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Nature Cat | 🎄⛄Christmas Decorations! | PBS KIDS

♪ (Christmas music) ♪Narrator: It’s Christmas time!And our nature-loving pals
are each getting ready
for the holiday in
their own special way!
Narrator: Daisy is
decorating with flowers.
Daisy: (sniffs)
Ah! Man-oh-man! I love the
smell of fresh pine. Ba-baaaam!Narrator: Squeeks is
making an ornament out of
what else?…Cheese.Squeeks: ♪ Cheesy
the Snowman, ♪
♪ Oh you know he
tastes so good. ♪
Squeeks: Mmm! Cheesons
Greetings, that’s yummy!Narrator: And Hal has just
hung some solar powered
lights on his dog house.Hal: Tah-dee, baby!Narrator: Ahhh!
There’s Nature Cat
.He must be doing
some Christmasy
thing that involves
giving back to nature.
Because Nature
Cat loves to give
! Nature Cat: There! I made
my Christmas list! Here’s all the
stuff I want to get!Narrator: Hubba-wha,
Nature Cat?
Nature Cat: I want
a new scratching post, a laser pointer,
a squeaky toy, cat nip…Narrator: FA-LA-LA-LA-LA!Something is different
about Nature Cat!
He thinks that Christmas is
about getting and not giving.
Oh brother! I think
we’re going to need
an extra-special
Christmas episode
to deal with this problem!Narrator: Oh, would
you look at that!
This is an extra-special
Christmas episode!
Wonder what it’s called?Narrator: Ooh! A Nature Carol.
This ought to be good.
Nature Cat: I want a hula
hoop and a spring toy and a video game with
angry pickles and… Daisy: Ummm… Nature Cat, you know Christmas
isn’t all about getting presents, right? Nature Cat: (laughs)
I know that. It’s about presents and
lights and Christmas music and shiny Christmas baubles! Hal: I don’t think that’s
it either neither. Or either neither. Let’s just call the
whole thing off. Nature Cat: Sure
it is, Hal my pal. Take it from me. I’m the guy with the
most Christmas Spirit in the entire universe! Hal: Tell us, Christmas Expert, what’s the secret to having
so much Christmas Spirit? Nature Cat: If you want to have
the most Christmas Spirit, you gotta make
everything bigger, shinier, louder and more Christmassy! Nature Cat: Take the decorations
on your doghouse, for example. Hal: What about them? Nature Cat: These are good,
but they can be even better. Hal: How? You know what… can you just sing a
song about it please?Nature Cat: ♪ Hang lights of
blue, and green, and red ♪
♪ and white that
is the whitest,
♪ so everyone in
town can see ♪
♪ Your doghouse is
the brightest! ♪
♪ Oh, it’s gonna be a
great big Christmas
! ♪Hal: ♪ A really, really
great, big Christmas! ♪
Daisy: Even if your lights
aren’t solar powered… Nature Cat: Now, let’s take
a look at Daisy’s garland. Daisy: What? What’s
wrong with my garland? Nature Cat: Oh don’t get
me wrong, it’s very nice. Daisy: Thank you.
Nature Cat: But… Daisy: But what?Nature Cat: ♪ When you string
your garland all about, ♪
♪ In that December cold, ♪♪ Make sure you fill
that evergreen, ♪
♪ With clinking,
clanking gold! ♪
♪ If you wanna have a
Great Big Christmas! ♪
Hal: ♪ Oh, I wanna have
a Great Big Christmas! ♪
Daisy: ♪ Great Big Christmas? ♪Nature Cat/Hal:
♪ Great Big Christmas! ♪
Hal: What about Squeeks’
Snowman of Cheese? Nature Cat: Hmmmm… Squeeks: What? What’s
wrong? I can fix it.Nature Cat: ♪ When making
baubles for your house, ♪
♪ Like a snowman
made of cheese, ♪
Nature Cat: ♪ Teensy
Weensy just won’t do, ♪
♪ Let’s make it
bigger please! ♪
♪ If you wanna have a
Great, Big Christmas! ♪
Squeeks/Daisy: ♪ Do we wanna
have a Great Big Christmas? ♪
Hal: ♪ I think I want a
Great, Big Christmas! ♪
Nature Cat: ♪ Then let’s all
have a Great, Big Christmas! ♪
Make it big! ♪Make it loud! ♪♪ Make it shine! ♪♪ Wow the crowd! ♪♪ Cause it’s gonna
be a Great Big, ♪
♪ Great Big, Great Big ♪♪ Great! Big! Christ-mas… ♪♪ …Daaayyyy! ♪Hal: Oh boy! I really want
to celebrate Christmas

Nature Cat | 🙀👻A Christmas Ghost!? | PBS KIDS

T’was the night before
and all through the house,Not a creature
was stirring…
Voice: Oohh!Narrator: Wait a second,
someone must be stirring!
I distinctly heard
a KA-THUNK sound.
Voice: Oof!Narrator: I did hear
a KA-THUNK sound.
Hmmm…Sounds like Nature Catis getting a
late-night visitor.
Nature Cat: Who? Which?
Where? What was that? (kathunk – kathunk) Nature Cat: It’s
coming from the roof! Someone on my roof
on Christmas Eve? Ooo! That could
only be one person! (kathunk) Nature Cat: (Hack-hack-hack)
Santa Claus? Ronald: Hello, Nature Cat. Nature Cat: Oh, hello, Ronald. Ronald: Not just plain Ronald. They call me Ronald More-ly! (laughing) Nature Cat: Ronald More-ly? But you look just
like regular Ronald. Ronald: Oh yeah? Well, can
regular Ronald do this? Nature Cat: WHOA! No he cannot. What do you want from
me, Ronald Morely? Ronald: I am a Christmas Spirit! And I have been sent
here to warn yooouuu! Whoah! Nature Cat: If you were going to
warn me to move out of the way, you’re too late. Ronald: No, no, no! I am here to warn you
about something different. Something very, very important. Nature Cat: What? What is it? What’s the very, very
important warning? Ronald: Uhhhh, I can’t remember. Nature Cat: What? But you just said it was
very, very important! Ronald: Ughhh, I dunno, graaagh…it’s something, eeehhh…. about
wanting…. arrrghh… too many… aieeee…. (thud) Ronald: …Presents! Nature Cat: Why would I need a
warning about too many presents? Ronald: I have no idea. Presents are awesome! In my opinion, you can never
have too many presents. Nature Cat: Yeah!
That’s what I think. Ronald: Oooh! Do you
have any presents? ‘Cause I really want a
Christmas present right now. Nature Cat: Huh? No. Ronald: But I want a
present! I need a present! Give me more! More! More! Ronald: Ahhh! Nature Cat: Spirit? Ronald: Ah-haa!
Nature Cat: Ahhhh! Ronald: I think
I just remembered why I’m supposed to warn you.
Nature Cat: Why? Ronald: Why warn you with words when I can warn you with a song. (finger snap)Ronald: ♪ My name
is Ronald Morely, ♪
♪ And I can’t fit
through the door, ♪
♪ ‘Cause I have so
many presents, ♪
♪ I can’t move across
the floor. ♪
I’ll tell you
of my problem, ♪
♪ And you just
must not ignore. ♪
♪ You see, I’m
never satisfied, ♪
♪ Cause I’m always
wanting more. ♪
♪ More! More! I want more! ♪♪ Let’s take a trip
to the toy store! ♪
♪ Yeah! More! More!
I want more! ♪
♪ Instead of one,
Gimme fifty four! ♪
♪ Yeah! More! More! ♪♪ What I adore! Is more! ♪♪ More! Mooooore! ♪♪ If every time I wanted
stuff I also got a dime, ♪
♪ I’d have a trillion
dollars now, ♪
♪ ‘Cause I want stuff
all the time. ♪
♪ I want it here!
I want it now! ♪
♪ You’d better ship it prime! ♪♪ So what if I
want everything? ♪
♪ Is that some
sort of crime?! ♪
♪ More! More! I want more! ♪♪ Let’s take a trip
To another store! ♪
Instead of one,
I want eighty four. ♪
More, more! ♪♪ You know the score!
It’s more! ♪
♪ More! Mooore! ♪♪ Give me this!
Give me that! ♪
♪ I’m a present loving cat! ♪♪ Give it here!
Give it there! ♪
♪ They’re all for me,
And I won’t share! ♪
In a box, in a bag, ♪make sure it’s my
name on the tag! ♪
Wrap it up, with a bow ♪♪ And I’ll drag it with me
wherever I gooooooo! ♪
♪ More, more! I want more! ♪♪ Let’s all go
to a superstore. ♪
♪ Instead of one, I want
a thousand-and-four. ♪
♪ Come on! More! More!
More! More! More! ♪
♪ Moooo… ♪♪ ooorrr… ♪♪ reeee! Oooooh! ♪