankan engineers is ready to build a high-performance electric car here in Sri Lanka I got a chance to visit their facility and have a chat with genius engineers working on this project They are working in Trace Expert City, a dedicated facility for Sri Lankan innovators They believe this car will make a mark on global automobile industry This car is named as Vega (The Speed) Sri Lankan engineers completely handing the Design, electronics, software and manufacturing of this car After looking at this design, you might not believe that we are going to build this car in Sri Lanka The car is a twin seater with a sleek aerodynamic look Using a space frame design and carbon fiber body Curb weight is 1600 KG This car is powered with by two electric motors with combined power exceeding 900 bhp These motors are interdependently powering rear wheels through a gear box Top speed is 240 Km/h and 0-60 time is expected to be less that 4 sec This car has state of the art braking system and suspension system All of these things are designed and developed from the scratch by Sri Lankan engineers Pretty much every vehicle has a differential system That is managing torque ratio when vehicle is turning But in this vehicle, there are two electric motors connected to rear wheel independently So they have developed a digital differential Its algorithm is taking angle of steering wheel and position of gas pedal as inputs and distribute torque accordingly Since this a digital system, it’s response is very accurate and instantaneous So we can expect good stability and road holding from this car So you will be able to fly through corners with this bad boy safely These motors are powers with battery array containing 600 LiFePO4 (3.3 V) cells Usually we are using LiCoO2 cells in Smartphones and Laptops etc But LiFePO4 cells have higher chemical stability So they can generate electricity safer and for longer periods of time There are 12 battery packs and one contains 50 cells They are usually getting heated when generating electricity and that reduces their efficiency So there is a glycol cooling system to control temperature When the car is running, voltage of these cells is decreasing If the voltage dropped below safe margin, the cell could get damaged and unusable To solve this problem, the Vega has a digital battery monitoring system It can independently and accurately measure voltages of every cell If a cell’s voltage is dropping below safe margin, that battery pack will be disconnected, and driver will be notified When you charge the car again, battery monitoring system will pay close attention to that cell and charge it properly If there is a damaged cell, battery monitoring system can accurately identify it Then by visiting a service station, you will be able to replace only the damaged cell This car has an on-board charger You can fully charge the battery in 4 hours with a standard domestic power supply And Vega team has designed a public charging station as well Soon you will see these across Sri Lanka They have plans for a supercharging unit as well That will be able to charge 80% of the battery in 20 min Once charge will give you enough juice to go for 240 KM By this December, the Vega team is preparing to release their first prototype When Vega hit the market, it will be affordable than other sports cars like Lamborghini and Ferrari And this car will take the talent of Sri Lankan engineers to international level We will discuss your ideas about this in the comment section below You can contact me on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ If you like to watch more interesting videos like this, SUBSCRIBE!

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    Our sri Lanka people cannot take it this price I will you good luck be in Frist no one buissess in the world

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    240 kmph ha ha ha copy of Ferrari ,Sri lanken max speed limit 100 kmph mad sri lanken engineers ,this car suitable for politician because of more expensive and they have our money……………..

  76. Roshan Rathnayake

    අන්න release කරලා !

  77. gta games video


  78. kasun gayantha8


  79. Chandan Kumar

    Wòoòw niyamai jays wewa



  81. Nowty Isuru


  82. Rock La

    ඉන්දියවට ලංකාව එක්ක හැරෙන්ඉවත් බැ 😂🔫

  83. Indika Indika

    supiri car ekakne mega . mulu ratatama adambarayakne

  84. Nevilpavan Chandrasiri

    good idea for battery cells. i think can use this type batteries also. LiFe PO4 10Ah LiFePo4 3.3 Volt Prismatic Batteries 3.3V 12C 120A / 200A Peak NOS. its better to fix self charging solar panel on the vehicle top.

  85. Kirul Nimna

    Sri Lanka is actually a developing country.

  86. Chaththa Vlogs

    patta maco

  87. Niroshan Perera


  88. Neil Chaseten


  89. Anaz

    MashaAllah .. really proud to see a superior car from our guys

  90. Dilshan Jayadarshana45

    Thithagannath අමාරුයි 😲😲😲

  91. essen nrw

    Saffortkrrnava mathayo😍

  92. nuwan dammika

    අයියෙ තව වීඩියෝ එකක් දාන්නකො

  93. Bhargav Kamath

    🇮🇳love from India. Congratulations guys. Tremendous achievement.

    Wish you all the very best for sales and future innovation

  94. Asitha Lakshan

    ආඩම්බරයි අපේ එව්න් ගැන

  95. Mohamed Fayaz

    අයියා vega car එකේ අලුත් විස්තර තියෙන වීඩියෝ එකක් ඕනේ

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