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Michael Strahan’s Super Bowl LIV Pre-Game Analysis

-You have a big — a big weekend ahead of you. You’re going to be in Miami, and you’re going to be on Fox
analyzing the game, the Super Bowl.
-Yeah. We got a big, big, big game
on Fox obviously this Sunday. The Super Bowl.
How many Chiefs fans do we have? [ Cheers ] How many 49ers fans we have?
[ Cheers ] All right, more 49ers fans.
That’s who’s going to win then. [ Laughter ]
-You’re good, yeah. -You got to know
your audience, man. But, yeah, we got a big game.
This is like — -I think it’s going to be
a good game, right? -Offense of the Chiefs
is amazing. -Yep.
-But the defense of the 49ers is like, second to none. And one of the rare things
that they can do on the 49ers defensively is they can rush
four guys up front. That way they have seven guys
they can put in the coverage. Most teams have to blitz and do
all those things to put pressure on the quarterback, and I just
think that they’re very unique. Me, being a defensive player, and knowing how I feel like
in our Super Bowl, our defense won the Super Bowl.
-Yeah. -It’s going to be very hard to
vote against the defense. And the Chiefs have been
starting slow, you know? They start slow and get down
in this game against the 49ers, they will not come back. So, I’m not giving a prediction.
-Uh-huh. -But it should be
a high-scoring game, and the Chiefs have
to start faster to maximize their opportunities. -Will he do his no-look pass? -No — he’s got to do that. That’s what he does.
-I thought it was fun. -I mean, him doing the no-look
pass is like you putting on underwear in the morning,
you know what I — But I don’t know if you do that
or not. I don’t live with the man.
[ Laughter ] -I was going to say,
how do you know? -I don’t know,
but I’m assuming. -Follow me on Instagram, yeah.
[ Laughter ] ‘Cause maybe — does that help if you’re getting blitzed or
someone’s going to tackle you? -It helps if you’re
getting blitzed, but the great thing about
Mahomes, he’s mobile. So if he’s getting blitzed,
he can get out of the pocket, buy himself some time,
but this front four can run. A lot of times, you know,
you get these linemen who can pass rush,
but they’re like 350. -Yeah.
-And chasing this quarterback at like 185, 205, you’re not
going to catch him. These guys actually can run.
They are not lumbering runners. They actually will
hunt you down. So, he’s got his hands full
on this Sunday. -Do you like working
on Super Bowl Sunday, or do you like —
-I love it. The only reason for me
at this point in my life to go to the Super Bowl
is when we work and do the game. -Yeah. -I don’t miss
the parties anymore. Like, I’ve done all that stuff.
-Sure. -But I like — I love
being a part of it. We’ll go to practice,
get a chance to see the teams up close and personal
the week before. Knowing my experiences from
being in two Super Bowls, just seeing the young guys,
and nerves, how excited they are
at the same time, like, I love all that stuff. And I love being a voice
on a Sunday for the biggest game
in the world. So, for me it is
the ultimate treat to having a long career that
afforded me an opportunity to talk about it on TV. -Yeah, ’cause I guess right now,
they’re both winners in their — -Yeah, right now they’re
both winners. -Right? They’re like, “Dude,
we made it to the Super Bowl.” We both won. That’s awesome.”
-Well, you know what? I was in a Super Bowl
where you lost. You don’t feel like a winner
after that. [ Laughter ] They’re like,
got the confetti falling. They’re basically
getting broomed. This is like you’re in the
Apollo, like — [ Laughter ] They’re whooping you.
-Sandman. -You guys stay out here,
the old Sandman’s coming to get you off the field.
-Oh, my God. -Oh, man, it’s so demoralizing. -You don’t even get a hat
to put on. -Well, you know what,
you don’t get the hat. You know, they make up
hats for both teams. -Yeah.
-But, then they send the other hats somewhere for other people
to wear, like — -They take the hat
away from you. -They take the hat away —
You don’t get it. And so they got t-shirts, hats,
and you just don’t see them. -It’s going to be a good game.
Also, I think halftime show is going to be phenomenal.
-Yes. -Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.
-Shakira. [ Cheers and applause ] You know, my job — my job is
really hard, Jimmy. -Yeah, I —
-My job is so hard. -Uh-huh.
-Because when I go down there, part of my responsibility is,
I have to interview J. Lo and Shakira…
-No. -…on Friday for our
show on Sunday. -That is — that is unfair. -It is unbelievably —
[ Laughter ] I have to sit in that room… -You lucky man. -…and talk to those two.
-You lucky — That’s going to be —
it’s going to be fantastic. -It’s going to be fantastic. I think they’re
going to be great, and I love the fact that
we just don’t get to see one incredible artist, yeah,
we get to see two incredible artists on
the biggest stage, the halftime show. Hopefully the game is, like,
super close so everybody’s tuning in,
and it’s not one of these games you’re just watching
for the commercials. -Yeah, exactly.
-Because it’s a blow away. -Yeah.
-And the halftime show is always one of my favorite
parts of it. Even when I was a player,
I’m sitting in the locker room going, “Man, do I have to listen
to the coach? I want to go outside and watch
the halftime show.” -Exactly. Who was at the one
in 2008? Remember who that was?
-Uh, good question. They wouldn’t let me
go out and see. -Yeah, I know. That’s smart.
That’s why you won. -Alicia Keys did sing before.
I was listening to Alicia Keys on my headphones working out,
like, stretching and stuff. -Yeah.
-And then I’m like, why is it I have the over-loop of two different
Alicia Keys songs? -So you take it off?
-Then I took off my headphones and realized she’s playing
on the field. -She’s right there. Yeah.
-It was awesome. Awesome.

Seth Priebatsch: Building the game layer on top of the world

My name’s Seth Priebatsch.
I’m the chief ninja of SCVNGR. I’m a proud Princeton dropout. Also proud to have relocated
here to Boston, where I actually grew up. (Applause) Yeah, Boston. Easy wins, I should just name
the counties that we’ve got around here. I’m also fairly determined
to try and build a game layer on top of the world. This is sort of a new concept
and it’s really important, because while the last decade
was the decade of social, the decade where the framework in which
we connect with other people was built, this next decade will be the decade
where the game framework is built, where the motivations we use
to actually influence behavior and the framework
in which that is constructed, is decided upon,
and that’s really important. I say I want to build a game layer
on top of the world, but that’s not quite true, because it’s already under construction;
it’s already happening. And it looks like this right now. It looks like the Web did
back in 1997, right? It’s not very good. It’s cluttered. It’s filled with lots of different things
that, in short, aren’t that fun. There are credit card schemes
and airline mile programs, coupon cards and all these loyalty schemes that actually do use game dynamics
and are building the game layer — they just suck. They’re not very well-designed. (Laughter) So that’s unfortunate. But luckily, as my favorite action
hero, Bob the Builder, says, “We can do better.
We can build this better.” And the tools, the resources
that we use to build a game layer, are game dynamics themselves. And so the crux of this presentation
is going to go through four really important game dynamics, really interesting things,
that, if you use consciously, you can use to influence behavior, both for good, for bad, for in-between. Hopefully for good. But this is the important stage
in which that framework will get built, and so we want to all be thinking
about it consciously now. Before we jump into that,
there’s a question of: Why is this important? I’m making this claim that there’s a game layer
on top of the world, and it’s very important
that we build it properly. The reason it’s so important
is that, in the last decade, what we’ve seen has been
building the social layer, has been this framework for connections, and construction on that layer
is over, it’s finished. There’s still a lot to explore, still a lot of people
trying to figure out social and how we leverage this
and how we use this, but the framework itself is done, and it’s called Facebook. And that’s OK, right? A lot of people
are very happy with Facebook. I like it quite a lot. They’ve created this thing
called the Open Graph, and they own all of our connections. They own half a billion people. So when you want to build
on the social layer, the framework has been decided;
it is the Open Graph API. And if you’re happy with that, fantastic. If you’re not, too bad.
There’s nothing you can do. And that’s a real thing. I mean, we want to build frameworks
in a way that makes it acceptable and makes it productive down the road. So, the social layer
is all about these connections. The game layer is all about influence. It’s not about adding
a social fabric to the web and connecting you to other people everywhere you are and everywhere you go, it’s actually about using
dynamics, using forces, to influence the behavior
of where you are, what you do there, how you do it. That’s really, really powerful. And it’s going to be more important
than the social layer, and affect our lives more deeply
and perhaps more invisibly. So it’s incredibly critical
that at this moment, while it’s just getting constructed, while the frameworks
like Facebook or Open Graph are being created
for the game-layer equivalent, that we think about it very consciously, and that we do it in a way
that is open, available, and can be leveraged for good. So that’s what I want to talk
about for game dynamics, because construction has just begun, and the more consciously
we can think about this, the better we’ll be able to use it
for anything we want. So like I said, the way you go
through and build on the game layer is not with glass and steel and cement. And the resources we use are not
this two-dimensional swath of land that we have. The resources are mindshare, and the tools, the raw materials,
are these game dynamics. With that, a couple
game dynamics to talk about. Back at SCVNGR, we like to joke that with seven game dynamics,
you can get anyone to do anything. Today, I’m going to show you four, because I hope to have a competitive
advantage at the end of this, still. (Laughter) So the first one,
it’s a very simple game dynamic. It’s called the appointment dynamic. It’s a dynamic in which to succeed, players have to do something
at a predefined time, generally at a predefined place. And these dynamics
are a little scary sometimes, because you think, “Other people
can be using forces that will manipulate how I interact: what I do, where I do it, when I do it.” This sort of “loss of free will”
that occurs in games can be frightening. So with each dynamic,
I’m going to give three examples: one that shows how it’s already
being used in the real world, so you can rationalize it a bit; one that shows it in what we consider
a conventional game — I think everything is a game, but this is more what you’d think
of as a game played on a board or on a computer screen; and one of how it can be used for good, so you can see that these forces
can be very powerful. So the first one, the most famous
appointment dynamic in the world, is something called, “Happy Hour.” So I had just recently
dropped out of Princeton and actually ended up
for the first time in a bar, and I saw these happy hour things
all over the place. And this is simply an appointment dynamic:
come here at a certain time, get your drinks half off. To win, all you have to do is show up
at the right place at the right time. This game dynamic is so powerful, it doesn’t just influence our behavior;
it’s influenced our entire culture. That’s a really scary thought, that one game dynamic
can change things so powerfully. It also exists in more
conventional game forms. I’m sure you’ve all heard
of Farmville by now. If you haven’t, I recommend playing it. You won’t do anything else
for the rest of your day. Farmville has more active
users than Twitter. It’s incredibly powerful, and it has this dynamic
where you have to return at a certain time to water your fake crops, or they wilt. And this is so powerful
that when they tweak their stats, when they say your crops wilt after eight hours, or after six hours,
or after 24 hours, it changes the life cycle
of some 70 million people during the day. They will return, like clockwork,
at different times. So if they wanted the world to end,
if they wanted productivity to stop, they could make it a 30-minute cycle, and no one could do anything else, right? (Laughter) That’s a little scary. But this could also be used for good. This local company called Vitality has created a product to help people
take their medicine on time. That’s an appointment. It’s something that people
don’t do very well. They have these GlowCaps
which flash and email you and do cool things to remind you
to take your medicine. This isn’t a game yet,
but really should be. You should get points for doing it on time and lose points for not doing it on time. They should recognize they’ve built
an appointment dynamic, and leverage the games. Then you can really achieve good
in some interesting ways. We’re going to jump onto the next one. Influence and status. This is one of the most famous
game dynamics, used all over the place. It’s used in your wallets, right now. We all want that credit card
on the far left, because it’s black. And you see someone at CVS or — not CVS — like, Christian Dior — (Laughter) I don’t know. I don’t have a black
card; I’ve got a debit card. (Laughter) So they whip it out and you see
that black card, and: “I want that because it means
they’re cooler than I am, and I need that.” And this is used in games as well. “Modern Warfare,” one of the most
successful selling games of all time. I’m only a level four, but I desperately
want to be a level 10, because they’ve got that cool red badge, and that means that I am somehow
better than everyone else. And that’s very powerful to me. Status is really good motivator. It’s also used in more
conventional settings, and can be used more consciously there. School — and remember,
I made it through one year, so I think I’m qualified
to talk on school — is a game; it’s just not a terribly
well-designed game. There are levels. There are C.
There are B. There’s A. There are statuses. I mean,
what is valedictorian, but a status? If we called valedictorian
a “White Knight Paladin level 20,” I think people would probably
work a lot harder. (Laughter) (Applause) So school is a game, and there has been lots of experimentation
on how we do this properly. But let’s use it consciously. Why have games you can lose?
Why go from an A to an F or a B to a C? That sucks. Why not level-up? At Princeton, they’ve actually
experimented with this, with quizzes where
you gain experience points, and you level up from B to an A. And it’s very powerful. It can be used in interesting ways. The third one I’ll talk about
is the progression dynamic, where you have to make progress,
move through different steps in a very granular fashion. This is used all over the place,
including LinkedIn, where I am an unwhole individual. I am only 85 percent complete on LinkedIn, and that bothers me. And this is so deep-seated in our psyche that when we’re presented
with a progress bar and presented with easy,
granular steps to take to try and complete
that progress bar, we will do it. We will find a way to move that blue line all the way to the right edge
of the screen. This is used in conventional
games as well. I mean, this is a Paladin level 10, and that’s a Paladin level 20. And if you were going to fight
Orcs on the fields of Mordor against the Ra’s Al Ghul, you’d probably want to be
the bigger one, right? I would. And so people work very hard to level-up. “World of Warcraft” is one
of the most successful games of all time. The average player spends some six,
six-and-a-half hours a day on it, their most dedicated players —
it’s like a full-time job, it’s insane. And they have these systems
where you can level-up. And that’s a very powerful thing.
Progression is powerful. It can also be used
in very compelling ways for good. One of the things we work on at SCVNGR is: How do you use games to drive traffic
and business to local businesses, to something that is very key
to the economy? And here, we have a game that people play. They go places,
do challenges, earn points. And we’ve introduced
a progression dynamic into it, where, by going to the same place
over and over, doing challenges, engaging with the business, you move a green bar from the left edge
of the screen to the right, and unlock rewards. This is powerful enough that we can see
it hooks people into these dynamics, pulls them back to the same
local businesses, creates loyalty, creates engagement, and is able to drive meaningful revenue
and fun and engagement to businesses. These progression dynamics are powerful
and can be used in the real world. The final one I want to talk about —
and it’s a great one to end on — is this concept of communal discovery, a dynamic in which everyone
has to work together to achieve something. Communal discovery is powerful because it leverages
the network that is society to solve problems. This is used in some famous
consumer web stories like Digg, which I’m sure you’ve all heard of. Digg is a communal dynamic to try to find and source the best news,
the most interesting stories. And they made this into a game, initially. They had a leader board where,
if you recommended the best stories, you would get points. And that really motivated people
to find the best stories. But it became so powerful,
there was actually a cabal, a group of people, the top seven
on the leader board, who would work together to make sure
they maintained that position, recommending people’s stories. The game became
more powerful than the goal. They ended up shutting down the leader
board because, while it was effective, it was so powerful that it stopped
sourcing the best stories, and started having people work
to maintain leadership. So we have to use this one carefully. It’s also used in things
like McDonald’s Monopoly, where the game is not
the Monopoly you’re playing, but the cottage industries
that form to try and find Boardwalk. There, they’re just looking
for a sticker that says “Boardwalk,” but it can also be used
to find real things. This is the DARPA balloon challenge, where they hid a couple balloons
all across the United States and said, “Use networks. Try and find
these balloons fastest, and the winner will get $40,000.” The winner was a group out of MIT, where they created sort
of a pyramid scheme, a network, where the first person to recommend
the location of a balloon got $2,000, and anyone else to push
that recommendation up also got a cut. And in 12 hours, they were able
to find all these balloons, all across the country. Really powerful dynamic. And so, I’ve got about 20 seconds left, so if I’m going to leave
you with anything, last decade was the decade of social. This next decade is the decade of games. We use game dynamics to build on it.
We build with mindshare. We can influence behavior. It’s very powerful. It’s very exciting. Let’s all build it together,
let’s do it well and have fun playing. (Applause)

Alec Baldwin on the Future of His SNL Trump Impression: “I Just Don’t Know”

-How is the fam? I just saw you guys
on the cover of “iHola!” Look at this.
The whole fam is there. Everybody that —
What a beautiful, beautiful — -Yeah, Jimmy,
that’s everybody, okay? That’s everybody. -I’m asking because,
seriously, is it everybody or are you going to have — -You know what I think? I look at this picture
and I think, this is like
when I would do movies, and they’d make a mock
photograph for the movie of me and the woman playing my
wife and the four prop children. And none of this — And
now I look at it and I’m like,
“No, that’s not a prop. That’s really my life.
I’ve got four kids.” -You’ve got
a giant, beautiful family. -My wife, who I —
My wife got me a ring. -I love Hilaria. -And I can’t seem to find
what happened to it, I’m afraid to say. I wasn’t gonna say I lost it. And then, today, she got me
a replacement for my ring. That’s what kind of wife I have.
She got me a new ring. And she said, “If you lose
this ring, we’re done.” -“It’s over.”
-“It’s over.” -What’s going on with the kids? I know Carmen is in school.
I know that. -Well, Carmen, who was in school
with your daughter, and I used to see you many
mornings over there at school. You know, your kids —
they turn these corners, and you become so, like,
you know, electrified by that. Like, the other day,
Carmen was sitting there, and she’s drawing on
a piece of paper and she turns to me
and she goes, “What time is it?” And I’m like, “What time is it?
What are you talking about? What time is it?”
-Yeah. -5 years old. What? Do you got
a conference call with Disney? You got to call Bob Iger
and have a conference call? -Yeah, you going to go meet one
of the Paw Patrol? -Yeah. You got an appointment
with Paw Patrol? And then other thing
with them is — they just become deeper,
you know? And especially girls. So, Carmen is there,
the drawing, and she looks up at
my wife one time and she’s like,
“What is God, Mommy?” And my wife was like, “Wow!” And I’m like, “I got to go
make a conference call…” -With Disney.
-“…to Disney right now. And you guys — I know you’re going to
handle this really well.” -Yeah, you are like, “Hey, what
time is it right now?” -“What time is it?
Carmen, what time is it?” So, I leave, and then they — You know, but she asks, like,
these kind of — you know, we have, like, the
Sartre-esque moment with Carmen. My sons will sit there,
and they’ll be doing something. And he’ll look at me
and give me the same look, and I’ll think,
“Oh, here it comes. My son is going to say
something really deep.” And he’ll go,
“Can I have a snack?” That I can handle.
-“I love you. I love you. Get over here.”
-I’ve got cases of snacks. -You guys make beautiful babies. Would you consider
having a fifth baby? -We’ll be back in a moment.
It’s “The Jimmy Fallon Show.” -Hilaria,
if you’re watching — No. -We would have another one.
Yeah, we would have another one. -You would? -Well, because I think that
when we always say, when the baby comes,
you look at the baby and you’re like,
“How could we — You know,
what are we going to do? Send it back? No, but we always think,
“This is perfect.” We always are happy. -It the most
beautiful thing, yeah. -All of our kids
are, like, magical, so we would have another one. And then after that, my wife is going to have
to have her second husband. Or next marriage. -You’re fantastic as
Trump on “SNL.” Everyone loves you.
We obviously love you. [ Cheers and applause ] You’re amazing.
You’re amazing doing that. -I heard you’re replacing me. Are you replacing me on “SNL”?
[ Both laugh ] -No. Please.
-No. -Are you going to continue
to do it? -I really don’t know,
because — I don’t know. -Yeah.
-I just don’t know. I’m doing it now.
We do it like once a month. Listen, I don’t need to
explain it to you. This is a business where
these relationships you have with people
are so important. I love Lorne.
I love Lorne to death. And Lorne will call me up,
and I’ll go — He’ll be like,
“Are you coming this weekend?” And I’m like,
“Well, I was thinking of having some kidney dialysis.” And he’s like, “Okay, sure.
Sure. Great. Sure. Sure. You do that. You have the dialysis
and don’t come do the show.” And, so, you know, you
always — You get sucked in. They keep pulling me back in.
You know what I mean? But who knows? -But it must be addicting, because you just
score every time. I mean, it’s fantastic. -But I get people who, like — They give it to me,
which is cool. They say, “Oh, you don’t do a
good impersonation of Trump.” And I thought, “Well,
when you do the cold opening, it’s such a kind of —
You’re lighting a fuse.” What am I telling you? You were on the show for
many, many years and one of the stars
of the show. And when you come out there
for cold opening, it’s not like
we’re going to pause and do like, you know,
some Steven Soderbergh movie now where I’m playing Trump. We got to kind of drive it and make it brassy
and loud and fast. -Yeah.
-So, I do trump. I do my world-famous
mediocre Trump impersonation that fits into the show. -It just works perfectly. Well, I just want to
say thank you. We love seeing do you that,
so hopefully do you do it as much as you can
and want to do it. -Yeah.

Wii HIDDEN GEMS – 9 More Games for the Collection! ** NEW for 2020**

– [Metal] Hey guys, Metal
Jesus here, and you know what? I am still playing with my Nintendo Wii. I still enjoy the system, I still love trying to find hidden gems for this. But after doing so many of these videos, I’m startin’ to wonder, is it tapped out? Are there any more
hidden gems to be found? Let’s take a look. (hard rock music) All right, so the first game I wanna check out is called Pirates Plundarrr. You have to do it with that
little arrr at the end of it. (digital music) So this is a game that
is exclusive to the Wii, and right off the bat I know many of you are going, hey, this looks an awful lot like Castle Crashers,
and yeah, you’d be right. Now I don’t think this is actually made by the same developers, but you can tell that they were heavily
influenced by that game and were usin’ it as sort of a blueprint to make a beat-em-up on the Wii. And I gotta say, this game
is actually a lot of fun. So as you can tell, the
game has really colorful 2D-style graphics and also animation. Again, very similar to Castle Crashers. There are 40 different enemy types, so lots of baddies to beat up. Plus it has a lotta RPG elements where you can earn XP to upgrade your character as you progress, and there are a bunch of
different weapon types that you can use both in your
primary and secondary attacks. This game is just a really fun beat-em-up, it’s very simple, very easy to get into, it’s a lot of hack and slash fun, and if you have a Wii,
definitely check it out. (dramatic music) (swishes)
(grunts) Next up is a racing game that I have been planning to talk about for a while now. It is exclusive to the Wii, and the DS if you wanna get technical, and that, of course, is Need for Speed: Nitro. Now, I know what you’re thinkin’. Hey, how could a Need for Speed game be on a hidden gems list? Well, I would make the argument
that this is definitely, I think of all the Need for Speed games, this is probably the one that
is most often overlooked, and that’s a real shame, because this game is designed from the ground up to be a Wii exclusive, and
it’s just arcade goodness. This is an awesome game. (sirens) And the thing is for me that
the Need for Speed series has been going a little bit more realistic in the last, I would say, decade or so, and that’s fine, I like
those games, but this is definitely a throwback to
just pure arcade goodness. You can see by the gameplay footage here that, yeah, it doesn’t play like a normal Need for Speed game, at
least one that’s come out in the last 10 years, and again, I think that’s actually
a really good thing. This is so much fun. Being that it’s a Wii
game, a lot of people are concerned that (groans)
does it have motion controls? Well, yes, but thankfully
you can turn them off, so actually in this gameplay footage, that’s actually what I’ve
done, is I’ve turned it off, I’m playing it normally,
as it was meant to be. And really, the game
is just super arcadey. You can tell by this
footage, it kinda looks almost like some of the classic Burnout games, which is why I like it. The game has five different locations, Cairo, Rio, Madrid, Singapore, and Dubai. And it also has licensed
cars, which is cool, but again, as you can tell here, they are a little bit more cartoony,
a little bit more colorful. So yeah, if you like arcade racing games, you like the Need for Speed
series, and you got a Wii, definitely check out
Need for Speed: Nitro. (percussive music) ♪ Oh no, there goes Tokyo ♪ ♪ Go, go Godzilla ♪ Unleashed, on the Wii. (digital tones) (crashes) So yes, this is Godzilla:
Unleashed on the Wii. Now, of course, I do have to say, this also came out on the Playstation 2, but if you got a Wii
and you like Godzilla, you should definitely pick this up, because this is a really
fun monster beat-em-up game on the Wii, it’s surprisingly fun. And when I say surprisingly fun, it’s because, well, when this game originally came out it got a little bit beat up by professional
reviewers at the time, and I have to say, I think
that’s a little bit harsh, especially with a little bit of hindsight now that we can see it for what it is. Maybe the Playstation
2 version was better, but I have to say that this game uses the Wii controls, the Wii motion controls, and honestly it actually
works really well. They’re not very frustrating, it just feels very natural, very fun. And if you’re a big fan of giant monsters destroying everything in its path, well, this game’s gonna be for you, because it has a huge roster
of 26 different monsters. Monsters might be pushing it a little bit, because there’s aliens and all sorts of other stuff like that, but yeah, this has got a huge roster
of stuff to choose from. One of the really cool parts of this game is that you can totally
customize a battle, if you wish. You can go in there and modify almost everything that is
happening in this game, so including what type of monsters, the type of power-ups, how
often the health regenerates, you can even control the
size of the monsters. It just goes on and on and on. It’s actually really
cool if you just wanna totally just get in there
with a friend of yours and beat the tar out of each
other, it’s pretty cool. The Godzilla games can
be kinda hit or miss, but if you have a Wii, and
you have some friends over, this is a pretty good time,
definitely check it out. (crashes) Here’s a game that turned
out to be a total surprise, because, well, one, I never
actually saw the movie, and two, it’s a licensed game. And you know how that can be sometimes, that can spell trouble, but trust me here. Ice Age: Dawn of Dinosaurs is really fun. First off, I should probably point out that this also came out on other systems, but again, we’re just focusing on the Wii here, and yes, it’s great on this. Now, as you can see by this footage, this is a 3D platforming
game that’s pretty similar to a lot of the games of the time, very similar to the
Ratchet and Clank games where you platform around,
you’re collecting stuff, you’re doing a little bit
of combat, things like that. But the reason why it’s on this list and why it’s in this video is because it’s so well-designed, I
mean, it’s got great graphics, and it has really good level design. Great writing, and
honestly the voice acting is often hilarious, and there’s
tons of it in this game. And this game did a really good job of really grabbing my
attention as I was capturing this footage, I was having
a lot of fun playing this. (squeaks)
(percussive music) Now there are some motion
controls in this game, but I feel like that it’s not
super annoying when they do, because for the most
part you’re just moving with the nunchuck, and
then there’s a little bit of combat with the motion
controls, which, yeah, not probably my favorite,
but, again, it’s not too bad. But then there are times when
you’re shooting something in first person, and I
really feel like that’s a good use of motion controls. It actually feels more natural than trying to just use the thumbstick. So yeah, this is a
really fun and well-made 3D platforming game, if
you like these kinda games, you should definitely check it out, because this isn’t really hard to find, and again, if you don’t have a Wii, you can get it on other systems as well. (crackles)
(dramatic music) So you guys know that
I love light gun games in the arcade, but one of the reasons why I love the Wii so much is because so many light gun games came out for it. And I’ve covered many of them
over the last couple years. But one of the last
ones I wanna talk about is this one right here,
it’s called Top Shot Arcade. And it’s kinda funny,
because, I went on the fence about this one about whether
I wanted to talk about it, because this is definitely,
of all of the light gun games probably released, it’s definitely one of the most realistic ones,
because you’re technically hunting animals in the forest, and maybe not everyone’s not gonna be into that, but I wanted to cover this one anyways, because the truth is, it’s
a fun light gun shooter. And yes, you’re shooting
animals in the forest, and that might not be
everyone’s cup of tea, I totally get it, but this is a fun game, it’s well-made, and it deserves a mention. – [Commentator] Load your gun.
(bangs) No score for him.
(bangs) Popped him in the noggin. – [Metal] Now a couple things
that I notice about this over other light gun games is that, one, the stages actually are very short, sometimes lasting only a minute or two. And two, the precision of your shots is very important in this game, almost like you’re really going hunting. And I know that’s kinda silly to say, because this is obviously an arcade game, and it’s not realistic really in any way, but it is definitely
tougher than it looks. Unlike other light gun
games I’ve played before, this one I really had to
replay some of the levels multiple times because, as you see here, some of these animals
are running really fast, and it can be pretty hard
to hit them in a spot where it’ll actually take them down. So anyways, I know this game is not gonna be everybody’s cup of tea, but I’m pretty sure that no actual animals were harmed in the making of this game, and so, if that’s somethin’ that you’re interested in, and you
like light gun games, you should definitely take a look. (bangs) – [Commentator] He’s takin’ a dirt nap. – [Metal] All right, next up is a game that, well, I just kinda stumbled upon. I didn’t really know that much about it when I first bought it, but that is a game called FlingSmash. (cheerful music) The big selling point for FlingSmash was at the time it was one of the first games to support the Wii MotionPlus, and that is the device
that basically makes the Wii motion even more
accurate and more sensitive. And like the title of the game suggests, that’s exactly what you do in this game, you fling and then smash for score. And really, the game
kinda feels a little bit like pong or tennis, but
because of its physics, and because of the way
that it bounces around, it also feels a little bit like pinball. And what you’re trying to do is take out as many of these bricks while
the level is autoscrolling, and you’ll often have
power-ups and multipliers and stuff like that, so
there’s a lot going on, especially as the game progresses. And so what you’re doing is basically just controlling the direction and power of that critter that you’re
knocking around the screen, and then he takes out bricks, but you can also press a
button on the controller and that will instantly stop him, so that way you can autoadjust the angle and also how much power you wanna give him and send him off on another direction. Now, I’ll be honest with you,
this is not an amazing game, but I was surprised at how
much fun I had with it, especially when you consider that when I bought this, I paid a dollar for it. So when you wanna talk about hidden gems and games that people are overlooking, this is definitely one of ’em. And also, I would say, this is probably, if it’s not your cup of tea,
it may be really good for kids. That’s kinda what it feels like it’s designed for, so
just keep that in mind. All right, next up we got
another arcade racing game, this one called Hot Wheels: Track Attack. Now I’ve covered the Hot Wheels series in other videos before,
and the thing about the Hot Wheels series is that, again, it’s a series that always adds in fun. They’re never simulators, they’re always about just over-the-top action, and that’s actually what I really like. Now, I can read your mind,
and I know what you’re saying. This game looks like
ass, and you’re right. It’s not a very good-looking game, even when you consider that
it’s running on the Wii. I know, I get it, but here’s the thing. All I care about is is there a smile on my face when I’m playing a game? And the answer is yes, when I play this game, actually it’s a lot of fun. I mean, any racing game that
has a loop-de-loop, well, OK, I’m gonna give it a shot,
you know what I’m sayin’? (roars) And I wanna point somethin’ out, and that is in this game
there is some physics, and you can kinda see
that in the footage here, because you might see me
sliding around corners, and that was a part of the
game that I wasn’t expecting. And I actually think that’s pretty cool, ’cause once you play a
racing game like this and you know the rules of
it and how the cars handle and how it’s gonna take the
jumps and stuff like that, how it’s gonna go around
corners, I really dig that. So it’s a nice mix, again, of arcade and just enough realism to keep it fun. And the other thing when
it comes to racing games, and I wanna mention it
here, is that you can turn off the tilt controls, so,
that’s very important to me, because, you know, sometimes tilt controls can be a nightmare, and it’s good that some of these games
allow you to toggle that. So this one and also Need for Speed, like I said, you can
just play them as normal. And I mentioned the loop-de-loops, right? OK, cool, yeah, definitely check it out. – [Commentator] Outrageous!
(roars) – [Metal] OK, so first I talked about the Ice Age movie game, and now I’m talking about Penguins of Madagascar. Don’t hate me for this, OK? Just stay with me for a second. Yes, this is a licensed game
based on a animated movie, and typically those are
crap, I know, I know. But occasionally you
do get gems like this. So what’s goin’ on here, well, basically this is kind of like a 2.5D platforming slash puzzle game, and what you do is you switch between
four different penguins that each have their own unique abilities. For instance, one of ’em is
smart and can hack computers. Another one can jump and
then hover over gaps, which is really important
if the floor is electrified. Another one is really strong, and then another one can actually dash. And so what you’re doing in this game is constantly switching between those four penguins to
get past certain obstacles and enemies and get through a level. I actually found this game
to be quite challenging. It was not easy, and definitely required some creative thinking. So, yes, this is a licensed game based on a movie, and like the
other one I haven’t seen it. I do see some of these occasionally. But that’s OK, because
again, it doesn’t matter, it just matters if the game is
fun, and this definitely is. (digital music) All right, and then finally we have Hidden Mysteries: Titanic. So as you can see by this footage, it is a point-and-click adventure game that mixes sort of
traditional-style PC adventure game item hunting that you would see like in the LucasArts games, but also it puts in there the hidden object gameplay that is really popular, say, on mobile. And as you can tell by
the gameplay footage and also the title of the game, it’s really a retelling of the story of the Titanic and its last voyage, or I guess its maiden voyage
that was also its last, because of course it sunk
to the bottom of the ocean. But this also has new
story and also characters. I would say that it kinda
follows the James Cameron movie, but it’s just different
enough to feel fresh. But, again, the reason
why it’s on this list is because it really is a mix of that point-and-click, picking out
objects in the background, putting them together to solve puzzles, but then also it has sections in it that you have to find,
say, all the different pieces that are hidden
within the background. And so it’s very much like
two different types of games mixed together, and it feels very natural. I will say, though, that the puzzles can be a little bit obtuse. You will probably get stuck in this game and wonder what the heck to do. Now, there is a hint
system, which is very nice, and it’s completely optional,
but you are gonna be clicking around, kinda
wondering what am I supposed to use this for, where
is it supposed to go? Now, there are four different endings in this game, because you do have a bit of choice as to
how the narrative goes. And as you complete
the game, there is also a bonus level that you can unlock. And I’ve always felt that these kind of point-and-click games
are well-suited for the Wii because the Wii motion tracking actually is very mouse-like, and typically these games would be made for the PC. So, again, if you like
puzzle games, you like a challenge, you like a good
story, definitely check it out. All right, guys, that’s
another Wii hidden gems video in the bag, and I think this makes my sixth or seventh video
about Wii hidden gems over the last, jeez, probably five years. And the thing is is that I’m
kinda wonderin’, is that it? Is this the end of the Wii hidden gems, or are there more to be mined? According to Wikipedia,
there are over 1,500 games released for the Wii, so I
dunno, I’m kinda curious. Although I haven’t actually dove very deeply into other regions, either, so there could be actually some Japan-exclusive ones or maybe
over in PAL territories, that’d be kind of
interesting to check it out. Either way, I’d love to
know what you guys think down in the comments below, if there’s some hidden gems that I
haven’t played on my Wii, I would love to know
and share ’em with you. All right, guys, thank you
very much for watching. Thank you so much for
subscribing, and take care.

Leslie Jones Teamed Up with Game of Thrones to Film Time Machine Stand-Up Special

-Let’s talk about,
on Netflix, you have a stand-up special
called “Time Machine”! -Yes, “Time Machine!”
-“Leslie Jones: Time Machine.” [ Cheers and applause ] If you haven’t seen it,
watch it. It is amazing. Can you explain the idea
of your act? -I just — First of all, people
didn’t know me as a stand-up, which was crazy,
’cause all of my life, that’s all I’ve been doing
is stand-up. And then, I did “SNL,”
and everybody’s like, they only know me from “SNL.”
-That’s right. -So the first thing I wanted to
do is give back to the comedy and just do a special
so y’all can really see exactly what it is
I do on stage. ‘Cause if you really watch it, you will see that
that’s my love. That’s where my love is.
-It is amazing. -I love just to —
I love people to laugh. [ Applause ]
Ahh. I love laughter.
-Isn’t it great? -It’s so good. Especially if you
surprisingly catch them. If, like, they’re sitting there,
and then they go — Ha! Ha ha!
Ha! -Yeah, yeah, that’s the thing.
-That’s the best laugh. -I totally agree with you.
-Yes. -When you make
that ugly-face laugh. -You’re just like, “Oh.”
Like, you can’t even help it. No, what I love is that,
when I mess with someone and they’re laughing
as hard as everybody else. -Dude, I saw you
at Caroline’s… -Yes.
-…a year ago, maybe? -Yeah, ’cause I was preparing.
-What a show. How long did you preform?
It was amazing. -It was like an hour and a half.
-An hour and a half. -Yeah, but Lenny came
and killed all of that. -Oh, really?
-Lenny came — My writer, Lenny Marcus,
he came on the road with me. Now, I’m a black comic,
so black comics is like, we can do an hour and a half,
and that’s dope. Like, you know,
“I gave ’em an hour and a half.” I came off the stage,
and Lenny was like, “Nobody wants to see you
after 58 minutes!” [ Laughter ]
-Really? -“Cut it out at 58!
They want to leave, Leslie! They want to leave!”
And I was like… -No. No.
And then I love — Only you could do this.
You got the writers and creators of “Game of Thrones”
to direct this special. -Because I’m a G. [ Laughter ] -How…
[ Cheers and applause ] How did you get
“Game of Thrones” to direct
a stand-up comedy special? Only you could do this.
-Well, you know — Don’t laugh.
Okay. So I had a list of directors
I wanted. You know me, highfalutin.
You know? So, I was like Steven Spielberg.
Lorne was like, “No.” [ Laughter ] He does not agree with —
I was like, “Lorne, call Steven for me.” He was like,
“Um, first of all, no. And second of all, he’s busy.” So I was like,
“Okay.” I know J.J. And I was like, “J.J. Abrams.” And J.J. was like,
“No, I’m doing ‘Star Wars.’ I got, you know, to do this.”
And then I was like — -Wait, wait.
You act like that’s a sentence. You just said that.
You just said that sentence. “No, I’m doing ‘Star Wars.'”
Yeah! It’s a giant movie.
-You know, whatever. You know,
“I can’t stop for your special.” You know what I’m saying?
But I love J.J. But then I was like,
“Okay, wait a minute. It’s right up under my nose.”
Like, “Who else could catch action but somebody
who shoot a dragon?” [ Laughter ] And what am I?
A dragon! -Yeah, that’s right!
You’re a comedy dragon! -Aah!
-[ Laughs ] You’re a comedy dragon! And they did it.
I love that they did. But I love the idea
of “Time Machine.” -Yes.
-So, basically, what you do is, you compare yourself
to you in your 20s. -Yes. First of all,
I want people to know — First of all, I’m 52.
Life is what it is. Life —
Let me tell you something. Everybody always say,
“Life is short.” No, it’s not.
It’s very long. [ Laughter ]
It’s very long. And I want people to know
I had a 20s. And I know what you 20-year-olds
think you going through. Y’all not having fun.
I know what it is to be 30. I know what it is to be 40.
And now I’m 50. I want people to embrace the wonderfulness
of your individuality. [ Cheers and applause ] -Embrace your 20s.
Embrace everything. I want to show everyone a clip.
Here’s Leslie Jones In her new Netflix special,
“Leslie Jones: Time Machine.” Take a look.
-Yes! My funnest night —
One of my funniest night in my 20s,
I started at work. Yeah, I was at work. Uh…doing shots in the back. [ Laughter ]
Yeah, yeah, man. I don’t care about getting drunk
at work, you know, in my 20s. [Bleep]
I could work at any Popeye’s. You know what I’m saying?
[ Laughter ] Franchise.
It’s a franchise. [ Laughter ] I ended up butt naked
in a Jeep Wrangler, going around in a circle saying,
“Happy Halloween.” [ Laughter and applause ] Bitch, it was Christmas. [ Laughter, cheers, applause ] -Leslie Jones, everybody!
-True story. -That’s a true story!
-True story.