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Plot Mountain! | The Plot Diagram Song | Scratch Garden

If you’re going to Plot Mountain
You gotta start somewhere We’ll call this the INTRODUCTION
And guess happens there? You describe the characters and the settings
That’s the who, what, when, and where The characters are the people that are there
What do they look like, why should we care? And the setting is the place where they be
What exactly do the characters see? On their way to Plot Mountain At the start of Plot Mountain
You’re gonna have to go up We call this the RISING ACTION
And here starts the plot There’s a conflict in the story
You should describe exactly what Like a character has a problem to work through
With themselves or the world, what should they do? Or maybe there’s some big arguments
Or some dramatic natural events On the way up Plot Mountain Keep on going up Plot Mountain
Until you reach the top We call this the CLIMAX
And here you cannot stop! You must face the biggest problem
That leads to a turning point Here the story is the most intense
With emotions, drama, and suspense But action like this cannot stay
The story must change and go a different way On the top of Plot Mountain After the top of Plot Mountain
You’re going to start to go down We call this the FALLING ACTION
And it lasts until flat ground There’s still action in the story
But it will start to slow down So the worst is over, the worst is through,
But now what will the characters do? There are still some problems, how long will
they last? Don’t forget the ending is coming fast
On the way down Plot Mountain After climbing down Plot Mountain
Well it’s gotta end somewhere We call this the RESOLUTION
And what will happen there? You should answer all the questions
Until you are aware: That the conflicts in the story from before
Aren’t there any more Unless there’s gonna be a sequel or part
2 And then you’ll have to think what will
the characters do? The next time on Plot Mountain!

Top 10 BROKEN Fighting Game Characters

October 20, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

Top 10 BROKEN Fighting Game Characters

Nick: If you’ve been following Screwattack for a while, you know how much we love fighting games. For us, they bring us so much hype and excitement, but then there are some characters that just bring us nothing but salt and frustration. The 10 you see here aren’t necessarily unbeatable, but man, oh man, they can be rage inducing. So hey! I’m Nervous Nick for Screwattack’s Top 10 BROKEN fighting game characters. Announcer: NUMBER 10. Nick: Killer Instinct has never been a super execution heavy series, but even then, why is Cinder such an easy character to play in the original KI!? Not just easy, but rewarding too! Not only does he have one of the most famous infinite combos in fighting games, but he’s got another combo that ends up stunning you, letting him rinse and repeat until you lose. Oh, also, he can turn invisible. You know, just for good measure. Cinder was such a problem in the arcades back in the day, that Nintendo actually had to patch KI just to take away his infinite nonsense. Yes, behind the times Nintendo PATCHED A GAME IN 1994 by sending technicians out to all 17,000 arcade machines… …just to tone Cinder down. I love it. A man on fire did more to modernize Nintendo than competition from Sony and Microsoft ever did! Announcer: NUMBER 9. Nick: Love her or hate her, Ibuki will forever be one of my very favorite Street Fighter characters. Back in Street Fighter 3: New Generation, she was the first fighting game character I ever mained. But I’ll call it like I see it, this character’s broken. I can’t think of too many characters who have ever had a one button infinite. but here’s Ibuki comboing Elena with nothing but a standing heavy kick. Even I could do this infinite back in the day, and I was a complete fighting game newbie! Plus, her super, “Hashin Shou” was just dumb! I remember one time, I got hit by Ryu’s fireball and somehow mashed out a super fast enough to hit Ryu with it before he even had a chance to block! Oh, also this super sets up Ibuki’s infinite as well. If ever a case could be made for thick thighs taking lives… …this would be it. Announcer: NUMBER 8. Nick: When Street Fighter Cross Tekken was announced, it was like a childhood dream come true. I mean, two huge fighting game franchises coming together in an official game?! The possibilities were endless! Unfortunately, the game launched as a buggy glitch-filled disappointment and nothing embodies that better than “Mega Man”. Mega Man with GIANT quotation marks around it. Anyway, Mega Man could eke out wins with the tactic not so affectionately referred to as a TIMER SCAM. Basically all he had to do was get the life lead and trigger a bug which took him to frigging orbit, out of your reach, you can never hit him again for the rest of the game. After that it was only a matter of waiting for the timer to run out, or for the opponent to rage quit. But hey, on the plus side, Capcom has since managed to fix both this bug and Mega Man himself. Thank God! Announcer: NUMBER 7. December 15, 2015… …the final character for Smash Brothers Wii U is revealed to be none other than Bayonetta. The internet loses its collective mind with hype! …And today, the internet is losing its collective mind with SALT. Anybody who’s had to face Bayonetta knows the pain of losing an entire stock just because she got you with one Witch Time counter. This move is fricking dumb! Even without it, Bayonetta still has plenty of other ways to take you from 0% ALL the way to the Big Battlefield in the sky by killing you off the top. Pretty much the only reason Bayonetta’s not higher is because she did get patched so that you can escape her zero to death combos, but you’ve got to do this to your controller to do it! [BOOM] The only thing that wears down faster than your control stick is your patience when you’ve got to fight the Umbra Witch. Cross your fingers that if and when this game gets a Switch-port that Nintendo burns the witch one more time. Announcer: NUMBER 6. Nick: One word: RESURRECTION. Anybody who has had the misfortune of playing against Gill from Street Fighter 3 probably shudders at that very word. It wasn’t enough that this game’s boss character does chip-damage with his normals… shoots projectiles that can eat through everyone else’s… can stun most characters in one combo and also hits like a titanium truck carrying bricks! What truly puts Gill over the edge is everything he does with his Super Meter. You can use it to rain down a wall of projectiles from the sky… shoot rainbows that do a billion damage whether you block it or not… or worst of all, his dreaded RESURRECTION. Let me tell you the story of how this usually goes: You barely managed to land the final hit that downs this giant naked man… when suddenly he just gets back up like he’s demon-possessed and his health bar turns green again! I’ll skip to the end of the story: You lose! Hey, at least he’s banded by default in 3rd Strike: Online Edition! Announcer: NUMBER 5. Nick: How can you talk about broken fighting game characters without bringing up the all-time classic Akuma from Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo? You want to know what an overpowered fighter looks like? Behold! The quintessential textbook example! We all remember experiencing the nightmare that was the hidden boss Akuma… so when it turned out that the version YOU could play as was toned down, everybody said: “Oh, thank God!” But, he was STILL too powerful. Akuma was always meant to be something of a glass cannon, who hits hard but gets it even harder. The thing is, in his first appearance here, he was a too much cannon and not enough glass. If he kept throwing his red fireballs at you… YOU WERE STUCK-AND-BLOCK FOR THE REST OF THE MATCH, and even if you got past that, he couldn’t be stunned! At least Gill was banned by default in Street Fighter 3! Not so with Akuma. Announcer: NUMBER 4. Nick: Something that makes Marvel vs Capcom games so appealing is the idea that EVERYONE is cheap. That’s such a huge reason why these games are so fun! And yet, for most people, Dark Phoenix managed to suck the fun right out of Marvel vs Capcom 3. Phoenix may have the smallest amount of health in the game, but if she dies while sitting on all 5 Hyper-Meters HO HO, BOY, ARE YOU IN FOR SOME BULLCRAP! Reborn as Dark Phoenix her speed and damage output both get a huge boost, and since her teleport can appear in front or behind you, you basically have to guess which way to block. And then, on top of all that, if she triggers her X-Factor… she gets even faster and even stronger until she’s an nigh-unreactable powerhouse that can undo all your hard work in just a few combos. I haven’t played this game since 2013 and even though I was never really good at it… this character is still a big reason why I quit. Announcer: NUMBER 3. Bayonetta may be the modern-day controversial Smash character, but not so long ago, that dishonor belonged to Meta knight in Super Smash Brothers Brawl. This beach ball with wings seemingly has almost every advantage going for him! Ridiculously fast moves both on the ground and in the air, a powerful combo game, and for those of you into this sort of thing… NO BAD MATCHUPS ACROSS THE ENTIRE CAST! He may be a lightweight, but if your attack does anything less than kill him outright, Meta Knight is practically GUARANTEED to get back onto the stage again, since every single one of his special moves also works as a recovery. Plus, Meta knight is really good at running away from you the entire match. Remember that glitch that let him disappear for as long as he felt like? Yeah, not so fun for everybody else. Fun fact: Because Meta Knight is such a stupidly powerful character… he’s the only one in all of Smash who is nearly banned from all tournament play. And in hindsight, he probably should have been… Announcer: NUMBER 2. Nick: You know a fighter is bonkers if they’re banned from tournaments WITHOUT being a boss character, and if you played Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future, you can see why this exact thing happened to a little bird called Pet Shop. This freaky falcon is small, hard to hit, and loves nothing more than shooting you with a giant icicles that lead to TONS of damage. Pet Shop is so hard to keep track of because he’s all over the screen in this game… and he’s so strong, that he can even take Jojo himself from full health all the way to death in a single combo. GOLLY-MIT! I JUST- I JUST WANT TO SMASH HIS LITTLE BIRD FACE IN PIECES UNTIL IT SHATTERS! Oh yeah, just like that. Announcer: IT’S… NUMBER 1. Nick: If you’re watching a Screwattack Top 10 you must understand that if it’s number one on the list IT IS THE ANSWER. Ladies and gentlemen, let me personally introduce you to the number one most broken fighting game character of all. Ivan Ooze. In Power Rangers Fighting Edition on SNES, this character actually flies around the arena the entire game all the while shooting you with columns of lasers and projectiles that, get this, HOME IN ON YOU. Even if you somehow get in close on him, Ivan Ooze’s aptly-named invulnerable strike has, well, obvious advantages. It’s true that he literally can’t block, but with moves like these, WHY WOULD HE NEED TO?!?!?!? On top of all that, what if I told you that you can’t throw him OR hit him with low attacks!? That means half of your basic offense is COMEPLETELY WORTHLESS against him! Picking the best character in a fighting game doesn’t usually mean that you’re going to win automatically… Unless you pick Ivan Ooze in which case you will win every time. For secret number 11 we’re going back to Smash one more time for the Ice Climbers. These kids trolled their way through not just Melee, but also Brawl as well! If your opponent knew the right inputs, one grab from the Ice Climbers meant one death for you guaranteed. So maybe it’s for the best that they never made their return in Smash Brothers Wii U

High Anxiety of the Math Variety

October 19, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 7 Comments

High Anxiety of the Math Variety

the time is now. And the journey into the shadows
that we’re about to watch could be our journey. Inside, inside each
of us is the capacity to create an enemy,
known as math anxiety. It is said when we decide
to stop taking math courses, listen carefully. You will hear the
sounds of doors closing. [DRUMMING] [DOOR CLOSING] [SCREAM] [DOOR CLOSING] [MANIACAL LAUGHTER] [DOOR SLAMMING] Fear of math is sometimes
called math anxiety. What do you feel when
you have to do math? I feel all like helpless
and hopeless and stuff. And like, I’ll never get it. And you? Stressed out. I just, I just
zone out on tests. It’s OK, you could come on in. How do you feel when
you have to do math? Panic! Almost like someone
is attacking me. And I feel helpless and alone. You are definitely not alone. Once survey found that 85% of
students in introductory math classes suffer from at
least mild math anxiety. And another survey found
that 2/3 of Americans suffer from at least some
form of math anxiety. So, like, why are so many
people afraid of math? Math anxiety may
have many causes. For example, you could
have had a bad experience when you were a child. Yeah, man. I remember this one
time, I was sick when we went over fractions. And now just looking at
a fraction makes me sick. Exactly. And even your teachers
or your parents could have passed on their
own math anxiety onto you. No way! Teachers are like our
friends, friends, friends. Times up! Faster! [GARBLED VOICES] Everybody else could do it! You’ll never go anywhere, if you
don’t learn your times tables! [MANIACAL LAUGHTER] [PIANO MUSIC] Well, teachers are
only human, after all. Except for the ones
that are monsters. [ORGAN CHORD] Just kidding. Well, let’s talk about some of
the symptoms of math anxiety that you’ve all experienced. Well, when I’m in class
and on homework, I’m fine. But when I get to
the test, I just, it’s like my brain
just doesn’t even work. Isn’t that weird? Not really all that weird. Fear of math may cause what they
call a temporary brain glitch. Students with math
anxiety may have memory problems that occur
only when they take tests with numbers but not any
other kinds of tests. Dude, any kind of
math me want to hurl. I mean, I get all sweaty,
my heart starts thumping, I can’t even breathe. I just want to take off. It’s called the fight
or flight syndrome. When you’re under stress,
it’s like you’re under attack. Your body either wants to
run away or fight back. It’s like your brain shuts off,
and your primitive instincts kick in. All your logic and
reasoning abilities that you need for
math desert you. It’s like you’re being
attacked by polynomials. [GIGGLING] Can math anxiety kill you? [ORGAN CHORD] [URGENT MUSIC] Everybody else could do it. I told you, you’ll
never go anywhere. I think you even
spelled your name wrong. Stop it! Oh, I can’t think. I feel sick. Oh, I think I can,
I think I can. (MIMICKING GIRL) I think I can.
(IN OWN VOICE) No you can’t. You’ve never been good at math. Face it. You just don’t have a math mind. But I studied. It all looks like a foreign
language to me and– [SOBBING] They all look like they
know what they’re doing. (WHISPERING) She’s
doing so well. (SOBBING) It’s going so fast. (VOICEOVER) To do list. Tanning parlor, manicure,
then I’m going to go shopping. (VOICEOVER) This isn’t so bad. I’m glad I want to the
tutoring center last week. (VOICEOVER) A football is
thrown with a velocity of, um– a football! If only they hadn’t
traded Culpepper. (VOICEOVER) Math rocks. I can’t wait for calculus! (VOICEOVER) 10q. Tank you very much! [MANIACAL LAUGHTER] Look at her! This is so easy for
her, she’s laughing. That’s because she
knows what she’s doing. I think I can’t. I think I can’t. Oh, I know I can’t. I can’t, oh, I can’t. That’s right, a
lack of confidence is a common problem with
students with math anxiety. You get this cycle of failure. You have your negative
math experience, which then leads to
your math avoidance, and to your poor preparation
and then poor math performance, which could also contribute
to another negative math experience and start the
cycle all over again. Whoa, that makes me dizzy, man. OK, OK, but like, what
if you just weren’t born with a mind for math? Yeah, I’m a musician. I can’t be an artist and
be good at math too, right? I had a teacher once that
told me that girls just can’t do math as well as boys. Well, that’s one of the
common myths about math that may contribute
to the feeling that you’ll never be good at it. Let’s bury those myths
once and for all. [ORGAN MUSIC] I hope this is a mathematical
brain, Dr Frankenstein. You don’t have to be born
with a math brain, Igor. Learning math is like
learning a language. It comes with
experience and practice. Give me math book. Now! Greetings, my friends. Do you think math
is not creative? Math concepts are used
throughout literature, art, music, and even in the movies. My friends, without math,
special effects in movies might still look like this. [AIRCRAFT FLYING] [WIND BLOWING] My friends, you have
seen the evidence. Don’t let bad movies like
this haunt you in the future. (SINGING) My body
lies over the ocean. I’m so bored! Give me something to do. Like some math puzzles. What are you talking about? Women can’t do math. Really? Research has failed to show
any difference between men and women in
mathematical ability. As a matter of fact, I
was the head of my class. [MANIACAL LAUGHTER] [APPLAUSE] Oh, oh, Miss Counselor,
like what about the one that if you raise your
hand all the time in class and act all like smarty pants,
then nobody will talk to you, and you’ll never
have any friends? Well, that one’s actually true. OK, I think I’ve got it. I’m afraid of math because
of some childhood experience. And girls can do math
just as well as boys. And there’s no such
thing as a math brain. Now what? The first step is to
confront your fears. Let’s see what happens when
I hold up this math book. Geekman, just as I suspected. We meet again. Counselor. [SCREAMING] I see you’re all well
acquainted with Geekman here. He seems real to
you, but he is merely a physical manifestation of your
phobic reactions towards math. Huh? I didn’t quite catch
that, Miss Counselor. He’s what your
imagination creates, when you have math anxiety. (IN UNISON) Oh. Icky. Do not fear, he can no longer
hurt you in the presence of one who is no longer afraid. [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] Gee, Super Counselor. You mean you once
had math anxiety? Yes, kids. You’d be surprised at how
many professionals once suffered as you do. But with good study
habits and guidance, you, too, can learn to
overcome your math anxiety and become successful in math. He’s one nasty dude. How do I even begin
to get over that? Math anxiety can be
a formidable foe. But you’ve already
taken the first step. If you suffer from math
anxiety, seek help. Talk to your instructors,
your counselors, or your tutoring center staff. But there are many ways you
can begin to help yourself. This calls for my secret weapon. PowerPoint on! Self-help techniques for
conquering math anxiety. Number one, learn stress
management and relaxation techniques. Take deep, relaxing breaths. Number two, combat
negative thinking. Think positive thoughts,
like I know this. Or I can do this. Be confident. Visualize yourself succeeding. This is a trick that
athletes use to channel their stress in a positive way. Do easiest problems first. Work around the panic by finding
something else on the test that you can do. And number five, channel your
stress into something else, like a stress ball. Number six, start
preparing early. Take care of yourself. Eat healthy and try to rest
your brain and your body before a test. Number eight, try to understand
the why of math concepts, rather than memorizing. Number nine, find
a support group. Support groups are
especially helpful when overcoming math
anxiety as an adult. And number 10, reward
yourself for hard work. Here’s your reward! [THUNDER CLAP] (WHISPERING) Insert evil laugh! What? Oh! [EVIL LAUGHTER] Enough Geekman! You’ll never win, counselor. These kids are mine! Mine! [EVIL LAUGHTER] Oh yeah, let’s put
it to the test. Yes. Yes, a test! Better yet, a pop quiz. My favorite! All right Geekman,
I’ll play your game. A pop quiz it is. A pop quiz! Holy prom cancellation,
counselor! It’s OK, you can do this. There’s no time like
the present time to practice strategies
you just learned. You all created
him in your minds. And you can uncreate him. It’s OK, you can do this,
you’re stronger than he is! [EVIL LAUGHTER] Breathe, relax,
think I can do this. No! Yeah, all right. Here’s the easiest one. Cool, I can do this. I’m going to give myself a
huge reward when I’m finished. [EVIL LAUGHTER] I can count on you, right? This is still scary. You’ve always been
anxious about math. We’ve had some good times. But at least now I
know I’m not alone. What? No. And I know where to go for help. No. I am strong. No, you’re not. I am invincible. You’re not. (SINGING) I am woman! No! Geekman! Stop it! Are you with us? You know kids, a
little bit of anxiety is actually a good thing. It gives you that little
bit of motivation and energy you need to do your best. You did it! Keep practicing those strategies
we talked about today. For more strategies and
resources for math anxiety, consult the supplement
that accompanied this video and get guidance
from your instructor, counselor, and tutoring center. I think you’ve all
learned the keys to overcoming math anxiety, in
whatever form it may appear. You’ve all learned this. The doors of opportunity
are open to you. Now go forth and multiply! [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) I smell
daisies in the winter. I hear robins singing
sweet songs all year round. For if I’m ever
feeling blue, remember that there’s always
something that you can do, when you see the
good in everything. The worst nightmares
come from within. But so does the power
to overcome them. The key to confidence and
success is of our own making. Open the door to your
ultimate potential. What is waiting for
you on the other side? (SINGING) I see sunshine,
when it’s raining. I taste chocolate, when
I eat my cauliflower. For if I’m ever
feeling blue, remember that there’s always
something that you can do, when you see the
good in everything. When your day is dark and
grey and clouds are all about, don’t blame the weatherman
for his mistake. Hold your head up high and
smile, the sun is on its way. You’ll learn to see
the gift in every day. I feel sweet love,
in a sad world. All my senses tell me
life is really grand. For if I’m ever
feeling blue, remember that there’s always
something that you can do, when you see the good
in everything, when you see the good in everything.

Major League Word Problem

October 19, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 81 Comments

Major League Word Problem

well Here’s another one of my favorite movie clips that has some maths in it, so let’s just play it and then as usual I’m going to chat about a little bit. Still doing your homework? yeah. You know we got a relatively big game today, kid… yeah? Well, I got a relatively big math tutor. Can’t have this hanging over my head Hmm Math, huh? You know I’ve always heard that it helps to write it down. If Joe can paint a house in three hours and Sam can paint the same house in five hours, How long does it take for them to do it together? Wait a minute… you never said this was a word problem. Scales, get over here. What’s up, man? If I could paint a house in three hours, And you can paint it in five, how long will it take us to paint it together? [Lonnie] Takes me three hours to paint a house, it takes you five – how long to do it together? What color paint? It’s simple – five times three, so that’s… 15. No, no, no [Lookits], it takes eight hours. Five plus three… That’s 8! Nah man, that’s not right – Check it out – There’s one, two of them. So it only takes… four hours. I should know this… my uncle’s a painter. Why don’t they just get a house that’s already painted? You know maybe there is no answer. Maybe it’s one of those trick questions. You ever think of that? I don’t know, I mean, “8” sounds good to me. [argument… “but there’s 2 of them” more arguing] Fellas fellas fellas fellas! The chalk, if you please. Why thank you. well Could you do it? [behind camera] at most three hours [behind camera] Because if one guy can do it in three hours – so at most it will be three hours. Burkard:Alright so let’s have a look, ok. So this is the setup. So we’ve got different suggestions. We’ve got like 15 8 [4] you know You say at most 3 – and you’re right of course right? I mean, so there’s there’s Joe working away and takes him three hours and basically we’ve got somebody there who joins them to help So it can only get better and so you can only get less so all of these are out, right? 15 is out, 8 is out 4 is out. Well, so this is one of those typical problems that they talk to you with in school and usually when you kind of pose a problem like this everybody’s eyes displays over and just “oh, God” So anyway, let’s try to make sense of it. I mean the first thing. I have to say about this is it’s actually It’s a silly problem. You know like most of these school problems are silly problems, and it doesn’t have anything to do with reality right? I mean you can’t paint a house In three hours – you can maybe paint a door in three hours… And there’s all kinds of you know hidden assumptions in here which you’ve been drilled to you know … work with – so everybody kind of just launches into making up some numbers – but really, I mean it’s actually more useful just to think about this and say something like, “well It’s going to take less than three hours”. And it’s actually really really good answer probably better answer than what we actually come up with here. Okay, so what’s it about? Well, Joe paints the house in three hours, Sam painted in five – so it’s a bit slower, and then we have to figure out, well, if they work together, well – We already know it’s going to take less than three hours. But what exactly is going to be? You know, in an ideal mathematical world, right? In an ideal mathematical world, Joe looks like this, Sam looks like this, and the house looks like that? In the Real World? anyway Okay, so what makes this problem hard? Hmm. Well let’s see whether we can make it simpler… Well, let’s just imagine that both Joe and Sam, both take three hours to paint a house, okay? So both take three hours to paint a house… Well then You know basically there’s Joe painting the house, and there’s Sam painting a house and after three hours They’re finished with the house, so basically in three hours They’re painting two houses, right? So if you had two houses there, in three hours they would have painted both of them together. So we can say together Three hours – then it’s pretty obvious what the answer is. So how long does it take them to do it together? It’s going to … well basically we have to divide it by two here. We have to divide by 2. We get a 1 here, and you know one and a half there, so that’s what it is. Right? … and that’s well um… What about the real answer? Three hours is faster than this guy So that means that the real answer is probably a bit more than that, okay? So we’re getting closer. So let us say thet they both take five hours. What happens then? So both take five hours, then in Five hours, they finish again (2 houses) and then how long does it take them to do one? Just divide by two. So… 2.5 – and that’s going to be an overestimate again, right? because, well, you know that’s both working really slow… But it’s mix of those – so we’re somewhere in between 1.5. and 2.5. So that’s fine, right? Okay, so well, what makes these other problems simple, is that both of these numbers are the same. Okay, now the trick to solve pretty much any of these problems is to make these numbers the same – How can we make them the same? Well this statement here Well, what does it imply? It implies that Joe paints two houses in… Six hours, right? so we could do it as this… or three houses in nine hours? or Four houses in 12 hours or five houses in fifteen hours – and actually when you kind of see the 15, Wooo… well you see … I can also count up down there – Right? I can say, Sam: two houses in ten hours, and three houses in fifteen hours, and all of a sudden those right sides are the same. Now we can do exactly what we did before, all right? Then we say, well in 15 hours, this guy’s painted five houses and this guy’s painted three houses. So together they’ve painted eight houses. Alright… but… We’ll get ahead of Ourselves. Let’s just kind of scroll back and kind of come from here. So how do we get to the 15? Well basically, take that five and multiply here. That gets us to fifteen – and then how do we get to fifteen here? Or we multiply by three, right? So just kind of cross multiply, and we get there, okay? And then we add up and we get our eight houses and fifteen hours – and then what about the one house? Well, we just have to divide by eight, it gets us a 1 here, And what does it get over here? It gets us a 50 divided by eight, which is about 1.9, okay? So that’s what it is … alright… oh… Just scroll back again – eight houses, fifteen – initial numbers – a three and five, how do they go into these numbers here? well this one is three plus five, and this one here was three times five and actually when you when you think about what we’ve done, all of this is kind of staying true if you change the 3 or the 5 to anything else. What if we change the three to 666 and the five to 665… You know, you just change three to 666, (and the 5 to 665) – and it’s still going to be true. So the whole calculation goes through all right, so it’s completely general. Okay, and then of course in this case here if we divide by three plus five, we get that as the general solution. Okay, well let’s see how they did it in the movie. So there we go… Why thank you. Using the simple Formula: A times B, over A plus B we arrive at our answer of one and seven-eighths. Are you sure? Oh-ho-ho – but of course my diminutive leader – long have I been familiar with the exactitudes of the mathematical world. very Impressive

The biggest game in English football? Liverpool vs Manchester United | US AND THEM

Describe Manchester, the city. Errr… It’s like a pirate ship full of scurvy dogs,
vagabonds and ne’er-do-wells, and a couple of half-decent football teams
every now and again! And a couple of half-decent bands. Much the same as Liverpool, really. Liverpool. Manchester. Identity. Originality. Industry. Radicalism. History. Music. Football. Liverpool the city, if I had to describe it
I think I’d just use one word. Famous. To us, the centre of the
known universe, innit? Music, fashion, politics. You can’t be coming from Liverpool
if you’re not involved in one of them. It had The Beatles, didn’t it?
And after that it struggled. It is a prettier city than Manchester. It’s just wasted on you lot, innit? And the people here, we’re different. Tony Wilson used to say,
“We do things differently here”. You can’t bull**** when you’re in Manchester,
you’ve got to be yourself. It’s working-class, it’s dead cocky, we basically love ourselves. Two of the world’s greatest cities,
30 miles apart, so much in common but so much
that divides them. Our little corner of England has probably
contributed more to sport, to culture, to music, to science, to technology, to industry than any other corner of the world. But we don’t recognise that in each other. Ron Atkinson said once, if you go
to Anfield it’s like going to Vietnam. You just turn into an animal
when you’re in the ground, you just lose your head, it’s embarrassing. If someone filmed you, you’d be going,
“That’s not me, is it?” But where did this rivalry start,
how has it changed through the years and why does it keep getting stronger? 300 years ago Liverpool built the first
enclosed commercial wet dock in the world. That’s where it all began, I think, for Liverpool,
that’s where it all went boom. It speeded up the loading
and offloading of the cargos and it speeded up Liverpool’s trade. This was the second city of the British Empire, a thriving port city. There was that many ships
lined up on the Pier Head people couldn’t even see
the Mersey beyond it, and there was people there
from the Americas, from Asia, with these foreign tongues, who brought so much
wealth to Liverpool. Herman Melville, who wrote Moby Dick, he likened Liverpool’s dock system
to the Great Lakes in North America. They were that huge and that impressive. At the same time, fuelled by
the Industrial Revolution, Manchester began to boom. We’re a people of doers. We invented the whole UK textile industry. Arkwright’s Mill, that was the first industrial building on earth. And it became known
the world over as ‘Cottonopolis’. The hotbed of early labour movements, Marx and Engels wrote the
Communist Manifesto for Manchester. A really radical city; the TUC were founded
here, Suffragettes, Peterloo Massacre – the history is astonishing. The two cities were even linked by
the world’s first steam-powered railway. But in the late 1800s, Manchester began
to suffer an economic decline and things were soon being pointed
at the neighbours on the Mersey. The raw materials that were coming into
Manchester had to come into Liverpool, the biggest port in the country at the time,
bigger than London. It was costing a fortune. ANDY MITTEN: That was what led to
the Manchester Ship Canal being built. They wanted to bypass Liverpool,
the greed of the Liverpool merchants, building all your grand houses
in the centre of Liverpool, which are still very nice. Mancunians are very proud of the Ship Canal and very quick to say that it effectively
brought the sea to Manchester. Xxxxxx you lot off a bit, didn’t it? And that’s probably the start
of the whole rivalry. Football was becoming a regular pastime
within northern working-class communities. And one of the many new teams springing up
was a certain Newton Heath. Newton Heath started up in 1878,
playing in amongst the cotton mills and cramped factories
of inner-city east Manchester. For a short time they wore those
famous green and gold shirts and were reasonably successful. 14 years later Liverpool FC
were formed, in 1892, wearing blue and white. While Liverpool were on the up,
Newton Heath were on the slide. In 1894, the year the Ship Canal was opened, Newton Heath were rock-bottom
of the First Division. To save their skin, they entered into a playoff
against the Second Division champions. Liverpool were the champions
of the old second tier, and it was a one-off game, a playoff, and Liverpool won 2-0. That was the first really when
we put one over on United, or Newton Heath as they were called. By 1902 they became
Manchester United, and by 1909 they moved to Old Trafford. The first game at Old Trafford was
against Liverpool, I forget the score… I can’t remember the score. Liverpool came to town and beat them 4-3. They must have been a bit sore about that,
they probably owed us one from an early time. The next notable meeting between
the teams would go down in history. But for the wrong reasons. On Good Friday 1915, United were facing
relegation, and Liverpool came to their aid. United won 2-0 and avoided the drop, but later investigations found that players from both sides had rigged the game. It was an infamous episode in the history of both clubs. Liverpool won two league titles in the 1920s,
while United stagnated. Then, in the wake of the Second World War,
the rivalry changed forever. Matt Busby played about
120 games for Liverpool, but I think his Liverpool career
was disrupted by the war, and afterwards he was
assistant manager to George Kay, but this opportunity arose at Manchester
United to be a manager in his own right, and he went for it. Matt Busby wanted to be
the Liverpool manager, but he was only offered
a coaching role. When he left, I think there
was a bit of animosity there, because they usually give them
a going away match, or testimonial match, and it never happened. And I think if you talk to Liverpool fans
of a certain vintage, they’ve got an awful lot of
respect for Matt Busby. A full salute for Matt Busby. If you read
about him, one of the nicest people, doesn’t matter who you support,
you’d never say a bad word about him. I think – and I’m ashamed to say this – I was probably 16 when
I found out he’d played for Liverpool. Which is a remarkably late time
to know such a fact. Especially if we consider that, in the 1960s,
he was voted by Liverpool fans to be their captain in their perfect team
of the last 100 years. I’ve always maintained this to United fans –
his heart was in Liverpool. Under Busby, United continued to blossom. They won the league in 1956 and 1957. They had a young team that people tipped
to go on and achieve greatness, But then, disaster struck. I can remember the moment when
I heard about the Munich air disaster. I think that was the first time
I ever saw my father cry. The city was numb, as it would be if it
happened now to any major football club. It’s a terrible thing to happen. I think Liverpool, like a lot of clubs at the time, said they’d lend players
to United in the aftermath of Munich. And rightly so. It was on the front page of the Echo. That generation of Liverpool fans would have
remembered Matt playing for Liverpool, so to find out he was part
of that would have been awful. The 1960s saw Liverpool and Manchester
United competing directly for honours for the very first time. Matt Busby’s old friend Bill Shankly
took over at Liverpool and hauled them out of
the Second Division. Busby and Shankly were born
between 30 miles of each other. When Shankly first arrived at Liverpool, it was Matt Busby
that kept convincing him not to leave. In 1963 United won the cup.
The following year Liverpool won the league. In 1965 United won the league
and Liverpool won the cup, in ’66 Liverpool won the league, and then the following year, in ’67,
United won the league. So at this time, in a sporting sense, the two
clubs are really going up against each other. There was definitely a competitiveness
there between the two teams, but I think, again, for fans of that generation
there wasn’t the same edge I don’t think that there was with Leeds. The rivalry was there,
but the hate wasn’t there then. It wasn’t there then. My first away Liverpool match was April 1963. You could go where you wanted,
so we just went into the Kop. Can you imagine Liverpool fans now going around the ground
and getting involved with Man United, or they come round to the Kop?
Cos that’s what they used to do years ago. All the Liverpool supporters were bothered
about – “Can you see the pitch, son?” You’ve got this little lad
from Higher Openshaw on the east side of Manchester
being looked after by the Kopites. Just imagine that happening today. It just wouldn’t happen, put it that way! I used to speak to my dad about it
when he was alive, and he said there was never
any rivalry against Liverpool per se. I remember watching Liverpool against
Arsenal 1971, Steve Heighway, didn’t they go 1-0 up, Liverpool? COMMENTATOR: Still Heighway,
dangerous indeed – oh, goal! We supported Liverpool,
because they were nearer to Manchester. You speak to my old man –
“I had time for Liverpool, “great team, great manager,
Bill Shankly.” Loved Roger Hunt, amazingly,
what a great player he was. A real chance for Roger Hunt! He’d always say, my dad, that the best player
he ever saw at Anfield was George Best. If not the best player that ever lived,
he’s equal to the best player that ever lived. Real chance here for Best! I think I once read that Bill Shankly
thought the same. In 1968 Manchester United found
themselves on the cusp of greatness when they became the first English side
to reach a European Cup final. A feat Liverpool were denied
three years earlier by Inter Milan. I think it caught the imagination of the nation, because of what had
gone on 10 years before. As kids we didn’t really
think too much about it, we just thought Liverpool were a great team and United had won the European Cup. We weren’t thinking,
“They’ve won the first European Cup”, that wasn’t in our mindset,
because Celtic had done it. It was sort of the end of an era,
the end of Sir Matt Busby’s dynasty. Because after that United drained away. Football fan culture was changing. The gentle mockery of the 1960s terraces
was giving way to something entirely different. Society changed, factor in social issues
such as football hooliganism and the rivalry became very heated. Huge rivalries between football clubs started
when people were more mobile. When they started to go to away games. All right, there was a trickle at first, but then it became a fashion. Opposition fans started singing
on the terraces. By people singing, that’s identification. ♫ We shall not, we shall not be moved! ♫ You can go the match with your mates
and stand with them and scream with them. My first trip to Old Trafford was
with my dad in November ’72, and I couldn’t understand
the level of animosity. As a youngster you’re thinking,
“Don’t say anything, Dad”, because I knew the danger. You look at the average attendances, United and Liverpool were becoming
the best two supported teams in England. With that came animosity. We were the biggest team of the sixties,
then we had no successor to Busby, so the whole thing fell apart. And then
you came in, you were already planning, with Shankly, so to us there’s got to
be some resentment, hasn’t there? Shankly delivered the league title,
the UEFA Cup and the FA Cup, then he left. United’s demise, however,
was confirmed four months earlier. They were relegated. When they went down in ’74,
obviously we were all laughing about it. That was a shock. You don’t expect teams like
Manchester United to get relegated. It’s very hard to believe Manchester United
ever played in a lower division. I think we were also thinking, “How are they gonna cope
with them in the Second Division?” And suddenly, from nowhere,
the Red Army was born. They came from everywhere. Wherever you went –
Cornwall, Wales or whatever, the local hard knock would be a United fan,
because of their reputation. One of the first games of the season
they had in the Second Division, all you could describe as
Bay City Rollers fans get off the train, because they were all tartaned up.
Liverpool never really adopted that, so we felt as teenagers, “Oh, my God,
have you seen the state of them?” Manchester United were promoted in 1975, and the rivalry was about to
pick up where it left off. What looks like the biggest crowd
of the season here at Anfield, for a renewal of old rivalries. One thing I’d say about United is,
they always turned up at Anfield. Not many teams did. BARRY DAVIES: The Stretford town have
come down the East Lancs Road for the day. As a kid I was always fascinated
by Man United. The build-up to United coming to
Goodison or Anfield, you’d be building up for two weeks. You know, the Red Army were coming. There they are,
penned in on the right with this special dividing wall
which has been put here to divide Manchester United supporters
from Liverpool supporters. What the authorities did for that game, because they were expecting
the tartan hordes to come, was to put a partition in the Anfield Road.
So you could see things were changing. You had to have the bottle to just go
and watch and support your team, particularly away from home. Always a bit nervous going to United,
and it was vice-versa, the same for them coming here. It’s on top, man, but good fun. You have to be on your toes. With Bob Paisley at the helm, Liverpool were
about to dominate in England and abroad, but one team would prove to be
a constant thorn in their side. The FA Cup final was a big event then. And my old fella said to me,
“We’re gonna lose, you know.” “They’ve won the league, they’re in
the European Cup final on Wednesday, “they’re gonna beat us, you know.” It was a bit of a dull game but there
was six minutes of excitement. Stuart Pearson scored, he was my hero. And Pearson! Jimmy Case scored a great equaliser. Case, good turn! Oh, yes! And then two minutes later
Lou Macari shanked a shot that was going out for a
throw-in, never mind a corner, and rebounded off Jimmy Greenhoff’s chest. Jimmy Greenhoff. And has it gone in? Macari, is it? Greenhoff – a Manc goal, you know what I mean? You ask anyone, “What’s a Manc goal?”,
and they’ll know what you’re on about. Proper Manc goal, that. I think we only had about three shots
on your net, scored two of them. Great. One of them wasn’t
even a shot on your net. Marvellous. It was the irony of it all,
you know? That was quite funny,
that made it extra special, and stopped Liverpool doing the treble. Only one team can be allowed
to do the treble. Emlyn Hughes climbing up
them stairs crying his eyes out, I had a lump in my throat,
I’m thinking, “The treble’s gone.” Even all these years later,
that was one of the lows. We got them in the semi-final
two years later, in ’79, and they done us again. Jimmy Greenhoff! United always seemed to grind out results,
even when we were dominating. It’s a goal! It was their cup final. Whiteside! That’s the thing they looked forward to. Colin Gibson scores for Manchester United. We had this thing – “They’re winning all this,
but they can’t beat us.” But at the end of the day,
who’s walking around Anfield at the end of the
season with the league trophy? It’s no consolation, is it? It’s Liverpool’s fifth championship
in 14 seasons. We’d only just snide
the odd FA Cup here and there, whereas Liverpool were consistently
‘boomf-boomf-boomf.’ The rest of the First Division
can only marvel at their consistency. Any Man United fan round my age grew up
watching Liverpool win everything. Whelan’s curled it. Brilliant goal. Kings of Europe, kings of England,
kings of everything. And we kept feeling like,
“We’re nearly there, we’re nearly there”, cos we had a great team with Ron Atkinson. On our day we could put on a performance. There’s not too much between the teams. They’ve got the knowledge, at this moment
in time, of winning games. Or winning trophies. And Liverpool Football Club
win the marvellous double. There’s a pang of jealousy there when you’re
watching someone else have what you want. You covet that success. McMahon! Oh, I say, that’s got to be one of the best goals
of the season, even by Liverpool’s standards. I’m not gonna lie – it killed us. Going the match in the seventies
wasn’t just about the footy. It was about looking good
and standing out from the crowd. But who wore it better –
Liverpool or Manchester United? Who were the true originals? There’s all debates about this, and the
Cockneys even want to say they started it, which, if anybody tells you,
is a complete nonsense. Trust me, I’m of an age
where I could remember. It started in Liverpool,
very quickly followed by Manchester. Manchester had its Perry Boys,
Liverpool had its… What shall we call them – the Scallies. You’ve had your Punks, your Teds, your Mods, this was another subculture. If you went to any concert through
the eighties, all across Europe, all the lads doing the tickets and
the swag would be Mancs and Scousers. If you’re growing up in Salford, or in Huyton, and it’s grey and it’s dark
and it’s tower blocks, if you suddenly transport yourself to Nice and all these local lads are walking round
in bright colours and boat shoes, you think, “That’s a bit different.” So it became this thing, that the lads
who saw it transported it back. In fairness, you probably got the first opening
to it by going to Europe with the team, which we didn’t have at that point. I always put the Charity Shield against United
in ’77 as when things started to change, because there was a load of
16/17/18-year-olds with a new look, really. By ’78 I was wearing straight jeans
and dressing a bit smarter. We were changing our hair,
wedge haircuts and that. Round about the ’81 cup final Liverpool fans
started coming back with all the sportswear, the different kinds of footwear
which you could only get in Europe. And the great thing was,
there was no social media, so every bit of it was word of mouth. And that’s why it became
important at the football. If you wanted to know what the latest trainees
were, or the latest trackie or jacket, you’d have to go up the Anfield Road
or in the Scoreboard [end] or wherever. Now people can just tap into the internet. But back then it might have been some lads
went to some remote part of Switzerland and found this label and came back. We used to do that. You’d get the Scousers
coming down – “What’s he wearing?! “What are them trainers? “Did you see that kid with the little ‘tache
and the flick hair with them trainers? “What were they?
I’ve never seen them.” Went to Birmingham once, Birmingham fans were singing about
us looking like Spandau Ballet. You’d go and play them a year or two
later and they’re all dressed like you. West Ham came here in 1985, diamond golfing jumpers
and all this tenniswear. But by then we’d migrated on to a new look, which was like lambswool crew-neck jumpers,
semi-flared cords. Dressing like a bloody
geography teacher, really! We’re looking at all these Cockneys
and they’re saying… COCKNEY ACCENT:
“Look at all these scruffs.” And we said, “You haven’t got a clue,
we don’t wear any of that anymore.” The Mancs would always let themselves
down, they’d have an earring or… They’d get something wrong.
Not all of them, but… We’re sort of locked in by the river here,
they’d spread out to Bury and Rochdale, so they’d get like a woolyback influence. In the mid-eighties, Everton became a force. Merseyside football peaked, the league title
alternated between Goodison and Anfield. But for Liverpool, tragedy lay in wait. Hillsborough changed everything, didn’t it? I never went to a game for
six or seven years after Hillsborough. It made people step back
and take a look at the rivalries. Do you think 96 fans deserved to go to
a football match and all die in the process? Nobody deserves to go to
a football match and die at it. It’s just a game. I’m gonna take my time over this one. But when you look back at the disasters – Munich… Hillsborough… Then you go to a match and you hear people
singing the songs, which they do sing, on both sides, not just one side… ..that sickens me. But when you look around and see the people
that are singing it…are grown-ups. Adults, with children with them. And those children are the next generation
to be singing those songs, because no-one’s told them it’s wrong. I personally think
the whole lot of it is wrong. We’ll all have rivalries over football,
that’s always gonna be there, and we love it. But if I had one wish as a football supporter, passing a message on to Liverpool
and on to Manchester United, if it was possible –
“Just do us a favour, “cut it out and let’s enjoy the game
and get back to the football.” In 1986, Man United made an appointment that would change the face
of the rivalry forever. They appointed Alex Ferguson
from Aberdeen, and he had just one thing on his mind. Knock you off your perch. “Off their ******* perch, you can print that.” I thought, “What’s going on with this fella?”
Cos you could never see it. In ’92 we should have won it,
and we spewed it right at the end. It’s in there by Walters! And the whole of Anfield is singing,
“Have you ever seen United win the league”, and there’s flags there like,
“Form is temporary, class is permanent.” Chance here for Hughes –
and he’s put it away! They’d never won the league in my lifetime, so the first moment’s always
the great moment, isn’t it? You think if you could capture it
and bottle it you’d make millions. You were in a bad period, we didn’t really
have much around us to threaten us in those early nineties, to be honest. I’m almost immune to it now. When I was growing up
they were just a pure winning machine. Then the worst moment for me
is the Cantona goal. Cantona! Not only did they end up beating us in a final,
but they win the double. My favourite moment is probably in 1999 when we beat you in the FA Cup. You went 1-0 up right at
the beginning through Owen, and then two goals in two minutes won it. 9,000 Liverpool fans here to see it. That’s what makes football wonderful. And it kind of reflected what happened
at the Nou Camp. TONY CAVENEY:
Bayern Munich fans, weren’t we? Munich were in total control, and all I
remember – “Don’t think that, don’t think that”, because it was United. Tapping, “blow the whistle”,
know what I mean? Soon as I started thinking,
“These aren’t gonna score”, they scored those two late goals. But then you think, “Imagine being
in their end for that kind of game.” The team they had in the nineties
seemed arrogant and self-assured and quality, everything that I’d want
from a Liverpool team. Neville, Giggs, Scholes, Butt, Beckham. They were all contributing,
and it really, really hurt. Even though United were eating up the
trophies, Liverpool never truly went away, and after a dismal decade that was the 1990s,
Kopites had much more to cheer about at Old Trafford during the early years
of the new millennium. Murphy takes it – oh, it’s a great goal! That first one seemed to trigger a bit of belief. Murphy! And Murphy
has scored for Liverpool. The second one where Murphy
scored the lob, I think that season
we actually finished above Manchester United for the first time probably in my lifetime. My best moment was when
we won the League Cup in 2003. In ’77 they’d wore red, then when we actually beat them in ’83
we wore red, and then ’96 they wore red. So I had in my head the week before that final,
“Oh, God, I hope we’re wearing red.” Beating them in a cup final,
you can’t really beat that. I’m a big AC Milan fan from when I was a kid. D’you know when something traumatic
happens and you blank it out your brain? It’s a bit like that. 3-0 up, you think the game’s done, you know? I do remember not thinking it’s over,
because I’m dead pessimistic. And I always think Liverpool are gonna win,
because I don’t want them to. One of my good pals, he’s a Scouser,
and he rang me afterwards. I said, “What the **** are you ringing me for?” I’ll tell you one thing though –
I know what it’s like. When you do it, it’s the best feeling,
cos it’s the biggest trophy. Quite sickened by it, really. ANDY MITTEN:
You had Carragher, Gerrard – who was the one player I would have loved
United to have signed. The fact that Wayne Rooney, a Scouser, is one of Manchester United’s
greatest ever players, it all adds to the interest. Alex Ferguson, it felt like, to me, had referees
and the media alike in the palm of his hand. At the time, I couldn’t stand the man,
and I look back now and I think you’d have just loved him
to be Liverpool’s manager. You’ve got to take your hat off to him
if you know your footy. And he’s held us as the barometer
of success that he had to aim for. There’s no doubt he ended up rolling off
two or three teams of different generations, similar to the way Liverpool did
in the seventies and eighties. You’ve got to respect that. You had 18 league titles, we had seven, and we just slowly but very surely,
and quite fantastically, chipped away at that with these great teams. You think it’ll last forever,
but nothing lasts forever. And then when it’s gone, you miss it. Football’s cyclical, every team has their time, yous had yours, then United have had ours, then the Cockneys have had
a little fiddle with it, now City are having a go
and Liverpool are back in the mix. I can appreciate winning more because
I’ve had to live through and grow up with Manchester United
being totally dominant. I think Jürgen Klopp’s looking and going, “Right, I’ll show that Ferguson,
I’ll knock him off his perch.” So we’ve seen 130 years
of unprecedented footballing rivalry, rivalry rooted in a much deeper
distrust between two cities. Two cities with so much that divides them;
two cities with so much in common. Politics, fashion, music, football. Two football clubs locked
in a never-ending rivalry. There’s probably more similarities
than both cities would care to let on. Gary Whelan out the Happy Mondays, he
said, “Scousers are just the same as us.” Socially and politically the people
are quite the same, know what I mean? The kids from the likes of Collyhurst
and Ancoats and Salford are just similar, basically, to the kids
from Toxteth, Kirkdale, Everton. We’ve got great senses of humour, we
know what we like, we like what we know, we’re good at the partying,
we’re good at the music. The Stone Roses, the Happy Mondays,
Oasis, New Order… Cast, The Lightning Seeds,
Space, The Las… Are Shack from Liverpool?
God, didn’t even know they’re from Liverpool. 10cc, Bee Gees, The Smiths… The Zutons, the Farm,
Echo & The Bunnymen… The Mersey Beatles, The Bootleg Beatles,
The Yellow Submarine Beatles… They were from Manchester, weren’t they?
The Beatles. Four lads from Liverpool who shook the world. It’s The Beatles, innit? There are very subtle differences –
the way you talk, the way you dress. It’s the little differences
that make all the difference. Everything’s the same but that one little bit. You ever meet real Manchester people,
you tend you get on. People say, “I don’t like Scousers.” I say, “Why?” “Don’t like Liverpool.” I say, “You ever been?”
They say, “Yeah.” I say, “Well, take the football away
and they’re no different to us.” Yous just talk a bit daft. If you go and watch this game
in Bangkok or Bangalore, there will be Man United
and Liverpool fans in there, because it’s now not just
a big football rivalry, it’s the coming together
of two big institutions, and I think the international era
and globalisation has cemented and secured this
as the biggest fixture. I think it’s still English football’s
biggest fixture, definitely. MANI: It’s always United and Liverpool
and it always will be. ANDY MITTEN: I’ve watched football
in over 90 countries, but the bottom line is, nowhere in the world
does football matter as much – in my opinion – as Manchester and Liverpool. PETER HOOTON: You want them as rivals,
because they’re brilliant games. Listen, I’ll tell you something, if Chelsea were top of the league
and City were second, and you were bottom
and we were second bottom, and Chelsea were playing you on
the weekend and we’re playing you – what’s the biggest game in the country? It’s Man United-Liverpool. And I’ll tell you why. There’s only two clubs in this country.
Only two clubs where it’s a religion. It means something,
there’s a greater meaning to it. We had 50 years between us
of unbroken dominance, and all these things – much as we don’t
like to say it – that we have in common. Great Scottish managers with vision,
about youth, about local players, about community,
about meaning something, about winning against the odds,
winning when you shouldn’t win. I can’t explain what it means to me,
or what it means to a lot of people. But it definitely means something. It’s something that you feel,
something in your heart. The two clubs are religions,
and there’s only two clubs. Charlton – oh, what a goal! Souness! Whelan again! Gordon Strachan with a chance to equalise… and does! Hanging cross…
Oh, 3-3! Cantona is back! Riise to hit it… Oh, wow! Rio Ferdinand! Mane, lovely, on the chest!

School is officially back in session! And that means your brain is probably hard at work these days. Either way, it’s not too late to take the school year by the horns and make the most of your lessons! That’s right, you’ve got some ingenious school hacks comin’ at ya! To some people studying is an art. And there are lots of fun ways to make boring reading a little more interesting. I’ve always underlined my notes and needless to say, it’s pretty underwhelming. What kind of highlighter is that? Okay, I’m about to drop some knowledge on you, Sophia! Simply take a regular yellow highlighter like this and bleed other colors right into the tip. You can do as many as three different hues. See? It’s so simple! Give it a try! Woah! It’s like a pretty rainbow is bringing life into this boring science material! Yep, this highlighter has officially kicked my sorry little pen’s butt! Studying suddenly doesn’t seem so bad after all! Let’s see, what books will I need today… Ooh! Don’t forget your pen! What?! There’s a math test today?! How could I have forgotten this?! I didn’t even study, what am I going to do? Way to get the school year off to a good start, Vicky. Wait a minute, this little bandaid may just save the day. If you find yourself in a bind before a big test, use a bandaid to hide a little cheat-sheet for yourself. Just make sure the paper is smaller than the bandaid and you’re good to go. Now just wrap it around your finger so that no one can see it. Leave it to a bandaid to make everything feel better. Alright, I think I’m ready for class! It’s only the first question and I’m already lost! Okay, it’s the perfect time to take a sneak-peak at my little friend. Oh yeah, now I remember this formula. Quick! Put the band-aid back on before the teacher sees! You’re one smooth operator, Vicky. Hey, is it somebody’s birthday? When it comes to friendship, you guys deserve an A+. Man, you blew all those up, Amy? Looks like Sophia got stuck with the tedious task of pencil sharpening. That stuff sure makes an awful mess, doesn’t it? Ok, Amy, don’t blow too hard! Woah, we have a wild one, ladies and gentlemen! Woah! It landed in my pile of pencil shavings! Have you ever heard of “happy accidents”? This little “accident” is about to spawn a genius idea! If you’re tired of getting pencil shavings all over the place, try putting the sharpener into a deflated balloon! Now you’ll never have to worry about making a mess. Pretty clever, Sophia. Man, all this test-taking really makes me work up an appetite. Aha! A little sugar jolt is exactly what I need right now! Which one should I eat first? Huh? Ugh, fine, you can have them back. I don’t think I can wait ’til lunch to eat! Behold! More delicious chocolate! Geeze, what’s a girl got to do to get a moment alone with a sweet treat around here? Wait a minute, I know exactly what I should do. Put one of your binders onto your desk and open the metal rings. Take a clear sleeve and assemble it onto the rings. Poke it through if you have to. Now stash your favorite treats into the clear sleeve. Now you have your very own secret stash! Is the coast clear? Time to indulge in a secret snack! Nothing to see here, people! Um, shouldn’t you guys be focusing on your work? Way to play it cool, Lily. Time to reward yourself for a job well done. Oh yeah, that’s the stuff. We all know that sound! Rise and shine Kevin it’s time to wake up! No! Don’t hit the snooze button! You’ve got a class to get to! Uh oh, Kevin has officially entered the dangerous snooze cycle. Yep, he’s a gonner for sure. Psst! Kevin! You’ve gotta get up, dude! Aw man, that was such a great sleep! Nothing can ruin the feeling of waking up feeling completely refreshed and well-rested. Except for when you realize you’ve slept through the first two classes of your day!!! If I sneak in really quietly, maybe the teacher won’t even notice I’m late! That was a close one. But I have no idea what the teacher’s talking about! Wondering how to break your snooze habit? Ugh, I wish this thing didn’t have so much power over me! Perhaps it’s time I take the power back. If you have a regular old alarm clock like Kevin here, you’ll want to make it impossible to hit the snooze button. Get a bunch of push pins and line them up on the buttons of your alarm. Tape them all down by piercing them through a long piece of tape. Ouch! Let’s hope this does the trick! Sleep tight, Kevin! Kevin, no! The pins! By golly, it actually worked! Well look who’s the first person in class! Hey Kevin! What are you doing here? What? Surprised to see you here this early. Turns out, I’m more of a boring person than I thought! Everyone who’s ever taken art class knows learning how to draw a perfect circle is a must. Unfortunately it takes quite a bit of patience. Nicely done, teach! Hey Lily, how are your circles looking? Uh oh, that’s not the face of confidence. Yikes! Those circles are pretty far from perfect. Sorry, Lily. Don’t freak out, girl! There’s got to be an easier way! Anyone in here have some rubber bands or something? Oh! I can use one of Lana’s hair ties! If you have a couple pencils and a rubber band, you can make yourself your very own drafting compass! Just take two pencils and attach them at the top tightly with a rubber band or hair elastic like this. Now take a third pencil and put it across the bottom two. It should look like the letter A. Take two more rubber bands and attach the third pencil to the other two like so. Don’t forget the other side! There ya go! Pretty nifty, huh? Now you can draw circles with ease! Wow, that one’s pretty darn perfect. And you can adjust the width of your pencils for bigger or smaller circles. Hey! Where’d all my hair ties go? Lily? Why do I have a feeling you’re behind all this? Don’t be mad! Look at my perfect circles! It’s always something with you, isn’t it Lily? Sitting in the back of the classroom can let you get away with just about anything. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still be sneaky with your extra curricular activities. Excuse me?! Oh, sorry, teacher! I was just finishing up my makeup, I’ll put it away now. Looks like Kevin was already one step ahead of the game. She didn’t suspect a thing! That was a close one. Okay, and back to the game. Hey! How are you getting away with that, Kevin? I want to play too! I don’t wanna be the only chump studying back here! Want to have your very own “sneaky” notebook like Kevin has? Place your makeup, game, or whatever else in the middle of the page and outline it with a pencil. Now remove the item and cut along the lines you’ve made with a sharp blade. Ooh! Watch those fingers! Take out the middle pieces and you’ve got yourself a secret activity notebook! Perfect fit! Now you can do your makeup in class without giving yourself away. Pretty genius, right? Quick! The teacher turned the other way. It’s the perfect time for a quick eyeshadow touch up. Lookin’ good girl. Looks like you’ve learned more from me than the teacher, huh, Vick? Ooh! Teacher alert! Act natural! Hey teacher! See, we’re hard at work back here! Wow, that was so close! Feels pretty good being bad, doesn’t it? Okay, but get back to work guys, you do have a test coming up, remember? Another day, another difficult math test. But as if the equations weren’t hard enough, a broken calculator can take things from bad to worse. Ugh, what’s wrong with this thing? What the heck? It was working yesterday! It probably just needs a new battery. Let’s see, I can just replace it and it’ll all be ok. Oh no, I totally brought the wrong size battery! I can’t believe this! What do I do? Ooh, that’s a bummer, isn’t it? Hey, Lana! Check out that gum wrapper Lily’s holding! Do you think it could help? Hey! Gimme that! If you find yourself in a battery jam like Lana here, all hope is not lost! Simply take a foil gum wrapper like this one and crumple it up into a ball. And make sure the foil part is facing the outside. Put the wrapper against the metal coil like this. Now stick the battery against the foil as if it were the regular coil. Here comes the moment of truth… Yes! We have power, people! Phew! I was pretty worried for a minute there. Who knew my piece of gum would save the day? Did you find these school hacks useful? Well give yourself a little break and enjoy these side-splitting bloopers! Be sure to share this video with your classmates and subscribe to 123 Go’s YouTube Chanel for more fabulous videos like this one! See you in class, friends!


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– We are Ozomatli! – And you’re watching PBS
KIDS Rocks, Behind the Scenes. (trumpet blows) (drums beating) (saxophone tuning) – Okay! Here we go. Four, three, two, one. (exciting music) ♪ How tall are you ♪ ♪ How high can you jump ♪ ♪ How much do you weigh ♪ ♪ How fast can you run ♪ ♪ If you need to answer ♪ ♪ All of these questions ♪ ♪ Measure it ♪ ♪ Here are some suggestions ♪ ♪ Use a ruler and see
how tall you are ♪ – For us the song
writing process has always been
really collaborative. We create grooves, we throw
them out to each other, we see who responds. – There’s a collaborative
process between, you know, everybody in the band as
well as the people at PBS. And some of the ideas
actually came from PBS. Are you faster than a turtle, I remember that one coming back. So we put it in the song. ♪ Can you run faster
than a turtle ♪ ♪ Turtle, turtle ♪ ♪ Measure it ♪ (claps) – That’s fun. – Being that we’re so
many guys in the band, we’ve always had to
understand that the collective and the whole is so
much more important than just the individual parts. – One of the thing
that keeps us together is our love of music. (upbeat music) ♪ What do great apes and
humans have in common ♪ ♪ Opposable thumbs ♪ ♪ Our fingers are
opposite from and ♪ ♪ Touch the thumb ♪ ♪ Opposable thumbs ♪ ♪ If you text, throw
something to me ♪ – [Raul] Writing for a younger
audience really allows you to kind of get to
different characters. I think for us it puts you in
perspective of being young. – [Wil-Dog] We learn
so much from doing it, it’s like I don’t
even remember learning about opposable thumbs. (laughs) You know, like who
has opposable thumbs? Oh, it’s only apes
and us, that’s it. – [Jiro] And that’s the
way the song starts. ♪ The list goes
on and on and on ♪ ♪ What do great apes and
humans have in common ♪ ♪ Opposable thumbs ♪ ♪ We can bend ’em,
stretch ’em, snap ’em ♪ ♪ They’re awesome ♪ ♪ Opposable thumbs ♪ (production clatter) – Writing music for PBS
KIDS was a great experience for us as a band. We had never really
written music for kids and so it kind of opened a
door for us into that world. – [Producer] Four,
three, two, one! ♪ We’re talking pronouns ♪ ♪ We’re talking pronouns ♪ ♪ Pronouns, him ♪ ♪ Pronouns, us ♪ ♪ He, them, we, she, us and it ♪ ♪ Are pronouns ♪ ♪ So let me explain ♪ ♪ It’ll take thirty seconds ♪ ♪ To play this game ♪ – It’s interesting
how once the melody and the message,
it’s put to music, it not only makes the
lesson go a little deeper in your brain but it
kind of like, makes it, kind of stick there for a while. ♪ Play with him and her ♪ ♪ I mean Buddy and Tiny ♪ – There’s lessons that I
learned in elementary school that were in the melody
of a song, you know, that it just sticks. – The ABC song is a
perfect example of that. The melody, rhythm, and
it’s like everybody knows the ABC’s. ♪ The pronoun sound is
the name of the game ♪ ♪ We’re talking pronouns ♪ ♪ We’re talking pronouns ♪ ♪ Pronouns ♪ (crew cheers) – [Announcer] Check out
more Ozomatli music videos on the PBS KIDS YouTube channel and the PBS KIDS video app.

Richard Osman’s House of Games – S03E10 (18 Oct 2019)

APPLAUSE Well, hello there. What a week we are having on House
Of Games – the closest week in the history of the show. At the end of today, somebody is going to walk away
with this trophy. But, as yet, we literally have no
idea who it’s going to be. It could be any one
of the following four. They are Scarlett Moffatt.
APPLAUSE THROUGHOUT Iain Stirling. Angellica Bell and Gyles Brandreth. Shall we see
why we have no idea who will win? We’ll take
a look at the weekly leaderboard. We’ve been here four days. Gyles has
won a couple, Angellica’s won one. Scarlett won yesterday and here’s how the weekly
leaderboard stands. Two points between the lot
of you. Gyles just edging in front with 12. Scarlett, you have 11, Angellica ten, and Iain ten,
as well. But only one person can walk away
with the trophy. Iain? Yes.
Now, three second places. Yes. This would be a good day to win –
it’s eight points for first place on Double Points Friday. Six for
second, four for third, two for fourth.
Surely you’ve got to win one. I’d like to think I’ve got
a win in me. Excellent. Fingers crossed for you. Scarlett. I’m just pleased that I’ve
got some points. Honestly, on Monday, I really didn’t
think that I was going to get
any, so… And look at you now. Look at you fly. Scarlett blossomed. Didn’t she just? She turned into
this extraordinary thing. Frankly, the rest of us were just
flattened against the wall, gasping in admiration. Says the man
currently top of the leaderboard. Yeah! But, no, only temporary.
Just a moment. But if you can win today,
you will win the whole thing. Angellica. Hello. You have a win under your belt,
as well. Took home that lovely wheelie suitcase.
I know! Shall we take a look at today’s
prize board? These are the things you could have.
THEY GASP IAIN: There’s booze! There’s booze.
ANGELLICA: Oh, my goodness! Look at the doll! What would
everyone go for here? Scarlett? The doll. You. Yeah.
The posable doll. Iain? I’m going to go for the doll.
You’re going for the doll. That’s got to be universal, hasn’t
it? Yeah, exactly, the doll. Gyles. I’m quite tempted
by that deckchair. It’s good isn’t it? It is.
Yeah, it’s nice, that one. Listen. What a week. Been terrific
quizzing from everybody. It’s been great fun, as well. But
one of you is going to win that trophy. Could be any one of
you. I wish you all the very best of
luck. Shall we play our first round?
Yup. Yes. On Friday’s House Of Games
and our final House Of Games of the week, our first round is… I’m going to go along the line
and give you each a question. You’ll see a bit of that question
is in capital letters and the answer is an anagram of those capital
letters. Oh. OK? So there will be a question and, within the question, the answer
will be there somewhere. First question goes to you,
Scarlett. Mm-hm. OK? And the first category is… Oh, yeah. Famous Peaks. What famous
peak is this…? Um… Oh! I know it! Go on. It is… ..Mount Everest. Is that right? Mount Everest is the right answer. APPLAUSE Iain, here’s one for you. So lumpy. Lumpy. Lumpy. So… So… Olumpy… Mul… Molumpy. LAUGHTER Moulpys. Moulpys. If you would like to learn Latvian,
you can… LAUGHTER Let’s go with M as a start. Molsupy. Molsupy. Molsupy! Point, please, Richard,
thank you very much. Has he stumbled across it? Is it Molsupy? WRONG ANSWER BUZZER
No! It’s not. Gyles? Olympus. Olympus is the answer. SCARLETT AND IAIN: Aaaw. Angellica. Here we go.
Here’s your first one. Um… I’ve got quite a useful
technique that I use. Just go…
Yeah, basically. So many letters. Angellica, we can time you
out if you wish. Yeah, time me out. Dah! Gyles takes it. Sugarloaf Mountain. Is it? Sugarloaf Mountain is the answer.
Well done. SCARLETT: That sounds lovely,
doesn’t it? Gorgeous. Gyles, a peak for you. It’s a European mountain. But what is it? Scarlett has a finger on the buzzer. But we know that often
that’s a very, very heavy bluff. What do you think at home,
have you got this one? Shall we time out you out, Gyles?
I think you have to. Agh! Scarlett? Is it…?
I’m making this up, just because…
Is it Mont Anther? Is it Mont Anther? I made it up! It’s not. Iain, you can buzz in, if you want.
I didn’t know what it was, I just wanted to look clever.
I thought she’d know the answer. And now! See how that’s blown
up in your face. Yes, Iain? Mont… ..Remorth. I think that’s the baddie
in the Harry Potter books. Yes. Is it Mont Remorth? The word’s like there and there,
I can’t put it… Grr. Yeah, that’s the problem. Mine is that I don’t know the
answer. Yeah. I was just guessing. Shall I put you out of your misery? Well done at home if you said
Matterhorn. ALL: Oh! Matterhorn is the answer.
There was no “mont” in it. I would have got it if you hadn’t
said “mont” and thrown me off the scent. ANGELLICA: Yeah, the “mont” threw me
off. Scarlett, back to you. Your next
category is… The answer is in the question
in the capital letters. The only Egyptian women
I can think of… Go for it. They’re all on the buzzer.
..is Cleopatra. Is that an anagram
of “a clear top”? Course it is. Yeah! It is indeed.
Yeah, it is! There you go. APPLAUSE Iain? Yes. Sir, here is your
historical figure. You can do this, come on. Oh, my God I know it! Oh, no. If I know it… You, come on. You can do this.
Shrewd cranial activity. Everyone’s on the buzzer.
Come on, think about it. This is so embarrassing.
I hate… I hate this game so much. I can’t think. Shall we time you
out? Agh. I can’t. I’ll time you out. Have a little buzzer race between
everybody else. Scarlett wins the race. Charles Darwin. Is that right? Charles Darwin is the answer.
Ironically, I gave very good evidence there that we
came from apes. LAUGHTER Angellica, here is your historical
figure, but who is it? Marie Antoinette.
Is that the right answer? Well played, Marie Antoinette. Gyles, you’re the last player
in this round. Yeah. I’m just checking all the words
are there. Emmeline Pankhurst? Emmeline
Pankhurst is the answer. Well played, Gyles,
well played, everybody. It’s the end of that round.
Shall we take a look at the scores? I’d rather not. Ouch. Iain, you have a zero.
Angellica, you have one. This has literally been the last
few days in a row. We have joint leaders and they are
Gyles and Scarlett. Happens every day.
Three points each. Maybe mountains and historical
things aren’t your… Not for me. Hills and the past.
Don’t like it. Shall we see what round two is?
Yup. It is… Old hills. LAUGHTER This is a pairs game. The person
in last place gets to choose their partner.
Iain, once again, it’s you. Every day this week,
you’ve been with Scarlett. Yes. And every day this week
Angellica has been with Gyles. Would you like to carry
that on? I think it’s only fair that we end the week
as we started it. I’ll go with Scarlett,
of course. OK, going with Scarlett. Now,
what happens in this round, I’m going to read you some
questions. Every answer has two words in it.
OK? If you buzz in, I just want
you to give me the first word of the answer. OK? If it’s right, I will then ask
your partner to give me the second word of the answer. OK.
And you only get a point if you get the full answer.
Here’s your first question. It has a two-word answer. Iain. Arthur’s. Arthur’s is correct.
Scarlett, for the point? Hills. Is it Arthur’s Hills? It’s not, I’m afraid. Gyles? Seat. Arthur’s Seat is the answer. A point to Gyles and Angellica. Here’s your next question. Give me the first
word of this answer, please. That is Scarlett. The. Is it? Correct. Yes! I didn’t know “the” was
going to be the thing. Corrs. It’s The Corrs. Yes! You’re back in it!
We’re back in the room! Next question. Good luck, everybody.
Fingers on buzzers. Yes, Iain. Mr. Is correct. Scarlett? Tic… Tiggle…Tiggles! Yeah. Mr Timbles! Mr Tiggles! It is not, I’m afraid.
I can’t take it. Angellica. Mr Tumble. Is that right? Mr Tumble is the answer. Well played. Well done.
APPLAUSE Next question. That is Scarlett. Ah! Oh! Er, oh. Er… Er… Sally. Is it Sally? That’s a correct answer. What you do with ten pins.
SHOUTING Hey! No, no! I know the answer! Oh, do you?! SCARLETT WHISPERS ANSWER I literally know the answer! What is it? Bowles. ANGELLICA: She
just told him. I genuine… Listen, hand on my heart, I genuinely actually know the answer
to that. RICHARD SIGHS Also hand on my heart, she bowled at
me and said Bowles out loud at me. I did cheat. I’m sorry, Richard. Oh, I know you cheated. Would you be comfortable if we give
Iain a point and not give Scarlett the point? Do we believe
that Iain knew it? Yes! SCARLETT: Yeah. Scarlett, zero points. Yeah,
sorry. Iain, look me in the eyes. Did you know the answer? I knew
the answer to that question. A point for Iain,
no points for Scarlett. Wise judge. There we go. Here’s your next question. Yes, that is Iain. Get. Is correct. Scarlett? Out. Is it Get Out? Well played. Get Out. Oh, well done. Final question in this round.
Two-word answer. Give me the first word
of this answer, please. Yes, Iain. Rabbie. Rabbie. I’ll give you that. Scarlett? M-M-M-McDonald. So close. So close. Angellica. Burns. Is it… ..Burns? Is that who Burns Night’s named
after? ALL: Yes. Oh, that’s amazing! We are two rounds down in our final
day of House Of Games this week. Let’s take a look at our
leaderboard. ANGELLICA: Oh! It’s very close… ANGELLICA: How did you get that? Well done, Gyles. Who is going to win? Let’s play
Round three, shall we? It is… Now, before I tell you
how we play this, I’ll tell you what the elephant
in the room is today and it is… Cap. ANGELLICA: Oh, baseball cap.
OK. I’m going to ask you a series of questions. Fingers on buzzers.
Give me the answer. But if the word cap appears anywhere
in that answer, do not say that word. If it’s the beginning, or the end
or the middle, leave out the word cap. Here is your first one… Yes, that is Angellica. Pulets. Not correct, I’m afraid. Scarlett? Ulets. Well done. Unlucky, Angellica. Capulets, you
lose the cap, it’s the Ulets. Not the Pulets. Yes. Next question – leave out the cap,
please. Yes, that is Scarlett. Ricorn. Correct again. Capricorn becomes Ricorn.
Very quick, Scarlett. Very quick. She is on it. I want that trophy! You really do
want that trophy. You’re going to get it.
Next question. Yes, Scarlett? Leonardo… ..Di… ..Rio. That’s right. It is Leonardo Dirio. APPLAUSE Here’s your next question. Yes, Scarlett? Er, ula. It’s incorrect, I’m afraid. Gyles? Ula. Incorrect, as well. No, no!
The S is often silent. Well… Iain? Sula. Is the right answer. Well done. Ah! Scapula becomes sula. Scapula. Next question.
That was a good one, that. ANGELLICA: Yeah, that was a good
one. Good luck. Yes, Iain. Es…ologist. Is that right? Esology or esologist is
the right answer. Well played. Next question. Yes, that is Iain. Ulti. No. Oh. Ah, no! It’s incorrect, I’m afraid. Oh, you idiot. Scarlett? Al… ..Cino. IAIN LAUGHS HYSTERICALLY Incorrect, I’m afraid.
Is it incorrect?! Why? Yeah, because he’s not real. He’s an
actor that plays a gangster. The answer is Al… ..One, or O-N-E. Yes. Al One. Al Capone. That’s what I said, isn’t it? No, you said Al Cino. Al Ca… Al Ca… Al Cappuccino, you were thinking
of. You were thinking of Al Pacino. No, she’s thinking of Al Cappuccino.
Al Cappuccino! Ah! You’ll be delighted to hear this is the final question
in this round. I like this. It is… Yes, it is Scarlett. Tain. Is it tain? It is. APPLAUSE Two rounds to go. Let’s take a look at the leaderboard
going into those final two rounds. Gyles was leading at the beginning
of this one. Oh, look at… Not now… Scarlett! You’ve got nine points.
It’s still close, though. It is. We could all win. It is still
anyone’s game today and anyone’s game across the week,
as well. The next round is… How apt for the four of you, as
well. This is called The Nice Round for a simple reason. You’re all going to have to guess
the name of something… ..but you’ll do that with
your opponents all giving you a one-word clue to that TV show. If you get it right, you’ll score
a point, but you will also give a point to the person who gives
you the best clue – the person who has been
nicest to you. So, tablets out, everybody. ANGELLICA: Oh, OK. Scarlett, we will start with you.
Mm-hm. You’ve got to guess the name
of a TV show. It is written down on these cards, which your
opponents are all going to look at. So you’re all getting the same
TV show. You need to write down a one-word
clue to this TV show, please. So if you get the show right,
you get a point, but also you to give a point to the person
who gives you the most useful clue. That’s nice. Exactly, you see.
Yeah, I like it. You see where we get
the name from? Is everyone in? OK, Scarlett, you have to guess
a television show. You’re going to have three words to lead
you to that show and they will be provided by your opponents. Iain, what is Scarlett’s first
word? Dragons. And I also wrote “I love you”. Oh, that’s nice. Aw!
That’s nice. Angellica, what is your clue,
please? Stork is your clue. And Gyles. ANGELLICA: I think that’s wrong.
Historic. Historic.
So, dragons, stork and historic. Um… It can’t be Time Team,
because I’ve never seen any dragons in there, but that’s
historic. Tell you what, it’d hurry Tony Robertson along if a few
dragons showed up. Wouldn’t it just? Stork.
ANGELLICA: I’ve never… I wouldn’t go heavy on the stork. The only stork I can think
of is like when they bring babies. Yeah, I would just
probably ignore it. So, historic and dragons. Yeah. Er… The only thing I can think
of with dragons is Game of Thrones.
You going to go for that? Yeah.
Is that the right answer? Yay! The right answer, well done. Thank you. Brilliant. I’ve never watched it. It’s almost
a clue we wouldn’t allow, because we don’t have character names. But,
fortunately, Stark is the character name, not Stork. Oh, that’s it!
You got away with it. Scarlett, what gave that to you? If I’d just seen that, I would
have gone with Time Team. I’m so sorry, Gyles. I’m going to
give Iain the point. Iain, with dragons. I think
that’s absolutely right. Not just because we’re friends.
I do think that’s the best clue. I got it from dragons. Iain, you get
yourself a point there. Iain, and it’s now your turn to get
a television show. Great news. Your three opponents
are going to write down a one-word clue. Take that. Thank you. So you’re going to get three clues
to a television programme. Just a one-word clue, please. Gyles, Angellica and Scarlett,
you get a point if you give me a correct answer. You give a point
to the person who gives you the best clue.
Everybody got an answer? Yeah. You’re all in. Angellica,
what is the first word? Intelligent. Intelligent. Gyles, what is your word? Starter. Starter. Oh! And, Scarlett, what’s yours? Degrees. I definitely know
what this is. Degrees. What do you think it is? It’s a starter for ten – University Challenge. It must be. Is it
University Challenge? Yay! It is. Well done. Very nicely played. And who would you like to give
a point to? I think starter for ten
is a very famous phrase from that show, so I’ll have to say
Gyles. A point to Gyles. Very nicely done. But, really, I got
it from everyone’s. Yeah. Angellica, you’ve got to guess
a television programme now. Your three opponents will write
a one-word clue for you. There you go. Oh, I just tickled myself. I was so tempted just to write
the word “stork” and see what happened. OK. Angellica, you’ve got to guess
a television programme. You’ll have three words to help
you. Gyles, what is Angellica’s first word? Oil. Oil. Oil. Scarlett, what is Angellica’s
second word? Er, Texas. Texas. And Iain? Cowboys. Cowboys. What are you going to get
for, Angellica? WITH TEXAN ACCENT: I want
to go for Dallas. Is it Dallas? Yeah! Well done. Well done! Oil, Texas, cowboys. And who would
you like to give a point to there, Angellica? I got it from oil. So I’m going to give it to…
Another point for Gyles. I think you’re right.
The best clue. I think it was. A good round
for Gyles, this. And Gyles, it’s now your
turn to guess a show. Your three opponents are going
to write down a word here. Oh, it’s a tough one, clearly, if
you can’t… Yeah, it is, actually. Oh, please. If you could have
two words, it would be really good. Has everyone written down an answer? Yes. Scarlett,
what is the first word? Auctioning. Auctioning. Iain? Er, auction. Auction! And Angellica? Renovation. So something to do
with houses and building. It’s obviously one of those
programmes where they do up a house and then they sell it.
So they do up a house and then
they put it up for sale. Up For Grabs, er, Sale of the
Century, um… Your House Or Mine.
Can I have a guess? Yeah. I would have thought with
those two clues, the one show that combines them
both is Homes Under The Hammer. OTHERS: Yes!
Homes Under The Hammer. Well done if you said that at home.
I wouldn’t have got that. I should hand out a point, but they’re all
perfect clues. You know what, it’s the combination
of the two. I’m going to give all three
of you a point. Aw, yeah! Thanks. A nice way to end a nice
round. It’s been a nice week, as well. We have one round to go, ladies and gents.
One round before we give away our trophy. Shall we take
a little look at our leaderboard? Our leader, with 11 points,
is Scarlett Moffatt. But there’s five points between all
of you. Scarlett, you’ve got to do it for us
girls. It’s really, really close and the
weekly leaderboard was really, really close… Yeah. ..as well. So the trophy
can still go any way. Shall we play our final round?
ALL: Yes. OK. And it is… Fingers on buzzers for one
last time. A point for a correct answer, point
off for an incorrect answer. It is anyone’s to win. Your first
category… Pictures will be things found at
the circus. There’ll be a clue underneath. I
wish you all the very best of luck. Fingers on buzzers, here’s
your first one. Yes, Angellica. Tightrope Walking On Sunshine. It’s the correct answer, well done. Wow! Next clue… Yes, Iain. Big Toploader. Is that right? Big Toploader. Another point for
Iain Stirling. Well played. Next category… Those will be the pictures.
There’ll be a clue underneath. Yes, Iain. East 17 Again? Is that right? Yes, it is! It is. That’s so good.
East 17 and 17 Again. Next Christmas No 1 act and next
clue… Yes, Angellica.
Human League of Nations. It’s the right answer. Well done. Another point for Angellica.
Really great. Let’s have a look at another
Christmas No1 act and another clue… No-one going to risk it? ANGELLICA: Alexander Burke. It’s Alexandra Burke and Hare
is the answer. Well done if you said that at home. Alexandra Burke, Burke and Hare.
Here’s your next category… KLAXON BLARES No more time, no more categories. Who was won Friday’s
House Of Games? It is Scarlett Moffatt! ALL: Oh! Oh, my God! I was second place again! Iain, that’s your fourth
second place. Fourth second place. It’s been so close all week. It was close once again.
What a lovely end to a lovely week. So you win yourself another
prize, Scarlett. Aw. What are you going to take home? Um, it’s got to be the doll of
you, please. You’re taking home
the Richard Osman doll. Well done, congratulations. You take good care of him, OK?
I will, I promise. But we have one final matter
and it is this trophy. Somebody is about to win it. There can only be one winner. Who has won this week’s
House Of Games? It is… No way! Scarlett Moffatt is our champion! How is this happening?! Well done.
How has this happened? By three points. Amazing. I mean… Congratulations.
I mean, halfway through Monday, when you had no points at all, I did say, you know what? Sometimes
fortunes change. And I feel like… I hope people watching
this will see, literally, anything is possible. What a… What an inspiring speech
that is. A great way to end your Friday,
guys. Anything’s possible. Yeah. Our winner of House Of Games this
week, Scarlett Moffatt. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Woo! Woo! Woo-woo-woo! Thank you so much. Been a pleasure
to be in your company all week. I really, really appreciate it.
Thank you for watching, as well. We’ll see you next
time on the House Of Games. See, Mam and Dad, this is genuine.
LAUGHTER I’ve really won. It’s not pretend.