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Top 10 Scary Pokemon Fan Games

March 27, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 24 Comments

Top 10 Scary Pokemon Fan Games

Welcome back! I’m your sometimes host here on top 10 gaming,
Amanda McKnight. And today it’s time to turn an eye towards
the video game world of Pokemon. But for all you Pokemon fans out there, this
list is all about fan-made games. And not just any fan-made games either but
some of the scariest ones around. Because what would the world of Pokemon be
without a few monsters, ghosts and zombies tossed into it every now and then, right? Join me in counting down these top 10 scary
Pokemon fan-made games. Most of which are hacks belonging to the ROM
variety. But some of which work just straight off your
computer. And remember if you love lists like this be
sure to give that subscribe button a click so you can stay in the know on all things
gaming. Alright, let’s get counting. 10
Pokemon Cursed This game takes place during Halloween. You can trick or treat and are also uncovering
rumours regarding ghosts that plague the town and return every Halloween night. If you can uncover the mystery by collecting
all the ghost pieces, find the being behind all the terror and defeat them, you will be
rewarded with a good ending. But be warned there is also a scary ending
in store for those that fail. Oh and you only really have a Cubone at your
disposal to do this, so it’s tricky. 9
Pokemon Advanced Adventure This Pokemon fan made game is a hack of Pokemon
Leafgreen for the Game Boy Advanced. Like your standard game of classic Pokemon
you are pitted against Gary. Except in this version Gary is an evil bloodthirsty
and psychopathic tyrant who rules the entire world, that you must work to stop. There are also modded versions of the in game
monsters which are renamed Tyrant Pokemon. In order to complete the game you must capture
or defeat those Pokemon. This game also likes to remind you of your
characters impoverished upbringing a ton. Like for some reason, it comes up a lot. 8
Pokemon Dark Rising This fan made Pokemon hack is mostly just
scary because of how hard it is. This game is built on the Pokemon FireRed
original title. The first gym battle you face pits you and
your pokemon against six level 99 legendaries. Rough. The one saving grace is at least you get to
begin the game with all dragon types when it comes to your starting Pokemon. Still if you want a game that will scare you
just in the struggle of surviving it’s gruelling and intense level of difficulty. This is it. 7
Pokemon Reborn Pokemon Reborn reimagines the world of Pokemon
if it were dark, gritty, filled with crime, gangs and edgy. So if that is what you are looking for in
a Pokemon title then this is the fan made version for you. The game starts with a train being blow up
and you being one of the few survivors of this random attack. The game is set in Reborn City a place described
as one where “black smog and acidic water garnish the crumbling structures along the
skyline.” Where city streets are full of “alleys with
disaster and crime.” Regardless “the Metropolis stands, a decaying
blemish on the once vibrant region.” Eeeek. Bleak. 6
Pokemon Uranium In this fanmade Pokemon title, you aim to
uncover the mystery behind a nuclear explosion in the Tandor region and must chase spooky
irradiated ghosts that haunt the area in order to discover its secrets. Pokemon Uranium is actually one of the few
fan made games to receive a cease-and-desist letter from the franchise themselves, due
to how controversial this fan-made hack was. By the time the letter had been received however
it had already been downloaded over a million times. So although the programmer and team behind
it complied, the community was so large that they came together and made their own patches
to fix bugs and glitches in the games, continuing to build on and improve it themselves. 5
Pokemon Fusion Generation You know Bill who created the Pokemon storage
system? Well have you ever thought of a world where
Bill was a mad scientist? Cause that’s what this scary fan-made hack
explores. In Bill’s mad science world, he has discovered
a way to fuse Pokemon together. This fan-made game’s exploration of all
the horrible disregard for the ethics when it comes to fusing Pokemon is what makes it
so terrifying. In it you fight fused monstrosities which
from a strategic standpoint can be very difficult as you never really know what traits from
each pokemon the forcibly fused Poke-monster will have. There’s also an easter egg that, if found,
allows to explore Bill’s lab where his failed experiments of messed-up half-fused Pokemon
beg you to kill them. 4
Pokemon Lost Silver Pokemon Lost Silver is a fan-made version
of the Pokemon Silver game that was inspired by a creepypasta about a college student who
returned to that Pokemon title while awaiting his new games to arrive in the mail. The pokemon that you start with in the game
might seem odd at first. You have 5 unknowns and one Cyndaquil to start
but in reality the unknowns are the key to understanding the warnings that games attempts
to communicate to you. On further inspection you may notice the strange
looking unknown pokemon are twisted into specific letters, which if read from top to bottom
in terms of their order, will reveal a hidden message if you pair it with the name of the
actual Pokemon you have. Also be sure to keep an eye on your character
stats in the game as you will notice a disturbing and violent change made to them over time. 3
Pokemon Insurgence Thousands of people have played this modded
take on one of the Pokemon classics. Pokemon Insurgence features a darker storyline
revolving around cults and Pokemon experimentation with an entirely new region to explore that
you’ve never seen in the world of Pokemon before. Like in Fusion Generation you can also mix
Pokemon together by combining their DNA to create new pokemon. Though unlike Fusion Generation instead of
this capability being somewhat reserved to evil beings like their alternate Bill, you
can control what Pokemone get mashed together. 2
Pokemon Snakewood Pokemon Snakewood is a game that allows you
to reimagine what the world of Pokemon would be like in the event of a zombie apocalypse. I mean, who hasn’t wondered that right? In this game you can tame and catch Pokemon
while also looting corpses. The best of both worlds. And zombies will even face you in a Pokemon
battle before trying to eat your brains. How polite. The game has so much more than a zombie apocalypse
as well when it comes to the horror aspects. It also features a demon invasion, some human
sacrifice and the actual Four Horsemen who pop up as well. So just general horror and mayhem mixed in
with the Pokemon fun. 1
Escape From Lavender Town This EXE game is one creepy Pokemon hack. You arrive in Lavender Town where there almost
seems to be no one about. Some houses you can’t even enter and the
buildings you can enter are, well, just creepy. The Pokemon Center only seems to have one
other person in it who reminds you that you’ll die. Thanks for that. There are lots of signs pointing to you getting
out of Lavender Town but when you try to leave it there appears to be no escape. This game was actually inspired by rumoured
harmful psychological effects that were experienced by children, brought on by the musical tones
in the original Red and Green Pokemon’s Lavender Town and referred to as Lavender
Town Syndrome. So there’s also a creepy horror story to
go along with the idea of the game itself, separate even from the chilling gameplay. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed exploring the world of
scary Pokemon fan-made hacks. There are honestly so many out there to explore
and playthrough if you have the right set up. What are some of your favourite pokemon? What do you think is the scariest fan-made
pokemon game? Or the scariest moment you have experienced
in an actual licensed Pokemon game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments
below. And speaking of comments, it’s time to turn
to some comments from one of our latest videos, our playthrough of Silent Hills PT Scary Parody
Game! Dr. PT. Just Some Guy without a Mustache comments,
“I can’t for PT to be remade in the future.” I know. I hope it does get remade or just re-released
one day. Fans who are also video game designers and
programmers have made their own copies but Kojima himself has said that there was stuff
in that little teaser of a game that no one even found in their playthroughs. So it’s hard for anyone to rebuild what
they don’t know. Tomas garcia vicente asks, “If there is
a good ending for this game, can you get it?” Yes there is! A good ending. I don’t want to give it away but I will
tell you the secret to achieving it is hidden in the red grated scene of the game. And that’s all the time we have for comments
today, be sure to share, like, subscribe and ring that bell. This has been top 10 gaming and I’m your
host, Amanda McKnight, reminding you to keep on gaming on. Pew pew!


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Westworld Season 3 Episode 2 – TOP 10 WTF and Game of Thrones Easter Eggs

We are in the middle of war. I need your help to win it Seems fairly idyllic for wartime, no one
knows it’s happened yet. Or that it’s already been lost. Welcome back everyone it’s Charlie bring
yourself back online this is going to be my Westworld season 3 episode 2 video if
you’re new to the channel be sure to subscribe to get all the videos there’s
a bunch of Easter eggs couple big cameo scenes too careful for spoilers if you
have not seen the episode yet will do top 10 and easter eggs as we go
along starting with number 10 welcome to war world so the episode
begins with me looking out on the world world park scene it takes her a while to
figure out what’s going on but they tried to play a lot of the season 1
season 2 tropes in really funny different way this time a simulation
within a simulation boom mind blown you notice a lot of funny things during this
first loop she’s not sure why she knows how to speak German but we know that she
does have special powers but later when she and Hector are running out and
trying to escape the Germans she finds out that her powers aren’t working takes
her a little while to find out why but they explained it by the end of the
episode even though this wound up being a fake version of the part because it’s
artificial construct and them trying to get information out of earth they were
trying to base it on the real version of war world so there is a real war world
within the larger park system remember there’s many different parks we haven’t
seen them all yet we saw two new ones during this episode number 9 welcome
back to West world Bernard the funny thing about the way he enters the park
we finally get to see what it actually looks like on the outside when someone
physically travels to West world because we’ve only seen them come in on the
train before in the West World Park you have to remember that it’s actually a
bunch of different islands within the South China Sea so if you wondered why
there was so much China stuff going on in last week’s episode that’s because
this is where the park is located within the world we’ve seen them looking out
over the coast but we never actually seen the outer rim so you just see these
giant breakers here with systems that’ll look like they’re built to protect the
park the place that he walks in through though is also really important because
this is the same town from the end of season one where Dolores fully traversed
the maze and achieved full consciousness the town itself is built to be a replica
of the original West world park from years ago when Ford was first building
the hosts and they were first trying to figure out what West’s world would be
before they started building the other parks there’s still a lot of places that
we haven’t seen in the park yet but we do go back to that place from season 1
where they store all the dead hosts this is actually the original
entryway where guests would arrive at Westworld when they were first building
the park just meant to be more Easter eggs for the west-world movies if you
haven’t seen those movies in a while number eight welcome back sighs more so
maybe is still kind of going through her first version of the loop figuring out
that this is a fake reality construct some of you may have figured out what
was going on before they revealed it within the episode because you start to
notice some inconsistencies like why didn’t these old guards recognize her
because this was the guard that helped her last time what’s going on here does
he not like her anymore does he don’t wanna have anything to do with this you
don’t really notice this Sizemore is fake until he starts laying it on real
thick because he was famous for telling really gaudy bad story so once they hit
the forge that’s when it becomes really obvious but number seven Bernard finds
Ashley in Fords secret lab he goes back to the secret underground lair you see
all the other copies of Bernard that we saw last season when they revealed that
he was the host but then you find out that Ashley is also secretly been a host
that is one of the big fan theories that’s been happening since season one
dude because of the way they used the character they kind of implied that he
was a host last season but they never fully officially answered the question
until now so number six Ashley is a host he reveals what his core programming was
Ford created him to protect Bernard and allow him to escape the park and then
cover up all the evidence then terminate himself so it was
actually built into his programming that he was supposed to destroy himself later
they have that funny moment where Bernard changes his programming again to
protect him so new core programming he’s going to be going out into the real world
as they try to stop Dolores if he needed my help you could have just asked so it
is funny that Ashley knows that he’s been reprogrammed Bernard also raises
the question about why Dolores brought him back he thinks it’s because Dolores
feels like she needs some checks and balances so maybe she brought him back
to keep her from crossing the line but maybe it’s part of some bigger plan that
she has so number five Sizemore in the forge are revealed as fakes as the
reality slowly starts to crumble because Maeve starts taxing him too much they
explain this later when she gives them the crazy math problem the version of
Sizemore that they built for this construct is only built to do a couple
things so the more Maeve asks of him more to question his reality the more
the constructs starts to break down so she’s inside a fake reality because
the west-world people or someone is trying to examine her you don’t find out
to the end of the episode why she was inside this construct but they do remind
you that Dolores is the only person who knows the coordinates of the forge all
that information with the backups of the hosts in the people that were stored
that’s where Dolores sent Eddie at the end of last season so Dolores wants to
keep that safe because she still does care about Teddy once made figures out
the size morphs fake she tells a couple good jokes about him too like we know
this is fake because Sizemore was only obsessed with himself like look at all
these pictures of me he would never cared about me that much so number four
mave breaks the matrix with math basically she just gives them a really
really difficult math problem to solve that eventually starts compounding and
acts like this sort of black hole of processing power that just sucks in all
the other fake texts from that reality it gets pretty funny once they start the
ball rolling and then she also puts all the maps inside the hosts pockets before
they go back for another loop so that she can break the simulation even more
by taxing its processing power we’re all traders number three was that big
obvious Game of Thrones cameo scene. These techs are just waiting see if they get laid off. Got a buyer! What? It’s a start up in Costa Rica lucky hang at that because
of Costa Rica. Pieces man. [Drogon Growls] So I talked about this in my last video it was highly publicized
that the Game of Thrones producers Dan and Dave would have a cameo during West
world as techs. We just didn’t know exactly what it was going to happen the West
world producers explained that what they wanted to do is because this is meant to
be medieval world that Bernard and Ashley are walking through which is also
from the West world movies but this is like West world playing it as if their
medieval world is based on the world of A Song of Ice and Fire
I’m sure within the world of West world they paid millions and millions of
license fees to the estate of George RR Martin to get the rights to those the
West world producers said the reason why it was Dan and Dave the cameoed is west
world Tex is because they wanted to use the drogon character model so it’s
literally like they copy pasted it drogon from Game of Thrones into West
world it’s the exact same character model but because it’s HBO. HBO
technically owns those assets so it’s really easy for them to clear something
like that if you listen really carefully you can actually hear them talking to
each other about finding a buyer off an island in Costa Rica for the dragon that
they created that’s a big Jurassic Park reference you could also think of it as
a Jurassic world reference you don’t really get a good look at their names
but they’re actually credited as Dan and Dave so within the world of West’s world
these two texts are named Dave and Dan they created a dragon and they’re going
to be selling it to Richard Hammond sometime soon Jurassic Park you all
remember is also a Michael Crichton book so Michael Crichton wrote Westworld he
also wrote Jurassic Park so they’re just doing larger Michael Crichton Easter
eggs here you guys can let me know whether you like this or whether you
didn’t like it some people just felt like it was really on the nose but
obviously back when West world first debuted a lot of people were like
wouldn’t it be cool if there was a game of Thrones world but that was a couple
of years ago so I haven’t really thought about that since then number two Maebh
escapes the simulation within a simulation by hacking another robot so
the cool thing about this is that you actually get to see through the robots
perspective so it’s almost like you’re playing some kind of video game just
watching it assess threats as it just rips into riot mode takes or cortex and
just bust through all those guards the way the robot goes out also answers
some questions about what’s going on with that final scene when she meets
Serac too. So number 1 obviously probably one of the biggest parts of the episode
Maeve meets Serac the creator of Rehoboam sort of like an alternate
version of Ford who created this giant machine to lead humanity forward and
literally create the future as he says it is our job to create the future a
prophet only predicts it we created you all probably recognize vincent cassell
i’ve never seen a movie or a TV show with him in it where he doesn’t play
some really arrogant smart person who just talks over people so it’ll be
interesting to see what happens to him this season the way he’s playing the
character is that he seems like he wants to help humanity but there’s this really
sinister overtone to it like he’s controlling humanity he knows what’s
best so he’s going to use this machine to help lead humanity forward the reason
why I think he’s able to freeze Maeve in her tracks is because remember when we
saw the robot go down and her cortex just rolled into the grass Ciroc would
have been the person to put her cortex in a new physical body so he could have
added special code to protect himself into that body that he put her in so
whatever he did to change her he now has a fail-safe button to protect himself
which does seem like it’s prudent given that she tries to kill him immediately
but if you don’t remember from last week’s episode the way they sort of
established him inside the insight company is that he’s one of the founders
kind of like Ford is one of the founders of Westworld
when his business partner died and left his assets to his son who we met in last
week’s episode the person that Delores was trying to pull a fast one on he
locked Liam out so he’s the only one that has access to Rehoboam and he says
that it’s not working right anymore and it’s because of what Delores is doing
but so far we don’t really know what’s going on only that he says there will be
no future if they continue on their path in the whole thing about the Rehoboam
system is that it’s designed to analyze the future based on predicting people’s
behaviors so it’s sort of like the way Doctor Strange was using the time stone
during Avengers infinity war to analyze millions and millions of different
possible futures Rehoboam does that but it’s actually analyzing the potential
actions of all the other people that it’s plugged into or connected to
through their devices or through their systems they use the last week’s episode
to show you how human relies on insights software and systems
so much that Rehoboam is literally connected in governing all the people as
if they themselves were hosts trapped inside a simulation in Rehoboam is the
thing that’s giving them their marching orders telling them what to do giving
them suggestions maybe you should do this instead of that so this why serach
comes off as sort of a sinister figure the same way that four does so I’ll be
interesting to see how they position him in the series versus four because Ford
actually seemed like he eventually wanted to help everyone and really did
want to make things better so everyone post all your predictions in
the comments below and let me know if you think that Serac is going to wind
up being an evil character or a good character that will try to help them
episode three will post next week so as long as you have alerts enable for my
channel you should see that video when I post it every one click here for my West
world episode one video and click here for my brand new Marvel Deadpool 3 video
thank you so much for watching everyone stays safe I’ll see you guys tonight!

Storytelling in Comic Video Games vs. Comic Books

Hello and welcome to Comic Drake, where I
talk about comic books and my name is Drake! If you don’t currently read mainstream American
superhero comics then here’s something that might surprise you. If you can follow the plots of games like
these then you can probably follow the plots of mainstream American superhero comics. “But Drake!” some of you guys are probably
interjecting “You can’t compare comic books and video games. They’re two seperate mediums!” I mean you really can. It’s less like apples and oranges and more
like oranges and tangerines. Let me explain. So both Spider-Man for PS4 and the Batman
Arkham series throw you right into the middle of the careers of both heroes, obviously this
excludes Arkham Origins since it’s well… an origin. It’s probably worth noting here that both
Batman and Spider-Man are the most beloved characters from DC and Marvel respectively. Yes, generally when you think of the word
superhero than Superman is the one that instantly comes to mind and yes, Iron Man is the biggest
character in cinema right now, acting as the glue for the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, just look at how many more Batman
and Spider-Man TV shows, movies, video games, etc. that these two characters get in comparison
to the rest of their company’s other properties. It’s a lot. I don’t want to discount the fact that Batman
and Spider-Man do transcend the comic book medium though and most people have at least
a passing knowledge of their histories and associated elements, but I like to think that
the point of this video stands regardless. A main complaint that non-comic readers tend
to throw at the superhero genre is that the stories are hard to follow if they don’t
know all of the details of the characters and their past, but if this is true then how
are players able to easily follow the plots of games like Spider-Man and the Arkham series? Is it because they know enough to get by because
of all of the outside mediums? Is it because players don’t actually care
about the story and instead just want to punch the bad guys? These could very well be the case, but I think
it has more to do with how these games follow the golden rule of comics. The rule is very simple. If you need to know an older plot point, the
writer will let you know. If you don’t need to know something then don’t
worry about it because it is not relevant. Usually in these games, Batman and Spider-Man
are talking over coms to other characters. This gives a great opportunity for both characters
to explain the situation to each other, generally dumping exposition in the process. So whenever there’s a villain fight, you
know the basic things like “Poison Ivy: Crazy plant lady.” or “Rhino: Dumb strong boy”. In comics, these same types of conversations
are extremely common, but there’s also something unique to the medium in the form of editor’s
notes. These boxes are the most common way to get
information across. Sometimes, they’re funny, sometimes they
give issue numbers, but they always quickly convey what readers need to know. After all, even if you’ve been a loyal comic
fan for decades, you’re going to naturally forget stuff over time and might need a refresher. No matter what, if you need to know something
in order to enjoy the story, a good writer will always let you know. Even then, characters end up becoming a pile
of traits and key moments anyway. One of the main criticisms I have with superhero
comics is that almost any radical changes or serious character development gets undone
so the characters can go back to a status quo. Yet this is essential for maintaining the
popularity of comics. I mean, imagine being a big fan of Spider-Man
movies, get inspired to pick up the comics, and then you find out that Peter Parker is
dead and instead it’s Doctor Octopus inhabiting his body… Look, it might be one of my all time favorite
Spidey books, but that can be pretty jarring for new readers. The point is that people are expecting iconography
whenever they’re engaging in an established thing that they already know at least a little
something about. I feel like this was said best by Patrick
(H) Willems on the subject of the 2010 Robin Hood movie. “Robin Hood is not called Robin Hood, he’s
also not actually Robin of Locksley, there is no Sheriff of Nottingham, Robin is not
an outlaw, he actually fights alongside Prince John who is not a villain, Robin doesn’t
live in Sherwood Forest, and instead of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, he fights
with the English army against French invaders. Basically, other than being about a guy named
Robin who uses a bow and arrow, it bares no resemblance to any previous version of Robin
Hood.” If you look at Spider-Man for PS4 and most
of the soft relaunches of the character in the comics then you get all of the Spidey
classics that you’d expect. All of the usual characters are acting pretty
much how you’d think they would, there is a relatively standard looking super suit,
and Peter is juggling all of the responsibilities of his dual life as best as he can. Both of these are easily accessible to newcomers
even though minor pieces of dialogue imply that a LOT has happened before this story. Superhero video games also tend to include
a dedicated section of character bios in case you’d like more information. They’re not essential for the game, but
they do exist if you want them and it’s not really much different then just going
to a wiki and reading a character synopsis. I feel like the biggest luxury for these games
throwing you into the middle of a story though is that it’s still very clear of where to
start. It’s a new universe so it’s pretty obvious
that you just need to pick up the game and play it. With comics, you admittedly need to do a little
bit of your own research to find which #1 is a good jumping on point, but it’s still
really not that hard if you actually give it a shot. Even then, I want to make this very clear. Although knowing facts about characters can
make stories easy to follow, a lot of first time readers might miss the deeper details. A big example of this would be Jane Foster’s
time as Thor and how she gets a lot of flack from people who didn’t even read writer
Jason Aaron’s Thor books that preceded it. Jane FosThor (as I like to call her) builds
upon the themes, stories, and metanarrative of Aaron’s previous book, Thor: God of Thunder. It’s totally understandable that to an outsider
looking in, it’s just a female knock-off of Thor that can’t hold a candle to the
original. To me though, a bit of time with a different
character that still followed the overall theme and meta-arc was a really nice change
of pace. This is why I fell in love with comic books. I feel like it’s the only medium where the
more you engage with it, the better it becomes. I started off not knowing all of these little
bits and details, but now that I have a fuckton of knowledge of the Marvel and DC universes,
I enjoy seeing how history has molded these characters and connecting the dots between
different thing. I love rereading books with this newfound
knowledge. It’s like rewatching a movie with a major
plot twist and noticing all of those subtle details hinting at it that you didn’t notice
the first time around. To make a long story short and to basically
just restate the point that I made at the beginning of the video, if you can follow
the plots of games like these then you can probably follow the plots of most mainstream
American superhero comics, provided that you just find a good jumping on point of which
there are several. If you’re looking for any, I actually have
a video explaining jumping on points for Spider-Man and Batman. So if you really want to try giving those
comics a read, then go watch those videos and let me know what you think if you tried
any of those out. But if you liked this video then why not consider
subscribing or even watching another one? In fact, you probably clicked this video because
you’re a big fan of the Spider-Man game for PS4 so I made a playlist with every single
one of my Spider-Man videos in one easy to digest playlist so maybe give that a click
if you’re interested in learning more. Anyway, I hope learned at least a little something
new and hopefully I’ll see you next time!

Top Ten Disappointments in Video Games

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Top Ten Disappointments in Video Games

As any great gift to the world could humbly tell you, joy…is a valuable resource. Any day you receive it…is one to stash in the heart. Though, the day you learn it’s also a FINITE resource threatens to break said heart. Video games, being our latest and perhaps greatest great gift…knows how to do both. Likely, better…than any other. The happier they make you, the higher the voltage when they shockingly disappoint. Mmm…I smell a mood fatter than Canada. Yes, we’re all intimately familiar with disappointment. Such is the fate of an eternal pursuer of smiles… The frown was invented for a reason, people. Hopefully I can pin it down while not being a disappointment myself. …too late! Alrighty, disclaimers… All my choices are conditional on official developments. NOT community development. In other words, only the cause and effect of the proper professionals behind each misstep are considered… …and not atrocities committed by the player base. It’s all on the brainchildren. Be it an entire game, creative choice, or executive dumbassery…yeah, lots to talk about. Share your own list! It was…probably easier to make than mine. Let’s roll! Call me a moldy boomer wrapped in threads laced with mummy farts, but…I’m real half-and-half on the digital age. Stop me if you’ve heard this before: I actually like OWNING the things I buy. You can TELL me it’s mine, but if I can’t touch it…it ain’t mine. Physical for life! But, virtually replicating historical artifacts for…preservation’s sake, is FAR better than leaving the ether to babysit them. Ahem! I have come to say the N word! …and trust me, it’s hard enough WITHOUT an r. Nintendo. Hoo, lordy. I dodged the cliche of flushing Switch Online down Loggo’s ass-gravy esophagus just fine. But that only meant something else was guaranteed to hit. In this case, with a deliciously retro sound byte. You mind laying out your thought process when you KILLED Virtual Console, guys? It was like that of a supercomputer when you came up with it. But the slow yet steady steps taken to phase it out of the public market… …yeah, I hear the sounds of somebody not wanting MONEY. Y’know? Company food? It’s like financial Atkins, this shit you’re doing. DON’T. I’ll admit adding bits of old catalog and sticking them in a clean vintage plug ‘n play system is nifty… …and, hell…including them in your online service adds value where it’s REALLY fucking needed. But…why can’t I just buy them all to own them all? I love these old games! Sure, I’d prefer physical…but still! Our great gaming grandpa’s supposed to be fun, man! Not racist to grass the one time we wanna frolic in the grass! It’s so limiting. …and for a company I know damn well has unlimited joy to give, taking that away “because waffles” halfway offends me. It’s…pre-made CODE. From billions of years ago! Pictures on a PHONE take more space! You give goods, I consume, your wallet gets thicc and juicy! Done! NEXT. Some say high expectations are just an excuse to dodge mediocrity. …completely forgetting that that shit’s a homing torpedo, and we’re a crippled 60 ton boulder. Still, it’s a sign that we still practice hope. It’s beautiful. But when our friends start requiring fresh straight jackets every Sunday…yeah, that’s ugly. Three’s one hell of a number. It’s company, it’s a crowd, and turns on the charm on it’s dates with time. It’s also the amount of swings you have before striking out, so…! …MMM! 3 titans of entertainment turned thick-skulled idiot pariahs… …the live footage of Konami, Bethesda, and Blizzard taking the piss after the piss makes a 1,000 monster truck pile-up look like a utopia ruled by Mr. Clean. First up, Blehzzard. I’ve never given even a phantom of a fuck about them. But banning and fining a top player of one of your games for fighting against atrocities plaguing his home country and LYING about Warcraft 3: Reforged being a faithful remaster… …there goes any chance of me ever caring about you. Still, a lot of my friends cared. They’d be owed an apology if that MEANT anything from you anymore. Next…Bethesda. GOD, this hurts. Turning their fun as fuck game franchise about living through the aftermath of a global disaster… …into an ACTUAL global disaster with NO chance of living through turned them into THE hit punchline of 2018. Disgusting incompetence, LYING about promo item craftsmanship, running away with the money… …MILKING poor loyal customers with your shitty subscription service…assholes! If that new Elder Scrolls isn’t Breath of The Wild good, you clowns are DONE! …and finally, Konami! The big top tent of this whole damn circus. Abandoning your beloved franchises, focusing more on GAMBLING with stupid-ass PACHINKO machines… …and fucking humiliating and EXHILING Hideo Kojima… My spit would DODGE you if it was launched your way! *sighs* Yeah, I’m done here… Double standards can be…fascinating. Sure, they suck and cause problems…but they kinda show you what people are…afraid of. Sonic fans are ripe for this case study. No matter how many times he screws up, they’ll NEVER turn on him for fear that he won’t come back. It’s heartwarmingly fucked. I mean…C’MOOOONN! Ya gotta love ‘im– “He-he-hey! What’s this big red button do?” *presses* I hate Sonic. Open letter to all technicians: Don’t make your self-destruct button shiny and gigantic. Make it puny and smear it in Muk splooge and decaying dreams! Nobody’ll touch it, then! It is somewhat fortunate that we now have an example of that to NOT follow…but, man! …MAN! The year 2014 saw a brilliant push to re-brand post-2010 Sonic into something fresh and exciting. Goofy, enjoyably stylized redesigns…an all new world! Nay, generation! Mmm…never heard that one before… The TV show’s awesome as hell. But Sonic Boom’s attempts at being a game…were more like attempts on his LIFE. You think the Wii U NEEDED an atrociously unpolished, horrendously dull, subtractive defamation of beloved colorful super mammals? …in the middle of the awesome modern resurgence, no less? Rise of Lyric makes my stomach scream. On top of, like I said…being unpolished, dull, and back-ass on SO many things… …it added ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to the franchise. No, not even a mortal wound that helped it grow. Sonic 06 is at least hilariously bad…and was a valuable, if not harsh, learning experience. Sonic Boom’s highs are textbook average, and it’s lows are too low for even PAPER to limbo under. Playing it just makes you feel EMBARRASSED for liking Sonic. …and I was excited for this, too! Just…EXCUSE! Now! “It all went by too fast…” BULLSHIT. Don’t talk like you know what that word means! “Wasn’t there a 3DS game, too?” I-I dunno, I don’t–*sighs* …I don’t give a shit. Knuckles! Please! Save us! Formerly just a VERY strong creative suggestion, flying the flag of originality is beyond critical for an art form these days. WASH the fucking thing, or…wave it around in a stupid way at the absolute bare minimum. If you’re gonna schlorp up my mannies, it’s common etiquette to at least do it like nobody else. A game console without exclusives is basically just a shiny drink coaster. GEE, WOULDN’T THAT BE STUPID. Huh, boy oh boy oh boy… Anybody who’s become rich and successful can only be 1 of 2 things: brilliant…or lucky. Remind me again: which one is Microsoft? ‘Cuz it kinda looks like neither right now. You might say I’m filling the cliche of Nintendo fanboy by unconditionally hating the Xbox One. Except…no! Reminding the capital M how much they fucked up this last generation is what binds us as a species. Leave the Wii U outta this, man. That at least had games! Oh hoh, you bet your ASS I ain’t ever letting THIS one go! Don’t quote me on this, but didn’t you clowns “promise” your “cutting edge” home console would have…enticing…exclusives? Like, the reason why we should give a shit? What happened to THAT? With the SOLE exception of Rare Replay, which in itself is simply a collection of old masterpieces made mostly on your RIVAL’s platforms… …there is not a DAMN thing worthwhile you can find ONLY on the Xboner. EVERYTHING else was either multi-platform, or a TIMED exclusive that ended up on PC later anyway! …and better! In addition to being an ATROCIOUSLY unprofessional blunder, you pretty much spit ALL over your brand loyalists who DARED to expect special catering. This probably would’ve been MUCH higher if I was a die hard Microsoft supporter. …but even as a casual customer, I wanna puke! It’s like even they themselves knew that Xbox One’s just hip slang for “just buy a PC”! Like this whole thing was just a TIP JAR… “Huh-ho, sorry! We’ll get it next time, though!” GAHHH! Remember what I said. The happier a player’s made, the more deadly a shock of disappointment grows. So take one of the great kings of your heart, and the pressure to stay king could effortlessly crush all 15 legendaries that run it. Yet despite being pretty much my favorite thing ever, Pokemon’s never struck out hard for me. Got iffy a grand total of…twice, but it never lasts. Yep. Never…lasts… It’s never fun when it arrives, but when the time comes to ask…what the HELL happened…? …the answer’s a mythic monster just WAITING for you to catch it. I can’t ever seem to shut up about my historical disappointment in X and Y. But long after coming to terms with the sub-100 Pokemon roster, I clear the air with the ONE thing I simply can’t get over. It never gave me a second chance. Although not everyone likes it, EVERY. SINGLE. REGION. …on the face of the PokeEarth, merited a strong look back. Be it in a remake, refresh, or sequel…we got another chance to see it’s worth. But after saying “Adios, Kalos.” for the first time…it was the last. You can keep your “Dexit”, you can keep your Let’s Gos…not revisiting the X and Y mainland is what really got me. It’s so discomforting! Every player, be it a huge fan that LOVED Kalos, the nay-sayers who think it’s bland and lacking… …or hell. Guys like me, who merely felt indifferent… NEVER got to see the untapped potential, huge improvements, or added exposure they were hoping for. When it gets to the point where the third pillar of your mascot legendary trio isn’t even fully BUILT until the NEXT GENERATION… …I must repeat: what the HELL happened?! It honest to Arceus felt like they WANTED to forget it, even while it was new. Even when it needed them arguably more than any other. Cubone ain’t the only tragic orphan in the series. …and there’s no evolution awaiting it. NOTHING’s more hype than Smash Bros. NOTHIN’. It could inhale for an ugly sneeze and we’d still impregnate our pants. Ridley! FUCK yes! King K. Rool! Oh mah god, TAKE ME! Mother…fuckin’…BANJO & KAZOOIE! *happy shudders* Assimilate my existence, Daddy Sakurai! Kirby! …Kirby! King K– I try to be respectful to homicidal balls of cosmic bubble yum, fair to say…maybe I dunno what it’s like. I dunno. But this kinda downgrade…even Dr. KING would be speechless! Hate to stack shit on top of an already oppressed kind, but…I have no idea how Kirby mains sleep at night, knowing how hard they were jipped. Sakurai’s star-born son is one of the most versatile characters in gaming history. Dozens of unique weapons of infinite chaos…and a lot of cute hats! He was destined to be one of the all-time coolest characters in all of Smash. So, please tell me. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?! Out of the 21 move slots Smash allows, ELEVEN of Kirby’s are basic, almost STOCK kicks. No personalized flare, no diversity, and zero franchise loyalty aside from *kinda* resembling old fighter animations. I suppose this may have been an attempt to replicate how ability-less Kirby feels in his games. Okay. Yeah, ask anybody why they like Kirby. You’re definitely gonna hear tons of ‘em say “HIS FEET”. NOBODY likes using ability-less Kirby! It’s BORING, as FUCK. Even after two decades, they’ve only BARELY gotten halfway. Half of his move set IS fun and interesting, and *clears throat* LOYAL… …yet the other half is the blandest, most BORING Smash material I’ve ever seen. …and SHIT, his play style’s practically DEFINED by these boring-ass moves. Yeah, I don’t think you realize how serious this is–KIRBY…IS…BORING. Those words…should not be friends! I forbid it! See, this is why I love Mega Man. HE’S WHAT KIRBY SHOULD’VE BEEN. Look, I don’t need perfect accuracy here, otherwise he’d be quintuple S tier… …but THIS, is not this. Fun…NOT fun. Omnipotent cosmic silly putty…FOOT: the character. I’m the last person to suggest that life is simple, but likewise…I’m also not one to deny patterns I don’t like. And the vicious cycle…is one of them. Reach one end, loop back to the opposite…rinse, repeat…at a SELECTIVE speed. I get vertigo just writing it. One day you’re king, then peasant, then king again… …then peasant again? HA! You wish! Oh…! Kil- *gags* Kill it! This is why you don’t pull your job off of a paper strip out of a hat. Pull gaming’s equivalent of the french beggar…and kill’s your only shot at peace. …and I’m fuckin’ serious, man. KILL IT. …WITH FIRE MAN. Feels like it was only yesterday when Capcom’s abusive parenting and racism towards robot children was making headlines. Cancelling hyped up games for likely shitty reasons…drool-sleeping on the franchise that made them a household name for YEARS… …and like that. Like an angel leaving hell to fetch us heaven, Mr. Keiji Inafune said: “FUCK all y’all… …the world need some blue robot goodness, Imma head out!” …and head out, he did. Only… …forgot to bring that goodness… Pinned up a call to finance on the internet’s own help wanted sign: kickstarter! Mighty No. 9! Hell yeah! As in: yeah! …hell sounds good right now! OBLITERATING it’s pledge goals, revitalizing the public’s passion for one of gaming’s finest…restoring the hope of millions! …and then it all rained puke chunks… Over a full year of radio silence and delays, leaving the faithful funders in the dark… …only to pop out of it to jumpscare the public with a horrifically underwhelming junk heap. …causing irreparable damage to Inafune’s new studio and kickstarters in their entirety. …and you just HAD to wind up that punch, huh? Give us hope, then tossed it in a buzzsaw! 4 million goddamn dollars and over 3 years for…what? Something not even HALF as good as the worst REAL Mega Man game? Kicking’s a love tap at this point. Ship this dead horse to the GLUE FACTORY and stick this memory to a dark corner just like Capcom did! A long, hard day of shattered hopes… …personal plans downed by the brunt of reality’s harsh check. Agony, I can’t escape… Alas, not but one night betwixt the pages of a good story…sets me free. Telling me a towering tale gives my villainous days endings worth keeping. …it’s all we could ever want. The happily ever after! Everyone’s been read that one book that’s awesome all the way through…until the last few pages. Cue the shitty ending that ruins EVERYTHING. Perhaps the most infamous software disappointment in all of modern Nintendo… …post-2007 Paper Mario blew a gory, gaping, gangrene-coated hole in the Mario RPG ensemble’s left leg. …and big shock–that dead tissue is still dead, despite having an elder wizard for a doctor! I hate making those that genuinely like Sticker Star and Color Splash uncomfortable. But for you all to really understand how inhumanely scarring these nerve nukes REALLY were to the vast majority… …try to imagine a time when these games FUCKING meant something! Magical worlds, profoundly professional passion, and mechanical and strategic excellence…unflinching in the face of time. OH, RIGHT. You DON’T have to imagine! The legend’s true! So…WHY…did you throw all that away? Watch the video in the corner card if you REALLY need to hear the big problems. But…I’m just, hurt. I can no longer fall peacefully asleep to a magical chapter of Mario Once Upon a Time. I have to take the nightmare of creatively sterile, unfulfilling, BORING as FUCK worst-sellers with admittedly gorgeous covers taking up shelf space. Sure, they look pretty, but oh GOD–don’t read them… I’ll say it again: this isn’t Paper Mario. It’s Mario-shaped paper! If they came before the other 3…there would be NO problem here. But it’s too late! You’ve shown us what you can do! …and until you care enough to do it again, don’t you DARE read where they once read! I couldn’t even imagine what it’s like being on top. …those comments should be interesting… But, truly! Look at you! Up in the clouds on Jupiter! You’re standing on the whole universe for your cover shot of “Hot Shit Quarterly”. …you have ANY idea what kinda pain you’re in for, should you fall? I don’t think you realize… …how, loud… …the human voice can actually scream. This mic’s a replacement. This…is a re-take. I…MURDERED…the last one, recording this segment. A capital F in the chat for this brave, brave soldier… …and right back on top of the atomic FUCK. YOU! …Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts deserves. I know a lot of people say “this ruined my childhood”, and that’s stupid… …but, THIS crime against space-time tried it’s DAMNDEST to. …and almost succeeded. Imagine: your best friend from childhood falling into an eight year coma. You wait by his bedside every day of each of those–unsure if he’ll even wake up again. But when he magically comes back, he’s now a car obsessed, preppy asshole with no memory of the fun…and no care for you. “Not so bad”, huh? “Still worth a try.” …surely. I hate, this fucking game… Nothing anyone can say will ever sway me… This. Is defamation. …and the FATTEST middle finger I’ve EVER been given. Oh, yeah! The game IS a boring-ass vat of molten butt sludge barfed in and out of Gruntilda’s hairy EARHOLE… …even the goddamn Gizmondo’s too good for! …but I don’t give a DAMN about it’s quality. It shot 2 of my favorite childhood games and ANY hope of them ever getting sequels in the FACE. With an ugly, blocky grin on it’s own. Completely, trivializing the beautiful wonder of magical adventure so many of us were SHAPED by. It’s a fucking…insult! Thankfully, WE won in the end, ya lifeless…bastard! Knowing when to let bygones, be bygones…is crucial in keeping happy. Sometimes…you can’t do anything about it. …and you gotta let the past die, before it kills you. But…listen to me. I’ll say that again: …sometimes. But when everyone knows, for an indisputable FACT…that you can do EVERYTHING about it… …letting that past die, is what’s gonna kill you. You disappoint me more than anybody else… …Valve. Casual reminder that it’s perfectly okay to cry. …and even more so to let others see you do it. But… *depressed sighs* As something somehow even more uncomfortable to discuss than goddamn Sticker Star and Nuts & Bolts combined… Valve’s detachment from the holy water spigot is tragic. Once the dispersers of the deepest, most beautiful software pool PC gaming had ever seen… …is now a neglectful father putting hobbies before family. I’ll put it straight, I don’t give a demon’s DAMN about VR. I wholeheartedly feel it’s an overhyped, overpriced fad with minimal sustain as an “industry standard”… …despite the fascinating tech. Well, guess who disagrees with me! Ooh! Better yet! …guess who disagrees with me SO hard that they tunnel-visioned close to ALL of their resources into it? …and that’s where it gets uncomfortable. I’m yelling callously at a creator…for doing what they want. That’s disgusting. It makes me feel awful! But at the same time…what about what WE want? The consumer? The loyal fan that protects you from heatstroke? Do you think we LIKE, watching our favorite IPs DIE…because their rich daddy’s too busy swatting at digital bugs?! Portal. Left 4 Dead. Team Fortress 2…my 3rd favorite game of all time… Abandoned at worst, and drip fed…at the ABSOLUTE BEST. I’m so glad CS:GO and Dota 2 fans have the LUXURY…of consistent love. But guess what? IceFrog and Hidden Path…AREN’T the father. They’re the beautiful uncle who always WANTED to be a father. …and the fact that this is all, by absolute CHOICE…really hurts me. It hurts…a lot of us. …and this isn’t even considering stuff like that stupid-ass card game they made. …and they do it, because they feel invincible. Must be intoxicating. Others can relate. Blizzard…? Konami…? …Rare…? *quiet chuckles* YOU taught the gaming world the consequences of not looking back. You better have more than a piece of wood covering yours… This is being Fawful’s Minion… Good night, team… …and now, give it up! For the high-tier Patrons! …may we meet again!

Top 10 Time Wasting Game Elements

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Top 10 Time Wasting Game Elements

Whether by design or not, some games find
ways to needlessly eat up our time. What game elements are the biggest time-wasting
additions that busy gamers hate? Let’s find out. Welcome back to No Time Gamer. A channel dedicated to reviews and content
for busy gamers. If you want more videos like this, don’t
forget to subscribe to this channel and hit the notification bell. Without further ado, here are the Top 10 Time
Wasting Game Elements for Busy Gamers. 10. Tutorials – Boot up, load the game, start
the campaign. Now you’ve got to slog through a mindless
opening tutorial that teaches you how to play an FPS. Jump strafing sniper no scopes are like breathing
to you, but the game better make sure you know how to look at 2 targets on the wall
before you’re free to move around. Hopefully they’ll skip the part about pushing
up to move forward, but I’m sure they think you need to learn to walk before you start
tea-bagging opponents. 9. Hit and Wait Bosses – 3 or 4 hits is all
its going to take to finish off this chump, but not so fast partner. After landing your first hit, you’ve got
to spend the next few minutes running and jumping like a cracked-out toddler just to
have the chance to land another blow. The fight isn’t hard, but you’ll take
damage because your bored to tears waiting for your chance to strike and you better nail
it when it comes, or this fight will last forever. Its even better when their attack sequence
extends with each hit you successfully land. I guess they’ve given you reason not to
miss. 8. Long Load Times – Either you died, started
a new level, or just booted up the game, but waiting for that agonizing bar at the bottom
of the screen to fill up seems endless. Some games have gotten rid of the problem,
but many still possess these lengthy nightmares. And I love the helpful hints developers have
added to ease the pain. Why thank you! I’m half way through the game and had no
idea the yellow marker pointed out my objective. 7. Un-Skippable, or Un-Pauseable Cut Scenes – We
loves games. We love movies. But I’ll be damned if I need them crammed
into one medium. It’s especially annoying when they squeeze
an un-skippable monologue in before a difficult boss fight. I love hearing the boss’s plans for world
domination for the 15th time. And for the love of god, stop working in cut
scenes every five second during the opening tutorial section. The tutorial is bad enough. Either let me play or just do one long opening
scene and get it over with. 6. Twitch Multiplayer – Most of us grew up
on Call of Duty, but that game just isn’t built for old-timers like us. We can barely see, we can’t think that fast,
and getting juiced up on Twinkies, Doritos, and Mt. Dew sends us to the bathroom instead
of stimulating us to a 12-player killing spree. Maybe we can strategize our way into a better
K/D, but Timmy-plays-too-much knows every inch of every map, has double prestige, and
has been hopped up on sugar for three hours, so good luck! 5. Unforgiving Check Points – You came halfway
across the map, cleared 3 base camps, found 2 hidden treasures and you’re ready to finish
this mission before bed. But wait, there’s more. The final part has you fighting off 10 full
armored guards and a grenade launching boss. You’re wasted, and the mission is toast. Instead of starting right before the epic
fight, you’re spawned at mission launch prompt and need to do it all again. Try not to spike your controller. And speaking of spikes… 4. Steep Difficulty Spikes – You’ve been
trucking along, mowing over baddies, and feeling quite good about how this game is going. You think you’ve really mastered the combat,
but you ain’t seen nothing yet. Next mission is taking things to a new level
and you have no idea how unprepared you are. Enhanced shields, big guns, and advanced tactics
are suddenly being used by even the easiest of grunt baddies and you’re the one turning
into a sponged-up meat sandwich. Expletives fly, controllers explode, and you’re
wondering if it’s even worth completing this game. 3. Useless Rewards – Prize spins and randomized
upgrades use to give rewards that enhanced single player games and granted you better
tools to finish your journey. Now we have avatar dances and blatant product
placement that are given as incentives instead of items that make the game more fun or easier
to beat. Sure! I would love a Dab dance instead of S-rank
car that will help me win my next 10 races. Can I get an Adidas t-shirt to go with that
because my avatar isn’t a big enough douchebag yet? 2. Pay Walls – Loot boxes and mobile games
have painfully damaged the good faith of many gamers. And this is a double whammy for busy gamers
because it is all too tempting. Too many good items are buried in randomized
loot boxes or artificially restrained behind time constraints. We’re busy people dammit and developers
are either wasting our time with this or enticing us to given up our hard-earned money to progress. Eff those greedy bastards! 1. Grinding – The word alone can make a busy
gamer cringe. Hours and hours of time spent just to level
up your character high enough to access the next mission. Hell, maybe it’s just to use a weapon you’ve
been holding on to since the beginning of the game. Story missions, in particular, should never
need a grind for admittance. Games that do this should come with a warning
label: Warning: Grinding required. Hours or days of your life will be wasted
repeatedly killing low-level enemies, so you can progress. Side Effects may include boredom, time wasted,
loss of enthusiasm, and an extended feeling of 60 bucks being wasted. Please consult a better game if symptoms persist. Let us know in the comments section what game
elements waste your time the most? If you want more videos like this, don’t
forget to subscribe to this channel and hit the notification bell. Also, if you’d like to support us on Patreon
click in the link in the description.

Top 10 David Ross Moments as a Cub | Game 7 Home Run, Becoming Manager & More

– [Announcer 1] Ross ready to go to work. Flying toward left, it will be caught by
Schwarber. – [Announcer 2] First out of the inning
for Ross. ♪ [music] ♪ – High throw, Coghlan on the bag. ♪ [music] ♪ – Again. Eight pitch, 1-2-3 inning. – Guy’s a machine. – The David Ross, he’s got a
no-no through one. Deep to left. Gone. The pitcher goes deep. – Aw, man.
Have some fun, David Ross. – [Announcer 3] What a ninth inning he’s
having. He pitches a 1-2-3, nine,
and then walloped a long home run to left. – How about the fan reaction? Standing ovation for David Ross. ♪ [music] ♪ – Throw to first, they’re going
to get him. Out at first. Cubs win. – Wow. – David Ross just won the game. He picks off Clint Robinson. Oh, baby. 2 to 1, the final. – Wow, what a winner.
End of ballgame. – I think we’re going to celebrate
this one. – Well, you know, some
things never change. You know, big star outfielder wants to
warm up, play catch between innings. He’s looking for somebody. He says, “Hey, backup catcher, you. Play catch with me.” And that’s David Ross
up there playing catch. – [David] I was worried I wasn’t going to
be able to get it back to him. I wasn’t loose. I’m surprised my shoulder didn’t come out
of joint. That’s pretty good by J-Hey. I mean, I’m not a moving target. I’m standing on a chair right there with
a…you know, I can’t move anywhere, so it’s…I’m stationary. He hit me right in the chest every time.
It’s pretty impressive. ♪ [music] ♪ – The runner goes, the 0-1 inside,
the throw by Ross. It’s going to be in time.
Out at second base. David Ross with a perfect throw to second. One down, first inning. [inaudible] and the throw down to first
and they got him. They got him. David Ross picks off Conor Gillaspie. Great tag by Javier Baez. ♪ [music] ♪ – And he drives that one to the left,
Number 100. ♪ [music] ♪ – He is enjoying that moment right now. – “Ross is the boss.”
Indeed. Grandpa Rossy with Number 100. – The boys were excited.
I was excited. I think my favorite part while this has
all been going on is rounding second base and looking in the dugout.
It makes me smile every time. Ever since I hit 99, that’s all I hear is,
“Hit a homer, grandpa.” I mean, nobody even knows my first name. Nobody knows my first name anymore. ♪ [music] ♪ – Ross cracks one in the air.
Left field, deep. Back goes Blanco to the track. Near the wall, it’s got a chance. Gone. David Ross with a home run. The ball game is tied at 1. – You know, he throws the Yuckadoo swing
when he gets ahead of the count. – Two balls and two strikes,
[PLAYER] on first. And there he goes. Ross’s throw down to second. He’s in time to get him. ♪ [music] ♪ – Another great play by Baez,
a one-hop throw by Ross. It is out number 2. ♪ [music] ♪ – He struck him out on a fastball. – Cradled nicely by David Ross. – Ross throws to first, he got him. David Ross picks off Eugenio Suarez with a
perfect throw to Rizzo. Rossy fires that ball right over the top
of Votto and right on the money. ♪ [music] ♪ – Here comes the 2-2. In the air, this should do it. Jason Heyward makes the catch,
it’s a no-hitter. Jake Arrieta has done it again. How about David Ross? – Yeah, I mean, he’s obviously had a
great, long career, but he loves his pitchers. I mean, he’s as pumped about this
as Jake is, I think. – Wow.
That was fun. – [Theo] It is my honor to introduce the
55th manager of the Chicago Cubs, David Ross. ♪ [music] ♪ – I take this job very seriously. I know there’s a lot of work ahead,
but I’m so honored to be able to lead such a talented group and I’m looking forward
to that process. ♪ [music] ♪ – [Announcer 4] Listen to this ovation. This is the Cubs’ final home game. What a moment for David Ross. They love David Ross here in Chicago. Look what he just did. Look what he just did. – I’ve got goose bumps.
I don’t know about you, Ron. – I’m tempted to look around for the movie
cameras because things like this only happen in Hollywood. – And Joe Maddon on his way to the mound
and talking to David Ross. You know Lester doesn’t want to come out
of this game. – Is Ross coming out?
– Is Ross coming out? Is he going to give Ross one more ovation? How about that? A very classy move by Joe Maddon to get
David Ross one last ovation here in his final regular season home game. We saw Yadier Molina applauding,
respecting Ross. – Just listen to these fans. There are some nights where this place
becomes the goose bump capital of the universe. Very nice move by Joe Maddon. Classy. Extremely classy. ♪ [music] ♪ – Ross flies one into center,
sends Davis back at the wall. It is gone. The 39-year-old, in his final game,
David Ross has made it 6-3. – I can’t control myself right now.
I’m trying my best. – It’s understandably so, buddy.
– I’m emotional. – I hear you.
– I’m an emotional wreck. – It’s only going to get worse.
Just continue to breathe. That’s all you can do, buddy.
All you can do. It’s only going to get worse. – I’m in a glass case of
emotions right now. – Yeah. Yeah. ♪ [music] ♪ – This is going to be a
tough play. Bryant. The Cubs win The World Series.
Bryant makes the play. It’s over, and the Cubs
have finally won it all 8-7 in 10. – [Crowd] Rossy. Rossy.
Rossy. Rossy. Rossy. Rossy.
Rossy. Rossy. ♪ [music] ♪

Top 7 games like Dungeon Keeper

March 18, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 47 Comments

Top 7 games like Dungeon Keeper

As long as you keep imps and goblins in your
dungeon, and not little boys, dungeons are a great thing to have, so for all of you,
who liked Dungeon Keeper, I prepared this epic list. Dungeons franchize There are three parts of this game, and every
sequel feels like a better version of previous one. Also third game has overwhelmingly positive
reviews on steam, so if you never played any Dungeons game, you can easily start with that
one. Game has a twist of a Warcraft 3 style map
on top of your dungeon that you can go raid, pillage and rape, while building up and defending
your lair. Dungeons 3 is a solid dungeon manager that
will keep you entertained for many hours. It’s mainly RTS, but it has pretty decent
tower defense element going with it. Every stage introduces a new mechanic and
amazing narrative. Though some find it a bit annoying. Game has random map generator with many custom
settings & nice AI. Campaign will take about 30 hours of your
time. By the way, campaign co-op mode works really
good, so it’s worth having at least one friend so you can play with him. So, trick someone into liking you and have
a great time together. Offer him some herring or potato salad and
you will have a friend for life. Back to the game. I should warn you that game has easy start
but the more you play – the harder it gets. That’s what she said. And then you will reach the point where you
get magic traps and the difficulty goes down again. So don’t panic if it gets too hard, try
even harder and you will prevail. Is it worth buying? That is entirely based on your financial status. If you live in Eastern Europe, like I do,
wait for a sale, because In my country for that price you can buy 6 bottles of vodka,
so you must really consider what is best for you. But overall, if you have spare money, then
yes, it’s a great game! War for the Overworld It is a spiritual successor of Dungeon Keeper. Some even call it Dungeon Keeper 3. Well, it’s not. It’s similar, but also different in it’s
own way. There is replayability across many game modes
that will keep you entertained for 40 hours or more if you try to complete all the achievements
and other stuff. You start with a dungeon core, you dig out
various rooms with certain purposes and then watch minions appear through a claimed portal. As for the combat, it works almost exactly
as it did in Dungeon Keeper 2. It is hard to get bored playing this game
as there is always something to do. Though single player is challenging and fun
to play, multiplayer is almost non existent. If you want to smash, bash or crash other
human being, you have to go to Steam group or forums and play organized matches. Or you can play with your sister. Or mom. Or that fake friend you tricked into liking
you. Another great thing – mapmaking. It has great tools and in Steam workshop you
can even find original Dungeon Keeper map remakes and other cool stuff. Is it worth buying? Well… no game so far is more Dungeon Keeper
like this one and it’s cheaper than Dungeons 3. So, the answer is also yes. Undermaster Your task in Undermaster is to develop your
own dream dungeon. No, not that kind of dungeon. But by looking at it you might think “Comrade,
this game looks like a herring without onions, why graphics so lame?” While this game is not so good looking as
a previous one, it has one amazing feature, or should I say freeture, because this game
is free. Undermaster runs in your browser and adds
another element to dungeon design by requiring players to place objects within a room for
it to be effective, such as beds in the dorm, cooking pot for your kitchen or refrigerator
for your vodka cellar. Oh wait, maybe it’s a different game. So placing these items in a room along with
decorations is also a key factor to improving your glory which is vital to attracting creatures. And of course, like in many other browser
games you can chase achievements and compete against other players in the leader board. Prison Architect. Ok, this time it’s not a dungeon, it’s
a prison. So you might say “Comrade, this is not dungeon
game, this very different”. No, stop it right there. What you get in Dungeon Keeper? Units spawn automatically, and you build different
rooms for your minions while they act around on their own will. You do the same here, in Prison Architect. Then you might say “No, comrade, still no
good, I like 3D games, and this has only two dimensions”. Aaaand, wrong again. See that symbol? This is the biggest secret of this game. When you click it – everything becomes 3D. This is almost as good as potato salad with
extra potatoes. So, anyway, here you will build an amazing
maximum security prison where you can be sadistic tyrant and torture your inmates, or you can
build, I don’t know, Norwegian prison, where inmates live better than they do in freedom
in most of the countries. A Game of Dwarves
A Game of Dwarves combines Dungeon Keeper and Dwarf Fortress to create a fun strategy
orientated title. The game puts you in the role of a dwarf ruler
who is tasked with reclaiming your people’s land. A Game of Dwarves is also packed with mysteries
and treasures that reward exploration of each game level. The game also borrows some gameplay aspects
from Minecraft and by that I mean that you can burrow not only to every side, like in
Dungeon Keeper, but also downwards. This ads more, heh, deepnes to this game. A Game of Dwarves also has a number of downloadable
content add-ons to enhance the base gameplay and while some Dungeon Keeper fans were disappointed
I recommend for you to be open minded and try this anyway. Evil Genius “Comrade, comrade… what is this? Dis not a dungeon again, are you trying to
trick me?” No! The game has very similar gameplay to the
Dungeon Keeper and Theme Hospital (which is also made by Bullfrog – creator of Keeper
games). And in this game you will have to build your
own lair in order to achieve world domination. It’s like Austin Powers combined with Dungeon
Keeper. Your evil doings will attract a wide variety
of government agencies, so your lair will have to be protected with security systems
and traps. To reach your ultimate goal of world domination
you’ll have to complete missions and steal from around the world to create your super
weapon. Yeah, like that. And of course, sarcastic humour and funny
narrative is included. Dwelvers This is another close successor to Dungeon
Keeper. The game has massive potential, but there
is only one developer (yes, this is made by one man!) and updates are slow. But with the content that the game has currently,
you can play freely for hours without getting bored. Though game lacks campaign and better UI. Here you can dig rooms out, construct farms,
dining rooms, kitchens, prisons, and other things any dungeon should have. Maps are randomly generated. You can select difficulty level and input
a seed number (or accept the random number offered to you), so there’s infinite replay
possibility. Your minions have needs. They need sleep, food, and alcohol. Of course. If their needs are not met they will become
unhappy. If they get too unhappy they will rebel against
you and attack your other minions. As for now game is a sandbox, but very enjoyable
one. Dwelvers is in a early access now, so expect
better stuff to be added in a future. That’s it. Thank you for watching, please consider subscribing
and maybe even becoming a patron, so I could buy myself better vodka and saltier herring. You will find link bellow. Have a great day, bye.

TOP 10 BEST FREE PC Games of 2020 You NEED To Play

Hey everyone! In this video we’re going
over the top 10 free to play video games on PC for the year 2020. Some of these
games are also available on other consoles so I will tell you on which
other platforms you can find them. Let us get to it then. First one up is Path of
Exile, designed by Grinding Gear Games. Path of Exile is an excellent online
action RPG with a great loop and tons of free content. It is heavily inspired by
the Diablo series. It was released back in 2013 and ever since it has continued
to improve. Players can pick between one of six classes :Witch shadow, Ranger,
Marauder, Duelist and Templar. Each of these classes has their own movesets,
strengths and weaknesses. Also the game has a robust skill tree system called
the passive skill tree. Every character in Path of Exile has access to the
passive skill tree with as many as 1,325 skill nodes. That is a whole lot of
skills! But it offers you the possibility to build your own unique character. Want a witch that can tank any blow? You can make it in Path of Exile. Path of Exile
plays top down just like a Diablo game. The key difference is the random generation
system. Besides the main camps or hub areas, everything else is randomly
generated for you. Also a new update for the game will be coming in the near
future. It is called Path of Exile 2 and it will add engine improvements a new
campaign, new items and new ascendancy classes as well as a new skill gem
system. The game can be played solo or with friends on PC but also on Xbox One
and PS4. Okay, next one up is Dauntless.
Dauntless is a co-op, action RPG developed by Phoenix labs.
It is a game akin to the Master Hunter series. It uses the same core loop of
taking down giant monsters to get the parts in order to make better gear so
you can take down other bigger monsters. It has systems that are easy to grasp
and with an effortless online multiplayer experience it makes it quite
stable. The game has a healthy player base with over 6 million players since
last year. You have at your disposal 7 weapon types to try: swords, hammers,
chained blades, axes, war pikes, aether strikes and ostian repeaters. Mastering
each different weapon style requires patience and skill, each having their own
unique quirks to master. A particular favorite is a hammer that doubles as a
jet pack complete with an active reload mechanic. Best of all it’s seamless
cross-play means that you can hunt with your friends no matter the platform
you are on. It is out for PC, PS4, Xbox one and recently the Nintendo switch. At number 8 we have Brawlhalla,
developed by Blue Mammoth Games. Do you like Super Smash Bros gameplay? Then this
game is for you. It may not have the same recognizable roster as Super Smash Bros
but it features a simple control scheme that lets new players jump in quickly,
which is perfect for a free-to-play game. Additionally it has a lot of interesting
game modes like Bombsketball, basically a hot potato game, a plethora of maps for
you to choose, and a robust roster of fighters to keep the experience fresh. A
total number of 48 fighters and growing. It even has cross play enabled for all
the platforms it’s on. YES, weapons fall from the sky just like in Smash! In the
free-to-play model, brawlhalla lets players play as six different fighters
each week. You can buy more characters with microtransactions or earned in-game
currency. Its player base is quite big, having over 20 million players since
last year, with an average daily of 10,000 players according to SteamCharts.
This does not include all the players from other consoles. Currently it’s
available on PS$,Switch, Xbox One and PC. As a side note, you can even play as
Rayman in the game. The next one is called Neverwinter.
Neverwinter is an MMO RPG developed by Cryptic Studios and released by Perfect
World Entertainment in 2013. Neverwinter is a streamlined RPG. It is a combination
of Diablo and Dungeons & Dragons. iI primarily uses a modified fourth
edition rule book from the D&D. You can play as one of eight usual classes in an
RPG like fighter, barbarian, thief and wizard. And even choose your own race out
of the 13 available races. Neverwinter has 18 PvE campaigns and a PvP campaign
as well. The content is pretty straightforward, you will be doing lots
of quests in order to progress through the story and level up. It has around 2000
daily players on average. Neverwinter is a fun experience that offers a more
approachable RPG than others. If you are a longtime D&D fan or a newbie who has
been aching for a D&D game to whet their appetite then try Neverwinter. This game
is on PC but also on Xbox One and PS4. Do you feel that League of Legends and
Dota 2 are too hard or the top-down perspective isn’t your thing? I got just
the MOBA for you then. It is called Smite, developed and published by Hi-rez
Studios. It has a unique presentation compared to the likes of Dota 2 and
League of Legends. It is a third-person MOBA that focuses
on battles between gods and legendary figures from all religions and faiths.
The change in perspective also alters the play style, changing the traditional
strategic MOBA formula to action-oriented gameplay. Smite is a game
that is constantly updated with fresh characters and maps. As of now there are
108 playable characters, each with their own unique abilities. The game has a
total of 11 game modes, varying from the standard conquest mode, meaning 5v5
battles, to custom modes where you can create your own maps and play with your
friends. The community of smite is over 35
million players with an average of 10,000 daily players according to SteamCharts. Smite also allows for cross play and cross progression between all
platforms. Previously this feature was available across the Xbox One, Switch and
PC versions of the game, with Sony’s PlayStation 4 now joining the fold. We are halfway there!
The lucky number five is warframe. This game is one of the best action games out
there. It combines the futuristic science fiction aesthetic of games such as Mass
Effect in Halo with sleek martial arts inspired combat. Basically.. space ninjas!
That is all you really need to know it. It launched in 2013 with somewhat mixed
reception but they kept adding to it new content and it has seen this player base
grow substantially over the last few years. More than 26 million people have
played it so far. Warframe also includes a remarkable number of customization
options, which allow you to alter your weapons and warframes or armors. This
lets you better build your gear for your specific playstyle. You even have access
to your own personal spaceship, which you’ll use as your base when you are in
between missions. This game is one of the most fun free-to-play games to try it
out and with constant updates and features it doesn’t seem to be slowing
down. This game can be played on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Switch. For our fourth place we have a digital
collectible card game called Gwent. It is developed and published by CD Projekt
Red and it is based on The Witcher 3 favorite past-time minigame. It is a deep
trading card game that pits two players against one another in a best
two-out-of-three battle of wit and skills. Gwent doesn’t use a mana system
like Hearthstone, so careful and calculated deck-building is what leads
to victory. It also has a fair rank and progression system. You have six factions
to choose from, each having their own special and unique decks. Each card that
is played in a round can lead to earning points, the player with the most points
at the end of a round wins. You can use traps and skills to reduce the number of
points of your opponent. It is a different style of card game thatn
Hearthstone, but that’s not a bad thing. The game is on PC and iOS. A version of
Android is coming soon. Be aware that this game is on Xbox One and PS4, but they
will no longer offer support for those since they want to focus on the popular
platforms were the biggest player base is. From the creators of Titanfall 2 we have
Apex Legends. The minds at Respawn Entertainment have tried their own spin
on the Battle Royale genre. Apex Legends is all about gunplay and teamwork, with
20 3 man teams vying to be the last team standing. The progression of a match is
identical to any battle royale: drop from the sky, scavenge for loot, make sure you
are in the safe zone when the area shrinks every few minutes.
Where Apex Legends differs is that it also has hero shooter elements. Each of
the 12 characters has their own unique abilities and ultimate moves, like in a
MOBA. You can also revive fallen teammates and
even resurrect them by bringing their dog tags to a beacon, adding an extra
strategic element to the game. The game has been getting regular updates, the
latest one adding a new character to play as. As for its player base, in
October last year the game reached 70 million players. Apex Legends is a
polished experience with excellent gameplay, a great map and a colourful
roster of characters. It’s one of the best free-to-play shooters around and is
available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The second place goes to Dota 2. The game
is a MOBA and it is one of the most popular free to play PC games. It is
published by Valve, which is also the creator of the gaming platform Steam. Unlike League of Legends, you can access all the 117 heroes from the get-go. It
has 14 modes to play ,private lobbies and special timed events. The game even
supports custom games created by the community. Dota 2 has a rather high entry
level for new players, you need to allocate some time to understand how it
all works but once you get over that you’ll find an amazing game to play. The
game also has a huge player base. In the last measured month, February 2020, the
game peaked at over 663 thousand concurrent players. The first place goes to League of
Legends. No free-to-play list would be complete
without this game or dota 2. This game is a multiplayer online battle arena
developed by Riot Games. It first landed on PC in 2009 and it has only improved
in the years since its original release. In all game modes players use champions
that can be purchased with either real money or blue essence, which is earned through
normal play. You have modes like Training, PvP and Co-op versus AI. You can also
join or create your own custom maps. This game is really popular. The most recent
figures show that League of Legends has an active player base of over 80 million
monthly players or over 27 million players every single day. So there is no
fear that you won’t find someone to play with.
This game is only on PC for now. Well, that is all for today! I hope you enjoyed this video. Have I missed any of your favorite games?
Let me know in the comments below. Remember, if you did enjoy it hit the
like button, maybe subscribe to the channel and share the video. If you
didn’t enjoy it hit the dislike. I hope you all have a fantastic day and wish
all the best. Goodbye, everyone!