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EVE Online – No Downtime Announcement

December 7, 2019 | Articles | No Comments

Infrastructure… the backbone of modern society. In this hidden location the plumbing for the most complex systems of New Eden is kept under strict control to ensure that it runs like clockwork. This National Cookie Day, CCP will attempt something that has never been done before… … rolling the dice and disrupting a tick in time. Stand prepared. 48 hours… all action… no downtime. Coming soon to a Tranquility near you. (December 4th)

The Last of Us (feat. Writer & Creative Director Neil Druckmann)

Hi, my name is Neil Druckmann
and I was the writer and creative director of The Last of Us. And this is Lessons From The Screenplay. – [Narrator] Many people
don’t equate video games with storytelling. They might think they’re
simply about button mashing or blowing things up. But video games can tell
deeply emotional stories with rich character arcs that you don’t simply watch
unfold, you participate in. The 2013 game, The Last of Us, from developer Naughty Dog
is one of the very best examples of how to tell a story through the medium of a video game. In The Last of Us, you play primarily as a character named Joel, a smuggler who has to escort a teenage girl, Ellie across a
post-apocalyptic United States. And although the experience of playing a game is different
than watching a film, the writers crafting the story face many of the same challenges. – Writing dialogue on the page is one of the last things and one
of the easiest things you do. A lot of the hard writing is structure. What are the beats that need to happen? How is each beat unique? How is it it all working towards this ultimate message you’re trying to say? Once you have that, then you kind of dive in deeper and say, okay,
what are the tools we have? How do we make these interactive moments tell the story more so than the dialogue? – [Narrator] As a long time gamer, I’ve always been fascinated by the unique experiences
created by video games, and I wanted to know how to create a compelling narrative
in this different medium. So I sat down with writer and creative director Neil Druckmann, who was nice enough to
answer all of my questions. So today we’re going to
look at the differences and similarities between storytelling in film and storytelling in games. To explore the techniques
used to convey exposition, establish character arcs, and teach gameplay in an emotional way, And to examine the way a game can make the player truly experience a story. Let’s take a look at The Last of Us. Ah cool, so why don’t we just
start with, what are some of the differences in
telling a story in a movie versus telling a story in a video game? – In a movie it’s so much about shots and how do you tell the story
visually on the screen. Games are interesting, in that you could have that, right? You have cinematics which
operate like film and so you need to be very familiar
with the cinematic language. Then there is another layer of it which is of course the thing that makes games unique
is the interactive space. [Narrator] The fundamental difference between how the audience
experiences a story in a video game versus a film is that
a film goer is passive, whereas the player has agency. In film you watch characters and empathize by observing their
situation, their desires, their obstacles, their choices. This is true for video games as well, but there’s also a more direct connection. You develop empathy through control. – When you’re playing a character, you connect with them in
this very subconscious level. I don’t even know how to
articulate it, but you hear people say, “I am Joel.” Or that part when they’re finally playing as Ellie is totally unique to gaming, and we watch this over and
over again as focus testers, get to that part. They’re like, “Oh my God, I’m Ellie.” And you see, they change how they play because now they’re seeing
themselves as this child, this teenager that doesn’t have the stature of this large man. And they play differently, and they look at the world differently. And it’s how you can use control of a character to create
such strong empathy. [Narrator] This connection can be used to give the player the
most compelling perspective for different moments of the story. One of the clearest examples of this is in the very
beginning of the game. – We had a very different opening. We had an opening where you played as Joel and you went to
the neighbor’s house, You have to put one of these infected down and then run back and go get your daughter and then you’re playing as
Joel every step of the way. And there was something
about that opening, it just felt very familiar. And then in brainstorming with some of the designers and other people, we had this aha moment of like, “Well, what if you didn’t play as Joel?” – Dad? – [Neil] What if you saw the whole opening through his daughter’s eyes? – You in here? Where the heck are you? – [Neil] People are just
more scared playing a kid than they are a capable adult and as you’re going around the house looking for your dad and you’re
seeing this thing on the news. – There seems to be some
commotion coming from the– – Get the hell out of here right– – What was that? – It just gets creepier and creepier. – There you are. – Sarah, we have got to get out of here do you understand me? – Yeah. [Narrator] As Joel, his
daughter, and his brother try to escape the erupting chaos, the player experiences everything from the point of view of Sarah, until– – Look out! [Narrator] Sarah’s leg
is hurt in the crash, so you now play as Joel,
suddenly responsible for trying to carry your injured daughter to safety amidst the
outbreak of an apocalypse. (screaming) – Keep looking at me baby. – [Man] Come on, run! – [Narrator] During this sequence, you can’t fight or hide, all you can do is keep running
and hope you don’t die. The player feels the stress and fear, because they are the
characters in this situation. (Screaming) – Daddy we can’t leave him. (screaming) – [Narrator] But this sequence does more than simply provide engaging gameplay, it establishes critical
character backstory. – Our characters have their own wants, needs, obsessions, loves. And we’re saying when
you’re playing our game, we want you to tap into who they are and play the game
as them, not as you, as them. [Narrator] The Last of
Us, like most films, is a story about a protagonist
on a journey of change. – It’s my daughter, I
think her leg is broken– – Stop right there! – [Narrator] And like many
protagonists, Joel has a ghost, a traumatic event that
makes him afraid of change. (gun firing)
(screaming) In this opening, we’re
living through Joel’s ghost. – Oh no, Sarah? Sarah? – [Narrator] After the title sequence, the game picks up twenty years later. After briefly meeting Joel’s
smuggling companion, Tess, the player takes control of Joel as they make their way to
recover some stolen weapons. Here, the game uses
environmental storytelling to provide exposition. – [Announcer] Required to carry an ID at all times,
compliance with all city– – [Narrator] What the
player sees and hears while moving through a space
provides critical details about the world and how it operates. There’s a good summary of this section in the script for The Last of Us, which allows me to quickly answer one of the questions I had going into this video. What does the script for
a video game look like? The answer is, it depends. Depending on the purpose of the script and the personal preference of the studio developing the game, the script format can range from proprietary story software to massive Excel spreadsheets. – For The Last of Us, once
the game was completed, all of the various story documents were conflated into a single script. In this final script, the cinematics and key story moments are written in traditional
screenplay format, while the gameplay is summarized in prose. Here’s the prose for
this section of the game. “The city is under constant martial law with soldiers posted at street corners” “In another section of the city, suspects are lined up on their knees with their hands on their head. A medical solider with a
handheld scanner goes down the line, scanning people
for the fungal infection. A woman tests positive and argues that she’s not infected. Soldiers hold the woman down while the medical soldier
injects her with a syringe. The woman convulses before dying. Another man on his knees
stands up and runs away. Without hesitation a
soldier raises his rifle and shoots the man.” (gun firing) It’s clear that this world
is a dangerous place. So how is the player supposed
to navigate all of this? The Last of Us uses the narrative to teach gameplay mechanics
in an emotional way. – So usually when we start
production on the game, the beginning is one of
the last things you work on because that’s when you have
locked down your mechanics, okay, now we need to train them. We have to expose the player to each thing their character can do, but you don’t want to
just throw a big text box on the screen, that’s your last resort. It’s like, are there ways
through the narrative that you could teach them? – [Narrator] In the game, as
Joel and Tess are on their way to recover their stolen weapons there’s an explosion
in the quarantine zone. (Explosion) So they have to run and
heal their injuries. – Patch yourself up all right. – [Narrator] Following Joel and Tess along their usual smuggling
path gives a sense of their routine and
provides an opportunity to learn how to reload weapons. – All right Texas, boost me up. – One of my favorite ones that we did was, all kind of shooters have, you
press L2 to aim, R2 to shoot. I’m like, “Okay, what’s an
interesting way to teach that?” And in the opening of the
game it’s like Joel and Tess are trying to get to this guy, Robert, they’re using
their smuggling routes. One of them has Infected in it. – Hold up, spores. – And as they crawl through, they see a guy on the
ground, another smuggler, some of the environment
has collapsed on him and he begs you to kill him because his mask broke and
he breathed in some spores. – My mask broke, don’t leave me to turn. – and then this box comes in, it’s like press L2 to
aim, press R2 to shoot. Then they’re like, “Oh, that’s how you’re
gonna teach me to shoot.” So again, it’s a way to
expose you to a mechanic, teach you it and put some emotional weight behind it and show you this
is the world that you live in. – Poor bastard. – [Narrator] After some
unexpected complications, Joel and Tess learn that the only way to get their weapons back is to smuggle some very unusual cargo. – Joel give me a hand with this. Ellie, a fierce fourteen-year-old girl, charges out from a nearby
room, switchblade in hand. – Get the fuck off of her. [Narrator] Tess catches Ellie’s arm, Ellie struggles to get free. – Let her go. – [Narrator] The relationship between Joel and Ellie
is established quickly in their very first cinematic. – I want you all to watch over her. – Bullshit I’m not– – Ellie. – Going with him. Cinematics are the part of video games that are most similar to
film, and I was curious when and why they choose to use them. when do you use cut scenes? when do you not? Is there any kind of logic or decision making that goes into that? – Yeah so usually cinematics is for specific emotional turns where we wanna slow things down or we wanna look at someone’s face. Get a nuance of a closeup performance that you can’t during game playing. So for example, Joel
coming home and talking to Sarah and her giving him a watch, there’s not gonna be a lot of
interesting gameplay in that but we still need to
establish a relationship with characters, we’ll
use a cut scene there. – You like it? – [Narrator] Setting up the
contentious relationship between Joel and Ellie is
an important plot point. In fact, it’s the inciting incident of the game and being able
to see the performance of the characters faces
allows for nuance and subtext. – What are you doing? – Killing time. – Well what am I supposed to do? – I’m sure you’ll figure that out. – Your watch is broken. – [Narrator] As soon as the characters get outside the quarantine zone, it’s revealed that Ellie
is immune to the disease, that within her might be the cure. It’s now up to Joel to protect
Ellie and get her to safety, and we know from having
played the opening sequence, where he was unable to
save his own daughter, why this is such an emotional task. – So much of the game is the relationship between Ellie and Joel. If we don’t succeed and make you care about this relationship, make you feel these
characters love each other the way a father and a
daughter can love each other, this unconditional love,
we will have failed. Everything is depending on that. – Is that everything you hoped for? – Jury still out but man,
can’t deny that view. – [Narrator] But if a game
simply used cinematics to display the relationship
between two characters, it would just be a movie. So the question is, how do you make the player
feel a relationship? – When you’re playing the game, again with the statement of, we need you to care
about this relationship, we need these characters
to rely on one another and so much of our game is action and combat. And if Ellie’s just hiding
and not participating, then you don’t care as much about her. She starts feeling more like a burden. [Narrator] In The Last of Us, the player is constantly
trying to overcome obstacles. Everything from solving puzzles
to fighting off infected. As you play, you’re accompanied by Ellie, a NPC, or a non-player character, who literally helps you
overcome these obstacles. – You have two characters
and you constantly have to think about how do I
have to rely on one of them. So I might have a gate
that I can’t get past. – Shit, it’s jammed on the other side. – [Neil] If I’m with Ellie I
can boost her over the gate, she can open it from the other side so I’m learning to rely on Ellie. If I came on this gate
and I didn’t have Ellie, I’d have to find a different solution. – Okay, ta-da. – [Narrator] Since the
player is constantly in life or death situations, Ellie
literally helps you survive. – Ellie can save you, Ellie can pick up a brick
and throw it at a dude and give you just enough opening for you to put him down and survive. Likewise if someone grabs you
and pins you against the wall, Ellie might, if she’s around, jump on the guys back and stab
him to give you that opening, again, it’s this feeling very unique thing to games of like, I’ve learned
to rely on this person, now when they’re not
around I want them around. But Ellie isn’t there simply
enhance game mechanics, there is performance happening even when you’re just walking around the city. – The way she’s talking, and the way she’s experiencing the scene, and her demeanor is gonna
change how you feel about her. So for example, after Ellie and Joel get in a fight in the hotel in Pittsburgh. – Why didn’t you just hang
back like I told you to? – You could see her, she’s
crossing her arms more. She’s more standoffish, she’s talking less than she’s used to. Where again, in a film, you can control the pacing and the exact shots here just like oh, this person that’s walking with
me is behaving differently. This is what it feels
like to be in a fight. – [Narrator] The behavior of the NPC changes how
you feel about them. So now that we’ve covered
all the various ways the game makes the player experience
Joel and Ellie’s relationship, I want to look at one last sequence. It’s one of my favorites in the game and I think it demonstrates how all these pieces come together. Toward the end of the game, Ellie has a traumatic experience where she’s taking by a group of cannibals and narrowly
finds a way to escape. – She grabs this machete and she kills David in
the most brutal ways. Just hacks him, and even past
the point where he’s dead, and you’re seeing this effect now, her being on her own, fighting all these people
killing, murdering. It’s having a toll on her. And we leave them just as Joel
comes in and pulls her off of David and holds her and embraces her like his own daughter. He even calls her baby girl, the same phrase he used for his daughter. – Oh baby girl, it’s okay, it’s okay. – [Narrator] The game cuts
to a few months later, but the weight of Ellie’s
experience remains. – Where Ellie, the whole game
has been the optimistic one. The peppy one, she does jokes. She’s the one that calls
Joel on his bullshit. She’s just got all this energy, and you’re coming in, and
she’s quiet, and she’s distant. – You know, once we’re
done with this whole thing, I’m gonna teach you how to play a guitar. Yeah, I reckon you’d really like that. What do you say, huh? – She doesn’t respond, and you get this interactive
prompt above her head that you’ve had the whole game where you can talk to her and be like, and you hit it again, Ellie. And you hit again, Ellie. – Ellie, I’m talking’ to you. – Huh? Oh yeah, sure that sounds great. – But you can tell something
is really off with her. And that was important for us
to show that Ellie has an arc, that Ellie starts as this
very innocent, naive person. And you can’t survive in this world without it corrupting you in some way without it having some
toll on your personality. – [Narrator] Here, the behavior of the NPC you’re paired with, is once again revealing character. Moments later you’re in a bus station and need to boost Ellie
up to grab a ladder, something you’ve done time
and time again in the game. – Maybe we could use that ladder? – [Narrator] You’ve done it so much, that now the game can
subvert your expectations. – So there’s a ladder on top of a ledge, and you call Ellie, and you
click it and Ellie’s not there. – Here we go. Ellie. – And you turn around and you
see she’s just there sitting, despondent. – Ellie. – What? – The ladder, come on. – Right. – [Narrator] It’s hard to convey how surprising this is without
actually playing the game, but it’s one of my favorite moments in any game I’ve ever played. A perfect example of how to use gameplay mechanics
to convey emotion. You feel what a toll this
journey has had on Ellie. – [Neil] And then you boost her and she starts lowering this ladder and something catches her off guard. And she’s like, “Oh my God.” And she just drops the
ladder and runs off. – Oh my God. – And now your panic starts
to say, “What did you see?” You yell out to her. She doesn’t respond. So you have to pick up the ladder, climb up and then go find her. – Ellie! – [Narrator] Here, empathy
through control kicks in, the girl you have to
protect may be in danger and it’s up to you to see if she’s okay. And that’s when this happens. – You see this? Shh, don’t scare it. – I won’t, I won’t. – The giraffe moment is very much a result of really tight structure. We just came from a sequence where we want to show the
toll of all the violence, the trauma it has on Ellie. You just feel so bad for
her, this kid is gone. Maybe she’ll never
recover and Ellie is just over the moon seeing these giraffes and you can go up to them
and you can pet them. – Hey there. So fucking cool. – And the reason that that is there is to bring the child back, is to show she still has that innocence. She still has that hopefulness. She could still smile despite all the horrible things these
characters have experienced. She still has life within her. – [Narrator] We get the
briefest of cinematics where we see their faces during this emotional turning point. – Is it everything you were hoping for? – It’s got its ups and downs but You still can’t deny the view, though. – [Narrator] And we are one step closer to the completion of Joel’s arc. – The kind of life that Joel
has suppressed and shut down, comes through with Ellie. And then it’s like, that’s
probably the happiest moment. Coming from such, the dark of winter to this really happy moment, that already sets us up for the darkness of what we need to head into. To me, great story structure
is constantly doing this. And that was what we were
after for the sequence. – [Narrator] This quiet, happy
moment sets the player up for the games darkest sequence yet. What is your goal when creating a story? When creating a game, What experience do you want
people to walk away with? – What we wanted was to have
the player be entertained. I think if it’s not entertaining, and it’s boring, you’re
not gonna stick with it. Love these characters
the way we love them, understand them, and
just making you reflect on these choices and question like, “What would I have done?” And I think you only feel the weight of that question if you
experience a whole journey with these characters. – [Narrator] Joel and Ellie’s
journey is not just fun to play, it’s a powerful story experience that cleverly uses the tools of its medium to deeply affect the player, making sure we won’t forget our experience playing The Last of Us. If you’re interested in
doing your own storytelling in games, it would obviously be good to know as much as you can about both how to tell stories and how to make games and One of the greatest resources for learning new skills is Skillshare. Skillshare is an online
learning community for creators, with thousands of classes in game design, writing, filmmaking, and more. Premium Membership gives
you unlimited access, so you can join the
classes and community’s that are just right
for you and your goals. If you’re looking for a fun way to get a glimpse into working with 3D modeling and animation software, I recommend checking out
Gustavo Torres’s class, “Motion Graphics in Cinema 4D: Design an 80s-Inspired Animated GIF” In the class he uses Cinema 4D, Photoshop, and After Effects to make a
cool 80s-style animated gif. You can start the class today for free by heading to the
link in the description below. An annual subscription is
less than 10 Dollars a month, and by signing up with that link you get
two months for free. So head to Skillshare
and start learning today. Thanks to Skillshare for
Sponsoring this video. Hey guys, hope you enjoyed the video. I want to say thank you to Neil Druckmann and everyone at Naughty Dog and Sony who helped to make this
interview possible. We actually talked for
about forty minutes, so there were parts of the
interview that had to be cut. But, I’ll be releasing these
extra clips to our Patreons. So if you wanna help support
the channel and get access to exclusive clips from
my interview with Neil, head to the Patreon for
Lessons from the Screenplay. Thank you as always to
the Patreons on Patreon and supporters here on YouTube for making this channel possible. Thanks for watching and
I’ll see you next time.

10 Games That Humiliated The Player For Cheating! | VELO

games that humiliated the player for cheating Cheaters suck. In any video game cheating never fails to destroy the fun. Thankfully now, some game developers Have realized how awful cheating is, and they’ve decided to put in features in their game that not only stop cheaters, but humiliated them in the process. Welcome to TRENDING 10 and today, we’re counting down the top 10 video games that destroyed the cheaters. But before we begin be sure to like the video hit subscribe and click the bell to stay notified of all our future content. Number 10 Super Monkey ball [junior]. This entry in the Super Monkey ball series on the Gameboy Advance Was particularly mean to those that tried to use the famous Konami code to get an advantage. For those of you that don’t know, perhaps THE most famous cheat in gaming history is: up up down down left right left- -right B A. Known as the konami code. And it has been usable in hundreds upon hundreds of games Well, Super Monkey Ball Jr. Is certainly not one of them. If you try to use the Konami code in this game, the cheat will be rejected, and the title of the game on the menu screen will change to Super Nice Try. Number 9, the legend of Zelda Links Awakening. Now, this one doesn’t have to do with cheating in the real world, but rather in the world of the game. in this Game Boy adventure title you occasionally have to visit local shops to buy items to use on your journey. Now let’s say you want to buy some items, and you don’t have enough money to pay for them. Well, you can run away from the shopkeeper without paying. But if you do so, the NPC’s in the game will start referring to you as: ‘Thief’ Instead of the name you typed in at the beginning of the game. And if you choose to return to the store at any point, The Shopkeeper will seriously mess you up always [pay] for your arrows number [Eight] the Witcher 3 This RPG was critically acclaimed when it was released in 2015 and it had so [much] to do that It’s not hard to believe [that] players found a good amount of exploit So what some players would do was kill a cow? Collect the leather Sell it then skip the game clock ahead one hour so that the cow would respond and repeat the process until they were filthy rich Well developer CD. Projekt red was not a fan of this so they deviously added a new enemy into the If your character was caught doing the cow glitch the game would spawned the God of cows to come and destroy you [now] Seriously a giant cow monster would come to kill you and if you [managed] to kill it Another one would rush in to finish you off serves you right for killing all those innocent cows Number seven simcity this city simulator franchise does allow the player to use cheat code as many classic games do But if you try to cheat too much you will feel the wrath of Ea in A couple games using the cheat code fund will grant you some extra cash to use while creating your civilization But using the code too many times will have some drastic consequences in Simcity 2000 if you use one too many times the game will give the extra money to you as a loan instead of regular cash a 25% loan good luck paying that back because you definitely won’t oh and it gets worse in the first Sim [citty] if you use the fun code too many times an earthquake will come up and straight up Destroy Your city Forcing you to start from scratch whoo now. That’s just mean number 6 [Banjo] [Kazooie] this light-hearted classic from [rareware] is widely regarded as one of the greatest nintendo 64 games of all time Now like many classic games banjo Kazooie featured cheat codes that the player could discover and use throughout their adventure But there were also a good amount of codes that were not so welcome [if] the player used too many of these unwelcome codes Banjo would [straight-up]. Delete your save file. Ooh now. That’s cold at least you got a warning first number 5 Donkey Kong 64 Speaking of [rareware] classics here we have another one [from] the Golden age of Nintendo 64 Platformer Donkey Kong 64 Now back, then there was a game editor called game shark basically a cheaters best friend You could utilize it to rewrite codes in the game to give you unlimited health extra strength Etc Well rareware wasn’t a fan of this and Donkey Kong 64 if the game detected you Rewriting any part of the code your character would no longer be able to pick up any items and would always die in a single Hit and there was definitely no going back if you use the game shark to cheat in [Dk] [64] you were forever stuck with busted nearly impossible copy of the game Number four Grand Theft Auto 5 one of the best-selling game series of all time Rockstar games definitely anticipated some of the players to not be the best sport and installed some amazing backup plans to deal with them if You quit too many group missions destroy too many people stuff or get enough other players to complain about you the game glues a big? dunce cap to your head for the entire world to see And that’s just remain a bad sport if you actually cheat things get much much worse Early in the game’s Lifespan it was an exploit that allows players to bring the cars that they bought in single-Player mode into the multiplayer Mode giving them a massive advantage these cars had more features than those in multiplex Well after discovering that people were exploiting the cons and multiplayer rockstar decided not to fully patch it But instead to install a feature where if you tried to bring your single-player car into multiplayer your car would immediately Explode killing you instantly and destroying the vehicle that’ll teach you number [three] titanfall this first-person shooter from Respawn entertainment was great fun when it was released in 2011 Leading infantry combat with Giant Robots roaming the Battlefield Like many online games there were plenty of players trying to find ways to have an advantage over their opponents Luckily Respawn had plans for them if you were caught cheating in titanfall, you could still play the game But you were only allowed [to] play with other cheaters meaning that they were servers safe Specifically for cheaters to only be able to cheat with one another Cheating isn’t so much fun when everyone you play with is doing it number two Slender the arrival Now there’s not really any reason to play a horror game if you’re going to avoid all the scares But I guess some players thought otherwise as in Slender the arrival There was an exploit where if you walked outside the borders of the map you couldn’t be caught by any monsters Allowing you to walk through levels without opposition Well the developers didn’t want anyone to escape the scares of their game so they installed a patch where if you tried to walk outside the map the player would fall through the ground to their death and Then be greeted with Slenderman right up in their face with the message not even a bug in this game we’ll save you from me definitely [enough] to scare you out of your cheating way and finally number one H1Z1 Perhaps the most famous instance of cheater punishment this online survival game had quite a cheater problem when it was first released Before fixing the exploits however the developers banned all players who had been spotted cheating over? 30,000 people until after the game was fixed the banned players were allowed [to] come back and play But only if they uploaded a public apology to Youtube and sent it to the developers Who would of course then share it with the world? oh And it gets worse After getting the same lame excuses from cheaters the developers actually uploaded their own apology video Mocking all of the cheaters for their exploits, and they’re awful reason. I think it’s safe to say that these guys definitely don’t like cheaters But alright there we go guys that’s it for [our] list of [team] games that absolutely Destroyed you if you tried to cheat Know of any other cheater harassment games be sure to let us know down [in] the comment section below and if you enjoyed the video Drop a like and subscribe for more great content, but alright. Thanks so much for watching trending 10 your guide to what’s viral right now

How video games changed my life.

December 6, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

How video games changed my life.

Video games. Everyone likes them. Violent people. Everyone likes- N-no one likes them. But what if I told you that they’re connected and the same. I would know, because video games made me violent. And once you’re convinced, pick up our shirt to join the movement The “Video games made me violent – stay back” T-shirt BUY IT NOW Why am I doing this so early on in the video? (laughing) And here with me today, I have my friend Bianca Welcome. And, my editor Jonas. You always do the best sounds Yeah, that’s why you earned the big bucks. Umm, Let’s get started. (music) I don’t know about you, But I got introduced to video games with a home PC. My dad bought a home PC so he could, like, work from home And it was a super old PC. He would take floppy disks from work, And he would put the text files on there and take them home But I very quickly realized that this… Typewriter-computer could play video games So, Dad could never use the computer for working again Because I would be on it all the time Just playing all the best games Because I’m really old, STOP THE BULLYING No bullying in the comments I’m old, okay? Very secure It was DOS. It was just this operating system where you Literally need to, like, write in stuff like a hacker to do anything That’s how old I am. No bullying, but honestly It would have been really easy to get violent from video games already because I was playing this game called cosmonaut It was a jumping spaceship game there was a lot of hidden traps you had to memorize the stuff and it was really frustrating but the main thing that could and Probably should have made me violate. It was that there was an 8-bit motor sound and it sounded something like this It’s really annoying just imagine listening to that for hours and hours, I’m like, how did I not get a stroke? Imagine just listening to that for hours. I just want to go out right now, you know do some stabbing anyway, so my anyway So my dad noticed pretty early on my love for video games and he was like, I’m gonna use this in a positive way I’m gonna make sure that it’s like a good time for a job, but he will also do things that are good for him so my dad Programmed a V s racing game they wanted me and my sister to play against each other and the crux of the video game was that you got further on the track by answering my fish Nice try dad, right? It’s like he spent hours and hours programming this math game for me and my sister and I think I played it twice Why do you think I play video games dad? Like are you an idiot? It’s not that I can do math I Felt bad, right so like immediately I was like, oh, yeah, this sucks but then like I put it on a couple times when dad came home so it looked like I had been playing so I’ll be Like oh I can hear my dad opening the door. So I thought well, let’s turn on the math gaming Yeah, I mean he spent so much time on that game Really misinformed So yeah, I had been introduced to video games, but there was no violence yet And that’s how the video games gets you they start slow then make you feel comfortable. And then BAM you’re violent, right? Yeah. Yeah Yeah, yeah So, it’s Christmas I’m five-year-old Joe I’m opening a present from Grandma got the person right here what could it be? I have no idea what this is. I open it Jonas make some good VFX for this. Oh my god opening so great, huh? And it’s a Nintendo game boy guys it was for my grandma So obviously even five year-old Joel knew that grandma didn’t buy the Gameboy grandma gave money to dad Dad bought the gameboy on behalf of grandma. Don’t don’t try to fool me dad. There’s such a call at video on my dad Dad, stop doing all these nice things for me. And yeah, this was the original gamer I mean kids nowadays they grew up with like the gameboy advance or the Gameboy Advance SP or even gameboy color I guess if you’re almost as old with me, but I had the original black and whites Gameboy yeah, I’m old. Okay, stop the bullying stop the bullying no bullying in the comments. Don’t do it Shut up And there were some amazing games for the Gameboy. There were Mickey Mouse magic ones amazing game. This is the exposition Also some great sound I mean This is 8-bit guys. You guys don’t realize you liked this if you’re a kid in I don’t say This is the actual game Hey, I’m so young And so on and then we also had from Super Mario LEDs to 6 golden coins the best Mario game out there Fight me check this out guys. This is incredible Check that out guys It is pretty epic. Look at that No, it’s to power up such a great game Well back in my day we didn’t have color the world was in black and white everything Anyway, that’s a great joke, by the way. My dad used to do that one and my grandpa The thing with a gameboy was that the buttons felt so good and everything was so smooth It’s the reason I never got into you’re probably like Oh touch screen gaming. I Like my fruit ninja whatever. My first game was a lower across Windows 98. Oh Yeah, that one that oh my god, I liked it like you commits Like yeah, we want the characters have big boobs. And then when you see that you have to make them triangles You’re not like a let’s not do that Yeah, no, it’s better than not big. I want to triangle Anyway, I’m still not violent at this point in my gaming But I did get Obsessed and these are the first signs of how bad video games are for you is so I would bring the game boy on car Rides, I would bring it to the beach Oh bring it to school. Yeah What’s wrong with bringing it to the beach whole point is I was opposed to enjoy the beach I enjoyed the game boy at the beach Yeah And he would be stuff like, you know, mom, I don’t want to eat dinner. I’m fighting team rockets in the radio tower Are you you guys getting food? I’m gonna play my games My parents tried hiding the Gameboy to try to make me playlist didn’t work. I’d always find it I had a sixth sense for where they hid the Gameboy what really stopped it from totally consuming My life was that my eyes got tired from squinting in the tiny screen. I’ve like three hours I just couldn’t look at it anymore. My eyes would just want to close and like I started crying When I was eight years old I got sick and my dad still a good dad by the way He didn’t want me to be home alone bored all day. So he went to the video rental store. Remember those don’t bully me I’m not olds and he rented a Nintendo 64 and Mario Kart for me to play when I was home alone and sick because they Didn’t want me to be bored and that was a big mistake. It was too much fun I would win cups in Mario Kart just like the standard cups and it would get so excited So I called my dad every time I’d work my dad. I won the mushroom cup me but yeah, that’s great 15 minutes later dad. I won the Star Cup I just went on and on and I realized something really important If I lie about being sick, I get to stay home and play Nintendo 64. That’s how you do it So I did I lied two times. I would get to Nintendo 64 again Mario Cart. I got super mario 64 Amazing games but you know calling my dad ended up being my undoing because obviously I was too energetic and I worked way too hard of finishing the games and I would just call my dad all the time and clearly I was Not sick enough to be home, right the third time I said it was sick in like two weeks I was like they hate I’m sick go go get their new 10 64 dad I’m sick, and it was like well sure you can you can stay home from school if you’re sick But you’re not getting a Nintendo and I was instantly cured of my illness Something I was like, oh actually I feel pretty good now I could I could probably go to school and that was the end of that Later my dad bought a new computer and this was a Pentium 2 windows 95 computer top-of-the-line guys top of the line This was when I truly became an epic gamer But I got some ground rules for my parents rule. Number one finish homework before games rule number two No, violent video games rule number three no online games because that was really really extremely scared of viruses Which was probably like good at this point because people got viruses for you know That people use like click email attachments and get viruses and stuff before I would only be allowed to surf the web for 15 minutes a day because 15 minutes a day because I was like a dial-up connection It would go over the land line to block the phones and everything Obviously these four things are the best things of gaming violent games online gaming So obviously it was time Once again to start lying to the parents lying about homework was really easy just be like there was no homework Or I did the homework in school mom violent games more difficult because all my money I had I got from my parents and they would be able to be like Oh You can’t use it for this or that but I was born in the perfect time for this because there was CD burner piracy Basically, you could copy your friends games and there was nothing to stop you You could just copy a game onto like a CDR and they would work just as if you would have bought the games I’ve had a stash of secret games that I had copied from my friends and Really Just to be extra sure I hid them but I also wrote fake names on the CDs So half-life a really violent game. I wrote fee $4.99 on FIFA 95 I don’t know what FIFA what doesn’t matter but also Starcraft Starcraft is just like a top-down strategy game But that was also true violent for my parents. So I wrote Barbie nail designer on that. I don’t know That’s more suspicious not me I write anyway, I wrote that the hardest one July about and to circumvent was the 15 minutes internet limit that’s really difficult because my mom would talk to my aunt’s on the phone for hours and hours and there were no cell phones at This point it would be like she’d be on and then I couldn’t do the internet But the worst part is when I wasn’t lying like gaming with the buds doing whatever Counter-strike or something and my mom would lift the phone in the other room and she would hear the like mawdem sound So she would scream like sure and then I would get like a real scolding from mom. Well deserved scolding I deserved that another bad thing was that we would get billed such had the monthly costs of the Internet and it would specify Exactly what times I online? It was really expensive. Yeah, I think averaged about two hours a day instead of 15 minutes a day I think it’s nowadays do a lot more than two hours But like when you call that time That was definitely my mom and dad told me that I needed to cut down on the internet, but they never really stopped me I just kept on doing My biggest motivation for lying was friends. This was when MSN Messenger was big I was like writing with my friends sending like funny pictures So that was like my whole social life playing Counter Strike playing half-life Everything was online suddenly and I was willing to lie to my parents to have the friends. That just makes sense. I think But sadly this gaming culture and these friends we’re what led me to violence and now we’re getting there guys time for violent behavior time Okay, guys, I know you guys are gonna be convinced at the end of this so make sure to buy the shirt I am a really dangerous game or do it right now So my first real friend group, we played a lot of video games. We meet up and game together desktop computers We’re the only things that could play video games at the time No, one had a laptop and the laptop that existed were like so slow and bad. He couldn’t do anything on him It’s really hard to move around the desktop. So it only happened like a handful of times So instead an entrepreneur in my little town opened up a gaming cafe They had like eights computers in two rows and they had all the good games installed. It was awesome You could rent this place per hour So we would go there and play like a couple hours after school But the big events the big events was night Gibbs a night skip was an all-nighter at an internet cafe. Yeah And you’re like wow We were six friends. We would rented the whole place from 6:00 p.m. On Friday night to 6:00 a.m. On Saturday morning. I Mean that would kill me now, but at the time like I was 13 It really worked the owner would sleep in the back room and we could go like ding this little thing and he would sell us Like candy and Jolt Cola was important because otherwise you wouldn’t stay awake and I needed hail a candy and hail a Jolt Cola To survive and we play counter-strike. We will play Warcraft 3 tower defense. We play DotA quake 3 arena Starcraft all these amazing game It was literally the dream just being with five of your best friends playing video games all night. Oh, it’s so good It was more fun than anything else. I remember in my childhood pretty much we were all so together in an IRL space It’s so different from gaming now. It’s like sit in the teams and we would do bets on games We would watch funny videos together all this stuff. It’s just like an awesome gaming sleepover – the sleeps It’s like an awesome gaming wake over Yeah, but anyway this is when it gets sad guys Epps in the chat right now staying up all nights on just candy and soda makes you a bit unstable this is when Violence. Okay. There was this one guy in my friend group and he was the worst at video games and around 4:00 5:00 a.m In the middle of the night this guy he owned me Incredibly in counter-strike really bad and he was also really slugging like a bad winner about it. Oh, yeah Screw you Joel you’re drew I realized that he had like practiced during the week and got a better shooter got better at the game Screw that and my sugar dap 13 year old brain wouldn’t have it. This is not okay I went over there and I started hitting him on the arms start here on the arms and like in the belly. I Know the arms not in the face. Obviously. I’m not as savaged but Yeah, yeah and he started hitting back the arms in the belly and we ended up on the floor He’s fighting and friends have to like break it up and guys. That’s proof that violent video games Make you violent Help spread the word by the shirt right now video games made me violent stay back you and I as gamers we could snap at Any time people need to be aware by the shirt? Now but honestly, like kids are competitive whenever kids get competitive since the dawn of time they will fight But you know way more than making me violent, which I don’t think it did it connected me to your friends and it helped me sustain through like lonely times all these amazing video games and they’re also just fun and you know, I still play I just love me some games. That’s it So bought by the shirt since that doesn’t make any sense more, but still buy it. Ok. Bye Also, thank you guys so much for the nice response on the sorry video last week I was not expecting such a great response. You guys are awesome Thanks for supporting these new kinds of videos, and I wanted to mention that the discord server is awesome It’s been super nice to chat to you guys. Me and Jonas are on there regularly. Just chatting however I do not appreciate that people have started saying the pig Jonas that’s curtains this name on their Pig Jonas is their Lord and Savior and they’re saying that Jonas should take over. Don’t do that. Stop the bullying nothing like that on the discord servers. Stop that immediately And yeah, I will see you guys in the next video link to the discord in the description But no no Pig Jonas worship on there. Ok. Thank you guys, and I will see you next time. Bye

OUYA – BAWB the Games Guy Take 5 – “Live” from E3 #OUYAPark

Sup, Internet! Bob Mills, here. Your OUYA Games Guy!
We’re here live at E3. We’re posted up.
We’ve got tons of games. And we’re just having a good time.
This is a moment we should remember… …in the history of OUYA.
Our first E3! Let’s take a look at some games!
DJ: “It’s party time! A lovely Thursday afternoon. E3. Los Angeles. OUYA!”
DJ: “Come on, guys. Let me see you get live!” OUYA Park is going off right now.
We’ve got a DJ spinning music. Some guy brought popsicles so that’s awesome.
And uh, yah we’re just here checking out the scene,
playing some awesome games– Booker: “Yah, messing around
drinking free beer. You know, chilling out. Man, playing games.
It’s all live, buddy. LIVE!”

Top 10 Scariest Video Games Of The Decade

December 4, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 33 Comments

Top 10 Scariest Video Games Of The Decade

WARNING: daring to play the games listed here
may result in screams of terror and cause nightmares. Hello again my fellow gamers, my name is Amanda
McKnight and I am back for a limited time only to be your host for this list. Just kidding, I’ll be back every now and then,
popping up like a good jump scare. Which makes sense as I am known for being
the most terrifying. Boo! 2020 is just around the corner and in honour
of that, we’ll be looking at the scariest games from the past decade, the good ol’ 2010s
as we count down the top 10 scariest video games of the decade. Still sounds weird to say the 2010’s. It’s not as satisfying as the 90’s or the
80’s. The 2010s. One day in the distant future, they’ll probably
just be known as the 10s or, like, the 2-10’s and I’ll either be longe dead, or be a version
of my consciousness uploaded into an android who still hosts youtube videos. Stay tuned to find out which. And to find out which games made the cut. And if you like horror games, be sure to give
this video a lil like. Alright, let’s get counting. 10
Blair Witch Developed by team Bloober this psychological
survival horror game takes you back to the 90s. You are forced to visit the same woods as
the teenagers in the fateful Blair Witch Project film as you search for a missing boy. You play as a former police officer, Ellis
Lynch. Armed with a cellphone, a flashlight that
works some of the time, and reliable a walkie talkie, you set out with your trusty animal
companion and tracker dog, Bullet. You can even pet him! I know that’s not what this list is about
but also this dogs in games are the best. And the bond you share with your dog both
lulls you into a false sense of security and helps to urge you forward as you explore the
creepy forest and later a creepy abandoned house. The game also incorporates a cam-corder, evoking
the original film it is inspired off of, which you later use as a tool to explore in the
world further. Blair Witch was released in August of 2019
and is playable on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. 9
Layers of Fear In Layers of Fear you are a painter who has
returned home after a court hearing to start work on your magnum opus, a painter’s masterpiece
work. The game is a psychological horror where your
character’s psyche is your own worst enemy. You wander through your home experiencing
hallucinations and uncovering more and more about your character’s twisted past and broken
mental state. The game also implores a few jump scares to
freak you out. Lots of walking down dark corridors in this
game. Gameplay centers around exploration and puzzle
solving. Layers of Fear has been spooking out players
since it’s release in 2016. It was also developed by the Bloober Team
and is playable on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC and XBox One. 8
Dead Space 2 Dead Space 2 was published by EA Games. The sequel to the first Dead Space, the game
is played in third person and was released in 2011. It is playable on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Once again you are taking on the Necromorphs. Dead Space is interesting as it is a game
that could be best described as a slasher, in fact you are encouraged to slice of the
limbs of the necromorphs that attack you as head-shots are often not as useful. And you know the game you are playing is going
to be gorey, like in Dead Space 2, when you are rewarded for curb stomping monsters heads. The game itself feels leaves you feeling tense
and panic ridden as you often fight in dimly lit narrow corridors and tight spaces. 7
Soma SOMA was released in 2015 by Frictional Games
and is playable on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. In it you are Simon Jarret the survivor of
a car accident who is looking for help after suffering severe brain damage. David Munshi (Munchy), a medical grad student,
offers to help you by observing the trauma with an experimental brain scan procedure. You pass out during the procedure and appear
to wake up in the future after humanity has been pretty much destroyed after a large comet
struck the earth. You are on Pathos 2, underwater in a research
facility and work to uncover what has happened both in this place and to yourself. The game is heavily narrative focused, filled
with puzzles and sneaking. This game evokes the genre of psychological
horror even more as each shadowy figure is meant to symbolize some kind of emotional
trauma. And if you’re wondering what soma means by
the way, it’s basically word meaning the soul, spirit and memories of one’s body. 6
Alan Wake Alan Wake was first released in 2010 and is
playable on Xbox and PC. It’s a game that evokes a Twin Peaks or a
Twilight Zone vibe. You play as Alan Wake, a writer who ends up
getting trapped in his story. The game constantly makes the player question
what is real and what is illusion as they explore the frighteningly surreal and eerie
environment of the town, Bright Falls, in Washington state. Something that has always gotten me is how
when running away from enemies you can still hear their footsteps chasing you. The jump scares and memorable characters make
this psychological thriller meets action-packed video games one of the creepiest creeps to
creep about in. 5
Amnesia: The Dark Descent This first person survival horror game with
filled with monsters and puzzles was released in 2010 by Frictional Games. Though truly it was more psychological than
survival based really. This game is playable on PC, PS4, Xbox One
and Nintendo Switch. Amnesia was a brilliant game when it was released
because it tricked you into doing the work for it, almost. The most terrifying thing in Amnesia isn’t
actually what you’re running from, it’s your imagination. This is a game where you run from monsters,
barricade doors, hide in a closet, and let your imagination go to work. The sound is also great, the main characters
breathing specifically terrified us. Because you can lose your sanity in the game,
you become more terrified. The brilliant thing is there is no in game
negative consequences. The game makes you think there is. But there isn’t. Your vision might change, you might fall down
but that’s it. What the game does is it gifts you with the
horror of paranoia, more akin to what it probably actually feel like to go insane in a horrifying
scenario. And you know a game is frightening when you
can specifically lean out your head in it to to peak around corners. 4
Alien Isolation Alien Isolation was released in 2014 and was
published by Sega. The game is playable on PC, PS4, Xbox One
and Nintendo Switch. It’s a first person survival horror game where
you are Amanda Ripley, Ellen’s daughter. The game takes place 15 years after the original
alien film. You are setting out to try and retrieve one
of the last recordings of your mother’s voice after finding it out it may still exist at
a remote space station. The only problem is once you are there you
must battle enemies in the form of fellow humans, androids and one near undefeatable
foe, an alien. As you cannot kill the alien on your own,
you are forced to play a never-ending tension-fuelled game of hide and seek with it. And no matter how times it catches and kills
you, it remains terrifying. As promised, the game often leaves you feeling
isolated in your journey despite running into others on the ship, many of whom you are forced
to watch die as fellow prey of the alien’s. 3
Silent Hill 2 This game became iconic and it’s tropes have
been borrowed, used and recycled in so many other games in honour of how terrifying it
is and first was when it was released in 2001. You play as the main character who has received
a letter from his wife. The only problem is his wife is supposed to
be dead. So of course, you set out to solve the mystery,
hopeful that you will find your wife who you suspect may still be alive. The game was published by Konami and designed
by the famous Team Silent. This graphics may be a little dated now, but
the game still stands as one of the greatest horror games from the last decade and one
of the most frightening at the time of its release. 2
Five Nights At Freddy’s You have just started at the late night security
guard at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. You are tasked with making sure no one breaks
in and trying to survive the night. Survive the night as the animatronic puppets
come alive and attempt to kill you. What makes this scenario even more frightening
is the fact that you have really no way to defend yourself. The best you can do is run away and blockade
doors. The game is filled with tons of jump scares
and while the premise may feel a little silly, it is not a horror game to be underestimated. The original FNaF was released in 2014 and
the latest game in the franchise just came out this year for VR called FNaF: Help Wanted. The original is playable on PS4 and PC. 1
P.T. Probably one of the scariest games that you
will likely never get to play. This game was designed by Hideo Kojima in
collaboration with Guillermo del Toro and was set to be published by Konami studios. PT stands for playable teaser and all we ever
got to see of it, was 30 minute demo. And only those who downloaded the demo before
the project was cancelled even got to play it. In the game you are basically stuck walking
the same hallway. And it is this repetition combined with the
simple yet detailed game design that makes it so terrifying and brilliant. It’s basically like watching a horror film,
except from a first person perspective, where you are the “star,” aka the person who is
about to get freaked the heck out, who has no way of defending yourself against the hostile
ghosts that surround you. The playable teaser was released in 2014 but
when Konami and Kojima split was removed from Konami’s listing. It was available on PS4 originally but was
removed. Thank you so much for watching. I hope some of these games freaked you out. If you’ve played any of them and they did
or even if they didn’t, be sure to let us know in the comments below. I have never played P.T. but just watching
playthroughs of it, scares me to bits so, yes. Also let us know if even just playthroughs
of any of these titles have had that titular effect on you. And if there are some horror games who didn’t
make the cut but which you have found equally terrifying, be sure to share with me in the
comments. I want to add some more horror games to my
list so suggest away. And if you like what we do here, let us know
it by smashing that subscribe button. Till next time this has been top 10 gaming
and I’m your host Amanda McKnight reminding you to keeping gaming on. Pew pew!

The Newest Virtual Sport Sweeping the Nation | The Daily Show

Hi. I’m Michael Kosta. And before I started
covering the news on cable TV, I was a successful
professional athlete. What sport? Tennis. Duh. I was ranked 864 in the world, so I was a natural
to investigate the newest sport
sweeping the nation. Video games? Competitive video gaming,
known as esports, is booming. There’s even a training center with five training rooms
and six locker rooms. The Olympics are considering
adding esports. KOSTA:
I went to California to a so-called training center
in someone’s garage to talk with these Ethletes about why video games
isn’t a sport. What the hell is this? This was the Alienware
Training Facility for eSports’ Team Liquid, complete
with scrimmage stations, a war room, PR department, a team coach,
and even an in-house chef. The team’s star,
whose name is Taco, was acquired
from Brazil’s top team. This is a real sport. You call yourself an athlete? Yes, of course. We compete,
we go to tournaments, we travel a lot,
we got some money. What does an eSport athlete, Mr. Taco, do every day? -Just practice.
-Yeah. I’m a former professional tennis
player. That-That’s what I would call,
like, a-a real sport. There is an opponent, and you would relish
the opportunity to defeat them with your racket. What do you actually have
to show for what you’re doing? Yeah, but, come on, I-I have
a-a really strong finger. -A finger?
-Yes. This finger have killed
at least one million people. -That finger’s killed
one million people? -Yes. At least. Taco is referring to his kills
in Counter-Strike, a game where guys shoot
other guys before a bomb goes off,
apparently. How is this a sport? I won the Ann Arbor Junior Open
at 11 years old. How hard could it be
to pound on these dorks? What are you staring at, huh?
I’m gonna whup your ass next. -TACO: To the left, to the left.
-To the left? You think– Oh, Jesus Christ! I shot him four times.
He shoots me once and I die? These games were clearly rigged
against more muscular athletes. Aw, Jesus. How do I keep dying, Taco? But who’s paying
for these cucks to sit around all day
and mash buttons? Apparently, guys
like three-time NBA champion Rick Fox, owner
of eSports franchise Echo Fox. What are you doing
with these nerds, man? You’re a real athlete. And so are they. What the shit
are you talking about? Me and you,
we played real sports, you know? You can see our balls
in our pants when we play. Were you an athlete? Oh, yeah. Yeah. I played professional tennis. I was ranked 864 in the world. Oh, okay. You win– you win
a couple of tournaments? No, I didn’t win the
tournaments, but… (stammers) How much money did you make
in your career? I made $11,000, about. But there’s-there’s
a whole system, and I-I was, you know, right in
there, playing as a pro athlete. Oh, okay. In our era, I think there was no shame
around pursuing a career, uh, in professional sports
because you could get a scholarship to college,
which, by the way, you can get
as an eSport player now. Uh, there’s a number of colleges
that are building eSports arenas
on their campuses. -This is all great,
-Yeah. but let’s get down
to brass tacks here. How much do these ethletes make? Probably the best, top player in
the world in one of our games, he makes probably $800,000. What? And while players like Taco
made over $800K last year, other top gamers
earned upwards of $4 million. And thanks to advertising
and sponsorships, revenues will top $1.4 billion
this year! $1.4 billion?! Are you kidding me?! But what really makes it legit is Vegas sportsbooks
take bets on it. So I did what anyone would do, sold my dog for 3,000 bucks and put it all on Team Liquid
at the Barclays Center. I’ll buy him back after I win. Amsterdam. London.
Cologne. Montreal. I don’t give a shit!
You’re in Brooklyn now, baby! This is the Barclays Center. This is where champions play. And the Brooklyn Nets. We’re gonna heal as a team or we’re gonna die
as individuals. Did I make myself clear? -Yeah. -Yeah.
-Yeah. -Yeah. Come on! All right, ignore all that, and
we just follow the game plan. -Let’s go, guys.
-It was time for Team Liquid to win in the semifinals
and make me some money. -ANNOUNCER: Team Liquid!
-(cheering) Let’s go, baby. Let’s go! It definitely felt
like a real sport. These gaming gladiators
were ready for battle. ANNOUNCER:
Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you’ve all been waiting for,
Team Liquid versus Gambit! Click your mouse! They flexed their fingers. They clicked their buttons. They adjusted their headsets. Come on! -Liquid! Taco! Liquid! Taco!
-Taco! Taco! Hey, let’s start the wave,
starting over here! (whoops) (cheering) Watch the stairs. Watch the– -Oh!
-Oh! They fought to outmaneuver,
evade, and shoot
their opponents’ heads off. And just when it looked like
Team Liquid was on the ropes, they rallied. -Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
-(cheering) ANNOUNCER: The next round
finalist is Team Liquid! That’s what I’m talking about! That’s what I’m talking about,
baby! (whoops) Number one! Team Liquid! Are video games a sport? Who cares? I’m rich. Time to try to buy my dog back.

New  Game Imports With English Language Options

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5% off every order via the link below. Hey guys, as regulars will know, the channel
likes to keep people up-to-date on certain video game imports people may be interested
in – in particular, games released in Asia and Japan with English language options but
*aren’t* available over in the West. It’s been a while since last time, so today
is a quick update video on some new releases that you may be interested in checking out. For all games you’ll be able to find them
linked in the description below, as well as the 5% discount code. Also, coinciding perfectly with this is Playasia’s
Black Friday deal where all games will have free shipping to the US. This offer only lasts a week, so make sure
to keep that in mind if you’re located in the US. First up is IS IT WRONG TO TRY TO PICK UP
GIRLS IN A DUNGEON? INFINITE COMBATE, which ships December 12th
and is available for Switch and PS4. There’s been no indication of a western
release at all, but the Asia versions are confirmed to be multi-language and have full
English language options. This is also the case for Ninja JaJaMaru Collection,
a collection of 6 iconic games shipping December 12th, which Playasia has confirmed has English
support for the Asia Switch release. Then there’s SD Gundam G Generation Cross
Rays, which is out now and the Asia versions come with full English language options. Cross Rays is available in the west but it’s
PC only. In Asia however, it’s available for both
Switch and PS4. Alongside these, there are some games that
*are* available on Western platforms but don’t have a physical release. This includes the Final Fantasy VII and VIII
Remastered collection for Nintendo Switch which is out now and the Asia version supports
English, Japanese, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Another collection now out for Switch is the
Dragon Quest 1, 2 and 3 Collection. The Asia version is fully in English, whilst
the games were released individually in the West and digital-only. Romancing SaGa 3 Remaster is again digital
only in the West but you can grab the Asia Switch version which is again confirmed to
have full English support and releasing early next year. And then there’s the hardcore rouguelike
RPG Mistover, available for both PS4 and Switch and releasing January 23rd, and then the visual
novel Coffee Talk releasing January 30th for PS4 and Switch. Both of these, again, only available digitally
in the West. Let us know in the comments below if you are
interested in checking any of these out as well as your thoughts on multi-language imports
in general and, until next time, thank you for watching.

Japanese Table Smashing Arcade Game | Cho Chabudai Gaeshi

Stress, anger, frustration Most of us experience it and we all deal with it in our own special way For example, in Britain everyone knows the best way to deal with stress is to make hand puppets and listen to Shout! by Tears for Fears I should probably get out more It turns out that in Japan there’s a well known way of expressing your anger or stress and there’s even a really cool arcade game that deals with it as well Chabudai Gaeshi is a phrase that literally means “to flip one’s table” Chabudai is not too dissimilar from this table, a short four-legged table Japanese families sit around and eat dinner on it
or put leaflets on it like I do Typically it’s seen as an act done by the father of the household when he comes home from work, feeling a bit stressed The kids are being loud and annoying, the wife is going blablabla And so he has a bit of a violent outburst and just flips the table But fortunately this concept has been made into an exciting game! Hope they’ve got insurance! Chou Chabudai Gaeshi, which literally translates to Ultra Table Flipping Game So the game starts out with you
sitting at the dinner table The wife’s preparing dinner, and the kids are being quite annoying, on their phones, making noises And so you start banging the table each time they do something annoying I didn’t understand this at first I thought you were supposed to keep banging the table continuously Which is wrong don’t do that And then at the last 10 seconds It’s about a minute long You flip the table as hard as you can The wife gets the brunt of it coz she’s making her way to the table when the husband/father flips it and you get to see the table
make its way through your wife’s face in slow motion, again and again The kids don’t know what’s going on The crockery, ruined Dinner, uh, forget about dinner And what better way to get rid of your stress …and your family? I have to say its a lot of fun,
I don’t have a wife and kids but if I did I can’t imagine a better way to relieve my stress by flipping a table through them But the table flipping fun doesn’t stop there coz there are other scenarios as well Such as: an angry teacher flipping his desk a woman working at a burger restaurant and even a funeral where you flip the corpse over across all the guests at the funeral Probably the most disturbing one of the lot You can even play against other people in a stadium style flipping table competition and the points you get are depending on how far you flip the table and how much damage you cause I have to say I haven’t seen an angry Japanese person in the last 6 months I have been here so I find the concept of someone flipping a table in anger very hard to believe So the reason I love this game so much is it does relieve stress, it’s quite fun flipping that table Especially when you see the slow motion replay Let’s face it, whilst some people might say “Oh gosh, how violent and barbaric” Compared to, say “shooting up
a Russian airport” in Call of Duty or running over a whole city, in Grand Theft Auto I don’t think this is that bad at all really So yeah it’s a fun game a practical way of relieving stress Probably something I can’t imagine seeing in real life Particularly when… I think I just broke my table Oh my god


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