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LeBron James’ worst playoff game was the 2011 Finals failure all his doubters wanted to see

(animated orchestral music) – LeBron James is one of
the best NBA players ever, and he has validated his excellence by winning a whole lot. There’s a good chance James will retire having played more playoff games than these career leaders, and of course, several of LeBron’s playoff runs have ended in a championship. But before the rings, there were times when people questioned whether LeBron would ever lead his team to a title. And one playoff failure in particular sticks out among the others
as a moment in which LeBron was perceived as not just losing, but shrinking, choking, even quitting and doing so at a time when critics were eager to see him fail. This is LeBron James’
worst playoff performance. June 7th, 2011, Dallamus, Texamus. LeBron and the Miami
Heat led the NBA Finals two wins to one after
winning Game Three in Dallas just two nights prior. LeBron assisted the basket
that made the difference in the final minute of Game Three, but he did give Dallas one more chance by bricking a three in the closing seconds of a merely okay individual outing. In general, LeBron had been
relatively quiet in the Finals, opting to play second or third fiddle and distribute the ball while
the other Big Three gents, especially Dwayne Wade,
handled most of the scoring. But so far so good. And if LeBron and company
could grab another road win in Game Four to make the series three-one, they’d have two chances to
clinch the whole thing at home, winning LeBron his first
ever NBA Championship. People would probably
still grumble about LeBron needing help to finally win a ring. After he started this Game Four with a forced air ball
floater and a bricked three, he took to just dumping the ball off even against single coverage
by a smaller player. That led to nice assists to Bosh and Wade who both had great first halves. So let those people grumble. You don’t win the NBA Finals by yourself. LeBron knows, he tried once. It went poorly. Any investigation of
LeBron’s worst playoff games must pause at his first
trip to the Finals. That was with the ’07 Cavaliers, a team whose next best player was, I don’t know, Zydrunas Ilgauskas? Larry Hughes was the
only Cav besides LeBron who even approached reliable scoring. James put the whole team on his back in that ’07 playoff run. It was incredible and gave us
some legendary LeBron scenes. But in June, his back carried more weight than it could bear. LeBron’s first career Finals game was probably his worst playoff performance up to that point, a four-of-16, six-turnover outing, and a
Game One loss to the Spurs. Are you okay over there? LeBron attacked but got gobbled
up by a San Antonio defense focused on stopping him and him alone. James said afterward, he would
simply have to play better for Cleveland to have a chance. They did not have a chance. They got swept. So you can appreciate
LeBron’s relative comfort deferring to his costars in 2011. It felt good to have costars. James finished the first
half of this Game Four with just four points
on one-of-four shooting with two turnovers. But Wade and Bosh were cooking, and the Heat had a
two-point halftime lead. Lead or not, James might have been wary of swinging too far in the
direction of deference. Just a year before this in
LeBron’s final home game of his first stint in
Cleveland, he got booed. That was Game Five of the 2010
Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Celtics. James started that game
missing his first seven shots. Discouraged and nursing a sore elbow, he kind of curled into a ball
against Boston’s defense, looking very unlike himself. LeBron stopped attacking. He seemed resigned to loss and
reluctant to lead a comeback. He finished with 15 points
on three-of-14 shooting in the loss. And as his hometown fans
booed, all anyone could do was anticipate a departure, a departure that, of course,
ended up coming to pass and put LeBron among
two elite new teammates, put him on a damn stage predicting how many rings they’d win, then
put him back in the Finals. So a year later, you could feel the narrative forces at play. LeBron tried to be a
hero and failed in 2007. He got passive and failed in 2010. Even if he succeeded in
2011, he’d get criticized for doing so in the comfort
of other superstars. That wouldn’t have been fair, but it’s a preferable outcome
to what actually happened, which was more failure. LeBron asserted himself a bit more in the second half to get decent looks against Dallas’s
increasingly zoney defense, and he just whiffed them. He sealed off Shawn Marion
nicely and blew the finish. – [Announcer] Chandler, it’s
gonna roll out of bounds. Miami ball. – [Seth] He outran the Mavs in transition and blew the finish. He caught and fired a wide
open three and blew it. He earned a couple free
throws and blew both of them. He found a pull-up look
out of the pick and roll and blew it. In the fourth, the scores started to reflect LeBron’s struggles. Miami led by as much as nine, but James helped Dallas get back into it by traveling and forcing
a bad pass to Bosh, then chucking a tough brick
over DeShawn Stevenson. Miami surrendered their
lead, then struggled to get a clean look on
their final possession. – Miller puts it up, air ball!
(crowd cheering) And that’s it! – They lost Game Four,
squandering a crucial chance to pull way ahead in the series. While Bosh and Wade’s numbers
held up fine in defeat, LeBron’s were sad. He attempted just 11
shots and hit only three four eight points. He grabbed nine boards
and tossed seven assists but turned the ball over four times and committed four fouls, a horrid line. But not his worst ever
going purely off statistics. Basketball Reference, the
best website on Earth, uses a helpful metric called game score. It’s not an end all, be
all, but for this exercise, it’s a helpful summary. LeBron has remarkably few inefficient or even below average
playoff games in his career, but one has the lowest game score by far. It’s this stinker of a Game
One against Boston in 2008, two-of-18 shooting, 12 points, more turnovers than assists, bad. But context matters. That opponent was the
first and best version of the Big Three Celtics,
the eventual NBA Champions. And LeBron would go on to
play a couple great games in that series, including
45 points to nearly lead this weak Cleveland roster
to a Game Seven victory. As for the context of this 2011 dud, well, we’ve mentioned that
LeBron was already taking shit for forming a super team or whatever, and that blowing Game Four,
a collapse for which LeBron became the easy scapegoat,
made the critical difference between a three-one series
lead and a two-two tie. We haven’t mentioned that after the game, noted pest DeShawn Stevenson
could legitimately say LeBron checked out on his teammates. We haven’t mentioned
that before Game Four, Dallas’s Jason Terry gave Miami
some bulletin board material saying LeBron needed to
show he could perform well for seven games, that he’d done
it for Games One and Three, but could he do it in Game Four? And, you know, he couldn’t. Jason Terry of all
people, came at the King and the King responded by laying an egg. Terry even cooked LeBron
on more than one occasion in the fourth quarter. Then he exploded for
48 points off the bench across Games Five and Six and got to do his stupid jet plane celebration a bunch. Which leads us to the
ultimate context for this, the Heat went on to
lose the series in six. LeBron’s turd of a Game Four
sparked Miami’s downfall from likely champion to runner-up. So here at the time was a guy who couldn’t get Cleveland a ring, joined up with his buddies
and still couldn’t get a ring because he sputtered in a pivotal game. He made Jason Terry look cool. Jason Terry, the guy who already
had the championship trophy tattooed on his arm. But there’s more. After Dallas won it all, critics focused on LeBron’s stark statistical
drop-off in the series, especially the super
diminished scoring numbers. And they remembered that day LeBron spent counting his future rings. – Not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven!
(crowd cheering) – [Seth] In response,
LeBron got kind of spiteful. – All the people that was
rooting on me to fail, at the end of the day, they
gotta wake up tomorrow, have the same life that they
had before they woke up today. – [Seth] Not a great look, but look how far we’ve come since. That ugly summer motivated LeBron. He won a ring and Finals
MVP one year later and a year after that, and
then just for good measure, he returned to Cleveland
and did it there, too. You can find occasional substandard nights and criticism in between the
rings but nothing like 2011. This game was a deep, dark valley, though, with plenty of peaks to follow. Nothing before or since quite matched the humiliation of that Game Four, and LeBron himself
recommends putting it on if you want to lull your baby to sleep. But at the time, this
was no laughing matter for LeBron James. It was ghastly blend of
passivity and excess. It was failure in the
most critical of moments. It was the most delicious possible fodder for all kinds of hungry haters. It was, thankfully for LeBron,
not a sign of things to come. It was a dismal performance
in a dismal game in a dismal series that
headlined a dismal summer. It was the worst.

The Worst Sports Teams Names in History – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains, the worst sports team names in history. It’s commonplace for teams to have names these days. Chicago Bulls, Philadelphia Flyers, Oakland
Raiders etc. A name to strike fear into the heart of your
enemy, or to make you sound tough or aggressive. But no-one obviously told these guys, who
have the most nonsensical and non-threatening names in all of sports. The worst name in basketball is:
The New Orleans Pelicans Previously the New Orleans Hornets, they changed
their name to create a new identity after they inherited the Hornets name.
Okay, so it’s the state bird of Louisiana, I get that.
But why does it sound so horrible? Is it because it doesn’t go with ‘New
Orleans’, or is it just because a Pelican is a very wimpy bird.
You have to admit though, their logo is pretty awesome. The worst name in Baseball is:
The Cleveland Indians Calling a native American an ‘Indian’
is like calling an Italian-American ‘Frenchie’. It’s not even close. So to name a whole
baseball team after an antiquated racial slur is a pretty poor choice.
And whilst we’re being racist, we could have also had the New York Jews or the San
Francisco Chinamen. The worst name in hockey is:
The Iowa Chops They actually had a cool name to begin with,
the Iowa Stars, but for some reason – they renamed the team after something you put on
a barbeque. I’m guessing Iowa Steaks, Iowa Burgers and
Iowa Chicken Wings was already taken. Fortunately, they saw sense and moved to Texas
to become the Texas Stars. Thank God. Honorable mention goes to the Minnesota Wild
… I mean … whaa whaa whhhyyy? The worst name in pro football is:
The Cleveland Browns They’re not named after the colour Brown
(which would probably make sense), but after their coach at the time Paul Brown.
Funny thing is, Paul Brown then moved to the Cincinnati Bengals and they named their stadium
after him. Awkward! Honourable mention goes to the Washington
Redskins – for the same racial slur reasons as the Cleveland Indians, and the Houston
Texans – just in case you didn’t know which state Houston is in. The worst name in pro soccer is:
Deportivo Wanka If you’re not from England or Australia,
you don’t know what a wanker is, it’s an insult where you imply a person likes to
masturbate. But nobody told this football team from Peru
that, and when they came on a tour of England, they were instantly popular just because of
their name. They sold more replica shirts in England in
two months than they ever did back home in Peru, and they really didn’t understand
why their name was so funny? Honourable mention goes to the King Faisal
Babies, a Ghanaian football team who probably isn’t totally adverse child slave labour. The worst name in college sports is:
Well, there’s actually several. UC Santa Cruz are called ‘The Banana Slugs’,
possibly the most non-threatening animal of all time, Rhode Island School of Design Nads
where their mascot is an actual penis and everyone shouts GO NADS!
The worst one of them all, the Scottsdale Community College Fighting Artichokes.
Fighting … Artichokes. I have never seen an Artichoke attack anyone, let alone fight.
And I’m pretty sure that all artichokes grow to be slaughtered and eaten. Just saying is all’ Did I miss any out? Or have you got one that
you think is worse? LIKE the video, subscribe and comment below! Ninh Ly, www.ninh.co.uk, @NinhLyUK

Top 10 Most Unfortunate Names in Sports History

Not all athletes have great careers, but some leave a lasting impression all the same. Welcome to WatchMojo.com, and today, today we’re counting down our picks, for the top 10 unfortunate names in sports. For this list, we’re looking at names from the sports world
that are just downright troubling. Either for their inherent silliness, or the obvious mental images they inspire. Entering the ring at 29 years of age, left this bruiser with a fairly short career, in boxing record of 15 (wins), 6 (loses), and 1 (draw). But there’s a solid excuse for Floyd
Cummings late-blooming, namely the 12 years he
spent in the slammer for murder. While Jumbo is known as the final
opponent of the legendary Joe Frazier, he’s also best known for his giggle
inducing sexually provocative name. It’s a one-two punch that could either
make for the best or worst stay in prison ever, but it’s a handle to take seriously elsewhere. Given that the explosive athlete was
released from prison again in 2016, Jumbo Cummings likely isn’t a trending
jailhouse topic anymore. This footballer makes it his duty to cling on, duke it out, audit his assets, and build a log cabin with the best of them. Known to his family as, Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, this former AC Milan
sensation’s unfortunate nickname, emerged when his little brother had struggles pronouncing his name, settling on Kaká instead. Whether he’s feeding the fish,
filling the peanut butter jar, updating the captain’s log
or just doing some paperwork… This Orlando City attacking
midfielder never fails to get crowd, screaming for “Kaká!” During his spectacular
and sometimes messy career, Kaká always makes the delivery, and never flushes away a
good scoring opportunity on the pitch. One with the much less
valid moniker John Arthur Cox, this former basketball player
may have had a short career, but sporting history will
never forget the name, “Chubby Cox.” A one-time Washington Bullet, Cox’s both the uncle of NBA legend Kobe Bryant, and father to 2016 Venezuelan National
Olympic team member John Cox. Perhaps this explains why Marv Albert, was so keen on talking
about Chubby Cox over and over and over. Sure, Chubby maybe didn’t have the most prolific career, but he certainly more memorable
than other pro athletes from his era. Such as Jack Glasscock, Scott Tancock, or even Pete La Cock. Even if you’re vaguely familiar
with NFL legends, you know that everybody
loves them some Dick Butkus. After all, the six-foot-three hall-of-famer, famously laid down some
heavy hits over his nine years. And quarterbacks lived
in fear of Dick coming down on them. Even so, it’s hard to imagine the trash talk that
must have happened on the field, as opponents likely didn’t call “Butkus Richard.” But he was once declared the most
feared man in the game, you can well imagine who Butkus (butt kissed) who… Say what you will about the man’s name, but you can’t deny Dick’s
pure grace under pressure. No matter what this MLB first baseman
accomplishes in his career, people will always giggle
at the sound of his last name. It’s no secret that picthers avoid Pujols at all costs, as anybody knows that he’s
capable of blasting one out of the park. Fans never failed to seek out of Pujols offering either, just waiting to get their hands all over it. Enthusiastic baseball fans
come in groves to see Pujols, and sometimes the experience
can be disappointing. Then again, one simply cannot expect him to drop a
couple bombs each and every game. The first of a few names on this list, that are pronounced the way they’re spelled, or Harry Colon as you’d expect, is such a vivid and unfortunate name. It’s more than fair to question the
events surrounding this NFL player’s birth, the name “Frank” surely
would have suited him just fine. Or perhaps anything that doesn’t
remind one of fury arses. The name is so aggressive, that Harry Colon undoubtedly found a
way to deal with the jokes at a young age, or at least we hope you did. Perhaps it doesn’t come as a surprise
either to learn that Harry Colon played defensive back, bravely protecting his territory, and ready to mash it up with
anybody trying to pull a fast one. All across the world, baseball players aspire
to play in the majors. But in the case of Steve Sharts, a fresh opportunity never came his way. He actually had a clean pitching record, at Triple A’s Scranton/Wilkes-Barre in 1990, yet there were clearly some
issues for MLB teams, perhaps that his name was “Steve Sharts”. Given that he was drafted by the
Philadelphia Phillies in 1985, and has some solid stats. One has to wonder why, a major league manager never
decided to see Sharts up close and personal. Alas, baseball fans can only theorize, about the curious case of Steve Sharts. With one of the more x-rated
names in college football history, this man was probably never
destined to play in the NFL. For example, imagine all the dirty minded
NFL players that would have been lined up against, or alongside Lucius Pusey. Or as they probably pronounced it, “luscious pussy”. The man played as
linebacker for the Eastern Illinois Panthers, and judging by the official photo, it seems that someone hollered, “Smile, Lucius Pusey!,” right before it was taken. It’s not unreasonable to question the
exact naming process for this man, but at least we can all agree that Lucious Pusey who petitioned to change his name, to the much less unfortunate “Lucius Seymour”. is less offensive than
something like Misty Hyman, which is also quite evocative. Over the years, the sporting world has
seen athletes with names like Dick Pole, Dick Shiner and even Dick Paradise, but none of them compares to Mr. Dick Trickle. NASCAR’s 1989 “Rookie of The Year,” refused to go by his given name, Richard, as a result, his racing career
was entertaining on many levels. Trickle was actually one of the most
successful short-track drivers of all time, and if social media had been a thing in his heyday, #DickTrickle would have
been a trending hashtag every Sunday. There have been many more
successful NASCAR drivers, but there’s only been one “Dick Trickle”. Before we unveil our number one pick, here are some honorable mentions… We know what you’re thinking when
you look at that name on paper, and we hate to disappoint you, but it’s actually not pronounced
*BEEP* fortunately for him. Anyway for a guy with the first name Russell, it makes perfect sense that he
would have earned the nickname “Rusty”. And given that Rusty Kuntz was born in 1950’s America, maybe everybody just didn’t get the joke. That being said, one can’t blame him for
sticking with his sexually suggestive name. Hell, it’s not even pronounce the way you think it is, but one can’t blame others
for laughing at it either. In fact, Rusty Kuntz is the center of perhaps, the most provocative image in baseball history, and the classic Konerko get
Kuntz photograph would never have been taken, he’d been born with any other name. Do you agree with our list? Which name do you find
to be the most unfortunate? For more sporty Top 10’s published every day, be sure to subscribe to WatchMojo.com.

Top 10 BROKEN Fighting Game Characters

October 20, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

Top 10 BROKEN Fighting Game Characters

Nick: If you’ve been following Screwattack for a while, you know how much we love fighting games. For us, they bring us so much hype and excitement, but then there are some characters that just bring us nothing but salt and frustration. The 10 you see here aren’t necessarily unbeatable, but man, oh man, they can be rage inducing. So hey! I’m Nervous Nick for Screwattack’s Top 10 BROKEN fighting game characters. Announcer: NUMBER 10. Nick: Killer Instinct has never been a super execution heavy series, but even then, why is Cinder such an easy character to play in the original KI!? Not just easy, but rewarding too! Not only does he have one of the most famous infinite combos in fighting games, but he’s got another combo that ends up stunning you, letting him rinse and repeat until you lose. Oh, also, he can turn invisible. You know, just for good measure. Cinder was such a problem in the arcades back in the day, that Nintendo actually had to patch KI just to take away his infinite nonsense. Yes, behind the times Nintendo PATCHED A GAME IN 1994 by sending technicians out to all 17,000 arcade machines… …just to tone Cinder down. I love it. A man on fire did more to modernize Nintendo than competition from Sony and Microsoft ever did! Announcer: NUMBER 9. Nick: Love her or hate her, Ibuki will forever be one of my very favorite Street Fighter characters. Back in Street Fighter 3: New Generation, she was the first fighting game character I ever mained. But I’ll call it like I see it, this character’s broken. I can’t think of too many characters who have ever had a one button infinite. but here’s Ibuki comboing Elena with nothing but a standing heavy kick. Even I could do this infinite back in the day, and I was a complete fighting game newbie! Plus, her super, “Hashin Shou” was just dumb! I remember one time, I got hit by Ryu’s fireball and somehow mashed out a super fast enough to hit Ryu with it before he even had a chance to block! Oh, also this super sets up Ibuki’s infinite as well. If ever a case could be made for thick thighs taking lives… …this would be it. Announcer: NUMBER 8. Nick: When Street Fighter Cross Tekken was announced, it was like a childhood dream come true. I mean, two huge fighting game franchises coming together in an official game?! The possibilities were endless! Unfortunately, the game launched as a buggy glitch-filled disappointment and nothing embodies that better than “Mega Man”. Mega Man with GIANT quotation marks around it. Anyway, Mega Man could eke out wins with the tactic not so affectionately referred to as a TIMER SCAM. Basically all he had to do was get the life lead and trigger a bug which took him to frigging orbit, out of your reach, you can never hit him again for the rest of the game. After that it was only a matter of waiting for the timer to run out, or for the opponent to rage quit. But hey, on the plus side, Capcom has since managed to fix both this bug and Mega Man himself. Thank God! Announcer: NUMBER 7. December 15, 2015… …the final character for Smash Brothers Wii U is revealed to be none other than Bayonetta. The internet loses its collective mind with hype! …And today, the internet is losing its collective mind with SALT. Anybody who’s had to face Bayonetta knows the pain of losing an entire stock just because she got you with one Witch Time counter. This move is fricking dumb! Even without it, Bayonetta still has plenty of other ways to take you from 0% ALL the way to the Big Battlefield in the sky by killing you off the top. Pretty much the only reason Bayonetta’s not higher is because she did get patched so that you can escape her zero to death combos, but you’ve got to do this to your controller to do it! [BOOM] The only thing that wears down faster than your control stick is your patience when you’ve got to fight the Umbra Witch. Cross your fingers that if and when this game gets a Switch-port that Nintendo burns the witch one more time. Announcer: NUMBER 6. Nick: One word: RESURRECTION. Anybody who has had the misfortune of playing against Gill from Street Fighter 3 probably shudders at that very word. It wasn’t enough that this game’s boss character does chip-damage with his normals… shoots projectiles that can eat through everyone else’s… can stun most characters in one combo and also hits like a titanium truck carrying bricks! What truly puts Gill over the edge is everything he does with his Super Meter. You can use it to rain down a wall of projectiles from the sky… shoot rainbows that do a billion damage whether you block it or not… or worst of all, his dreaded RESURRECTION. Let me tell you the story of how this usually goes: You barely managed to land the final hit that downs this giant naked man… when suddenly he just gets back up like he’s demon-possessed and his health bar turns green again! I’ll skip to the end of the story: You lose! Hey, at least he’s banded by default in 3rd Strike: Online Edition! Announcer: NUMBER 5. Nick: How can you talk about broken fighting game characters without bringing up the all-time classic Akuma from Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo? You want to know what an overpowered fighter looks like? Behold! The quintessential textbook example! We all remember experiencing the nightmare that was the hidden boss Akuma… so when it turned out that the version YOU could play as was toned down, everybody said: “Oh, thank God!” But, he was STILL too powerful. Akuma was always meant to be something of a glass cannon, who hits hard but gets it even harder. The thing is, in his first appearance here, he was a too much cannon and not enough glass. If he kept throwing his red fireballs at you… YOU WERE STUCK-AND-BLOCK FOR THE REST OF THE MATCH, and even if you got past that, he couldn’t be stunned! At least Gill was banned by default in Street Fighter 3! Not so with Akuma. Announcer: NUMBER 4. Nick: Something that makes Marvel vs Capcom games so appealing is the idea that EVERYONE is cheap. That’s such a huge reason why these games are so fun! And yet, for most people, Dark Phoenix managed to suck the fun right out of Marvel vs Capcom 3. Phoenix may have the smallest amount of health in the game, but if she dies while sitting on all 5 Hyper-Meters HO HO, BOY, ARE YOU IN FOR SOME BULLCRAP! Reborn as Dark Phoenix her speed and damage output both get a huge boost, and since her teleport can appear in front or behind you, you basically have to guess which way to block. And then, on top of all that, if she triggers her X-Factor… she gets even faster and even stronger until she’s an nigh-unreactable powerhouse that can undo all your hard work in just a few combos. I haven’t played this game since 2013 and even though I was never really good at it… this character is still a big reason why I quit. Announcer: NUMBER 3. Bayonetta may be the modern-day controversial Smash character, but not so long ago, that dishonor belonged to Meta knight in Super Smash Brothers Brawl. This beach ball with wings seemingly has almost every advantage going for him! Ridiculously fast moves both on the ground and in the air, a powerful combo game, and for those of you into this sort of thing… NO BAD MATCHUPS ACROSS THE ENTIRE CAST! He may be a lightweight, but if your attack does anything less than kill him outright, Meta Knight is practically GUARANTEED to get back onto the stage again, since every single one of his special moves also works as a recovery. Plus, Meta knight is really good at running away from you the entire match. Remember that glitch that let him disappear for as long as he felt like? Yeah, not so fun for everybody else. Fun fact: Because Meta Knight is such a stupidly powerful character… he’s the only one in all of Smash who is nearly banned from all tournament play. And in hindsight, he probably should have been… Announcer: NUMBER 2. Nick: You know a fighter is bonkers if they’re banned from tournaments WITHOUT being a boss character, and if you played Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future, you can see why this exact thing happened to a little bird called Pet Shop. This freaky falcon is small, hard to hit, and loves nothing more than shooting you with a giant icicles that lead to TONS of damage. Pet Shop is so hard to keep track of because he’s all over the screen in this game… and he’s so strong, that he can even take Jojo himself from full health all the way to death in a single combo. GOLLY-MIT! I JUST- I JUST WANT TO SMASH HIS LITTLE BIRD FACE IN PIECES UNTIL IT SHATTERS! Oh yeah, just like that. Announcer: IT’S… NUMBER 1. Nick: If you’re watching a Screwattack Top 10 you must understand that if it’s number one on the list IT IS THE ANSWER. Ladies and gentlemen, let me personally introduce you to the number one most broken fighting game character of all. Ivan Ooze. In Power Rangers Fighting Edition on SNES, this character actually flies around the arena the entire game all the while shooting you with columns of lasers and projectiles that, get this, HOME IN ON YOU. Even if you somehow get in close on him, Ivan Ooze’s aptly-named invulnerable strike has, well, obvious advantages. It’s true that he literally can’t block, but with moves like these, WHY WOULD HE NEED TO?!?!?!? On top of all that, what if I told you that you can’t throw him OR hit him with low attacks!? That means half of your basic offense is COMEPLETELY WORTHLESS against him! Picking the best character in a fighting game doesn’t usually mean that you’re going to win automatically… Unless you pick Ivan Ooze in which case you will win every time. For secret number 11 we’re going back to Smash one more time for the Ice Climbers. These kids trolled their way through not just Melee, but also Brawl as well! If your opponent knew the right inputs, one grab from the Ice Climbers meant one death for you guaranteed. So maybe it’s for the best that they never made their return in Smash Brothers Wii U

Top 10 Incredibly Strange Addictions

September 19, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

Top 10 Incredibly Strange Addictions

English CC by Charles Baluyot (On video: Disturbing Content)
Sometimes you just can’t get enough of something really really odd. Welcome to WatchMojo.com, and today, we’re counting down our picks, for the top 10 strange addictions. For this list, we’re exploring the weirdest,
most out there addictions. So don’t expect to see such common examples, as party drugs, alcohol, gambling or smoking. To be considered for this list, there should be more than one
documented case of the addiction, meaning that Margaret and her addiction to bee
stings won’t be making the cut. Sure we did say, “no drugs”, but this substance is really a form of fuel first, and an inhalant second. Inhaling the fumes that rise
from gasoline leads to intoxication. Considering the gasoline itself
isn’t consumed, just the vapors, a small amount of gasoline
goes a very long way, and as such, is commonly associated with poverty. This addiction is known to be particularly prevalent
in low-income communities in Australia. The effects of sniffing gasoline are fast-acting, hitting the user in a matter of minutes. Euphoria, disorientation, lack of coordination, a sense of numbness, and in some cases, hallucinations
follow shortly after. Unfortunately, the health
repercussions are serious, and death among individuals who
use gasoline as an inhalant is common. From a cheap high to costly elective surgeries, addiction can take many forms. Body modification of any
kind can be addictive, but, while other forms like tattooing and piercing provide
an addictive rush of endorphins and adrenaline. As a result of the pain
inherent to the modifications, an addiction to cosmetic surgery, which is typically performed using a
variety of pain numbing anesthetics, stems from “Body Dysmorphic Disorder” or “BDD”. The exact cause of “BDD” is unclear, but it’s characterized, by an overwhelming sense of dissatisfaction
with one’s physical appearance. In the case of cosmetic
surgery addiction, an unrealistic pursuit of an ever-changing
idea of physical perfection, results in patients undergoing
endless surgeries, to appease their sense of dysmorphia. It’s been unkindly labeled, “tanorexia” by the media, but neither anorexia nor tanning
dependency should be treated lightly, they’re both serious conditions
associated with mental health. A dose of Vitamin D is great for health, so long as exposure to UV rays is minimized. But individuals who go to tanning salons daily, or multiple times a day, are doing more than pursuing unreasonable
self-imposed ideas of beauty. They’re drastically increasing
their risks of cancer. Serious tanning addicts, like self-proclaimed tanorexic, Trisha Paytas, may be well aware that their habit is a problem, but just can’t stop. A 2005 study, published in the Archives of Dermatology, estimates that as many as fifty percent (50%)
of regular beachgoers could be considered addicts. Pulling your hair out, it’s a classic bit of imagery, used to convey stress or worry. However, common it maybe, it’s actually a compulsive habit that
affects an estimated 11 million Americans. This psychological condition, referred to as trichotillomania, isn’t just limited to the head, some pullout hairs, from
their eyebrows, arms, legs, armpits, or even pubic region. While more subtle than
other forms of self-harm, hair-pulling stems from the same psychological
need to exercise control over the human body, when one’s feels a lack of
control over other aspects of their life, in either personal or professional’s fears. In some cases, trichotillomaniacs even ingest
their own hair after pulling it out. Will Ferrell’s character might have considered it, the perfect pick up strategy in “Wedding Crashers”. But his tendency to pop
into a funeral uninvited, is a full-blown addiction for some. Luis Squarisi of Batatais, Brazil, attends every funeral in his hometown, becoming somewhat of a local celebrity. From an outside perspective, Squarisi might simply come across as an extremely community-oriented and sympathetic figure. But his habit bears too many of the classic
characteristics of a dependence to ignore. He quit his job in order to feed his habit, and, if he doesn’t manage to
attend multiple funerals a week, he reports feeling physically ill. Squarisi isn’t the only person
suffering from this condition, but he’s certainly the most open about it. The consumption of urine or urophagia, actually isn’t that uncommon. People have historically
consumed it, for numerous reasons, including alternative health
and beauty treatment or dietary regimens. Health practitioners strongly
advise against it, however, Carrie of Colorado Springs,
opened up about her urophagia, admitting that she consumes
almost all the urine that passes through her body. She admits to loving the taste, and believes it’s beneficial
to her fight against cancer. One man on the other hand, is addicted to drinking not his own urine, but rather the urine of young boys, explaining that it makes him feel younger. Despite knowing full well that
there is no science to back it up, he truly believes it fights the effects of ageing. Looking for a convenient
snack to pair with that glass of urine? How about the sofa, or this La-Z Boy? Pica is a particular eating disorder where the individual feels compelled
to eat inedible or non-food substances. While many pica sufferers are
drawn to consuming inedible bodily substances, like urine or human hair, other cases have been reported, in which people begin consuming drywall… …and household furniture, particularly, foam furniture stuffing. Adele Edwards of Bradenton, Florida, actually buy second hand
furniture to feed her addiction. But first test the foam inside, to make sure it’s the kind she likes. Vicky Cullen developed a taste for sponges, and the foam found in her armchair during pregnancy, and never stopped. Coffee, it’s probably one
of the most common addictions in modern society. But what if you’re looking for
something with a little more kick to start your day? Well, some people prefer to ingest
their coffee from the other end, by inserting a lubricated hose into their anus, and performing a coffee enema. Why? Because when taken in the form of an enema, the caffeine in coffee is absorbed
directly into the bloodstream, providing a quick and powerful pick me up. The likes of which a cup of
joe could never accomplish. Some people believe it
has significant health benefits, although that position is controversial. Mike and Trina Elliott
each gave themselves, up to 100 coffee enemas per month. If you’re a vampire, then drinking blood is a matter of survival. For the average day walking
human, drinking blood is considered
more than a little odd. Many cultures historically
drank animal blood, like the Masai people, but the consumption of human blood, also known as “clinical vampirism”
or “Renfield’s syndrome”, can prove not only addictive, but also deadly. The condition had previously been observed, in psychological studies
of extremely violent criminals. More recently, this addiction stems from an obsession with vampires, or, a small minority of people who actually
find that human blood cures them of fatigue, headaches and other discomforts, relief from which these real-life vampires claim to not be able to find, via any traditional medical treatment. Before we unveil our number one pick, here is an honorable mention… Eating poop or coprophagia, is among one of the more
disturbing forms of pica syndrome. Scientists don’t know what causes pica, although some believe,
it may be related to deficiencies in minerals like iron, but none of these obsessions works to
compensate for nutritional imbalances. So its exact cause remains a mystery. Coprophagia can take three forms: “Heterospecifics”, the consumption
of feces from different species, “allocoprophagy”, feces from another person, and “autocoprophagy”, the consumption
of one’s own feces. Apart from pica, coprophagia has been observed
in severe cases of schizophrenia, and individuals with
Prader-Willi syndrome. The strangest thing about
this gag-inducing addiction, is it’s actually more
common than most others on this list. Do you agree with our list? Can you think of any other
extremely odd addictions? For more stranger than
fiction “Top 10’s” published everyday, be sure to subscribe to WatchMojo.com.


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♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) So today
you’re going to try this. – (gasping)
– Oh, okay. Okay. – I love my life. – Take the pot off. – (both) Pizza! – What the hell did you do to this pizza? – It looks like a normal pizza, but the meat might
be something really weird. – That’s true. Like, honestly,
there’s nothing ever normal anymore. I always watch these
and they always get some weird, nasty food. – (FBE) It’s your lucky day. You’ll be trying different delivery pizzas
and guessing where they’re from. At the end, we’ll reveal
who got the most correct and crown a victor.
– Yes! – Oh, this sounds so fun.
– This is a dream come true. – I eat pizza all the time.
– Let’s go! – I literally eat pizza almost every week. – That should be really easy
because I have no life and I stay at home,
so when I’m playing video games, all I do is order pizzas. – (FBE) So before we begin,
we’re going to have you put on these blindfolds.
– Oh, yay! Oh, you guys even got special things
so you can’t see out of the bottom. How many fingers? – (FBE) So here is your first pizza.
– Where? – Want to toast? – I already put it in my mouth.
– Okay, never mind. – (laughing) The next one, I’m down. (crunching) – It’s good. There’s not a lot
of sauce in it, actually. – It has a rough texture to it, so… – I’m actually going to say opposite. I think this is really greasy. – I’m Black. We eat greasy foods,
so I don’t think I really know the difference of an ungreased food. – The crust was
actually pretty good though. – This is probably
the best day of my life. I have a guess, okay. – (FBE) On the count of three,
say who you think makes this pizza. One, two, three. – Papa John’s.
– Digiorno. – (both) Domino’s. – (both) Papa John’s. – Dang it!
– Aaah! – Papa John’s.
– Pizza Hut. The grease is just spreading
on my fingers. That’s how I know it’s Pizza Hut. – (FBE) Here’s your next one.
– Yay. – Where’s my mouth? – This one feels different already. – (sniffing) – Oh. I think I know it. – Wow, this is really–
it feels like it’s barely– – Whoa! I’ve had this piece of pizza before. – I think this one’s
better than the last one. – I can taste all the spices,
so I feel like I really got a good idea of what this is.
– Is one of the spices ass? – The pepperoni is really–
– You can feel the spice in your mouth. I know exactly what this is right here. – I’m just going to keep eating. – (FBE) On the count of three,
let’s say who you think makes this pizza. One, two, three.
– (both) Pizza Hut. – Jinx! – Little Caesars.
– Oh, Papa John’s. – (both) Little Caesars. – (both) Little Caesars. – Hey!
– High five me, bro. – If I can find your hand.
– I-I… yeah! – (FBE) The next one.
– I’m innocent, I swear. – This one’s thinner.
– Thinner, yeah. – It tastes nasty. – I don’t think I’m
going to like this crust because it’s so thin
and I like super thick crust. I was wrong. It’s okay. – This is more salty
than the previous ones. – I do not like this pizza that much. – Definitely not a fan of this pizza. – The crust tastes burned. (crunching) – I feel like you can really taste
the tomato on these. – Mhmmm. I’m trying to really concentrate here. I’m thinking of all
the pizza chains that I know. – All right, I’m ready.
I have my guess. – (FBE) One, two, three. – Domino’s.
– Papa John’s. – Papa John’s.
– Pizza Hut. – Mm-mm. Papa John’s, hands down. – Pizza Hut.
– Papa John’s. – It’s so hard to tell what it is
when you can’t see it. – Round Table, is that a–
– Oh! No, no, no. No, no. Costco pizza,
that’s what I think it is. – (FBE) Here is your next pizza.
– All right, let’s see. This one’s really, really thin, which I feel like I have
a good idea of what this is. – Oh.
– Oh, hang on. Hmm.
– I thought I knew this. – I’m stuck between two choices
in my head right now, actually. – I don’t like it. The cheese…
– (chuckling) – …tastes super weird. – Mhmmm, I know exactly what this is. – It’s not bad.
– It’s really good. Where did this come from, man? – (FBE) One, two, three. – Pizza Hut.
– Chuck E. Cheese. – What?! – Domino’s.
– Costco. You can take out at Costco, right? – I was actually going
to guess Costco for the last pizza. – Domino’s.
– Papa John’s. – This tastes like Domino’s pepperoni. – Domino’s.
– Little Caesars. Oh. – Oh, I forgot about Little Caesars.
– This is not Domino’s. No way this is Domino’s. We order Domino’s all the time. – (FBE) Here is your last slice. – This one’s really skinny too. – Yeah, it is really skinny.
– Okay. – This one’s got a really thick crust. They’re really squishy crust.
– Oh yeah, it does. It feels like a pillow. – No, hmmm. See, I don’t know what this is. – (snickering)
– It’s so hard to rip! Oh my gosh.
– Oh. I’m slowly changing
all my answers in my head. – Damn it, I’m starting to think
this one’s Papa John’s and the last one was Domino’s. – Ew! This one’s terrible. This pizza is so sweet
and it’s too fluffy. – Let’s go for it.
(crunching) Tomato tastes really canny. – It tastes like a bread stick, the crust. – I know what this is. I’m mad at myself from earlier. – (FBE) One, two, three. – Domino’s.
– Pizza Hut. – Pizza Hut.
– Little Caesars. – (both) Papa John’s. – You said it was Papa John’s earlier. – I know, that’s why I was like
I regret my decision. – Papa John’s.
– Little Caesars. – No! From what I’m remembering,
my taste buds are telling me it’s Papa John’s and we’ve had this before
and we don’t like it. This one, I might be confident on. – (FBE) So now we’re going to go through
and see how you did. – Okay.
– Okay. – (FBE) The first one was Pizza Hut. – (both groaning) – You think I would have known Pizza Hut. – What?! What? – Pfft!
– Argh! – Companies need
to start making their pizza a little more distinguishable. – Pizza Hut always had
a distinct grease to it to me and I remember it as a kid
and still remember it now, and that’s what I was feeling before. – (FBE) The next one was Little Caesars. – (groaning)
– Man. – You know, at the end,
that’s what I started thinking. I remembered that
Little Caesars delivered. I was like, dang,
the second one was Little Caesars. – I told you!
It was the bread. – Woo!
– Yay! – Yeah! At least we got one right. – (both) Yay! – Teamwork.
– We’re good at this. – (FBE) The third one was Round Table. – What the– what’s Round Table? I’ve never heard
of Round Table either in my life. – Ew!
– I have never been there. – I don’t like Round Table.
– So I would have never guessed it. – They deliver?
– Round Table delivers? – I didn’t even know that. – We usually get thin crust. That’s why I’ve never
had their normal– dang it. I’m a little disappointed in myself. – Oh my god!
There’s a Round Table up here? – (FBE) The fourth pizza was from Domino’s. (buzzer) – Oh my gosh. Why did it taste weird to me? How did I not get Domino’s? Domino’s is the love of my life. – My pizza trust issues were up here. Now it’s like down here. – (grumbling)
– Lit! – Hey!
– Oh my gosh. – I win. – Hey, at least you have
better taste buds than I do. – I’m winning! (laughing) – One–
– To zero. – (FBE) And the last pizza
was Papa John’s. – Oh my gosh! – (FBE) The last pizza was Papa John’s,
so you guys tied. – Yeah! – We’re good at this.
– So we got two points. – Oh yes. – (FBE) Congrats, Luis, you’re the winner. – Hey!
– Congrats, buddy. – Good game.
– Pizza champion right here. – Yes!
– One out of four. Congrats. – I know my pizza, kind of. – That’s actually really bad.
– Yes. – That means I eat a lot of pizza,
that I can remember the taste of it. – These pizzas were
so hard to tell what it was. – It was kind of fun. I haven’t eaten yet, so that was so good. – This has been the best day of my life. I got a bunch of pizza. – Thanks for watching us
taste test pizza on the React channel. – What food should we try next? Let us know in the comments. – Bye, guys! – Hey, guys, I’m Katie,
a React channel producer. Hit that subscribe button
and maybe we’ll send you a pizza. Not making any promises though.