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[email protected] Game Pass – 3.26.19

January 29, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 99 Comments

ID@Xbox Game Pass – 3.26.19

[XBOX SOUND] [[email protected] Game Pass intro music] [music] [Hey I’m Chris Charla from [email protected]] [and I’m Sarah Conde also
with the [email protected] Team] [and what you just saw
was Killer Queen Black] [an intense action strategy platformer] [So I’ve played a ton of this
game in arcades in Seattle] [So I’ve got to assume it’s got
8 player multi-player on Xbox?] [that’s correct] [and we’re thrilled to announce that
not only is it coming to Xbox] [But that it will be a Day One
Launch into Xbox GamePass] [Awe that’s awesome] [and it makes it the perfect game to
launch on our new show [email protected] Pass] [It’s just turned out to be a great way for players
to find new and really interesting games] [An also it’s been an incredible vehicle for
independent developers to reach new audiences] [Well with that shall we jump
into our next announcement?] [Let’s Go!] [[email protected] Game Pass sound fx] [Outerwilds from Mobius and
Annapurna Interactive] [It’s an exploration game about curiousity, roasting
marshmallows and unraveling the mysteries of the cosmos] [It’s coming in 2019 and we are thrilled to announce
that it will be a GamePass Day One Launch] [[email protected] Game Pass sound fx] [music] [Outerwilds, we often call it an Openworld Mystery.
It’s very much an adventure game, there’s no crafting] [Because you die every 22 minutes and go back in time 20 so the only thing you take with
you from loop to loop is your knowledge of what you’ve found and what you’ve discovered] [It’s very much a game of Space Archaeology and putting together clues about
what’s going on in this world, what’s happening in the story together] [Kind of for yourself as you explore. We tried very hard to make players curious
and then give them the tools to explore and save their own curiousity] [Mobius Digital was started
5 years ago by Masi Oka] [We wanted to create an independent game studio that
would do innovative games that anybody could play] [We started with a few mobile games on iOS and Android and then when
Outer Wilds won the grand prize at IGF we started developing that] [Have you ever been camping outside at night looking
at the stars, sittin’ around a campfire, maybe] [And were like “wow I really wish I could go hop into my ship I have parked
over in the trees” and blast off and go explore what I see up in the sky] [That’s sort of the feeling that we
wanted to capture with this game] [Wesley Martin – Art
Director on Outer Wilds] [The look of Outer Wilds was inspired by several things. One
of the main things was National Park ads from the 60’s] [We pulled a lot from NASA from that period as well. So using the National Park posters with
their graphic shapes and simple colors fit really well with the level design of the game] [The coolest part about the game visually is that
the planets in the game are physically simulated] [So, as your flying around the solar system you just naturally get things
like eclipses and planets coming into view and a comet flying by] [And it creates these really cinematic moments that
just sort of happen due to the systems in the game] [One of the things we wanted to do with the game is create a
world that feels like it’s changing even when your not there] [Sort of the… Nature doesn’t care! Right? It’s all these systems happening: Tornado’s
Giant’s Deep, Brutal Hollow physically imploding on itself and falling into a Black Hole] [Those things will happen no matter where
your exploring in the Solar System] [and that was very important to give that sense that you don’t have an effect on anything in this
world. You’re exploring it, but really you have to bend to it’s whims, not the other way around] [We tried really hard to make sure
the art supports the game designs] [And so that it makes it easier
to find points of interest] [So, it’s always great to hear when players sort of immerse themselves
in the world and find all the cool things that we’ve hidden] What we have here is the Signal Scope, one of the
many tools you get to use when playing Outer Wilds] [The Signal Scope is a telescope, I can’t use it because I
only have 2 eyes and it was designed for a 4 Eyes Species] [And it also has the ability to pick
up distant sounds from Outer Space] [[email protected] Game Pass music] [Mobius is very excited for everyone to finally
realize what a strange game we’ve made] [We haven’t show a lot of the weird stuff in trailers,
intentially. We’re trying not to give too much away] [But uh, wow there’s a lot of bonkers
stuff in the solar system of Outer Wilds] [[email protected] Game Pass music] [Thanks for watching, we hope you check out Outer
Wilds, available on Xbox One and Game Pass] [[email protected] Game Pass sound fx] [Hi, I’m Nick Zuclich. A content
planner on the [email protected] Team] [Basically that means I’m on a constant quest
for great developers to bring to Xbox] [I’m super excited to talk about
what we’re doing at PAX East] [But before that, let’s look at some
awesome games coming to Game Pass] [[email protected] Game Pass sound fx] [music] [[email protected] Game Pass sound fx] [Drinking the Devil under the table, goats screaming in shopping
carts, cats, photography, dungeon crawling. What a time to be alive] [And guess how many of these games
will be playable at PAX East?] [All of them] [They will all be Game Pass Day One
launchs and all playable at PAX East] [Make sure to come to the Xbox
Booth and check them out] [You can enter to win one of 4 custom designed consoles we made for these
great games. Be sure to retweet to Xbox Game Pass sweepstakes post] [Lastly, we will be giving out custom pins for
all the games we will be showing at PAX East] [And yes, they are hard enamel
for all you pin enthusiasts] [Oh, and speaking of Afterparty… We were able to sit
down with Night School Studios to chat about the game] [[email protected] Game Pass sound fx] [music] [In Afterparty you play as 2 characters, Milo and Lola.
These are 2 best friends who just graduated college] [Through a very unfortunate accident
they find themselves in Hell, dead] [Trapped for what they think is an eternity and it turns out though that
fairly early in the evening they find out that there is a loop-hole] [That if you can outdrink Satan,
which nobody’s ever done before] [You’re allowed re-entry to Earth. One of the first people I pitched
it to after Adam and I really felt good about it was Janina Gavankar] [And Janina, as I was talking to her “maybe you’ll want to do a bit part in the game or something
sort of on the side” And she’s like “I need to play Lola, you’ve gotta give me Lola.”] [As soon as she read just a little bit more of how dry and
what a s♪♪t talker Lola was. Janina jumped all over it] [Milo is played by a hilarious actor named Khoi Dao, who we also know through
the studio. He is another USC alumni like about half of our studio] [The chemistry between Khoi and Janina has been great because
they are both quite similar to the characters they play] [At Night School, it’s always important for us when we are starting a game. To try and take
something narratively that is relatable for players and then tweaking that as much as possible] [The big theme of the game is “what is
a friend and what is a friend to you”] [Is it someone who is always going to agree with you? Is it someone who is
going to be there for you? Is it someone who is going to challenge you?] [And kind of where you get your friends and
how you keep em and what friends drift away] [And the game kind of.. as it evolved
became kind of an exploration of…] [Both how to be a good friend
and how to define that] [Also, what friendship really
means to the human soul] [In our game, the drinking is really about roleplaying and
allowing you to tailor your dialogue choices based on the moment] So, if you want to be flirty as you enter a certain bar? Go get that flirty drink, if you want to be more aggressive, do that.
If you want to get more specific and speak with a Pirate accent and only actually talk like a Pirate, go ahead and do that] [So every bar in Afterparty is really set up in a way to give the player
all of these tools and each bar has different drinks inside of it to] [So ideally, not only are you thinking about what I want to say and
how I interact appropriately inside of each of these scenarios] [But also, how do I want to behave and how do I
want to be perceived by these other characters?] [So drinking was probably the biggest design
push that we made into the dialogue system] [On top of that though, Afterparty has a variety of
activities that co-exist with the dialogue system] [The whole team at Night School has been heads down
working on Afterparty for a little over 2 years now] [It’s just exciting to finally
get the game in people’s hands] [I think the thing that is probably going to surprise people the most is that there is a ton of
heart in the game and there’s actually quite a bit of exploration of the challenges of friendship] [By the end of the game we really do challenge all
of these friendships and factions down in Hell] [There’s quite a bit more depth to the
game then people might be expecting] [I’m just saying, you should pace yourself] [Thanks for watching, Afterparty
comes out later this year] [Lola, can you get alcohol
poisoning in Hell?] [[email protected] Game Pass sound fx] [Such a good game. Everyone
should definitely check it out] [But that means we’re done right…
That’s it?] [Uhh… not quite] [Ahh… ok. So that means there’s
one more left, Blazing Chrome] [Sweet] [[email protected] Game Pass sound fx] [From JoyMasher and The Arcade Crew, Blazing Chrome
throws you into some serious metal madness] [The world is dominated by machines, that threaten
the few humans remaining with total extermination] [You get to kick some metal butts and free humankind in this
classic run’n’gun, made by and for fans of serious arcade action] [[email protected] Game Pass music] [And with that we just want to thank you all for joining us
for our first round at [email protected] Pass. Have fun out there] [Thanks Everybody.. See ya…] [[email protected] Game Pass sound fx] [Xbox Sound]

Kingdom Hearts 3 Review | PS4 & Xbox One

January 29, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 48 Comments

Kingdom Hearts 3 Review | PS4 & Xbox One

A story almost 17 years in the making, Kingdom
Hearts 3 brings the long-awaited conclusion to the dark seeker saga. With plenty of tears both of joy and despair,
Kingdom Hearts 3 feels exactly how I imagined it. A booked end that’ll have you face your
fears of what lies ahead, where nothing is simple and clean. This is a story built upon not just Kingdom
Hearts 1 and 2, but the entirety of the Kingdom Hearts series thus far. Yes, that means the spin-off games and the
mobile game. If you’re watching this review wondering
if you can jump straight into 3, you’ll be doing yourself an incredible disservice. Kingdom Hearts 3’s narrative is built upon
the foundation started by the previous games, providing a major pay off for those that stuck
around so far. Taking place after the events of Kingdom Hearts
Dream Drop Distance and the ending of a fragmentary passage, the story has you following Sora
and his friends as they gather the seven guardians of lights. These guardians of light are keyblade wielders
needed to stop the evil Master Xehanort who at the same time is seeking out his own 13
wielders of darkness. Legend has it that when these 13 pieces of
darkness and 7 guardians of light clash, the mythical χ-blade will be created, the very
same weapon that Xehanort is after. The 25-30 hour adventure had me smiling, crying
and laughing the entire time. As a fan of the series so far, there’s a
lot of genuine heartfelt moments that I’ve been waiting so long to see. Likewise, the narrative had some of the most
brutal scenes in the series by far, it lives up to the climactic conclusion the series
has been building up for years now. Sure some of the common tropes of the Kingdom
Hearts series are still here like odd dialogue choices, but even the comedic characters like
Donald and Goofy, get their own time to shine. Certainly one of the best parts of Kingdom
Hearts 3’s story is how well the Disney worlds are treated. Rather than being complete retellings of the
movies, they feel much more original. While some still follow their film’s story,
most have an original premise to them and actually feel part of the grander Kingdom
Hearts narrative. In general, it helped make sure the pacing
of the story flowed smoothly despite each world feeling so completely different from
one another. In the end, Kingdom Hearts 3’s story succeeds
in living up to the expectations many have set for themselves. The conclusion though predictable to some
extent still managed to take me by surprise with an ending that has me eagerly waiting
for the epilogue and secret movie. The dark seeker saga may be over but the true
Nomura fashion Kingdom Hearts 3 leaves you itching to find out what comes next. Kingdom Hearts 3 feels like a culmination
of all the different battle mechanics that the series has experimented with throughout
the years. At its core, it feels a lot like Kingdom Hearts
2’s rpg mechanics. Sora and his team use AP to add new abilities,
different keyblades have different stats and so on. What has changed is the battle gameplay and
it’s so much more fun. I’ve always enjoyed Kingdom Heart’s combat
despite it occasionally being spam of the attack button in earlier games. Kingdom Hearts 3, on the other hand, feels
so much more fleshed out where there’s always something going on in a battle. Every single keyblade now has a transformation
that turns into these amazing looking finishers. In one instance you’re swinging your keyblade
and in another, it’ll transform into a pair of magic-wielding guns or an electric shield. The transformations are beautifully animated
and flow smoothly throughout combat. Also new to the battle mechanics are attractions,
you can think of them sort of like summons although they’re based on Disneyland rides,
perfect for crowd control. Summons also make a return bringing some new
faces to the series like the recent Wreck Ralph films. Across the handful of Disney worlds, each
one has a gameplay quirk that changes up the feeling of combat. For example in the Toy Story world, you can
get into these giant toy mech suits that completely change up the combat. Additionally, the amount of characters in
your party has been raised up to 5, letting you quickly switch between performing limits
with Donald and Goofy, only to immediately follow up with a special attack with the help
of a Disney friend. Altogether these new additions along with
refinements to the battle system, make combat so addicting. Where in previous games I’d try to avoid
fights at times to continue the story, in Kingdom Hearts 3 I actively chased them down. Outside of the combat, you’ll travel to
different worlds l across the Disney universe. They all feel so much grander than before,
even the ones that aren’t entirely new. Twilight town, for example, cuts away the
loading screens making one uniform world to explore. On the other hand, Mount Olympus gets this
brand new area to explore that feels so much bigger than what was in Kingdom Hearts 2. The worlds aren’t just far in view but there’s
actual vertically to them now. Ultimately it made exploring each one of them
a better experience even those that were in previous installments. Getting from one world to another is once
again done by the gummi ship and I personally haven’t been a fan of the mechanic. I thought the sequences were just padding
in previous entries and while I’m not entirely in love with it in Kingdom Hearts 3, it’s
definitely better. Instead of just being one mindless on rail
system, the gummi ship is now a complete 360 area exploration sequence. If you just want to boost over to the next
world, you can, if you want to fight some enemies or look for treasures on the way,
you can too. You can still build and create your own ships
like before but the general gameplay design feels much more entertaining now. When I started Kingdom Hearts 3, I was eager
to get into all the story cutscenes and just find out how my favorite series would end. However, as I played, not only was I excited
to keep on learning more about the story, but I was equally excited to visit a new world,
get a new keyblade transformation, jump into battles and so on. It’s easily one of my favorite rpg combat
systems and it features some of the best boss battles in the series to go along with them. Kingdom Hearts 3 continues the visual style
that was established in Kingdom Hearts 0.2 A Fragmentary Passage. Using the Unreal engine, both old and new
pieces of the Kingdom Hearts series have been completely remade in 3d. Despite being built on the same tech, Kingdom
Hearts 3 looks better than 0.2, with character models having a bit more life to them. From the details on a character’s piece
of clothing to the lighting in the environment, it looks beautiful. Personally, I’m a big fan of how combat
sequences can easily become firework shows in a plethora of different attacks and limits. Seeing all the particle effects spark up lights
and then immediately transition to a fully animated limit or summon, it flows so perfectly. The art style also does an incredibly good
job at recreating the style of the many different Disney properties in Kingdom Hearts. Hanging out in the Toy Story world looks like
something Pixar would have made in the early 2000s, scene comparisons between Tangled the
film and Kingdom Hearts, looks surprisingly comparable. Some of these examples look truly astonishing
and if anything, it helps further sell how natural this collaboration is done. Now I played on a PS4 Pro and an Xbox One
X for my review and both target a 4k 60 fps. The PS4 Pro resorts to checkboard upscaling
for its resolution and while 60 fps is hit most of the time, I did see a few dips on
the PS4 Pro. Xbox One X, on the other hand, had a more
stable performance. You do have the option to switch between prioritizing
the resolution or the frame rate on the enhanced consoles too. I personally recommend getting it on One X
for the best performance but you can still have a good time on the PS4 Pro as well. The Kingdom Hearts series has always been
known for its music. Simple and Clean, Sanctuary and the collection
of feeling inducing instrumentals that get my heart racing every time. All of them have become iconic and Kingdom
Hearts 3 continues that trend. Face My Fears despite being so different from
previous theme songs in the series, somehow finds a way to fit in with the theme of Kingdom
Hearts and it has easily become one of my favorite songs recently. Voice acting throughout the campaign is also
well done. Despite some of the Disney characters not
being played by their original voice actors, I still found their performances to be believable
and compelling. The same goes for the main cast of non-Disney
Characters. Sure there are some odd dialogue choices here
and there but that’s more appointed to the game’s writing than the acting in this case. At any rate, Kingdom Hearts 3 featured some
of the most goosebump-inducing scenes seeing those that have been cheerful and full of
hope up to this point, see their darkest point. After waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 for so
long, I’m happy to say from a story standpoint, it completely lived up to my expectations
while exceeding them on the gameplay front. Visiting the many Disney worlds and fighting
alongside my friends was a complete joy while the climatic ending was everything I was hoping
for. It was a long wait, but one that was well
worth it. I give Kingdom Hearts 3 a 9.5/10.

Xbox – February 2020 Games with Gold

January 28, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

Xbox – February 2020 Games with Gold

[MUSIC]>>Hi, Xbox fans. Get ready for the Games
with Gold February lineup. As always, all four games are
playable and acquirable on Xbox One, and free to those with an
active Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.
Beginning February 1st, When it comes to the world
of motorcycle racing, there’s TT Isle of Man
and everything else. Take on all 37.73 miles of the legendary Snaefell
Mountain Course in this realistic moto-racing title that will challenge your
skills and reflexes. Memorize each section and
corner each bend to perfection, all while hurtling along
at 180 miles per hour. Then, on February 16th, plunge into a world of cosmic horror and creeping madness
in Call of Cthulhu. In the official video game inspired by the classic pen and paper RPG, investigate a family death on an isolated island where
nothing is as it seems. Trust no one in the story filled with strange creatures, weird science, and sinister cults all set within the iconic universe
of H. P. Lovecraft. On the Xbox 360, February 1st, get in on the highly addictive hack-and-slash adventure
title Fable Heroes. As the heroes of Albion, play up to four players either
competitively or in co-op mode, and collect as many
gold coins as you can. Defeat familiar foes and new
enemies alike in this fresh spin on the beloved franchise and take playful competition
to the next level. Finally, on February 16th, experience a classic from the original Xbox with
Star Wars Battlefront. Participate in memorable battles from the first six Star Wars film as you fight on the front lines with every weapon and vehicle
at your disposal. Either by yourself or
with an army behind you, the choice is yours to topple the
Empire or crush the Rebellion. To redeem the titles, simply click on the “Gold” area on your Xbox One, your Xbox 360, or even on the
web at xbox.com/gameswithgold. Your new games will
automatically appear in the Ready to Install section
of your Xbox One. With Xbox Live Gold and
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you are part of the world’s
premier gaming community. [MUSIC] [XBOX SOUND]

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | This Week in GWENT 24.01.2020

Welcome back to episode three of This Week in GWENT! Your weekly summary of everything happening in the world of GWENT! The Lunar New Year Festival launched this week so lets learn more about that! The festival, which begins today and will last till February 7th, gives players the chance to earn Red Envelopes as part of their daily crown progression – 4 rewards per day. Each Red Envelope contains a selection of in-game gifts, including a cardback, borders, portraits, a player title, and resources — Gold, Scraps and Meteorite Powder. We have a lot of festival-themed items in the Shupe shop! Starting with the Lunar Game Board, which features the golden wererat in the middle. The Prosperity Pack which contains 25 Ultimate Premium Kegs, 400 Meteorite Powder 1 random Legendary card from the pool of all existing GWENT cards and finally the Lunar New Year Bundle in which you’ll find the Lunar Premium Cardback, Lucky Avatar, Golden Coin Border and The Lucky One Title! Hurry up cause these items will be available till February 7th 2020. Important update: starting with the next patch, which will happen at the end of this season we won’t be providing full mill value for cards, which received a full rework. This new change will apply to all patches moving forward. Want to know all the updates for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game starting with closed beta? Then check out The History of GWENT by YouTube user Denis Gajdács! We’ll link the video down below so be sure to check it out! That’s it for this weeks TWiG, see you again next week!

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled ♥ EASIEST GAME EVER?

if you are not familiar with this
channel my name is Mary Gaillard and today we are going to play CTR online mode baby Adventure is for pussies and fat dudes I am NOT one of them alright! 20 000 SUBS! best CTR player on Youtube and that’s me I’ve never lost
a single time in any race ever and everyone knows me by that hello everyone! the Queen has came crash cove I’m ready for the fast driving so you ready dudes yes fuckin speedrun this shit boom-shaka-laka !!! a lot of dudes don’t
know this but I was actually born in this game that’s why I’m so good at it kids have never played an original crash team racing before? Mary but i played Crash Over Mutants shame shameful oh dude i’m loving play minecraft I love build the house EZ let’s DAB THIS S===T ok lets play this new track with my dudscribers I haven’t played on it yet what the F is that s===t?! WTF is that?!! does this f**** lap ever end?! JESUS CHRIST! My God Thank you… f*** cancer piece of s**t
game what the f**k!? l how do I jump let me get over there JUMP! WTF is wrong with this f*** shortcut!! WTF IS WRONG WITH THAT! 🙁 let’s add this an impossible jump in the game it’s a good idea! we are Peenox we are high all the time it’s make no f***g sense I don’t get
it it’s make no f***g sense YES! 🙂 it is possible! it is possible to do the jump! *bad Russian words* this isn’t funny anymore my gosh ok, this defeat doesn’t count the game glitched i could not jump over there without f***g broken short it will be EEEZZZZ WIN dudes.. 0 defeats dude! if you don’t have 0 defeats in CTR ever then don’t even talk to me alright? just go… f**k… what the f**k were you doing not today dude not today Ok, give me my f***n missile back piece of s*** game f*** beakers ! I hate them! no one likes beakers if you are a baker f*** unsubscribe on this video I am not
kidding practice for years son! EZZZZ – easy oh look at that ! I’m overlaping these very competetive players look at this duuude he plays like Jordy He is probably Jordy Playing from the fake account leave the LIKE if you think that I’m
unbeatable live the LIKE if you think that Papu Papu is FAT! my name is Mary
Gaillard Stay awesome dudes!

The Game Industry’s Performative Concern For Children (The Jimquisition)

Rio: “Oh my GooOOood! Ha ha!” [“Born Depressed” by Drill Queen] If research and experts around the world were looking at something you were habitually doing, and these studies said that what you were doing was wrong and harmful. Would you at least stock of your behavior and wonder if maybe, just maybe, you are in the wrong? OR, do you find some other mark to blame? Welcome to the Game Industry, Church of the Eternal Scape Goat. If it’s not pirates it’s used games, if it’s not used games it’s the IGNORANCE of the parents. Those ignorant swines. For you see, that is what’s being implied with the (high-pitched, mocking tone) Get Smart About P.L.A.Y. campaign! The latest campaign by the game industry to pass the buck onto entities that are not themselves. In fact, don’t take my word for it, take the word of this here video starring Rio Ferdinand! Rio: “The Get Smart About P.L.A.Y. campaign” “provides parents and guardians with practical tips” “on how to achieve balance,” “and set parameters on the amount of time and money you spend on play.” Child 1: “Shoot shoot shoot shoot!”
Rio: “Oh noooo! Haha!”
Child 2: “Oh come on!” “It’s all about understanding what games your child is playing.” “Stop moaning about, give me the ball.” “Learning how to install parental controls” “can limit time, spend, or interactions with other players.” “Discussing about the amount of game time, and agreeing limits together.” Child 1: “What’re you doing?!”
Rio: “Hahaha!” Remembering that the controls for you,” “as a parent or guardian, in the driving seat.” (excited shouts, cheering, and laughing) “You wouldn’t give your child a bike without providing a helmet and stabilizers.” Jim: What? WHAT? Stabilizers on a kid’s bike? Is that where you’re going with this? Is that what this has come to? You’re comparing protecting kids from microtransactions in games to putting stabil- THE TWO THINGS AREN’T EVEN VAGUELY COMPARABLE! You know a kid can get seriously hurt if a kid falls off a bike. Are you SURE you want to compare videogames to that? I mean, for one thing, the bike industry didn’t put the pavement down, and isn’t hiding in a bush with a stick to jam in the kid’s spokes! Because if you wanna compare videogames to falling off a bike, that’s your role in this, Game Industry. You fu– uh, stabil– (stutters incredulously) WHAT?! Rio: “The same can be said for videogame consoles comparing to–”
Jim (yells offscreen): “IT. CAAAAN’T!” Rio: “Yessssss!! Pat whose back, pat whose back?”
Jim (yells offscreen): “It explicitly can’t be said!” Rio: “Parental controls are straight-forward.” “Head to www.askaboutgames.com to find a step-by-step guide.” Rio: (sighs) “Lucky boys.” Rio: “You alright? You alright?”
Child 1: “Yeah.”
Child 2: “You get lucky every time!” Rio: “What do you mean I got lucky? You got beat.” Today’s video is dedicated to all the game industry executives out there, especially those plucky little guys sitting right at the top of the corporate structure. I’m talking about such adorable characters as Bobby Kotick, Yves Guillemot, and ha ha ha haaa of course, Android Wilson. To those hardworking cats with such thankless jobs I say SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS! Like just shove EVERYTHING up your ass. Your companies? Shove them up your ass. Your disgusting business models? Shove them. Up your ass! This Disney Parks commemorative Mr. Potato Head mug? Right up the ass. Right into the hole of it. This right here, this latest attempt by the industry to shift responsibility for its bullshit onto other people, is shockingly transparent, even by the standards of the game industry. The (high-tone mock) “Get Smart About P.L.A.Y.” campaign is yet another bid to divert attention away from what modern videogames are doing with their vampiric economies, and place the blame for it all squarely on the shoulders of parents. (mocks) “P.L.A.Y.” has been setup by the UK Interactive Entertainment Association or (mocks) “ukie!” for short, essentially UK’s answer to the ESA, and it’s even roped in football-playing man Rio Ferdinand to help out with its pathetic and cowardly propaganda campaign. So, what is (mocks) “P.L.A.Y.”? Well it’s a fun acronym that’s fun because it’s an acronym intended to instruct parents on how to stop videogames from tricking thousands of dollars out of children. It stands for (high, mocking tone) “P – Play with your kids.” “Understand what they play and why.” “L – Learn about family controls!” (increasingly high pitch) “Visit askaboutgames.com for simple, step-by-step guides.” “A – Ask what your kids think!” “Discuss ground rules before setting restrictions.” “Y – You’re in charge.” “Set restrictions that work for your family.” [Very slowed down vocalization ending with “ha ha ha”] Life is so much more fun with acronyms, and now parents know exactly how to stop videogames preying on their kids! Congratulations, game industry! You’ve done it! You’ve saved the children! Wheeeeeeee! Buuuuuut, you know the best way to stop videogames preying on kids, don’tcha publishers? Stop making videogames that DO IT, YOU FUCKING DOLTS. Fuck having to instruct parents on protecting their kids from videogames made for kids! I mean, informing parents after the fact has become a necessity, but Jesus fucking Christ, have you ever stopped to think have ANY of you fucked up little monsters stopped to think about how fucking ludicrous it is that you’re having to warn parents about videogames literally aimed at children? I mean, didja?! For just a second, maybe, did any of you at (mocks) “ukie!” Did any of you companies benefiting from Ukie’s coverup? Did any of you wonder what it looks like when games rated for ages 3 and up need parental fucking restrictions?! That’s what the age rating system is meant to be FOR. You absolute fucking worms! But nontheless, that’s what y’all are doing. You’re informing parents that games rated for literal 3-year-olds still need parental controls to stop them from targeting and exploiting children! And it’s absolutely fucking stunning that no authorities have stopped you yet to ask why you think this is okay, or a good look, or something any right-minded individual wouldn’t question? But that’s what this entire campaign, designed to pass the buck onto parents, is hinged on! (mocking impression) “Only one in five parents of children who spend money in videogames” “use the family controls available on gaming devices.” “This is backed up by a 2019 NSPCC study” “that revealed just 19% of parents of children aged 5 to 15” “use family controls on internet-connected devices.” There’s a point we’ve made before that bares repeating; if a videogame needs adult security measures, it shouldn’t be rated as suitable for children. Simple. As. You don’t need parental locks when letting a child watch Dora the fucking Explorer. Dora’s not gonna turn round, and ask the children for a few bucks before she’ll let her chimp teach her how to count ten! Or whatever it is Dora does, I’m not familiar with her entire curriculum. But the point is, basically all entertainment rated suitable for children doesn’t need its content age-gated, because they’re rated as suitable for the fucking age of the fucking CHILDREN! The fact that content suitable for children IS suitable for children applies to pretty much every entertainment medium. Except videogames. Which, apparently, get to be the exception and are considered safe for minors despite those minors needing to be protected from the thing that’s considered safe for minors! Well it’s not parents’ fault that you’re a bunch of reckless, amoral scams artists who have been gleefully racking in cash from vulnerable people for years now and are only engaging in weak performative concern AFTER governments around the world looked into your shady microtransactions. And those governments don’t like what they see, do they? They see your randomized rewards hidden in premium lootboxes, and found them mechanically and psychologically indistinguishable from gambling. Because lootboxes, as we all know by now, ARE gambling. Just like I’ve said for half a fucking decade. And you, game publishers, have only yourselves to blame if you get in trouble for it. You pushed the envelope of acceptable monetization to see what you could get away with. You pushed and you pushed and you took it too far. Now as regulators continue to examine your down-right predatory business tactics, you put on a show of proactivity, while kicking the attention onto the parents of your PREY. Something else well worth mentioning here, is while the game industry is telling parents to get smart, the game industry is also finding ways to circumvent its own rules. Or is it circumnavigate? I always get the two mixed up, but ANYWAY. We’ve already seen with games like the recent Crash Team Racing re-release. Where they will put microtransactions in weeks after the title’s launch! AFTER rating bodies like PEGI or the ESRB have already rated it and not mentioned the in-game purchases. Now while those games do eventually get re-rated, that doesn’t stop the companies from selling them to people without those warnings for weeks! Even when they knew full-well the microtransactions were coming. Post-launch microtransactions are one way in which game publishers are able to make a mockery of the systems that are in place for their benefit! I mean, that’s why the ESRB put that in-game purchases warning on its rating system to begin with. Not because it was genuinely concerned about kids, but because it was paying lip service to the whole thing. It was saying look, we’re being proactive, we’re doing something. We warn people! It was there to cover the publishers’ backs. And the publishers STILL had to take the piss out of it. “Get Smart About P.L.A.Y.” says the industry from one corner of its mouth, and from the other, it’s doing its best to dazzle and confuse and delude its own audience! So… which is it to be? Ya fuck rags. Ooohh companies love bringing up parental controls, it’s their ultimate saving throw! Or so they think. Whenever a kid blows their family’s life savings on FIFA, and outlets like the BBC ask for comment, Electronic Arts refuses to comment. And instead refers reporters to guides on how parental restrictions work. Yet again unwittingly reinforcing the idea that we need to re-examine what games are suitable for under-aged audiences. In their minds, of course, these companies believe they’re reinforcing a different argument. The argument being that it’s on the parents to make sure FIFA isn’t swindling cash out of under-aged players using gambling mechanics. It often feels like game publishers are deliberately trying to evoke the controversies of the late 90s and 2000s. The scare mongering about violent content in videogames and whether or not children played them. Back then, the exact same defense was used. Parents should watch what their children play and make sure they don’t get their hands on such titles as Mortal Kombat, Grand Theft Auto, or Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. Most of us game pundits at the time took the side of the game industry and agreed that any parents concerned about violent content, shouldn’t let their kids play inappropriate games. But of course, the major difference back then, was that games unsuitable for minors WERE rated as unsuitable for minors. And parents can more easily understand blood and gore versus an innocently-framed football game running a con on their children. The very IDEA that a game like FIFA could bankrupt someone because they let a child play it, is a bizarre concept to any ordinary human being. In that regard, a campaign like Get Smart About P.L.A.Y. is vital. But the videogame industry is the last fucking entity that should be running it. Parents should be informed how the medium uses both positive and negative feedback loops to encourage more spending. How the medium fixes its own odds, and can patch those odds on the fly. How the medium engineers games to be less rewarding, and more grinding experiences, UNLESS microtransactions are purchased. All parents should be shown that fucking talk by Torulf Jernström. They should be shown all those stories about the thousands of dollars so-called “whales” have spent compulsively on games. They should be told everything about the business tactics of videogames and the kind of people those tactics target. Will you tell them that, Ukie? Will that be part of your (mocks) “Get Smart About P.L.A.Y.” campaign? Will Rio fucking Ferdinand tell parents about ANY of that shit which sits in the shade of your shitty little underbelly? No. Of fucking course not. Because none of the executive shitstains in charge really care about protecting people. If they did, they’d tell ’em everything. You gaggle of parasitic bastards wanna keep putting gambling in games marketed towards children. You wanna keep your unsustainable victim-based economies afloat for as long as possible. You don’t want to compromise one tiny little fucking bit, do you? You wanna face NO accountability, no responsibility, you want to just keep making that money until the bubble inevitably bursts and you won’t even take responsibility for that, will you? That’ll be on the employees underneath you. The ones who get laid off when you fuck up. Rio: “Oh my GooOOood! Ha ha!” Do any of these corporate campaigns ever actually DO anything beyond a web page? Now that I think of it, that seems to be something many industries do. They setup these alleged safety campaigns, grab a random celebrity who’s not doing anything to provide a couple quotes, and that seems to be the last we ever fucking hear of ’em. A year from now will “Get Smart About P.L.A.Y.” be touring schools, reaching out to the community, continuing its bold effort to inform parents? Or will it simply stay as this one web page that executives can direct journalists to in a craven bid to avoid answering any tough questions? I would stake my money on the latter, but gambling in this context wouldn’t be entirely tasteful. Regardless, there’s a reason why this campaign, which means less than fucking nothing, is so concerned with kids. You focus on the children because you CAN blame the parents, there’s someone responsible for them that you can pass the buck on to. That’s why “Get Smart About P.L.A.Y.” even exists. It exists to frame the discussion about lootboxes and microtransactions as a purely child-centric issue. And of course children are just one aspect. The fucking snakes of this industry, you fucking snakes. You never address the problem gamblers and compulsive shoppers you so frequently and callously target. There are no parental figures you can sweepingly implicate on that thorny issue. You don’t dare acknowledge the adults in exploitable positions whom you shamelessly exploit. The best you can do there, is try to desperately re-brand lootboxes as “surprise mechanics” and pretend none of those problems exist, instead framing the existence of predatory microtransactions as “player choice!” Without mentioning that you, and only you, you the industry, CHOSE to fill your product up to the brim with fucking poison, go get fucked. This whole campaign is a thinly-veiled case of you telling parents how to rescue their kids from YOU. Basically, you’re a wolf telling sheep how not to get eaten. And your whole campaign stinks like bad beef behind a radiator your fucking clods. I think it’s only fitting that following the unveiling of this campaign, which will go nowhere by the way, we had NHS mental health director Claire… …Murdoch, said that the game industry was setting kids up for addiction by introducing them to gambling mechanics. She said “Frankly no company should be setting kids up for addiction” “by teaching them to gamble on the content of these loot boxes.” “No firm should sell to children loot box games with this element of chance,” “so yes, those sales should end.” And more things did she say! But it’s too hot in this studio so I won’t sit here reading that because I’ve got to get out because I decided that I’ll setup a studio in Mississippi and have four lights pointed right at me, they’re like three feet away. And then I’d have on the tie, and a jacket, and a hat! And my voice got… high. -er. Higher. I don’t know, thank God for me, I’m out of ideas today. I’m done. I’ve gone.. back on my phone. This is how I live. This is literally how I live, I just stand here… …looking at my phone, dressed like this, constantly. [cell phone thunks] [Jim inhales, sighs.] [silence continues] (murmurs) Windy out… (Jim offscreen) Captions by Erin “CaHILL. Cahill. CAhill.” [[Second was right, Jim ^_~]] I keep forgetting to ask Justin to put her name in the.. ..in the credits, but… [[It’s okay! :D]] she does the subtitles that… yeah.

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | This Week in GWENT 17.01.2020

Welcome back to the second episode of TWiG aka This Week in GWENT aka your weekly dose of highlights from the world of The Witcher Card Game! It was a slow week, but we have a couple interesting highlights, so let’s jump right into it! This week we’ve updated the prize pool distribution for GWENT Masters! Based on community feedback we’ve decided that revenue from the special purchases won’t serve as a bonus reward for the winner, but instead will be added to the entire prize pool of each tournament and divided equally between all participants. On Monday, Team Leviathan Gaming published their meta report #12! With no balance update at the beginning of the month the meta has remained pretty much the same, but the most notable addition is Pincer Maneuver Draug, with a 4.5 star rating just before Mystic Echo with a 4.75 score and Call of Harmony with the same 4.5 score. We plan to have and extensive patch at the end of the season, so get ready for that! I can’t believe I missed this, but Lordbushwook created a speedrun series where he started a fresh account and made it all the way to Pro Rank, worth mentioning is the fact that he started with the Scoia’tael starter deck! You can watch the whole series on his GWENT YouTube Channel, which we’ll link below this video! Last Friday, Team Aretuza updated their Top Cards to craft, so if you have scraps to spend and are wondering what to craft be sure to check out the link below this video! That’s it for this weeks TWiG, see you again next week!

The Elder Scrolls Online – Elsweyr: Developer Deep Dive

Welcome this year to Elsweyr, the mysterious southern province
of the cat-people of Tamriel. Little seen in Elder Scrolls until now: the fan-favourite Khajiiti folk –
you’re going to love them! So for this year
for The Elder Scrolls Online, we’re taking a new approach. We had, with the province of Elsweyr
and the threat of the dragons, a story that’s so big that
it even transcends the Chapter format. So we’re going
for a full-year story. All four quarters. All tied into one epic saga that enables you to work with these
great characters to save the Khajiit and the land of Elsweyr
from these terrible threats. We’ve done stories that are stretched
over multiple releases before but this is the first time that
we’ve concentrated a single theme into everything we’re doing for the year. It’s the Year of the Dragons and it’s just some amazing content
that I can’t wait for you guys to play. Dragons, those dread creatures
from out of the past that have been hidden away for so long
but have been released to threaten Elsweyr. Going to Elsweyr gives
us the opportunity to explore the legends and
mythology of the Khajiit. Arguably they’re one
of the oldest Elder Scrolls races, so we wanted to show that they’ve inhabited
this place for a long time and that to me was
a really interesting thing to work on. A lot of the architecture is built
out of the living rock of the zone. We like to draw on
real-world cultural influences or real-world geographical influences
for cultures that we work on in-game. Some of the areas we looked at
were North Africa, West Africa and Yemen. Geologically, these areas were varied enough
to give us enough variation for the zone but they were also interesting enough to
give us lots of cool geographical features. If you know anything
about the Khajiit, you know that the moons of
Tamriel, Jone and Jode, exert a tremendous metaphysical influence
over both their form and their culture. We’re going to be going a bit
into the basis of that and you’re going to learn more about
their relationship with the moons. Throughout the year, we’re
going to get to explore lots of different aspects
of the Khajiiti culture and we’re going to get to see how
they rose from 16 different kingdoms to become the mostly united nation
that they are today. The cat-folk come in
many different varieties and they have a lot of different
ways of looking at the world and that means conflict. We’re going to find out
how they get to govern themselves but are still part of the Aldmeri Dominion
and what that means, and we’re going to see some things
that we haven’t shown before. Possibly the different types of Khajiit that we’ve heard exist that
we have never seen, other than in books. All of these things mix and meld together
in our new chapter of Elsweyr. Providing a really fast-moving and deep,
but exciting, series of stories about pulling this realm back together
and reuniting the Khajiit so they can stand tall beside their allies,
the Aldmeri Dominion. I can’t give away too much… but there’s a number of
different things that are coming that are going to
shock and surpise you, and hopefully delight you! Let me tell you, we’re really excited about
presenting Elsweyr to you, the players. We’ve shown little parts of it
before with Kenarthi’s Roost and part of Reaper’s March, but we’ve been thinking
about this for a long time. It’s been a long time coming, we’re really excited about this and
we really want to see what you do with it.