THE LEICESTER DREAM – The Greatest Sporting Story Ever

Dispair, for Leicester city the bottom line is Leicester have lost again they stay bottom and they have an almighty fight on their hands this could be a huge moment VARDY SCORES! it’s a decent ball back as well as a chance for Albrighton Leicester’s incredible comeback goes on One club, fights against all the odds to survive it’s Nigel Pearson engeneering the impossible dream There’s breaking news this hour from Leicester City Claudio Ranieri has been appointed manager And has signed a three year contract They’re 5000 to 1 to win the title And you know what? I don’t think I’d put a dollar on that A change was necessary Ranieri’s got great experience with big clubs but not a situation like this I think he’s gonna struggle right from the start I want to achieve this Maybe 40 points are enough Great exitement at the start of a new season of the Barclays Premier League the most dramatic league in the world In the hardest league in the world the most improbable man found its way to the top And it’s 2-0, Mahrez! What a start of the new season for Leicester! That’s a fabulous ball, MAHREZ! …the deflection, it’s Mahrez again and he’s scored again Drinkwater, great chance IT’S 2-2!!! OH, INCREDIBLE! There is no stopping him at the moment! …he’s good enough to do that good enough to make Chelsea twisting and turning and good enough and great enough to score an outstanding goal! And Vardy goes first time And scores a stunner! Mahrez oh, it’s a brilliant goal it’s that man again Vardyyy! his scoring spree continues! he’s in hereee he’s scored again He’s on fire! and again! Would you believe it? Record-equalling goal 10 games in a row When we are desperate we make more, more and more And the fairytale goes on! It’s eleven it’s heaven for Jamie Vardy A Leicester player has snatched the record STUPENDOUS! Moments like that just make you wonder Could it happen? Could they really last the whole course? And Huth is holding back And he scored! wherever this Leicester city team are going they, are, fearless Huth! Now what about that? It’s Riyad Mahrez, oh what a goal! Robert Huth! Leicester city are in dreamland here Vardy…scores! WALCOTT! WELBECK! Can you believe it? A now-or-never moment for Arsenal! things have just been too simple for Leicester I don’t believe in fairytales this doesn’t normally work like that Vardy inside …and so was Ulloa! Leicester and its title dreams are most certainly alive and kicking Foxes never quit Mahrez… YES! League leaders lead at Watford OKAZAKIII! Spectacular goal! Ball in by Fuchs and Morgaaan! what a moment for Leicester city it’s Vardy! it’s 1-0! (Vardy) goes down inside the area and Jamie Vardy is sent off he’s given the penalty Andy Carroll… West Ham are level Cresswell…OOOH! Schlupp Referee gives a penalty Ulloa It’s a point And arguably that is one point closer to the Premier League title Morgannn Wes Morgan heads it in They’re level Leicester hit back… like champions! What has happened simply to Eden Hazard? I’ve got no simpathy for Hazard Can he go to that next next level? he’s had a dreadful season, there’s no two ways about it it would be foolish to sell him he’s been Player of the Year twelve months ago he was a very good player and they believe he will be a good player again HAZAAARD! He has done it! He won the title for Chelsea a year ago he might just have won the title for Leicester city tonight! Eden Hazaaard…2-2 at the Bridge! Leicester are champions! Leicester city are champions of the Premier League The greatest story ever told has its happy ending Leicester city will be a story told and re-told as long as football is played on this planet! Leicester are champions, LEICESTER, are champions no matter how many times you say it it doesn’t. sound. real. We are a little team but we want to be…bigger we play with our heart If they are gonna win the title that’s the biggest story in football history EVER I don’t want to wake up, no! I want to continue to dream! It’s something magic…Magic! The surge of power at the King Power, goes on! Maybe 40 points are enough we have the climate now it’s the moment to make a dream reality Premier League champions 2016 The Amazing… LEICESTER CITY! Thank you, Foxes

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  1. aim amri

    Leicester have more fans than big club Man City 😂

  2. kai san


  3. Emre Atac

    Hands down, legit, in my opinion, without offending anyone, in my own rights, with my own ideas and knowledge, THIS IS THE BEST, THE MOST EPICLY EDITED FOOTBALL VIDEO I’VE EVER SEEN

  4. Nick Wolfert

    You can't try to build suspense and then drop it every 5 seconds. Really annoying

  5. Heinzruediger


  6. Hen Vene

    Vardy > Kane

  7. E N

    This is the worst angled film ever period

  8. Caleb Lim

    Using Zimmer’s Mountains an excellent choice.

  9. Musini Jumanne

    i never seen best edit like this before RESPECT 🙌


    This makes me cry every time💙💙⭕🦊🦊

  11. miriem ghazal

    Did I just see the Algerian flag at 7.7 🇩🇿🇩🇿 damn the Algerians are truly everywhere

  12. Jędrzej Jabłoński

    Leicester=Avengers End The game

  13. prasandipinastiko Hensem

    Leicester is wonderful

  14. Sdao Alarcon

    Vardy was shining

  15. Louis Schaffer

    Kanté won the league

  16. Andy Chien

    I like the idea for using Interstellar’s soundtrack

  17. Dimas Bagus Prabowo


  18. Aditya Nafis

    And liverpool ??

  19. Nasrat Shardally

    This is Art.


    Feel the power of content creation. It felt like Leicester have conquered the world war.

  21. IA

    Wow, sfx like from Interstellar

  22. Destiny Opertix

    Even now I have tears in my eyes.. my club VfB Stuttgart is relegated in second german division right now and our last title in 2007 feels like yesterday.. this video gives me goosebumps

  23. Nick Ohara

    Im a burnley fan always have been,but watching this makes me so proud off lcfc…well done

  24. Mu Zadith

    Vardy, kante, mahrez and hazard thanks

  25. تاج الدين تاجوا

    Riyad Mahrez fantastique Magic player star lycter cyti end man cyti

  26. Rahmat Manzila

    Like yang muncul di beranda

  27. fxixyz ixxfx

    I cry

  28. Polat TV

    Vardy ✅

  29. Thomas Kip

    A little too dramatic

  30. Last Guardian

    Amazing editing and I love the use of soundtracks from interstellar and man of steel and stuff, gave me chills 🙂 great job, ik I’m very late

  31. Fries Williams


  32. M J

    Easily the greatest thing in SPORT

  33. Morris Skrzynecka

    Where is Kante?

  34. Arielle Fenix


  35. Abhishek C N

    Awesome editing… memorable thing in the books of football history..

  36. CJ Russ

    Goosebumps. Amazing video and I was a Leicester fan towards the end of that season as were most neutrals.

  37. Barabás Csongor

    Still can't believe we done it

  38. al3sfooor

    It's really the most amazing sport story.. VARDY & RANIERI ♥️

  39. Oeks Lohk

    Definitely great moment, but nothing beats City winning it. I don't even support them, i just remember seeing every game of city united & chelsea that season & honestly to have it end the way it did, it proved how beautiful the game really is. I never had goosebumps like that before. Not gona lie tho a little bit of part of me wanted united to win it just cause of my brother but its football i dont support any club i just love watching the game & the best of the best go at it.

  40. Detox Black

    Damn! I cried after the video finished😪😪😪

  41. Elon Musk

    It was in England. So it has to be the best story. Stfu they spent millions. Kaiserslautern relegated in 1998 without big budget and went straight on getting Bundesliga champion


    Only arsenal can beat leicester city in that season

  43. Sahil Karn

    Noone believed in them then Claudio raneri comes with vision


    Great achievement

  45. Farisyal B.K

    MU need that guy immediately!!

  46. If you laugh you sub!

    Lame lol
    The best moment was watching England in last World Cup

  47. Nathan Gamble

    Chelsea will always have a place in my heart thank you 💙😂

  48. amine big up algerian

    The magical mehrez

  49. Jaymax

    Leicester that season proved that the fundamentals are what wins.
    You can have all the money you want, all the oil producers you want and all the stars you want.

    But nothing beats good football. That’s what Leicester did. They just played football and it worked. Watch and learn everyone. Play for the love and you will win every time.

  50. vEEr kasania

    best video on youtube

  51. Vincenzo Gargiulo


  52. Aki Armin

    Marketing premier League

  53. Collin Hoeferlin

    amazing editing/production but in a way it almost takes a bit away from the focus of the video. not trying to be a hater, just my 2 cents

  54. james smith

    Should work for sky or the official premier league

  55. Devo Ksh

    You deserves an oscar in editing🔥🔥🔥

  56. Iacobescu Antonio


  57. MoonBenny

    Bullshit – the greatest story. Wind your superlatives in mucker. Soccer lacks the emotion and the balls and the passion and the BEHAVIOUR of RUGBY – the real beautiful game.

  58. ChelseaGamer

    Hazard at Chelsea 🐐💙

  59. Robin Melancon

    Amazing edit

  60. Jannis Meyer

    Kaiserslautern 1998 is the greatest story

  61. TheUKNutter

    And then the manager gets sacked. Because THAT was a great idea.

  62. Dappura Chyne

    This guy….deserve million of subscribers…. He is too. Good

  63. 100% FACTS


  64. W Dwyer

    What's the song that starts at @1:00

  65. Anjar Trimurti

    2019,i steal feel bleu for the fox

  66. Arminiusz Mazowszanin

    Who's here after 9-0 with Southampton.

  67. Rakshit Nalla

    Renieri proved that this 1:09 words are waste!

  68. Fatih Aksu

    Kante, Mahrez 😔

  69. Stuart Grandquist

    I see it but i don't believe it!

  70. Daz Gaming

    Never forget Vichai and Ranieri the authors of this fairytale.

  71. mohamed bvb

    Leicester city will make it again this season 2019-2020 🔥💙

  72. Daimer Alba

    I want to learned speak English?? Do you can helpme?

  73. Kumar Sanal


  74. YASSER Y.T.M

    Riyad Mahrez + Jamei vardy
    Premier League 2016

  75. Marcus Vinicius


  76. Ümit


  77. George Williams

    I put £10 on leicster winning 2015/16 season

  78. nkundi sebina

    When hazard scored the beat hit so….😚👌

  79. bradley simmons

    But it wasnt the best story ever, forest was, promotion then won the 1st division at first time of asking, then won the european cup back to back, and super cup

  80. M.Ivanov 10

    They are back

  81. Najeeb-Ullah Yasir

    This man is a direct descendant of Nolan. Massive respect

  82. Onbathula Guru

    Chelsea fan👍👌


    That edit was SOOOOO POWERFUL

  84. عبد القادر عبدالرحمن عبدالله

    "Leicester are champions. No matter how many times you say it, it doesn't sound real !" – Commentator

  85. Born in the woods

    You've put some good effort to make this video mate!

  86. ZB Stepps

    i read this as Lichtenstein's Dream

  87. Ankan Gupt

    Hans Zimmer's music from Man Of Steel amd Batman v Superman. 🤫

  88. Sibasis Mohanty

    I couldn't see Kante😟

  89. Bitupan bhuyan

    Blues for the blues

  90. TheLostAtlantic

    Nottingham forest in 1979-1982 was a better story

  91. just plfun

    The story i still cant believe

  92. Redevil26SD

    interstellar music on point

  93. ME

    Match fixing the fucking wankers

  94. Garrett Stroop

    u forgot dilly ding dilly dong

  95. Krytt like innit


  96. Krytt like innit


  97. สุขสรรค์ บรรเทิง

    มากกว่าความฝัน เกินกว่าคำบรรยาย คำว่าเทพนิยายก็เลสเตอร์นี้เเหละ คือตำนานเเชมพลีเมียรลีคที่โลกฟุตบอลต้องจดจำไปตลอดการ💙🇹🇭🦊

  98. Sonny and the Hotspurs

    Spurs fan here but damn that really was an absolute wonderful run of games

  99. Bozena Mc Kenna

    Even tho it was 3 years ago you can sill watch it

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