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Apex Legends Season 3 – Meltdown Launch Trailer

[XBOX SOUND] No weapons are allowed on the drop ship. Any incidents of violence… I’m there, I’m closing down the bar and the next thing
I know the call comes in. Pack your bags,
we’re moving to a new arena. I’m like, whatever,
like I’m afraid of another planet. What was that? Chill, brotha. Just a minor turbulence.
Totally normal for these parts. Anyway, I been sayin’ all along,
we needed a change of scenery. Just gonna need to find whoever took
the tower down… and buy them a drink. Why don’t you just ask the new guy? Word, he ain’t too bad of a hacker.
Knows everything about anything. Hey buddy. I hear you’re the, eh,
second smartest guy in the Outlands. Wink. Come on, what are you…
hiding something? Kid’s got some moves! Approaching drop zone. Seriously? Drop zone ahead. Prepare the drop. Hope you know how to count, kid. Try and keep up, old man. Old man!? Coming through, boys! Ebuwai! Hydro-power! That’s three. For Artur. This new guy
better not mess up my stats. Or my awesome hair. That’s seven. I approve of this new planet.
The air is so… uncontaminated. High five. And here comes ten and eleven. Hey! Those were mine! Whoa, whoa, whoa, kid, it’s me!
It’s the old man. I thought, you were gonna kill me. Don’t be an idiot. I’m not an idiot. [XBOX SOUND]

Xbox Project xCloud Hands-On: Magic Meets Game Streaming

hold tight Xbox game streaming is almost
here readying it’s cloud Empire’s new rivals look to hit the scene marks lost
technology has a ton to prove to secure a success and although a
work-in-progress stay tuned for our full review Microsoft
delivers a glimpse of magic virus early foundation I’m Matt from window central
and here we have our first look at Project X Files nuke review trial sbox keen streaming has been a long time
coming to Microsoft who reports referencing internal tests around 2013
using Halo 4 and a Windows Phone that concept has since clearly evolved and
with recent advancements in streaming cloud and general infrastructure it’s
allowed marks off to propel let’s move into game streaming the result is a wave
of new servers being deployed globally based on Xbox one architecture and in
theory it allows any title to easily translate to the service process on the
cloud and then stream to your mobile and the use cases are endless whether taking
your Xbox on the go or just welcoming newcomers who have never read touched
traditional console hardware Microsoft has kicked off Project X cloud with four
accompanying titles you have Gears 5 halo 5 Guardians CF eaves and killer
instinct each of these are Microsoft owned first party titles but they all
have their own separate genres and bring various challenges for the service
killer instinct has its reactive fighting combos halo has its twitch FPS
combat and gets 5 even has stuff like extra free loads which really ride on
precision and getting back timing and xbox game streaming surprisingly teams
most whose titles of the ease you have consistent low latency and clarity and
yeah you get odd hiccups from the inconsistencies that come with
networking but generally Microsoft is on the right track to preface I enter
Proteus cloud with a fairly optimal setup that’s the symmetrical gigabit
connection a few miles west of London translates for about 300 megabits per
second download over 5 gigahertz Wi-Fi connection to a Google pixel that still
provides a pretty sturdy backbone for cloud streaming dwarfing marks lost 10
megabits per second requirement but colleagues both in the US and UK report
similar results on setups maybe a fifth of our current speed and it’ll be
interesting to see how projects tiled is able to translate between various
Network environments with Verizon 5g and differences in home networks
Microsoft hosted services via dedicated although currently limited Xbox game
streaming app acting as a portal for Android access the app packages titles
in a sleek Netflix style format with on-demand
tap and play access removing some of the complexity that comes with a full Xbox
one experience there’s also a choice of a legacy Xbox Guide menu
although stripped down to the essentials featuring friends parties and
achievements Xbox game streaming gets off to a strong
start already showcasing impressive low latency technology in its first
iteration and while I entered unsure of streaming it’s clear how the service
could act as a true console replacement both at the home and while on the move
I’m not free of doubts though most notably that shift from TV to mobile
playing games designed for a 50 inch display as 6 inches isn’t exactly
seamless Microsoft plans to address this by our old aware tools but allows first
word duck came using ap is for smaller screens although this is yet to be seen
in late 2019 but game streaming has finally become a viable reality and
projects cloud is only the beginning the budding players in the US UK and South
Korea Microsoft is currently accepting registrations for a chance to be picked
for upcoming tests however as supporting technology is rolled out across the
globe expect new regions with time what are your thoughts on Xbox project X file
could you see yourself using service let us know in the comment section down
below I’ve been Matt Brown thanks ever so much
for watching and I’ll see you in the next one

Battlefield V – Multiplayer Review

October 11, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 3 Comments

Battlefield V – Multiplayer Review

– [James] Hello Battlefield fans. This year we’re splitting
up the Battlefield V review into its single and multiplayer components with a full review to follow. This video covers the multiplayer only. Be sure to check out the single player and overall reviews in
the video description. (“Legacy” by Johan
Soderqvist and Patrik Andren) (soldier speaking in foreign language) With all the development muscle behind EA Dice’s massive
shooter, I didn’t expect going in that playing Battlefield V’s multiplayer would feel so much like discovering a very promising early access game. There’s a sizeable number
of modes and bug fixes still to be delivered
and it feels as though the good will of free future
DLC has led to the release of a less complete product now. To its credit, a cavalcade
of clever gameplay changes succeeds in changing the series standard 64-player warfare in a
more tactical direction, but the execution simply feels rushed. Still, there’s plenty of
dynamic FPS fun to be had in the Battlefield V today
and I could see it becoming one of the best in the series history after some substantial updates. (soft violin music) Across all of its current
multiplayer modes, Battlefield V’s default mechanic takes a bold step towards the hardcore. Health regeneration is limited, the time to kill is reduced
and the spotting system is almost entirely removed. But the revisions are more thoughtful than simply adopting all
of the hardcore rules. For example, while time to
kill is generally faster, sniper rifles deal less
damage than ever before, letting a snappier feeling to gunplay without excessively disrupting the class’s balance and power. And in lieu of the entire
removal of 3D spotting, only a handful of gadgets
and certain combat traits can now place that infamous
red circle over enemy’s heads. These changes aim to emphasize team play, satisfy gunplay and immersion and all of them find their marks. The incentives for coordinating with your four-person squad are so strong they’re borderline coercive. The scarcity of vital health
and ammunition resources collectively dubbed the attrition system succeeded in making me go out of my way to work with my squad and
strengthen class identity, but felt a little heavy handed at times. Retreating in search of a
friendly medic or a supply station rarely led to any interesting moments. Being able to scavenge from
enemy corpses on the other hand encouraged me to take a lot of fun risks. The ability for anyone
to revive a squadmate regardless of class is
another welcome incentive to stick together, glitching
and awkward it may be. (suspenseful music) Across the board, the 37 firearms of Battlefield V feel fantastic. Pronounced and predictable recoil replaces the random-feeling spray of Battlefield 1. Each class has access to an
assortment of seven to eight primaries, that with the
exception of the medic, who can only wield SMGs, present a variety of playstyle options. The support class possesses
the greatest variance with access to shotguns,
LMGs, devastating MMGs that must be deployed to aim, and the FG42 which in Battlefield V anyway, behaves like an assault rifle. And it’s fun to unlock
flashy but period-appropriate weapon skins that flaunt
your achievements. Battlefield V introduces
a specialization system which in theory allows you
to further tailor a weapon to your preferred playstyle,
but most choices are uninteresting stat tweaks that ironically diminish the effects of Battlefield V’s brand new recoil system. Vehicle specializations are
generally much more alluring, offering more meaningful
and visual alterations. Each infantry class can now
choose from two combat roles that with the exception of
the sniper and pathfinder, feel like a total afterthought. Battlefield V boasts 26
era-appropriate vehicles, a number that absolutely
dwarfs its predecessor’s paltry eight at launch. And yet part of me
misses the rampant chaos caused by the admittedly
overtuned elite units, cavalry and behemoths of Battlefield 1. Tanks can be fun and
whizzing around in a spitfire is neat, but I can’t help but
feel that the relationship between vehicles and infantry in Battlefield V is overly binary. I’ve never enjoyed hate
picking the assault class to destroy enemy armor, but
since Battlefield V tanks are much more difficult to
avoid than their BF1 ancestors, that’s exactly what I found myself doing. Similarly, you will be bombed. When you are, you will either
choose to bring your current objective to a grinding halt
to track down an anti-aircraft gun or tank or just keep going and accept that bombing’s a part of life. (dramatic violin music) Eight maps are available in Battlefield V as of launch and while I’m
not a fan of the extensive labyrinth of identical unfurnished
apartments in Rotterdam, I felt the other seven
maps to be quite enjoyable. Fjell 652 takes place on a high
altitude Norwegian mountain overlooking the entirety Norwich map and is objected to intense
and atmospheric snow storms. Twisted steel is built
around a massive bridge that serves as both a spectacular landmark and a functional mechanism
to add a linear lane to the map’s familiar
open environment speckled with rural villages. Fortifications can be
constructed on any map and are situationally useful. And that’s all I have
to say about building. Unfortunately, even the good
maps don’t always stand up to the test of being ported
to seven different modes. It’s spread across three playlists. The modes themselves
are all over the place, especially in the
infantry-focused playlist where Frontline lasts many times longer than Team Deathmatch or Domination. There’s a particularly
messy portion in Frontlines on Twisted Steel where the defending team has a clear vantage directly
into the attacker’s bomb spawn. On more than one occasion on the Frontlines version of Narwich. I spawned outside of the boundaries, at one point resulting
in an unavoidable death due to desertion and that’s
part of a disappointing trend because Battlefield V is
frankly littered with bugs. Some are of the superficial
and even comical variety, but quite a few others have a major, at times, game breaking impact. In total, I had to exit a
match or relaunch Battlefield V more than a dozen times in
my 60 hours because of menus getting stuck open with no way to close or match timers and
objectives bugging out. Also the all-too-frequent
appearance of my glitches and sticky geometry conveys
a general lack of polish. (soft violin music) the feeling of getting
in on the ground floor is something that will
inevitably be much better mere months now is unavoidable while playing Battlefield V’s multiplayer. Squad play and infantry combat in general is taken in a very worthwhile direction with smart tweaks to guns and resources. But the same care hasn’t
been applied throughout. Rampant bugs, wildly varying
mode times in similar playlists and how big features like
combat roles take their toll. The good news is that patches
are already rolling out and with a year or more of
free maps and modes on the way, Battlefield V can only
get better from here. For more on Battlefield
V, watch our review of the single player campaign
plus the first 15 minutes of gameplay and standby
for the full review. If you enjoyed the video,
shoot me a follow on Twitter @ThuggnDuggn and for everything
else, stick with IGN.

Watch Dogs 2 Trailer: Online Multiplayer (Co-Op & PVP) – GamesCom 2016 | Ubisoft [NA]

2, you are Marcus Holloway, a young, brilliant hacker
that is part of a hacking group called DedSec. As you explore the Bay Area
and help DedSec grow in power, you’re put in a seamless
connected world that offer single and multiplayer
opportunities without lobbies or loading screens. [PUNCHING SOUND] [POLICE SIREN] As long as you’re
online, there’s always a chance to meet other players. Follow your way and
keep playing solo, or easily form a co-op team
and explore the world together. Cruise around the Bay
and discover new areas. Have a ride in the back country,
and many other activities. Through your smartphone,
take on an endless series of co-op missions. Try to get the best
score, and show who’s the best hacker in town. [GRENADE PIN CLICKING] [SOUND OF EXPLOSION] Holy fuck, this is awesome! NARRATOR 1: With
online invasions, fight off other
players trying to hack into your DedSec systems. Use all your new hacking
tools to locate invaders and take them down. [PUNCHING SOUND] Yeah! Yeah, baby! NARRATOR 1: Now it’s your
turn to seamlessly invade other players’
session and hack them while remaining undetected. [ENGINE REVVING] If you create too much
chaos, such as killing innocent civilians, you could
end up with a bounty hunter contract on your head. This means up to
three other players can seamlessly invade your game
and hunt you down for a reward. However, you can turn
the tables and hunt down those who are tracking you
for a even bigger reward. [SOUND OF CAR CRASHING] Everything you do
online in “Watch Dogs 2” is optional, but will
always contribute to your overall
progression in the game, giving you access to improved
hacking tools and gear. [MOTORCYCLE REVVING] This is the online
setting of “Watch Dogs 2.” What you do with
it is up to you. NARRATOR 2: Click here to
watch more game videos. Subscribe to our
YouTube channel, and be the first
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Games That Embarrass The “AAA” Industry (The Jimquisition)

(stuttering) – Markets. (applause) (upbeat music) ♪ Born different ♪ ♪ Born innocent ♪ ♪ Born perfect, I’m not like you ♪ ♪ I’m a born lover ♪ – Today, we’re going to
talk about some good games that do good things. Can you believe it? Oh my, yes. These are games in or around
the so-called Triple A space that do not behave like
so-called Triple A games. And in exhibiting distinctly
non-Triple A behavior they absolutely shame,
humiliate, and embarrass big budget’s mainstream
so-called Triple A games. Some of them do it by
offering complete experiences, some of them do it with
a wealth of content, some of them do it with cosmetics. Oh, and speaking of cosmetics. (arcade game music) Oh that’s much better. That is much, much better. ♪ Don’t you wish your
girlfriend was hot like me ♪ (claps) ♪ Don’t you wish your
girlfriend wore a hat like me ♪ (claps) – Playing Borderlands 3 was
something of a revelation, not because it’s particularly
remarkable or brilliant as a game. It’s fine in general. It’s more Borderlands, with a
few extra gimmicks tacked on and that’s totally acceptable. No, no, no, no, no The revelation comes from
how it rewards the player not with gambling mechanics, not with the chance to pay
more money to earn more stuff No, Borderlands 3 does something
practically revolutionary in the modern Triple A gaming space. It actually rewards you for playing it! For just playing it! Borderlands 3 constantly
showers players with loot and riches to encourage them to play more. It is one of several games
that have come out recently that downright embarrass
the mainstream game industry by reminding us of what
games used to be like and what they could be again
if most publishers weren’t such grasping, money-hungry parasites. If you’ve played a Borderlands game, you know loot is a big
part of the experience. There are thousands and
thousands of guns with different rarity rankings, stat
changes, and unique features. Basically, a dungeon crawling
“loot-em-up” like Diablo but guns instead of swords. You can already imagine how this makes it ripe for exploitation by
unscrupulous publishers. Many of which have their
own Looter/Shooters, but really drab, repetitive,
awful takes on the idea. Trash like Anthem or The
Division where you just get incrementally better
pistols or assault rifles, really boring stuff, and anyone who wants a splash of color or
variety in their experience has to buy into the micro-transactions. Despite Borderlands being
published by one of the greediest corporate wank-barons out there, Borderlands 3 has managed
to remain a Looter/Shooter without loot boxes. A game primed for live service bullshit, but none of the monetary trappings. More than that, however, Borderlands 3 mixes in cosmetic rewards, actual fucking cosmetics
with its loot drops Yes, unlike most modern games,
where you can be expected to pay real money for a
new hat or color scheme, you can find skins for
your characters and guns, by just playing the damn
game and it feels awesome! Unlocking a new hairstyle or
skin is rare in Borderlands 3 but every time it happens, it
feels special, extra rewarding because you got something
unique and unexpected and cool among the usual avalanche of gumdrops. Borderlands 3 is inherently
more rewarding because go figure, it features
such a variety of rewards. Even though the game
itself is as a Shooter is not all that remarkable, the sense of reward absolutely stands out. Unlike with most Triple A (gibberish) video games, in Borderlands
3 I can take a character and make them look exactly like Scare Glow, the evil ghost of Skeletor, which was a ghost that
worked for Skeletor, it wasn’t Skeletor’s ghost that was eventually cleared up but look, here’s Scare Glow,
the evil ghost of Skeletor. Compare to Borderlands 3 to Overwatch, a game many would say is
objectively a better game but it’s a game where your
potential unlocks are found in a loot box system littered
with disappointing items and duplicates that exist to
try and frustrate the player. In Overwatch, you’re drip fed
the occasional free loot box as a prize for leveling up, but so many of the loot box
openings are deliberate letdowns robbing you of your sense of reward, in the hopes that you’ll spend money and chase the high you were denied. The high that you are
entitled to with someone who just leveled up, but didn’t
really get a reward for it. The free-to-play game Apex
Legends does this as well, it drip feeds the occasional loot box, but overtime it dishes out
these rewards less and less, and the loot boxes are, like Overwatch, filled to the brim with crap. Many games do this and it’s
something I’ve termed the Unreward System, a devious
scheme that does what video games are not suppose to do, disappoint the very
people playing the game. These days disappointment is a commodity, letting the player down, frustrating them, willfully cheating them
out of a reward that they have earned by playing, is
all part and parcel of the manipulative micro-transaction economy: exasperate and frustrate the player, get them chasing their
sense of achievement, their sense of, as EA calls
it, “Pride and Accomplishment”. In Borderlands 3, you can just, you know get stuff as you play
constantly and consistently. Even if a loot drop doesn’t
give you anything good, there’ll be another loot drop
literally around the corner and the in-game currency, all
of it actual in-game currency, rather than premium Monopoly
money, is given at such a rate that any item you want from
in-game storefronts is pretty affordable and only requires
more gameplay to achieve. Folks say that micro-transactions
for skins and costumes are fine because they’re just cosmetic. But Borderlands 3 demonstrates
what bullshit that excuse is. People claim cosmetic
mirco-transactions are fine because they don’t affect
gameplay, but they do. The affect cosmetic rewards
have on Borderlands 3 and ones’ enjoyment of it is tangible. No, it doesn’t make
you better at the game, but that’s only one way we judge gameplay and acting like its the only metric is being willfully blinkered. Unlocking cosmetics in Borderlands
3 always feels special. It feels like a unique treat. That is gameplay being affected because that positive experience
inherently impacts how I feel while playing the game. In short, it feels good to
unlock a cosmetic reward by playing it, which is
how it felt in many games before cosmetics were portioned off and placed squarely behind a pay-wall. Nowadays, cosmetics are used, not to give players a positive feeling, but to taunt and tease them
from behind said pay-wall. This is important to note. It’s important to contrast
the positive feeling one gets from Borderlands 3’s
expansive and varied loophole against the average
Ubisoft or ActiVision game. Other games have deliberately
elected to take a genuinely positive experience out of their game, in order to sell it back
to you for quick cash. Mainstream game studios
decided to make their games inherently less special,
less rewarding, less fun. They took out the concept
of finding rewards via self, of being
surprised and delighted, by a random drop or cool unlock. Now, you just buy the
shit you want outright in a grubby little transaction. No actual reward. Just another purchase in a
game you already purchased. No cool surprise for the
player, unless that surprise is squirreled away inside
a fucking loot box. Where Borderlands 3
constantly showers the player with rewards both mechanically
and cosmetically , most games in the mainstream
space now reserve their best items for their premium storefronts. Borderlands 3 exposes
how downright withholding modern Triple A video games have become. Just look at how soulless and tacky Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint is. Barely any aspect of the
games hasn’t been monetized: weapon upgrades, in-game cash
vehicles, crafting materials and a massive range of cosmetic items have all been price-tagged and sold to the player at a premium in a boring, sloth of a game that sells time savers to make the interminable
grind more bearable. It was even selling skill
points, outright skill points to just buy your character’s
progression until the backslash forced Ubisoft to do a
u-turn on that one element. Christ, Ghost Recon Breakpoint is shit. I never once felt the need for
time savers in Borderlands 3 because the experience
of playing and shooting and getting rewards was compelling enough that it didn’t feel like a grind. And call me old fashioned, but isn’t that how games are
supposed to fucking feel? They’re not meant to feel like a grind, like a goddamn chore. This is the difference
between a game designed to sell micro-transactions
and a game designed to just sell a good honest fun experience. One’s a job, one’s fun. And I’d rather pay for
fun than to do a job. Ghost Recon Breakpoint is fucking shit. Anyway, I didn’t want to
focus on shit games this week. We’re going to talk about good
games, games that do good. So, here we go again. Another game that’s made waves recently for its cosmetically
rewarding nature is Code Vein, an anime flavored Souls-alike
from Namco Bandai. Not being a Looter/Shooter, or any kind of loot-based game really, one doesn’t actually find cosmetic rewards while playing the game. Instead, players are given
an absolutely incredible character creator up front,
which allows them to make the anime bishounen or waifu
of their dreams and boy oh boy, did I make me a very pretty
boy with some pretty makeup and tight, tight pants. Very tight pants! And I made his clothes all pink and purple from a color palette that has
more range than Mariah Carey. The sheer depth of
creativity one can indulge in when making a character for Code Vein mirrors the scope of a
character creation system in another Namco property, Soulcalibur. While you can’t get quite as
wacky as you can in that game, Code Vein, nonetheless, gives you an overwhelming amount of flexibility. You can take accessories
and put them anywhere on your body you choose,
from all manner of gloves, glasses, cat ears, headphones. I wasted over an hour in the
character creation because there was just so much
to tinker around with and I wanted my beautiful
boy to look just right. Carefully applying my lipstick,
cycling through hair options with giddy indecision,
turning up the dial on the flamboyant coloration to find the right amount of eye-searing gaudiness. But this was all a mere
hors d’oeuvre, mere prologue when I found the goddamn hat. And if there’s one thing that this video should make abundantly clear, it’s that I am a bugger for a hat. I was blown away when I
realized that I could put a big fuck-off Carmen San Diego
hat on my character’s head. A big old hat with shades of Alucard, like something you’d find in Bloodborne, but massive and customizable
and gloriously absurd. Once I found the big hat, it was over. All other headwear was
null and void for me. And you want to know what’s sad? You want to know what’s pathetic? I was shocked and grateful for it. Thankful that the game
allowed my character to wear such an audacious hat without
charging me money for it. Me! Grateful! For a fucking hat. I mean, hats are some of the easiest micro-transactions fodder out there. It’s relatively simple and
unobtrusive for a developer to stick a hat on a character’s head and hats are always rather eye-catching. So, they’re tempting properties. Hats were hugely popular as
random drops in Team Fortress 2. And the game industry realized
pretty soon after that: “Hey, you can make money
selling these things.” If you want more than
a shitty little helmet in The Division 2, you are
expected to engage with its fully stocked premium store. But here I was, gazing upon
the majesty and splendor of my massive fucking anime
hat and my appreciation was off the bloody charts. Yet again there was a tangible
impact on gameplay here. No, it didn’t make my
character faster or stronger. I didn’t deal more damage, my
health bar wasn’t expanded, my massive pink hat didn’t
make me a better player. Lord knows it didn’t. But it made me a more enthusiastic player, a more contented player,
a more satisfied player because I had made my
character, in my color scheme, wearing my idea of tastefully
tasteless headwear. I felt intrinsically
more invested in the game because I was able to
invest my time into crafting a sublimely splendiferous pretty boy, whose vibrant colors and
nonsense hat would leave a mark, a deep scarring mark on any co-op players
I happen to encounter. Throughout my time with Code Vein, I would constantly stop to
admire my extravagant work, made even better by the
fact that you can return to a home-base area and
further tweak your design at literally any time. Code Vein happens to be a very
enjoyable game on top of that though, it certainly not
got a super wide appeal and it’s something of an acquired taste. It’s a complete experience without aggressive or predatory monetization, giving players outright
tools to visually alter their appearance on a whim, while
providing a surprisingly deep and complex approach to Souls-like combat. It has its issues. It’s relies on cheap tricks
like ambushes and ridiculous enemy tracking and pitfalls a bit too much and its cut scenes can be
irritatingly pointless. But it’s a game that, like Borderlands 3, offers a comprehensive amount
of content and somehow looks generous just for being a full
product, sold at full price. And it looks generous because
we’re being trained steadily to believe that it’s acceptable
for games to not be that. To no be feature complete. To not offer the full
suite of available content, yet still ask for the
same amount of money. I made a point a long time
ago and it’s worth repeating. It’s not like us to repeat
points on The Jimquisition, but here’s a point worth repeating: If cosmetics didn’t matter, Fashion Souls wouldn’t be a thing. People wouldn’t flock to the internet, flock to online communities to show off how they’ve used armor
pieces and gear pieces in Dark Souls to make fashion statements. People wouldn’t parade around in Dark Souls’ own online
modes, showing off. There are people that would do Fashion Souls processions in-game. They will enter someone
else’s game, wearing whatever fancy clothes and armor
pieces they’ve found, and just parade about the place. And that’s fun, and that is gameplay! That is a special form of
gameplay, is making a character you love the look of and
sharing that look elsewhere. How is that not gameplay? How does that not affect gameplay? The way you play and enjoy a game. It’s important. Cosmetics are important. Video game publishers
know they’re important, know they can slap a monetary value on it, and therefore, take all that
fun out make an inherently worse game, and sell you back what used to be in these
games as standards. Cosmetics matter! Matter! See, they matter. Goggles on this are making clacky noises. I have to fix that. Meanwhile, and I’m going
to take a diversion from the cosmetic here. You can take a look at the recent output of publisher Focus Home Interactive. Focus’ library these past
few years has been doing a tremendous job of keeping the idea of the mid-tier game alive. Games that don’t boast the
massive budget of a major Triple A game, but aren’t
small indie experiences either. Last generation and
generations before were stuffed full of these mid-tier experiences. Offering all sorts of
curious ideas and particular sometimes niche adventures. Most mainstream publishers
having adopted an all-or-nothing approach where they want
every game release to make all the money in the world
rather than just some money, have starved their audiences
of mid-tier level games. But Focus Home Interactive’s
roster of inventive studios has filled that hole with
enthusiastic thrusting. While BioWare was wasting
its and everyone else’s time with their live service garbage of Anthem, Don’t Nod Entertainment
and Spiders were giving us two rock solid BioWare flavored
RPGs in Vampyr and GreedFall Games with creative premises
and all the weird storytelling leveling up and hitting stuff
that you could hope for. Do you want an exquisite story
driven stealth action game with fantastic character development and an incredible foreboding atmosphere? I give you A Plague Tale:
Innocence, one of the best examples of such a game
I’ve ever friggin played. One of the best games
I’ve ever played, period. How about Call of Cthulhu? It’s not brilliant but
it’s a fun and moody little game about investigation. It’s a solid 7 out of 10, making it as good as Breath of the Wild. Focus even has its own
Souls-like series in The Surge, a Sci-Fi take on the subgenre, and The Surge 2 is fucking excellent. I didn’t even care that
much for the first one, but the sequel is, in my
opinion, utterly amazing! Even when most of the textures don’t load in the fucking thing,
it’s still incredible! The developers making Focus’
games are so damn creative and they offer complete games that last hours and hours and hours. They’re not as pretty
looking as mainstream games. They don’t boast massive
budgets and they are often a touch on the janky or buggy
side, and yet, they still feel more finished than most big budget games, offering a robust wealth of content and often at a cheaper
price than some of the underbaked, overly monetized
live service crap from an arrogantly self styled
Triple A publisher. The existence of Borderlands 3, Code Vein, and Focus Home Interactive’s
library should be a fucking embarrassment for
the mainstream industry. Anyone who’s worked on a grinding,
unrewarding, unfulfilling sliver of shallow trash from
EA, ActiVision, or UbiSoft should look at these games
and feel downright humiliated that they can’t produce
something so gratifying and worthwhile without first
charging even more money for a shallow facimily of satisfaction. There are games proving that
it’s viable and possible to make games that simply
sell themselves and provide exhilarating and encouraging
gameplay in exchange for that one time purchase. They show how restricted,
stripped down, and undermining modern games have become. And as game publishers work
overtime to scrub our memories of these sorts of productions,
it’s worth remembering they’re still out there. Games used to feel like
Borderlands 3, Code Vein, like Vampyr. All the time! It’s how they’re suppose to
feel and that is why these games I’ve talked about today put
the entire Triple A industry to fucking shame. Now I would like this video
to be a lot more positive than it is but unfortunately
there are caveats attached to some of the games we talked about. Borderlands 3, of course, I
don’t think we need to go too far into it, GearBox’s software history. The history of its CEO Randy Pitchford are a matter of public record. This show has talked about the
behavior of Randy Pitchford and the publisher 2K Games many
many times before, but it is how they, ya know, Randy
has been credibly accused of physically assaulting an
employee in a hotel lobby. He’s an asshole on
Twitter and he’s a liar, and 2K Games basically loves
to swing its legal dick around bullies people, he’s incredibly greedy, has turned NBA 2K as a
series into little more than a glorified free-to-play
mobile game except it charges a full premium game price tag. So that’s a bit of a sad thing. And then there’s Focus Home Interactive, I would have liked to
have done an entire video praising Focus to high heaven,
but there’s a reason why I talked specifically about its
developers more than it as a publisher because it as
a publisher has been, well, a bit of an asshole of late. Frogwares, the studio known
most famously for the weird janky, to be honest,
Sherlock Holmes games and the wonderfully awful, amusingly, entertainingly shite The Sinking City, basically
had any of their games that Focus published removed from storefronts and Focus will not give them
the rights to sell the game. Even though Frogwares owns the IP to their games, Focus doesn’t. The distribution agreement
has ended, but Focus said its got some new policy in
place now where it won’t allow developers to sell
games they literally own. I have a video on this
on the channel elsewhere. Do check it out. Although I do erroneously
say that Focus published The Sinking City, it did not. That was another publisher whose name I’ve now completely forgotten. So, this is useless information. But anyway. Do sort that out Focus, because
I’ve said many times before I love your output. I love what your studios are making. I think they are important games in an industry so infested, so ruined by a lot of modern development, concessions that have been made
in the name of monetization. I’m just incredibly
disappointed that you’re doing one of your studios dirty like this. Or at least one of the studios
you work with, that you treat them like that,
because without your studios, without the likes of Frogwares,
the like of Spiders, Cyanide Don’t Nod, you’d be nothing. Ultimately, you’d be nothing. So, sort it out, yeah? Don’t keep disappointing us and if you find some time
in your busy schedule, Focus you can join the rest of the nation and thank God for me. (funky alternative jazz) (funky alternative jazz) ♪Everybody’s thinkin’ ’bout me! ♪ (funky saxophone scale)

Microsoft Flight Simulator, FREE Games and Updates, Plus More with Xbox Game Pass

this week we’ll fight some rogue ghosts
check out free destiny to content and get our first hands-on with microsoft
flight simulator let’s dive into this week on xbox Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon
breakpoint is out now you’re an elite spec ops soldiers sent to take out some
ghosts gone rogue on the South Pacific island of Aroha the new entry in the
Ghost Recon series adds some truly remarkable survival and stealth
mechanics so here’s a tip try to avoid using helicopters and other ground
vehicles to get around some open beta players have reported that taking the
time to use the stealth mechanics really makes the Ghost Recon experience also
playable now is apex Legends season 3 respawn went all out with a brand new
map called world’s edge that contains not only lava and ice but a moving train
this is the first new map for apex legend and it is so so good also out now
is the new legend crypto a hacker with advanced drones and an intriguing
backstory this is a packed week for games starting with ghostbusters the
video game remastered on October 4th the game was a hit in 2009 and now it’s back
with a 4k Ultra HD remaster and the original movie cast don’t forget there’s
no Dana only Zuul next coming to Xbox one October 4th is north guard the hit
Viking RTS brought to console then play trying for the nightmare Prince on
October 8th and experienced one of the most captivating local and online four
player co-op platformers around also on October 8th join Yuka and Leigh Leigh in
ukulele and The Impossible lair it’s a brand new title with new levels and lots
of replay value hi I’m Katarina and I’m a program
manager at Xbox today we’re here in Bungie headquarters in Bellevue
Washington bringing the scope for long-term fans and new players on the
new light update that’s coming up let’s go check it out why now why meek Festa
me too but we do live free we really wanted to sort of break down barriers
and make players give players a way to just hop in really quickly and easily
yeah hi South Guardian so you wake up as a new Guardian and we teach you how to
shoot your gun throw grenades use your super let me show not very long maybe
like 10 15 minutes and after that we put your into the tower
so because you’re in the tower you have access to a lot of loot all the content
that is in destiny so you know veteran players and new players will be the same
also you can start playing the same types of content yeah now is actually
the perfect time to hop in because you’re not going to be behind in any way
at all there’s quite a bit of content I would say hundreds of hours of free
content and if you don’t want to purchase how to keep or for a second you
know you don’t have to do that we don’t lock you out at any point after certain
time you can you can keep playing and keep the thing I think I’m most excited
about if and I’m trying to convince a lot of my friends to just jump into
destiny too as well honestly will be raised and I know that’s like not the
typical answer yeah I know my I have hard court Frances no it’s it’s I think
it was the one thing that really made me fall in love with SNe the fact that you
just have to have that for the nation we’ve five of your other friends and
just go through like really hard battles and really hard bosses and everyone has
to like learn the mechanics and go through those big challenges but when
you do it’s just so rewarding and that feeling you get I think it’s really
special and it’s something that only that’s Annie as a game can capture and I
want to make sure that new players get that same feeling my number one tip would probably be try
to raise your power level so go out on in the world explore lost sectors buy
new gear play some strikes or play crucible if that’s your thing do
whatever you can to like find better gear and raise your power level because
that’s gonna allow you to do even more activities look at your quest lock we
built a kind of a guide new players to guide you as a long-term player if you
see new players in the tower invite him to your fireteam plumbing your fire team
and let them see like your awesome weapons and your awesome gear because
new players don’t know what’s out there that they have an experience yet they
don’t know about Thunder Lord they don’t know about like tracking rocket
launchers so yeah pull em into your fireteam take them out in the open world
do some patrols do some bounties if you’re doing some low intensity activity
it’s a great opportunity to pull some new players in and show them the ropes
eyes up guardians check out the destiny two new lights and shadow keep update
today we can come back for them when you’re
ready let’s get you the x-box game past team dropped two new
games this week starting with Dishonored 2 for console and pc
it’s a massive sandbox adventure game that puts you in control of regaining
your throne or not you can choose between two different characters lethal
or non-lethal combat and even whether or not to use supernatural powers choose
wisely though the ending will depend on how you play the game on a lighter note
city skylines just joined xbox game paths for pc this is a great way to kick
back and unwind after some high adrenaline gaming and you can build the
city of your dreams along the way finally we just got wind of a musical
collaboration that’ll have you jamming for a limited time in the US and UK sign
up for xbox game pass ultimate and listen to ad free music with Spotify
Premium for six months visit the URL below for all the details
we’re here to Seattle area flight school checking out Microsoft Flight Simulator
we’re going to talk to some developers and then take a real flight yeah that’s 520 right there so this is
uh Bellevue square looks fantastic I mean it is I’m flying over my
neighborhood and it I recognize my house my neighbor’s house I recognize the
schools I recognize everything an area it’s almost it’s almost pixel perfect
loved how flight simulator looked now I’m going to get a chance to see how
close it is to the real thing in one of these it’s the oldest franchise at
Microsoft in three days windows ready dad’s office yeah so it
goes all the way but it started in 1976 but the first title really by Broussard
we came out at 79 Wow and then Microsoft acquired that and we
published the first 192 it’s been an awesome awesome journey ever since
mentor in the 37 years I think the biggest leap we are doing in this
iteration of the franchise is definitely the world and the fact that all world is
there and the Oval is is one one to the actual earth yeah people will be able to
find their house or they found my house yeah it’s all rights right there my cars
in the driveway so you see yeah and at the beginning
it’s fun yeah because you’re like oh my god it’s a little bit like looking it
for it on being yet in when you’re when when you are doing when you are seeing
it as an huge impact because in what we call the VFR which is visual rules
flight you need to actually take lemarcus really milestone in your flight
path yeah and being able to actually take real life long marks in the in the
in the environment completely change the way you fly em it’s much it’s much
closer to what happens in real life and so all the work in the actual simulation
itself which catches the state of the wind and the state of the atmosphere
that all gets applied to the same enter the plane but then also to the cockpit
so the head physics is very important because and obviously the audio but the
head fix is very important because it shows exactly the force
the pilot is getting onto his body and so you can’t do any input without
getting this little bit of it helps you really feel and we’re trying to get as
close as possible of this feeling of the real flights in our case get the world
wheel you make the weather real make it as real as you can real time weather
everything on the planet looks exactly as great then have a physics model that
is accurate make sure that the thing that the Paladin acts with the cockpit
is accurate and with those two things you get authenticity and as long as we
do that we are we’re giving the consumers everyone’s because they want
authenticity for sure yeah we are bringing also bringing a new way to
display your system to new motor and flying side they’ve got classical pigs
there for touch strings got much more information that what you could get in
previous claims when everything closes a lot the world were making needs to be
live as in alive and without you said like all the big maps updates or saw or
the things that can change the world need to be reflected there yeah both in
like the real time stuff like the live weather or life traffic or live many
things and at the same time on the long on the longest on this timescale yeah
like when you have lakes disappearing or this kind of thing well it gets a baby
in there yeah Bing has scanned the world there’s
satellite pictures eerily and the boy you say that just so just father scanned
the world that is an amazing thing and so there’s this panda bytes of data and
you really put all the numbers and like petabytes of data right it’s just ah
it’s awe-inspiring yeah oh my good god um and it just gets better they keep
doing this yeah they keep getting new cities well yeah once the once it’s done
they just start all over again our product actually benefits from that like
this flight sim will update with Bing got information about humidity all over
the her yeah about wind and whatever they hate you know whatever that ticket
so it was also one of the starting point of the devoman being able to build a
good I would say home don’t you go and receivables data and be able to
improve this emission it’s not breathtaking because I’m a superhero I’m
firing a gun or I’m kicking a ball right it’s breathtaking because I know this
world right i familiar with it and the ability to explore it is amazing
I’ve never seen it like this on my computer well that was a lot of fun but if you
can’t go up in the air like I did then I must tell you Microsoft Flight Simulator
is the next best thing we’ll bring in more details on Microsoft Flight
Simulator when it releases later in 2024 your bonus this week here are three
games with big updates first up state of decay 2 added new customizable outfits
just visit the community tab to customize your survivor next pop into
free-to-play realm we’re out to experience battle pass 5 with new tech
mounts and upgrades throughout Neverwinter another free-to-play title
release their uprising update there’s a new playable race a new storyline and
potentially space dragons if you enjoyed the show hit the subscribe button and
we’ll see you next week come to house young what prosperity awaits you in the
Stars calcium’s colonists are guaranteed full
employment you’ll have access to every modern amenities
hungry for adventure we’ve got a place for everyone
the halcyon colony a better home for better people [XBOX SOUND]

Game Stores – Scott The Woz

October 3, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

Game Stores – Scott The Woz

Hey ya’ll, Scott here Oh f*ck to buy video games right now I have to… leave my room? Now, I could always buy video games online on Amazon or just straight digitally But, come on! I need video games now! Not in one to two days considering shipping and handling and I love plastic shells Who wants to do this? So that means driving ten minutes to a brick-and-mortar store to buy physical games equals… Fine I’ll go to GameStop The video game store used to be a magical place as a kid, it was always something I looked forward to I didn’t even have to walk out with a new game or anything just browsing the games available and being surrounded by them was a treat And when you did buy a new game oh ho ho man, you pop that bad boy open on the road home to get it taste of what’s in the store What does the disc look like? reading through the manual, waft the wonderful smell of a freshly opened game sometimes that experience was more memorable than the actual game you bought. Before a trip to GameStop I would rummage through the games I had and said “okay I don’t need this this or this” bring them all there get some sweet sweet Trading credit and pick up some new games of course now I hate this fucking Punk for selling his Gameboy player for a copy of Just Dance 3 but back then without a job trading in games was just the way of life. Game stores were the place back then for me, but now what the hell happened here I really wish video game stores could be more of a place to just kind of hang out in browse games maybe even play them but instead whenever I go I’m bombarded by my favorite question in all of retail I [Man in store] What brings you in today? I always follow that up without just looking around browse the games until I realized the pop figures take up more space than the Wii U section and then leave empty-handed well maybe I can learn to love video game stores again by working at one my interview is uh right now Hi, Chet Shaft. Games on a Shelf manager Hi, Scott Wozniak. Games on a Shelf employee to be So, uh What makes you want to work at Games on a shelf? Well, I love plastic and disks are great too. You know, we’re really looking for somebody who’s into all different types of games. Are you that kind of guy? I don’t give a piss Didn’t do much for me It really didn’t exite me Title never interested me Didn’t look all too entertaining I wasn’t interested Doesn’t appeal to my tastes… Doesn’t really appeal to me… Not super into mobile games… In a way that makes me not care at all… I’m not an RPG guy… I’m not a Xenoblade guy… I’m not really into it at all I like the Wii. Perfect, you’re hired. Personally, in terms in going to actual stores for video games I prefer Best Buy. It’s nice and big, you walk in there and browse the games without getting harassed by employees about joining a membership or pre-ordering games or whatever. At the very most, one will ask if you need help with anything, or just say hi… and that’s just about it. However, they did have a sweet membership. Gamers Club Unlocked gave you 20% off all new games. Not new as in recently released… New as in basically any game on the shelf it was only 30 bucks for two years that right there basically made Best Buy the only place I’d It was only 30 bucks for two years That right there made Best Buy the only place I’d consider picking up games at they don’t offer the program anymore because holy sh*t, how could they sustain a deal like that! To be fair the 20% off video games got me to buy a lot of non-video game stuff from there, but… I mean 20% is still a lot off a products Best Buy already doesn’t see a ton of profit from. Even without the membership, I just like Best Buy because I can pick up the game bring it to the counter bada-bing bada-boom I’m out of there places like Walmart and Target oh god those have got to be the bottom of the barrel in terms of my preferred game stores who the hell wants to wrangle up an employee and beg them to unchain detective Pikachu for you all the games are behind this glass door and you have to get an employee to unlock it for you and it feels like whenever I actually want something there’s never anyone around To unlock it you just kind of have to pace around until you see somebody but of course why go to those places when you Can go to home fuck Game Stop is the definitive place to buy games for many people it’s simple it’s a game store you go There to buy video games I noticed it’s really popular with families a mom will usually bring their kid there to pick out a game or to ask questions about something but Wow Game Stop can be annoying I’m not trying to boycott them or say anybody who works there is a chump no no it’s good to have a store specific to video games and I know for a fact most employees are perfectly fine people just trying to do a good job and they’re forced by their bosses to do all this annoying stuff such as trying to cram a membership down your throat they really like to push the power of rewards program it’s just a standard membership it’s really not the craziest in the world you get slight discounts on used games some little benefits here and there but that’s about it it comes with a subscription to Game Informer magazine and they always ask if I want the digital or print version of Game Informer and I’m like I don’t want Game Informer I want the 70 cents off Darksiders – you got to be ruthless out there you can’t dance around them getting a membership card Remember you’re not out there to make a friend you’re out there to make a sale no manners no subtlety Join our membership Ken at least you get fun prizes for all the points you accumulate on the membership which you can claim on this website Oh! My god this place is barren anybody else remember going on the power of rewards site and seeing all the different prizes you could redeem it was always stuff like a Call of Duty beanie or whatever but now it’s just gift cards I mean it’s whatever and when I use this a more often the only rewards I picked were the gift cards even when they had other trinkets available so I don’t really care now one thing Game Stop has over all other major retailers who sell games are they used games and trade ins others have tried I can’t even finish that they all failed like Walmart sells used video games what game stop is universally known for selling used games at a cheaper price than new sometimes game stops use game selection there’s always a mixed bag for me first off I’m not super big into the fact most of the DS games get their cases thrown away I get it the cases take up valuable space but I don’t know about anybody else but if a game comes in a plastic DVD like case I need the case for it I ain’t buying it loose this bugs me about a lot of used game stores in general Game Stop included of course but it feels like they never put any effort into cleaning games many of the cases for game stops used games are just gross how did it get this way So they didn’t have a standard ps4 case for this game but for some reason they had the original game cover R and on top Of that the battle scars this thing is taken is just too much the stomach most of the time if they don’t have the original box and cover our game stuff just prints their own and uses a generic case I mean it’s better than nothing at least the game’s top cover are from Mario Tennis ultra smash is better than the actual game is there legitimately anybody out there who will buy the game with the GameStop cover when a copy with the original cover is available just curious, it’s obvious Game Stop likes to push used games with new games they don’t make much of a profit off of them use games non-stop profit they buy a game off of you for like 20 bucks and sell it for 55 it’s genius the trading credit has always been a big problem for many like here is how much a used copy of spider-man costs and here’s how much you’d get for trading it in I mean that bites especially if you don’t have a ton of money to spend on games a lot of people definitely complain about trading credit but I will say a lot of people complain for all the wrong reasons I think too many people assume that they should get a ton of money for garbage game nobody cares about anymore think about it for a second why are you trading in that game it’s because you don’t want it anymore well millions of other people then one Kiir’s of worth three anymore either that’s why it’s only worth $1 and you get 25 cents we’re trading it in hey man listen corporate makes us do this every year but this is just a little manager evaluation form you just fill it out let them know how I’m doing yeah all right Is your manager manipulative I’d say no to that if I were you hey looks like we got some trade-ins coming in knock them dead all right total trade-in value is gonna be 1050 well I got this Scotland is for you how much is enough 10:48 of course you could just sell your game on eBay but that requires a lot more work and there’s. No guarantee it’ll sell GameStop will accept your game right then and there and give you at least some money for it now Ah, but since, it’s way less work for you than an eBay sale I think it’s very to expect not a ton of money from trade Ends it is convenient to have a well known store that’ll buy your used games well this is still kind of ridiculous Oh, you know another thing I hate about used games These stickers are the worst you may be able to peel them off perfectly one time but rescue way until you get a snubber one and it is brutal Game Stop used to spank the stickers on the boxart itself not the plastic case major problem with that that can ruin the art at least on the box if the sticker doesn’t peel off correctly you can just slap Some googan on it or use a different case but this isn’t nearly as easy to get off of the art and for Some reason Game Stop likes to sell new games that aren’t new like I bought Shenmue 1 and 2 for the ps4 and I bought A new copy the problem was it was the last copy on the shelf so they put a disc in the shelf copy and there we go I bought a new game that was open and unsealed I didn’t pay the used price I still had to pay the new price that’s fun but usually run deals like four for twenty on specific used games and those specific use games are generally all time classics like Disney infinity 2.0 game only and they’ll be the show for teen and fling smash but my main problem with Game Stop always boils down to the fact that they won’t stop trying to sell me something Hey do you have anything you want a pre-order they asked me as I’m trying to buy chicken chute on the Wii hey the usual right one copy of we play motion to go thanks G we got to start pushing pre-orders more studies show that 9 out of 10 gamers play video games we gotta capitalize on that market next customer you get do not stop talking about pre-orders In pre-orders am I right it’s like totally like you buy it’s just like most of the time if I tell them I’m not interested in pre-orders I’ll list off a bunch of upcoming games and be like Interested now and I’m like I’m sorry man I just won chickens shoot just ring it up I’ll just casually browse games and a Game Stop employee comes up and asked me for my membership info just to remind me of the points I have and to pre-order things listen I love to talk to anybody who works at Gamestop as long as they don’t make it so obvious they’re just trying to sell me something I’ve had a few perfectly decent conversations with some gamestop employees and they’ve been delightful they Don’t necessarily notice me to buy anything I don’t want get any protection plan pre-order anything become a pro member nothing just talking about games we like and ending things off with a solid take it easy but 80% of the time a games up all Of this gets shoved in my face and to reiterate this mainly isn’t pissing all over the employees themselves because I know the heads of gamestop forced them to act like this the exact same heads that have turned gamestop into what is this place this Doesn’t feel like Game Stop anymore the random merchandise takes up more space than the actual games now it feels like I’m living inside of a loot crate nerf guns toys plushies any of them aren’t even themed to gaming franchises just standard geeky movie or comic book stuff now I’ve no doubt this stuff is popular but in terms of at Gamestop itself I have never seen anybody buy these knickknacks here in fact a lot of the time I see this kind of stuff in their clearance bins at least it’s better than one game stop tried to shift their focus to smartphones yeah that worked out for them now of course I may be saying this because of that virgin blood within me but I think could be smart for game stuff to start focusing a lot more on Retro games now they carry them online and add select locations but come on retro gaming is really big now especially the GameCube ps2 and Xbox generation the kids who grew up with those consoles are at an age where they want to play them again and instead of capitalizing on that they’re just gonna keep selling Naruto shirts hate the fact that retro games are mainly only available online These are games you probably want to inspect before buying but instead just buy them online you’ll find out if they come with the Kaizen manual when you get them I don’t hate Game Stop but it’s just not my preferred place to shop it has annoying quirks and as time goes on the store just seems like it’s becoming more and more not for me really recommend supporting independent mom-and-pop games stores a lot of these places Rock they may give you better trading credits they’ll definitely have a bigger variety of systems and games spending across so many more generations and they probably won’t be as in your face about junkie don’t want better start supporting them soon though because many of them keep on shutting down and that’s never fun well it’s over new store opened down the street some really steep competition We just can’t keep up with it I mean I’ve had five people ask if we sell cigarettes Maybe we should start taking trade ins you think you know how to run a business I know a guy with an ester shirt okay, I earned this job this is my peak well after everything I’ve been through I’m done I’m not going to game stores anymore. I’ll say it’s because I’m protesting them but it’s really because I’m unemployed

[email protected] Game Pass Fall 2019

October 3, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 59 Comments

ID@Xbox Game Pass Fall 2019

[XBOX SOUND] [MUSIC] Hey everyone, welcome to [email protected] Game Pass A showcase where we talk about Xbox titles coming to Xbox Game Pass We have some fresh new Game Pass announcements for you today As well as to have the chance to talk to some developers, and we’re gonna show you some of that right now Munchkin, Steve Jackson Games hit card game of Dungeon Adventures gets this digital adaptation with the help of Asmodee Digital. Play solo or grab some friends and team up and compete in dungeon mayhem as you defeat monsters and grab hilarious loot in this fun and accessible adventure. Yooka Laylee, Yooka Laylee is an open world platformer from genre world veterans Plutonic Games published by Team 17. Explore huge beautiful worlds, meet an unforgettable cast of characters and horde a vault load of collectables. As buddy-duo Yooka and Laylee embark on an epic adventure to thwart corporate creep Capital B. Utilize your arsenal of special moves to overcome puzzles, challenges, enemies and more.. The Escapists 2, in this top down prison simulation: craft, steal, brawl and escape from the toughest prisons. You’ll need to craft tools from everyday items, chain together attacks to overcome prison brawls and more.. Team up with 3 other friends with online or local co-op. Or for those who are competitive, settle the score through the versus mode. Cities Skylines is coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC. You’re in charge of a growing city in this modern city building simulation in which you have control over and can effect various elements of the city in detail. Such as traffic congestion, budget, employment, health and pollution levels. Design, build and manage your dream metropolis in this award winning best selling management game and build the perfect city. We’re here with Andrew of Thunderful Publishing. The Lonely Mountains Downhill, it’s just you and your bike on the mountain and ah the objective is to get down the hill as fast as possible or take your time and not crash. The Lonely Mountains Downhill, it’s just you and your bike on the mountain and ah the objective is to get down the hill as fast as possible or take your time and not crash. So get down as fast as possible, hit the check points and try to get the fastest time and compete with your friends on leaderboards. Or if you want to be a perfectionist, get down to the bottom without crashing. There’s multiple goals and objectives and you know getting down the mountain without crashing.. that’d be great. Awesome, yeah I can vouch. The game’s incredibly fun, pandemonium constantly.. I think the game will be a Speedrunner’s Paradise. Yea for sure. They’re gonna find every little nook and cranny on how their going to get down the fastest way possible. And that’s what makes it fun because there are a lot of really entertaining jumps and really tight areas where. If you can pull it off you can take that shortcut and it makes it super exciting. A lot of the players that we see, they jump over a short cut. People don’t actually assume they can go down a deep crevice and get down to the bottom that way. They constantly jump over cuz that looks like the natural path. It’s one of those games.. It’s there for you to explore and just enjoy so.. And the game is shipping Day One in Xbox Game Pass. We look forward to Lonely Mountains Downhill. Hey there we’re sitting down with Ralph of FLARB. From the Demon’s Tilt team. Awesome Bullet Hell pinball game. Can you tell us more about it? Yes, it was created by Adam at Wizard War and we are publishing it and sort of co-developing it a a great sort of retro style 16-bit video pinball Bullet Hell with some hack and slash combo, Demonic themed, Occult pinball action as it says on the shirt. Heavy Metal soundtrack, Chip Tune, Turbo Charged soundtrack, Crazy pinball game. With likes of which you have never seen, with the likes of which cannot be duplicated in a real world machine. Wow! Well that’s cool. I’ve played it, it’s super fun. Any specific reaction from players? Well, I just want people to re-discover video pinball. It’s different from real pinball. A lot of pinball games are trying to duplicate real pinball, even if they are not based on real pinball machines, they are trying to be like a real mechanical pinball machine. And we’re taking it back to video pinball with fantasy elements that are impossible to do in real life. The possibilities to do in the genre are endless, so if people like this game.. they can continue with us on this journey and go some crazy places with this type of game. Very cool. I can’t wait for more people to play this game. I know it’s launching Day One in Xbox Game Pass.. That’s exciting. That’s very exciting. Do you have a release date at this time? Not a specific date but look for Demon’s Tilt before the end of the year. Very soon. Awesome! We’re here with Ashley of Fellow Traveler, publishers of Genesis Noir, a super awesome modern take on the point and click adventure. What can you tell our players about it?
Genesis Noir is a generative art experience set before, during and after the Big Bang. And really it’s about witnessing the breadth of human experience in history and you want to stop the Big Bang from occurring and thus erase all of existence to save your love. And in the actual game itself you get to explore star scapes, jazz cafes and of course make jazz music. The game is super unique in terms of it’s visuals and aesthetic. Can you go into some of the inspiration behind that? Yes, so the entirety of the game’s gameplay is inspired by jazz and the improvisation behind it. So we have the players create music and jazz and improvisation by playing with street buskers, planting stars capes and creating universes and other generative experiences to mimic the feeling of improvising jazz and music and it’s all against a love melodious backdrop. This is another game we have launching into Xbox Game Pass. Do you have a release date at this point in time you can talk about with us? Not yet but.. we are getting super close. 2019? 2020? Sometime soon.. Awesome! Well thanks a lot Ashely, looking forward to Genesis Noir coming sometime soon. Looking forward to having some more Devolver Game Pass games in the future. There are definitely more coming. Nigel was right we have 3 more great Devolver Digital titles coming to Xbox Game Pass Minit, Minit is a peculiar little adventure played 60 seconds at a time. Journey outside the comfort of your home to help unusual folk uncover countless secrets and overcome dangerous foes. All in hopes of lifting a rather unfortunate curse that ends each day after just one minute. The Red Strings Club, The Red Strings Club is a Cyber-Punk narrative experience about fate and happiness. Featuring the extensive use of pottery, bartending, and impersonating people on the phone to take down a corporate conspiracy. As a bartender and freelance hacker duo, uncover the mysteries of the corporate program by collecting information through bartending, crafting and espionage. The Talos Principle, The Talos Principle is a first person puzzle game in the tradition of philosophical science fiction. Choose what path you will go down. And solve puzzles as you explore a story about humanity, technology and civilization. Vambrace Cold Soul, the city of Icenare has fallen under a powerful curse. Now overrun with mad wraiths, the fate of it’s survivors maybe in the hands of a woman named Evelia Lyric who bares a mysterious artifact known as the Etherbrace. Assemble teams from 10 unique character classes. Arm and equip your party before setting out on grueling expeditions. The story unfolds across 7 epic chapters of gothic fantasy adventure and punishing dungeon crawling mayhem. Can you survive? State of Mind, enter into a futuristic thriller game delving into trans-humanism. The game explores themes of separation, disjuncture and re-unification in a world that is torn between dystopian material reality. And a utopian virtual future. Explore a rich world that blends realistic atmospheric environments with low poly characters. Dead By Daylight is coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC. Ever with to play as one of the characters from your favorite Horror movie? Dead By Daylight is a 1v4 multiplayer game that allows you to choose between playing an unstoppable killer and one of 4 survivors trying to evade a gruesome death. Each killer and survivor have their own progression system and unlockables that can be tailored to your specific strategy. Make sure to check out Dead By Daylight’s new Stranger Things chapter which includes one new map and features one new killer, the Demogorgon and 2 new survivors, Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington. [MUSIC] We showed a lot of games today and you can expect all these games that we showed to be coming to Xbox Game Pass in the next coming months. Thank you for watching. We hope you liked what you saw and we’ll see you again next time. [XBOX SOUND]