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These are the best video games to play during Quarantine!!

– Hi, everyone. Welcome to this video. Welcome back to my channel. And I wanted to give you a quick update on a previous video I did a few months ago related to the games
I’m playing right now. So considering that we’re
spending 95%, 98% of our time at home right now, we’re in
Canada, I’m in Vancouver, we’ve been sorta quarantining
at home for quite some time, so lots of time to work, but also lots of time to
catch up on all those games that you didn’t have
any time to play before. So these are the games
that I’m playing right now during quarantine time. So game number one is
called “Octopath Traveler,” and it’s a JRPG style game. Turn-based games where
you build your character and you develop your
skills are commonly known as JRPGs or Japanese RPGs. And “Octopath Traveler” is one of them. It’s a huge game. It’s actually a very expensive
game on Nintendo Switch. It’s about 80 bucks. But I was able to get
it on discount for $39. I think it’s still on. This is March 27, so you better run and see if it’s still on
discount on Nintendo Switch. But it’s a very good deal ’cause it’s a very, very
big game and great game. I’m loving it. I really like JRPGs. It takes me back to my times
playing “Final Fantasy III” or “Final Fantasy IV.” There’s a lot of different
paths to explore. You develop your character. You can create different parties
with different characters. I’m trying to get the hang
of the different parties and characters right now. But it’s a very cool game. They also have the
option of playing a demo, so you get to play a demo for three hours, see if you like it. And if you do, you can,
afterwards, actually buy the game, import your save from the
demo to the full game, which is a great option. I love that option, and
that’s exactly what I did. So I played for three hours, I liked it, and then I bought the game
and I imported my save. The other game that I’m
spending a lot of time on, but to be honest, my wife is spending way more time on it than I am, she’s actually been stealing
the Nintendo Switch a lot from me at night, is “Tetris 99.” It’s a very cool game. It’s a very cool “Tetris” revamp. So the concept is you play “Tetris” just like you would anywhere else, but you’re actually
playing against 99 people at the same time. So the game matches you
with 99 other players, and you’re basically trying to
beat each other till the end. So as people die, the game
gets increasingly hard until there’s basically one person left or the winner for the session. It’s really cool, it’s really addictive. My wife has been playing a lot of it. She gets really excited,
sometimes aggravated with the way things
go, so it’s really fun. I recommend everyone plays it. So the other game that I’m
playing right now as well, it’s on the iPad iOS, but
I think it has for Android. They have it for Android and also PC. The game’s called “Plague Inc.” It’s kind of a joke, because, obviously now we’re quarantined. We’re in this coronavirus
COVID-19 kinda scare. Everyone’s scared about it. Everyone’s hearing the crazy news on how exponentially keeps growing. And “Plague Inc.” is
actually about a pandemic. It’s a pandemic that is trying to overcome or take over the world
and destroy humankind. And you play the role of the pandemic trying to destroy humankind. And the AI or the computer
is playing against you, trying to stop you from
destroying humankind. So it’s pretty fun. It’s a bit of an old game,
but I guess it’s back at the hype right now because
everyone wants to play it, wants to see how pandemics work. They wanna see the dynamics. It’s interesting because you
can create custom scenarios, so you can actually
download the custom scenario for coronavirus, for COVID-19 out there. I actually have downloaded it, and I’m trying to play through
it and see how it works. Really recommend it. So again, for iOS,
Android, and I think Steam. It’s on Steam as well. Finally, as I said before,
I’m an avid PS4 player, so I’m trying to play
through some of the games that I haven’t finished yet. So I’m currently playing “Control.” I’m also playing “Spider-Man,”
which I’m loving it. And I’m about to start
playing “Death Stranding.” And I love Kojima, so I’m
really looking forward to it. So guys, thanks for watching. I hope you like the games
I’m playing right now. I wanna know which games
you are playing right now. Please don’t forget to
subscribe for the channel, like this video, leave comments below on the games you’re playing. Thank you so much, and see you next time. (upbeat pop music) ♪ Sherwa ♪

Lost Words – Game Overview Trailer

March 27, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 11 Comments

Lost Words – Game Overview Trailer

[XBOX SOUND] (gentle music) – [Narrator] “Lost Words: Beyond the Page” is a narrative-driven atmospheric puzzler set inside the pages of an
aspiring writer’s diary. In an intricate story penned by renowned games
writer Rhianna Pratchett, you will discover the
inner thoughts of Izzy, our young protagonist. Explore the wondrous
fantasy world of Astoria through the pages of Izzy’s diary where words wield immense power. Throughout the game, you will interact with the words themselves to
solve a variety of puzzles and unique platforming segments to progress through an
evolving landscape and world. Throughout the story, you’ll be along for the
ride as Izzy reflects on the transformational
moments of her young life, and copes with hardships
that seem too big to be real in the eyes of a child. With insights drawn from working
with child psychologists, the sometimes tense but
always beautiful story will connect you with Izzy
and her real-life experiences as they play out in her personal
journal and fantasy world. The game is split into two worlds: the pages of Izzy’s journal, and Astoria, the fantasy world
Izzy begins to write about. While navigating through the journal, you’ll interact with
words, as well as drawings, as you jump across the different
platforms page by page. Discover hidden thoughts,
traverse the words themselves, and move them around to
help complete Izzy’s story. At the end of every chapter, you’ll be transported
beyond the page to Astoria. In Astoria, the adventure continues. Once you acquire your magic book, you’ll be able to collect
and call upon certain words that have immense power. In your travels, you will
encounter colorful characters with sage knowledge to pass down. You may even cross paths
with a foreboding dragon that roams the skies. [ XBOX SOUND ]

Enjoy the Game – Video Games Museum – Riga Latvia – Travel Guide by an Englishman

One of you must things to do when you’re
in Riga…. Is to visit the museum for… “Enjoy the game!” This is a museum dedicated to video games and arcade machines…. Video games across the ages…. Starting all the way back…. What we have here…. The Atari…. Any machine can play games with you…. But as a real computer I can also help with education….. Give people the power to be successful….. Because I’m the Atari ST……
A real thing not a plaything…. Commodores… I am keeping up with the Commodore….. Because the Commodore is keeping up with you! In a world of fun and fantasy! ZX Spectrum…. Right, Pay Attention Bond….. This is the
Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2….. It’s a fully operational computer with 128 K
memory….. But it comes with three James Bond games and a light gun that fires
armour-piercing shells…… Now that’s your assignment….. No! No! Don’t sit in that chair!
Sorry Bond! Haven’t perfected that yet….. The Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2… Even the Amstrad’s…. It must be noted though…. They’re missing….. They’re missing a good collection of Amigas Look at some of this stuff! Simply amazing! This is flashing me back to my childhood! Flashing me back to the fact that when I
used to play video games I had to load them on cassettes…. I had to put discs in the disc drive… I had to slam….. slam my fingers in the….. The Spectrums in the
Amstrad’s…. And Ataris… And the amount of time spent on the Atari 520! Thank you Nick! And umm….. Yeah….We’re missing The Amiga’s though But there’s some amazing stuff there….. Of course “Alien Storm” doesn’t have horrible little graphics…. Just horrible big ones…. Check out this…. The Atari 2600….. The Fun is Back…. Oh yes Sir-ee! It’s the Twenty Six Hundred from Atari! It’s the video system with classic galore…. From Space invaders too cars that roar…. a real hip joystick controls the screen….. Solaris and Pong, Midnight Magics and Me….. And one more thing it’s got a special low price… Under 50 Bucks!!! 50 BUCKS!?!? Now isn’t that nice! The Fun is back! Oh Yes-Sir-ee! It’s the 2600 from Atari! This is….. This is geek heaven… They’ve even got the Mattel Machine! This wasn’t very good….. This was… This certainly was… These were…. I remember friends having these….. Who remembers this calculator!?!
“Little Professor” it wasn’t a great calculator…. But everyone…. Everyone wanted that calculator! There’s
some amazing stuff…… I convinced my sister to buy this….. That was her first ever console…. Basically so I could play on it! Sega….Challenges you with the Ultimate video Games… Games that will blow you away….. Like Alex Kidd in
miracle world….. Knock out games like “Rocky”! Gangster town! Shift into more excitement with the arcade hit… OUTRUN! Only on the sega system! N.E.S that came out in 1985…..
Now comes the ultimate challenge from Nintendo….. The challenge of stopping World War 3 and becoming Top Gun! Nintendo the world’s number one game system The original FAMICOM….. this was uh….. this was released I think….. Short release in Sweden….. But
it was basically restricted to Japan…. and a little bit of Russia and Sweden….. And….Atair 7800….. Amazing….. and then here we come the Super Nintendo…. Everyone loves this! The Super Famicom – The Japanese Model…. When you decide to step up to this kind of power….. This kind of challenge….. This kind of flying….. Crashing…. Feeling…. When you decide to get serious….. There’s only one place to come…. The games of Super Nintendo…. No one else creates this kind of experience….. Because no one else creates these kind of games….. now you’re playing with power! Superpower! US – NTSC…. PAL was the UK System….
Total Geekness here! Nintendo scope! Final Fantasy Series…… Mega Drive….. New Streets of Rage…. You control 40
incredible moves….. Gotta get Genesis…… Like nothing ever before!! Genesis is so much more!!!! Sega Genesis!!! Inferior to the SNES but I know the Sega Purists would disagree with me…… Obviously “Ryu” and “Ken”……. This is some amazing stuff…… N64! Remember the days when all your friends would come around and you play Goldeneye?!? Introducing Goldeneye 007……
you know how to use one of these? Shot by Shot by Shot….. Load a Rumble Pack and see how it feels when 007 meets Nintendo 64……. 4 Player Goldeneye…. There’s Goldeneye…. Mariokart…. Amazing! Sega Saturn……Introducing…. Sega Saturn….. Sega saturn…… Are they missing the Neo Geo? Wasted money on this thing…. Atari Jaguar… Terrible Console!!!! But I had one….. Let’s review the numbers….. Sega Genesis is 16 bits 3DO is 32 bits the Atari Jaguar is 64 bits…… Which is more advanced??? Clifford? Huh! 64 bits… 3d graphics real-world animation and lightning speed you can only get with Jaguar….. Which is more Advanced??? Clifford? Jaguar! Jaguar! Jaguar! Then obviously… The original Playstation….. Playstation 2… Where is the Playstation 3? Sega Dreamcast…. Also wasted money on this…… we all play games why don’t we play
together…. Dreamcast up to six billion players… it’s clearly…… A place you can…. Could spend a bit of time…… This place cost three euros to get in……. I like it a lot! You can play all the video games…. Play any of these games….. And…. Hopefully, enjoy yourself….. 3 Euros! Money well spent! A little bit of history here! The terrorists have the prisoners….. You’re going in and hitting hard…. Operation Wolf! You’ve played it in the arcade…. Now play it on your Nintendo Entertainment System…… Make your way past armored cars…. Gunboats and a ruthless enemy…. Grab extra ammo and power drinks because you’re going to need all
the firepower you can get….. Operation Wolf! Only from Tyco! The only game in town! I love the Powerglove…. It’s so bad! Yeah well…. Just keep your Power Gloves off her Pal! Huh! Reminds me…. Where’s the…. Where’s Atari Lynx and… Hey Mr. Block Can I go to the bathroom? Two minutes! Introducing LYNX from Atari…. The color
video game you can get away with…. Sega Gamegear… Oh there’s a Sega Gamegear….. Uhhhh! whoa! Colour! Hey! there’s an easier way to get
color! Get a Gamegear! The full-color portable with over 150 games like the
new Echo! Mortal 2 and Sonic triple trouble….. SEGA!!! You played every Mario game! You
conquered every Mario game! You think you’ve mastered all there is to know
about Mario! Well, you better think AGAIN! New Super Mario World made possible by
the power of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System….. You’ve never faced the challenge of so many enemies and so many obstacles so many levels you never
needed help from a dinosaur before….. Super Mario World you get it only with a Super
NES….. It’s part of the growing line of a games for the next generation from
Nintendo…. You’ve gotta play it! You’ve got a have it! You’ve got a reputation! Now
you’re playing with power….. Superpower!! There’s certainly machines that he needs to add to his collection….. But it’s still impressive array of machines…….. so one of the top things to do is visit the video games Museum in Riga….. It was a lot of fun…. Good way to spend…… Good, way to spend a good hour….. If you bring a friend it’s gonna be more fun!!

10 Strangest Unsolved Video Game Discoveries – Part IV

Sometimes some things are going on out in the
world that make you want to stay inside, only to find something that in a video game that
makes you think… It can’t be that bad out there, right? Today, we’re going to be diving into the
top 10 strangest video game mysteries and discoveries that still remain unsolved to
this day… Part IV. Stay safe, everyone. Emily Wants To Play. “Hello? Pizza’s here!” Thanks to dimencionman for submitting me this
unsolved mystery from the 2016 survival horror game, Emily Wants To Play. OH GOD! Anyway… if you go through this door right
at the beginning of the game and head into the bedroom… What is that? Moving right along… Since the game’s
release, this lamp has laid on its side with a light flickering overhead in the middle
of the room, remaining rather inconspicuous, until the developer released an update in
August 2016, mentioning in the patch notes he ‘made something (that no one ever found)
a little more noticeable.’ This time when players went to the lamp, now
corresponding with the flickering flashes of light were a strange series of buzzing
noises. Mark Zuckerberg on Steam—not the actual
Mark Zuckerberg—posted about the observation on the game’s discussion board, and suggested
that it was Morse code, and Shawn Hitchcock, the developer himself responded with only
this… Despite fairly solid confirmation that the
lamp or the flickering light have to do with something, no one knows what exactly that
something is… making it a still unsolved discovery since the game released in 2016 Oh god, what the hell is that? Okay, I’m out of here before this gets any
worse… OH!! Apex Legends. Thanks to The785 for submitting this discovery
to the Oddheader reddit. Shortly after the recent release of Season
4: Assimilation, Redditor SheeplessWolf was playing around the new Planet Harvester addition
to the map with his friends, when suddenly they noticed something odd, as they saw what
appeared to be a dog or a wolf running around on this walkway in the distance… and when
they went up there they found nothing but a player playing as Bangalore. This occurrence instantly sparked a number
of theories online, the most popular being a potential teaser for the upcoming character
named Loba, a character who was datamined from the files of the game shortly after Apex’s
initial release … whose name also happens to translate to “wolf” in Portuguese. Another theory was it was just another player
in the game, most assumedly as Wraith, possibly Naruto-running across the walkway… though
players such as YouTuber Kevtheking99-YT spent hours trying to recreate the exact angle of
the footage and never once managed to replicate anything close. “We tried this so many times… at the end
of the day, we could not get it.” Seeing it in slow motion, I personally see
rather convincing animation that moves exactly how I would expect someone to animate a dog’s
legs to move, which is really a tough thing to animate, so the idea we ended up with that
accidentally seems pretty strange to me. Intriguingly, shortly after this discovery
was found, many players reported that after the find that they could hear howling throughout
the map, possibly adding some validity to the mystery. [howling] And while perhaps unrelated, Glacier0516 also
recently submitted this footage to me that occurred on the training map shortly after
the update, as he was playing alone when suddenly he was hit out of nowhere… “My abilities don’t work! I’ve been short-circuited!” And then unexpectedly the map started acting
strangely all around him at once… Glitches or not, there’s definitely a lot of creepy,
unexplainable things going on in the world of Apex Legends as of late … Resident Evil 3: Nemisis. Thanks to CycloneJoker for submitting this
mystery through my website oddheader.com. A rather obscure and long-running mystery
lies on this screen near the very beginning of the game, as players noticed what appeared
to be a strange random face in the corner of the screen … what the? …If we were to invert the color of the
image, we can see that it’s … well … definitely a woman’s face…
creepily staring us down from the sky above. Whether or not this was a mistake or intended
has been a contentious debate among the Resident Evil community, as many are skeptical that
the developers would somehow miss this in this kind of highly-detailed, pre-rendered
background … I mean, look there’s even a Capcom easter egg right here for the eagle-eyed
player… Capcom being the publisher of the game… Stranger yet, this “error” wasn’t
ever corrected in any of the games’ ports, including the Dreamcast and Gamecube versions,
which provide a higher resolution image. A popular theory is this may be Regina from
the Dino Crisis series, which is made by the same team as Resident Evil, and while I can
definitely see that, especially with the red hair that appears before we invert the colors,
whoever these mysterious eyes in the sky belong to remains a mystery, and we’ll have to
keep an eye out if any references are made in the upcoming remake… only one thing we
know for sure… She’s always watching… What the Golf. 2019’s What the Golf released on Apple Arcade,
PC, and soon the Nintendo Switch… is a game that definitely fulfills its title. Less a game about golf and more of an endless
stream of random gameplay moments, What the Golf is a ride filled with countless easter
eggs and head-scratching discoveries around every corner. One mystery I found while putt-ing my way
through the hub world was a series of coded messages that could be found on terminals
throughout the game. Digging through the AppleArcade subreddit
I found I wasn’t the first person to notice this. As other redditors discovered the codes
were morse and actually translated into many segmented messages. So far only LadyGwynn on reddit has organized
one of the messages into the assumed correct order and found this message: “SECRET BLUE HORSES AT WHAT THE GOLF .BASEMENT” As of the publishing of this video, nobody
really knows what the secret blue horses are or where this basement is actually supposed
to be. Nor does anyone even know how to fully 100%
the game… unfortunately, it’s going to be difficult solving these mysteries considering
nothing makes sense in this game to begin with… South Park: The Stick of Truth. Thanks to WestbethConvergence for submitting
this mystery to me through my website oddheader.com. South Park viewers may still remember Pip “Lunchie-munchies! Hmm?” “Go away Pip, nobody likes you!” A once prominent character whose role was
delegated to Butters after Season 4, only receiving one speaking line in his last eight
years on the series, until he finally spoke in 2010 and then was immediately squashed
by Mecha-Streisand… South Park fans questioned if this marked
the true end of the character, eventually asking South Park Studios if Pip was actually
dead, who only responded with: “He looked pretty dead to me.” Yet bizarrely, dataminers found in The Stick
of Truth an eerie discovery when combing through the files of the game, as they came across
across Pip’s skull in the files rendered with two creepy glowing eyes. And, thanks to Cunkier on my discord who helped
with additional research, it turns out Pip’s skull is categorized as a weapon… meaning
beating enemies with the demon-possessed skull of a murdered boy is a feature that’s no longer in
the game… Which would probably sound more disturbing
if I wasn’t talking about South Park. Grand Theft Auto 5. Grand Theft Auto V has a number of ongoing
mysteries, from Mt Chiliad, mysterious lights, or even this window that sprays blood that hasn’t been patched out of the game despite numerous reports about it to Rockstar. Odd. Intriguingly, another mystery recently cropped
up through the Casino Heist update, as players could interact with the Madam Nazar fortune
machine, who’s also a character players can sell collectibles to in Red Dead Online. Players noticed it would eventually provide
a random series of numbers, which when rearranged turned out to be a same set of numbers that
can be found in Red Dead Redemption 2, as it could be heard from an unseen, mysterious woman
chanting inside a random outhouse that can be found in the forest… “One… two… three… seven… six…” …Another mystery players have scratched
their heads over since that game’s release in 2018. After obtaining all the numbers from the machine,
it was found if the numbers were plugged into the player’s phone, they would receive
this especially cryptic message from Nazar herself… “You were looking for me? Yes?” “The future is open to me!” “Safe travels.” Whatever the hell that means. No one has found a deeper meaning behind the
numbers or its connection between the two games. And also, I want to mention yet another really
creepy unsolved mystery that still remains in Red Dead Redemption 2, as players discovered
if they went into the depraved town of Butcher Creek at exactly 4 a.m. and peered underneath
this exact house at just the right angle, they could see an ominous, glowing red pentagram
illuminating from beneath the floor below. And… that’s all anybody’s got. No clues or connections to anything in the
game have yet to surface; the only theory anybody has is that it may just explain why
everybody in Butcher Creek is an [bleep]hole. “You son of a [bleep]!” “Alright, simmer down.” Destiny 2. Thanks to Oren Gabriel Bush for submitting
this mystery through Oddheader.com. In September 2018, Bungie introduced the Last
Wish Raid, where players discovered when they came to this door, if they instead decided
to end it all and jump off of this cliff, they could find this hidden path that led to what
is now known as the Wall of Wishes. By shooting precise combinations of patterns
onto the wall, players would unlock random rewards… Such as snazzy head ornaments, a
Paul McCartney song, and confetti headshots known as Grunt Birthday Party which also appeared
in the Halo series. With extensive efforts across the raidsecrets
community on reddit, players found 14 different combinations of prizes from the wall. However, dataminers managed to find that an
unfound 15th wish still existed inside the wall, waiting to be found, with the description
even saying “This one you shall cherish.” A clue was seemingly found for the missing
15th wish when players noticed a reference in an in-game book, explaining if they reached
level 999 and defeated Dul Incaru, they’d unlock the true ending of Dreaming City…
Dreaming City just happening to be the area that holds the Wall of Wishes. At that time, players had to wait a whole
year for hitting level 999 to even be possible in the game, and when player Bagel4k finally
managed to hit level 999 in November 2019 and defeated Dul Incaru once and for all… Jack squat happened. Not with wish 15. Not with anything at all! Later Bungie sent Bagel4k a personal message
with some cryptic cyphers that seemed to hold some new clues that could tie into the Wall
of Wishes. But at that point, the damage had already
been done. Not cool, Bungie. Not cool. Metal Gear Solid. Thanks to Metalray for submitting this crazy
mystery through my discord server. To start, the Metal Gear series is actually
one of the first video games to feature Virtual Reality as a plot point. In game and lore, the series’ characters
use VR in order to prepare for real life scenarios in the field. Virtual Reality also serves as the backdrop
for training mode in the first Metal Gear Solid, where the player, just like the characters,
can learn the game’s mechanics before going into the field. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty upped
the ante with VR even further, playing with Virtual Reality so much in its story, partnered
with the fact the game was somehow more bizarre than the first game, many were sure that a twist
was coming that was going to reveal the whole game was a VR simulation… Except, that
never happened… and some players are still aren’t convinced. A major breakthrough in the theory was seemingly
found when players unearthed an interesting discovery in the first Metal Gear Solid. As players found when they were in the Metal
Gear bay and zoomed all the way up in the corner of this room, they could see what appeared
to be one of the VR targets that doesn’t actually appear anywhere else in the main
story, as they’re only supposed to appear in the VR training mode! For many, this discovery blew the Virtual
Reality mystery case wide open. Is this just a misplaced game asset that somehow
ended up in a viewable portion of the map? Or is it rather what many others believe it
to be: a cryptically placed clue that suggests that the entirety of Metal Gear Solid was
just a simulation? Some even going as far to say that the whole
game was just Raiden in a VR protocol before his character was randomly introduced and took
over the story in Metal Gear Solid 2. Does this prove that Hideo Kojima planned
an elaborate conspiracy from the very start of the series, that would change the whole
context of the entire series with this single discovery? Honestly, being that this Hideo Kojima…
yeah, I believe it. Elite Dangerous. Thanks to CMDR CojeX for submitting this mystery
through Oddheader.com. The Elite series is known for being one of
the longest running and largest open-ended games, with the newest game, Elite Dangerous,
actually being a 1:1 scale of the Milky Way galaxy. This mystery actually begins with the first
installment in the series all the way back in 1984, as the game came with a book that
made mention of a mysterious Raxxla, a planet that supposedly holds a gateway to all the
other universes and was once seized by a secret organization who continues hide its existence
to this day. Back in the day, this led many to believe
that Raxxla was somewhere in the 1984 game, which the developers of that game iterated
many times was not actually the case. However, the developers of the 2014’s Elite
Dangerous sing much a different tune, as they’ve been very vocal that Raxxla does
exist somewhere in Elite Dangerous, except it still hasn’t been found. Weirdly, in 2018, a redditor posted what appeared
to be prerelease images of a mysterious creature known as Thargoids. Even weirder, every time this redditor posted
these images, they were removed from the Elite Dangerous subbreddit, leading people to believe
they were either faked or actually held credibility and could have even been from an ex-developer. When other members questioned this redditor,
he revealed that the location of Raxxla was tied to the Founders World. At one point this location had a mission to
transport a mysterious “SAP 8 core containers” that no one had ever seen before … and then
even stranger still, these missions were swiftly removed from the game… assumedly because
the developers felt it brought players a little too close to the secret of Raxxla… Unfortunately, looks like players are going
to have to find Raxxla the hard way. Considering it takes a ship traveling at lightspeed
200,000 years to travel the distance of the Milky Way, which again Elite Dangerous is
the scale of… I’m not holding my breath anyone’s going
to find Raxxla anytime soon… If you enjoyed this video, please subscribe. If you know of any other mysteries that I
failed to mention in this video or any of the other videos in this series, submit to
oddheader.com, come join the discord, leave a comment down below, or even send me a shout
on twitter or reddit! [patrons] Stay tuned!

20 Years Of Game Making Continues Using Cocos Creator

My name is Stephan Dicu I’m a software developer, a game developer. I’ve been working in the game industry for 20 years. My website is pirongames.com I make a lot of web games which I develop in a very fast way. One every month on my website You can play them there. I’ve been doing games on all platforms possible Lately I’ve been making games using Cocos Creator and Typescript. And it’s been a blast, so far. I discovered Cocos Creator, I think 2 years ago. I was working for a company that was trying to port their flash games to HTML5 and they had chosen Cocos Creator for their tech and Typescript as their programming language. This project was quite huge even though it was just a Mahjong clone, but it was big game on Facebook. Given the fact that the original flash project was developed 6 or 7 years ago, it was nice to see it ported on Cocos Creator. And this gave me a bit of confidence in this technology. I’ve seen it work in big indie projects. So I chose it as well for my indie project. And seeing this for game development, especially for web games, I was like, “Oh, I want that” *laughs* So for me, it was quite good. It has a lot of integrated features that allows me to build game in a month. Give or take. These games aren’t complicated games, but when you are working by yourself and doing the graphics and game design, you don’t want to spend too much time writing code. Because we all know, code is a liability. And it creates bugs. With all these integrated features, it allows me to build these games really really fast. It’s a long story and an old story for me at least. It started with me being introduced to computers in the 80’s. Those big computers, multiuser, multitasking computers, Those computers that took up the whole room. My father is a software developer as well. He used to work on these machines. Sometimes I would visit him for work and he would tell me to sit here in front of the terminal and here’ a game for you and I’ll go to my business. But, I don’t imagine the games back then in the 80s for this particular computer was not that powerful. There were just some text games. I even think I played a Donkey Kong clone made in text mode. which was really crazy. *laughs* This attracted me to it mostly and my father is a software developer as well somehow motivated, but mostly demotivated me to be in it. I know it sounds strange but, my father really didn’t want me to pursue in his footsteps Apparently I was more attracted to programming than anything else. And also, all we had in our town was an arcade with a couple games. Battlezone, Punch-out, Galaga, and stuff. It was the only constant source of entertainment to go put in some money in and shoot and throw some punches. So that is the old history of how I got into computer games. I think Romania got to a, especially the community part, got to a very late start in game development and software development as a whole because they didn’t have… There wasn’t a community first. Like any local community or generally. Access to a community like a BBS community because phones were kinda expensive and calling on a dialup modem was unheard of at that particular point of time. And the phone rate was very very high. It was very difficult to get any kind of documentation. I think the first time I actually got to get some good documentation on graphic programming was in 1996 when I had some access to the
internet and found some ftps and downloaded everything I could on graphic programming. It was my passion at that particular time. It was the late 90s that the first two companies, well three, actually started to do some games, indie games so to speak. In 2003 or 2004, Gameloft, I guess everyone
knows Gameloft. opened a studio back in Romania. Then Electronic Arts and Vivendi followed suit. And Ubisoft as well had a studio there. I think from there, it started to pick up. Obviously many things have changed. At least from the tech perspective, from a game developer perspective, from a software developer perspective, I think obviously the tools which we have now, a whole array of tools, game engines, documentation. Crazy! Like, if you want to start, you have access to maybe 20, 50 game engines, middleware, Cocos Creator, Unity, Buildbox, pixi, phaser. Back then, you have to do it from scratch. And if you wanted a competitive game, you have to do it in assembler, which was crazy. You have to know low level programming. And as a programmer you have to do pretty much everything. But right now, if you are working for a big player in the industry, there are specializations in network programing, gameplay programming, general programming, tools programming, audio programming, graphic programming, engine programming. And if you go to the extremes, you have game designers doing programming, scripting for the engine. And technical artists writing shaders. So this specialization is really crazy compared to the 90s when you were just a programmer. *laughs* There wasn’t much specialization at all. *laughs* I would say as my father told me “Don’t get into game development” *laughs* I’m sorry. History is reapeating. Okay, that isn’t very optimistic, right? I think people with my experience working in a different field like database programming or enterprise software, or anything that isn’t game development are making much more money. That is the truth. There are some exceptions to this But as a gameplay programmer like I am compared to an enterprise developer for a bank, they are making so much more money. This is the truth, I’m not inventing anything. These are the statistics, you know? So if you are into game development for the money, It’s better to keep an eye open for other opportunities. if you can do a class. I mean, I’m not trying to make it hard, I’m trying to be realistic about this and speak from my experience. As an indie, you have to prepare to run a marathon. And this marathon could be one year, to three years, to five years. Especially if you don’t have an investment like an angel investor or somehow some money invested into you. This is a long run. You are in for a long run if you want to be successful and don’t strike it like… right from the get go.