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Nintendo Switch 2020 Games Outlook – Major 1st Party Titles & Potential Surprises!

What’s good everyone OJ here welcome
back to another video today we’re gonna be talking about Nintendo’s outlook for
2020 going over some of the big games that I wanted to discuss further and
just talk about what could be coming out for the second half especially with
these rumors going around with Mario and the such so let’s just go to give a
little recap of what we’ve already gotten here first and that is Tokyo
Mirage sessions pokemon mystery dungeon Animal Crossing new horizons all of
those games are out and are great and Animal Crossing new horizons is one of
the best games that I’ve ever played in that style seriously there’s no combat
or anything like that but you just find yourself playing it over and over and
day after day after day kind of going at your own pace and just continuously
getting things and playing the game it really is very addictive it’s selling
extremely well so I really loved what they did to Animal Crossing releasing
that in March was perfect for the game I think that a lot of people are having
fun at this point a lot of quarantines going on you can just sit there and play
Animal Crossing all day so I do love that game also Tokyo Mirage distance was
absolutely awesome at the beginning of the year as well but what can we look
forward to what else is intended planning for 2020 we got a little
snippet of it after the Tendo direct mini where they showed up a bunch of
cool third-party games like burnout paradise
we also have the trails of cold steel game coming King’s bounty 2 coming in
2020 there’s a lot of different games that Nintendo showed off and I think
that the big one out of that was a xenoblade chronicles definitive edition
which I’ve already talked about multiple times on this channel since we got that
Nintendo Direct mini recently but I did want to say May 29th that is the date
for this game this is a must-play remake for the Nintendo switch yes
remake for the Nintendo switch of the original game monolith soft put their
all into the original Xenoblade Chronicles and it is a little rough
around the edges on the Wii and the new Nintendo 3ds and of course if you play
the backwards compatibility or we download on the Wii U it’s a little
rough it’s still the same game bear but it seems like they’re taking all of the
feedback and kind of taking what they can do with the game the UI menu text
all that good stuff and they’re just sharpening it up they’re making it look
so much better the game’s graphics looks so much better it’s way more clear it is
going to be event kostik game so if you have not played
Xenoblade yet this is definitely the place to start I know a lot of you guys
have checked out Xenoblade 2 or saw the game we weren’t sure if you want to get
into that because it’s the second one now we have the first one on the
Nintendo switch I think that it’s going to be a hit on there it’s gonna be a lot
of fun so make sure you guys check out xenoblade chronicles definitive edition
may 29th not a bad one-two punch pretty much at
the end of March with Animal Crossing New Horizons and then into xenoblade
chronicles definitive edition on May 29th but let’s talk about this just a
little bit more right because we do have some other games like Trials of mana
that are coming out in April and all of that but I think that May is an
interesting month because once again Xenoblade but also because of some of
the other games that we have here Borderlands the legendary collection and
Bioshock the release dates for those games are on May 29th so we’re getting
all of those Kings xenoblade three Borderlands games and also three
Bioshock games on May 29th and to me that’s awesome that’s providing so much
variety cuz I everybody’s gonna be into the JRPG not everyone’s gonna be into a
shooter RPG and then Bioshock is like its own little thing when it comes down
to how that game play so there’s a lot of variety for people out there but for
me Borderlands the legendary collection that I’m actually really excited to play
because they talked about it recently the people who are developing this game
it’s a developer that I never heard about but it seems like they’re doing
some quality work there they’re called turn me up which is an interesting and
cool name for a development studio and they talked about recently they say that
they’ve worked tirelessly with 2k in gearbox to bring these games over to
Nintendo’s switch it’s gonna be in full 1080p 30 frames per second with no
downgrading of the art assets at all and it includes all of the game of the year
stuff and DLC things that are in the game and check this out it’s got motion
controls all the Nintendo switch as well so they built that into their May 29th
I’m looking forward to maybe checking that out I might want to play some
Borderlands with some motion control on there but Borderlands the pre-sequel
that’s a game that I’ve never beat Borderlands 2 I’ve beat that game
Borderlands 1 beat that but I haven’t played through all the different
scenarios and different types of characters and plural lands to so I
definitely want to go through that game and play it again especially with a lot
of the ninja here in the village we can get some Borderlands game nights going
on so that’s gonna be and a lot of fun as well Nintendo
finally gets its debut from the Bioshock franchise which is also really good and
I think that BioShock Infinite that is gonna be a killer for people to play and
of course Bioshock one that’s always a classic that started the whole thing and
I think that some people probably under eight Bioshock – it’s not as bad as some
people make it out to be so two really good collections six games in total and
also with Xenoblade at seven games that are coming out on May 29th that is a lot
for people to go out there and play now I want to talk about some of the other
games but gotta have like a blanket 2020 then get into some of the bigger games
that we’ve talked about before or that are rumored but we could see resurfaced
in the second half for Nintendo so no more heroes three that’s a game that
looks really good we’ve got multiple trailers on that game but we actually
need to see some gameplay still set for 2020 but I’m looking forward to that one
gravy default to was a demo out right now on the Nintendo switch a shop and
stop what you’re doing but no still watch this video but stop what you’re
doing afterwards okay after you’re done watching this and go download the demo
the demo is absolutely fantastic it is a great RPG
fantastic voice acting fantastic gameplay really in-depth a lot of
different strategies that you can use it is a fun game it doesn’t hold your hand
in the demo they want you to use all the different strategies there’s super
bosses in there there is a regular boss battle for you to play there’s some side
quests for you to do great demo and we can give them feedback afterwards kind
of let them know like hey this is what you need to touch up or not then we’ll
probably get another demo which transfers over to the main game so
really looking forward to playing bravely default that is 2020 and
remember that is Square etics and their team’s kind of working on that team
asano and everything but Nintendo is publishing that as a first party game
here in the West so that’s awesome as well know Jolla that’s gonna be a
free-to-play game that we found out and they got a brand new like CG trailer
that they just put out which is pretty crazy and people are excited about the
characters and personality in in Java after seeing Matt but free-to-play so
we’ll see how they micro transaction or monetize that game but you don’t need to
intend to switch online to play that game so if you don’t have them to switch
online you can still play it you don’t have to have that so awesome stuff there
that’s going to move into these next games here that haven’t been set for
2020 but have been rumored and a lot of people have been talking
about them so we’re talking about playing out of three every single time
that they talked about this game hey everything’s going good when an asshole
chain came out hey everything’s going good I’ll bait at at three and I think
that this is finally the year that they show off made it in three and what this
game is about I think it’s gonna be revolutionary Bayonetta is my favorite
action game franchise of all time it’s hard for me to play any other action
games because Bayonetta is just that good still to this day how many years
later you know ten years later Bayonetta to me is still the queen of
action game so the queen and king of action games when it comes down to a
beta – is my favorite action game of all time absolutely love it so I think beta
3 is going to be mind-blowing when they show it off and I think it’s gonna be
2020 cinema got my 10 say 5 the game was announced way too early because guess
what it’s Atlas full production on that game started in 2018 so we’re going on
more than a year or full production so it does seem like we could see something
mid this year or late this year maybe for 2020 release 2 to 3 year development
cycle from initial concept planning in 2017 does seem like they might be having
that game ready to go and show off maybe they show it off starting this summer
and it releases in the fall not really sure but that could be a game that
Nintendo really promotes and gets up there to be one of their big titles –
brand-new big Shin Megami Tensei game exclusive on the Nintendo switch that’s
definitely worth promoting and showing off more next up is the fable Metroid
Prime trilogy HD everyone is waiting for this one here look guys I think it’s
going to happen but we just gotta wait and see what’s going on with Metroid
Prime for that’s what screwed this one up was Metroid Prime for getting
scrapped and canned in terms of the original development team but Bandai
Namco and being moved over to retro studios I think once they have something
to show us on Metroid Prime for I think we can finally see what they’re gonna
show us for Metroid Prime trilogy HD and finally get some Metroid Love on the
Nintendo switch now next up after this guy’s is Legend of Zelda breath of the
wild sequel now there is plenty of speculation that this is going to be a
2020 game but there’s a lot of people who think it’s gonna be 2021 and I’m
probably gonna do a whole separate video on this guys but I don’t think that
there’s any set terms of date with this game just yet there’s a target but they
want to hit but Legend of Zelda games will launch when they’re ready to launch
so I think that the release date is when ready so if it’s ready in 2020 and they
can get it going and get it out then I’ll be 2020 but if it’s not ready in
2020 and they have more stuff they need to do or other things that they need to
add in in order to make it a better game then it’s gonna be 2021 there is no set
lock there’s a target I’m pretty sure that they’re aiming for but they need to
make sure that the game is ready so I’ll talk about that in a whole separate
video but yeah legend sell that breath of the wild sequel launches when it’s
ready to go but it is possible for 20 20 or 20 21 maybe they want to do an
anniversary thing in March they did launch Animal Crossing back in March so
they’re not afraid to launch big titles in March so it could be March 2021 but
we don’t know at this point we’re gonna have to wait in see now the final thing
that I want to talk about is the video that we discussed talked about it in a
live stream we also talked about in a separate video that I did recently and
that is this super mario HD collection rumored game so this is going to be
multiple different games here right we have mario 64 that’s going to be an HD
we have a Super Mario Sunshine that’s gonna be an HD Super Mario Galaxy 1
Super Mario Galaxy 2 and also Super Mario 3d World deluxe it’s gonna get
that deluxe tribute where they’re gonna add in new levels and other things like
that plus we also got a brand new Paper Mario this is all based on the rumors
here and I think that with the 35th anniversary that is upon us I think that
that can definitely happen we’re gonna get some type of Mario games when it
comes to HD versions and this is just something that so many people reported
on and I understand being skeptical or whatever the case is but Nintendo has
been porting games to Nintendo switch and I think Nintendo is honestly looking
to make the switch the best Nintendo system of all time when it comes to
content they’re looking to get as much content as they can from their biggest
and baddest franchises and even get older games over on the Nintendo switch
in terms of blood they’ve done and if Nintendo brings over all of these
different 3d Mario games in HD I’m pretty sure most people who have held
out on getting a switch at this point will go out there and buy a switch with
these games and that could be the big holiday games in my opinion as well we
can just see this rush of Mario which always sells systems and yes Super Mario
Galaxy 1 and Super Mario Galaxy 2 in HD remastered and they make it much better
in term things that’s gonna be a system seller
for many people because those were some of the best 3d mario games of all time
so I can definitely see it in Tendo tapping into that base and why not at
this point the 35th anniversary of the Nintendo switch Nintendo’s Mario team
what have they been doing since Odyssey it could easily have been all of these
games here in terms of remastering them and getting them ready to go on the
Nintendo switch for the 35th anniversary and if you remember 10 years ago on the
25th anniversary they did do a collection of the older games put out on
the Nintendo Wii so we’ll see what they have here maybe they’re trying to up
their game quite a bit with the Nintendo switch now that you have portable
development and home console development and one does seem like that could be
likely so what are you guys as thoughts on my outlook for 2020 I’m looking
forward to a number of these games I think there’s going to be even more
surprises for us that we don’t know about as well and there’s probably some
games that I missed too so you guys can let me know about all of that and the
comments section below alright guys that wraps up this video here check out the
link in description we’ve got Twitter gonna give us a follow on there make
sure you like comment and subscribe and share this video if you can thank you
guys so much for watching and we’ll catch you for the next one

LTT Game Nerf War : Warriors SEAL X Nerf Guns Fight Crime group Braum Crazy Bullet Thief

Hey, hey you ! Here ! Item quality assurance and quality! Okay ! Well, what happened to you ? What are you doing ? What is this ? Hey ! Listen to me explain! Hey you ! Listen to me explain! Here we go ! Huh ? Hey you ! Yes ! Go go go ! Hey ! Run ! Huh ? Huh ? Hey ! What’s up ? Did you bring him here? No ! Not me ! Calm down ! Shoot him !

The Compact Disc that we all know about was
invented by Philips and Sony and released in 1982. And for 8 years, the format was mostly
just used for audio. Granted, the CD-ROM for computers was also invented in the late 1980s,
but didn’t really see much penetration in the consumer market until the 1990s. So, for
the better part of a decade, CDs were sold along side cassette tapes and vinyl records
as the high-end music format. However, Philips believed the format could
be useful for more than just audio. And in the year 1990, they introduced the CD-i player.
The “I” stands for interactive. It was advertised as “The CD player that works
with your television.” The CD-i player originally sold for $799 on
the US market, but was quickly dropped to a more reasonable $599. They were available
in most retail stores that sold electronics at the time, such as Best Buy, Microcenter,
the now defunct Incredible Universe, and Sears which doesn’t even sell electronics anymore.
But that’s a topic for another episode. As a kid I was always kind of obsessed with
the CD-i just from seeing it in gaming magazines. A lot of people don’t remember that magazines
carried articles about the Philips CD-i and its games. And, when you’re an 11 or 12
year old kid and you see these amazing graphics, especially since they were using a lot of
FMV for these games, you know it just looked like mind blowing. So, this was my CD-i. I wanted it when it
came out, which was like the early 90s, I was in 3rd grade, and I had insomnia. So,
I actually watched the infomercial and it hit me at a weak point and I was really convinced
that I needed this and I tried to convince my dad. Call this number now to receive the
Magnavox CD-i player complete with digital video cartridge. Let’s take a quick look at the hardware.
This is a Philips CDi-200, but was also sold under the Magnavox brand as well. It looks
very much like a regular CD player of the era. On the front here, there’s a little hidden
panel. And inside is a port for a wired controller. Now, while all new CD-i players shipped with
a wireless controller, I actually don’t have one. But I do have this one, which was
probably the most common wired controller. It has a D-pad in the middle, but not a very
good one. And two buttons on the side. It’s okay for operating some titles one handed,
but a lot of them you’ll wind up having to use another hand one one of the buttons.
It’s not a very good controller for games. Fortunately, they did later come out with
a controller similar to a Sega Genesis. This one works much better for games. They also
made a rollerball and a mouse, but I don’t have either of those to show. Of course, right now there is a huge shortage
of CD-i controllers. I don’t know why but there are more CD-i players out there than
there are controllers. Fortunately, you can get a device like this, which will allow you
to use a standard 15-pin controller from your PC. So, that’s always an option. Let’s take a look at the rear. This one
called Input 2, that’s actually for a second controller if you have a two player game,
for example. A sort of irritating place to put it. And this is a digital audio output
for high end stereo systems. Pretty rare at the time, actually as it was a pretty new
thing. And then here is, of course, your standard stereo audio and composite video jacks. And,
it had s-video output. Also something pretty new at the time, with probably only very high
end televisions supporting it. Unfortunately, I suspect 90% of the users of the CD-i in
1990 were probably forced to use the RF antenna jacks, just like a VCR would have had to use
at the time. Let’s open it up and take a look inside.
Having a look at the logic board, you might immediately notice that it is running on a
68070 CPU. At first this sounds kind of impressive. For those that are familiar with the naming
scheme of the Motorola 68000 series of processors, you might be tempted to think that the 68070
would slot in right after the 68060. But, no. It’s actually a custom version that
is far more similar in design to the original 68000, which means it is a 16 bit CPU with
some 32-bit capabilities, although it does run at 15.5 megahertz, so that makes it twice
as fast as an Amiga 500, for example. The new player was actually designed with
many different types of media in mind. Of course, the device could play standard music
CDs, which were very common at the time. These discs usually had the logo of compact disc
digital audio printed on them. However, the CD-i player also opened up a whole new world
of media types on compact disc, including CD+Graphics, the Photo CD, the Video CD, not
to be confused with CD Video, which is actually a type of laserdisc, which is analog data
and not compatible here, and of course Compact Disc Interactive, or CD-i. The CD-i player today is often thought of
as a failed video game console. But, it was never really intended to be a video game console,
at least not at the beginning. It was supposed to be a media center for your living room.
Sort of like the Xbox-One of the day. It was going to replace your CD player, and your
VCR, and your encyclopedias, and your photo albums, and of course your video game console
and possibly even your computer. So, let’s examine each of these media types
a little more closely. Being the compact disc was the focus of this system, it’s sort
of a given that regular music CDs will play just fine in here. In fact, if you had this
hooked up in your home entertainment system, you didn’t even need to turn on your television
to use the music CD feature. But, you just might have wanted to turn on
your television for those music CDs, because I’m about to show you something that I bet
90% of you have never seen or heard of before. What I have here is just a regular music CD,
at least that’s how it appears on the surface. This is the exact same CD a person might have
bought at Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Musicland, or whatever. They would have played this in their
portable music players, or their in-dash CD players in their cars, or even in their home
stereo. But, if I put it in the CD-i player, something magical happens. Now, I’d love to let you hear the music
that goes along with this, but we all know that if I played more than 2 or 3 seconds
of copyrighted music, I’d get a copyright strike from YouTube. So, for the moment I’m
just going to let you watch the graphics here while I tell you a little about how this worked.
You see, music encoded onto a CD has multiple different sub channels that are read right
along side the music data that is streaming in. CD Graphics are stored in some of the
unused sub channels. And since it is a stream of data, it can’t really be used to immediately
throw a whole picture up on the screen at once. The data is basically displayed on the
screen as it is read. The interesting thing, though, is that the data stream can tell it
where these particular pixels are supposed to go. So, this allows them to modify specific
places on the screen, and in some cases even animate small little sections. In this case,
they are using it for displaying the song lyrics that go along with what you are hearing.
Which again, makes me sad that I can’t let you hear the music with this. The graphics are limited to a resolution of
around 300 by 216 pixels using a maximum of 16 colors. So this puts it in the same ballpark
as a lot of computer systems and game consoles of the 1980s. Which make sense, being this
was developed in the 1980s anyway, even if it didn’t show up on the market until 1990. Now, while this CD here isn’t kind enough
to even let you know there are graphics on it, take a look at this one. This is one of
my favorite albums of the time, and it actually has the little logo here that actually says
graphics. So, let’s take a look at what’s on this one. I would say that CD Graphics was a big market
failure because, like I said, the vast majority of people I’ve talked to didn’t even know
this was a thing. Millions of people owned these discs without ever even realizing there
was more on them than just the audio. If you want to actually watch some of these,
there is a YouTube channel called the CD+G museum. And I don’t know how they’ve managed
to get these songs uploaded without copyright strikes, but you can watch many of them over
there and I’ll put a link down in the description. Now, let’s talk about another CD type, this
is a photo-CD. Now, what I have here is just a demo CD, and it’s on a factory pressed
CD that was included with this stand-alone photo CD player. I used to have a ton of photo
CDs around, but I through them all away a long time ago after copying them off to my
home server. But for those that don’t remember these, here’s how that worked. During the 1990s you were probably using a
film camera. And when you were done with your roll of film, you’d go K-Mart, or your local
pharmacy, or wherever they did film developing, and you’d find a stack of envelops similar
to this. So you’d fill out all of the personal information here, and then you’d check off
what sort of prints you’d like made. And one of the options you could pick from was
a Kodak PhotoCD. OK, this one actually says picture CD, which is a slightly different
format that came later, but I couldn’t find one of these that said PhotoCD on it, because
it would have to have been from the 1990s. But you get the idea. So, you put your film
in here, and drop it off. A few days later, you’d go back to pick up your film and you’d
get your negatives back, along with a photo CD. Now, the photo CD would look a little
different from this, normally it would be on a gold CD recordable, and look more like
this. But, this is all I have for the moment. So, let’s put this example photo CD in here
and see how it works. Now, you might think a photo CD is just a bunch of JPEG images
stored on a CD. But it was actually a proprietary format with uncompressed, raw images. In fact,
even a computer couldn’t view these photos without using special designed software. But
with the CD-i you could quickly and easily view these images on your living room TV.
Also keep in mind there was only standard definition television back then. Nevertheless,
these photos still look pretty good. Now let’s take a look at another type of
CD, the Video CD. Believe it or not, this was the predecessor to DVD video. In fact,
most DVD players were backwards compatible with Video CD. However, DVD uses a different
type of physical media that actually contains more information, and is double-sided. Video
CDs, on the other hand, use the same physical type of media as a music CD, and thus they
are limited to about 700 megabytes of data. So, how did they squeeze a video stream onto
this? Well, they used MPEG-1 compression. Now, back in 1990, computers were not fast
enough to decode an MPEG-1 stream like this using purely software. So, if you look at
the back of this CD-i player, you’ll notice a cartridge slot back here. What we have inside
is an add-on cartridge that contains custom hardware to decode MPEG-1 video streams on
the fly. This was actually not included with the CD-i player originally, as it added quite
a bit of extra cost. In fact, the cartridge could be as much as several hundred dollars. So, these are some Video-CDs from the era.
Many of these are very well-known movies. I’ll pop the Terminator 2 Disc in here,
and let’s have a look. As usual, I can’t really show more than a few seconds of this,
or I’ll wind up with a copyright violation. Of course, one problem with this format is
that it could only store about an hour on a single disc. So, for a two hour movie, the
solution was simply to have two discs. People who used laserdisc were already accustomed
to this anyway, so it probably wasn’t that big of deal. So, the advertising for these video CDs said
they were VHS quality. So, I thought I should put that to the test. And for that test, we’re
going to have a look at Forrest Gump. And that’s because I have this movie on both
Video CD and VHS. By the way, Forrest Gump actually has 3 discs. The 3rd one is actually
a documentary called “Through the eyes of Forrest Gump.” And you know what, it’s
actually really good. In fact, I understand this version is longer and has more stuff
on it than the version that comes on the DVD release as a special feature. I think that’s
because this has the original laserdisc version which is 37 minutes, but they shortened it
to 30 minutes for TV broadcast and that’s the version included on DVD. Anyway, so let’s put this in the player
and see what we get. OK, I mean, here on the TV it looks pretty good, but I need a better
way to compare with VHS. So what I’m going to do is directly plug the VCR into my video
capture device and grab some footage. Sorry it is showing in black and white here, I had
the chroma turned all the way off for some bizarre reason. But don’t worry, I fixed
it and re-captured it later. Anyway, I can’t really show you very much full-screen capture,
or I’ll get a copyright strike. I know, I’m beginning to sound like a broken record,
but it is what it is. So anyway, I captured some footage from VHS,
and now it’s time to capture the same footage from VCD. And here’s where we run into a
bit of a conundrum. I did use S-video from the CD-i player, since it offers it. I think
that’s fair to do because VHS was incapable of S-video by its very nature. But some people
might ask why I didn’t just rip the contents directly from the Video-CD using a CD-ROM
drive on a computer. Which, I could have. But I felt since this was meant to be played
on your television, this was probably the most fair way to compare. So, I have some side-by side clips here. At
first glance they seem pretty similar other than some difference in color balance. So,
what I’ll do is show you some still frames I captured from both. So here’s Video CD
and now VHS. Let’s try it on a different frame, again here’s Video Cd and now VHS.
Now, let’s zoom in to a specific area so we can see a little more detail. So I hate
to say it, but I think VHS actually looks better. And just for the fun of it, here’s
a 720p version of the same thing. But, on the bright side, Video CDs can be played thousands
of times without any degradation, unlike VHS. Plus, you don’t have to rewind them. OK, so we’ve had a look at some of the formats
that the CD-i player was designed to play, but none of those formats, at least up to
this point have been proprietary, meaning the music CD, the Photo Cd, the video CD,
these are all things that could be played in other dedicated players. But, of course
the CD-i player had its own proprietary sort of executable code which could be used for
encyclopedias or video games. The CD-i Player isn’t known for it’s great
library of games. Philips believed that the FMV, or full-motion video cartridge, was the
CD-i player’s biggest asset for games. This allowed it to play games like Dragon’s Lair.
But, in my opinion I think the FMV cartridge was a hinderance. And I’ll use Dragon’s
Lair as an example. I remember when I first saw this game at the arcade. Everyone was
gathered around the arcade watching it being played. The graphics looked absolutely incredible
at the time. But that’s because I didn’t realize the game was just a bunch of pre-recorded
scenes and thus you weren’t really controlling the character, rather controlling which scene
comes next with careful timing. Watching the game was fun, but once I actually played it,
I was rather disappointed. And so many of the titles for the CD-i were
designed at least partially around this premise. Games like Mad Dog McCree added in mysteries
to be solved, with some action. But they weren’t nearly as interactive as they appeared on
the surface. Here’s another one, Phantom express. This is just a pre-recorded roller
coaster scene and the only thing you control is the little crosshairs to attempt to shoot
at stuff. Here’s a kid’s game called the busiest
neighborhood ever. Again, this is just a bunch of FMV scenes put together with triggers on
certain areas. But it does allow a child to kind of explore a neighborhood. I think some of the best games on the system
were games that didn’t require the FMV cartridge. Tetris is a great example. Now, I’ve played
Tetris on a lot of platforms and admittedly the original NES version is probably my favorite
just from a playability standpoint. But I think the CD-i version is easily my second
favorite. And, I think you’ll see why. Every level in the game has a unique moving background,
plus a unique soundtrack. Here’s another level. And here’s the next. Pretty neat,
huh? Here’s another one of my favorite games.
I’ve also played Lemmings on a number of different platforms, but this one is unique
for a few reasons. For one thing, it has this really really long, like 5 minutes long, intro.
However, the FMV cartridge is not actually required to play the game. As for the game
itself, it is very similar looking to most other 16-bit consoles and computers of the
era. I think that the strongest resemblance is the Super Nintendo version. But, I think
the music is just one giant sample played right off the CD. Eventually I saw AVGN’s video about the
CD-i. I don’t know, I just never really believed it could be that bad, and it really
isn’t. There’s some really good titles on the CD-i. Some of my favorite games on
the CD-i are Thunder in Paradise. I know this sounds strange, but it’s a great FMV game.
It stars Hulk Hogan being super hammy. It’s from a TV show he did in the 90s. And it has,
especially for being just a shooter, a lot of variety. It’s on rails, but it constantly
changes each game where it stops, the order of the enemies, it has multiple endings. I’ve
beaten it dozens of times at this point and and I’m still finding new FMV cut scenes. I was really lucky enough to get Link, Zelda,
both of the Zelda’s and Link. They were terrible games. There’s a great beat-em-up also called mutant
rampage bodyslam. I really recommend that. There was a mixture of games for them. So
this is kind of their adult game called Voyeur, which it’s exactly how it sounds. Hotel Mario, it gets a lot of flack but it’s
actually a really good puzzle platformer. The cut scenes aren’t all that great, not
much to write home about, but really its a pretty good game. There’s also chaos control,
which I believe even had a PS-one release, really good ports of myst, seventh guest,
of course burn cycle which was kind of the killer app for the CD-i. It’s not all sunshine
and rainbows, the CD-i of course. The golf games were pretty neat, these were
all pretty much like a live action. Kind of almost reminds you of dragon’s lair or earlier
PC games. There are some things even me, a fanatic of
the CD-i, don’t like. One is the controllers it ships with, they’re wireless but they’re
infrared controllers. So naturally, you lose that line of sight to your CD-i and you are
not going to be playing your game basically. I ended up getting the genesis style 3-button
game pad. It works pretty well. It’s not the greatest gamepad in the world. Not the
greatest D-pad in the world, but it does work really really well for the CD-i games. All of the software, whether it’s a game,
encyclopedia, whatever software you are using for the CD-i, they all had to be made to use
any of the input devices. So, even their lightgun, you can use that to play a platformer game.
I don’t recommend it, but you can do it if that’s how you live your life. Another
really interesting thing about the light gun is that it will work with on a modern TV.
You do not need to use a CRT. So, somewhat forward thinking, I guess? To me, it’s partly because of AVGN’s videos
about it, people don’t take it seriously and it was never really meant to be a gaming
platform, at least not initially. So, to me it’s pretty impressive what they were able
to do. The whole point of the system was kind of
to replace most all of your entertainment in your house. So, they wanted it to be your
VCR, and be your game system and your educational system. They didn’t want you to have a computer
anymore. And they were just trying to replace all of that. So, it was supposed to be multi-faceted.
They kind of achieved that to a point. There are some hidden gems on the CD-i, but
like any other console it has plenty of bad games as well. And you do have to look a little
deeper to find those hidden gems. So, one thing that gets talked about a lot
is that Philips managed to secure the rights from Nintendo to use some of their characters
for games, such as in this port of Zelda. But, they contracted these out to another
firm and the games ended up being almost universally hated, and in fact sometimes these games are
used to judge the entire CD-i franchise, which I think is a bit unfair. There were many different versions of the
CD-i player, such as this top-loader that came a few years later. And it’s surprising
how much smaller it is. It’s supposed to open on its own, but mine needs just a bit
of help. To put a CD in, you just need to sit it here, there are no snaps or anything,
and then you just close the top. On the front you get a controller port, on the side is
a power on/off switch. And on the rear this one just has the standard, low-end options
for audio and video. One bizarre thing, though, is the power brick. It uses an RJ-45 connection.
At first glance some people today might think it is an ethernet port. But it’s not. This
model also has a slot for the FMV cartridge. You just have to squeeze here and this cover
pops off. You may notice this badge on top that comes with the cartridge so that you
can show externally that your model is equipped with it. But the cartridge itself is essentially
the same as the one from the previous unit. This smaller top loader was priced much lower
and was designed specifically to compete with the Commodore CD32, neither of which made
a huge splash in the gaming market. It wasn’t until the Sony Playstation arrived in 1994
that the compact disc would make a big impact for gaming. Later they did come out with this more compact
front-loading unit. I think this was sold mostly to schools and businesses and things
like that. It seems to have an FMV cartridge essentially built into it, although one bizarre
thing I noticed is that it will not play CD+Graphics. I think the CD-i player was the first of its
kind and Philips didn’t really know what to do with it at the time. I think had they
bundled it with a better controller and focused on a different genre of games instead of the
full motion video type games, I think that it would have been more successful as a gaming
console. However, it did pave the way for other consoles, including DVD video, which
was based heavily off of the Video-CD design. Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed this look
back at the Philips CD-i, and as always stick around to the next episode and thanks for

LTT Game Nerf War : Warriors SEAL X Nerf Guns Fight Crime group Braum Crazy Mercenary Captain

Hi you ! I have never seen you! I just moved here to work! Then try to work! Yes sir ! Stand up ! Are you surprised? All is a misunderstanding! Misunderstanding ? Do you still deny? Go out ! Misunderstanding ? Well, what happened to you ? Hello ! Hello ! Swat ? I am imprisoning your teammates! Okay ! I give you an hour to come here! If not, then know the consequences yourself! Ok ! Go go go ! Swat ! Swat ! Swat ! You let me wait a long time! Swat ! Are you ok ? Hey you ! Huh ? Shoot him ! Fight ! Huh ? It’s coming ! Huh ? Hey ! Huh ? Huh ? What is this?

WORLD OF HORROR – Early access First impressions

I have a confession to make. I am very picky with my horror games. Although I enjoy horror games a lot, I honestly
don’t play that many of them. Mainly because I find that very few of them
manage to catch my interest. What I’m trying to say is that, when I do
get curious about a horror game, I’m only ever going to stick with it if I’m truly interested
in it. And let me tell you, this game managed to
hook me from the first 10 minutes I played and it’s definitely not an experience
that I’ll forget anytime soon. Just like the title screen says however, the
game is still in early access so if you’re interested in checking it out please do keep
that in mind. So whatever thoughts and feelings that are in this video will obviously also be based on the early access version of the game as well. WORLD OF HORROR is an adventure game in which
you have to solve a number of different mysteries in the small sea-side city of Shiokawa in
hopes of warding off a terrible evil. The game was inspired by retro adventure games so if you’re familiar with games like Arkham
Horror or that sort of adventure board game, you’ll most likely find WORLD OF HORROR very
easy to pick up. But do not worry! Even if you have no experience with these
types of games and you just want to check the game out because you think it looks cool,
there’s a very handy tutorial that’ll answer any questions about how the game works. So don’t be too scared. As you start a new adventure, the game will
ask you to pick a case to investigate. Each one of these cases that you choose are
built up of a number of events that are randomly generated. This means that every playthrough will be
slightly different from the next and that you’re encouraged to investigate the same
mystery numerous times in order to see all possible events and see all possible outcomes. During your investigations as you’re traveling
to different places to check for clues you’re going to be faced with both enemies and different
types of skill checks. The combat is turn-based and features an action
bar which you can fill up with any kind of actions you’d like to take in battle as long
as you have the required equipment. You have several different options whether
you’d like to actually fight enemies, run away from them or try your hand and some form
of communication. The success of all of your actions obviously
depend on your current stats and equipment. And speaking of your stats and equipment,
there’s a leveling system which will allow you to spend points leveling up whatever stats
you’d like. As well as a shop that will sell you certain
items, but you can also come across items as you’re investigating. The outcome of the skill checks will also obviously
depend on your current stats. (So keep that in mind before you try something
stupid and end up dead like I did.) So although each playthrough of the game will
be of very varying lengths and very different overall, they’re all generally pretty short. And that is again because you are encouraged
to investigate the same mystery several times. You’ll see new things if you do and depending
on your choices, you might find a new ending. If you’re looking into this game, you’re probably
going to hear the same thing being repeated a lot. And that is that this game feels very Junji
Ito inspired. But that’s because it’s true. WORLD OF HORROR isn’t an adaption of any of
Ito’s stories and it’s not a rip-off in any capacity but it’s very obviously inspired
by Junji Ito. Although the extremely intricate drawings
from a Junji Ito manga can’t be translated into something like a 1-bit artstyle, that’s
also not the point. With its uncanny faces, body horror and placing
unknown horrors into the mundane, WORLD OF HORROR ends up feeling Junji Ito inspired. One can also absolutely not ignore the very
obvious Lovecraftian influences. When cosmic gods come knocking on your door
you’re bound to think of H.P Lovecraft. That’s not to say that the atmosphere doesn’t feel unique because it certainly does. The mixture of Japanese urban legends and
cosmicism is very interesting because it weaves together folklore with the horrors of the
unknown. So although the setting feels very average
every day, you’re bound to be creeped out when you open one of the lockers at school
and can’t even wrap your head around what’s currently living inside of it. It’s a game that wraps its claws around you
within minutes of starting it. Because of the nature of the gameplay, all
your decisions will either doom you or save you and it’s up to you to figure out what
the best thing to do is. All while trying to, you know, stay sane in
the face of eldritch horrors. The pixel art-style is something that although
fairly simple-looking, really gives the game a special feel. The black and white is reminiscent of old
manga and some of the monsters in this game really made my stomach turn. Something that’s also really cool is that
the game has a bunch of different colors palettes and gives you the choice to either customize
your color palette yourself or to pick a random one before each new playthough. This sounds really simple but it makes a huge
difference, especially when you go in for your 2nd and 3rd playthroughs because it can
give scenes a completely different feel. It is absolutely also worth mentioning that
this game was made by one guy. We’ve had several of these amazing releases
in the past few years that were made by just one person, and it’s really cool to see people
so passionate about their projects. So while WORLD OF HORROR may not be the longest
of experiences, that’s not something that holds it back. As a matter of fact it’s quite the opposite. It’s adapted a very effective short story
formula which is what makes it so addicting. As a horror fan, I would strongly recommend
it. It’s been a while since a game got under my
skin in the same way that WORLD OF HORROR managed to and it’s just as spooky as
it is refreshing. I was really longing for something unique
to catch me off guard this year and I was pleasantly surprised to find it hit me upside
the head. So if you’re interested in checking this game
out, keep your eyes open because WORLD OF HORROR will be available on Steam, Playstation
4 and the Nintendo Switch this year. And like I mentioned earlier, is already available now in early access. I hope you enjoyed this video. Thank you so much for watching.

Ranked Battles, Season 3. Coming Soon

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Ranked Battles, Season 3. Coming Soon

From March 16 to April 6, the third season, and final,
of Ranked Battles will take place
in World of Tanks. The year-long epic will soon
come to an end with a bang. The most experienced
and persevering players will receive a reward worthy of all
the battles endured along the way. The new season has the same basic
rules but saw changes in some aspects. Classic medium tanks are
divided now into two roles. The less protected vehicles remain
among the Light Attack Vehicles, like the Object 140
or the Centurion AX. They will now gain role experience
for trading hit points, too. The better armored vehicles,
like the Object 430U or the E 50 M, have been designated the role
of Versatile Attack Vehicle. They can play effectively
at close and medium ranges and receive role
experience for blocking and causing damage
upon their own spotting. The experience awarded for destroying
enemy vehicles was also reworked. Now the amount of experience depends
on how much of the enemy’s HP you took. So you only get
the maximum experience if you destroy
the enemy vehicle all by yourself. The matchmaker
also saw some changes. In the new season, it will try
to search for wheeled vehicles separately from
their tracked brethren. There will be fewer situations where
one team has a wheeled vehicle while the other one doesn’t. Based on the results of the
three seasons of Ranked Battles, the bravest and most skilled players
will get the long-awaited Annual Reward that they have
been striving to get. Depending on the
number of Rank Tokens, you will receive
one of the four rewards. Four Tokens will
grant you a Small Reward: 20 Personal Reserves for experience
and the Rank Classic, Variant 3 2D style. Seven Tokens will lead
you to a Standard Reward: an Innovative Loading System and
the Rank Classic, Variant 2 2D style. If you can get 10 tokens,
you will get an Advanced Reward: an Innovative Loading System,
a Stabilizing Equipment System, and the Rank Classic,
Variant 1 2D style. And the grand prize:
the Kampfpanzer 50 t, a unique Tier IX
German medium tank. And if you can save up 17 Rank Tokens,
you will receive the Maximum Reward. It includes everything from the Advanced
Reward with a Venting System on top. If you have Rank Tokens left
after receiving your rewards, each one will be automatically
converted to 500 bonds. Prepare for the final
of the annual Ranked Battles season. Cunning tactics,
bold plays, unusual strategies: all that will get you close to
a reward others can only dream of.

LGR – Doom Eternal Review

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Greetings folks, and welcome to an LGR Doom Thing! Ahh finally, it feels like an eternity since Doom 2016 came out and blew away expectations, our preconceived notions exploding all over the place like so many gory demonic entrails.
And now the folks at id Software are back with Doom Eternal, the follow-up to Doom that
isn’t called Doom II, thank god. Having to call Doom 2016 Doom 2016 was confusing
enough, so let’s hope that kinda naming scheme is over with. Besides, as it turns
out Eternal isn’t only a sequel to Doom 2016, but rather a follow-up of sorts to several
Doom games and spin-offs of the past. Back in my Doom 2016 review I said it was a series
reboot, but after playing Doom Eternal I don’t think that holds true anymore. That being
said, this review will not be diving into plot spoiler territory, not even boss fights,
so don’t worry about it. In fact, since I received an early review code, I had to
agree not to spoil a whole list of spoilery spoilers. But the rest of what I’m about
to say is entirely my opinion, and neither id Software or Bethesda are looking at this
beforehand, they’ll be seeing it for the first time same as you. With that nonsense outta the way, AUGH DOOM ETERNAL! This game ****ING RULES. If Doom 2016 was the best shooter I played that year, then Doom Eternal has to be one of the best shooters I’ve played, period. No exaggeration,
this game is top-notch single player bombastic first person pandemonium from start to finish.
It picks up some time after the end of the previous game, with the Doom Slayer headed
back to planet Earth in a massive spacefaring building, known as the Fortress of Doom. But
just like the original Doom II: Hell on Earth, it turns out Earth has a rather serious problem
regarding Hell, on Earth. In short, 60% of the world’s population has been wiped out
by demonic forces large and small, with the tendrils of evil spreading out from major
metropolitan areas threatening to destroy all that remains. It’s up to you to find
some Hell Priests and kill ‘em! And just like that, you’re tossed into the nightmare
world of Doom Eternal, shotgun at the ready, and demons just asking for a good beatdown. [a good beatdown commences] Yeah that’s right, in this game, your starting
pistol is a shotgun! [chuckles] Or more accurately, there’s just no pistol anymore, with the
first weapon slot being claimed by the combat shotgun instead. And I am all for that really,
since the last game’s pistol sucked, and in even in classic Doom games it’s really
only there until you find the shotgun or you’re in an incredibly desperate situation. Here
it’s just like nah man, here’s a shotgun, have at it! Oh and the chainsaw too, why the
hell not. [copious chainsaw carnage] Then hey, why not upgrade your shotgun with sticky grenades or a fully automatic buckshot chaingun? Fuse that with the return of glory
kills to use when an enemy staggers and yeah. Within the first minute of Doom Eternal you’re
already well-equipped to take down any of the half dozen most common enemies in the
game, it’s truly wonderful in how much it does not wanna waste your time. Well, except
when it’s wasting your time when you’ve got the tutorial on. Honestly, if you’ve played
Doom 2016 you can turn this right off and ignore the incessant pop-ups for the first
couple hours. Besides, there are codex notifications on the left side of the screen, so I just
left those on for new features and it was fine. Otherwise, it’s too easy to become
overwhelmed at the sheer mass of CONTENT™ being revealed every few seconds. Piles of
guns, lots of special moves, like twice the number of demons as before, and the upgrades.
So many upgrades. There’s a set of collectible rune upgrades, a set of Praetor Suit upgrades,
a set of weapon upgrades with a set of upgrades for those upgrades followed by mastery upgrades.
A set of attribute upgrades that turn into more upgrades once you merge upgrades. And
a set of upgrades on your space station that help unlock cosmetic upgrades, like weapon
reskins and player models. But yeah it’s all just a lot. This “stop and read” approach
is doing the game a disservice, since the lifeblood of Doom Eternal relies on maintaining
momentum through combat and learning how to best deal with each enemy’s attacks on the
fly. So I say just play the dang game, the best way to learn here is by doing. And by
doing, I mean engaging in absolute non-stop slaughter by way of the Doom Slayer’s menagerie
of finely-tuned firepower. An immensely satisfying act considering the way demons crumble apart
now into a mess of bones and bowels. The aforementioned shotgun and chainsaw make a return from 2016,
as does the heavy assault rifle, now known as the heavy cannon. Along with the plasma
rifle, the rocket launcher, the super shotgun, the chaingun, and the legendary BFG-9000.
Each one functioning more or less the same as they did before, but with some fresh upgrade
paths and mastery end goals here and there. For instance, the assault rifle still offers
an endless micro-missile launcher and a sniper rifle when upgraded, as seen in the last Doom
game. But the new Ballista is more of a remix, sliding into the spot previously occupied
by the Gauss Cannon. It’s an absolute beast of a weapon, basically a railgun that can
also shoot explosive bolts, as well as throw out substantial charged blades that slice
their way through any and all hordes of nastiness. The classic Super Shotgun shoots off two shells
simultaneously, and its secondary attack is a devilish little thing: a grappling hook
module Scorpion would approve of, known as the Meat Hook. Fire this deep into some demonic
flesh and hold on for a ride as you’re thrust straight at ‘em, setting you up for a point
blank double barreled barrage or a well-time melee move. The latter of which often makes
use of the new Doomblade, a wrist-mounted attachment popping out to slice open torsos
and skewer eyeballs on demand. You’ve also got the Blood Punch, something you charge
up to make the Doom Slayer’s overpowered fist even more overpowered, violently combusting
just about anything in the general vicinity. But yeah both are a perfect pairing with the
Meat Hook, which can itself be upgraded to another level so that each time you use it,
it sets everything on fire. A most excellent addition that I recommend unlocking sooner
rather than later, since fiery enemies drop piles of armor shards while they rapidly burn
to a crisp. Speaking of flame-broiled giblets, attached to your shoulder is another new weapon:
the Flame Belcher. And ah, it’s never been easier to set something ablaze at the press
of a button, being assigned its own hotkey along with grenades and the chainsaw. Mighty
useful stuff, since armor is always at a premium and it’s quickly depleted by the more deadly
demons. So always try to remember: burn first, shoot later. And get good at those grenades
too, especially the ice bombs, since they’re one of the most effective ways to stop the
assaults of low and mid-tier monsters. I was having a rough time with a few of these jokers
before I started switching from frags to ice. My go-to siphon grenades from the last Doom
are no longer a thing, so yeah, ice bombs are a dear Eternal friend. And finally, late
in the game you receive one more power tool of pain: the Crucible. A massive glowing red
blade only able to hold enough charge for three swings at any given time, but it’s
an ultra-heavy instakiller so eh, who cares! It’s like a BFG in the sword form, doesn’t
get much better than that. Regardless of your preferred setup it’s gonna be tough to keep
the heart rate down while blasting your way through the 15 to 20 hour campaign, especially
with another Mick Gordon soundtrack keeping you company. It’s even better than the 2016
score in my book, with a bit less of the glitched-out chaos and more melodic ambience and guitars
than before, and even some choir vocals performed by various metal musicians. Just excellent
stuff. [chaos, sheer chaos] That being said, which enemy you attack, when
you attack them, and in what way matters immensely here, an equation that remains in flux from
moment to moment. More than ever, this incarnation of Doom is an FPS combat strategy game, a
blood-soaked chessboard littered with demon guts and spent shell casings. Each encounter
is a puzzle to be solved at a moment’s notice, like if you need a health boost? Whittle a
dude down to perform a glory kill and spawn some health. If you need ammo, it’s all
about that chainsaw, spewing gobs of ammunition with each viscous dismemberment. As mentioned,
the Flame Belch and other fire attacks provide armor drops in copious quantities. And glory
kills also help build up Blood Punches, granting an effective way of chaining together other
moves so you can keep the combat flowing without missing a beat. All worth remembering since
the old enemies have been buffed up to become more effective at both defense and offense,
being faster, angrier, more armored, and more unrelenting in their urge to slay the Slayer.
It’s all mighty vicious stuff, when even seeing a pinky demon means you’re in trouble,
you know they did something right. And that’s not even mentioning all the new enemies, with
all their own counters, defenses, immunities, and special moves easily offsetting yours.
Carcasses, gargoyles, cueballs, prowlers, dread knights, doom hunters, marauders, tyrants.
These satan-spawn are out for all the blood you have, and they’re designed so that if
you get too close without them being staggered or frozen first, they’re just gonna clobber
you to death in a fraction of a second. No more running up to every other demon point
blank with the super shotgun, half the time that’ll get you knocked back or killed.
Instead you’ve really gotta use the right tool for the job. After a little practice,
each confrontation turns into a rhythmic exercise, playing out beat by beat as you switch from
weapon to equipment to special move, with every monster playing its part as they dance
to their death. It also requires such split-second accuracy at times that I have no idea how
you play this on higher difficulties with a gamepad, a good mouse and keyboard setup
is crucial in my opinion. I whipped out a controller just to compare, and nah man. Yeah,
however you’re controlling it, this game can be downright brutalizing later on. I began
playing on Nightmare difficulty and did so happily for the first several hours, but went
to Ultra-Violence and then to Hurt Me Plenty at one point. And that point was when multiple
Marauders start showing up at once, those things are insane. For me at least, this difficulty
spike happened at a point where my arsenal and skillset just didn’t match the abilities
of the new demons and ugh. Yeah, my kill/death ratio was more of a death/death ratio of negative
nothing, it was pathetic. There are still plenty of checkpoints in each map, but no
quicksaving, so failing at any point sends you back to the start of the area. However,
this can be alleviated by the addition of extra lives, enabled in the options menu,
and while I was highly skeptical of this in the gameplay trailers I now understand why
they’re included. Not only are they few and far between, often hidden in secret areas
or just around a corner you can’t reach without a conscious effort. But they provide
a way to respawn during some of the most infuriating encounters in the later parts of the game.
Usually involving Archviles and again, in my case, multiple Marauders. At least you
rarely see Lost Souls anymore, they mostly only show up when Pain Elementals are tossing
them out like boney baseballs. Anyway yeah, extra lives exist now, and even if you never
use ‘em it’s still fun to figure out where they are and how to reach them. Cuz yeah,
secret places man, and collectibles! Doom 2016 had plenty, but Eternal goes utterly
bonkers. Many of these are clearly-labeled with a glowing question mark, acting as a
tease that they exist but with few clues as to how to get to ‘em. Usually it involves
angrily punching something. But yeah you’ll find extra lives, berzerk and supercharge
power-ups, collectible figurines, sentinel crystals, 3.5” floppy disks with cheat codes
to use when replaying the game, various instant upgrade tokens, even vinyl records with music
from past id Software games. You’ll also run across secret encounters and combat arenas,
activated by smashing demon hearts. But these are hidden, more optional experiences compared
to the ones in Doom 2016, unlocking bonus items and keys that you don’t entirely need
but are nice to have on down the line. Oh and hey, Dopefish! That… is terrifying.
Anyway yeah, collectibles and secrets are everywhere and it’s good fun snapping them
up for display back at your Fortress of Doom, home sweet home. Described by the devs as
“the Doom Slayer’s man cave,” it really is a place to unwind between levels and take
a gander at what you’ve collected. And dude, as a lifelong id Software fan, there’s a
whole lotta nifty crap here, it’s easter eggs and references galore. I especially love
this little DOS PC over in the corner, with even more stuff to unlock once you collect
all the different floppy disks. Also dig the records and their companion posters. They
let you play music from games like Commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3D, Doom III, Quake Champions,
all sortsa good stuff. Really sets the mood for wandering the fortress, admiring your
spoils of war, and taking part in the game’s “practice moooooode” down in the ship’s
Ripatorium. Because of course that’s a thing. Rip and tear folks, rip and tear! [downright delightful demon-slaying] Combine this with the classic Doomguy skins,
centered weapon models, and original Sound Blaster sound effects? [chuckles] Yeah it’s
pretty much peak fanservice, but I admit I enjoy some quality servicing every so often. [classic Doom sounds, demon deaths] Even without the direct references to old
school sensibilities, to me the whole experience feels more like a Doom game than I’ve seen
since, well, Doom II from 1995. Despite the modern upgrade systems and flashy combat,
there’s an array of little touches and broader brushstrokes that evoke classic Doom. From
the floating red, yellow, and blue keycards you pick up, to the massive winding levels
full of traps and secrets, to the more vibrant color palette making use of bright reds, purples,
and greens reminiscent of the DOS games’ 256-color graphics. Addressing another of
my critiques from 2016, the hellish landscapes and setpieces here are far more vibrant and
surreal, with a wider variety in locations compared to before. I was psyched to see the
whole “Hell on Earth” idea fully committed to, with skyscrapers, shopping malls, and
industrial complexes overtaken with satanic insanity oozing from every crack and crevice.
And the horrific torture dungeons of hell are truly an awesome sight to behold, this
is exactly what I was hoping for in a modern Doom game. It takes those original textures
and blocky rooms from the 90s and reiminages them in unsettling detail, I love it. Really
is like strolling through a heavy metal cover, it’s all horns, fire, corpses, and teeth,
props to the artists for going balls-out. I’m glad they’ve included a photo mode
as a result, I’ve already spent far too much time posing my Doomguy in front of all that delectable fire and brimstone nightmare fuel. I also really appreciate how they designed
the maps in such a way that they feel more, I dunno, Doomlike, and less of a string of
obvious combat zones. A complaint I had about the last game was that so many levels relied
on locking you into a room while enemies spawned in waves, then a door opens up and you move
to the next section to do it all again. This time around there’s much less of that, and
when it does happen it’s presented in a less predictable way. You’ll often wander
into a new area and see demons just hanging around doing their thing. Patrolling, in-fighting,
talking politics, whatever demons do. Often the exits are still locked until you clear
the infestation, but levels are overall more conducive to wandering around, even during
combat. Many are also significantly more wide open than in 2016 too, with even more verticality
and nonlinear exploration involved. And some even evoke Half-Life’s Xen with how many
hovering platforms and jump pads are floating around. Thankfully it’s much easier to navigate
than Xen since Eternal features all new traversal mechanics. Grappling onto ledges and double
jumping and such, yep, that stuff’s still here. But so is a button for dashing, helping
you speed along the X-axis to strafe around projectiles and hit far off platforms, especially
useful in finding secrets. And I guess the Doom Slayer has a bit of that radioactive
spider blood cuz he can stick to certain surfaces and climb up and around them like it’s nothing.
Mix all that together with the yellow poles and monkey bars found on any given level and
you’ve got a quite the athletic stew going. Just jump or dash onto a bar and you’ll
go flying out at an angle like the buff shotgun-wielding gymnast manbeast that you always knew you
were. Once again, I haven’t had this much fun swingin’ around virtual worlds in a
long time now, it’s like a demon-slaying Mirror’s Edge meets Uncharted and it’s
fantastic. No question, sometimes it’s tricky. But it’s not super punishing either, even
with all the bottomless death pits. Drop to your doom and you simply respawn with a small
health penalty, no lives lost. And yeah, that’s the gist of the Doom Eternal.
Which I keep wanting to call Eternal Doom for some reason. Probably because I’m used
to saying Final Doom and Ultimate Doom, so Eternal Doom just sounds right but anyway.
About the only other thing I’d wanna touch on are the story details and the boss battles,
which I won’t do cuz spoilers. What I will say though is that the story most certainly
exists, with more meat on its bones that it did in 2016. Yet when it comes to the villain
of the game, well, it’s hard to say if there really is one in particular? There are some
big bads, but they weren’t the primary focus. If anything, one could argue that you are
the villain, a fitting narrative considering the Doom Slayer lore set up in the last game.
And there are a surprising number of cutscenes too, whipping the camera out to third person
and then back to first person kinda like it did in Doom 3. You’ve still got endless
codex entries and audio diaries scattered around as expected. Personally I got more
outta the cutscenes though, so if you’re into Doom Slayer lore then I think you’ll
be pleased. All the Doom wikis are sure gonna have their work cut out for them. But yeah,
I thoroughly enjoyed the campaign the whole way through, with only a few overly frustrating
moments taking me out of the experience. Which was alleviated once I improved my skills,
better-equipped my guy, and went back to revisit the levels I sucked at before. Which you can
do at any time using the Mission Select computer terminal in the Fortress of Doom, allowing
you to replay any map to grab things you missed and redo battles that previously ruined you.
Any progress made applies to your overall save file too, so you can really just have
fun whenever you first play a level and don’t have to worry about grinding for gear since
you can essentially jump into New Game Plus any time. There are also Master Levels to
try out, which are tweaked versions of regular levels but with harder and more numerous baddies
supplying a greater challenge and upgrade opportunities. And finally, there’s multiplayer,
which I can’t talk about yet because it hasn’t gone live. The most I can do is show
some of the offline tutorial for the 1v2 competitive game, called Battlemode. It’s an asymmetrical
multiplayer mode where one person plays the Doom Slayer and two others play as demons.
Each player demon can either attack directly or spawn in more demons to try and overwhelm
the Doom Slayer, while the Slayer player attempts to fend off the demons using the same moveset
seen in single player. Interesting idea, but I can’t play it yet so who knows. The other
online option set to arrive in the future is Invasion, one of those deals where someone
can jump into your campaign as an enemy to try and give you a hard time. Can’t say
I’m typically a fan of that kinda thing in other games, but again, it’s not available
yet so whatever. Fine by me, since single player is still a radically wonderful time,
presuming you’re into this flavor of chaos and have the PC to run it. I mean it’s also
on consoles but yeah, like I said earlier, mouse and keyboard is the way to go if you
can. It does require a somewhat beefy system if you want 4K at 60+ FPS, but on mine running
an 8086K CPU and an 8 gig RTX 2080 SC I had zero problems as you’d hope. No stutters,
no crashes, nothing but silky smooth demon murder. Y’know, looking back on the last twenty-odd minutes, I guess I really haven’t had much to critique, huh? I dunno, I loved the vast
majority of Doom Eternal though I suppose I do have a few little things. As I mentioned
a while ago, I think it teeters on the edge of having too many upgrades and unlockables.
I think some of the upgrade options could be simplified or combined into one skill tree
instead of two or three. There’s also no SnapMap anymore, or any kind of level editor
or official mod support at all at this point. Which, yeah, I guess they’ve promised to
release single player DLC to try and make up for it, but I’d rather have the option
to download fan-made stuff too. And then there’s the multiplayer, and sorry, old man mode fully
engaged here. But this is a Doom game, one that evokes so many old school Doom ideas.
So I’d love to see proper deathmatch available and maybe some other classic multiplayer modes.
Doom Eternal LAN party anyone? I’d be down. I’ve already got it running in 640×480 on
a CRT dude, just gimme some Bawls energy drinks and an ethernet cable and I’m good to go.
All right old man mode disengaged, because no matter what Doom Eternal is such a solid
single player shooter that I can’t help but gush about it. Once again, no one paid
me, this isn’t sponsored. Frankly I’ve no idea how I ended up with a code for this.
But yeah, I just really enjoyed my time with Doom Eternal if you can’t tell, I can’t
wait to play some more of it. It goes without saying, but I absolutely recommend the hell
outta this one. [combat chaos, sad death] [Mick Gordon music is Mick Gordon music] And if you found this review informative or
enjoyable, then great! You’d probably like the others I’ve done on older Doom games,
or any number of computery things I cover on LGR. Either way though, thank you very
much for watching!