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The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor – Descend into the Dark Heart of Skyrim

[XBOX SOUND] An insidious plot threatens
this fractured kingdom. I have witnessed this
darkness first hand… Deception, division, destruction – draining the lives of men and women. Do not forget the strength
that lies within you… It is this moment, Warrior, that history will remember. Without your help,
Skyrim will be lost forever. [XBOX SOUND]

Bless Unleashed – All About Combos and Blessings

[XBOX SOUND] Bless Unleashed’s ambitious
combat game play is based around a deep,
rewarding combo system that delivers tactical freedom and wide ranging attacks Designed specifically for console combat is a richer and
more immersive experience than a typical tab-targeting MMO Players have several
combos available to them Many are simple and require just
a few well-timed button presses As Players level up, combos
become more powerful increasing in complexity and
adding devastating finishing moves Combos can also provide additional effects Such as a powerful movement
debuff to the enemy Longer combinations are formidable tools But performing the most dominate attacks will require excellent timing or allies who are capable
of distracting your target Of course, Lumios is a dangerous place Taking too much damage without
visiting a Soul Pyre to heal will lead to death and
resurrection sickness which drastically reduces combat
effectiveness for a period when respawned Blessings provide a further
level of tactical depth to Bless Unleashed’s combat system They are ancient memories
of legendary heroes and long lost Gods that
release powerful abilities Each Blessing allows the
use of 2 to 4 powers which Players can call uponk
if they have the resources These special abilities can
turn the tide of any battle A Priest may provide a small
heal at a critical moment A Crusader can unleash devastating attacks Or the Mage might teleport
out of harm’s way only to return and confuse their opponent Each Blessing must be
unlocked with skill points which are earned through combat When a Blessing is fully complete, it provides a permanent
passive bonus to the Player How you use combos and
blessings in Bless Unleashed will determine your fate But with skill and mastery they will help you Challenge the Gods Survive against all odds and Make Them Pray [XBOX SOUND]

Lost Words – Game Overview Trailer

March 27, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 11 Comments

Lost Words – Game Overview Trailer

[XBOX SOUND] (gentle music) – [Narrator] “Lost Words: Beyond the Page” is a narrative-driven atmospheric puzzler set inside the pages of an
aspiring writer’s diary. In an intricate story penned by renowned games
writer Rhianna Pratchett, you will discover the
inner thoughts of Izzy, our young protagonist. Explore the wondrous
fantasy world of Astoria through the pages of Izzy’s diary where words wield immense power. Throughout the game, you will interact with the words themselves to
solve a variety of puzzles and unique platforming segments to progress through an
evolving landscape and world. Throughout the story, you’ll be along for the
ride as Izzy reflects on the transformational
moments of her young life, and copes with hardships
that seem too big to be real in the eyes of a child. With insights drawn from working
with child psychologists, the sometimes tense but
always beautiful story will connect you with Izzy
and her real-life experiences as they play out in her personal
journal and fantasy world. The game is split into two worlds: the pages of Izzy’s journal, and Astoria, the fantasy world
Izzy begins to write about. While navigating through the journal, you’ll interact with
words, as well as drawings, as you jump across the different
platforms page by page. Discover hidden thoughts,
traverse the words themselves, and move them around to
help complete Izzy’s story. At the end of every chapter, you’ll be transported
beyond the page to Astoria. In Astoria, the adventure continues. Once you acquire your magic book, you’ll be able to collect
and call upon certain words that have immense power. In your travels, you will
encounter colorful characters with sage knowledge to pass down. You may even cross paths
with a foreboding dragon that roams the skies. [ XBOX SOUND ]