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Why Modern Games SUCK At Storytelling

March 13, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 3 Comments

Why Modern Games SUCK At Storytelling

Video games have the potential to create unforgettable moments, convey impactful messages and unite people from all over the world in a shared experience. (Crowd cheering) But, most of them end up being reskins of whatever waypoint finder was popular last year. Gaming has increasingly begun to play it safe. And While it’s easy to call out a confusing plot, or weak dialogue. it’s a little harder to pinpoint why exactly so many new games feel so empty. Most of them are perfectly functional, but when the emotional beats feel about as impactful as a load screen, you can’t help but wonder what went wrong? Are gamer’s just jaded digital psychopaths, numb to the suffering of the digital hordes? Well, yes. (T-bagging) but the greater issue is how most modern games deliver their plot, or more specifically, how they fail at it. Detached storytelling Games, like any stories, have a beginning, middle and end, with some variation of the seven basic stories in between. Yes yes I know, only dramatic revelations
on this channel. What separates video games from other media is that to allow for ease of access, most games have come to share the same basic general structure. Take shooters for example, you have a health and or stamina bar, aim for the head, and kill the army of henchmen to progress. That in and of itself is fine, good even, as it allows users to easily jump into a game without thinking about the control scheme. But issues arise when the story also begins to take the structure for granted. Mercilessly slaughtering hordes of enemies
is standard gameplay fare, but am I really supposed to think of Bayek as a sympathetic antihero, when he just slaughtered an entire group of innocent soldiers? ‘It’s a video game’ doesn’t really fly if one minute I’m causing horrific car crashes and the next the game’s trying to convince me that I’m the champion of the people. This kind of dissonance between the player input and story nullifies any empathy I would’ve otherwise feel for the characters. Making otherwise sympathetic interactions feel forced and out of place. This was often addressed by tying the character arc to the player’s skill progress. Far cry 3 was by no means a literary triumph, but it does do the bare minimum to address why a college student can suddenly take on a private army. As you progress and unlock new abilities, Jason becomes more enthusiastic about killing. Jason’s character arc mirrors the player’s combat ability, creating a parallel between Jason and the player. With just a few design choices, Far cry 3 grounded it’s cartoonishly violent gameplay in a way that players could empathize with. But tying the story to skill progression doesn’t work the same way in an open-world game. While Fallout 4 was fun to mess around in, you’ll be fifty side quests in before remembering you even have a son. And it’s painfully bland story isn’t exactly helped by the complete irrelevance of your actions. No matter how much of a monster you are, you’re still just a caring father in the quests. When half the dialogue choices mean the same thing, and practically every conversation ends up in the same place, the story becomes an obstacle to gameplay, rather than the driving motivator. If you don’t get to have an impact on the
story, it won’t have an impact on you. Swapping out CoD cutscenes with hells kitchen reruns wouldn’t make me care more about cooking, so much as careless about CoD. Which is a good segway into: ‘Focus group’ stories In the quest for broad appeal, many of the newer game releases have morphed from their respective genres into open-world action RPG
lites. But the more general a game is, the less of
an impact it will have. To sympathize with a story, some aspect has to be relatable to you. The empathy we feel for fictional characters comes from identifying with some aspect of their situation. Seeing an NPC ragdoll is never going to elicitemotion on its own, but, choosing between squadmates you’ve bonded with feels like a difficult and meaningful choice. When your decisions have impactful consequences, it forces you to impart their own values on the game world, creating a greater level of connection. But the less limited the game world, the harder it is to balance different outcomes. Which is why the choices in the newer mass effect andromeda only minor consequences. The choices are less about whether or not you feel compelled to help an alien, and more about checking the quest box to get their help in the ending. Like many modern RPG’s, Andromeda turns what could have been moral quandaries into simple objectives. I know picking between 2 of the most popular
game genres can be hard, but slapping a dating sim over a sci-fi fanfic does not an rpg make. It’s not that game’s need to have branching
stories to be impactful, but if a game has a linear story, it needs to own it, and be a hell of a lot better than this. I pulled those logs what happened with pAthFiNDeR? The industry in general, has a problem with creativity. Most games just don’t have a story they
want to tell. Which again, segways into the biggest issue: Playing it safe We might be there for the gameplay, but as very clearly shown by Just Cause 4, explosions get boing if they aren’t leading to anything. Games like Rage 2 try to get away with their
boilerplate plots because, in the past, it worked. But now that practically every shooter plays like a paranoid squirrel on Adderal flashy gameplay isn’t nearly novel enough to carry whatever mangled slice of plot the audio logs are farting out. Games today are scared to be a specific experience, or tell their story in a unique way for fear of turning off potential customers. Most game’s just don’t trust players to pick up on environmental storytelling, instead opting to unceremoniously dump plot down people’s throats. While subtle exploration might not appeal
to everybody, it’s infinitely more memorable to some, than an exposition dump will be to anyone. By sacrificing a broader appeal, stories can become particular enough to genuinely connect and move gamers. But distinct stories come with the risk of
turning off potential customers. Unfortunately, for many big releases nowadays, It comes down to making a great game for some, or profiting from everyone. And that’s, why most modern games suck at storytelling. (Admiral Bob – Like Music starts playing) Ty for reading my subtitles! Tell me how I can improve in the comments below!

Huniepop review- Cold Hearted Complaints

March 13, 2020 | Articles | No Comments

hey guys so today instead of talk about
a movie or an anime I want to talk about a video game this video game to be exact
it’s called honey pop honey pop is what you get when you take a dating sim and
candy crush he’s kind of smushed together that sounds a weird concept
right how would you pull a game like that off seems like it’d be just weird
right well let’s leave this intro in a graceful way and we’ll talk about the
plot of this game the plot is that you’re a virgin loser guy or girl is
hanging out at a bar when a cute girl comes up to you named q you’re then
given text choices to attempt to awkwardly flirt with her she laughs and
leaves you horribly depressed you go home to cry yourself to sleep but you
then met by a girl with pink hair and fairy wings who reveals herself to be
the girl from the bar and also I love fairy because that’s a thing and she’s
taken on you yes you to be her latest project claiming you’ll be your greatest
challenge yet her goal turn you to the greatest love machine the world has ever
known or something like that she then shows you the secret of dating candy
crush he teaches you the basics of the game and then takes you around town to
meet eight women who you must woo you take them on dates and once you complete
four dates with one go you get to have the sex and by sex I mean you play a
speed round a bejeweled or the girl moans in the background hops video game
sex the dating is the main mechanic of the game and as I said it’s candy crush
like you have a set amount of movies and those movies you must fill up a meter to
complete the date you have three bars in the bottom your passion which is a
multiplied increase the amount of points you get per match what you get from
matching pink hearts you have turns and once you’re out of those you not throw
the ball and the dates failed we have to try again another day you get more of
these by matching the gold bells called joy tokens and sentiment sentiment comes
from matching up the teardrop looking token and it can be used to give gifts
to your date that have a wide variety of benefits to you like removing all
negative tokens called broken hearts and turning them into joy tokens or shoes
that prevent your necks broken heart match up if you want to take a girl on
one day to day so if you fail you’re gonna have to wait to cycle through the
next day a day has four stages morning afternoon evening and night there really
isn’t much of a difference between each of these accepting you can only really
get to do this sex you complete the fourth date at night besides dating
candy crush tradition you can also talk to girls and find out more information
about them like the last name they in hobbies Oscar asks you questions
like what do you think about commitment and are you a lazy couch potato of
course as unreal vetting you don’t want to answer these questions truthfully as
they will get upset at you know you went to lie which is as everyone knows the
best way to start a relationship doing so will get you honey if you can spend
on upgrades which you’ll need as the game can get really difficult further on
you’re also in money for each day even failed ones you can use to buy gifts
which are also give you more honey new hairstyle each girl and more date gifts
but if you ask a girl question you’ve already asked or answer a question or
manager liking you only get a small amount of honey each go also has a
favorite and least favorite matchup domination that I’ll reflect the
personality but preferred matches giving you the most points and hey the ones
giving you the least meaning you’ll have to tailor your gifts and play to each
girl differently it’s a simple game at first glance but it has a lot of death
upon closer inspection there’s also hidden characters and now mother keeps
ramping up the difficulty the visual and gameplay of honey pop though our
wonderful honey pops interface quality marvels I have any digs in that place
which is not many and far surpasses most public games at played of which I’ve
played far too much the music on the other hand is not specifically memorable
to me and I actually have trouble remembering some of the tunes standing
of the tracks but it did set the move pretty well in the game so I guess
that’s what really counts also the voice act in this game is actually pretty damn
good each voice actors pulls off their part perfectly one major drawback of
honey pop is the fact that you can’t ever really lose the dating sim bullshit
sure if you get answers wrong you don’t get as much honey but no matter what you
answer you could go go elite or dumpy well that makes sense in the way that is
a puzzle game that’s a huge drawback on a dating port removing any skill or
strategy they could be had it’s also a game without any real story there is no
end characters don’t develop or change which make it to dating some aspect kind
of hollow now honey plug is a kick-started game and I know there
wasn’t a huge budget but some conclusion or something that went maybe datings
like a off would have gone a long way I mentioned it earlier but this is at the
end of the day a sex game a game about sex sure that sex is planning a bat
around a candy crush well to the girl moans the background rock falls off but
it’s sex I guess the problem is it’s not very um stimulated by that I mean you
have to focus so hard to actually be in the level that what’s to your side isn’t
your focus if you don’t continue to look for your next match you meet or drop and
you’ll have to start all over again not to say I really mine is actually I
prefer it I never started playing this game for that and isn’t the reason I
some 40 plus hours into this game if the sex simulation is why you want to pick
up this game and I can’t really say how completely recommend it to you I mean
you get naughty pictures from girls after each date and those gets spicier
is dates go on but those are just pictures and you can see those like an
Internet that’s what you really want no I recommend this game more so for its
puzzles honestly because that’s what can be coming back to play more it wasn’t
about the sex or the naked two tgirls it’s about puzzles honey pop is a porn
game really it’s a game where you pick up girls with the goal being that you’re
going to have sex a time but I have sex with them you play a battle mode of
candy crush I’ve already explained that you guys know that the game also gave me
a laugh every now and then for how ridiculous it is but a lot of that
seemed intentional and it’s nice to see a game that doesn’t take itself too
seriously or a comedy game that doesn’t try to overload you with jokes it’s
self-aware and quirky and the gameplay gets far more challenging because you
keep going along and with the Alpha boat it just feels so satisfying to finish
dates near the end there’s no real conclusion to the story at the end of
this there’s no real story at all which is makes sense because it’s a puzzle
game but the story isn’t really why you play the game neither the naked 2d girls
you play this game more for its addicting puzzles fun writing and good
characters all set guys honey pop is only ten dollars on Steam and i highly
recommend you check it out hey guys thanks for watching my video hope you
liked it if you did you give me a like and maybe leave a comment tell me what
you think about this game it’s also check out my video before this on dragon
ball GT and it’s questionable quality you could also subscribe and if you
really want to follow me on facebook i’m on twitter they do one of those
maybe all three who knows links in the description below great

How to Develop Indie Games for PS4

March 3, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 14 Comments

How to Develop Indie Games for PS4

Explain to me how to develop indie games for
PS4. The Unreal Engine by Epic Games is popular.
It works with DirectX 11, Persona animation and Blueprint visual scripting. That sounds promising. Its greatest innovation is letting you use
these tools to create games without having to code. That sounds great. Yet I hear others saying
you have to code. Unity is another broad platform for game development. In theory, so is HTML5 with JavaScript for
making web based games, but people won’t pay for that, baring exceptions like CandyCrush. It works with the Mecanim animation tool and
others to make excellent graphics. There’s even an Xbox addon to work with Unity. How munificent of Microsoft to deign to work
with Unity. You might like using Crytek CryEngine to make
multi-platform games. I did not like Crysis, so I certainly do not
want to use their game engine. You could work with BitSquid Engine; it works
with both Xbox One and PS4. I’d rather do Java based games than that
one. If you’re doing intensive character development
in the game, use XaitControl to develop the artificial intelligence for the character
decision making. I like the sound of that. Speaking of sounds, I’d recommend using
Firelight Technologies to mix sounds for the game. It works with both Xbox One and PS4. So does OpenGL and Unity. OpenGL is an API for 2D and 3D graphics, though
you find the most support for it with Nvidia. What do you think is the best way to get into
indie game development for the PS4? Unity for PS4 was released in 2014. That sounds great. However, you have to register with Sony to
get Unity for PS4. I do not like the idea of having to register. You have to register with Unity if you want
to self-publish your game with them. But depending on the terms and conditions, you could even
get a free Unity license. I’m assuming that is the Unity version for
PS4. Sony certainly would not give away Unity for
Xbox, unless it was a cruel joke. Or a request not to work with them. They’ll work with almost anyone, assuming
you have a taxpayer ID, corporate entity and static IP. Why on Earth would I need a static IP? They do not want you to have access to the
developer network without it. I’ve heard Sony has licensed development
products, aside from the PS4 itself. They have an official licensing program for
developing peripherals that work with the PS4 or other PSPs. I’m going into software development, not
hardware, because of the greater upside potential.

Evolution Of Idle Animations “Sonic”; 48 Games (1991 to 2018) [See Description]

This station must be the center of the city. There’s no time for playin’ around! I’m not too fond of places like this. It must get pretty lonely here. Now this is more like it! This must be Robotnik’s Base! Hmm…pinball! Time for some supersonic speed! There are even military robots here, too! There’s gotta be a way I can get out of this place! This place is a real pain in the butt! There’s nothing that can stop me, even when I’m in outer space! The breeze feels good. Hmm. Eggman seems serious this time. Eggman, nothing can stop me from destroying your secret weapon.

We need to build a track so Elmo’s train can pick up Grover. Click on a track piece and put it on the field. All aboard! Great job engineering that track! Your plan worked! You helped conductor Elmo get his train to Grover. Build a track to get Elmo’s train to Grover again. This time build around things that might block the path. You did it! You engineered a track and helped conductor Elmo get his train to the station to pick up Grover. We need to build a track so Elmo’s train can pick up Grover. Click on a track piece and put it on the field. All aboard! Nice work! You designed a track and helped conductor Elmo get his train to the station right on time!

3D Video Games and Memory – UC Irvine

February 3, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 2 Comments

3D Video Games and Memory – UC Irvine

Research in my lab, tries to understand
how memory works in the brain We try to see what different structures in the brain actually do to give us memory We try to see how these change with age We try to see how it may change with the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease We try to figure out what happens when memory works What happens when memory doesn’t work And therefore, what we might be able to do to fix it when people have
problems with their memory The basic idea is that, if you take a rat and you let them wander around in a big maze or a big environment it does all sorts of great things for that rat’s brain Give a rat something to learn something to explore
something to do and the rat’s memory is better And by doing that it has a
dramatic impact on their cognition So not only do they get smarter, but they actually grow more neurons too So the idea that we had and Dane Clemenson in the lab had come up with a brilliant idea of using these big 3D immersive video games By playing video games that actually center around these kind of complex virtual 3D worlds you’re exercising the same processes that you would use to learn about real-world space So if you could do something like play big 3D video games that gives your
brain a lot of stuff to learn and a lot of stuff to do and a lot of stuff to think about it’s keeping your hippocampus in good shape So the hippocampus of the
brain plays a large role in memory and one particular type of memory something
called spatial memory and that’s really the idea behind all of this what could we do that would actually get it so that as we’re getting older as our memory is
getting worse we can do something that would help keep that system in top form We think video games might be it

Game Design Beyond Video Games, Udemy Course FREE

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