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Fire Emblem Heroes – Feh Channel (Dec. 4, 2019)

Hello, Summoners!
Around this time of year, I like to think back
on the all good times we’ve shared… There’s just something about
the cold weather that makes me feel all fuzzy inside! Heart-warming nostalgia aside, I, Feh, have once again
gathered some exciting news to share with all you summoners! Grab some cocoa and cozy up
to the latest information on the Fire Emblem Heroes game. That’s right, it’s time for Feh Channel! Wow… There’s a lot to share! Feh Channel really is the gift
that keeps on giving! Let’s get started! In the latest version up… FEEEH! Where did all these enemies come from?! Now what do we have here? Hmm? Mjölnir’s Strike? Oh, I see! Those enemies
were part of the new event! In Mjölnir’s Strike, all of you summoners must join forces to protect Askr
against a massive invading army! It looks like this horde was let loose
by the god of war herself… Thórr! Brace phase. Huh? Did I hear that right?
What’s a Brace phase? I see. With the opposing army
fielding so many soldiers, the first thing we should do
is take an eagle-eyed look at who we’re up against! Here we can see the commander
who will be leading the troops. It looks like Narcian is in charge
of the next invasion! Mjölnir’s Strike is split into
three distinct active phases. First is the Brace phase! This is when players get to see which
enemies are getting ready to invade. Use this time to check
what you’re up against, and make sure you’re prepared
to take on any foe. Next up is the Shield phase!
I hope you’re good and braced, because this is when the enemy army
will come knocking down your door. Protect the Kingdom of Askr
with all your might! Finally, it’s time for the Counter phase! This one takes place on the day
after the Shield phase, and it’s when you’ll get to take
the fight to the enemy using the Kingdom
of Askr’s super secret weapon! For those of you keeping score at home:
battle in the Shield and Counter phases, and use the downtime
to recover and prepare! Now that we know what
to expect from our enemies, let’s BRACE ourselves
for the Shield phase! This is Midgard’s Shield. It was built long ago right here
in the Kingdom of Askr, and it’s where you’ll make your stand
against the oncoming hordes. But that’s enough admiring! We don’t have much time before
Narcian and his forces arrive, so we’ve got to prepare our defenses! Let’s start by editing
our defensive team. In Mjölnir’s Strike, you get
to choose eight Heroes to deploy. The Heroes are split
into four sets of two, and you’ll need to pick carefully
if you want to find a winning strategy! Heroes are deployed
using the Pair Up ability, and each pair comes with a perk
that will help them on the battlefield. For example, Alfonse and Sharena
are in the Defense position, so they’ll be granted an additional
10 Def when deployed! These two would fight
for Askr to the very end, so I’m sure they’d welcome
some extra armor! But what’s that unusual symbol
above Ephraim and Eirika? I see! They’re in the Attack position. They get the ability to move
freely in enemy ranks that is, foes won’t initiate
combat against them! That means they can focus
on dealing damage without worrying so much
about their defenses! A Hero’s role doesn’t only determine
what they can do in combat but it also determines where their pair
can be placed on the battlefield. Enemies start in the upper part
of the map and work their way down. Heroes in the Attack position can only move within the top three rows
of the map, which we can see here in red. It’s their job to get
the first attack in on your enemies before they reach your defensive line. Heroes in the Speed, Defense,
and Resistance positions can only move in the bottom five rows
of the map, shown here in blue. They’re responsible for putting a stop
to the enemy’s advance. If they fail, Askr is going to find
itself in a whole world of trouble! Right! I think my team is ready. And one more thing to keep in mind: Mythic Heroes may get strong stat bonuses
when you use them on the map! Here we go! Oh, I’m so nervous… I know! Let’s test our defenses first! Intermediate difficulty should be enough. Take this! And that! Oh no, Virion!
Feh, you birdbrain… Wait! It looks like a pair’s cohort can keep
fighting even if the leader is defeated! Alright, Eir, I’m counting on you!
Give ’em… Huh?! Oh no! Those Gateways
are what we’re here to protect, and I already lost one. This isn’t good… We need to protect at least one Gateway
for seven turns if we want to win! I thought I had everything figured out… What could I have missed… What’s this? Mechanisms?! Fehhh! I knew I shouldn’t have
skimmed over that part! There sure are a lot
of different Mechanisms, aren’t there? That pyre looks like
one of Múspell’s treasures… Could it have something to do with Surtr? Oh, I’m getting goosebumps
just thinking about it… Placing this Mechanism on the map
will give us a bonus in battle, sooo… There we go! All right! I’m ready
for you now, Narcian! You don’t stand a chance against my army!
This bird’s gonna bring it! Mjölnir’s Strike: The First Battle.
Shield phase. Narcian and his forces
are finally here… Let’s give them a warm welcome, shall we? But I don’t want to get burned… Let’s start with Beginner
difficulty this time. How’s this? And that?! We managed to drive them back! We’re really heating up now! Let’s try Advanced difficulty this time! F-Feeeh! This is pretty tough! Yikes, the enemies are already
putting on the pressure… What should I do? That’s right! Mechanisms to the rescue! First we tap the Múspell Pyre, then we tap the activation
button that appears. Burn till nothing remains!
Scatter like ash! Now that our Mechanism
weakened the enemies, our Heroes can finish
them off. Here we go! Is everyone okay? Don’t worry,
I’ll fix you right up using Life’s Jewel! Hang in there, Altina! It’s over! We somehow managed to drive them back! And look, our score went way up! Not too bad, huh?
The Counter phase should be a blast! Mjölnir’s Strike: The Second Battle.
Counter Phase. It’s time to see what
Midgard’s Shield can do! During the Shield phase, energy
given off in the battle is collected and stored deep within Midgard’s Shield. Then, when it’s time
for the Counter phase, the energy is converted
into offensive power! That offensive power is weaponized
and loaded into a giant cannon with enough range
to hit the enemy encampment! I like to call the cannon…
the Askr Blaster! It can attack one time
for each Counter Arrow shown here! Alright, enough chit-chat!
Time to test this baby out! Here comes the sunshine! FIRE! What fearsome strength! And THAT’S
why I call it the Askr Blaster! I almost forgot! That cannon has enough range
to shoot straight into other worlds! That means Narcian’s camp is in the range
of every player’s Counter Arrows, not just yours. There’s also a bonus when
all players focus their shot. They can generate combos by firing
their cannons together each hour, allowing them to deal
even more overall damage! The overall damage done by the Kingdom
of Askr is calculated hourly, with each hour’s combo bonus
taken into account. It looks like Narcian
won’t give up without a fight! He managed to turn the tables! If the Counter phase ends with Askr
inflicting less damage than the enemy, well, it’s bad news for us. So let’s give it all we’ve got! Ready the cannon! And… FIRE! When all hope seemed lost, we were able to use the Weaker Bonus
to inflict massive damage! If the Kingdom of Askr inflicts
more damage than the enemy by the time the Counter ends, we win! And this time it looks like
we pulled through! Rest. Mjölnir’s Strike is over…
and it’s finally time to rest. Narcian was a lot tougher than
I expected, but we pulled through. Oh, right. You probably want something
for all that hard work, huh? No worries! Rewards are available to anyone
who participates in these battles. There are two kinds of rewards. The first are Tier Rewards. Players who participate
in the Shield phase will be assigned a Tier based on the score
earned in their defense battle. Different Tiers offer different rewards! A player’s Tier can fluctuate
based on their rank. Where have I seen
a system like this before…? Oh! Of course! The Arena! And what have we here… Divine Codes? It doesn’t look like
we can use these now, but it can’t hurt to stock up for later! The second kind are Askr Level Rewards. Everyone shares the same Askr Level, and you’ll all receive
better rewards the higher it goes. Work together with your fellow summoners
to get it as high as you can! That was a lot to take in! I want to take advantage
of the rest period and catch a quick nap, but… you probably want to know when
Mjölnir’s Strike starts, don’t you? Well… Tada! It starts at 11:00 PM Pacific Time
on December 8th! The first Brace phase will start right
after the version update goes live. Make sure you prepare your defenses! I’ll be sharpening my talons right
there alongside you, Summoners! Next up… It’s time for even more info
on the next version update! This is Altina’s profile
screen, isn’t it? I think some buttons were added. It looks like we can learn
and change skills from this screen now! Let’s try changing a skill. Skills aren’t the only thing
we can change, I spot Sacred Seals too! We can even change entire skill sets. All of this can be done anywhere and
anytime before you head out to battle. If you’re not in the middle of a battle, simply tap on the Hero’s icon to bring up
their profile screen and customize away! It’s probably a good idea to have
a skill set ready to go for any occasion! Moving on! Introducing New Heroes
from the Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 game! Let’s take a look at them one by one. First up is Eyvel, the mistress of Fiana. She’s a swordswoman
of incredible strength who singlehandedly saved
the village of Fiana from bandits, then helped build it back up. She’s a kind woman who leads the Fiana
Freeblades and took in Leif and company when they were on the run
from the Grannvale Empire. She looks so strong and radiant…
almost like a goddess! Next up is Mareeta. I can’t believe how calm
and collected she always looks! When she was young,
Eyvel saved her from a life of slavery, and afterward she was raised
as Eyvel’s adopted daughter. She has devoted herself
to a life of training, hoping to get closer to her foster mother by better understanding
the way of the sword. She’s related to Ayra
and likely harbors limitless potential. This is Osian. He’s a member of the Fiana Freeblades, and takes to the battlefield wielding
his beloved axe, the Vouge. He’s absolutely overflowing
with fighting spirit, and watching him hack and slash away
gets his comrades’ blood pumping! I’m sure he’ll be a great asset
to the Order of Heroes. And here’s Tanya! She’s the daughter
of a former bandit leader and hails from Mt. Violdrake
near the village of Fiana. She’s hot-headed and strong-willed, and can usually be found
bickering with Osian. She gets on his case a lot, but it’s only
because she cares so much about him! This New Heroes summoning event runs from 11:00 PM Pacific Time on December 5th
to 10:59 PM Pacific Time on December 24th! You’ll get to learn more
about their skills in an introductory video
that’s coming soon. We’re almost at the end,
but I suddenly feel so… sleepy… Can’t… keep… eyes… open… What was that?! Am I dreaming?
Umm… who are you? Of course! This is no dream… Summoners, your saga
continues in Book IV! Book IV takes place in Ljósálfheimr,
the realm of dreams! Is that Sharena I see?
And who is that with her? It’s Peony! Peony is a ljósálfar, an inhabitant
of the realm of dreams. Doesn’t her hair look just
like flowers? How sweet! If Peony came here from the realm
of dreams, then that must mean… we’re looking at the realm
of dreams right now! Alfonse is charging ahead
toward those two mysterious figures… and he’s got his sword
and shield at the ready! That must mean that these two coming
to face him are anything but friendly! I see now! Their names
are Triandra and Plumeria. Hmm… they look a lot like Peony.
Are they ljósálfar too? No, they seem a lot
more sinister and cold… They must be dökkálfar! Summoners beware: they may be enchanting,
but every rose has its thorns. If you’re not careful,
you might get stuck! There’s a shadowy castle
descending from the sky… it looks more ominous than the bright
and beautiful one on the ground! I’ve got a bad feeling about this… It looks like the Order of Heroes might
get mixed up in another tough situation! Book IV’s story begins
on December 5th at 11:00 PM Pacific Time. Hmm… didn’t I already talk about
the New Heroes summoning event featuring Heroes from Thracia starting on
December 5th at 11:00 PM Pacific Time? That’s strange…
because Book IV opens at… Oh my! It seems Peony will be part
of this summoning event as well! Oh, Feh, you silly owl… I must have dreamed up the summoning
banner I showed you earlier. This is the real one! Haha! I almost forgot the most important part! If you clear Chapter 1 of Book IV,
Peony will join you as a 5-stars Hero! She’s a Light-type
Mythic Hero, and a dancer! And starting on
December 5th at 11:00 PM Pacific Time, there will be a log-in bonus
celebrating the beginning of Book IV You can receive two Orbs each day
for a total of up to 20 Orbs! Do your best to check in every day and grow Peony into
the best Hero she can be! That’s all for today, Summoners! The world of Book IV
is like a fantastic dream, and I’m so excited to see
where we go from here! It’s that time again… I wonder if I’ll get to finsh up
the rest of that dream… Maybe I’ll hibernate
through the rest of winter…

[Quest 34290] – Treasure: Ketya’s Stash

Travel to Archenon Siegeyard at 56, 25, and then take the path down the hill [to the west] to a cave whose entrance is at 53, 25. Avoid the red-dashed circles as these slow your movement speed, and the laser beams traveling around the cave [these will kill you]. It is relatively safe to enter the circles with the solid blue-green lines, as long as you keep moving. Loot ‘Ketya’s Stash’ for ‘Stonegrinder’ battle pet in the back of the cave. If you like this video, thumbs up and subscribe.

Retro Games Controller – 200 Amazing Retro Games

Until now If you wanted to play classic 8bit
games, you’d have to travel back in time to when they were a little more awesome. Radical music. Exceptional graphics. “Oh WOW! The graphics are RAD!” Fluid controls. Now you can with the retro games controller,
with 200 games to choose from in a device the size of a match box, you’ll be playing
all night long like when you were a kid. It uses an AV connection so can be hooked
up to any television. So re-live the golden age of gaming with the
retro games controller. Buy this and loads of great gifts at prezzybox.com

WHERE’S MY MOMMY? [TRAILER] ©2015 Exquisite Games

“Exquisite Games” Poopy was living happily with his mother in a dark and moist place that was their home. Then, one pink night, a violent and unexpected earthquake ejected Poopy’s mother from their nest leaving the little child alone and terrified. “I will save you mother!” And so, with all his courage, Poopy began a dangerous journey to save his mother’s life. Even though he knew that not a living soul had ever returned from the other side of the dark tunnel.

Japanese Table Smashing Arcade Game | Cho Chabudai Gaeshi

Stress, anger, frustration Most of us experience it and we all deal with it in our own special way For example, in Britain everyone knows the best way to deal with stress is to make hand puppets and listen to Shout! by Tears for Fears I should probably get out more It turns out that in Japan there’s a well known way of expressing your anger or stress and there’s even a really cool arcade game that deals with it as well Chabudai Gaeshi is a phrase that literally means “to flip one’s table” Chabudai is not too dissimilar from this table, a short four-legged table Japanese families sit around and eat dinner on it
or put leaflets on it like I do Typically it’s seen as an act done by the father of the household when he comes home from work, feeling a bit stressed The kids are being loud and annoying, the wife is going blablabla And so he has a bit of a violent outburst and just flips the table But fortunately this concept has been made into an exciting game! Hope they’ve got insurance! Chou Chabudai Gaeshi, which literally translates to Ultra Table Flipping Game So the game starts out with you
sitting at the dinner table The wife’s preparing dinner, and the kids are being quite annoying, on their phones, making noises And so you start banging the table each time they do something annoying I didn’t understand this at first I thought you were supposed to keep banging the table continuously Which is wrong don’t do that And then at the last 10 seconds It’s about a minute long You flip the table as hard as you can The wife gets the brunt of it coz she’s making her way to the table when the husband/father flips it and you get to see the table
make its way through your wife’s face in slow motion, again and again The kids don’t know what’s going on The crockery, ruined Dinner, uh, forget about dinner And what better way to get rid of your stress …and your family? I have to say its a lot of fun,
I don’t have a wife and kids but if I did I can’t imagine a better way to relieve my stress by flipping a table through them But the table flipping fun doesn’t stop there coz there are other scenarios as well Such as: an angry teacher flipping his desk a woman working at a burger restaurant and even a funeral where you flip the corpse over across all the guests at the funeral Probably the most disturbing one of the lot You can even play against other people in a stadium style flipping table competition and the points you get are depending on how far you flip the table and how much damage you cause I have to say I haven’t seen an angry Japanese person in the last 6 months I have been here so I find the concept of someone flipping a table in anger very hard to believe So the reason I love this game so much is it does relieve stress, it’s quite fun flipping that table Especially when you see the slow motion replay Let’s face it, whilst some people might say “Oh gosh, how violent and barbaric” Compared to, say “shooting up
a Russian airport” in Call of Duty or running over a whole city, in Grand Theft Auto I don’t think this is that bad at all really So yeah it’s a fun game a practical way of relieving stress Probably something I can’t imagine seeing in real life Particularly when… I think I just broke my table Oh my god

SanDisk Clip Sport & Clip Jam MP3 Unboxing And Review

Hey guys,iam Antwnis Mauridis,we recently received 2 Mp3 players from Sandisk Iam talking about Sandisk Clip Jam and Clip Sport! Lets start off with Sandisk’s Clip Sport MP3 which seems to be a better choice taking a look at outside the box. Inside the box i found a micro usb cable and a pair of earbuds which i tested and i have to say that they have a very good build and sound quallity. I used them to listen to some music,i didnt face any kind of problem,the sound is crystal clear,the treble is very rich and the bass is very deep. Something negative that i noticed is that the cable has a small length On the right side of the MP3 there is a jack input 3.5mm and a micro SD slot. On the other side there is a micro usb input and the volume buttons On the back side there is the clip. This MP3 is matted and its made of plastic so its very light. Lets talk about the screen and the user interface. This MP3 provides you a lot of features though its color screen Sandisk Clip Sport provides Fm Radio,you can listen to your audiobooks,you can open and surf your folders and you can see your files on the SD card segregated. It has 8GB of internal memory and it can be expanded up to 64GB using a Micro SD card You can also use it for your exercise using its timer and its stopwatch. In the settings section you can find a wide variety of settings. To sum up,for me the Sandisk Clip Sport is an ideal choice because it has a good battery,it lasts up to 25 hours It has a good screen even thought its an MP3 and it can support a wide varitety of codecs like MP3,Wave and OGG. Now lets take a look at the Sandisk Clip Jam. Inside the box there is the MP3 itself,a pair of earpuds and a Micro usb cable. Holding it i noticed that its very tiny. I also noticed that outwardly its alike the Clip Sport,the inputs and the slots are in the same place and it has 8GB internal memory You can expand the memory using a Micro SD card Talking about the earbuds they dont have the same quality as the Clip’s sport earbuds talking about the design and the audio quallity I want to emphasize that it has exactly the same User Interface with the Clip Jam talking about the design and the animation,but this MP3 doesnt have a color screen and its smaller. It also has the same features with the Clip Sport but it has a weaker battery and it supports more audio codecs. I also noticed that sandisk clip jam doesnt have the same audio quallity as the sandisk clip sport.Clip sport is better! Sandisk Clip Sport and Clip Jam cost 50 and 35 Euros in Greece I Believe that both worth the money you pay for,they are good without having crazy features,they do what they are supposed to,they are just 2 MP3 players,nothing less nothing more,this is what you pay for. Thanks for watching!If you like our work please like and share the video! Feel free to comment and dont forget to subscribe!

Annoying Orange HFA – The Day the Store Stood Still

♪ He’s orange, he has a lot of friends ♪ ♪ They live together on fruit stand ♪ ♪ They have adventures all across the land ♪ ♪ And even play in a rock ‘n roll band ♪ ♪ He’s Orange, Annoying Orange ♪ ♪ He’s Orange, Annoying Orange ♪ ♪ He’s Orange ♪ (laughs) (grunts) (electronic chimes) How can you sit there playing that idiotic game in this kind of heat? Eat star trident, newb. (laughs) The last 23 times you beat me were luck. This time you’re going down. Finally, I just crushed you, Blueberry. Boned. Oh, no. My Z-Orb overheated. Any luck, Nerville? Oh, hey, guys. Did you fix the AC? No way. She’s a goner. No match for this weird heat. What do you mean Nerville? It’s 8:00 p.m. Isn’t it dark outside? No, that’s what I’m trying to tell you guys. It’s supposed to be night, but it’s still day. That’s got to be why it’s getting so darn hot. The sun hasn’t set? Oh, no. It’s happening. The prophecy is coming true. What’s happening? The earth hamster has stopped running in his wheel. Somebody go to the toy section and grab some marbles. Grandpa Lemon lost his. I’m completely of sound mind, you jabbering buffoon. And mark my words… if the earth hamster stopped running, we’re all doomed. Wha? Billions and billions of years ago, when the universe was new… You were in high school. There was a powerful being known as the space toddler. A child so gigantic… (baby laughs) that he used stars as soccer balls, and black holes as toilets. (toilet flushes) The space toddler needed a place to keep his herd of magical intergalactic hamsters. So he used stardust to make giant hamster balls, placed a hamster in each one, and spread these throughout the universe. So the earth spins because there’s a hamster in the middle of it, running in a wheel? How adorable. Not as adorable as my pecs. Gross. (grunts) When the earth hamster stops running, the earth heats up like a hemorrhoid on a swampy summer’s day. The last time this happened… the dinosaurs went the way of… the dinosaurs. By golly, we have to get to the center of the earth and make that hamster start running again. You know, I think I may have just the thing for that. (mechanical whirring) Whoa. Oh, yeah! (all cheering) (snores) All aboard, troops. We’re going to the center of the earth. As I recall, this earth plane is controlled by an autonomous cloud based techno-personality named Starry… and she is way hot. A what? (electronic voice): A hyperintelligent robot. My name is Starry. Nice to meet you, Annoying O-range. My name is Orange. Who ever heard of a super-powerful computer that talks like they’re from dumbland? What a dumba-dumba. No, no, d-d-don’t mind my fiend here, Starry. He means well, but he’s got a brain the size of a chicken nugget. What he means to ask is… can you take us to the center of the earth? Only if your obnoxious friend apologizes. His remedial level insults have caused a short wire in my offense circuit, and can only be repaired with an apology. Okay, I’m starry. You mean, I’m sorry? What are you sorry for? I’m the one that called you a dumba-dumba. Fine. You want to go to the center of the earth? Get there yourself. Who is a dumba-dumba now? ORANGE: You are. (electronic whoosh) No, no. You’re the dumba-dumba, Orange. Oh, nice, Orange. If I’ve assembled a Swedish bookshelf, I can fly an earth plane. No problem. (gears crank) No, stop. No, don’t touch Starry. Only I’m allowed to touch Starry. Good nuggets. Wait a second. What’s this button for? (drill revs) Whoa. (all scream) ORANGE: Hey, Nerville, can you dig it? This is a real grind. (laughs) Ah, I thought this was just a drill. Okay, seriously, how long is this shot? (all scream) See? We didn’t need that dumb Starry at all. Flying an earth plane is easy. (beeps) Hey, Nerville, the radar’s messed up. It looks like a giant mole is chasing us. (grunts) (screams) That’s a giant mole! Ooh. Ooh. Somebody man the laser turrets. I’ll do it. (gunshot) (howls) I did it. I saved our lives. No, you didn’t. Captain Orange gave the order. Orange, you can steer my ship any time you want. I guess I’m a born captain. Now relax and enjoy the rest of the trip. It’s always smooth sailing with Captain Orange at the… (bang) (all scream) (laughs) That was a perfect landing. It was perfect. Something doesn’t feel right, here. Yeah, you’d expect a crystal cave covered in weird mushroom art to feel comfortable, but, nope, it feels dangerous. Very perceptive, Grapefruit. (scoffs) Keep talking, and I’ll show you dangerous. Stop fighting, you two. Grapefruit is right. It feels like we’re being watched. The tip of the drill snapped off when we hit the ground. If we can find something to replace it with, I can probably fix it. Okay, everyone, spread out and see if you can find a crystal we can use to replace the drill. Hey, Pear, have you found anything yet? Nope. Not a thing. Maybe I can help. I’m a big cyclops mushroom with… W-w-w-w-wings! Aw, thanks for offering the help, but we can handle this. See you later. Have a great afternoon. We should go talk to Jason Junior. Who’s Jason Junior? Fruit. Awesome. (screams) (crunch) Jerk. Oh, man. Apple a day… keep the doom hounds away. Delish… (farts) Oh, we don’t get much fruit down here. I’m super backed up. That’s gonna help a lot. What is that thing? I am Jason Junior. Child of the pain father, son of the slaughterer, prince of the destruction, blah, blah, blah… We’re gonna conquer the earth, and enslave all the humans. I mean, does that sound fun or what? My dad wanted me to do it a few hundred years ago, but I’m like, Dad, I got my own stuff to do! Pretty soon there won’t be anyone up there for you to enslave. The earth hamster stopped running on his wheel. Say what?! (groans) If the earth catches on fire before I enslave humanity, I’m gonna get seriously grounded. I’ve been grounded, like, 400 times this year already. Oh, boy, you in trouble, okay? Uh, I’m dead meat, man. Look… if you guys get the hamster running again, I’ll give you mostly painless deaths. What do you say, huh? Uh, sounds great. Except our drill broke, so we’re kind of stuck. Hey, Nerville, how about that goofy thing on his head? How about that for a drill? You’re talking about… the unholy crown of the earth serpent. The one and only. I guess you can borrow it. Whatever. (laughs) You have a baby horn. Cute. (roars) Whoa. Great horn. Love the horn. Thank you. Thank you… Whoa, whoa, whoa. And seriously, thanks for saving the world so that I can enslave it later, man. You guys are the best. Love you. Now let’s go find that earth hamster. (beeps) (muffled rumbling) (bang) ORANGE: Hey, hey, Earth Hamster. Hey, Earth Hamster. Hey. You’re the earth hamster? I was the earth hamster. I’m retired. Now I play video games and eat chips. (beeps) Wait, you’re Blueberry? I’m Orange. We’ve been playing for weeks. Oh, I was wondering where you went, dude. You cheesed me on that last game. I want a rematch. Okay, then, what do you say we make a little gentlemen’s wager? Sure, I’m game. If I win, you get back on that wheel and do what you’re best at… making the planet spin. And if you lose, I get to use you and your friends as chip dip. Deal. Hello, once again, audience… When we left off, Orange and the fate of everyone else… (screams) Oh, Orange, have you played… you played this… What are these spinning ninja stars? Use your flaming trident, dude. Do the spin attack. What did he sprinkle on your face? Spinning death stars. Oh, jumping… What? You got no life! That’s true. We’re hamster meat. Starry, I’m sorry for calling you a dumba-dumba. Help, please. Apology accepted. I think we, we did it. We did it! Oh! You hacked me, bro. A deal’s a deal, so back on the wheel. Fine. I don’t want to play this dumb game anymore anyway. (metallic squeal) Starry… take us home. Actually, Starry, we need to make a little stop first. (loud rumbling) (crash) Hey, oh… Good to see you guys. Did you get that hamster running again? Yep, we sure did. Guess what I’m about to do? Get my planet enslave on. Before you enslave the planet, I want to give you a little “thank you” gift. Here you go. Have fun. Careful, it’s addicting. I’m just kidding. Don’t be careful. (laughs) Whoa, a Z-Orb. These things are awesome. Yep, loaded with games. Anyway, have fun enslaving the world. Gonna play a couple games, then I’ll get to enslaving in, like, a couple hundred years. See you online, newb. Newb. (laughs) Newb. Pwned. (laughs) I just said pwned. (roars) Don’t hurt me. ♪ ♪

Top 10 New Xbox 360 Games (Q3 2014)

November 18, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 27 Comments

Top 10 New Xbox 360 Games (Q3 2014)

Whatoplay presents the Top 10 Xbox 360 games
of the third quarter of 2014 This video game ranking is based on a 10-point
rating system called the playscore. It combines all the ratings given by trusted
critics and gamers. 10th on the list is Forza Horizon 2. This is an open-world racing game, exclusive
to Xbox consoles. Horizon 2 is set in Southern Europe during
a festival… where you’ll feel the festive atmosphere. The racing area is three times bigger than
the original Horizon game You have more than 200 awesome cars to choose
from And most important of all, there are no microtransactions The visuals may not be as great on the 360
but it still delivers a delightful experience. A playscore of 6.2. Number 9 is Abyss Odyssey. A gigantic hole appeared on the ground…and
evil is infecting it. Gather your team, explore and cleanse it… You play three characters:
Katrien, an agile warrior Ghost Monk, large and deals more damage
La Pincoya, an elemental goddess It’s an action-platformer that combines
gameplay styles from popular titles like Trine, Binding of Isaac and Prince of Persia. Abyss Odyssey is unique and it’s fun-to-play!
A playscore 6.8. On the 8th place is NHL 15.
Can you believe it? This is the 24th game of the NHL series…and EA includes several
updates to keep fans playing: AI and Physics are only slightly better
Player animations, specially their expressions, look fantastic
Crowds are now more reactive And the in-game commentaries are brilliant! NHL 15 may not be the best, but it gives us
a glimpse of what’s to come in the next NHL games. It holds a playscore of 7.1. Number 7 is Magic: The Gathering – Duels of
the Planeswalkers 2015. Set your land cards, cast spells, attack your
opponent and emerge victorious with the world’s No.1 trading card game! And now, with even
better features, like: a simpler, self-contained package, that is
easier to grasp. a more friendly user interface
and the “Deck-building” feature everyone’s waiting for!! The latest in the Duels series and a must-play
for Magic fans. Challenging and engaging, with a high replay value, grabbing a playscore
of 7.3 6th is Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes! The Avengers, Spiderman and the Guardians
of the Galaxy joins the battle in this awesome sandbox game…full of your childhood heroes! A revamp to the first installment with better
graphics and more content with: Well-designed 3D toy models.
New features that make it more complex and yet approachable all at once.
And a bigger and better world to explore! A wonderful experience for Disney and Marvel
fans. A playscore of 7.7 Ranked number 5 is FIFA 15. This year’s FIFA game is pretty much what
we expected it to be: an incremental update over FIFA 14. The graphics & animations are more natural.
It looks better and less clunky than before. Player controls are more responsive
And the commentaries are as good as ever It may feel more like an update rather than
a new game, but it’s still worth playing time. FIFA 15 earns a playscore of 8.2. On the 4th place is Diablo III: Ultimate Evil
Edition. This is a re-release of the Diablo 3 on the
360…and it’s the best version for those who want to start playing it on the console. Ultimate Evil Edition is the complete package: You get the core game
The Reaper of Souls expansion pack The addicting adventure mode
And all the gameplay improvements of the past 2 years This is the best way to experience Diablo
3. A playscore of 8.5. On number 3 is Madden NFL 15. This year’s American football classic scores
some touchdowns! It improves over the previous version… The graphics and animations looks more authentic
Defensive plays are smarter and it makes every player on the team count
It also introduces Skill Trainer for newcomers and Gauntlet for the hardcore fans The commentary needs some major work, though. It got enough updates over the past Madden
game to make it a whole new game. A playscore of 8.7. On the 2nd place is Destiny. A lot of us have been waiting for this game!
It’s an open-world shooter set 700 years into the future…in a post-apocalyptic world
where sci-fi and fantasy merges. You can play as:
Warlock, a powerful mage Titan, a hard-hitting tank
And Hunter, a long range expert Destiny is meant to be played in multiplayer
mode. This is where it shines! The gunplay is dynamic and shooting at other online players
is just satisfying! It receives a playscore of 8.7. And the number 1 is Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate
Ninja Storm Revolution. As the manga series comes to an end, we’re
treated with this awesome fighting game! More than 100 characters to choose from, including
6 versions of Naruto Character costume desgins by the creator of
the series, Masashi Kishimoto Two new fighting features: guard break and
counter-attack skills Plus the much-awaited Ultimate Jutsu team
play It also includes short stories, with anime
sequences. This is a game that every Naruto fan should
play! A playscore of 8.7. To recap, here are the 10 best Xbox 360 games
for the months of July, August & September. Whatoplay. It’s all about video game scores.

Tips on Game Balancing | Game Design Short Talk

Hi, my name is Alex Mandryka and today I want
to talk about how to balance your game. It is one of the questions I get asked the most
because numbers are in our face and we want to tweak them, but there are some fundamental
concepts that can help you do it right. Even if it takes a hefty dose of spreadsheets,
the secret to good game balancing is not in the numbers. The math is generally not very
complicated and what matters are the reasons why you should put +2 instead of +3. First, balancing is not about balance. It makes it sound like we’re trying to make items,
guns, starting positions equal, but it’s not the goal. Even chess is no balanced. White
has a clear advantage over black as it plays first and that’s why a draw game means victory
for black. Capture the flag is fully symmetrical, so
you could call the starting positions of each team balanced. But a map often has one key
item in the center, like a weapon or a shield The team that picks it up gains a key advantage,
so the game becomes unbalanced for a while. When tuning weapons, if you focus on numbers
and DPS you get what might be interesting for an accountant, but feel dull to players,
because they are more interested in the experience than spreadsheets.
This is why balancing is not about tweaking numbers, but rather creating dynamics. In
Pac-man, ghosts chase you while you clear the maze, and speeds are never equal on both
sides. You move faster than the ghosts, except when eating dots. This creates a dynamic where
clearing the maze is risky so there is a dilemma between eating dots or evading ghosts. Starcraft is “balanced” so Terran is strong when attacking head on, at choke points or
from a siege position. Zerg relies on mobility so it is strong when flanking, and surrounding
the enemy. A good map will present different locations that favor sides alternatively so
the situation is never “fair” as one always has an advantage depending on the situation.
It’s the unbalance that create rich dynamics. If everything was completely equivalent, it
would become stale very fast. So now that we understand the importance of
dynamics, the question is, how to balance a game? A game is a system of elements working
together. So you job as a balancer is tweak these elements to make sure that the game
behaves with the desired dynamic. RTS designer Clint Tasker detailed the how
numbers are set to create dynamics in SC2. With its two blades, a zealot deals 16 damage
each attack, which kills a 35hp zergling in three rounds. It is set so with the +1 weapon
upgrade, a zealot now kills a zergling in two attacks. You can see here that even with
very simple math, you can create the core dynamics between your game elements.
I’ll link his article below, and I’ll give you another example from SC2. Unit speed ratings
are made to answer one another. Terran and Zerg infantry have the same default speed,
but zerg moves faster on creep. With the stim pack upgrade, marines can move faster for
a limited time, which creates an interesting interplay. So in a nutshell, the key to good
balance is to first establish the dynamic you want, then set the numbers for it.
That’s it for today, if you enjoyed this video please subscribe, and also tell me in comments
how you approach game balancing. Thank you, and I’ll see you next time.