Teamfight Tactics in 2020 | Dev Video – League of Legends

Hey everyone, I’m Dax
the producer for Teamfight Tactics. and I’m Mort,
TFT’s game design lead. This past year was pretty busy
for the Teamfight Tactics team. We started working on TFT last February since then we’ve built the game, launched it, and made tons of iterations and improvements then delivered our first big overhaul
with Rise of the Elements. It’s because of your passion and
feedback that we are inspired to continue pushing TFT forward and make it the
strategy game that you want to play for years to come. Thanks to all of your feedback, we’ve already
made some big improvements to the game. While TFT is all about adapting to your
situation, we’ve pulled out some of the more extreme random mechanics. That way,
the player with the better strategy will win more often. We’ve also focused on making sure that
building up your team and unleashing them is as satisfying as ever by removing some
of the more frustrating disables like Hextech and Demons. Getting to see your champions cast their
ultimates and fight the enemy team is an exciting part of the game and we want to
make sure everyone gets the chance to do that. Finally, we’ve made sure that there are
less hard counters that make your whole team feel shut down, and instead offer
some softer counters to help enhance your team in the right situation at the
right time to get that winning edge. Of course, we’ve still got a lot more coming. Over the next couple of months, you’ll continue
to see new champions and origins get added to Set 2 as well as some pretty key item reworks
that will help you out in the right situation. We’re looking forward to what’s to come,
so please keep giving us feedback, as we love hearing from you. With the recent release of Rise of the Elements, you’ve
now seen what we mean when we talk about Sets and we’ve already started working on the next one. It’s a pretty large PROJECT but with so many STAR champions in the League Universe it’s been a BLAST trying to figure out how to
make SPACE for all of them, especially now that we’re getting
our finger on the PULSE of what makes a good Set. Our hope is that you’ll find the
next Set to be out of this world. All right, Mort, I think they get it. Set 3 is currently slated to go live in mid-March,
but we’ll let you know if anything changes. That’s not all we have planned for March, though. that’s also when we’re aiming to bring TFT
to mobile in most countries. While we’ve been busy working on PC,
we’ve also been pouring over how to bring TFT from PC to mobile in a way that feels
intentionally built for the platform. So you can play lounging on the couch taking the bus to work or sitting on the John. There’s a lot coming in the next year for TFT we’re thankful for all the support
you’ve given us so far and we hope you keep coming back to TFT for years to come.

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  2. Ian Carlo Villaceran Barco

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  4. Yang HellSlinger

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  5. Schwifty Fox

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  6. Octoflex

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  7. Nautilus

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  8. Best pink

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  9. Johnny Johnson

    No. This set feels more random than the previous set because so many strategies HEAVILY rely on finding the right high cost unit (e.g., lucian, olaf, brand, etc.). Sorry, but I don't like playing slots, so I think I'd rather play another game (unless the next set fixes these problems).

  10. stoner the stoneman

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  19. Nafee Walee

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  20. J_M _M_C AMV

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  22. RYΛИ

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  23. Patara Chobdham

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  42. Super Shadonic

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    I wonder if Ezreal would be Star Gaurdian or Pulsefire though.

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  48. NaYometixHyDroX

    I would like it if you could go more late game in TFT by beeing able to push to level 11. Because sometimes I dont get to put in all the units I have and end up becoming second or third, even thought with a highler level I could have won the game.

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