The Pongfinity Game

December 8, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

The Pongfinity Game

What’s up guys! We are Pongfinity As we mentiond last week We have a big surprise for you guys Surprise We have just launched our own mobile game! Infinite Ping Pong It’s a free app And you can download it on both Apple and Android The game is made by our friend Johannes Linnama Who has done the whole development by himself Go check it out, it’s really fun! The idea of the game is to get as many shots on table as possible The opponent will never miss Move your player by clicking on the screen And you hit by swiping The longer your swipe is the harder your shot is And the harder you hit, the slower the ball will come back You can even hit harder by dashing into the shots One of the coolest features in the game is the leaderboard So you can compare your results to ours and your friends When you get to a higher level You can unlock new items, maps, characters and challenges The game starts here At the Pongfinity Hall But as you level up You get to use the earned coins to unlock new maps So you can change the background on which you play There is obviously three characters that you can unlock in the game: Me, Miikka and Otto And it’s fun that all of the characters have different stats So you have to choose which character you play with And of course Inspired by our popular Challenge Pongfinity series There is also tasks and challenges that you can complete in the game It’s a really cool feature that brings another dimension to the game The game is free to download and you don’t need to buy anything to get higher scores or progress in the game But there is in-app purchases that will speed up the process If you decide to buy something in-game you will be supporting us and our channel And if you are good enough There will be a little surprise for you at score 100 I have never reached that far I have! Go and download the game from the links that are in the description Go and try to beat our hiscores! Until next time!

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  1. Pongfinity

    IT'S HERE!!! Our first ever mobile game – Pongfinity Infinite Ping Pong ? We are super excited about this, we love the game! Go and try to beat our hiscores ? It would be mean the world if you guys go download the game, it's available both on Android and iOS ?

    Download links:



  2. Amin Nourallah

    Challenge : play ping pong in VR !

  3. Giovanni blader

    this app is really cool

  4. dabbas Gamer

    Do your enter Turkish

  5. Gareth White

    Can you play as Patrick?

  6. Xx-_-PRESI bg-_-xX

    Do your intri in Bulgarian

  7. Yugo Ogami

    love and love u, thanks a lot <3

  8. Gui Seb

    I downloaded it and it's so cool!
    It's awesome to see you growing and even making a game!
    I love it!

  9. bilal aypek

    Hi wow . Its great game

  10. Hackrifice

    Love it! You guys are the best ❤️

  11. Hackrifice

    Challenge: rally IRL while rallying in mobile game!

  12. Nedas Stankevičius

    Will there be an online mode?

  13. Leon V

    Love the game keep up the good work!!

  14. Mubeen Nazar

    Love the game guys!!

  15. Benjamin

    The defender should have a sensei shirt 🙂

  16. Zaarck YT

    Suquivanse a mi canal es zaarck YT

  17. 김현준

    Good app

  18. Richard Gu

    Challenge Pongfinity: Play with a paddle attached to Otto's beard!

  19. Paul C

    Woah you have an official Pongfinity mobile game now?! Amazing.. The game looks unique and fun as well

  20. JVHazard

    I have an idea for an update which is making your own character, including their design and stats

  21. Dusan Radisavljevic

    Do you intro in Serbian.

  22. George Sun

    Love your channel! This game makes you guys even more popular. Thx

  23. PiliPIANO

    Better than YouTube’s ads

  24. bamiculasalit asentongamanadaf picunamemahaduc


  25. IDont KnowHowToBreath

    The fact that it’s infinite makes them absolute legends

  26. L'analyseur Salvini

    oh my god! it's the best present in christmas!thank you pongfinity??

  27. Bryler Nguyen

    Do your intro in Vietnamese

  28. Daigo_YT

    Congratulation Pongfinity, it's a verte good game, I love your videos, I'm from Guatemala

  29. Daigo_YT

    I hace a question, I score 63 points and I'm not un the scoreboard 😉

  30. Jazzy Family

    First day and im level 20: its so addicting ?

  31. Nomon Munir

    awesome u guys!

  32. arthur vox

    Jogar tênis de mesa sem a mesa

  33. Tヨシ

    nice game!!!

  34. O Martim dos Martins

    your game is the most rated game

  35. ryan2698 - Minecraft

    It should be played in landscape mode. There are more options to swipe and stuff

  36. Kronoavs Josh

    It won’t let me down load your game?

  37. Kody Wells

    You are amazing!

  38. Taher Ginwala

    Really very nice game

  39. Shads 101

    Lol already downloaded it

  40. ブルーホール



    Thank you so much Pongfinity,You are the real Santa for this Christmas!!!!!


  42. Æpot potatus

    Who else thought that there gonna play table tennis on phone?

  43. ᴅ ᴇ ᴍ ɪ .

    El comentario en español.

  44. denzell hhuang

    play pingpong with nunchak

  45. Charlie Mooney

    I love your game

  46. Nate Lately

    Reach 1.10M subscribers

  47. 09 Aldwyn

    Downloaded it now..And i will play that game now

  48. mia youtube

    I love the game!♥️

  49. Gab's Henrique

    This is a cool game

  50. Tristan sabado

    I like the game

  51. Tristan sabado

    But sum times I'm lose

  52. Zilza Gaming

    Nice game wow

  53. N J

    Pongfinity,when I was sleeping this video was uploaded, now I saw it I am like “the great pongfinity strikes again”

  54. チョコビーゴリラ

    Japanese purease

  55. Jatash Michash

    Play with onions!!!!,

  56. joelgamerzpro HD



    Woh, its beautiful

  58. Alejandro Alanis-Montes

    You guys should do a rally with items on the table


    I'm a small youtuber. Pls help and support me by subscribing. I really appreciate it ❤️?

  60. DB&Marvel Zone

    Can you play table tennis inside the water.
    This is my challenge.

  61. Eren Gazioğlu

    Who best play

  62. gr 06

    do your intro in greek

  63. Luisa Harfich

    Downloaded it already ?

  64. syed ahmed

    challenge: okay table tennis with a axe

  65. Shaurya Vasant

    I just unlocked MIIKKA! Yay!

  66. WOLFSEFA kılıç

    Please put subtitle turkish

  67. Eyal Shain

    You help me alot in ping pong and i want that you play with atrampolina

  68. BertilSteen

    I got 100 score 🙂

  69. Luky HD

    I play ed for 2 hours and my Best score is 67. But I am not on leaderbords. I should be 25th or something Just Like this. Can you repair this mistake. Whatever IT is really good game.

  70. Sac of an Eye Gaming

    These people are like the Dude Perfect of ping ping

  71. Adrian De Ridder

    Do a intro in Dutch

  72. Andy Ruzhella

    Wow ??????

  73. Di Si

    พูดภาษาไทยคำว่า ก้อง หน่อยครับ

  74. GodOMelon

    Guys pls do your intro in tagalog

  75. NBLA_cloud _OCE YT

    Its an amazing game and I have already destroyed my family and friends

    You should add a multiplayer mode so you can vs your friends

  76. NBLA_cloud _OCE YT

    Who thinks they should add a campaign mode and earn more points to buy crates with better things or stadiums

  77. Harshit Arora



    Who downloading the game like please

  79. Zahid Naseer

    out of the blue……
    play Ping-Pong on Wii sports

  80. Bernard Saturnino

    Amazing Game Pongfinity! 🙂

  81. Pratham Arya

    Challenge: Play table tennis while playing the pongfinity game. Please

  82. Selma Buyukbas

    Dou you intro Türkisch

  83. Maciej Chmura

    Perfect game! 10/10

  84. Sam Kang

    I can’t go over ten because I’m not bothered to move like OTTO

  85. LeGeND 2706

    Challenge pongfinity: play badminton with ping pong rackets and ball.

  86. Nolan Haggstrom

    You guys should cut the table in half and play with only half the table

  87. ajjo gaming SK

    Do a intro in Slovak language

  88. Spydaman

    Challenge: Play with a Yoyo

  89. _たまにいる人


  90. Dylan

    do left-handed and right-handed doubles

  91. Zhangzaqi Zaqu

    Intro with speak indonesia

  92. Gold Target

    Play table tennis with your logo (two bats put together) @Pongfinity

  93. Lucas Jorgensen

    I live in Spain and i dont find the game in Play Store. Has it been launched only in certain countries?

  94. Lukas plays

    play with one eye

  95. Sprinter

    LOVE FROM TURKEY <3 <3 <3 <3

  96. Awais Ali

    Can u make another game

  97. Nar Kalla

    Challenge play with a doormat

  98. Soren zunaidi

    I’m level 14 with miikka using a banana and a baloon ?

  99. Nar Kalla

    Challenge dip the ball in glue and then do a rally of 10 with it

  100. Farangiz Isamiddinova

    Challenge Pongfinity: play a full match with only lucky points, love from Uzekistan!❤️

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