The Perfect Low Profile Gaming Keyboard DOESN’T Exist!

well hello good people it seems like
low profile gaming keyboards are rising in popularity but why what is it about
having a shorter keyboard body and lower key caps that improves the overall user
experience so first of all low profile is not a specification it’s not
standardized meaning across keyboard brands you might have a chunky frame but
low profile keycaps you might have low profile switches but a large keyboard
body or a keyboard that is designed from the ground up to be as low profile as
possible but also quite massive so let’s take these five low profile keyboards
that I’ve collected over time and see exactly why a perfect low profile
keyboard does not exist the gamer storm castle 240 X gives you a peace of mind
with anti League tech inside by reducing pressure build up as temperatures
fluctuate Plus this is one the best looking palm designs with the removable
mirror cover and swappable logo pieces with full addressable RGB support for
that extra bling check it out below so the collection for today includes the
Tesoro gram MX One the Roccat 120 Aimo the Corsair k70 RGB mk.2 low
profile the wireless Logitech G915 and cool master SK 630 and I guess it’s
an expectation that low-profile keyboards are going to be more expensive
as they most definitely sell less volume so that LP premium is real the common
denominator among all these keyboards of course some form of low profile elements
the K70 and the SK630 for example use cherry low-profile switches that are
much smaller in comparison to standard MX which is this means the keyboard
frame on the K70 is thinner compared to normal K70 plus the slim style key
cap reduce the overall height of the keyboard to 29 millimeters instead of 40
millimeters with standard MX switches this also means low-profile switches
have less travel distance and feel completely different for one the
low-profile speed switch is incredibly quiet it’s almost like there’s some
dampening happening when you bottomed out with a bit more resistance than your
standard size MX speed switch the low-profile red switch for example
registers at one point two millimeters instead of two millimeters on full-sized
MX so that is definitely one advantage of low-profile switches if you prefer
faster actuation and less coolermaster uses a similar idea with
low-profile switches and shorter key caps I’ll tell the flat nature of them
without any grooves is a disadvantage it makes the keyboard look and feel
bulky despite having the same key cap height as the k70 especially because the
entire frame is raised if only the front was slimmer to lower
the entire profile but to me it’s actually the flat key caps that ruin an
otherwise promising phone factor that the Tesoro gram MX one takes a different
approach to low profile by reducing the size of the frame itself the key caps a
standard the MX switches to but the flatter design of the frame helps to
minimize the footprint and appear low-profile like the angular front
section of that metal plate small forehead and tiny side sections even
though it is the highest keyboard among these five I would still consider to be
low-profile the Roccaot Vulcan is another unique low profile example with a thin
frame and the coolest key cap design that I’ve seen it’s flooring style plus
the thin and narrow format of the key caps helps to minimize the visual
bulkiness of the keyboard also the front row of the keys is curved that improves
the ergonomics of the entire layout it is kind of brilliant the switches
however are not low-profile but it’s interesting how all these other elements
give the keyboard that low profile character now some users in our
community post have experienced issues with the switches and I’m breathing on
similar switch problems from user reviews on Amazon and that is just not
acceptable for $150 I wanted to save the best for last as the G915 from Logitech
was designed with low profile in its DNA it’s the thinnest mechanical keyboard
that I’ve used at only twenty two millimeters and here the frame the
switches and the key caps are all part of that low profile game and this thing
is Wireless too but it’s crazy expensive at $150 I really don’t know who’d buy it
I’ve also accidentally broken a few key cap legs when removing them from the
switch but the structure is impressive the frame is almost non-existent the key
caps are almost half the height of the K70 key caps and the switches have
the least travel distance of two point seven millimeters with the actuation
point happening at 1.5 it honestly feels very impressive to have that much travel
distance on something that this thin especial
because the body is not angled someone that’s on your desk it feels like it’s
part of the desk instead of being on top of it I feel like that is one major
benefit of having such flat low profile keyboards and that is risk placement
which is more comfortable for me when the key caps are closer to the surface
you don’t require a wrist rest to even out the wrist angle because the higher
the keyboard the more strain you’ll experience and typing on the k70 low
profile or the G915 is incredibly comfortable and you can see the
difference a slim profile makes on my wrists and it made me realize that the
low profile keyboard isn’t supposed to be a tiny keyboard and it’s not supposed
to like minimize the footprint of the keyboard itself on a desk instead the
focus is on comfort and minimizing that visual bulk of either the key caps or
the frame itself and unfortunately we’re not at the point of having good variety
when it comes to low profile designs yet they’re all still full-sized layouts
with either chunky cables insane price points and very few switch options – and
if you guys have any suggestions for a low profile keyboard that you think is
worth it let me know in the comments as from my perfect low profile keyboard I
would have the G915 but in a TKL form factor and make speed low profile
switches and the key caps from the Vulcan but I’m interested to hear if you
care about low profile keyboards at all let me know in the comments thanks so
much for watching don’t forget to subscribe check out this other relevant
content all the links for products will be listed
in the description thanks for watching I’ll talk to you in the next video
stopped right in time for the construction to begin yay yes hear that

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  1. Prince Vegeta

    Currently using the G910. Hopefully a G915 tkl is in the pipeline

  2. Rafael de Oliveira Pezzella

    Doesn't exist…. Peripherals brands watch this video Doesn't exist YET !

  3. Harris Asjad

    For me the g915 is only in my thought process is it being wireless and having rgb

  4. Fanis Karamitsos

    Damn, i love the edit from 4:57 to 5:45 🙂 Keep up the good work.

  5. kiwibom1

    and here I am playing with an apple keyboard haha, but I like it been playing with it since 2015 (when I built my first gaming pc). I guess I'll need to wait a few more years to get a keyboard as close to it and have rgb

  6. Oliver Queen

    I haven't tried any of them yet, but imo the companies that make such keyboards probably felt empty of ideas to make such a useless change in the whole kb market, also almost all of them look terrible in design for me, and prices are just cosmic level…

  7. Kevin Morrison

    I see the problem, people like you never learned the proper way to type! If you had proper hand posture you could eliminate a lot of your issues that you claim to have.

  8. PetesPC

    I like the "enter change board" effect

  9. Wistbacka

    "not supposed to minimize the footprint"

    Please check out the Drevo joyuse. Wireless, mechanical, low profile and still has a numpad withput being massive. Obviously has some layout compromises, but are they bad enough to not buy it?

    The only reason I dont own one, is it is only available in US layout… 😐

  10. I'm watching you sleep

    That Logitech keyboard with a cable and without the macro keys would be an instant buy from me.

  11. Red-eyed Blackbird

    I love your French-Canadian accent! This is so rare for me to hear in Europe!

  12. tietosanakirja

    After years of only using just a laptop, I was really interested to find a low profile keyboard, just to find that there there are hardly any, if you want a mechanical.

  13. dombrox

    Main problems with low profile:
    No standart
    As a result: lacks of keycaps
    Doesn't feel like mechanical switch because mechanical switch needs "space"
    Probably the main direction of it should be standartization and don't try to mimic mechanical keyboard, because mechanical keyboards like to be mid or high profile

  14. Iron Geir

    anidees Prismatic Ultra-Slim needs to be on this list

  15. Eduardo Machado Izquierdo

    I like the g915 but it’s way to expensive. Having great keyboards between 100-150, why would you buy something that cost 250? Just because it looks good?

  16. Ricco1233321

    What on earth was that folding keyboard

  17. Michael Scholz

    No Steelseries?

  18. TheCe1ticZombie

    Just bought the Corsair low profile for 89$ USD from Best Buy last Monday. I love it and only bought it since it was on sale and I’m a Corsair fanboy. The wrist rest is disappointing and I’m not planing on using it. The Logitech one looks and feels great just way too expensive. Cooler master makes great Keyboards as well. Guess it just comes down to personal preference. Now I just need a low profile mouse.

  19. brkbeat junkie

    I know the Apple haters are going to come out of the woodwork for this but I love the Apple aluminum wired keyboard for gaming. Very low profile and very short key actuation

  20. FNATIC Trace

    I have the volcan and its pretty unique those who broke it i think they are being aggressively harsh while pressing the keyboard is solid i had it for months now no problems.

  21. niikon

    Thank you so much for this video!!
    I've been looking for a proper n-key-rollover low-profile keyboard-guide forever!!

  22. Henry Addy-Grigsby

    Maybe it’s me but I’m actually liking the tactile g915. I still like the g513 I had but this being wireless answers my minimal setup with no wires needs plus I benefit being able to use it with my iPad.

  23. Kesa Mek

    Great video thanks.

  24. Andy Aksen

    The sharkoon purewriter is awesome!!!

  25. zoth _

    I've had a razer deathstalker for almost 5 years. I don't know why, but I love chiclet keyboards.

  26. Steve Moon

    MX Blue or bust for me.

  27. Sakib Ahsan

    Tesoro Gram Spectrum Tkl

  28. Chris Fanning

    The Havit low profile keyboard is what I use. Definitely worth looking at considering it is cheap, uses low profile kailh blue switches, and has lasted me 2 years at this point.

  29. mrpositronia

    Low profile is great for working all day. the sound of the keys on all of them is not great for working all day.

  30. midgetcv

    apple wierd keyboard for gaming? try… its good 🙂

  31. Žilke baby

    Please somebody make a 65% low profile

  32. Dylan Mork

    Logitech keyboard is beautiful but 250$ is fucking rediculous.

  33. 3mimin3

    I love my k70 MK.2 LP. Like thr way it feels, that they are quiet and i love typing on it

  34. Kie

    I want a gaming keyboard which has a heated fold out plate, that holds my coffee and keeps it warm for optimum gaming comfort.

  35. Antothebeast DSO

    I am already disappointed just by the title… I was planning on buying the Logitech G915 Wireless, low profile mechanical gaming keyboard

  36. Kevin Zhang

    I am bothered by Dmitry's lack of home row typing. I used to use only my pointer finger on my left hand but I started to force myself to use the home row and….well tbh I don't know if I'm typing better but I do know that when I see people not using all their fingers I get annoyed HAHA

  37. Phantump12

    That shot you did at 1:05 was really cool. I went back and watched that 2 more times. How did you do it?

  38. Martin Przizcesky

    this Video reminded me why i subscribed!!!!

  39. Mike JMT

    cherry kc 6000 slim white. Good enough for me 🙂

  40. MethodMethod

    I bought the logitech 815 after watching your review of the 915. I think wireless keyboards are kinda dumb. the thing doesnt move anyway, whats a cable gonna matter lol. Save the $50 and get the wired version, same experience.

  41. LadyEmily

    the K70 MKII IS my perfect keyboard. Everything from the switches, to the form factor, to the RGB, is exactly what I was looking for in a keyboard. I was in love with MX reds, and despite trying many others, I was certain I'd never switch from them, till LP MX reds came into my life (I do still want to try LP MX speeds, I'm just not willing to buy a whole nother keyboard to do so). Now I'm slowly in the process of replacing every keyboard I use with a K70 MKII. I'm GLAD that companies realize that not everyone wants a TKL keyboard. For a while, it seemed like that was all anyone was making. Now it seems they've swung back to the other extreme which makes me feel bad for TKL. I do think options should exist, even if I personally can't stand them 😛

  42. Da Fuq

    I really don't understand this obsession with making everything thinner…

  43. KillerWhale024

    Cut a thick gaming mouse pad into a couple strips and put them under your wasd arm and any keyboard is a low profile gaming keyboard

  44. TheRolli99

    The G915 would be my perfect low-profile if the price would be lower…

  45. iKeeper

    i've been using the DREVO Joyeuse 96 for almost two years now and i'm really happy with it. imo its the best looking keyboard i've ever seen, its mechanical and because of the weird layout (that might be difficult getting use to at first) i have a numpad (which it's a much have for me) with a small TKL form factor.

    edit: for some reason this model are no longer for sale o_O

  46. SDSakuragi

    The Havit low profile boards are 22mm tall, have low profile kailh switches, contoured caps, and can be found for around $50.

  47. mathew chen

    all of the boards sound awful. the titan and corsair stabilizers sound awful too at a low profile

  48. MR_Wliy_Sly Sly

    Just what I needed.

  49. Xibyth

    The reason I like low profile is I don’t have to angle my hands so much. After a few hours of typing it gets exhausting and painful.


    Flat key caps ruin a low profile keyboard? (Coolermaster) thats the main reason I want that keyboard! 🤣

  51. praval reddy

    I wish there was the New Alienware new low profile keyboard in the review list.

  52. Marti77e

    I wanted to buy G915 but there is not a nordic version with linear switches.

  53. Sam Cooper

    My favorite keyboard is still the Logitech G110. I love the flat profile and big wrist rest. Just wish it was mechanical. When had early mechanical keyboards I always HATED the curved profile to the key rows. G915 would be my next keyboard if it wasn't for the price.

  54. jonzales333

    There was another tesoro keyboard you did some videos on about a year ago?

    The tesoro gram xs.

    What happened to that?

  55. Him

    FUCK!!! FINALLY SOMEONE ADDRESSED THIS ISSUE. PERFECT VIDEO for me since I'm a low profile lover, the only keyboard I want to use is low profile and nothing else.

  56. dombrox

    Or you can type with your hands floating and it will be ok with whatever keyboard

  57. Sergio Alexis

    2:17 alguien que me diga 1ue marca es este teclado porfa latinos ayuden se los agradezco de antemano

  58. JcRabbit

    I have a Corsair K70 RGB MK2 Low Profile keyboard. The keyboard itself is very nice quality wise, but I simply can't get used to it – not sure if that's because it's low profile, the size of the key caps or because of the MX Speed Silver switches it comes with, but I find myself often pressing the wrong key(s) by mistake (something which did not happen with my previous Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 keyboard or any other keyboards I've owned). Worst, these will normally be control keys which very often ends up in weird stuff happening and me losing the entirety of whatever I was typing. Very frustrating.

    It's very hard to understand what I am doing wrong or what is happening exactly since I am focusing on typing quickly when it happens and therefore not paying attention, but it seems that simply slightly 'brushing' a key (not hard to do with my long fingers) is enough to actuate it. Probably more to do with the silver switches than anything else.

    Whatever the reason, next week I'm getting a K95 Platinum with MX Brown Cherry switches instead.

  59. Lukas Hric

    approximately year and a half ago i bought a low-profile mechanical keyboard for company havit (only full-size low profile keyboard on amazon in that time) with lovely clicky Kailh blue switches and I love it … quality isn't best but it cost only £69.99 … + if you are interested they have tenkeyless variant HAVIT HV-KB390L

  60. dogboy0912

    Because the ergonomics on low profile are superior and don't fuck your wrists. Whatever your personal preference is, unless you have really weird arms or hands, low profile has better, less stress-prone ergonomics.

  61. Soap A

    Typing this on a Logitech G915 clicky and I'm loving it. But yeah like mentioned in the video it's not perfect. No USB pass through is weird to me, and sucks it doesn't have a USB-C slot to charge. Otherwise it's my favorite.

  62. ash G.

    :/ I was gonna get the Vulcan for Christmas, idk what to do now that the switches might suck.


    low profile tkl?

  64. Frikkie Vuiltrens

    In my opinion low profile is solely defined by the height of the keycaps above the body of the keyboard. Thus I do not consider the Tesoro to be low profile.

  65. Donald James

    I have the G915 and I love it, using this one device as a keyboard between 2 different pc's saves me a lot of space. I only wish G HUB was better.

  66. JoeZ Ordoñez

    G915 but TKL/60% with low profile MX Silents and low profile PBT caps would be the dream low profile board

  67. J H

    The Sharkoon pure writer and Tesoro Gram Spectrum (with Tesoro agile slim switches) are pretty good options.

  68. cindercide

    i am waiting for g815 without macro keys

  69. Jordan30589

    I had the Vulcan 120 Aimo, its a great keyboard but the software is complete garbage. I got a Ducky Shine 7 now, so much better.

  70. 林小魚

    Love my filco stingray with cherry low profile red switch, very satisfied to type on!

  71. That0neIdiot

    Look at low profile keyboards with kailh switches. So much better than cherry.

  72. Aero

    the reason I liked low profile initially was the smaller space between the keys, but custom caps on my ducky do the same thing better

  73. Mark Johnson II

    Logitech MX Keys. Check it out.

  74. ricky v

    Dmitry, do you know if any of these have switch options for Mac OS X?
    The comfort is why I am using an Apple branded keyboard. It’s definitely comfortable and small.
    Yes, I heard that construction. Grrr, that happens around here as well.

  75. Titoepf X

    custom built

  76. Tantium


  77. Ionut Daniel Serban

    AAAAAaaaaa……..correction. Yes, it does!!! or it comes close to it atleast, and without selling you bullshit, and at bellow 100 bucks.

    It´s called gamdias hermes m3. While unexceptional on design, the software gives you very functional, complete and granular control, and after configuration you can do with the keyboard whatever you want. You can even move the keyboard to another PC, and it will still keep all the configurations u set, regardless of the software.
    Built quality of the chasis it´s decent enough, and doesnt make the switches sound annoying. The longer keys have stabilisers, and it uses same switch like g915, but with better keycaps, since i cleaned all of them twice and i didn´t broke any.

    P.D.: the switch on the g915 is not …….. (fill in comercial bullshit), just like gamdias are not made by gamdias. They are KAILH CHOCOLATE SWITCHES.

  78. Anas Qtiesh

    Havit has a solid TKL offering at a low price. Backlit but not rgb. Great bang for buck and I prefer the tactile keys because they're better for typing. For me low profile is about shorter key travel, and great cap stability.

  79. neai aoidan

    I went away from mechanical keyboards for the Microsoft Surface Keyboard

  80. Nefff

    The Logitech looks super nice! I use Havit tenkeyless low profile with blue switches and I love it!

  81. VerteilerChief

    Thx for the great video. Would've spared me some time a few weeks ago while I was looking for a good low-profile mechanical keyboard. I tested the Cooler Master KS650, Corsair K70, Tesoro Gram XS, Roccat Vulcan 121 and Sharkoon PureWriter. Sadly none of the keyboards could convince me entirely and after trying out some more regular profile mechanical keyboards and ended up buying a wireless Surface Keyboard. It's not mechanical but very comfortable coming from an older Apple wired keyboard due to the fact that the footprint of both keyboards is more or less identical. I was curious though to test the Logitech G915 but at that pricepoint I wasn't even remotely willing to pay that much for a keyboard.

  82. Kyle Torbett

    @HardwareCanucks do you main the corsair mk2 low profile now? I was considering buying that keyboard.

  83. Matthew Kish

    HAVIT HV-KB390L or HV-395L with the Kaihl Blue Low-Profile switches. Both are around $50 on Amazon and worth checking out.

  84. Tony Weaver

    I use the corsair k70 low profile with the low profile speed switches. Personally I enjoy it alot for gaming and typing.

  85. Alex Martin

    what about the havit low profile blue switch mechanical keyboard?

  86. huijar

    I want a TKL G915 too!

  87. LLlMIT

    I still think my favorite keyboard I’ve used was the Apple Magic Keyboard in Space Grey.

    I’m prepared to get shunned.

  88. Phoenix-2063

    Cooler Master SK851 out next year is thinner body to the model you have here and the keys sink into the body a bit as well, out early 2020 and with a Mac layout option

  89. Damian Xvolt

    Logitech really needs to get off their money grabbing train, just because people was willing to pay 140 quid for their previous products does not mean they will be happy to pay over 200 quid. There is not justification.

  90. John Matthias

    You should look into modular keyboards.

  91. Allen Schneider

    havit low profile is a $60 beast

  92. JGF

    Once there is a TKL version of the G915 Im in baby

  93. Strygger

    Havit HV-KB390L or 395L, if you don't really care about branding.

  94. Shrayes Raman

    I mean 150 for the Logitech is expensive but for what your getting and how you described it 150 isn't outlandish. I thought you were going to say like 200. 150 for low volume low profile rgb wireless keyboard is decent imo.

  95. sykotheclown1

    Hey Dimitri just wanted to say thank you for finally shedding some light on this segment. I personally was ENTHRALLED by the tesoro prototype low profile switches at computex several years ago. I think my next deck is going to be low profile, but after watching your video I think I'll wait.

  96. Jason Qin

    Can you make a list of the best non-tkl keyboards?

  97. Monil

    Should have included the Keychron K1 and Havit. Keychron probably has the best features (Win and MacOS compatible, Bluetooth, RGB), while Havit has the best typing experience. Way better value than any of the keyboards featured in this video. The new Logitech MX keys is ok as well.

  98. Tams80

    How about a keyboard made for gaming, rather than a keyboard made for typing with 'gaming' slapped onto it?

  99. Masilith

    I really like the G915, but that price is a bit too high for me.

  100. One Two

    When do the Lenovo laptops release? And are they modern or do they look like a gaming laptop cause I need a simple but powerful gaming laptop

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