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The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor – Descend into the Dark Heart of Skyrim

[XBOX SOUND] An insidious plot threatens
this fractured kingdom. I have witnessed this
darkness first hand… Deception, division, destruction – draining the lives of men and women. Do not forget the strength
that lies within you… It is this moment, Warrior, that history will remember. Without your help,
Skyrim will be lost forever. [XBOX SOUND]

Top 10 BEST Indie Games Coming Out This Week

Hi everyone, welcome back to Get Indie Gaming
where today, we’re counting down 10 of the best looking indie games coming out this week. At this weeks number 10 Good Company is a
tycoon management simulation game that looks pretty darn sweet. Like many games of this genre, you play as
the CEO of a firm that’s in the robot building business where you’’re looking to create
new products, grow your business and generally make a decent profit all within an industry
that sees continual. We’re looking forward in seeing how the
game tackles the journey from a simple operation and how it scales with you researching and
delivering new technologies from battery cells to the differing robot parts and how it deals
and presents what seems to be the games overall logistics and sales systems and of course
how you’re able to grow and expand your firm into something bigger. Good Company will be in Early Access for between
8 to 14 months although it ships already in a state where the core gameplay loop is already
in place. The finished game will see additional content
in terms of products, crafting abilities with it also having coop multiplayer added to the
core single campaign mode. As tycoon sims go, this one’s also a bit
of looker too with it coming out, again in Early Access on March 31st. Up now at number 9 and something that’s
just so very silly and so very welcome given the times in which we find ourselves, Chapeau
is a straight up fun couch co-op game from Salt Castle Studio based out of Austria. Now we agree all of this appears just that
little bit daft and while we’ve yet to play it, the idea at play is one where you’re
playing as hat within a multiplayer platformer with mid air hat based combat within differing
game modes all set amongst levels that have been inspired by Austria’s historic city
centres. Each of the hats have their own distinctive
what the developers are calling characteristics which better suit some playstyles rather than
others with it supporting up to 4 players in split screen with online gaming also present
by way of Steam Remote Play. There is a single player option although we
doubt we’d look at it too closly as it’s the multiplayer that has our interest. So yes, this just looks so very daft and possibly
excellent fun with it out on Steam and the Switch on March 31st. From something as silly and wholesome to something
given the world around us might be a touch too close to the bone, At number 8, The Complex
is an interactive FMV and comes out on March 31. Written by Lynn Renne Maxy, part of the Emmy
award winning team from the handmade’s tale, this choose your own adventure game features
8 different possible outcomes with it using something the team behind it are calling a
real time relationship and personality tracking systems. This means your choices and actions affect
how certain scenarios progress with them changing how the film ultimately comes to an end. At the end of each play though players are
given a personality score and a breakdown of how you played the game with it touching
upon 5 basic dimensions of personality such as your openness, agreeableness and neuroticism. FMVs can and are often hit and miss affairs
although we have our fingers crossed on this one. The ability to pause the gameplay for improved
audience participation for streamers is a nice little touch with The Complex coming
to PCs via steam and all of the current generation’s usual consoles. Out on home pc by way of Steam on March 31st,
Fates of Ort is very much a retro inspired fantasy RPG with a focus on strategic decision
making with the story driven and altered by the decisions you make while playing the game. The pixel art looks really well done and with
a strong focus on using magic with 12 different spells that can be combined with three elements,
Fates of Ort looks likely to reward strategic playing rather than simple brute force play
styles. As with many of these games, we like the look
of the overall campaign and will be checking this out to see how it deals with what are
said to be difficult choices you’ll make along the way with the characters you’ll
choose to save or leave behind. Fates of Ort comes out via steam. Up at number 6 and firstly we may need to
apologise as the launch date seems to be a little up in the air. While the Steam homepage says Jack Axe is
coming out when its all shiny and polished, we have press info from a couple of usually
reliable sources saying it’s coming to Steam on April 3rd. Inspired by a mix of norse and filipino mythology,
you’ll play as Jack in solo play or with her sisters in multiplayer within a 2D open
world adventure. We like the look of this one with it’s colourful
graphics and also how it seems to use the axe chucking abilities to better explore the
world and undertake the platforming challenges. This type of mechanic reminds us of a few
games such as Flinthook and if executed in a similar style, could make Jack Axe another
little gem. Again, apologies if we’ve got the launch
date all wrong and if so, consider us hanging our heads in Virtual Shame. Moving on, next up Curious Expedition this
weeks number 5 was first out in 2016 with many outlets such as Rock Paper Shot Gun calling
it the best rogue like out all year and after a good while with the follow up already in
a closed beta, the original gets a release on consoles on April 2nd. So after all this time, if you haven’t played
this already, why should you consider picking this one up now? Well for us, it’s always been a game about
bite sized little or not so little stories and occurrences within a rogugelike exploration
game here you choose from a number of famous people such as Nicola Tesla and Amelia Earhart
where you set off on a series of 19th century expeditions to find legendary golden pyramids. Given everything’s procedurally generated,
some runs are dare we say easier and more fun than others although the little snippets
and stories you can get out of this with your collection of travellers is what’s kept
us coming back to this over the years, and will see us picking it up again most likely
on the Switch when it comes out on April 2nd. At this weeks number 4 with it offering us
all some much needed silliness, Totally Reliable delivery service is out this coming week on
Steam, Switch, PS4 and the Xbox One. Like a few others in this weeks new game release
rundown, our primary focus on playing it will be the local couch co-op options with it offering
up to 4 player action. While we’ll play this mostly locally, you’re
also able to play this online with others as you all go about the very, or not so very
serious business of getting deliveries out to their various destinations. The rag doll physics and platforming with
you jumping, diving and sprinting about the place all look, well it just looks so much
fun and again just so silly and is everything we as a small collective all stuck indoors
for the foreseeable future need to keep our spirits up. Pleasingly out on April Fools day, April the
First, we think we’re very likely to live stream us playing this perhaps for the first
time all together – that is if we can get the tech to work. If you’re picking this up or would like
to see us stream it on launch day, let us know down in the comments. Up next and yes we couldn’t help ourselves
and with The Otterman Empire, we have yet another little dose of silliness with this
coming out April 2nd. While this has a full single player story
mode, it’s the split screen co-op mode that’s made us want to show this off in this weeks
launch video round up. What’s more though, the single player mode
also comes with a co-op option so that’s even better and like a few other’s featured
in this rundown, it looks a awesome way of spending some of this time indoors with it’s
front and centre full on house party gaming vibes. We love how vibrant it all looks, how quick
and fast it seems to be all with 8 adorable looking characters to choose from, all of
whom you’re able to change and customise to make them look just how you want. This is one party shooter within a genre we
rarely play we’re honestly looking forward to playing as soon as we’re able. The Otterman Empire comes out on Steam, the
Nintendo Switch and the Xbox One. This weeks runner up already out on Apple
Arcade, Over The Alps comes to Steam on March 31st. Firstly we adore the art style which remind
us of the travel posters we see from time to time in museums or art galleries with it
using long lost postcards to reveal its story of intrigue and espionage within 1939 Switzerland. All in the story and characters are superbly
written with the branching tale offering a mix of touching moments, adventure, double
crossings with it having a cadence that rises and falls depending on the choices and decisions
you make while playing. With its multiple endings and general warming
aesthetic, we’re extremely looking forward to spending more time exploring Over the Alps
and yep, as many we suspect are wondering, a further roll out of this on the Switch at
some point would again be handsomely welcomed. At number 1 and while as this video airs we’re
under a review embargo, we’ve played In Other Waters from start to finish and can
in all honesty say as a group and as individuals, we’ve never played or seen anything quite
like it. Sure, the theme and premise in many ways is
similar to Subnautica were you find yourself within an alien ocean while exploring the
environment and local ecosystems while also being part of something far larger. That’s largely where the comparisons should
end. In Other Waters, you play as an AI within
a scientists dive suit with you assisting to move them around and navigate the environment. Now here’s the thing, it’s all played
out by way of a subtly and brilliantly understated piece of user interface that if you let it,
expertly guides you thorough out while all the while looking spectacular with it’s
colours ebbing flowing and changing depending on where and how deep you are within the ocean. It’s all so deeply relaxing and while you
don’t get to see all of the creatures and structures your character and scientist describe
and document are so very well written and pulled together its just so easy to imagine
and mentally build a view of the world as you go from place to place. We expect this may disappoint a few people
and though it really shouldn’t as what’s so very key to in other waters is the strength
of the narrative with it being bang on for our current climate of looking and finding
hope within dark times and how we might reflect and relate to our positions within the world. So yes, in other waters is a special game
with it being unlike anything we’ve played before and it’s something we feel fully
able to recommend with it coming out on April 3rd via Steam and the Nintendo Switch. We played this on the Switch with a copy provided
by the publisher for review purposes. We’re curious, if you see anything here
you might fancy getting hold of, let us know down in the comments. While you’re here, please like the video
and subscribe to the channel if you have yet to do so. Either way, many thanks for watching we’ll
see you all here again next time for another indie game video

Bless Unleashed – All About Combos and Blessings

[XBOX SOUND] Bless Unleashed’s ambitious
combat game play is based around a deep,
rewarding combo system that delivers tactical freedom and wide ranging attacks Designed specifically for console combat is a richer and
more immersive experience than a typical tab-targeting MMO Players have several
combos available to them Many are simple and require just
a few well-timed button presses As Players level up, combos
become more powerful increasing in complexity and
adding devastating finishing moves Combos can also provide additional effects Such as a powerful movement
debuff to the enemy Longer combinations are formidable tools But performing the most dominate attacks will require excellent timing or allies who are capable
of distracting your target Of course, Lumios is a dangerous place Taking too much damage without
visiting a Soul Pyre to heal will lead to death and
resurrection sickness which drastically reduces combat
effectiveness for a period when respawned Blessings provide a further
level of tactical depth to Bless Unleashed’s combat system They are ancient memories
of legendary heroes and long lost Gods that
release powerful abilities Each Blessing allows the
use of 2 to 4 powers which Players can call uponk
if they have the resources These special abilities can
turn the tide of any battle A Priest may provide a small
heal at a critical moment A Crusader can unleash devastating attacks Or the Mage might teleport
out of harm’s way only to return and confuse their opponent Each Blessing must be
unlocked with skill points which are earned through combat When a Blessing is fully complete, it provides a permanent
passive bonus to the Player How you use combos and
blessings in Bless Unleashed will determine your fate But with skill and mastery they will help you Challenge the Gods Survive against all odds and Make Them Pray [XBOX SOUND]

Top 10 BEST NEW Indie Games of April 2020

March 27, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 21 Comments

Top 10 BEST NEW Indie Games of April 2020

April is a huge month and new game
releases hi everybody welcome to get into gaming where today we’re taking you
through the best and most promising indie games you’ll want to check out
this April 2020 I don’t know how you do it traveling
alone all the way out here let’s get things going at number 10 with filament
which on the face of things is a relatively simple looking puzzler
although it’s really anything but with it having in place is a staggering depth
in terms of the puzzle challenge it offers while also giving players a
narrative story that’s tremendous it’s got far more depth than we had really
initially expected filament has you playing the role of an astronaut
stranded aboard a spaceship with you guiding a small robot like Bowl by
either filament through rooms where you need to wrap a cable around various
objects and in doing so open up the next room while simple enough at first the
demo we recently played shows how ingenious filament is it takes a simple
puzzle premise while gradually adding more and more iterations to it there’s
also a great-looking 3d art style at play here which reminds us a little bit
of portal with the puzzle sections also split up with you exploring the
spaceship and finding more about the crew filament comes out on April 23rd on
to home pcs by way of steam next up at this month’s number 9 help will come
tomorrow is a narrative driven resource management game where you have a few
tweaks and differences to the usual format you’ll usually find within such
titles set within the harsh and frozen Siberian forests within a timeline of
the October Revolution 1917 while yes you’ll need to meet the needs of the
various characters in gathering resources building a camp and looking
after everyone’s all-round health and well-being there’s much more going on
with help will come tomorrow than you might usually find within these resource
survival managers the developers have been keen to pitch this with a greater
emphasis on the story and narrative elements of the game with it having some
really interesting overall character is six it uses what’s called a relationship
system where individual characters have just like all of us their own unique and
different seeing personal habits and traits these in turn will have a big
impact on their relationships with others with their own mental state
affecting them as individuals but also the survival of the group as a whole
we’ve played the demo over the past couple of weeks and given the wide
social sphere of the games characters there’s often a delicate and fine line
to be had in dealing with and helping shape a cohesive group relationship that
for the most part sees you needing to understand and manage well you’ve got to
manage the different class and social affiliations it’s a super interesting
construct as we’ve already said that seems to work pretty well in practice
help will come tomorrow launches April 21st on PC and all of the normal
consoles at number eight the procession to
cavalry is the successor to Jo Richardson’s critically acclaimed for
last things and comes on to pcs this April the 9th it’s set in the same world
as the predecessor although if you haven’t picked up the first the story
here can be played independently it’s a traditional point and clicker
with verb coin interaction menus all of the while using simple drag-and-drop
mechanics stuffed full with what appears to be some good old-fashioned British
humor with more than a fair not too Monty Python its lofty subject matter is
all treated in what seems to be a fine and refreshing level of flippancy who
all the while traversing through hundreds of different paintings from the
Renaissance you’ll have time to steal a ship hunt for treasure and perhaps take
the opportunity to have a chat with the lord himself
this looks marvelously silly and if were honest feels almost perfect for where we
find the world as it is today driving its way into the number seven position
for april twenty twenty and what are the standout indie game gems from the PAX
East just gone cloud punk as you can see from the footage on the screen now
well it’s heavily influenced by the cyberpunk genre and sees you play as a
character well it’s a delivery driver on her first day working for a semi legal
courier firm known as the same name as the game’s title from what we’ve seen of
it so far it looks a fairly open-ended overall experience where you’re able to
take on delivery jobs or just cruise around the city taking things as you
find them you also don’t necessarily have to drop off parcels at their
intended delivery destinations you’re able to earn just that little bit more
by perhaps bending the odd rule here and there although such actions are likely
to have consequences with them altering the direction the story takes and your
relationship with others cloud punk will be out on April 23rd for home PCs on
Steam and will be out later in the year on the PlayStation 4 the Nintendo switch
and the Xbox one moving on in this month’s rundown at
number six and recently featuring in our Most Wanted Metroidvania games expected
out in 2020 if you haven’t seen that video yet you can check it out by the
card on screen now or by clicking the link down in the video’s description
below I’ll be honest having played the demo over the past month or so biomass
is quite simply rock hard and as the saying goes as tough as very very old
boots it’s going to appeal to a certain segment of gamers who relish in such
opportunities as afforded by well we’re talking sakura levels of hardness here
and in all honesty it’s a tad above where we normally feel comfortable that
being said the pixel art has being handsomely crafted as has the overall
law which is deep and offers players a comprehensive look into the game’s
backstories while making for a solid and interesting read so back to the combat
and yeah dealing with the enemies is hard enough let no in the boss battles
that are extremely challenging each of them also have their own hidden phase
which is activated by meeting various requirements and having done so players
are given a distinct reward for such actions biomass comes out April 28th on
home PC via Steam and if you love a challenge and revel within gorgeous
pixel art this could be one for you set in 1977 Barcelona general Franco is dead
with Spain almost ready to have the first free election since the civil war
in the flower collectors your players are retired policemen as you try to
unravel a mysterious murder all while you sit within a wheel chair within your
apartment helped by an assistant and no-nonsense go-getting journalist who
becomes your eyes and ears you take on the task of solving what appears a
complex mystery by way of your camera binoculars and a radio transmitter with
you very much peeking out from behind your curtains now this is a pretty
fascinating looking game particularly with its setting within a post Franco
Barcelona but also in how it’s dealing and experimenting with voyeurism in
what’s clearly an overall story that’s driven by world building and narrative
also from from what scene of the footage so far your
characters backstory and demeanor are also likely to make the flower
collectors in places a little bit of a challenge to play this comes out two pcs
on April the 21st dreamscaperers the debut game from San
francisco-based developers afterburner Studios a team comprising individuals
who previously worked on the likes of 2k and Epic Games here we have an action
RPG roguelike with elements of brawler’s top-down shooters and dungeon crawlers
your players cassadee a young woman who finds herself dealing with depression
and suffering from horrifying nightmares now in this free to play prologue you’ll
take Cassidy through her waking days as she looks to build meaningful
relationships with those around her the memories you form in the waking world
can also be harnessed within her dreams with the two states of being asleep and
awake being interconnected what you do in one will have an effect on the other
with around 4 to 6 hours of playtime it’s not so little taste of what’s to
come the shadows the full launch come the summer later in the year up next in at number three itta is a
bullet-hell boss rush adventure that sees you play as a girl on a mission of
revenge all over the deaths of her family while being guided by the spirit
of the family’s late pet cat inspired by themes of personal struggle and
perseverance eater will feature 18 bosses in what looks to be a super-tight
twin-stick shooter this accompanied by a suitably dramatic musical score we
understand players will be able to mix and switch combat styles a way of
finding different weapons each having their own differing characteristics and
attack styles said also a ship with accessibility options in what sounds a
similar way to those we so adored and Celeste
for example if things get too tricky you can toggle invincibility or change let’s
say the damage multipliers at any time it will come out on home PC and the
Nintendo switch on April 22nd at number two and something that’s very
really so very different with it being quite unlike anything we’ve seen before
in other waters is essentially a narrative adventure where you assume the
role of an AI assistant aiding a xenobiologist who’s searching for her
missing partner aside from the exploration of looking around the
different parts of the alien ocean where you’re able to explore reefs or dive
deep towards the ocean floor you also unlock various upgrades that help and
enable you to reach previously inaccessible areas while under review
embargo shall we say what makes another waters so different and yes we’ll leave
it there comes in part with it having you play by way of the multi-part UI
system with allowing you to interact with the world around you via a really
intuitive set of controls in doing so you can scan your surroundings collect
samples and generally explore and investigate the alien ocean it’s also
very pretty – and it’s use of complementary colors which seem to ebb
and flow and change as you move through the different oceanic layers is well
beautiful what is so good in what in other waters does though is how it
focuses on the overarching story and the relationship between the AI and the
pilot on the face of things there’s so much here – like with another waters
coming to PC and the switch on April 3rd at the number one spot for April 2020
and we’re thinking for many this won’t be too much of a surprise
moving out drops this coming April 28th and if you’re thinking it kind of looks
like overcooked but within a furniture removal setting but you’re pretty much
spot-on and you know what has games like these go it’s almost certain to overtake
the overcooked series as our most loved and go to local couch co-op game of all
time what it doesn’t is slightly different and for us better way that you
have with overcooked is how the chaos seems to avoid some of the passive
aggressive tendencies that seem to arise when playing a game within such a high
pressure setting as a restaurant it’s just so honestly so much fun you’re able
to play as many different characters including cats and dogs with also having
a huge range of accessibility options you’re able to increase
time limits reduce the difficulty and even lower the weight of some of the
items to make them easier to carry there’s also a scalable UI dyslexic
friendly fonts and subtitles as huge fans of local party couch co-op games
moving out is brilliant and from our time with it so far it’s likely to be
one of the best of its kind and we’ve no doubt it’ll feature in our game of the
year rundown come December moving outs coming to PC and all of the usual
consoles so which of these games or any others out this month are you most
looking forward to playing be sure to let us know in the comments and while
you’re here how about clicking that like button and subscribing to the channel if
you haven’t done so already while also turning on the notification barrel so
you don’t miss out on any of our videos thanks once again for watching we’ll see
you all again next time

Lost Words – Game Overview Trailer

March 27, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 11 Comments

Lost Words – Game Overview Trailer

[XBOX SOUND] (gentle music) – [Narrator] “Lost Words: Beyond the Page” is a narrative-driven atmospheric puzzler set inside the pages of an
aspiring writer’s diary. In an intricate story penned by renowned games
writer Rhianna Pratchett, you will discover the
inner thoughts of Izzy, our young protagonist. Explore the wondrous
fantasy world of Astoria through the pages of Izzy’s diary where words wield immense power. Throughout the game, you will interact with the words themselves to
solve a variety of puzzles and unique platforming segments to progress through an
evolving landscape and world. Throughout the story, you’ll be along for the
ride as Izzy reflects on the transformational
moments of her young life, and copes with hardships
that seem too big to be real in the eyes of a child. With insights drawn from working
with child psychologists, the sometimes tense but
always beautiful story will connect you with Izzy
and her real-life experiences as they play out in her personal
journal and fantasy world. The game is split into two worlds: the pages of Izzy’s journal, and Astoria, the fantasy world
Izzy begins to write about. While navigating through the journal, you’ll interact with
words, as well as drawings, as you jump across the different
platforms page by page. Discover hidden thoughts,
traverse the words themselves, and move them around to
help complete Izzy’s story. At the end of every chapter, you’ll be transported
beyond the page to Astoria. In Astoria, the adventure continues. Once you acquire your magic book, you’ll be able to collect
and call upon certain words that have immense power. In your travels, you will
encounter colorful characters with sage knowledge to pass down. You may even cross paths
with a foreboding dragon that roams the skies. [ XBOX SOUND ]

How to Download Halo 3 for free(game voices in spanish)

what’s up people, you’re watching Learn Crap Quick in this tutorial you’re going to learn “how to download halo 3(spanish) for free” it’s a tutorial for people that have modded xboxes(jtag/rgh) i will leave the links in the description. so let’s first download the game.. WARNING: becarefuly with the website cause it has ads and pop ups don’t accidentally download a virus instead of halo 3 🙂 now click the download button, for every part of the game(the game isn’t just 1 part) here we got the part 1 we don’t need this part that has “.rev” at the end of it’s name let’s close the “filecrypt” tab, we don’t need it anymore.. and we’ve got all the links! now let’s click the download button and download the parts and now wait, until the downloads are finished now we have to extract the files! the password is: todoinmega and now let’s wait finished! now let’s delete the rar files that we don’t need, and move the game to our hard drive copy the game folder and paste it on your hard drive wait for it to finish then plug the hard drive into your xbox 360 if you have xexmenu, you can use it to open up your game. the game works fine. if it doesn’t work for you, please ask for help in the comment section, i will try to help or you could join my discord server, there is even more people to help, and i will give a response faster we play xbox 360 games together, don’t wait and join now! thanks for watching