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DOOM (1993 ORIGINAL GAME) (Teens React: Retro Gaming)

♪ (old-school video game music) ♪ – “Doom.” Never heard of it. – Doom? I’ve never heard
of this game before. – It kinda looks like maybe Mars. And they’re fighting off maybe aliens. – Doom. Why not?
I’ve never played the first. It’s probably one of the most
iconic shooters ever. – Doom! Oh my god,
this is such a throwback! I used to play it
when I was younger a lot. – (Finebros) With Doom
releasing a reboot to the series later this month, we are
having you play the original that was first released in 1993
for PC on four floppy disks. – That’s a lot of floppy disks. I don’t think I know
what a floppy disk is. Are they the things that, um–
they’re kinda like square-looking, and they look like
the Save button on a computer. – I don’t even know what that means. But I remember playing
the game on a computer. – Damn, that’s like
three years older than me. – I was negative five
years old. (chuckles) I was just not even a thought yet. – (Finebros) You ready to get started?
– (nervously) No. – “Hurt me plenty”?
– (Finebros) Yeah, “hurt me plenty.” – Savage!
♪ (intense 8-bit rock music) ♪ Oh. Oh, whoa! I’ve seen this before! – Oh my gosh, the music. Throwback. – Oh shit, look at
those graphics. [Bleep]. This is ’93? God damn!
Look at the technology. Okay, let’s get it. – Let’s see. We’re going
left, forward, back. Just got to try out all the keys. – Okay. Oh, I can’t look down?
That’s disappointing. – What is this? Oh, 101% health? – All right, then.
I’m out to save the day. – Do I have to jump? Okay, cool. I already get up these things. Do I have to kill those? I can’t tell. We’ll see. We’ll see.
Is that anything I need? – 100% armor. – I already know the layouts of the level. Like, I already know where I’m gonna go. – Oh. There’s a corridor. – Is free roaming
wherever I go or what? – And I think that’s a dead monster. Okay. Let’s go this way.
There’s another dead guy. – Are you a door? All right. Oh, I see you guys. – Oh no. Dude, do I like them?
Do I not like them? (demons screech)
Ugh. (gunshot)
Aah! – Oh, [bleep]. – Die, heathens!
(demon groans) – These are armor. Okay. – Oh. Nope. Nope. (gunshots, demons lowing) – Okay, cool. I killed him. – Ooh, head shot, head shot, head shot. Damn, bang bang. – Oh, there’s a guy
right there. Oh my god. – Those things in the back
are gonna shoot fireballs at you. So don’t get too close. – Okay. Let’s try not to get killed. That might not be an option. – Bang bang. Ah ah ah, ooh. I see the– I see, uh–
can I not raise my gun? – How do I get up there
and kill that thing? I don’t think I can, ’cause it’s high.
And I can’t aim up. – I should probably kill him. (gunshots, demon growling) Okay. Oh, Jesus Christ. (giggles) Okay. – Make my way through here,
get some ammo-nition. – Okay, let’s go. Oh shit! Oh god! – Oh my god. (screams shrilly) Oh, I killed him though, I think. (gunshots and growling)
– Argh! Aw, yes, I killed it!! – Oh. Argh, you sumbitch. – Okay. This is the end? Right here? But there’s a secret over here. (player grunts, pants)
And there’s a new gun and health. So now I have a shotgun. – Hold up, let me jump through that. Oh my god. I just got a shotgun? I just got a secret–
come on, man. Look at this. – It’s an exit? Wait,
is that where I have to go? (door whirs) – Oh, it’s an elevator? ♪ (jittery beat) ♪
Oh, I did stuff. Yeah! ♪ (jittery beat) ♪ – Oh heck yeah, I didn’t die? – It is pretty cool. I can see why people were
addicted to it back then. – It was easiest. There was more to it. If that’s just level one, understandable. – This one’s gonna be easy as well. Okay. I am here. – I am there. “Nuclear plant.” – All right, cool. ♪ (foreboding music) ♪ – Oh my god. There’s so many
dead friends everywhere. – I think in this level, you need keys. – It’s a little sketchy. (demons lowing) (gunshots, demons groaning) Die! This is fun. (demon growls)
– Oh my god, oh my god. Did you hear that? Oh my god. (gunshots)
Oh my god. Oh my god. Brah. – Oh damn, one hit. – Is there armor? There’s
a chest plate up over there. (beep)
(hums nonchalantly) ♪ (beat picks up) ♪
– I want to find secret stuff. Okay.
(lift whirs) This seems promising. (lift whirs) Ooh, look at that. See?
Put your mind in something. – Whoa. What? Oh. (excitedly) Oh, is this another weapon? (whispers) Yes! – (gasps) I found another gun! (demons roaring) – Aah!
(demons groan) See how helpful the shotgun is? (demon groans)
One-hit kill. So this red thing means
I need to find a red key to get into that door.
So I have to look for the red key. – Just gotta– all right,
I think this is where I have to go. (door whirs)
Ooh! Ooh, you dead. (chuckles) (demon groans)
– Cool. Health-healths. – Okay, we’re at 72% health. (gunshots)
No! Okay, cool. – Ugh, that’s one! Get– Oh, hey buddy. Bam! (laughs) – Oh. I got a red thing.
What is that? Is that a secret? – The red key should be
right here, around here. There it is. See, I remember.
I remember. Heh. (demon groans)
– Head shot. (door whirs)
Oh, it looks like we’re back here. – Uh, I don’t really know
where I’m going now. – All right. I don’t know
what my main plot is. I think that’s the only thing
that I’m confused about. But everything else
seems to be pretty good. – I feel like there’s some
lore to it that I’m missing. But I don’t know if this game
really dives into that. – This one I didn’t go through. (door whirs) – Here’s the red door.
So I’m gonna go in there. (door whirs) – People to kill. Die!
Take me to your leader! – Oh my god, oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. (shaky sigh) That’s what happens
when you don’t be low-key!! (door whirs) – Okay. I feel like there’s
gonna be a lot of monsters, since they gave me a lot of health. So… (door whirs, demons low) Oh, I was right. – Oh, shit. Why does a game that’s
over 20 years old startle me? – Oh my god. Holy crap! Holy crap! Holy crap! Oh my god. Bro. – [Bleep] that, bro. [Bleep] that. – Oh, crap! Die! (cracking up) Die… die… This is awesome. (gunshot and growl)
– (fiercely) Yes! Okay. I just killed another
one of those demon people. – Can’t see anything. Maybe this way. I was already here. You know, just because
I don’t know where I’m going doesn’t mean I’m lost. I’m just exploring. Not all those who wander are lost. Although in this case,
I have no idea where I am. – So we’re gonna click this. (door whirs)
That opens that. – There IS a switch.
Is that a space bar too? (door whirs)
Yes. Ooh! Secret passageway. – Ooh. Ooh, this looks suspicious. Oh, what the heck? What is this? – This game has a lot of secret pathways. I think that’s the only thing
that’s gonna screw me over in the long run. (door whirs, demons growling) – (stoically) Oh, I’m scared.
I’m so scared, man. (gunshots, demons groaning) – Too easy. (player panting) – (nervously) No! Aah, aah, aah. Don’t kill me. Don’t kill me. Okay. So I killed one of them. (door whirs, demons groaning)
– Kill it. Die. (demon groans)
Aah! (demon growling)
Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Literally oh my god. This thing looks promising, I guess. There’s a switch right there. – There’s like a little triangle glowing. – Think I killed everything. ♪ (jittery beat) ♪ (excitedly) Wait, did I finish? – I’m gonna leave this stupid place. ♪ (jittery beat) ♪ I beat it. – This game’s actually not
that bad for such an old game. – You have your mazes,
and then you have your monsters. Portal and Gears of War into one. – That was really fun.
I’m excited for the new version. – The game itself– there wasn’t
anything special about it, ’cause I personally don’t really
like games where you just go and you shoot, and that’s
all you do, and you collect stuff. I like story-based games,
so I was not a big fan of this game. – It was fun how you had to explore and figure out which way you were going. – I’m having fun going around
finding out what’s going on, shooting all these
bad guys with a shotgun. I’m glad I found it. – Oh my gosh. Like,
I totally forgot about this game. I used to play this game
so much when I was younger. And I know all the secrets. I know all the different
levels and endings. It’s just a really fun game. – (Finebros) Like we mentioned, Doom is being remade for the current gen, and we want you to take a look at it.
– All right. – I think it probably will look cool. I’m imagining a really
Halo-y looking thing. ♪ (intense music) ♪ – Definitely amped up the graphics. – Bethesda or whatever.
The same people who make Fallout. – (laughs) Already I’m like,
“Well damn, what an improvement.” (chuckles) – Okay, this looks good so far. (blast)
Okay, see, like, look. Now those monsters actually look scary. I would not play this game. (metallic ringing, gun blasts) – Double barrel.
It’s actually pretty cool. – Okay. I don’t know. It doesn’t look as scary
as I would imagine it. (mechanical whirring) (boom)
– All right, this is pretty sick. Oh– oh jeez. (saw grinds)
– Oh, and the blood looks realistic too. – See, if this is what
I was going through, I would be way more enter– Yes. I would be so entertained. – Oh. It looks more futuristic than scary. – Okay, I’m feeling that.
I’m feeling that. That kinda like Gears of War
type stuff going on. – That’s so cool. That’s so cool! – That’s– that’s an
improvement, all right. I would actually want
to keep playing this game now. It’d make you badass as hell. Like, this doesn’t even
compare to Halo anymore. – Thanks for watching Gaming
on the React channel. – What games should we play next?
Let us know in the comments. – Subscribe to get more Gaming episodes. – Bye! I’m not that sure we should
be trying to land on Mars now. ♪ (old-school video game music) ♪

Far Cry 4 Review & Gameplay | 1080p Ultra | GTX 1070 Ti | i5 8400

Hi There and Welcome back! This is HaxTech
and this video I brought you guys a gameplay review of the Far Cry 4. it was
released back in November 2014. This game is a sequel to the 2011 released Far Cry
3 and is the fourth installment of the Far Cry series. Far Cry 4 is a
first-person shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal
and this game is released on Windows PC PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4 Xbox 360 and
Xbox one. The minimum system requirements revealed by the developers of this game
are Nvidia GTX 460 paired with Intel Core i5 750 first generation with
4GB of RAM and the recommended system requirements are Nvidia GTX 680 paired
with Intel Core i5 2400 or 2500 with 8GB of RAM. I have tested this game on my Nvidia
GTX 1070 TI paired with Intel Core i5 8400 complete system specs are listed
below in the description do check them out if you like. Just like its prequel
the story of this game is amazing and highly realistic. Far Cry 4 sees you play
as a Ajay Ghale, a young man returning to his homeland of Kyrat India with one
mission to scatter his recently deceased mother Ashes. Graphics are quite
amazing of optimization are perfect as well. The average time to complete all
the story missions are almost 18 to 20 hours. This game has Won British Academy
of Film and Television Arts games award for the best music in 2015 and Game Award
for the best shooter game in 2014. So I will highly recommend you guys play this
if you haven’t played it yet and I have also put down a link in the description.
I hope you guys like this video do tell me in the comments that which game you
want me to Review next on my PC and I will gladly do it. Also SUBSCRIBE my
channel and click the Bell icon button to get notified and updated for more
videos thank you for watching and see you in the next one.

TOP 30 Games für das Nintendo Classic Mini: N64

The Nintendo Classic Mini: NES will be released worldwide on November 11. 30 games are already preinstalled. If this is going to be a financial success for Nintendo, you can easily imagine that they will release additional consoles as Classic Mini Editions. So I thought, how would a Nintendo 64 in a Nintendo Classic Mini Edition look and which 30 games would definitely be included? You can tell me in the comments what your 30 games would be or if my list is missing a game.

GET IN LINE! | Papers, Please #1

October 12, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

GET IN LINE! | Papers, Please #1

Bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum *Wapish* Top ‘o the mornin’ to ya laddies, my name is JackSepticEye and welcome to “Papers, Please”. I’ve played this game before on the Ipad version, and I’ve seen a lot about the game around, and that its got a lot of praise over the years. And it was always something that I thought in the back of my head that I might play sometime, and- now I feel like- you know what I just wanna play it. It’s a good game, I really like it. I haven’t finished it, I- I didn’t play that much of it on the Ipad, just a little bit to figure out what I was kinda doing so. You play- it- it’s kinda slower paced and you play a guy who’s like stamping passports or stamping ID’s, going through a border or Arstotska? Is that what’s the name of it? I think, and it gets quite- it gets quite real after a while. I- I haven’t played the PC version though, I haven’t even- I bought it today to get it. Congratulations The October labor lottery is complete. Your name was pulled. Sweet! That music is going fucking ham in the background right now. For immediate placement, report to the Ministry of Admission at Grestin Border Checkpoint. Ah I- I’m gonna channel my inner sugar plum for this one. An apartment will be provided for you and your family in East Grestin. Expect a Class-8 dwelling. I don’t know what that is. Glory to Arstotzka! Best country in all of the land. All of the make believe land anyway. Grestin Border Checkpoint opens at last! After 6 long years, can the Ministyr of Admission keep us safe? Families to reunite. So when you’re like stamping people’s stuff you have to reject some others, and they’ll stipulate what you have to actually do, like let in all the people who had Arstotzkan passports. Things like that. So- and then when you- when you send people away, it gets kinda weird because you feel really bad for them. Novermber 23, 1982 Ministry of Admission Official Bulletin. Inspector, welcome to your new position at Grestin Border Checkpoint. I know, my Russian accent is terrible. Stamp passport entry visa and return documents to entrant. Entry is restricted to Arstotzkan citizens only. Deny all foreigners. Glory to Arstotzka. Ok, so I have to deny all foreigners. Only Arstortzkan things are allowed. Oh wait don’t click that yet. Pay attention to the passport nationality. Ok. Arstotzkan Ministry of Admission inspector’s booth. Shutter, counter, rule book, audio transcript and yeah, and then I have something that’s able to- I have to like bring across my things and then pick up and like, accept it or deny it. And I have to move these things around. Ok. So. Um… yes, yes, yes, Grestin border checkpoint opens at last, families to reunite, entertainment, sweet. Uh, I’m gonna put you here Here we go. Next! Pop on in and let me see you’re face. Papers, please! What have you got? Um, ok you’re an Arstotzkan, you’re from East Grestin. I think I’m gonna trust you. You seem like a good lad. Um we put you under here, and I’m very like- I’m very anal about the way I do these things, I have to get them like- aw I didn’t get it perfect within the square. There you go. Glory to Arstotzka. Yes! So that’s the premise of the game. You bring in their passports, your- their ID’s, you see what they have, what they don’t have, and then you accept or you deny them and they go left or right. But, stuff up here, gets crazy after a while. I don’t know if you’re gonna be able to see it in this video, but you’ll see it eventually. And then you have to like manage stuff at home between the days. Papers, please. This checkpoint is smaller than I expected. What did you expect? You are not an Arstotzkan. Can I- What’s- What’s my thing to be able to um, to like inspect. I can’t remember. This checkpoint is smaller than I expected. That’s my audio transcript. Rule book. Basic rules. Entrants must have a passport. Arstotzkan citizens only. Booth info. That doesn’t help. Um, I can’t remember. I thought I had something that like, uh, I could like check what people had. Can I ask them like questions? Ok. You do not have a place where you’re from here so, Imma have to deny you bro. I’m sorry. You- You can’t come into Arstotzka, sorry. See ya later. Arstotzkans only. Not allowed. Next! Next please! Or maybe I get it later. I can’t remember. I remember there was a thing where you could like, inspect. It becomes very inspector based. I have waited in this damn line since for 8 hours. I hope it was worth it. Are you an Arstotzkan? No, you’re not You’re not allowed in! You waited in this line for no goddamn reason. You see how I tried to line it up all the time? It doesn’t really matter where you put it. Arstotzkans only. Get out of my line! ‘Cuz then some people get mad and they go rioting, and they start throwing like molotovs and shit at ya. Shit gets real and you feel horrible about rejecting these people ‘cuz they- they start to tell you like some really personal stories. Ok, ok. Time is running out. You’re an Arstotskan. Fuckin’ welcome to the country- oh god. Welcome to the country bro. It’s good to have ya. Glory to Arstotzka. W’re almost running out of time. I think we have time for like two more people. Come one bro. Do you have an Arstotskan passport? Were you not here already? It was a mistake to open this checkpoint. He didn’t even want to get in. He just stood in line to tell me how bad I was. ‘Kay. Day’s over. Go home. Everybody go home, I have to go back to my wife and kids Manage your expenses using the checkboxes below. So, I have $5 left. Yay. Because rent,food, and heat, but I can get rid of heat or I can get rid of food so. It’s kinda like, “This War of Mine” in a way. That you have to manage what you’re doing. My son- everybody’s ok right now so I might take off heat and save myself $15. And then I can bring in heat the next day. Or maybe I can get rid of food and heat for now. I’m gonna sleep for now and if they’re- if they’re sad the next day then I’m gonna have to figure it out. Entry restrictions to relax, admit foreigners. Analysts upbeat. Increased trade and cooperation predicted. So now I might be allowed to let in newer people. Novermber 24th, 1982 I remember that day. It was the day I signed papers. From today, foreigners with a valid passport are permitted to enter. Your booth’s inspection hardware is now installed. Ah here it is. Yay and then you can like click on different things and you can like click on the person click on their ID. If its like male- If they’re a male and then their um ID says female you can kinda check that out and see if there’s problems with it and then deny them. Ah, check all passport information carefully for discrepancies. Deny any entrant with inconsistent information. So anyone who’s consistent I can let in. So anyone with a valid passport. Enter inspect mode using the red button on your desk. Blah blah blah. While inspecting, highlight two pieces of discrepant information for further options. Rules and regulations. This post is bound by Ministry blah blah blah. Okie dok. Yes. I remember how to do it now. Yes. I remember how to do it now. Sweet! Here we go. *sigh* Wish me luck guys. The next day starts. I like- I like the sound of that. doodle deedle doodle deedle deedle deedle do. Papers, please. Are you an Arstotzkan?No. Date of birth 1951.05.25. Female Uh, Korista City, everything seems ok. Expires 1984. Crap I forgot what date it was. Uh its 82. Ok. You seem to be ok though. Blang blang. Matching data. Blang blang. No correlation. Ok. That with that? No correlation. This with this? No correlation. This with your face. Matching data. Your name with you? no correlation. Fuck. I can’t- I don’t think there’s anything else that I can really highlight. No correlation Do you match this? Than and that? No. See you have to try and figure out if there’s- If stuff is out of place. I think you’re ok. I think we can let you in. I’m not sure. I can’t remember some of the other discrepancies that you can highlight. But, there you go. Cause no trouble. And you have to get through them really fast as well I think. Because then you um- Or maybe you have to fill a quota. I can’t remember But I think you have to let in a certain amount of them. Are you an Arstotzkan? No. So you’re female, Outer Grouse. Ok your name… I’m trying to figure out the discrepancies. This matches this. Matching data. Your name, no correlation. No correlation. This and this? I can’t remember what correlates with each other. Discrepancy detected. Your- Your pa- your thing is out of date. You cannot enter using an expired document. What are you talking about? You’re not allowed in! Denied! Denied! Its almost like that animal inspector game I played. Except I feel terrible about this one. I didn’t feel all that bad about the animals. I should’v. But yeah. And then you can like, you can suss out their weight and different things. Papers please. Thank you. What do you have here. It says you’re a female here. But you look like a dude. Discrepancy detected. You- Are you male or female? As the document says. So you’re female. See I don’t know which to believe. James. If that even is your real name. Maybe this says impostor right here. Are you- Are you still lined up? Matching data ok, uh, name with you. The picture matches up. But this- this does not match up. These two. I dunno James. I dunno. Um, I might have to deny you. I- I can’t take any risks. I can’t have you coming in here with- with misaligned documents. Any discrepancies and you’re gone. I’m sorry but that’s just the way it is. You’re gonna have to get out of my checkpoint now please. Hello. How are you? You’re an Arstotzkan. I like you, already. I am meeting a bus soon. Well just hold on here a fuckin’ Jiminy cricket. We’ll have to see if your documents are in order. They’re matching. This matches? Yes. You’re face matches, that’s all good. Its all good. Is this a- is this? This an- This match. I dunno, I’m runnin’ out of time though. Ah, Arstotzka, blah blah blah I don’t know. These have no correlation. Ok, I’ll let ya through. Ah crap! I- I clicked the wrong thing. Clicked out of the game. Crap! It’s paused now. Resume! Shit! I’m gonna let you in. I’ll let you in bro. Here you go. You’re allowed in . Next! Have your documents ready. Get in! I only have a certain amount of time. Hello. How are you? Let me see this. Oh that face does not look the same. Discrepancy detected. Your picture. It is different. I do not know what to say. It is me. Nope! Get out of my country! There we go. I did it! I got them all done. Next? I thought the day was finished. Papers please. You’re an Arstotzkan. Hello handsome. You look bored. I am. If you want a good time, come see us. Ohhhh what’d you give me? No! Go away! What did you give me? The pink vice! Sweet! Thank you! I’m gonna put this over here, behind your thingy. Um, right. We’re gonna have to see this. Matching. Matching. I- I don’t know what this is. I’m gonna have to match the date with this. Matching data. Ok you’re an Arstotzkan. I think you can get in. I think you’re ok. And I will come visit you guys. Thank you very much! I will be around a couple months. Don’t forget to visit. I won’t. Are we not finished? You were beepin’ at me. Maybe it was lunch time. I dunno. Drag documents here. Yeah, I got my documents. Uh, ok. You are from Republia. Lets see. Does that face match this? Oh. Woah! What happened? No! Get back! He tried to jump the border! You can’t do that, you have to go through the checkpoint. Dude! No! He got shot! No! (boom) You see what happens? I’m just trying to run a border patrol here. The day was cut short by a terrorist attack. Applicants entering after 6PM are unpaid. Your son is sick and needs medicine. Progress is saved at the start of each day. Ah crap. So, I need food, rent and medicine. Everyone’s cold. Ah crap, ok. I’m gonna have to use all my money for this now. I’m lucky I saved some of the money. Goddamn it. Terrorists strike at Grestin! Kolechian agitators suspected. Checkpoint lock down. More guards- more security. Lets walk to work now. There’s no guards here! Oh wait thee are. Aw there’s more guards up here and thee’s guards on this side now. A lot more guards people. Entry for non-citizens is now regulated. Ok. All foreigners require a valid entry ticket. So, you have to have a passport and an entry ticket now if you don’t- well, if you’re not an Arstotzkan. So all foreigner- Entry for non-citizens is now regulated. Ok. So people who have foreign passports, they need an entry ticket. If they don’t have an entry ticket they can’t get in. Ah, verify information before stamping passport entry visa and returning all documents to entrant. ‘Kay, so I have to inspect people now as well at the same time. Missing documents can be correlated by highlighting counter and pertinent entry in rule book. Ok, got it, got it, got it, got it. Nah fuck off I don’t need that. Ah, you go in here. Next please! Move it along! Come on in. Hello, papers please. Ok, you have that, you have your entry ticket. Valid on- lemme see. Matching data. Ok. Ok, you’re good. You’re good. Let me, uh, correlate all of this. Your picture match your face. Yes. Does this match? This? I don’t know what I’m checking. I don’t know what I’m checking. They have no correlation to anything. You match up as female. I think we’re pretty good. I think I can let you in. Ok. You can come on in. And you’re an Arstotzkan. Oh no, you’re not. Its an Arstotzkan ticket. Here you go. Go on in, cause no trouble. Next please! Its a good game. I like this game. Its very um- Its very like, Sherlocky in a way. Uh, you don’t have an entry ticket bro. Um, I need to- oh wait- I need to take out my rule book. Uh, basic rules. You need an entry ticket. Come on dude. Uh- What am I checking? No correlation. You don’t have an entry ticket though. Um, all documents must be current. Ok, how do I- I don’t know what I’m doing. Is this expired? Matching data. Matching data. matching data. But you don’t have an entry ticket. And you’re- You’re not from Arstotzka. You’re from Obristan. How do I check the-? Ok. Require an entry ticket. Yes. Blam and- Oh blam and blam. Blam and blam. Discrepancy detected. Yeah! You cannot enter without a ticket. Here. Ok. Fair enough. Wel- But is it valid? Matching data. Ok, you can come in. Whatever. You’re making life hard for me though bro. You’re making life hard for me. Just hand in your tickets when you get here, and then there’d be no fuckin’ problems ok? Here, take your shit and go. Cause no trouble. Get out. It gets hectic. And then I don’t know if I’m actually doing it right. ‘Cuz sometimes you let people through and then they kill the guards. papers, please. Hey there. I can make you happy anytime. Oooh. All these people giving me nice things. Thank you. I shall visit your place. Matching data. Matching data. Are you femle? Do you match your picture? Everything is matching. Ok. You can come in. But only because I said so. Ok, go on. Get through. Come to pink vice. Ask for Ava. I will do! Bye Ava! It was nice to meet you. Hello there! My name is Jack, do you have entry ticket? Somebody’s gonna have a- a bad date entry ticket. Matching data. Ok. Matching data. Ok. Do you match? Yes. Everything seems to be matching, Imma let you through. I dunno if i’m actually stamping the wrong documents now. Aw that was almost a perfect one. Here you go. Come on in. I- ‘Cuz, I’m being a bit, like, flippant with it, I’m not doing it super- I’m not being super, like, scrutinizing about their information. I heard about the terrorist attack. You are lucky to have a job still. You’re lucky that I’m gonna let you in. Or am I? Matching data, ok. Ok. Um… You match that, and you match this. I think you’re ok. I think you’re allowed to be let in. I’m not gonna be too worried about you guys. You seem like nice people. Be safe. Do not cause any trouble. Do not cause me any grief. ‘Cuz I’m the one letting you into the country. If I get in trouble then we’re all dead. Papers, please. You do not have a ticket! Oh you do. Never mind. Sorry, sorry, sorry. You do have a ticket. This looks fake. Discrepancy detected, It’s fake! You cannot enter today. It is my mistake. Yes it is. Denied! Doesn’t matter. As long as- once there’s one discrepancy detected, you can get the fuck outta my booth. A bit harsh, but I have to be. We have to protect the glory of Arstotzka! Arstotzka will rise proud! Mother Russia! Well, I mean it sounds like a RussiaThn thing. I don’t know if it actually is. This looks ok. Wait. Wait a second. Wait a second. Are you who you say you are? Are you sure? Ok. I’ll trust you for now. But I don’t know. Wait are- do these correlate? No. I think I tried that before actually. I think the re- I don’t know what they are. Oh wait, I’m accepting you. There we go. Woosh! Thank you. Cause no trouble. This day is lasting longer than the others. I don’t like it. I’m very worried. Hello little potato man. Oh you’re the one that always causes trouble. You have like fake tickets don’t ya? The greatest country. See, he’s like ‘I wanna get in’ but he doesn’t even have any fuckin’ documents. No correlation. Um, you must have a fuckin’ passport dude. Hello? Where is your passport? Passport? Arstotzka so great, passport not required right? I- I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Get out. Get out. I come back again. And then I think he comes back with like a fake one. And then he doesn’t have an entry ticket and its like where’s your entry ticket? And he doesn’t have one of them either. He- He’s a- He’s a little potato face. I’m gonna call him potato man. Papers, please. Hello, Kalroth. Ok, we’re running out of time. Everything.s matching. Everything’s matching. I think you’re ok. Wait. That looked fake. You’re- You’re good. You’re good. You can come into Arstotzka. Arstotzka greatest country in the world, all other countries are run by little girls Aw shit! Invalid issuing city. Oh I didn’t know how to- I didn’t know how to get them. Ok. You are- Well you have an Arstotzkan passport so I think I’m allowed to let you in. But how do I check that? I don’t know. I don’t know. Wait is it a valid date? Crap, man! That means I’m gonna get something taken out of my paycheck. Aw, little Billy’s gonna die at home. Go on in. Dammit man! I forgot how to check that. I have $0. Everybody’s ok though. I think I can- I can- I think I can save for money. Can I save for heat as well? I have no idea. I don’t want to get sick. Ok, sleep. Alrighty righty dity doty, I’m gonna leave this episode here. I really like this game. Its really cool. It really makes you feel if like, you let the wrong people in. And then you’re like oh god no they’re gonna cause trouble. And then you get it taken out of your paycheck, and then your son at home is sick, and you’re like ah little Billy noooo! But I like it! Let me know what you guys think of the game. I- I think its a cool game. It was getting a lot of praise when it came out. It- its a couple years old now I think at this point. I- I- I dunno. I liked the Ipad version of it better, ‘cuz it fills the screen a bit more, you can drag and drop stuff and you get to click the stamper yourself. It’s a lot of fun, but for the sake of recording its much easier to do the PC version. But for now, thank you guys so for watching this episode. If you liked it, punch the like button in the face, LIKE A BOSS! And, high fives all ’round. *Wapish* *Wapish* But thank you guys and I will see all you dudes, in the next video! *Outro music* Glory to Arstotzka! Greatest country! Make us proud!

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: 4K Official Gameplay Walkthrough | Ubisoft [NA]

location [INAUDIBLE].. Something bad’s on my ass. Well, you’ll need to
eliminate the prey. GHOST11 (OVER SPEAKER):
Copy, Ghost Lead. I’m on your [INAUDIBLE]. Time now. [GRUNTING] [GUNSHOT] [GRUNT] Fuck. [GRUNTING] [GUNFIRE] [GRUNTING] Ugh, shit. That hurts. [GRUNTING] [DISTANT VOICES] GHOST11 (OVER
SPEAKER): Take cover. There’s an Azrael
drone overhead. Copy that. Got it. [HEAVY BREATHING] [ANIMAL GROWL] GHOST12 (OVER SPEAKER):
Ghost Lead, this is Ghost12. We’re en route to your location. OK. GHOST11 (OVER SPEAKER): I
got eyes on you, Ghost Lead. Copy. I see you. GHOST11 (OVER SPEAKER):
You got three bad guys closing from the rear. Nothing to report. Going to continue my search. Reconning for location. You have a
Ghost Lead, we’re set. I’m bringing
the flight to you. Be ready. Get set, guys. [DISTANT SHOUTING] [GUNFIRE] Good cover. Bravo team will set a
diversion at the gate. Me and 11 will infil the
got two armed hostiles here. GHOST11: I got right. GHOST LEAD (OVER
walls, but they got numbers. Bravo team, I have
eyes on your position. [GUNFIRE] [GRUNT] SOLDIER 1: If you got nothing
to do, clean your gear, and clean your weapon. SOLDIER 2: All right. No problem, sir. Three hostiles. That’s a Malphus drone. GHOST LEAD (OVER
SPEAKER): Stand by. Ghost Lead to initiate. Heavy spotted. SOLDIER 3 (OVER SPEAKER):
Ah, it’s quiet on my side. Damn. There’s nothing here either. Nothing ever
happens around here. [GRUNTING] [SLASHING] Have a target in sight. [DISTANT VOICES] Set. I have the drone. Drones out. Ghost Lead, we’re set. GHOST LEAD (OVER SPEAKER): Go. [EXPLOSION] [GUNFIRE] SOLDIER 4: Contact. Enemy contact. Let’s move quick and quiet. SOLDIER 5: Where
the hell are they? [GUNFIRE] [GRUNT] These guys are dead. [GUNFIRE] All right. Let’s find these hostiles. Take point. I’m right behind you. Bravo team, we have hostile
inbound your location. SOLDIER 6: Eyes open, boys. We have enemy
moving in the area. [GUNFIRE] SOLDIER 7: Over here. I see him. [EXPLOSION] [GRUNT] SOLDIER 8: Hit the target. [GUNFIRE] What the– [GRUNTING] [GUNFIRE] [WHIRRING] What the fuck is that? [GUNFIRE] SOLDIER 9: Stop them
in their tracks! [EXPLOSION] SOLDIER 10: I got
diamonds over here. [GUNFIRE] [EXPLOSION] [GUNFIRE] SOLDIER 11: Take them on. [GUNFIRE] [GRUNTING] SOLDIER 12: Hey, I hit him. GHOST LEAD (OVER
SPEAKER): Hold in place. We’re almost there. SOLDIER 13: They’re moving– moving. [GUNFIRE] What the hell are you doing? No, no, no. I don’t want to die. Why are they doing this? SOLDIER 14: Get
them, God damn it. SOLDIER 15: Hey, you. Eat this. [EXPLOSION] [GUNFIRE] [GRUNTING] He’s hit. [GUNFIRE] I got you. [GRUNTING] SOLDIER 16: I’m pushing forward. I have you covered. [THUD] [GRUNTING] [GUNSHOT] Hostile down. [GUNFIRE] Time to go. Shit. [MUSIC PLAYING] [DRONES FLYING] [GUNFIRE] [SCREAMING] [GRUNTING] [GUNFIRE] [GRUNTING] [GUNFIRE] [GRUNTING] [GRUNTING] [GUNFIRE] [GRUNTING] [SLASH] [SLASH] PRESENTER: Available October 4. Preorder now for
guaranteed beta access. [MUSIC PLAYING]

Borderlands 3 Psycho Challenge | React Gaming

October 2, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

Borderlands 3 Psycho Challenge | React Gaming

– Bring me a bucket!
I’ll show you a bucket! – You’re gonna be my new meat bicycle!
– Dropkick your babies! – (Chelsea) This feels right. – (Carson) This does feel right.
– This feels right. ♪ (8-bit intro) ♪ – Hey, Everyone.
I’m Britanni Johnson, and I am Angel
in the Borderlands series, so you might recognize me
from the top portion of your game telling you where to go
and what to do, and I do a lot of just voice-over
hosting, on-camera work in gaming. – (FBE) So, Britanni, are you
looking forward to messing with some Borderlands gamers today?
– Oh, I am so excited to mess with some gamers.
I’m really interested to see how they handle it.
Let’s go surprise ’em. – (FBE) Are you guys excited
to play some Borderlands today? – Yes.
– Yes. I’m really excited. I’m excited to die. Let’s go.
– (FBE) Here’s the thing, guys, we want to give you a little
in-real-life Borderlands experience, you know, really bring Pandora to you. – Okay.
– Oh, yay. – (FBE) Today, you’ll be playing
for the first mission of the third game
with a few added challenges. And we’ve got the actual Angel
here to assign them, so Britanni, you wanna come on out?
– Actual Angel? – Wait. What?
– No way! – Hi, guys.
– Hi! – Wait. What?
– (Britanni) Yeah. – Oh my gosh!
– So, I’m gonna be here in real life to tell you what to do
and where to go. – (FBE) Since Britanni portrays
Angel in the games, we thought she was the perfect person
to guide you on your guys’ missions. – Okay. All right.
– Oh my god. I remember you. – (FBE) So, every minute or two,
Britanni’s gonna be spinning our challenge wheel to determine
your next Borderlands-inspired task. – Okay.
– (FBE) You’ll have to complete each of these challenges
while playing Borderlands 3. – Okay.
– I’ll put the team on my back. – His back’s gonna hurt
by the end of this. – It’s all gucci.
I’m used to it. – (FBE) You ready
to pick your characters? – Let’s do this.
– Everyone picks FL4K, but I have not picked FL4K, so…
that’s the thing. Just give me one thing–
– Do FL4K. Try it out. – You know, I’ll do it.
I’m gonna pick FL4K. – Let’s go with Amara.
I like female characters more in games.
– I’ll second you with that and I’ll go for the other one.
– Zane, let’s go. – You’re gonna go with Zane?
All right. Since I’ve played Beast Master already…
– Might as well. – Nah, I wanna do something different.
– I didn’t pick him for a reason. (laughs)
– Gotta spice it up! – Who’d you pick? Amara?
– Amara. Yes, I did. – Okay.
– Oh my god, Lilith. – Hello.
– Oh, this is so cool. – Are they just seeing
this in their eye or is this like a little hologram…
– I know. It’s always really interesting.
– …that pops up in front of me? – It looks as if we were
transmitting to you. – It’s like I’m randomly
sleeping at night, and something just pops up in my face.
– Yeah, it’s a Siren power. – As soon as they announced
Borderlands 3, I replayed Borderlands 2.
– Oh, yeah. That’s what I did.
– I was like, ahhh! – I literally played it
over the summer. – I really like
the cell shading that they use in this game.
– I know right. – Like, how many games
take advantage of that? And it’s just a really cool–
– Oh, this is just looks just like the first. Wow.
– Oh, you’re so short. – FL4K’s so tall.
– That is true. Oh my gosh.
I am a monster. – Follow Claptrap.
Let’s go. – Here we go.
– All right. – (FBE) All right. Britanni,
now that we’re into the gameplay, you can head on over
to the challenge wheel. – Uh-oh.
– Oh, she’s spinning a wheel? Oh my god.
– Yeah. All right. Quick change.
– Quick change? – (FBE) That you means you have
to change controllers and change characters. – Oh, no. Well, I don’t know
too much about my character already, so…
– Yeah, we just started, so this is fine.
– At the moment, it’s not that bad. – Buffer Nerf. You gotta
shoot your partner until you’re out of bullets.
– Oh! Actual Nerf guns. (laughs) – I was– for buffer Nerf–
I’m like, so what buffs– what buffs am I getting?
What debuffs am I getting? What’s going on?
– Ah! – (Britanni) You just
have to warm up. – Oh!
– Mine keeps jamming! – I think that was it.
– Oh, no. I ran out. – Oh, I think we only had three.
– That was two shots. My chin got– oh, cool kid.
– (laughs) – You put the mag in backwards.
– (FBE) Quick change! – Switch controllers.
– (Carson) What? Oh my gosh.
– Oh, no! – All right. You get FL4K.
Oh, all right. I’ll be Amara. That’s cool.
I know how to use her. – I’m top now.
– Yeah, you’re top. – Oh, gosh. Oh.
I’m sliding. I heard the slides–
I’m not sliding. – No, that’s me.
– My brain’s looking at the bottom one! Oh, no!
– You’re like, “I’m sliding. I’m not even touching anything.”
– Gotta follow the blue diamond. – All right. Oh. A lever.
– We did it. – Ah, it’s so weird
having to use my thumb for the buttons, ’cause I have
an elite controller, so I just use all the paddles.
So, actually having to move my thumb with this stick
is very tedious. – I wanna switch back.
I didn’t even get to play FL4K for two seconds.
– I don’t even know where he went. He’s just sliding around everywhere.
– (laughs) No, don’t follow me. Follow Claptrap.
– We have to level up, guys. We gotta get good.
– You have to get a gun first. You get a gun before you get better.
– Children of the Vault? I like that. That better be
a Children of the Corn reference. – All right, Britanni.
I think it’s time for another spin. – Wait. Already?
We just got here. Hold on. Kill somebody
before something else happens. – Oh, the board scared me.
I was like, “People are shooting!” – (Carson) Watch out on your left.
– So, you have to do to do melee only. – Ah, come on! – Oh, shoot. Good luck.
– No shooting! – No shooting.
– Wait, both of us? – Yes, both of you.
No shooting. – How?! – (Britanni) You press–
– Melee. This one. – Yeah. You press–
– Oh, this is actually pretty easy. Hold on. I can do this.
I’d do this anyway. – I suck at melee.
Okay. Okay. Hold on. Hold on!
Hold on! People are shooting me. – I’m not gonna do it.
– No, no, you’re shooting. Don’t shoot!
– There we go. Melee ’em.
He’s coming toward you! Melee him!
– Where is he? – He’s right there!
Get ’em! A little lower. Yeah.
– There you go. – Yeah, it’s a lot harder.
– The whole point of this game is ’cause of the guns.
– There we go. Jeez. – Ah. This is really hard. Oh, man.
– Melee is hard. – I’m excited for you guys to see
all the different weapons. – Oh, yeah. I heard a lot
about the weapons. I’m like–
– Yeah, the guns are fun. – Yeah. I’m pretty excited for that.
– Oh, no! – (FBE) All right, Britanni.
Let’s do another spin. – Oh, great.
During the action scene? – (FBE) Psycho quote!
– All right. Are you ready? Draw a quote from this bowl
and read it. – I’ll go first.
– Well, you go, and I’m gonna kill this–
– All right. I’ll say it as I’m killing somebody.
(laughs) What a stupid line. You’re gonna be my new meat bicycle!
– (chuckles) – All right, see.
Flavor me fancy, but you really put
the pants in panting. – (laughs)
– That was like part pirate. – Whoa!
– Level two! – Yes, baby! Level two.
– Okay, so you have to dig through these bones
to get your controller back. – What? Which bone?
Wait. What am I– – (Britanni) Find the controller in a bowl of bones.
– [Bleep]. Wait, I have to– there’s a controller in here? Oh!
(bones rattling) – Don’t worry.
I got ’em for you. I got ’em.
– This is not practical. – I feel like I’m using
the gun somehow. – (Britanni) The femur.
– It’s a fe– – (Britanni) Careful.
– Do I need this one? This one does PS3. – That’s fine. It gives me
more time to shoot stuff. – All right, guys.
Switch controllers. – Works for me.
– Ugh! – It’s okay. It’ll be quick.
Ah, wait! You don’t have your sensitivity up. Ugh!
Oh, it’s so slow! – I know. You’re so fast.
– You– oh, and you have– is that toggle aim?
You do have toggle aim! – Meleeing this dude.
– Yeah, the melee’s probably the best bet at this point.
– Psycho quotes again. – (Tyler laughs) Psycho quo–
– You know, it’s better now that we’re in the battle scene
and you guys are fighting. And so…
– I’ll go first. – I mean, I don’t exactly know
what Psycho sounds like. I’ll pull one too while we’re waiting.
– Oh my god. I’ll wait till we got some more people. This is prison, and we’re the guys
in the shower! – The sweet sounds of sausage dumps
will fill my days! – Oh, I don’t know how to play on a controller.
– He’s got a blade. You’d think he would be way better.
– He should be doing some damage. – Right?
– You have to do it, like, five times before someone actually–
– See, this is why I like Beast Master’s melee.
It actually hurts. – (FBE) All right, let’s do
another wheel spin. – Stop toggle aiming!
– All right. Speaking of melee,
you can now only use melee to defeat–
– Oh my gosh! – (FBE) Melee.
– Oh, right! Melee only. Dammit! Well, I gotta get
my second one back, so I can melee. – Oh.
– Got it. – There you go.
– We got level two. – What monkey–
which animal did you pick? – I did not pick an animal yet.
I was doing things. I’m trying to pick an animal.
– You haven’t picked it yet. Which one we got?
– Use trash. Dig through this trash can
to get your controller back. – Great. You get bones.
I get trash. – Oh, why is that–
mine was way worse. Mine had–
– That’s lovely. There’s Ghirardelli chocolate
in it, though, but it’s EMPTY! Wow.
– There we go. Did you find it? – Look at this fossil.
– Whoa. Oh, we both leveled up.
I was like, “That was interesting.” – Right, guys. We have
Psycho masks for you to wear. – Oh, really?
– I have to wear a mask? (laughs) All right. Let me find
a place to hide first. – Yeah, I know.
I’m just gonna run. Ugh. – Okay.
– All right. You’re over here. – (Ed) This is really tight.
– (all chuckle) – (Tyler) This is what they have
to deal with on a daily basis. – Are you starting to have
empathy now for the bandits? – (Tyler) Uh, I don’t know how much
empathy you can really have for them. – No, especially when they’re
yelling those quotes at you. – By the time we’re over with this,
I’ll be really, really good at the controls.
– Yeah, by the time we’re over, you’ll pick an animal.
– It’s so hard to choose. – All right. One’s a monkey,
one’s basically a wolf, and one’s a…
– Spider ant. – Spider ant thing.
There we go. Oh, you got one.
– There you go. – Ah, the monkey.
– Ah, the monkey’s fun. – Yeah.
– The monkey gets a– – Yes! He’s so cool.
– If you pet the monkey… – (gasps) You can pet him?
How do I pet the monkey? – I think Amara has to.
– (gasps) No! That’s not fair! – You can’t pet your own animal.
Why does he get to pet the monkey? – Melee. Eck!
– With Amara, if you melee one of those barrels,
it pushes it into the enemies. – Oh, does it?
– But if you stab it, it’ll just explode.
– Come here. – Wait. Hold on.
I wanna find an explosive barrel now. – I think there was one
on the ground too. Oh, perfect. – Ah! That’s awesome! – You should be getting
to the first boss fight. – (FBE) Let’s do another spin.
– No one saw that. – (Britanni) All right!
– (Ethan) Oh, okay. – You have to now continue the game
wearing these Psycho masks. – Easy. Cake.
– Ooh! Yes. Yeah!
– (Ethan) Oh yeah. This is not a complication at all.
– Ahh. – (Tyler) Okay. We gotta get to here. – (Ed) This is very awkward
to play with. It’s like on my face, on my face.
– (Tyler chuckles) – (FBE) Let’s gear up another spin.
Use trash! All right, guys. You can both
take off your masks. – (Tyler) Use trash? In the– okay.
Oh, did I just touch a glove? Okay. I’m just gonna–
You know, don’t tell me how you found that.
I don’t really want– I don’t wanna know.
– How far are you in Borderlands 2? – I’m almost finished
with Borderlands 2. – Borderlands 2, I can play that–
I’ve replayed that probably around seven times.
– What do you guys think about Handsome Jack?
– Handsome Jack’s probably my– I think my favorite villain
out of almost any video game. Sorry, he killed you.
These villains, they’re fun, but they’re no Handsome Jack.
It was hard to get that level. Tyreen is no Handsome Jack.
– All right, guys. Before you can kill this guy,
you have to find cash. – Hold on. Give me a minute.
– It’s all– no, not in your wallet. It’s hidden around.
– Oh! – Oh. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
– I’m rich, man. – Hold on. – Woo!
– (Britanni) Yup. Now you can play. – Oh no, he’s coming!
– There we go, there we go. – (Britanni) All right.
– Cutscene. – (Britanni) Oh, pause.
– Oh. What’s with this baby arm? – Shiv. Brought a–
I’ve seen this. – Brought a knife to the gun fight.
– (FBE) All right, Britanni, during this boss battle,
we’re just gonna keep spinning that wheel. – Ooh.
– Oh, great. I wanna find out
how to do the ability. I’m guessing it’s just–
– (FBE) All right, quick change! – (Tyler) Oh, okay.
– All right. Switch controllers. – I gotta find out how to use
our characters to– Okay, now I’m over here. Okay. I’m gonna
just press a– punch buttons until
I figure out how to do it. – (man) …my sacrifice
quota for the day! – All right. We have
Psycho quotes. – Oh, fantastic.
Bring me a bucket! I’ll show you a bucket! Ow!
– That was very Psycho-esque. – Drop kick your babies!
– Oh my god. – (Ethan) Psycho quotes the best!
– (Kendelle) Oh, I’m sorry. I’m not playing.
I was yelling a quote! – (FBE) All right. You can
take your masks off now if you want. – Yeah, I’ll do that
while she has aggro. – You gotta keep it on
for the [inaudible]– – Oh my god.
– Critical, critical! Come on, come on! – Hold on. Hold on. And… got ’em.
– What? – Oh no, guys. You have to finish
this boss battle doing melee only. – Oh, easy enough! I got this. – No!
– (Britanni) Melee only. – Got ’em.
– I feel like you guys should have other guns by now.
– Really? Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised either.
Okay, that’s how we open our minimap. – I’m out of ammo!
– Yeah, I gotta run. – All right.
– Oh, we’re both out of ammo. Okay. – We’re both out of ammo. (chuckles)
– That’s okay. We’ll figure something out.
– This game really just– it’s just a joke toward millennials
and Gen Z people, ’cause they make tons
of streaming jokes, they make tons of jokes–
– There’s Easter eggs everywhere. – Easter eggs everywhere
and jokes toward my generation, our generation, just bagging on us
and how basically villains are just, you know, millennials.
– She’s grabbing loot. I’m moving towards objectives.
– You’re welcome. – You say “You’re welcome”
like I’m getting any. – (chuckles)
– I know there’s more stuff up forward, so you know,
I have no problem moving forward. And plus, if I move forward,
I get all the loot that’s up here while you’re still back there.
– Guys, you’re on the same squad! – Yeah.
– Yeah, it’s called Borderlands! This is a game of greed!
– Health, health. – All right. More health,
but we’re full, so we’re good for now. I’ll open up this one.
More health. So generous. – Revive Claptrap.
Claptrap, what’d you get yourself into?
– Wait, did Claptrap die? Oh, wait. He got taken away.
– You gotta jump down there. I forget if you take fall damage.
Oh, okay. I guess not. – That boss battle was actually
really, really easy, but Amara smoked him right away.
– I like the ability where it’s three abilities now
instead of just one ability. That gets kinda old after
a while in Borderlands 2. – The fun thing about this game
compared to other first-person shooter games,
it actually has a story to it, and it keeps you interested.
It’s not like Fortnite, where you’re just doing
the same thing over and over again, you know?
It’s… – Yeah.
– It’s different. – And you care about the characters.
– Yeah. – (FBE) All right, guys.
We’re gonna do one more spin before we get out
of this game here. – What?!
– (FBE) Britanni, you wanna head over over to the wheel?
– Are you in this game at any point? ‘Cause–
– Have you– you haven’t gotten–
– Do you come back? – That’s a spoiler!
– I don’t care! I miss Angel! – Ooh!
– Ooh! A backstory. – My wallet’s on screen. Hold on.
– Whoa! – Oh! So, you guys have
to finish up the last part of the game wearing Psycho masks.
– Oh my gosh. – Oh my gosh. This is amazing.
– Oh, is this from the– oh, man. Let’s– okay.
One minute. – This feel right.
– This does feel right. – Should I just jump?
Woo-hoo-hoo! – There’s no jumping.
– Yeah, no fall damage. – And Lilith.
– Ooh! Look at that. She’s cool.
– For now. – Ooh.
– Ba-dum-tss. – Yeah.
– (FBE) All right, guys! You did it!
– Woo! Amazing!
– I didn’t get even to use my action skill. All right!
– Yeah. – They found the cash super fast.
They Nerfed each other super fast. They got through it
perfectly at ease. You learned how to use
your characters pretty quickly. – I’ll have to do more research
and find out how to actually use the character abilities.
I’m not sure if we– – You haven’t even gotten
to the dubstep gun. There’s also like two bosses
that are an Easter egg, kind of like Rick and Morty.
– Oh, really? Oh my god.
– All right, all right. – (FBE) All right, guys.
You completed your mission and you survived all
of our Psycho challenges today. How are you two feeling
about Borderlands? – Well, I’ve been playing it
way too much recently. I think it’s a good sign that
I’m addicted to Borderlands again. – It’s really fun, though,
and I’m really excited to continue the story
and see where it goes. And I know you already know of it
and you already know everything there is to know about everything.
The entire series has been like, it’s a trap. It’s all a trap.
So, it’s exciting to see what’s in store for us
with this game. – (FBE) So, are you guys ready
to go back to playing Borderlands in the comfort of your own home?
– I am. – I would like to.
– For me, this game just brings a lot of nostalgia, like I remember
playing the first one so long ago. Maybe I pick this one up,
and then five years from now, when the next
Borderlands game come out, I’ll have the same nostalgic feeling
that I had from the first one. – Hey, everyone. Thanks for watching.
It was so much fun. – If you liked this episode,
hit that Like button. – Subscribe for new shows
every single week. – Bye, guys!
– If you wanna catch me later, you can find me on Twitch,
Twitter, and Instagram, @BritanniJohnson.

cars three driven to win All right, you know get the cup series Let’s do a battle race. There’s a super awesome super awesome Okay, who do you want to be you want to be RV or mater? Cruz Ramirez RV right there that’s how you want to be okay um all right you want blue lights, or yellow lights Alright you have blue flames or yellow flames? All right Just like a snot Rod All right cool. So here’s what we’re doing playing battle race mode which is like Mario Kart where you can Hit your opponents with weapons and stuff. Look who’s that is that ramone? Yeah? Let’s keep it ready We’re being RV Ryan’s requests this RV is crazy oh It’s Ashton’s Giant toy club our favorite Livestreamer Ashton’s giant wake up during all of our livestream, whoa. Yeah. He does should mrs.. Yuna. See in a second, whoa Well, I got some guns see them on my car watch this and they come around the corner here. I’ll blast it alright Here we go. Oh actually I don’t know what this is I guess it’s a special trailer, whoa So everybody missed you yesterday when you were at swim lessons, so I’m excited that you can join us for the day buddy I’m not taking a shortcut on purpose whoo That’s a boom No, that’s not dock cousin. I’m sorry buddy. Wow look we blasted them bud No, it’s not dock cutting I can’t remember that one’s name. Maybe somebody can go oh Did you see diesel over? Whoa, did you see that? Who’s that green guy? Uh chick hicks? He’s chick hicks there? He is he’s right beside us actually no, that’s a set Ricky are glee Not chick hicks chick hicks is all green We’re still winning. Oh look at the hot air balloons, man alright. That’s fire, missile. Whoa Whoa, whoa, what do you think of that? You liking driving back there. It was pretty cool. Oh, no, we got blown up Off to return the Favor, huh? What did you see that, tornado? Oh? We just unlocked something bud All right watch this Let’s keep that guys. Let’s give He does have guns lose battle mode are here. We go. It’s using Final lap. Oh no, they hit us with an oil slick Love the higher below yes. Hey pretty cool. Oh, no man. This is Just some good competition. What do you think but no I wanted to take the shortcut? We’re not won. First place. I don’t know if we’re gonna win. We’re gonna have to try real hard Boom oh, wow this is crazy, buddy Grab the Race really hard to get first Place I Did see that pretty you did it okay? Oh? Daddy’s driving crazy again Little brother Buzz going outside with mama all right check it out. All right. What do you think we’re in second place? Oh? We didn’t get first, but that’s okay What do you think? Do you would it be um? You and every sally well we can’t we have to wait and we can maybe quit a sequel less clarity side bash an opponent with a high-voltage weapon equipped Still want to be RV? Who do you want to be was some back and forth for a moment? Sally okay cool. We’ll go be sally Do you want to go play in the playground instead of the race? Sally okay, we’ll be sally Are you looking at yourself in the camera making funny faces? Look we get a new thomasville playground alright. Let’s see. We’re Gonna be The stunt showcase is kind of tough actually even played this one yet rookie takedown actually take down loads kind of fun Gonna be Me, okay. You wanna be sally You don’t meet it must be harvey. How about Guido in Judo? How about maker? Okay, well Brb okay? Uh what color should lightspeed blue Yeah, bhagat blue. What about what about the flames? Oh, that’s cool alright You ready? We’re gonna play, so this mode is called takedown. We have to hit all these cars to take them out. It’s kind of crazy The goal is to knock out as many of these people as possible do you think We have to take one out All right here. We go. We’re gonna rev it up remember you get a masher. You’re a trigger button all right here. We go Whoa are these awesome all right? Whoa look at that? The purpose of this mode is to just take out all of these causes many of them as possible They are they then we’re coming after and that’s why They don’t boom wow see all that whoo Alright, let’s go get that guy. Oh, I haven’t yet figured out whoa over there worth extra points You could have get him All right, we’re gonna boost on this and get Turbo. Oh There we go all right. It’s good this guy. Oh, no. We missed him way too fast to run past them Lift that turbo meter whoa you see that alright wave once complete next wave starting now. Oh No wow, look at that carnage everywhere ah I can’t get him flipping. Oh, it’s too fast. We got to get some more weapons here. We go boost you if you love if you tell me Okay, if you slide you can hit two of them a lot easier Fighter mode oh you in a burst boost okay there you go. Whoa. We did a nice job, buddy Okay Wait, actually we don’t have any but we’re red remember you chose Red turbo boosters Here we go my boost wow right? Oh, no. They hit us Let’s get him. Let’s get him buddy So Guido. He’s skinny so it’s hard for him to hit two of these bullets RV. He’s pretty big RVs. Are actually a really good character to be on this this I put 28 on RV is easy to hit Can we get up? We did get him? Oh they got us, too? From the oil yeah you see you got a well all this car You should get them good job All right now. We’re turbo all right whoa Cowboy So this mode you have to knock out x number of these vehicles and a certain amount of time And if you don’t then it’s over oh, he got us with a wheel slick Was he good? We’re Gonna Boost the Yenisei See if we can get that guy we don’t have any weapons. Oh, we have eleven seconds. We gotta hurry You can get him we gotta wait five is complete dude You think so. Oh man another wave wow time’s up, okay? Let’s see what how we did? Forty points Yeah, two chicks picks time to focus our attention on our V okay. What you wanna pluck it Okay, you wanna play the same battle modes All right See was that It is ramone. He’s got a cool paint job there doesn’t he can you say hi to ashton’s Giant toy club? Yes, thank you buddy. Thank you for telling everyone your first and last name unlike tweet All right, let’s go All right, we’ve got 15 cars. I would hurt man it fast Arby’s kind of slow Ashton’s Giant hook up survived Did you pick up the game yet? No, you said your husband might enjoy it so are you ready phone? You don’t want me to get that Okay, they’re Gonna chill. We’re just Gonna Chill I Think that, they’re probably gonna try to get us to if you don’t get them I Think that’s the name of the game my friend, whoa did she said airplane? He’s rusty’s old Pal. Oh Let’s get this game out is lots of fun. It’s lots of fun Whoa he just jumped over there, whoa Boom whoa got it done. Look I got it. Where did he go? Oh, there’s a shortcut here. Oh love a shortcut or The Deathtrap apparently I know that was a huge shortcut Let’s see if we can get him oh Get him again. No – So some of these weapons you use Can be aimed and other ones they just aim themselves, so it’s hard to know Which one you’re dealing with oh? We hit the holes leg splat. Oh, oh, no, we have guns I’ll look there. I’ll take a shortcut. Whoa. You’re just trying to get them You almost got him. Maybe we should play and let you play – oh You got them all what’s gonna get those oh man First we have to hit those guys okay trying to get to that 100 myself Oh good job, buddy. Oh That guy right there, this is gonna get them. Oh he’s worth extra points Fish we have a hard target where we actually have to Aim See if we can get him up he’s only gonna be a bonus point for five more seconds Did we get him we got him all right? okay, Ryan got them all yes, he just Okay, the rest of the game all right. They’re in a gang. Oh This one’s hard because it’s straight on oh, we did good good. Good jump Okay, so don’t touch those things because they will make you blow up we learned that from last time all right fire There we go. Oh, we got him dude good shine I’ll beat your dinner with dirt your remote control oh We only have nine seconds left. I don’t think we’re doing as good as we did last time whoa Time’s up sure what do you think? 2050 didn’t do as good like You would do one more time. Okay. There’s one more race left Then one more today. He’s away with this you show me two on your fingers You want three? Can you show me three on your fingers there you go? Who’s that it’s Smoky and back Well, I just wanted to do one sees you just want to do rusty’s. Okay. There’s some rusty’s characters in this All right, well RV again. Maybe we can unlock miss Fritter, and we can business fritter. Let me talk about that Rock I do oh See fucking the – yes. I got – all right excellent boom. Oh, you could get three oh I got you You’re taking a shortcut. I’m just gonna follow these guys cuz we’re trying to walk. Oh you see that bud The students are digital A heat-seeking missile. That’s the way to do it. You don’t have to aim to perhaps two flips oh, okay, I Guess everybody’s eating dinner nobody’s going tonight, but you know what you know who is here Ashton’s giant for a kilt ike’s clear awesome boom Thank you. Thank you So Ashton what is on your agenda? What’s your next video that you’re working on. Oh That was awesome. Oh I like that one that purple one. He just lost a little bomb of these of your shoulders. Oh look that’s a gun alright see Not sure yet. Well that’s okay. We don’t have to know what we’re doing next ready. Did we did post something early? I don’t know if you saw it how they go sale at toys R us this weekend for cars three toys, and we should get a diecast and a piston cup of the purchase of $20 and more and they’ve got a Diecast on sale five for $10 Oh, hah be found. Yes with weapon coming move You can get him oh we did waiting for a minute left Yeah, happy times lots of fun. Ok when this race is done. We can go outside you bet buddy Yeah, the piston cup in the die cast I think their excuses are sale. Oh Your brother didn’t get all your whoa. Whoa. Wait. Five, man. We’re going on to another way I Think they start shooting us now yeah, we think you think we can stop playing after whoa It was just a quick minute and fifty second info on the on the sale I Don’t know man. We did really good this round buddy Wow We won the cup Four thousand one hundred ninety five points. Can you say thanks for Watchin Ashton’s – a super cool sled Giants play club? Thanks to harvey look we got a new trash alright. Thanks guys. Thanks for watching We gonna do our V again okay? Thanks guys we appreciate you watching. Thanks again to Ashton’s Giant toy club Okay, we’re Gonna do RV again while we shut the video off?

GTA Online Guide – How to Make Money with Bikers DLC

Hello and welcome to a new episode of GTA Series Videos Tips & Tricks. I am Gtamen and I’ll be your host for this series. Today we’ll be focusing on the businesses that were included in the Bikers DLC. In this video we’ll go through all the businesses, which one is the most profitable and how you can become the next Ricardo Diaz. What kind of incompetent fool are you?! Fool! Fool! Fool… fool!! Before everything by the way we want to send a big thank you to Gypsy, GoldenBizkit, iTheftAuto, PrE233, TheGTAGodfather and Carlosconde for helping to record and crack the math behind this video. Before we start, we want to point out that the businesses follow the same path as the CEO missions, you will only be able to play these in public sessions, but differently from CEO, the biker business doesn’t require a constant presence of the player to make money. With the crates, you had to buy the goods, recover and take them to your warehouse and once you brought enough, start the selling mission. The business in the Biker DLC instead works on their own while the player is free to do other things like playing heists, freemode, time trials, premium races, deathmatches etc. Businesses only require a resupply mission from time to time and when you’re ready, the selling mission, making this DLC good for those who still play the game every day. But let’s go back a little. In order to start a business you will need a clubhouse – which one you choose is up to you, it won’t make a difference. Once you have acquired your not-so-shiny new apartment”slash”garage, you will need to purchase a business. These businesses range from $650,000 to $1,852,500, the cost is only related to the location and does not affect the production rate, the difficulty of the resupply or selling missions, etc. Once you’ve bought your new meth, coke, weed, counterfeit documents or cash business, you need to reach the building, get inside and start the “setup mission”. This is simply a mission where you get all the supplies to get your operation up and running. After you’ve done that you will have the option to choose what upgrades you want to apply to your business. The equipment upgrade will speed up the production rate, use less supplies to create product and improve the value of the product itself, that means more money gained while selling, for the same amount of product. This upgrade will also changes the look of the interior. Like the equipment, the staff upgrade will improve the overall value of your product and speed up the production rate by placing more people inside the interior – once bought, the new staff members will take around 10 minutes to arrive. Finally yet importantly, the security upgrade will lower down the likelihood of being raided by cops or enemies, lower down, not removed, you can still be raided and it happened to us while testing everything. Without the security upgrade the risk to be raided is definitely high, it even happen to us that we had to defend our business three times in a row. With the upgrade installed instead, the event became very rare. Another way to avoid being raided is to always disband your MC and activate it only when you’re inside your clubhouse or any factory. There are numerous missions that can be activated as a business defense: A rival gang can attack your factory and in this case you have to survive three waves of enemies. Another mission instead is similar to the CEO one, but with the possibility to recover the stolen goods and take them back to the factory. Gangs are not the only enemies that you’ll have to face, police will raid your businesses too. The cops can be found near your business and if that happens, you’ll need to take down all of them, even including a helicopter. After that you need to stop a Police Transporter with workers inside from your attacked factory and take them back. Another defend mission instead involves a snitch and a testimony. What you have to do in this mission is reach the motel where the snitch is talking with the police, kill both the snitch and the cops nearby, recover the testimony and bring it back to your business. The main difference between being attacked by a rival gang or by the police is, in case you fail, that in the first scenario, you will only lose product. In the second scenario instead you will be arrested, the Factory will be shut down and all Product and Supplies will be seized. That means that you will have to start from the setup mission. And don’t worry you won’t lose any upgrades. So, you now have your clubhouse, your factory and your business up and running. You don’t need to wait to fill up your factory, you can sell your product as soon as you have some or when your supplies have dried out. The game also gives you the possibility to make an easy sell or take a risk for more money. When you chose to sell the goods, you have two options: Sell the merchandise in your county or outside your county. The difference between selling near or far is willing to take the risk to fail. Also if you are alone and don’t have any friends the best option is to sell your product as soon as one or two blocks of product are ready. By doing this you will be almost sure to have one single vehicle to manage. That’s because the more product you sell, the more vehicles will be involved in the mission. According on the upgrades bought and the type of business chosen, you will find yourself with a factory full of product to sell after 3 to more than 10 hours – and we are talking about REAL HOURS, not in-game ones. The document forgery business is the fastest factory to produce the product also the cheapest to buy and less demanding supplies speaking. With the equipment and staff upgrades, in 3 hours you’ll find yourself with the factory full of goods to sale. Without any upgrades instead it will take exactly 5 hours. This is just an example, but the table you can see on your screen gives you exactly the time necessary to fill up each and every factory with no upgrades, with only the equipment upgrade or both equipment and staff upgrades. As you can see, the slowest factory is the one that produces methamphetamine and without any upgrades, this factory and the Cocaine one, will require a full Supplies bar to just create one single bar of product. But time will also be affected by other aspects: the most important is obviously the Supplies. If you decide to buy the supplies, instead of stealing them, your factory will receive and start working with them in 10 minutes. The problem with buying the supplies is that one single bar will cost you $15,000. Stealing the supplies instead is free, require a 5 to 10 minutes mission, and normally the more friends you have in your MC, the more supplies you’ll get from a single mission. Until now we just talked a lot about time and barely talked about money, so let’s get balls-deep into this argument. The cheapest investment possible in this DLC is buying the Document forgery factory located in Grapeseed for $650,000. Without any upgrades and by stealing the supplies, you’ll receive a full profit of $60,000 or $90,000, depending where you want to sell every time you sell a full factory of product. Assuming that every sell mission will be successful and you won’t lose any vehicles or product, you’ll need to sell 11 full factories of product, to obtain just a $10K profit after breakeven. And we are not considering the money taken from your account every 48 minutes to pay the wages and bills of your factory. Let’s assume for a moment that you had a lot of money on your hands and without thinking about it, you not only bought the five most expensive factories, but also upgraded all of them to the max. How much time do you need to repay your investment considering that the most money you can earn in six hours is a little more than $1.5M? And also that you have to pay $30,000 every 48 minutes in wages and bills? Well, you’ll need 72 hours just to break-even. Is this a lot of time? Surely it is, we’re talking about a full three days of immersion inside the game repeating constant resupply and selling missions, but once you breakeven, this is surely a good way to make money. Considering the fact, as we explained at the beginning of this video, that you’re still playing the game on a daily basis. But what is the best way to make money through this DLC? Let’s assume that you haven’t bought anything at the moment, not even the clubhouse because you waited for this video to show up in your subbox in order to do the smartest investment possible. Let’s start saying that buying the cheapest factories and the clubhouse in the Sandy Shore/Alamo Sea/Grapeseed area is the best starting point possible for a lot of reasons. First thing first: money. ♫ Money, money, money … money! ♫ By buying the cheapest factories, you’ll save more than $3.5M having the same exact interiors and money making possibility of someone who instead bought factories in Paleto or Los Santos. The second good reason in having everything in this area is that every business is reachable in less than one minute from the clubhouses and thanks to the fact that you are in the middle of the state, the resupply missions takes less time to be completed. Last, but not least, good reason in having all in this area are the Sandy Shore and Grapeseed Airfields. In both airstrips normally two, to even four helicopters spawn, most of times even armed Buzzards that can be stolen to shorten up the time needed to reach a resupply object, ease up the defend missions and allow friends and comrades to help you. Now that you found the area, let’s talk about the factories. How many factories you need to buy is up to you, all depends on how much time you’re still playing GTA Online. Until now we’ve talked about full factories, but as we told before, you don’t need to wait until that the factory is full to sell the product and we don’t even advise to do so if you’re alone because sometimes you won’t have enough time to complete the mission. But after how many hours you can do your first sell? Well, you don’t even need hours, technically after three minutes you can already sell a single box of forged documents for $1,400. It’s not convenient at all, but it’s possible. As you can see in the table shown right now, every factory has a maximum number of space available to store boxes of product and a specific time necessary to create one single box of product. Technically, if you upgrade all your businesses, you can earn around 150K per hour – something that we do not recommend to do because it will be exhausting, but it’s something that is possible to do. The first box of product created has the exact same value as the last box of product created, so money wise, selling 10 boxes of cocaine in a single mission pays the same as selling 10 boxes of cocaine in five missions. But how much is a full factory worth? Well, we gave you the numbers before so do the math… or check this table over here. As you can see, the cheaper the investment, the lower your return. The Cocaine factory for example, without any upgrades, will pay a maximum of 300K, but it requires almost 9 hours and five complete supply bars to create a single of the five blocks of product. After doing the upgrades instead, you’ll be able to sell a full factory after exactly 5 hours using a little less than three supply bars. Surely you’ll need more time to reach the profit, but in the long term, you’ll make more money in less time. So, in short, in order to get an actual profit, you’ll have to stay for dozens of hours in-game doing your things while the factory create the product you need. The best way to maximize your income is by buying the cheapest factories, install every upgrades possible and keep the game running in background with your character inside an interior. In six real hours, assuming every sell goes good, you’ll find $1.3M in your pocket. This update is really for those who still play the game often. If you manage to get past the break-even point the amount of money you’ll be able to make will be pretty insane. Imagine doing a few Pacific Standard heists while you’re waiting for your factories to fill up. Exactly. You’ll be laughing to the bank. And that was it for this Tips and Tricks episode. I hope you found this useful, thank you very much for watching from me, Gtamen, and the GTA Series Videos crew and we hope to see you next time.