The 2010s’ Most Significant Games (Zero Punctuation)

Well, I’ve done my best, worst and blandest
video because I’m as steadfast and reliable as your preferred brand of water-based lubricant,
but 2020 is an important year. It’ll be a while before we see another year that can
so perfectly form the frames of a pair of hilarious novelty spectacles. And it’s the
start of a new decade. Think of how far we’ve come in the last ten years. In 2010 I was
stuck in a small yellow room complaining about video games, and look at me now. I’m a little
bit fatter with a slightly less functional dick. Rather than summarise ten years’ worth
of best and worst games lists again – I mean who the fuck remembers Amy besides whatever
poor twathinge invested in it and presumably now makes their Christmas dinner by peeling
old lettuce leaves off the sides of compost bins – I’d like to run down a short list of
my most significant games and gaming developments from the last ten years. Remembering that
significant doesn’t necessarily mean good. I mean, a metal straw pushed up my nostril
until it penetrates my brain cavity would be a significant part of my day but it’ll
mean a poor Yelp review for your milkshake shop. The history of gaming in the 2010s could theoretically
be told entirely in open world games. If I were to pick one that represents them all,
I’d probably go for Far Cry 3. Which was pretty good, but it was where an unpleasant trend
was beginning to crystallize – the sandbox game becoming less open-ended cathartic adventure
than gigantic three-dimensional checklist of busywork, its map splattered with identical
copy-pasted challenges and collectibles designed mainly to torment the obsessive-compulsive
with a primary gameplay loop best summarised as “tidying up.” Where the stories gradually
devolved into withered strands of linear tutorial missions that don’t even have proper endings
‘cos we have to go straight back to the sandbox afterwards to hunt the remaining five hundred
silver pinecones. But if you want an exemplar, look no further than CD Projekt Red’s 2015
hit The Witcher 3, which showed that if you want a compelling open world game there really
is no substitute for putting the fucking work in, imbuing even the least of its sidequests
with carefully crafted story and character to create a game from which rich narrative
bleeds from every pore like the juices of a beautifully cooked roast. Plus you get to
see lots of lovely girls boobies. The Black Ops Series, Yahtzee? Have you been
mainlining Worcestershire sauce again? Think about it, viewer. With four games spanning
from 2011 to 2018, is there any series that better encapsulates the state of spunkgargleweewee
modern shooters in the 2010s? It’s like a barometer for shit. It starts with Black Ops
1 and that cold war era Manchurian Candidate plot that played out like an overexcited twelve-year
old downing pixie sticks hand over hand while giving his school report on the Cuban Missile
Crisis. That was while they were still riding off the high of Modern Warfare 1 when Call
of Duty still cared about at least try to take storytelling seriously. But over the
course of Black Ops 2 and 3 we see the gradual process of modern shooters giving less and
less of a shit until they can barely spare a single kernel of undigested corn. So suddenly
we’re dealing with super terrorists in the future with jetpacks and grapple guns and
robot uprisings until Black Ops 4 comes along, throws up its hands, stops pretending and
ditches the story altogether to drink from the overfilled catheter bag of live service
multiplayer. And rip off PUBG as well just to completely give the game away. Sooner or
later shooters always gravitate back to what people actually want from them: simplicity.
Run around, shoot things that aren’t you, bounce up and down on their lifeless faces
prostate-first. If only they’d rung up Doom 2016 they could’ve found that out for free. For a company that’s constantly bringing out
the same fiery turtle lizard kidnapping the same raddled old strumpet whose underskirt
region must by now resemble a First World War battle trench after a shipment of dodgy
corned beef, Nintendo’ve done a surprising amount of hardware innovation, and the Nintendo
Switch is the result of a decade of harsh lessons. First there was the Wii, that underpowered
little white square of hardened cum, in retrospect little more than a very inefficient way to
bring computer bowling to the nursing homes of the world. Then the 3DS, which thought
the best way to iterate on the winning dual screen formula would be to add a visual gimmick
about one step removed from a children’s pop-up book. Then the Wii U of course, it’s a console!
It’s a portable! It’s both! As long as you have a convenient forklift to move the portable
part around and don’t intend to go more than twelve yards. So after all that flailing,
we end up with the Switch. Which I have to admit, I’ve come around to. I have an office
full of gaming machinery but the Switch is the only device I keep in my living room to
dick around with in my off hours. Because it’s easy to set up, has a rich library of
curated indies and I have a pro controller now so I can actually play the fucking things
without bending my hands into hideous claws fit only for stirring pasta water and bringing
off female robots. But masturbation isn’t the only great thing
that’s best achieved alone. Often the most significant indie games come to us from small
if not solo developers, probably because they’re the ones who can take the big artistic risks
without having to worry about other people needing to be paid and saying unhelpful things
like “Is it strictly necessary that every single enemy be themed around faeces?” The
2010s brought us such innovative titles as Eric Barone’s Stardew Valley, a game courageously
asking the question, “What if Harvest Moon, but called something different?” Alright,
bad example. Lucas Pope brought us Papers Please and Return of the Obra Dinn, a superb
one-two punch demonstrating the unlikely storytelling power of bureaucracy. And how could we forget
Toby Fox’s Undertale, a lovely indulgent scented bubble bath of a game, equal parts nostalgic,
hilarious and moving, which I would probably call my game of the decade if I were in a
room full of people wearing internet meme T-shirts. But in terms of most culturally
significant solo indie game, I’d give that title to 2011’s the Binding of Isaac. A game
whose deceptive simplicity hides nauseating depth and which is partly responsible for
the explosion of indie roguelikes that continues to this day. Yes, Edmund McMillen, I blame
you. My first idea for this video was just to list
off my last ten games of the year with some token snarks and then knock off for spaghetti
and robots, but then I realised that this would leave Dark Souls unmentioned, since
I went from initially dismissing it to hardcore proselytism like when all the world’s insane
conservative grandpas discovered social media. Dark Souls is what I’d call my game of the
decade if the room was instead full of fat bearded dorks who unironically own swords,
but it might also be my most historically significant game, now that every other game
seeks to ape it and the media calls every milk float with a slightly stiff brake pedal
“the Dark Souls of commercial transportation equipment.” At the time it came out, franchises
like Uncharted were redefining games as cinematic experiences with all the depth and challenge
of a paddling pool half full of children’s activity sheets from popular chain restaurants,
and it took From Software to remind us that games are games, not just films where you
have to keep holding the remote, and they have their own strengths. Depth of exploration
and discovery, the satisfaction of overcoming meaty challenges. Real games never went away,
Dark Souls was saying. They were here all along, waiting around a corner to twat you
with a poleaxe.

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    In terms of solo/small team developed games, it always saddens me to see Rimworld ignored. An astonishing game.

  4. Atlas Titan

    Your talking about most "Significant" games of the decade, i thought you would mention Star Wars Battlefront 2. Whats more significant than the game that caused governments around the world to notice that gaming in the home is akin to gaming in the casino?

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    This list is kinda all over the place. Not sure if you're trying to do an "influential games" like Jim Sterling or a "best games" but this is kinda in between. Whatever nothing really matters.

  26. Дмитрий Грязнов

    Personally, a little disappointed Hand of Fate (1 or 2) did not make it to the best games list. Tastes differ though.

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    Great video, but some things were missing imo which is fair cause then it’d get long and these probably aren’t the most significant.

    Amnesia basically redefined horror with first person.
    Pubg sparked battle royale games and as much as I hate it, was the predecessor to fortnite which has had a pretty huge significance.
    Overwatch was the first huge hero shooter since tf2 and inspired a lot of games.
    Hearthstone has had pretty huge impact for card games.
    No man’s sky, anthem, fallout 76, and ac syndicate (I think that’s the one) as a package brought the push back on companies releasing unfinished games with lots and lots of promises.
    Finally battlefront 2 and loot boxes.

    Not all are the most significant games of the decade, but every single one has had a pretty huge impact on their respective genre and some on the future of games as a whole.

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