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Catch the Fox Game – Kid Game Review

January 29, 2020 | Articles, Blog | No Comments

Catch the Fox Game – Kid Game Review

This product is sponsored by Goliath. Hi, my name is Anjali and today I’m gonna review Catch the Fox. What is Catch the Fox? It’s a great game that you have to rescue all the chickens from the flock and return them to your chicken coop. But be careful this greedy Fox is snapping up all the chicken. and stuffing them into his pockets. The Catch the Fox game is ages 4 and older and it could be played with 2 to 4 players. Here’s what’s inside. 21 chickens, 4 chicken coops, 1 die, 1 sticker sheet, the instructions and one Fox with his pants under his feet. Here is how to set up the game. First stick the stickers on his eye, tongue and his underpants. Then place the 6 stickers on the die. Then with the two parts put the chickens together. Once you are done with that raise the fox’s arms then turn him upside down and pull the string under feet. Then pull his pants up around his waist and adjust it so his pockets are easy to get to. Next, place lease all the chickens together near the fox and deal 1 chicken coop to each player. The player who makes the best clucking sound goes first. Coo coo roo coo roo. Now you are ready to play but wait how do you play? Glad you asked. First roll the die and place how many chickens as shown into the fox’s pants. Then before your turn ends, gentle push the fox down 1 time until it clicks. If nothing happens, then the next person continues the game. Make sure you continue to the left. If the greedy fox loses his pants you have to get all the chickens you can get. As fast as you can and put them back into the chicken coop. By the way you can only use 1 hand to rescue the chickens. Keep playing until the 1st player gets 5 chickens into the chicken coop. Once that happens you win. Here’s a little fun that my family and I had with Catch the Fox. Take a look. YES! What do you think of catch the fox game? Leave a comment below. Cock a doodle doo. Coo coo roo roo roo. Cock a doodle doo. COO COO ROO ROO!

Michael Bloomberg on His Game Plan for Trump Political Ads and the Super Bowl

-These ads
that you’re running now. You spent I think I said $240
million or something on ads. You’re running them,
and what I’ve read and seen online and stuff
is that you pick exactly where to air these ads,
meaning — This is what I heard, and you
don’t have to say yes or no. That if Donald Trump
happens to be in Washington, there’s extra ads in Washington. -Yes, you can do that,
but you also have different ads for different parts
of the country because different parts
of the country have issues that
they really care about. And so it’s exactly the same as
if you were selling a product. You try to target the ads to
where your likely customers are. And there’s a whole science
about this, and that’s what Facebook
and companies like that — They sell information so you
know where to send your ads, and every company does it,
and every campaign does it. -Yeah, and you — I think
you’re getting under his skin a little bit because —
-Well, I sure hope so. I’m trying.
-He’s given you a nickname, and once you get that,
you’re off to the races. [ Laughter ] -Look, if you get under his skin
and he comes back at you, it is because he thinks
that you can beat him. -Hmm.
-That’s what gets him going. And I do think that I know how
to compete with Donald Trump and beat him. And what I’ve got to do is get
through the Democratic primary so that I have that opportunity. -You’re running a Super Bowl ad.
-Super Bowl ad. -Yeah, that’s a major —
That’s a big deal. -No Clydesdales. -Oh, come on!
No spoilers. Yeah. But what will we see?
Why do a Super Bowl ad? -Well, I can’t tell you,
because if I told you, I’d have to shoot you,
but I wouldn’t want — -Appreciate that. Thanks.
-Yeah. No, the Super Bowl, because an enormous number
of people watch it, but also the press writes
about the ads in advance. They all know what the ads are
because everybody tells them ’cause you want
to get more publicity. And with all the people watching and all the extra publicity
about it, it’s worth the money. At least that’s the argument. But this is an ad
that is a very serious ad. It’s not about selling
corn chips and beer. -Mm-hmm.
-It is a serious ad about an issue that I think
the country does care about and should care about. And so whether
I get elected or not, I want people to understand
what we have to do to make this country better. [ Cheers and applause ] -You are — Your numbers are going up. You’re going up in the polls.
-Yeah. -One recent poll said that
I think you’re polling fourth. -Yeah.
-Do you pay attention to these polls and…?
-A little bit. It’s nice when the numbers
come out in your favor. When the numbers
aren’t in your favor, you say the polls don’t matter. -[ Laughs ] Yeah.
It’s like winning an Emmy. -Exactly right. You can’t
sit there all the time — Well, you’ll win an Emmy, yeah.
-Thank you. Thank you. -If I voted,
you’d be in good shape. -Thank you. I appreciate it.
All right. -No, but you have to go and
you have to just keep focusing. What I’m going to do is try
to visit as many people in as many states as I can,
answer their questions, tell them why I think
they should vote for me, why I can do the job based on my experience before
as mayor. And if they do, they do, but you can’t sit there
and worry about — The only poll that matters is when everybody goes
to the election booth. -Yeah.
-And so we’ll see. -Well, this is interesting,
because you were a registered Democrat, Independent —
is that correct — and then Republican? -Democrat, Republican,
Independent, Democrat. I know something
about partisan politics. I’ve been everything.
-[ Laughs ] Wow. So, do you think
that there’s a way that Democrats and Republicans
can work together? -Well, we have to do
something about it. There’s two reasons
to run for president. One is to replace Donald Trump,
and number two is to pull this country together,
and we are in the situation — [ Cheers and applause ] We’re in a situation
where nobody talks to each other anymore, and you go to
the Senate office buildings — They won’t even sit at
the same table and have lunch. Unless people
talk to each other, you can’t get all the good ideas
and you can’t come together to change the world so that
we can all lead a better life. It’s a disgrace
the way nobody’s talking, and somebody’s
got to pull them together, and I think I know
how to do that. I did that in New York. We had a Republican Senate
and a Democratic House and a city council that was
sort of a mixture. And I think in 12 years we got virtually every piece
of legislation we needed passed, and you do it by going
and talking to people and convincing them,
and I convinced the Republican Senate
to pass gay marriage long before anybody else
had even heard of gay marriage. And that’s —
[ Cheers and applause ]


Here’s something from Asep8810 He’s asking, ‘how come you’re so good at playing game?’ Of course from practice! Play games, as long as we can play… Pluh, pluh, pluh, pluh, pluh-aying games… Back with me, guys, I’m Mbak JT This time I want to let you know something Do you know that Facebook has a new feature? Facebook Gaming. What is Facebook Gaming? Facebook Gaming is when you play a game while live streaming on Facebook and you can get millions until hundred millions cash prize! Live streaming in Facebook Gaming are divided into 2 methods: using computer or using smartphone Do you know how? It’s like this First, I want to tell you how to do it on computer You can open Google and then you download OBS What’s OBS? OBS is ‘Open Broadcast System’ Let’s type it Download OBS After you download, install it. After installing it, you can open OBS. It looks like this. In every computer it’s different… Just download the latest version. After you open this, open Facebook and then login. So open your Facebook and login in. In your page, click on ‘Pages’. There, you use new ‘Page’ but if you already have your own ‘Page’ you can use the old one. After you visit your ‘Page’, there’s a line saying ‘Edit Page Info’ Click on that one. In the section it says ‘Categories’, type ‘Gaming video creator’ and t hen ‘save’. In your page, you just click on ‘Live’ and click ‘Connect’… done! Now here you see the stream key that you copy. Open again the OBS. There is ‘Settings’, open ‘Broadcast Settings’. Here’s ‘Path Stream Key’. Paste here. After that, copy the one above, the server URL. Copy again FMS URL. Then that’s it…. You open the OBS here are two columns In the column ‘Sources’, right click, add ‘Game Capture’ This ‘Game Capture’, you can name it with whatever you want, okay.. Then open the game too, don’t forget Here I will play Final Fantasy, so if you open the game, here will open Final Fantasy. Click here and then confirm OK. After that, right click again, choose ‘Video Capture Device’ This is where you switch to USB Webcam. Here is ‘Custom Resolution’ For the size, I suggest you use 320, so it will appear small in the corner The Chroma Key is also switched Because my background green, I will also make the color green What does it do? It’s so that my background is gone Here we switch to 500 This one is also 500 Don’t forget the ‘Audie Input Device’, you switch to microphone Then we check here in ‘Preview Stream’ It will look like this, my background is gone There… After that… You just press on ‘Start Streaming’ and then go back to the earlier Facebook Just wait a bit and it will connect itself While you wait to connect, you can fill this up, the video game column, just put something like ‘Final Fantasy’ because I’m going to play Final Fantasy Final Fantasy In the title you can also fill it with whatever. 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Next After next, wait for the streaming to connect’ 3… 2… 1… There you go, it’s live streaming Your face will appear there All you have to do is play Here you can also get comments The comments will appeare so you can continue to interact with them Just communicate with them, talking about whatever Don’t just play the game This is already live streaming, guys Insane, just by playing games, we can get millions of cash! So why did I let you know about this? Because Facebook Gaming already has an official partner with MainGames, which is… MainGames is the sister company of JalanTikus. That’s why JalanTikus is collaborating with Facebook Gaming By playing a game like this, you can already get money millions to hundred of millions rupiah You want this, right? Of course… How to do it? Just contact the email below so you can find out how It’s so easy! Okay, that’s all the video I got. Is it useful for you? Okay, see you on my next video! Bye!

Game of Thrones Sneak Peek – SNL

January 29, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 88 Comments

Game of Thrones Sneak Peek – SNL


Spiel 7: Eisenbahn – Schlag den Star

January 29, 2020 | Articles | No Comments

Stefen now its on you to do as one is told. So you would be back in game. And wich game we gonna play we´ll see now. We gonna play railway. And now I gonna show you how to play. That is our railway. As you see, our railway consists of 5 wagons. And now its on you to get these balls into the wagons thru this pipe system. The railway is permanent on the same speed level. I just turn it on… This game is about getting a ball in each of the wagons. Joe has the blue balls and Steffen the red ones. So you need to put the balls in up here that it rolls thru the pipe system in one of the wagons. You need to put one of the balls in each of the wagons. You don’t need to keep an order. Is this the maximum of balls?😉 That´s the maximum of balls at the moment but if we need more, we are able to get more balls. I hope we won’t need to do that. So that the other one wont be able to steal your tactics, he will be blindfolded. Ok?
You understand? The one who will be the first who put a ball in each of the wagons, will win the game. Ok? You will do it alternately. So Joe will start with his firs try. That means Steffen is blindfolded now. Is it okay like this. Yeah just turn around. Joe has his first try. You have one minute for each try. When does it start? Now!

Designing DOOM Eternal’s New & Classic Demons

[WHOOSH] [MUSIC PLAYING] – Hi. My name is
Hugo Martin, and I’m the game director
on Doom Eternal. We’re here today to talk
about the demons of Doom. The pain elemental.
The pain elemental we wanted to definitely bring
as many characters from Doom II back
as we could. I think we’ve
gotten all of ’em. Kind of queuing off
some of the design elements that were in
the original cacodemon of 2016 with
some of the Predator-like mandibles.
Jon Lane this time did this awesome concept
where he really steered into it, and it has,
instead of like, two fangs like the
cacodemon has, it has, you know,
tons of them. There’s like six or seven.
Every time you design something, I feel like it’s important that
you think of it like like a person, like
give it kind of a personality. Like if it
talked, how would it talk? Would it have like an accent?
Would it be like an old person, a young person?
So it’s like, well, if you look at the
pain elemental, I kind of think of him
like a grumpy old man. And a lot his animations
and the way he looks, he just looks very crochety if you
actually look at the way he looks. And he has this one
bull charge that he does, where he kind of like,
walks like this. It’s really funny. It’s kind
of like a grumpy landlord. I think all the best
characters have that, whether it’s Jabba,
like, you know, this really fat gangster, or
you know, Yoda. Like all the great
characters that really stand the test of time.
They generally have a personality. And
you know that a concept is there when
you can almost hear it, like when Jon
made this drawing I feel like when you looked
at it, I could even hear the sounds that he would make,
which I thought was really cool. From a design standpoint,
the AI team and myself, we really
wanted to make sure that he was definitely
a super heavy unit, really, really strong,
a real bullet sponge. Just sometimes I
think you think that that’s not enough,
but they had really cool attacks, they throw
lost souls just like in the original. But as a
pressure unit in Doom, if they can
just take a beating, just that alone can
make them a really valuable chess piece
on the chessboard in that it’s not so much
that individually by themselves they’re
hard to kill, but it’s that they create openings
for the lesser AI. Now it gives them a chance.
So the soldier that you were stomping on earlier in
the game, once a pain elemental is pursuing
you, and you’re having to look up and
shoot him, now that soldier, he’s not such
a chump anymore. He’s got a open
shot on you. So those kind of chess pieces
in Doom are really important, and the pain elemental
is one of our favorites. [MUSIC PLAYING] Arachnotron. Arachnotron, designed
by Alex Palma, modeled by Jason Martin,
our lead character artist, a very good friend
of mine, someone I’ve worked with for
a really long time. DANNY: No relation? – No, no relation. And we
don’t look anything alike. Really wanted to infuse
some of that UAC tech in with him,
and the opportunity to kind of like update
these amazing Doom II characters is just so much
fun with AAA graphics. And then to have a modeling
team model them, it’s just phenomenal. I think if
you’re a Doom fan, you’re just going to have
a smile across your face. He has his grenades
that he shoots out of his side canisters,
and those are kind of his area of effect
weapons, and then he’s pretty nimble.
He can actually stick to the ceilings
of certain places, which is really cool. We kind
of think of him like a mobile turret.
He can kind of hunker down and just
light you up. His number one attack
is that gun on the top of his head.
We tuned that thing to be crazy.
So we really want to pressure the
player with this attack, and we
want you to hate that thing. We’re cool
with frustrating you so long as we have
something to teach you. So long that we
promise you that if you allow yourself
to be steered into the style of play that we
want you to– The way we want you
to play, that you’re guaranteed to have a good time.
So one of the most fun things in Doom Eternal
is to take out the arachnotron’s turret,
because if you don’t, he’s going to mess you up
pretty bad. So usually a skilled player, you’ll
be doing this pretty easily in no time.
You’ll use either the horoscope or
the sticky bomb. We have specific mods on
guns and specific guns that are better at
taking out weak points than others, especially
like some of these precision mods that we
have. So as soon as you see him, the
pro tip is to to take out the
arachnotron’s turret, otherwise he’s really, really
going to mess you up. And then you’ll pretty
much change the way that AI behaves. Now the
only thing that he can do is drop grenades.
So it really changes the way he operates,
which is really cool, and you can
feel, like, the combat dance
kind of change based on the
player’s actions. And he looks awesome.
You can shoot up his brain, all the parts come out,
and then you see rib bones in his brain, which
I don’t know why there are rib bones in his brain,
but it looks cool. [LAUGHING]
And you can actually take his little arms and stick
’em in his eye when you kill him in some of the glory
kills, so it’s really, really fun. It’s one of my
favorite demons. [MUSIC PLAYING] Archvile. Definitely knew from the
very beginning that we wanted to try to bring him
back. So the little insider information, the
summoner from Doom 2016 was basically the archvile
for that game. In terms of a chess piece,
he definitely fills that role this time around, but this
time it’s the real archvile. He functions very much the
same way, and we worked hard to get the poses to be
just like the original. Yeah, definitely an homage.
I mean, I think with a lot of the designs
of the characters, we just knew that we
wanted to be able to bring these 1994
sprites to life with AAA graphics. We felt
like that’s what would be the most fun.
And it’s a testament to the guys who designed those,
the original Id guys because they still hold up.
From a design perspective, he’s illusive, and with
our illusive AI we use them to drag
the player around the space. Anytime that
we make the player move in Doom, it feels
good for the player. And also another key component
of what we call, like, the fun zone in Doom, which
is just like this list of activities that
we know if the player is doing these things, then they’re
going to be having a good time. And moving is one of them,
and prioritizing targets is definitely one of them.
That keeps you thinking. That keeps you engaged.
So as soon as the archvile comes up, you can hear
him, you can see him, you can see that he’s starting
to spawn in guys on the screen, and it’s a ticking
time clock at that point. You have to go and
kill him before he spawns in those guys, ’cause he’s
going to spawn in some really, really
heavy dudes. That really changes
the meta of the game on the fly,
and he has a fire wall that he puts up,
which is really gnarly, and he shoots these fire
waves at you. The AI team worked
extremely hard. You’re going to love this guy.
He’s going to be one of the guys you
love to hate. [MUSIC PLAYING] The hellifide soldier. The hellifide soldier,
we just wanted to make a soldier
that looked like the original Doom
soldiers with the green hair, because we
thought they were awesome. He was brought back
from the last game, but we changed up
his model to make him look more like
the original Doom guy. And I think the guys
nailed in. Standing on the shoulders of giants,
the people who designed the original
Doom characters. That sprite looked awesome.
All we had to do was translate that
into 3D, which was really
fun exercise. Some of the new things
that you’ll notice with him when you play the
game is he’s not really a chump this time around.
Like yes, he’s fodder, and he is there to be
farmed. The resource management game
in Doom is strong, and it’s a big part
of the experience. It’s what helps you get in that
flow state, and one of the best guys to farm
is the soldiers. But if you just mosey
up to the soldier, all lackadaisical-like,
and think you have an eternity to put that
shotgun to his chest, he is going to blast
you in the face. He’s got a really,
really strong melee swipe this time, as do
really all the AI. We think of
them as like, if you’re going to
run up to them and want to try to
engage them in close range, you’ve really got to
set it up. You’ve got to think about it a little bit
first. And you’ll notice that with him. He’s got
a hell of a shot. [GUNSHOTS] So those are some of the
demons that we brought from Doom II, but
now let’s talk about some of the demons, the new
guys that you’re going to see in Doom Eternal. [MUSIC PLAYING] Whiplash. Man, this AI is a
real pain in the ass. I gotta be honest.
So she, he– So she’s actually our
first female demon. She’s not entirely
anatomically correct because we want to
be able to use her in marketing images, and so,
like, we had to just kind of keep things sort
of nondescript. She gets down on the
ground, and she slithers around. And anything that
gets the player to take crosshairs off the
center of the screen within reason, if you
ask the player to do that too much, it’s going
to get pretty annoying. When she drops to the ground
she slithers like a salamander across the floor, and she tries
to actually flank you and get behind you.
Then she’ll pop up and rake you with her
whips, which is a really devastating attack.
The point of this is ’cause we know one
of the elements of the fun zone is to get
the player to move. We know this will make the
player move, believe me. You’re going to track this
thing as soon as it comes out. And she pushes the player
around more than anybody else, and anytime
the player’s moving like that, it just feels
really good. And you’re going to prioritize her, which
is another one of the really important things of the
Doom dance that makes it feel really good. So she
slithers across the floor. You’re going to track her
with your guns. She does kind of
make you also use certain weapons,
because we think of the weapons like tools,
and the AI are kind of like problems, and you want
to bring the right tool for the job
so to speak. So when she comes
up, maybe you’re using the shotguns or
certain weapons, but you’re definitely probably going to
switch to something that’s good for tracking something
that moves really fast. We had mods for that
specifically. We have the microwave mod, for example,
that can freeze her in place and fry her.
We’ve got the ice bomb that can freeze anything.
So it’s kind of purposely designed
to steer you, to motivate the
player to dabble in more mods and
different attacks that maybe they haven’t been
using up to that point. I asked to talk about her because
she’s one of my favorite AI in the game. It’s really
just a brand new chess piece for Doom
Eternal, and I think it’s going to be a lot of
people’s favorite thing to shoot and murder
and glory kill. And she has one of
the best glory kills in the game. If
everybody remembers 43 Steven Seagal movies
from back in the day, they were awesome.
Now he’s kind of maybe not so awesome,
but he used to be awesome. He would always do this
thing where he would like hyper-extend
bad guys’ arms and just do awful things
with their arms. So we had to put in
like a Steven Seagal glory kill. So there’s
one where you grab her arm, you hyper-extend it, the
whatever this bone is called sticks out, and then
you like shove it in the demon’s head.
It’s pretty awesome. It’s like one of my favorite
glory kills, so I can’t wait for
you to see it. [MUSIC PLAYING] Tentacles. The tentacle is one of
the new AI in Doom. But it’s actually, we’re
pretty proud of this. It’s not really a full AI.
Like, we have AI that do the craziest
things, they traverse all over the place. This is
actually kind of like pest level AI, like
an ambient AI. It was a fair criticism
of Doom 2016 that it relied heavily
on arena combat. And we thought our arena
combat was awesome, and it’s even better this time
around. But we needed to do more to
challenge the player in between the arenas.
We needed to make sure that the time you spent
between the huge fights was just as engaging
as the huge fights were, maybe even
more so. Well, we developed like a pest
AI to help with that, which is the
tentacle. Now, sometimes they’re hiding underwater
and you can’t see them. And sometimes they’re in
these wormholes that are kind of scattered throughout
the level. But you can’t really tell which wormhole
they’re going to pop up from. It’s kind of like whack-a-mole.
And they give you a pretty good whack if you don’t pay attention, but they
kind of give you a chance to shoot them, ’cause there’s a
little meta game in there. So the player has a window to
take them out before they get whacked. And it’s fun. I think
it keeps you on your toes. The main thing as a designer
is we really just wanted to keep you thinking.
I mean, that’s kind of the whole point.
Like you could either just run through a hallway
without a concern, or we could fill the hall–
We could turn off the lights and fill the hallway
with a bunch of wormholes. And that’ll make that
journey through that hallway just a little bit
more interesting, really kind of keep you
on your toes. And that’s really the goal with Doom Eternal,
is to make sure that we’re engaging you in the experience
from beginning to end. [MUSIC PLAYING] The marauder. In Doom, you’re
going to be kind of leveled
up like a martial artist. In the first hour,
you’ll get your white belt. Couple hours in you get
a blue belt. You gotta work your way up, and at
some point, you’re going to become a black belt.
And where you’re there, in the third act of
the game, it’s more about showing off
just how badass you can be. And the game
is kind of aware you have your black belt, and there is
another black belt out there waiting
to face you. You are Obi Wan, and
this is your Darth Maul. And you guys are going to
have this awesome fight. You’re going to fight a couple
times in the game, actually. He’s going to hold you accountable.
He’s going to see just how good you are
at the Doom dance. And when he’s there,
he is definitely like the queen chess piece
on the board. And he is going to
create a lot of openings, as I said, with the other
guys, for the pawns and the other chess pieces that
have been out there, that you’ve been kicking their
butts the whole time. So it makes for this
really interesting meta where you’re
going to want to try and get rid of
everybody else, kind of like in a good
Bruce Lee movie. When the grand master comes
out, you got to get rid of the white belts first,
and then you can face the grand master, so that
way you’re not dealing with anything else.
And that in itself makes for a really dynamic
combat encounter. So I don’t really want to
give away too much, but hopefully it’s intriguing
enough to get you guys to dive into the lore.
That’s why we do that stuff, try to expand the
Doom universe. He’s awesome. Doom hunter. We try to find
new ways to give the characters ways
to move around, new approaches to
locomotion. So that way it
can make for a little bit more variety
on the battlefield. You know, we consider
like what the player sees while they’re
scanning their targets, and if everybody just has
two legs and runs around like a man,
that’s pretty lame. So that’s why we have, like,
the pinky who charges like a bull, and other
characters who fly around. But the
doom hunter, he floats around on
like, this hover tank. And on his tank
he’s got some of his strongest attacks
that are on the tank, the sled that
he actually rides on. But then you’re got
the upper part of him, which shoots this cannon
and has like a chainsaw. So what’s really cool
is that you could disable one of his
weak points, is you can actually disable
his sled and make it so he can’t
use his primary attacks, again, just
like the arachnotron, making him far
less effective. Huge shout out to the
AI team once again, ’cause this stuff is
super hard to do. It’s kind of a two
stage battle. The first stage, you work
to disable his sled. Once the sled is
destroyed, he will actually pull himself off
the sled and then hover around just
as the upper half of him. And then he
kind of, he completely changes. He goes from like
a hover tank to like a hummingbird. He’ll
fly all around attacking you with his
guns, swiping you with his chainsaw. It’s
really, really awesome that we just feel
like it’s so cool that through the
course of battle, as you disable these weak
points, you can completely change the behavior
of the AI, which is something we worked
extremely hard on. [MUSIC PLAYING] Carcass. Again, we’re comfortable with
frustrating the player just so long as we have
something to teach you. What we’re doing is
pushing you into a more fun style of play,
we promise. And we know that
weapon switching and using a variety
of different weapons will help keep
the game fresh for hours, so that way
you’re not just doing the same thing again and again.
You’re not going to play the game very long if that’s all you’re
doing. The rocker launcher this time around is
way stronger, messes up
tons of dudes. It also does
a ton more damage to the player.
Self damage is way higher, and it
shoots a lot slower. High risk reward gun.
Just like in the original Doom, you kind of don’t want
to run around with it like it’s a rifle
or spam it, which was kind of what you could do
in 2016, which wasn’t awesome. The carcass was designed
specifically to take that gun out
of your hands. So he’ll throw up
this shield, this electric shield right
in front of your face. And a lot of times
for people who are relying on the rocker
launcher a little too much, they’ll actually–
It’ll blow the rocket up right in front of their
face and kill the player. So as soon as you
see the carcass, and you see his shield pop up,
you’re going to switch away from your rocket launcher.
Or, if you’re skilled enough, you could just dance around
and use your movement to be able to create
opportunities to kill him with the rocket launcher. So we’re
not saying you have to not use the rocket launcher,
we’re just saying this AI specifically is design to kind of
try to make you think a bit more when
you’re using it. And thinking is really
what we want you to do in Doom Eternal, more
than anything else. Because when you’re
thinking, you’re engaged. And when you’re not
thinking, you’re bored. And you’ll go play
something else. [ROAR] [GUNFIRE] [ROAR] [MUSIC PLAYING] So those are the demons
of Doom Eternal. Those aren’t even all the
demons. I work there. I don’t even know how
many there are. They’re some of the best chess
pieces that I think the studio has even made, and
I think you’re going to fighting them. They’re going
to make you feel strong. They’re going to
make you think. They’re going to give you
something to master as you Overcome all the different
challenges that they present to you. Look out
for Doom Eternal om March 20th, 2020. [MUSIC PLAYING] [TYPING SOUNDS]

Top 10 Scary Games For The Nintendo Switch

January 29, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 22 Comments

Top 10 Scary Games For The Nintendo Switch

Plants are really farming us, feeding us oxygen
and becoming food until the day we die, when they then consume us. Greetings gamers and welcome back to top 10
gaming. I’m your host connor munro and I’ve killed
santa. If you’re new here or haven’t yet be sure
to hit like and subscribe because we put out daily gaming content. Nintendo has a reputation for being family
friendly, but with the release of the Nintendo switch several companies have been looking
to get their games on the handheld console. So which switch games will make you wet the
bed for the rest of the week? That’s what we’re exploring with today’s
list of the Top 10 Scary Nintendo Switch Games. Roll the intro. #10 Doom Eternal
Doom eternal may not be your classic version of horror, but for those who find blood, guts
and gore worrying this may not be for you. Or it can be if you’re into it. Doom is set to be released on March 20th on
every system but the Switch, the switch is set to release sometime in 2020. Bethesda teased monsters who will be able
to lose chunks of their bodies and get more damaged over time while visually representing
it. So for those with a weak stomach or if you’re
faint of heart maybe this is the right scary game for you. The game is set to be around 70 or 80 dollars
on release and in all honesty that’s a hefty sum for a game. And it sucks that games are these prices at
this point. Can I go on a mini rant for a second, who
is the main demographic for video games? Teenagers I’d say right? Even if games are rated mature that’s still
17+. Sure maybe these people have jobs, but are
they really going to spend 80+ dollars on a game when their making minimum wage at the
local McDonalds? I guess so since they’re still pricing games
that high. I just think it’s unethical and grossly
overcharging. #9 Observer
Observer manages to craft an impressive horror experience on the switch that is just the
right amount. You can experience more horror if you let
yourself experience the imagery and sounds added to the game instead of constantly using
detective vision, but I understand that things can be overwhelming. The game fares much better when you play hand
held, as the technological tightrope of this port kinda falls off sometimes while docked. But the sheer amount of ambition will for
sure make up for any slight glitches you experience in gameplay. This may not be a classic horro experience
with jumpscares and horrific monsters, but it will for sure leave you on edge, uneasy
and full of dread. If you think you can handle it the game is
available on the switch eshop for 30 dollars, and can get you up to 150 points. Whatever that means. #8 Resident Evil Revelations Collection
The resident evil series is one of the earliest survival horror games. So obviously its gonna be on the switch. The resident evil revelations collection includes
both the original 3ds revelations game and revelations 2. The game has a weird set up of you buy the
game, it comes with the cartridge for 1 and you just download 2 but whatever. And it provides some excellent over-the-shoulder
scares, along with your normal scares that you would expect from a resident evil title. And since it’s the switch you get added
portability and with the new motion controls being available through the switch is going
to give you an even more intense emotional experience than ever before making sure you’ll
get terrified at the first sight of anything that goes bump in the night. Not to mention the other switch exclusive
features the game comes with, proving that the switch is the definitive console for Resident
Evil Games. #7 Layers of Fear Legacy
Layers of Fear Legacy is a psychological and psychedelic horror game about an insane painter
who is working on his Magnum Opus. Through his paintings learn the dark and twisted
story of his past while gathering carefully crafted personal items. As you travel the same route through the house
over and over again you’ll slowly start to go mad yourself, and when things start
changing it will throw you for even more of a loop. Eventually it gets so bad that you don’t
even know if you’re seeing the right thing. Was that candle lit before? Was that painting ripped? Was that chair on the other side of the room
or has it always been there? You will never truly know with this game,
and that’s the beauty. Your mind will get so twisted you’ll be
put in the shoes of the painter you’re learning about. And while you discover his true motive you’ll
be asking yourself if this really is true, or if it’s the house screwing with you. #6 Darkwood
Darkwood in an interesting game, it’s a challenging survival horror game that doesn’t
rely on jump scares. They even go as far as to guarantee no jump
scares and instead use an atmospheric horror experience that creates a feeling of tension
without cheap horror tricks. So for those of you who find jump scares to
be annoying but still want a horror experience, maybe you should keep an eye on this game. Craft weapons, traps, hideouts as you explore
and scavenge the eerie forests of the soviet bloc by day, and make sure you have a hideout
ready for night. With nightmarish forces corrupting the woods,
wait and pray for the sun to come up the next morning. Or you could leave the forest and instead
get a job and eventually an apartment of your own. And I’m sure that if you told your parents
you were being forced to sleep in a forest with nightmarish forces corrupting it, you’d
be able to stay in the basement for a while. #5 Friday the 13th
For all of those with dark fantasies they only talk about in therapy let me tell you,
you’re in for a treat. For the first time ever play as Jason Voorhees,
one of the most famous killers in horror. The game started off as purely multiplayer
but has added a single player mode for those of you who want to hone your skills at stalking
because you’ve been watching too much You. In this mode you can play new missions created
for the game as well as recreate some of your favorite scenes from the movies in the most
violent and bloody way possible. But as a counselor, oh boy are you in for
a tough time. For those of you brave enough to take on the
camp counselor role, you’ll be on a whole new level of stress when you realize the killer
is right around the corner, and is coming right for you. This game is an incredible multiplayer experience
and is amazing as a single player game as well. And its even better when you play with friends
because you can toy with them even more than usual. #4 Amnesia Collection
The collection contains three Amnesia titles, The Dark Descent, A Machine for Pigs and Justine. Experience the horror of all 3 games for the
price of one. The 30$ game available on the Nintendo Switch
Eshop is ready to make you drop your switch on the floor and hide under your blanket,
because we all know you’re playing this game at 2:30 am for some reason while lying
in bed totally not decent. So before you piss the bed remember that its
just a game. A game that is actually gonna make you forget
about everything from the past 3 years. If you don’t get it the game will give you
memory loss. Im sorry I couldn’t help it. With no way to defend yourself you’re stuck
going through the motions while you’re just there waiting to succumb to your inevitable
death or insanity. Or maybe even, memory loss. Oh I already made that joke? Well I guess I just had a case of Amnesia. There I said it. #3 Dead by daylight
One of the most iconic multiplayer horror games of all time, in all honesty maybe even
the most iconic. There isn’t one person who hasn’t heard
of dead by daylight and that’s probably the reason the game came to the switch. Available for 40 dollars on the Nintendo switch
eshop, dead by daylight returns in all its glory but with the added ability of being
handheld. Spooky as hell guys im telling you. You and 3 other survivors go up against a
player controlled killer, who’s only goal is to make your life a living hell. You can choose to survive together, or not. You can co-operate and work together to win,
or just book it and get to the exit and wait for it to open. Your chances of survival will vary, so unless
you dominate on the death field you should probably help your team. But in all honesty I like this mechanic, it
makes the game realistic. If you were in this situation would you really
worry about helping your friend up if you saw the killer standing behind him, even if
he was looking away? Hell if it was a stranger im noping the hell
out of there. #2 Alien Isolation
When Ellen Ripley promised her 10 year old daughter that she would be home in time to
celebrate her 11th birthday, she was wrong. Now 25, Amanda Ripley learns that the flight
recorder from her mother’s ship was recovered, and decides to finally solve the mystery of
what happened to her mother. The only thing is that she doesn’t understand
what predator waits with her. And to it, she’s the only alien around. Guess this game is really about alien vs predator,
ill go home. This game is about stealth, unlike its predecessors
who were focused on more action oriented gameplay. The game pits you up against an unkillable
alien who is set on hunting you down. Learn his moves, use your environment and
hide in the shadows to get out alive. Can you find out what happened to your mother? This game comes with 7 DLCs including Last
Survivor, which is a recreation of Ellen Ripley’s Final mission on board the Nostromo. Anyone who is a fan of the alien series should
already be excited for this game and with it being available on a portable console now
you can play it in lecure when they’re talking but you just don’t care. Im kidding, stay in school. #1 Outlast: Bundle of Terror
In the remote mountains of Colorado, horrors wait inside Mount Massive Asylum. Really creative name. A long-abandoned home for the mentally ill
was recently re-opened by the Murkff Corporation. While it may have been in secret, not anymore. Journalist Miles Upshur breaks into the facility. And what he discovers walks a dangerous line
between science and a cult. You continue to explore while discovering
the horrific scenes along the way, all in an attempt to get a story no other journalist
would. Do you have what it takes? Or is hell an experiment you cant survive? Because you wont be able to handle the DLC
Whistleblower in that case. Where you play as the software engineer who
emailed journalists about the asylum at the beginning of the game. Can you contain your terror? Will you break? Will you outlast the others who play? I really need to stop at this point. There we have it friends the Top 10 Scary
Games for The Nintendo Switch. What did you think of this list and what scary
games would you like to see on the switch? Let me know in the comments and while you’re
on your way down be sure to hit like and subscribe for daily gaming content and ring that bell
to join the clan and level up. I don’t exactly have a switch, I use my
roommate’s but maybe I should try one of these. Thank you all-

Richard Osman’s House of Games – S03E67 (28 Jan 2020)

Hello there, welcome back to
House Of Games. I’m Richard Osman. I’m joined by four famous faces
battling it out to win this trophy. Shall we meet the four people
who are playing? They played yesterday, they’re
playing again today and they are Kerry Godliman… Hello. ..Radzi Chinyanganya… Hello. ..Ebony Rainford-Brent… Hiya. ..and Hal Cruttenden. Welcome back, everybody. Hal, we will start with you,
sir. Yes. A huge win yesterday.
Yeah, do you know what, just when you did the intros just
then, I did sit here going, “I feel like the king.” Yes, I had a good win yesterday. Yeah, I do worry, I feel like
there’s a target on my back now. Yeah. I think the others
are all going to… Hmm. So I feel the pressure. I’d better
not let the pressure get to me. If we can stitch him up, we will.
We’re going to work together to bring you down. It’s like
Brazil at the World Cup, I know you all think
I’m going to be amazing, but it might not happen this time. It’s interesting because,
if you saw yesterday’s show, it’s a good win and you got lots of
points and all that kind of stuff, and the three of them are going,
“Oh, we’re going to team up now.” They gifted you so many points…
I know. ..just by shouting out answers,
by buzzing in with half answers… Those days are over. Ebony, finally we have
a professional sports person on the show and that’s good, so tactically, you’ve seen someone
go into a big early lead… Yeah. ..what do you do? How do you prepare? Sabotage. Sabotage, mind games… Tickling. Potentially. Getting close to the edge
of cheating, but not quite crossing the line,
as much as we can. Radzi, let’s take a look at
the leaderboard from yesterday. Hal was the winner
by quite some way. So Hal has 4 points. Radzi, you were second. Ebony, you were third. Kerry was in last place. Radzi… Yes. ..you can win one, right? Well, it was all about the Hal show, and I think if we can combine our
minds, greatness is going to happen. Mm. Yeah, I just… I doubt that. Kerry, now, yesterday Hal took home a lovely House Of Games
smoking jacket. Yeah. But we have new prizes today. If you were to win today,
here is your choice. A House Of Games dartboard there…
Ooh. ..a House Of Games tie, House Of Games duvet and pillow set, beer mats or
salt and pepper shakers. What would you fancy there? Think I’d like to season my dinner
with you. OK, that’s nice. The salt and pepper shakers are
good. Yeah, useful. Very nice. Yeah, we’ve seen them won
a couple of times. Shall we? Yeah, let’s do this. Shall we get on
and play Tuesday’s House Of Games? Very best of luck to everybody. Here
we go, your first round today is… What we do here,
I’ll go along the line, I will ask you each two questions, the answers to both of them
are the same. If you answer it after the first
question, I’ll give you two points. Answer it after the second question,
I’ll give you one. Kerry, for two points… Play-within-the-play, there’s
a play within a play in Hamlet. Has it got that character in it? Well, I assume so. I mean, I don’t remember that guy, but I remember
the play within a play in Hamlet. Do you want to go straight
to the lowbrow question? I think I’m just going to have to.
Yep. Oh, Bottom. So it’s Midsummer Night’s Dream,
isn’t it? Yeah, you see. One point to Kerry. There was another
play within a play. Radzi, two points if you can get
your answer from this first clue. I’ve got a furrowed brow,
let alone highbrow. I’ll go… I’ll go straight to
the lowbrow, please. I mean, it really isn’t,
but let’s just go… ..Joe McElderry. It’s… It’s all I’ve got. Is it Joe McElderry? It is not. Anyone can buzz in
if they know this one. BUZZER
Oh, Hal. Here we go. No, no, I really… It’s… No, no, no, before I give you
the correct answer, let me tell you why I haven’t got
the correct answer. He’s so humble. He’s so humble. No, I really haven’t. I know
the guy, though, I know his face, it was the grey hair… Yeah.
..sweeping back… Precisely. ..and he was older and it was
something like Wolfgang. But it’s not, but it’s like that.
It’s of that… Oh, oh, does he have blond hair? Are you going to say…?
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Wolfgang. Is it Wolfgang? It’s not. Incorrect. BUZZER Well, I… Yeah, I… Mozart. I don’t know. Is it Mozart? Wagner! Oh, Wagner. I still don’t… OK, that’s good. That was still the guy
with the grey hair? Yeah, yeah, yeah, that was Wagner.
Wolfgang, I knew it was a W. Your highbrow question
now for two points. Yeah, I know that one, actually. It just springs straight to mind. Talk of the England cricket team. So, yeah, you know, we just…
Yeah, no, no clue. Hold on, let me just… Before I jump down,
I’ll just give myself a second. No, move on, move on.
Just go through the rolodex. Yeah, yeah, just all
my Italian physicists. So, no is the answer. OK, here’s your lowbrow question.
Same answer. Oh, no, no, I need to… Hold on, hold on, hold on. Oh, look at these three here.
Ebony, look. Just give me a second. They’re all on it. Oh, no, I don’t want to give
this away but I’m going to have to come out
here cos… OK, so, what we’re going to have
here is a buzzer race. BUZZER
Radzi wins the race. Radzi. Is it Amadeus? Oh. Oh, no! Oh, no! It’s not. Not Hal, not Hal.
BUZZER Oh, it’s Hal. Hal, who is it? Galileo. Galileo! Hal, here’s your two-pointer. I don’t… I know she… She used to transform
herself into a swan but she would do anything,
I think, to… Anyway, but no, I don’t… I would say, then, a… A snake. Snake… Yeah. ..is Hal’s answer. Let’s see if you want
to change your answer when you see your lowbrow question
or if you want to stick with it. Oh, my God. The high is too high
and the low is too low. Yeah, exactly. You even said
that with disdain. That is low. That’s really hard.
I agree with you on this one. I have never watched an episode of
Geordie Shore. Stephen, erm… Stephen… Stephen… Stephen Crow. No. Is not so.
BUZZER Radzi. You’ve got to roll the dice. You have to. This is the name
of an animal that’s also a surname. Something like fish. I’ll go fish. Oh, yeah. Fish. Is it Stephen Fish? It’s not.
BUZZER Kerry. Elephant. Let’s find out. Oh. BUZZER
Ebony. Rabbit. No. Let’s take a look, Stephen… Oh, we’d have been here all day,
wouldn’t we? Yeah. Really hard. Stephen Bear, well done
if you said that at home, on either of those clues,
I have some respect for you. Back to Kerry. Highbrow question
for two points. Well, My Fair Lady’s based on… ..a George Bernard Shaw play,
isn’t it? Oh. And I can’t remember the name of it. Pygmalion. Pygmalion, you say. Shall we take a look
at the lowbrow question, see if you want to stick
with that? Hard to think what that would be
the answer to on the lowbrow. On the lowbrow. But we’ll find out.
It’s not that, then. Superman. It is. Superman, well done. Here we go, Radzi, for two points. Caesar is an option. I’ll definitely see
the lowbrow, please. Do you want to say Caesar? Why not? Caesar, you are saying. Let’s take a look at the lowbrow
question for one point. I’m flagging up syntax error in my
brain as I’m thinking. I’ve got… RADZI MUTTERS Shall we time you out, Radzi? Yeah. BUZZER
Oh, did I get it? Did I get it? I got it. Oh, no! Hal. I think it’s Tiberius. It is Tiberius, Hal, well done.
Well done. Ebony, it’s your turn now. OK. OK, highbrow for two points. I mean, the first thing obviously
that comes to mind is vulture, but that’s not necessarily it. That’s not a carnivorous mammal,
is it? It’s just a large bird. Let’s move to lowbrow. Yep, we’ll go lowbrow. I’m going to say tiger. Is it tiger? It is not.
BUZZER Oh, I forgot to do it. Radzi. Is it a fox? Is that right? It is indeed. AUDIENCE APPLAUD Hal, let’s see if we can get
a two-pointer to end the round. Oh, you see, Grey makes me
think of… Of thingy, of that, you know,
book, Charlotte Gray. It’s not Charlotte Gray
cos that’s set during the war. Erm, Grey, I would say… Oh, but maybe she was called
Charlotte Gray after a character
in an Anne Bronte novel. I don’t think it is. Free guess. Charlotte. Charlotte, you’re saying, let’s see if you stick with that
after the lowbrow question. Oh. So it’s a name that would
fit into an 1847 novel. I think it’ll be something
like Thelma, then, or Deirdre. Erm, Geraldine. It is not. Anyone?
BUZZER Kerry. Agnes. It is Agnes, very well played.
Oh, very good. That is very good. Well played, Kerry. That’s the end of that round.
Here are the scores. Well done. Go on, Kerry. Just don’t change anything. Round 2 today is… This is a pairs game. The player in last place
gets to choose their partner. Ebony… Yeah. ..who would you like
to team up with? Kerry’s all over it today. Girls club, come on. Yeah, you want to play with Kerry?
Yeah, let’s take the lads out. Radzi and Ebony, if you will swap
seats, please. Now here’s how this round works. I’ll ask you some questions,
buzz in if you know the answer, but you will only get your point if your partner can then spell
that answer correctly. Here we go. What is the answer
to this, please? BUZZER
Kerry. Mediterranean. Is the correct answer. Which means,
Ebony… Oh, my God. ..Mediterranean, I think… I think, scientifically,
is impossible to spell. But let’s show how far we can get
through it. But you’ll be fine. Yeah, cheers. M-E-D… ..I-T… ..-E-R… Oh. Yes. Ranean, so R-A… ..N-I… Oh, you did so much
of the hard work there. It’s E-A-N at the end. Great effort. Oh, yeah, yeah. Next one. BUZZER That is Hal. Eurythmics. Radzi, for a point,
how do you spell Eurythmics? One letter at a time, please. E-U-R… And I’m going to go Y… ..T-H… ..M-I-C-S. He’s only gone and done it. Yes! Well played, Radzi. Well done. Brilliant.
Well done. Nicely done. Next one. BUZZER
Kerry. Is it The Girl
With The Dragon Tattoo? So is it tattoo? It is tattoo. Oh, God. So, Ebony… Well, I’ve got
a big one so let’s see. Right, there’s a lot of Ts in this. Right, go slow. Here we go. T… ..A… ..T-T… ..O-O. Is the right answer, Ebony. Well played. Next one. BUZZER Yes, Hal. Stieg. That is the right answer. You’ve just seen it
written down, Radzi. S-T… ..I… ..E-G. Is correct. Well done. Well done.
Well played. Well done, well done. Fantastic. Very nicely done. BUZZER Yes, Kerry. Kaleidoscope. Oh, my God. Let’s buckle in. Spell kaleidoscope. I mean, I’m not
even confident of the first letter. K… ..A… ..L… ..E… ..D… Oh! Oh, missed out an I there,
I think. I. I-D, yeah. E. Oh, no. Scope at the end there. Sorry. Kaleidoscope, well done if
you spelled that right at home. Final question in this round. What’s the answer to this
and how do you spell it? BUZZER Yes, Hal. So sorry. I was hoping to
give it to you. Pennsylvania. Oh. Pennsylvania is correct. Radzi, please spell Pennsylvania. P-E-N… You see, Penn State is double N,
and I’m not sure if that’s… It must be colloquialism. I’m going to go N… Go on. Yes! Oh, well done. Yeah, you might
have a go over the hump here. S… ..Y-L… Yep, well done. Wow. Oh, erm, V-A-N.. ..I-A. It is the right answer! Well done. Thank you. Well done. Very nicely done. That is the end of that round. Ebony and Radzi, if you’ll swap back
places, please. Let’s take a look at the scores
at the end of that. Radzi, some beautiful spelling
there. Brilliant, Radzi. Well done, that was good stuff. Like Hal needs the points. I do in this game. Here’s how we are looking. Well played, Hal. Round 3 today is going to be… What I’m going to do now,
going to show you three clues, we will fill the letters in
on those clues letter by letter, all the way from Z up to A, so you’ll see more and more of the
clues as we go through the alphabet. You just have to tell me what
connects the three clues, please. Here are your first three clues. BUZZER
Yes, Kerry. Coronation Street. Incorrect. BUZZER
Oh, it’s Hal. It’s soap operas.
It’s pubs in soap operas. It is. I gave it to you again! I’ve got to stop speaking. Yes. No, I think keep speaking. Keep speaking but just say
different things. Or say it when you know it. Yeah. Next three clues.
What connects these, please? BUZZER
Hal. Is it types of penguin? It is. Wow. I only really knew rockhopper. Very nicely done. Types of penguin.
Well done if you said that at home. What connects
these three clues, please? BUZZER
Radzi. Bowling terminology
or bowling scores. Are they terminology
from ten-pin bowling? Course they are. Well done. What connects these three, please? BUZZER
Yes, Hal. Parts of a book. They are, well done. What connects these three, please? BUZZER
Yes, Hal. Are they all Disney films? Are they all Disney films? They’re not, are they? BUZZER
Yes, Kerry. Films with Emma Thompson in. Oh! Are they films
with Emma Thompson in? They are, well played. Nicely done. That’s the end of that round. Let’s take a look at the scores. Well played, Hal. Two more rounds to go. Round 4 today will be… Tablets out, please, everybody. I’m going to give you all a category and you just have to give me
a correct answer that fits into that category, OK? But the point will go to the person whose answer has
the most letters in it. Your first category is… So, you need to write down the name
of an Asian country but the longest possible
answer will win. Kerry, what have you gone for? Oh, I’m Pakistan. It’s not that long, though. It’s not a great answer but
I think it might be a correct one. Just say it like it is, Richard. I will do. Radzi, what have you gone for? I’ve gone for Bangladesh. It seems longer, doesn’t it? Yeah, it should be longer. Ebony, what have you gone for? Same. Also gone for Bangladesh. And Hal. It does still count as Asia? Papua New Guinea. So, Hal says Papua New Guinea.
How many letters is that? So, if that is a correct answer,
Hal, you’ve won yourself a point. Is Papua New Guinea
a country in Asia? Incorrect, I’m afraid, Hal. So it’s in…
It’s in Australasia, isn’t it? Yeah, Australasia,
off the coast of… I thought it would still count
as Indonesia. So a point to Radzi and to Ebony,
very well done. Have you won two points, though,
for the longest possible answer? Very well done if you said
United Arab Emirates at home. Well done to me, as well,
I said United Arab Emirates. Well done, you. Give me an answer to this, please. According to the Official Charts
Company up to February 2019. Radzi, what have you gone for?
Britney Spears top ten singles. I went for the obvious one. Think it is just called
Baby One More Time but we’ll count that
as your answer anyway. I think it’s called
Baby One More Time. Ebony, you said the same
as Radzi last time. Have you said the same again? I have. There we go.
It’s the only one major one. Also called it
Hit Me Baby One More Time. So Baby One More Time,
says Ebony, as well. Hal, what have you gone for? Yes, and I also copied off Ebony. Kerry, are you breaking
with the team? Well, this is exciting. Well, you’re all going to get
one point. We know that. But are you all going
to get two points? Let’s find out, shall we? Oh. Anyway, listen, a point
for everyone, that’s nice. Well done. Good game.
Well done, everyone. Last one of this round. Give me an answer to this, please. That’s at the beginning
of the 2018/19 season. We are not counting
the word stadium. Ebony, what have you gone for? Yeah, I’ve gone… Well, I’m not a football fan, so
I’ve just gone and linked cricket, and I’m thinking Old Trafford, erm, Manchester United, but I couldn’t remember if Emirates
Old Trafford was the sponsor, so I didn’t write it cos I didn’t
want to not get a point, so I’ve gone just Old Trafford. Old Trafford, says Ebony,
we’ll put that up there. Hal, what have you gone? Is Spurs’ new ground
still called White Hart Lane? I assume it is. Let’s put that up
there. I’m a bit worried. I think I might be wrong again.
Have they changed it? That is exactly what I was thinking. But at the start of this season,
I think it was still that. Yeah, but they were
playing at Wembley cos the stadium wasn’t finished. There may be an issue
with that later on. Kerry, what are you saying? United Emirates. We’re just going to take Emirates
as your answer there. And, Radzi, what are you saying? I’ve gone for Stamford Bridge. Oh, he’s in there. Stamford Bridge, and quite rightly
adding a “boooo” there. I say that as a Fulham fan, lots
of lovely Chelsea fans out there. Who do you support, Radzi? Arsenal. Arsenal. For my sins. From the United Emirates stadium. Well, exactly! This is what
this show’s doing to me. These are your people here! Stamford Bridge has 14,
is that a correct answer? If it is, you’ve just won
yourself a point. Of course it is. Chelsea stadium. Old Trafford and Emirates
both correct answers, White Hart Lane
we wouldn’t have taken cos at the start of that season,
they were at Wembley Stadium. But is that the longest
possible answer? Have you got a longer
answer at home? Has Radzi won himself two points? Two points to you. Tablets away, please,
that is the end of that round. We have one more round to go, so let’s take a look at the
leaderboard before we go into it. In the game. Beautiful stuff. One round to go, we have a tie at the top
of the leaderboard. That final round, as always, is… You know how this works.
We’ll give you a picture, we’ll put the clue underneath,
smash the answers together. Point for a correct answer, point
off for an incorrect answer. Very best of luck to you all. We have a tie. Will we have
a tie at the end? Who is going to win Tuesday’s
House Of Games? Here is your first category. BUZZER
Yes, that is Hal. Secateursula Andress. It is, well done. Secateurs and Ursula Andress. Next one. BUZZER
That is Radzi. Plant potassium. Absolutely right, well played. Next category. Those will be the pictures.
Smash them into the clues below. Yes, that is Hal. Daniel Day-Lewis Carroll. Certainly is. Well done,
well played. Next Oscar winner. BUZZER
Yes, Kerry. Oh, my… Oh. But I know the answer
to both of those but I don’t get
the smash up business. So what’s the answer
to the first one? Charlie Chaplin. And what’s the answer to
the second one? Linda McCartney. So Charlie Chaplin…da. Charlie Chaplinda McCartney. There we go. Yes! Next category, please. KLAXON What a strong end
to the show from Kerry. But who has won Tuesday’s show?
Super close. Hal, you ran away with it yesterday.
You’ve had no such luck today. It was very, very close.
Close in that final round, as well. Our winner of Tuesday’s
House Of Games is… ..Hal by one point. Well done, mate. Well played, Hal. Oh, thank you. 1 point this time,
pushed all the way by Radzi. Well played, Radzi. Hal, you win another prize. Brilliant. You win one of these.
What would you like? I’m going to go for
the pillow and duvet set. Hal Cruttenden takes home a
House Of Games pillow and duvet set. Congratulations. Let’s take a look at
the weekly leaderboard. It could all change over
the next few days. I will see you here again,
same time, same place, tomorrow. We’ll see you here, as well,
on the House Of Games. Hi. Join me… Join me and Richard in bed.

Guess the Character Puzzle Game w/ PAW Patrol, Blue’s Clues & Blaze | Nick Jr.

Let’s play a puzzle game
with your Nick Jr. friends. Are you ready?
Let’s play! Which Nick Jr. friend
do you think fits into this shape? Is it Dora? No, the Dora one doesn’t fit. Is it Blue? Hmm, Blue doesn’t fit either. Who could it be? You did it, it’s Chase on the case! Cones! Great work, guys! Are you ready to play again? Let’s do it! Does Skye fit? No, not this time. Is it Gil? Nope, who could it be? You did it, excelente! It’s Dora! ♪ We did it, we did it, we did it
Yeah, lo hicimos ♪ ♪ We did it ♪ ♪ We balanced our way
Across Crocodile Lake ♪ ♪ We did it, we did it, yeah ♪ Time for round three, let’s play! Who fits into this shape? Is it Molly? No, she doesn’t fit. Is it Blaze? He doesn’t fit either. Who could it be? Yes, time to skidoo, it’s Blue! Blue is happy, and Magenta’s happy too! Are you? Oh, good, yeah, me too! [barking] Oh! Good job, Blue and Magenta. Ready to play again? You can do it! Who fits into this shape? Is it Chase? Nope! Is it Blue? Not this time! Who could it be? Swimsational, it’s Zooli! Hi, everybody, I’m Zooli
and I can’t wait to be in your class. Here’s some things about me. My favorite color is purple,
and I love animals. Especially animals
that live in the ocean. And my most favorite ocean animal
is a seahorse. See you soon! Let’s keep playing. Who’s gonna fit this time? Is it Dora? Nope, not Dora! Is it Gil? Hmm, Gil doesn’t fit either. Who could it be? Blazing, it’s Blaze! And now, the racer
you’ve all been waiting for, put your tires together
for the one, the only… – Blaze!
– Oh, yeah! Are you seeing this, Crusher? Tell me you are seeing this! Ha! You call that making an entrance? Let’s play again. Who fits into this shape? Is it Dora? Nope. Is it Chase? Hmm, Chase doesn’t fit either. Which one is it? Time to fly, it’s Skye! Ready to go, Skye. We’ll meet you at the truck! Here comes the world’s biggest ice cube! One more round, let’s do our best! Who fits into this shape? Is it Blaze? Not, not Blaze! Is it Molly? No, she doesn’t fit either. Who could it be? You got it, it’s Gil! Hi, Gilly! Hey, Molly. Check it out! What is it? It’s a comic book. The super adventures
of Guppie Girl and Bubble Boy! That’s Bubble Boy,
he’s Guppie Girl’s sidekick! Her sidekick? What’s that mean? A sidekick is someone
who helps a super hero. Like a partner. Neat. You’re an awesome puzzle solver! Which puzzle was your favorite? You can ask your parents to subscribe
to the Nick Jr. YouTube channel for new videos every day and find more
of your favorite shows on TV on Nickelodeon and the Nick Jr. channel!

Top similar games like clash of clans part 1

hey what’s going on people this is the
Dibyo Kalita and in this video I will give the answer to a question then you
have been asking to yourself yes and the question is there any game as good
as clash of clans yes and let me tell you guys when all of your builders are
busy and you want to do something but you can’t it is kind of annoying because
you want to do something and you can so what to do then you can just wait to let
the builders do their work and then just wait and wait or you can play some other game with completely
different concept different groups and which are as good as coc okay so
in this video we will go for a search to find those awesome games this will
going to be a two part video so make sure to watch both of the parts but
let’s start with the first one so guys what is it for you is that I went to the
Play Store I have coc and i went to the similar apps and i
downloaded all the games that were like coc so i did not download all because
they were not all even if being in the similar lists all of them are not same i
downloaded it only the games which are like a base building game and combat
strategy game and games with some good graphics only i downloaded for you
guys so guys the first game in our list is the
boom beach and it is also made by the supercell so graphics are awesome
here like its name it is played by the side
of a beach and you get an island to run and you can capture
other islands as well like resource base or something okay the next thing is
you have only one bulider only one and if you want the second builder
then you have to buy it in exchange of real money these are the army camps
you can call the landing crafts the more you have them the more troops you can deploy well there are quite a lot of troops here you can upgrade them like that of this is a similar thing like coc
and this is the headquarter you guys must protect this to play this
game and if you keep it by the side if someone comes and attacks on and
get the headquarter than every single building with we destroyed
and about this game is that you can see the mines of the opponent and your mines are also visible to enemy troops okay this is the thing now lets go and attack someone before that I want to
show you that you have a wide range that you can attack and you can even unlock
more the game later on if you don’t want to take on this guy then you can change this guy now let’s attack I did not recruit troops
let’s diamond it up okay get the troops gems not available live in this game this game has
diamonds now let’s attack ok guys so this game does not have wars okay but there’s something different in here like
you can make it a task force or join some other task force
anddd and then attack on some special bases which is tough
all the players of the task force can attack on that base together
this is a kind of awesome feature they’re not available in every game
because you know you’re gonna take on a single a really hard one not one squad
and this is a cool what I mean is that you can attack together but you can
attack one by one and most probably you will get the bases down and this game has a lot of features
like you can select from a lot and you can even guide your troops what
to attack you know you can’t
make you troops attack on something certainly its the difference but in here we can
attack every single to on the battlefield to the thing you want to do
it I’ll show you the thing i was talking
about about hq
come on destroy that thing till then I’m gonna see the graphics it is cool okay
they got it this was the thing i was talking about I like the graphics when everything just
blow away these are the casualties and the survived troops you know come back to
your army not like that of coc its a good thing I want that feature in coc so this was the boom beach so guys the
second game in our list is clash of Lords 2 and this game has a lot of features
and a lot of heroes as well you can get the heroes directly you know there’s a
countdown time and you can get 10 for free or you can you know get them on reward
or you can buy them but it is not the necessary to buy them because you will
get the heroes unlock on the game later anyway and this game has a really
really lot of heroes as you can see here there are some requirements of some to
unlock and a little of them and let me tell you guys every single hero
has his or her own abilities and unique abilities you can join a guilt okay and
when you join until you can get a guild bot and that guild bot is inside the guild
can say and it will protect you whenever you are you know getting some enemy or
someone is attacking on your base now let’s go and do a multiplayer attack
well in the being you will get some kind of places like this without walls or
something but the heroes will be there to protect you now I’ll show you how the
attack is ok you can see you the heroes are here to protect and my heroes are
here to kill anyway so now this game you have just thing I just used a liability when
the bar fills up the requirement you can use that as well and it is kind of you
know I kinda like it when the heroes do their thing like boom or something like
that and each and every hero has his own moves and all stats almost it’s gotta
work it like I like that step and this is three star well I like to get the three
stars no matter what game it is (XD) so the third game in our list is the
Battle of zombies and this game has some unique features that we will not be able
to find easily and I’ll tell you about those features oh let’s see your view
first and it’s a cool view actually are the town which is devastated
a port here a river also and the water is kind of moving and a crashed plane here
plus there are three people here I don’t know who are they but they are
watching my base i think those persons presidents of this place maybe the presidents of
zombie town no let’s see that
I’ll show you the features of this game well you are able to hire the builders
very easily here because in the other games even hire the builders by completing achievements and then getting something
and then getting the builder but here you can get the builder out of energy and you are able
to produce energy by yourself by these wind generators and you can get more
energy fuel later and you can see here these are troops soldier cyborg and there are more every kind of troop is kind of cute I think they will do their work when they are left in the battlefield so these are the heroes of this place
there are three heroes currently in this game ok I think rock is kind of cool with a gun
yes before I attack someone I will show your funny feature of this game this is that
whenever touch i something roaming in my base it’s just that I’ll show on this
chicken see that Wow now let’s hack someone okay finding out
let’s attack this guy i am using soldiers and what were those throwers
because they’re throwing stones and soldiers are attacking with wooden
stick maybe when they are upgraded they carry something awesome both currently
they”re carrying sticks the soldiers are full like green light green actually they don’t look much of like
those zombies that you see in the films yeah they don’t like the zombies that you find in the movies they are kind of cute there’s a
plane crashed in this village also all right and there’s a special feature
in this game and always turns the course of the battle to in favor of the
attacker is that I’m able to get some special Troops you can say some
emergencies troops or whatever troops that I am able to get some troops I don’t know
whenever i need them using the gold and there’s a feature
this is a feature that always turns course of the battle in favor of the
attacker i used that and I will be able to get this base easily now lets me
get awesome excellent
now what what’s the name of third stuff that is wonderful so guys the game number four in our list
is the castle clash and this game has a bunch of features and I’ll tell you one by
one all okay so i will start with this pet plaza where you could get some eggs
and you can incubate them and after a while you were able to get some pets and
if you get the correct combination then you are able to use them for you and you
are you know you’ll be glad because they are they are really helpful and I kind of
like this pet system you can also use them to protect your base like
keeping in them in a hero’s space okay so now I’ll tell you the guild stuff
yeah here it is you know you are able to see that there are lots of options right
from guild wars to so many there you can even challenge the boss go for it like
that there’s so much to do in here one other thing that is so much
realistic and cool is that whenever you train something in your army camp and
your base is getting attacked then these troops will join the fight and defend
the base for you this is kind of realistic and you are not able to find
it everywhere it’s kind of cool okay so now let’s go and attack someone okay so
let’s attack this guy okay I’ll start with that part I’ll
leave the hero and leave my troops well this game is kind of realistic n I like
that feature the army stuff that join the fight when being attacked because it’s
kind of realistic because in actual world no army will just stare the enemies you know
coming inside and you know let only the defense like cannons and motors do their
work the army will also join the fight and it’s kind of realistic and I like this
feature well the you know the graphic here is kind of awesome as well you see here it’s not bad okay so we have to start soon well in
the beginning you will be seeing the town hall to be just like a box but as you
upgrade it it will get the look and it will look better really I felt like it
looked like a box just a simple box well but after a while it looked better okay
my troops got 79 now 86 actually three buildings left ok this is the last
one and yes it is it’s hundred percent and no stars in this game but torches so
three torches this was the castle clash so guys the next game in our list is the
throne rush and it is kind of decent what I found no it’s not that Wow what I
felt playing this game for a while though but actually I now i’ll show you the view
as you can see here it is not that much that loaded with graphics no
and you can see here the troops are I’ll start with the troops
first and they all actually if you have seen the movie the lord of rings i guess the troops of this place are inspired from that movie I like the dragon of this place it is kind of realistic ok
now let’s try to upgrade a wall level-1 level-2 look
like this some stones or skulls on them and the third level looking
like this ok so this is the third level now let’s go and attack some one
I won’t be able to do multiplayer right now i will play single player mission ok so
let’s just get in and attack someone this is the base will be attacking okay i have the troops and I think
you know you wouldn’t be able to see anything else other than the battlefield only
yes everything is dark the sky i don’t know why is it so may be the
developers want to get the game to be kind of scary you do it
this kind of dark so I think the troops really getting this very easily
because it is just a multiplayer ow sorry just a single player base like the first
single player base so that’s it this is the darkness as you can see here and okay this
was so guys the next game in our list is the jungle heat and let me tell you guys
this game has a lot of followers okay so let’s see the troops first and these are
the troops you can see here they are caring you know every single troop you
can find here as you know almost all almost all the troop have guns and this
is the thing that you can change the layouts
so skip this part and see the heros you can see here there are a lot really
lot of yours in this game and every single hero has his or her own ability and own requirements to be unlocked and now there is also a feature in this game you can let your
hero roam here and there throughout the whole base in protective or you can keep
it to protect only specific area keeping it to specific area make it more
specialized and more defensive in that certain area so let’s move on and
attack someone I think I’m lacking in resources to get new
friends so i’ll just get some gold now let’s attack ok this guy not on I want
oh I like this you know the leafs when they close and they open this kind of
cool because in coc the clouds do that but in here this these are the leafs I don’t know
why maybe the jungle heat and gungle has a lot of leafs I don’t know anyway so
let’s attack and this game has a lot of features in clan also because you can if
your clan leader of this game then you can change the clan you can put some clan cannon over the
cannon or clean Jericho or Cannon Air defense that’s this kind of know this’s
kind of unique there’s no funny you can also get some clan enhancements their clan
the speed of your troops make them more fierce like that
yes this is available in every single game
so let’s see here if my troops can get a 50%of course it will
not be a 100% ok let’s see the graphics here i like the sun rays
and there is someone in the jungle who is that see that red eyes see those
anyways moving on of course we got one star
so this was the jungle heat jungle heat for u so guys the last game in our list is the
total conquest and this game has some bad features and some good really good
features ok it I’ll tell you the bad feature first is that you know it has
got some advertisements and it’s kind of annoying and the server may be slow
you know I was not able to download the resource file initially it took me a while
ok not good thing is that if you put two fingers and drag your fingers up and
down you are able to change the angle of the game and it’s kind of uncommon feature
that is not found everywhere ok now let’s not waste time and train some
troops ok let’s go and attack someone let’s battle
find a match and this game has kind of advertisements everywere and everywhere pretty much
every that i was telling about okay and the graphics of this game is kind of like
kind of good it’s not bad okay so and there is a special feature in this
game and it is that you can fast forward everything this button makes that
happen and you can see in troops the troops are running more faster attacking more
faster and the clock is ticking more faster as well and one all and another
good future is that you know you can play wars even if you are only one
person in your clan are called Legion here and this is a kind of cool
feature because you can be like a one-man army even if you don’t have so
much people in your plan so guys that was total conquest guys this is the end
of the first part and it had seven games I will bring you the second part pretty
soon which will also had seven games and up to the competition of second part we
will go for countdown of top 3 out of these 14 games and which will be pretty
awesome so guys if you liked my video please like and subscribe to my channel
and I’ll bring you awesome videos that’s for sure so guys till then take care bye bye