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  1. Phynx - Victum Terra

    Greetings! I look forward to the day when we have the gpu horse power to ray trace everything on all hardware tiers rather than just high end, I think metro exodus did a nice job with their use of ray tracing, but I may be bias because I've always enjoyed metro titles

  2. Stronk Veak

    Wait, you mean there are more than 3 implementations of ray tracing?

  3. Tech of Tomorrow

    Ray Tracing is the future of gaming and the proof is in the pudding as more and more titles are getting RT support all the time. These are the Top 3 Implementations os the tech so far!!! Enjoy the eye candy!

  4. Journeyman John

    I feel like HDR + Ray Tracing is where the immersion really comes in. I'll be waiting for the next series of GPU's to jump on the bandwagon though.

  5. Tadas Balasaitis

    Does eat performance no thanks

  6. Dime

    Its a shame that nvlink doesnt quite work well with ray tracing. 4k 100fps with rtx on is not possible with a single 2080ti.

  7. Carlos

    Control is garbage game thats just visually good to save it

  8. William Regal

    i never buy the 1st gen of anything ill wait till next gen of nvidia line up

  9. TikiShootah

    Damn wish there were good rtx card deals, this cyber monday

  10. Manrique Daniel Mar Perez

    Remember Nvidia 3D Vision? Nvidia Surround? Nvidia PhysX?….Nobody uses them…they where just fads to push the sells of their respective Generation GPU´s. Sorry but no video feature can come with LESS FPS THAN THE PREVIOS GENERATION….PERIOD…THAT´S THE BOTTOM LINE— at least for me. Show me visual improvment with a 20% bump in FPS…and I´ll take 2 of those cards right on the spot (I did with the 1080Ti) .

  11. Chemy Torres

    We are getting there to the real life like gaming

  12. Woody Glendell

    So this is what pov-ray from 10 years ago went to.

  13. thewikileaksfan

    I see Ray Tracing in your hands!

  14. AHappyRaider

    Really weird that I haven't got a single notification from YT of your uploads in the last weeks even tho you did regulary upload

  15. Scottish Gamer72

    Control all eye candy gameplay sucked

  16. Max Facts

    I want I need I must have Real Time Ray Tracing RTX TECH ASAP!

  17. Mr. AC

    not buying a 2080 ti for this option i will wait for 2020 cards

  18. Chris Troy

    You're a great review channel and a first class guy – but this review made me want to yell at my monitor – it's totally out to lunch – I have an RTX 2080 and raytracing is NO WHERE NEAR ready. It totally hoops performance – who the heck wants 40% less frames and play in 1080p with an 800$ graphics card? This is the first review from you that I found really unbelievable and frustrating. Control – 1080p at 40fps with Ray tracing maxed – Or 4k with more frames AND everything turned up besides ray tracing. Your telling me that's better? Sorry man but you sound like the Nvidia CEO on launch day. It just works right?! Respect to the work you do though – but this one was way off in left field.

  19. David Millar

    Man I’d love to have an RTX card, but after giving up work to care for my daughters additional needs from surviving cancer, I’m going to have to wait a while to save up and priorities have shifted a lot. I got a 1070ti not long after launch and it’s no slouch, so happy to wait, but man I miss having a disposable income to spend on stuff.

  20. Muzdok

    Quake II RTX???

  21. DMR Guitars & Gaming

    Would be nice if they made good games first.

  22. Fdisk Format

    I am using the RTX 2080TI and i did finish Control OMG so nice !!!!!

  23. Pixels

    The best is Control: Ray Tracing + PhysX

  24. Vishant Sharma

    Hey Elric, how is your health now?

  25. Bruno Amaro

    Well… I just bought a RX 5700 XT 😁😃😃 Nice video Elric.

  26. loak3d kirk

    just like stadia, ray tracing isn't ready for prime time. Also just a little critique of the channel, as a first time viewer, the man talking sort of sounded robotic. like reading from a prompter, no passion, hes just going through the motions. but that's just my opinion.

  27. hed420

    I heard that they were bringing ray tracing to higher end gtx cards , is this true ? I have a gtx 1080 ti.

  28. Francis Lefebvre

    Hey watch this minecaft with ray tracing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_hrowIh9jw

  29. Soulless512

    Yes, you picked 3 great games. I have 2 of them. Control and modern warfare(just bought). Control looks amazing with rtx

  30. ModernGeekReview

    Nvidia is top of it gaming !

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