Temper’s Adventure – A Best Fiends Animation

Temper’s Adventure Ugh, I’m bored! You’re just mad cuz your voice changed. – Why don’t you clean up this place?
– Excuse me? I come from a long and illustrious line
of Tempers! We don’t clean! We conquer. We explore. We win eating contests! But where’s my adventure? – A treasure map…
– Whaaaaat? Finally, my own adventure. Let’s go!! Right now?! Nice outfit. Ok. We should land right
next to the O in Gleaming Gorge. Temper, there’s not going be a… …Gleaming Gorge… According to this, we should be
at the base of a giant waterfall. Uh, Temper? Uh oh. Aaaaaaaahhhh! Nobody move. Hmm? – Got it.
– Temper! Look, Jojo, strong bridge! Be careful… – Oops.
– Look what you did! Phew, I thought we were going to fall. I know, crazy right? Uh-oh. Aaaaaahhhhhhh! Uuurrrhhhh… Everyone keep your guard up.
This place could be… Yeahhh! …booby-trapped. Ugh, this place gives me the creeps. Gotta be honest, I thought it would
be a lot scarier. Slugs. Yuck. Why’d it have to be Slugs? Come on, let’s go! Ah, this is gonna be so much fun! What the… – Uuuh!
– Temper! Uuuh! Oooff! Come on guys, what’s taking so long? Seriously? Ugh, let’s get out of here. Hu-hu-hu… Ohhh? – What is that?
– Oh, wow. Impressive! I did it! I did it! All on my own! – What?
– Excuse me? I finally stepped
out of my great uncle’s shadow! Woooah… Hmm… Nope. Uh-uh. Ah, maybe. Perfect! Yes! I am the greatest Temper
of them all!!! Temper… I crossed the jungle!! Temper! I defeated every single booby trap! – Ugh…
– Watch out… Aaaaaaaaaaargh! Ah, good times. Another adventure? Awesome, let’s go! No [email protected]#$ing way.

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  1. Pop Corn

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  3. K.Kelly

    I’m here to get 100 free diamonds

  4. JaceG

    1:46 he a bug and killed a fly, this is like human kill human? …

  5. Christina Brito

    You can't say that at the end there is kids watching like me! No cursing

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    So colorful love ❤️. Need to see a movie in theaters. Love the voices!

  8. Rosie Crossley

    Omg so funny!

  9. Jade

    Best Fiends is so addictive and hard to resist to play on when you’re using your phone…

  10. some lad

    No *#$!>,% way

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  13. Lobbiel 99

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    They actually need to put this on tv🤧

  16. Alexis Martinez

    100 diamonds made me do it 😂😂😂

  17. Jaycob Custer

    Behind a Picture frame
    Shower cap
    His great uncles
    A strawberry

  18. Tinker Bell

    😂🤣😂😂 Howie at the end !!!

  19. Jen Decker

    This should really be on TV my grandchildren would love it.

  20. Barbara Wells

    Well it's the weekend time for a 24 hr BEST FIENDS marathon!!!! Whose with me???🤩🤩🤩🤩

  21. Italian Asist Item Boi 2018 2019

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    It's cool love Jojo

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    Hi new to this channel I love the game it's so fun

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    This is so cute 😂

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    Temper, just Temper, i love him~
    Temper is love
    Temper is live

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    That ending was gold 😂

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    Scorpion boi's voice is so sick

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    Animations are wicked!!! I ❤️ Best Fiends 💯

  35. D'shawn Cherry

    Why and how is this 💩 addictive? Is this game a ploy from the government to distract me from something? FU government i can walk and chew gum at the same time. But bless whomever came up with this it's pretty amazing. Never in the history of app games have i ever sat and watched a video about it until now….and not just for gems this 💩 is highly entertaining and I'm 33. My 12 year old son is astonished! 😲

  36. Aubrey Young

    Here’s the next one

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    Love them all keep making!!!!

  39. لوسيانا أندراتا

    This is the only game that I love lol

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    Please tell me I'm not the only one that for some reason ships Jojo and Temper 😂❤

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    Howie just cursed! Yes!! This isn't a kids game woooohoooo

  44. Sammy Tancos

    I was getting worried Howey wouldn't curse.


    Does Howie say 🤬 all the time

  46. Janina Paul

    +++ Die App ist absolut nicht zu empfehlen. Der Spielspaß ist grandios, man kann die kleinen süßen Dinger entwickeln, die Level sind knifflig und machen Spaß, die Animationen sind super. ABER Best Fiends sind zu einer melkenden Wollmilchsau-Maschine geworden und haben die App durch Anpassung der Schwierigkeitsgrade uninteressant gemacht. Wenn man keine Goldbarren kauft, braucht man EWIG pro Level und verliert den Spaß daran! Früher hat man alle Fiends über Schlüssel gewonnen, jetzt erhält man sie zT nur für 15 – 20 € PRO STÜCK! Fiendstile ebenfalls. Traurig, und erbärmlich wie man auch hier von vorne bis hinten ausgenommen wird. Zudem muss man so extrem viel Zeit aufwenden, und da wöchentlich Level dazu kommen, ist es unmöglich ohne Geld überhaupt ON TOP zu kommen! Und mit einem Punktestand von über 1.800 bin ich jetzt auch kein schlechter Spieler, sondern einer von den besseren! +++

    Hallo Best-Fiends-Team,

    ich wollte euch nur mitteilen, dass ich die App löschen werde.

    Ich habe so viel Geld investieren müssen, um voranzukommen – und trotzdem ist es nahezu unmöglich ohne Goldbarren weitere Level zu schaffen. Ich bin ein Spieler der ersten Stunde, und das Ergebnis, zu dem die App geworden ist, entsetzt mich. Man kann extra Fiends oder Fiends-Stile nur kaufen, oder alle 200 Level gewinnen. Das ist extrem unbefriedigend.

    Mit mir verliert ihr heute einen treuen Anhänger!

  47. April Hernandez

    This game is addictive SERIOUSLY 😁

  48. Jazzy JediKnight

    Howie cursing at the end: Best Part 😆

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    Que hay para los que no sabemos inglés?… 😢😭

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  55. LANAtoyworld

    1.Behind a picture frame
    2.Shower cap
    4.His great uncle's
    5.A strawberry

  56. Baron Wolfenstein

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    Love this game

  61. Rita Childers

    Love this game

  62. Rita Childers

    Hours of fun

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    Temper : We don't clean!?…
    Me: I feel your laziness Temper 😂😅

  64. michael x09

    Why does Howie say bad words in all the animations

  65. Angela Losole

    When is a Best Fiends movie going to be made? I think it would be a big hit!

  66. Keyosha Leachman

    Yes. So funny.

  67. Gravity Beetle

    Jojo, Howie, Gordon, and Temper look cool. And the Fiends sound accurate.

  68. Jay Rio Eilers

    Excellent. I also like the in game post video quiz idea.

  69. Wanita Denkers


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    He said it again 4:31

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