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Top 10 BROKEN Fighting Game Characters

October 20, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

Top 10 BROKEN Fighting Game Characters

Nick: If you’ve been following Screwattack for a while, you know how much we love fighting games. For us, they bring us so much hype and excitement, but then there are some characters that just bring us nothing but salt and frustration. The 10 you see here aren’t necessarily unbeatable, but man, oh man, they can be rage inducing. So hey! I’m Nervous Nick for Screwattack’s Top 10 BROKEN fighting game characters. Announcer: NUMBER 10. Nick: Killer Instinct has never been a super execution heavy series, but even then, why is Cinder such an easy character to play in the original KI!? Not just easy, but rewarding too! Not only does he have one of the most famous infinite combos in fighting games, but he’s got another combo that ends up stunning you, letting him rinse and repeat until you lose. Oh, also, he can turn invisible. You know, just for good measure. Cinder was such a problem in the arcades back in the day, that Nintendo actually had to patch KI just to take away his infinite nonsense. Yes, behind the times Nintendo PATCHED A GAME IN 1994 by sending technicians out to all 17,000 arcade machines… …just to tone Cinder down. I love it. A man on fire did more to modernize Nintendo than competition from Sony and Microsoft ever did! Announcer: NUMBER 9. Nick: Love her or hate her, Ibuki will forever be one of my very favorite Street Fighter characters. Back in Street Fighter 3: New Generation, she was the first fighting game character I ever mained. But I’ll call it like I see it, this character’s broken. I can’t think of too many characters who have ever had a one button infinite. but here’s Ibuki comboing Elena with nothing but a standing heavy kick. Even I could do this infinite back in the day, and I was a complete fighting game newbie! Plus, her super, “Hashin Shou” was just dumb! I remember one time, I got hit by Ryu’s fireball and somehow mashed out a super fast enough to hit Ryu with it before he even had a chance to block! Oh, also this super sets up Ibuki’s infinite as well. If ever a case could be made for thick thighs taking lives… …this would be it. Announcer: NUMBER 8. Nick: When Street Fighter Cross Tekken was announced, it was like a childhood dream come true. I mean, two huge fighting game franchises coming together in an official game?! The possibilities were endless! Unfortunately, the game launched as a buggy glitch-filled disappointment and nothing embodies that better than “Mega Man”. Mega Man with GIANT quotation marks around it. Anyway, Mega Man could eke out wins with the tactic not so affectionately referred to as a TIMER SCAM. Basically all he had to do was get the life lead and trigger a bug which took him to frigging orbit, out of your reach, you can never hit him again for the rest of the game. After that it was only a matter of waiting for the timer to run out, or for the opponent to rage quit. But hey, on the plus side, Capcom has since managed to fix both this bug and Mega Man himself. Thank God! Announcer: NUMBER 7. December 15, 2015… …the final character for Smash Brothers Wii U is revealed to be none other than Bayonetta. The internet loses its collective mind with hype! …And today, the internet is losing its collective mind with SALT. Anybody who’s had to face Bayonetta knows the pain of losing an entire stock just because she got you with one Witch Time counter. This move is fricking dumb! Even without it, Bayonetta still has plenty of other ways to take you from 0% ALL the way to the Big Battlefield in the sky by killing you off the top. Pretty much the only reason Bayonetta’s not higher is because she did get patched so that you can escape her zero to death combos, but you’ve got to do this to your controller to do it! [BOOM] The only thing that wears down faster than your control stick is your patience when you’ve got to fight the Umbra Witch. Cross your fingers that if and when this game gets a Switch-port that Nintendo burns the witch one more time. Announcer: NUMBER 6. Nick: One word: RESURRECTION. Anybody who has had the misfortune of playing against Gill from Street Fighter 3 probably shudders at that very word. It wasn’t enough that this game’s boss character does chip-damage with his normals… shoots projectiles that can eat through everyone else’s… can stun most characters in one combo and also hits like a titanium truck carrying bricks! What truly puts Gill over the edge is everything he does with his Super Meter. You can use it to rain down a wall of projectiles from the sky… shoot rainbows that do a billion damage whether you block it or not… or worst of all, his dreaded RESURRECTION. Let me tell you the story of how this usually goes: You barely managed to land the final hit that downs this giant naked man… when suddenly he just gets back up like he’s demon-possessed and his health bar turns green again! I’ll skip to the end of the story: You lose! Hey, at least he’s banded by default in 3rd Strike: Online Edition! Announcer: NUMBER 5. Nick: How can you talk about broken fighting game characters without bringing up the all-time classic Akuma from Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo? You want to know what an overpowered fighter looks like? Behold! The quintessential textbook example! We all remember experiencing the nightmare that was the hidden boss Akuma… so when it turned out that the version YOU could play as was toned down, everybody said: “Oh, thank God!” But, he was STILL too powerful. Akuma was always meant to be something of a glass cannon, who hits hard but gets it even harder. The thing is, in his first appearance here, he was a too much cannon and not enough glass. If he kept throwing his red fireballs at you… YOU WERE STUCK-AND-BLOCK FOR THE REST OF THE MATCH, and even if you got past that, he couldn’t be stunned! At least Gill was banned by default in Street Fighter 3! Not so with Akuma. Announcer: NUMBER 4. Nick: Something that makes Marvel vs Capcom games so appealing is the idea that EVERYONE is cheap. That’s such a huge reason why these games are so fun! And yet, for most people, Dark Phoenix managed to suck the fun right out of Marvel vs Capcom 3. Phoenix may have the smallest amount of health in the game, but if she dies while sitting on all 5 Hyper-Meters HO HO, BOY, ARE YOU IN FOR SOME BULLCRAP! Reborn as Dark Phoenix her speed and damage output both get a huge boost, and since her teleport can appear in front or behind you, you basically have to guess which way to block. And then, on top of all that, if she triggers her X-Factor… she gets even faster and even stronger until she’s an nigh-unreactable powerhouse that can undo all your hard work in just a few combos. I haven’t played this game since 2013 and even though I was never really good at it… this character is still a big reason why I quit. Announcer: NUMBER 3. Bayonetta may be the modern-day controversial Smash character, but not so long ago, that dishonor belonged to Meta knight in Super Smash Brothers Brawl. This beach ball with wings seemingly has almost every advantage going for him! Ridiculously fast moves both on the ground and in the air, a powerful combo game, and for those of you into this sort of thing… NO BAD MATCHUPS ACROSS THE ENTIRE CAST! He may be a lightweight, but if your attack does anything less than kill him outright, Meta Knight is practically GUARANTEED to get back onto the stage again, since every single one of his special moves also works as a recovery. Plus, Meta knight is really good at running away from you the entire match. Remember that glitch that let him disappear for as long as he felt like? Yeah, not so fun for everybody else. Fun fact: Because Meta Knight is such a stupidly powerful character… he’s the only one in all of Smash who is nearly banned from all tournament play. And in hindsight, he probably should have been… Announcer: NUMBER 2. Nick: You know a fighter is bonkers if they’re banned from tournaments WITHOUT being a boss character, and if you played Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future, you can see why this exact thing happened to a little bird called Pet Shop. This freaky falcon is small, hard to hit, and loves nothing more than shooting you with a giant icicles that lead to TONS of damage. Pet Shop is so hard to keep track of because he’s all over the screen in this game… and he’s so strong, that he can even take Jojo himself from full health all the way to death in a single combo. GOLLY-MIT! I JUST- I JUST WANT TO SMASH HIS LITTLE BIRD FACE IN PIECES UNTIL IT SHATTERS! Oh yeah, just like that. Announcer: IT’S… NUMBER 1. Nick: If you’re watching a Screwattack Top 10 you must understand that if it’s number one on the list IT IS THE ANSWER. Ladies and gentlemen, let me personally introduce you to the number one most broken fighting game character of all. Ivan Ooze. In Power Rangers Fighting Edition on SNES, this character actually flies around the arena the entire game all the while shooting you with columns of lasers and projectiles that, get this, HOME IN ON YOU. Even if you somehow get in close on him, Ivan Ooze’s aptly-named invulnerable strike has, well, obvious advantages. It’s true that he literally can’t block, but with moves like these, WHY WOULD HE NEED TO?!?!?!? On top of all that, what if I told you that you can’t throw him OR hit him with low attacks!? That means half of your basic offense is COMEPLETELY WORTHLESS against him! Picking the best character in a fighting game doesn’t usually mean that you’re going to win automatically… Unless you pick Ivan Ooze in which case you will win every time. For secret number 11 we’re going back to Smash one more time for the Ice Climbers. These kids trolled their way through not just Melee, but also Brawl as well! If your opponent knew the right inputs, one grab from the Ice Climbers meant one death for you guaranteed. So maybe it’s for the best that they never made their return in Smash Brothers Wii U

Sega GAME GEAR Buying Guide & Fun Games

October 18, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

Sega GAME GEAR Buying Guide & Fun Games

Metal Jesus: Metal Jesus here and I’m back
again with Kinsey. Kinsey: Hello and today we are going to be
talking about a buying guide for the Sega Game Gear. Metal Jesus: And you are perfect for this
video because you had one as a kid, right? Kinsey: Yep. That was pretty much my go to
hand held as a kid because it was color screen and I’m like, “Yeah, this is awesome.” Metal Jesus: Well and we’re going to be doing
this video because we get a lot of requests for it. I think there’s a lot of mystery around
the Game Gear. So we’re going to talk bout the hardware, what you need to look out for,
as well as the variants, the accessories and we’re going to recommend some games you get
day one. Let’s take a look. Kinsey: So first, we’re going to talk about
the hardware and the Game Gear is actually pretty special for the time because it was
back lit and color. Metal Jesus: Which is really important compared
to the original Game Boy, which was what, black and white or? Kinsey: Green. Metal Jesus: Green and yellow. Yeah, so Sega
was attempting to do some thing kind of forward thinking and bring color to the handheld.
Now actually to be fair, the Atari Lynx did it first, but this was another answer to that
and for the most part, when this came out that was a huge selling point. Kinsey: Yeah, yeah. It was amazing. When I
first saw this at the store, I was like, “That’s the one I want.” Metal Jesus: Now some of the other things
I like about the Game Gear is that I think it’s really comfortable to hold. I like how
it’s wide, almost like a P-S-P, or something like that. It’s really comfortable even today. Kinsey: It’s really, really nice. Metal Jesus: Yeah. You know, on the original
Game Boy I’d have to go like this to platy stuff. So I definitely prefer that. Now as
far as collecting goes, one of the really great things about the Game Gear as well,
is that there are over 300 games made for it and if you get an adapter, you can also
play most Master System games with it because I thinks it’s similar technology, or similar… Kinsey: The Game Gear is basically a repackaged
Master System, so it’s basically the same tech, just in a cuter package. Metal Jesus: Yeah and a lot of people, especially
in North America, didn’t really get into collecting for the Master System. So this is an option
for people. Kinsey: Yeah. Metal Jesus: And most of the games are dirt
cheap. Kinsey: Yeah. Now I get really surprised when
I’m like, “Oh, that Game Gear game’s $25.” Metal Jesus: Right, right. Yeah to give you
an idea, the most expensive game, I think, is Panzer Dragoon Mini and that’s by far the
most expensive one. I think it’s like a hundred bucks. Kinsey: Yeah, it’s like a hundred bucks. Metal Jesus: Yeah, but these go down from
there and most of them are literally a dollar, five bucks, ten bucks, something like that. Kinsey: Yeah it’s basically the Panzer Dragoon
and Mortal Kombat 3 are the really expensive ones. Metal Jesus: Yeah there’s a couple of them,
but not many. So it’s very easy to collect for, which is what I like and actually that’s
what I do, is when I go out, if I see a Game Gear game, I don’t own, I’ll be like, “Sure,
why not.” Kinsey: $3, $1, yes. Metal Jesus: So that’s kind of some of the
positives. Now, there are some negatives and we talked about the screen and while Sega
was trying to do something really far advanced, the thing is that screen technology on a hand
held just sucked batteries. Kinsey: Yeah. Metal Jesus: And so, unfortunately, this will
cook through six AA batteries in no time. Kinsey: Yeah, when I was little, I tried to
take one on a road trip. There was a lot of gas station batteries I went through. Metal Jesus: That’s so funny. The other thing
about it is that unfortunately, some of the capacitors that were used in this fail a lot
and so it’s unusual to find a perfectly working Game Gear unfortunately. As a matter of fact,
my first Game Gear, the screen was funky, they had no sound. Kinsey: Got to wear headphones and lean it
weird and you’re like, “Alright, this I can now do.” Metal Jesus: Yeah. But one of the good things
is and some of you watching this may have noticed, that this is a little bit unusual,
this one right here. So this is modded and there’s a bunch of people out there who mod
these. As a matter of fact, a guy named Marco did this. He’s part of, I think, the AtariAge
Forum and actually what he did, is he replaced the screen on here with an LCD screen, super
bright, and it’s shockingly better. So we’ll actually compare them in a second here. He
also replaced a lot of the capacitors for the sound, which is really nice of him to
do that and it also has V-G-A out. Kinsey: That’s so awesome. Metal Jesus: Yes. So this is really cool.
So basically, if you use the brightness over here, you can either set it to be on the handheld
or you can send it out to your TV or your computer monitor. Kinsey: Oh, that’s awesome. Metal Jesus: It changes it completely. If
someone is going to start collecting Game Gear now, because the screen is kind of one
of the bummers, it’s really hard to go and buy one of these today and have to deal with
that screen. So getting a new screen on there is like it’s night and day. Kinsey: Yeah, it’s bringing new life to the
Game Gear, which is awesome because there’s great games for it. It get’s over looked a
lot. Metal Jesus: Yeah, definitely. Now there are
a lot of accessories, so let’s talk about that next. Alright, so we were talking about
the terrible battery life of the Game Gear, but there are other solutions, right? Kinsey: We can get you a one of a kind chick
magnet. You can wear this baby on your belt. Metal Jesus: When you first mentioned this
I was like, “What the hell are you talking about? Oh, right.” You seen a fanny pack. Kinsey: With my Game Gear fanny pack and my
Game Gear battery pack. I just need a Game Gear hat. Metal Jesus: I’m surprised you don’t have
one. Kinsey: I wish I did. Metal Jesus: But this is a rechargeable Game
Gear battery pack. It’s actually cool. Kinsey: Yeah and it really helps extend the
life of your battery and you’re not always going to get more AA’s. Metal Jesus: I know. Just to do this video
I sent Rebecca, my wife, to go to Target to buy a bunch of batteries just so we would
have them. It’s ridiculous, right? But so it’s nice that this is here and the other
thing too is that you can use a Genesis power adapter as well. Kinsey: Yeah, for the Genesis 2, I actually
did that a lot when I was little. I just sat by the wall and played my Game Gear. Metal Jesus: Yeah and so I think a lot of
people do that now, too. Even myself when I’m in my game here, I just use that. So it’s
not that big of a deal. So some other accessories are, of course, I forget what this is called. Kinsey: The Super Wide Gear. Metal Jesus: Super Wide Gear and it’s funky
too. It opens up like this, it hooks on the back. Honestly, I don’t fell like it needs
it that much, but it’s just one of those things that you had back then, right? Kinsey: I used it when I was little. I was
like, “This is awesome. Look at how big it is, yeah!” Metal Jesus: They should do this for other
stuff. Now that I’m thinking about it, I wonder if this hooked on the Vita or something, that’d
be hilarious. Kinsey: It’d be great. Metal Jesus: That’d be great. Another thing
is, we mentioned it earlier and that is you can play most Master System games on it because
the technology is very similar. All you need is a Master Gear converter. Kinsey: Yeah. Metal Jesus: Now what’s weird about this is
that this can be collectible or expensive, not super expensive, but this can cost you
more than the Game Gear itself, which is hilarious. Kinsey: Yeah. Metal Jesus: But, it’s pretty cool. You basically
pop the game in here, it attaches to the back, turn it on and you’re playing Master System
games. So it’s pretty awesome. Another accessory that a lot of people were kind of impressed
with was the TV tuner. Kinsey: Yeah, watch TV on your Game Gear. Metal Jesus: Color TV. But, of course, it’s
really useless today because it’s all broadcast in digital. Kinsey: Yeah and the rabbit ears won’t really
help you. Metal Jesus: Yeah won’t really help you, but
that’s pretty much for accessories, right? There’s a lot of bags and things like that. Kinsey: Yeah, there’s a link cable. Metal Jesus: Oh, right. Kinsey: Want to play a Game Gear with your
friends? Metal Jesus: That’s right, yeah. So that’s
the accessories, but now we probably want to talk about some of the variants of the
hardware, right? Because this is where it can be pretty exciting collecting for the
Game Gear. The Game Gear itself, the black one, is not very expensive. It’s like what,
15, 20 bucks? Kinsey: Yeah, but this is the one a lot of
people know of. So I don’t even know if a lot of people know it comes in other colors. Metal Jesus: Yeah, that’s true. So I showed
off in a pick ups video a little while ago, the yellow one. I know. A lot of people thought
this was fake or some sort of shell, but it actually was released in Japan. That’s where
this comes from. Kinsey: They get all the good colors. Metal Jesus: I know. But yeah I absolutely
love it. I think it’s beautiful. So there’s yellow, also blue. Kinsey: The blue one is probably one of the
more common colors. So little bit rarer than the black, but not much. Metal Jesus: It’s a nice color of blue though. Kinsey: Still awesome. Metal Jesus: Yeah and then you have, I think
one of the rarer ones, right? Kinsey: Yeah. Metal Jesus: It’s certainly collectible. Kinsey: There was also some special edition
ones released, as there is for most systems, but in Japan, for example, this one’s a Magic
Night Rayearth system, which if you’re an anime kid like I am, love it. Rayearth is
awesome. Metal Jesus: And now, did it come with a game? Kinsey: Mm hmm, and it came with a Rayearth
game as well. Metal Jesus: Same exact color as the system,
which is perfect. Kinsey: And it’s beautiful, it’s all matchy,
matchy and if you like Rayearth especially getting the game and the system together it’s…I
don’t know, it was magical when I saw it. Metal Jesus: And you have it in the box. I
was like, “Wow!” Kinsey: Yeah and the game’s really fun too,
especially if you like Rayearth, because it’s just an action game and it’s really fun. Metal Jesus: There’s also some other variants
too. There’s a Coca Cola one, which has another color red, which is really cool looking too.
There’s a few others that people are looking out for so it’s awesome. Kinsey: So now we’re going to talk about some
games. These aren’t necessarily the rarest or the craziest, but these are the ones that
we think are really good to own or we just really enjoy. Metal Jesus: Absolutely. Kinsey: So on that note, I’m going to start
with The Lion King because it’s on everything, but this is me riding in the nostalgia train
for a little bit. The Lion King and also Bonker’s House of Wax, it’s awesome you guys. Don’t
judge me, but these basically were the games I played as a child and it doesn’t do it justice
when I play this on any other system. So this is always recommended by me and it’s not that
expensive. So I think it’s worth it and it really shows off the Game Gear’s capabilities. Metal Jesus: That’s cool. So a game I’m going
to recommend here is a game I was surprised that I really enjoyed. I don’t know if it’s
on any other system, I don’t care, but it’s called Devilish and I thought this would be
some sort of arcade action game. No, it’s actually like an Arkenoid clone, but it’s
got it’s own thing basically where you have the paddles and you’re knocking a ball back
and forth. The screen is heading down, but what’s really cool about this is that you
can reconfigure the paddle. So for instance, you have one paddle or two up above each other,
but then you can split them out. You can put one on it’s side. Plus you can control the
up and down so you can throw the upper paddle higher. I don’t know, it’s just like… Kinsey: It sounds complicated, but at the
same time I’m enthralled. It sounds awesome. Metal Jesus: See, the thing I like is that
Breakout and Arkenoid had been around for so long, that that’s kind of a tired game,
right? But I like games that try to do something new with it because I grew up with that. I
loved those games when they first came out. So Devilish on the Game Gear, pretty cool. Kinsey: It’s got a good name, too. Metal Jesus: It is. Kinsey: And actually on that same vein, Haley
Wars. It’s a vertical shooter. It’s super fun. But what it does a little bit differently
is that whenever you miss one of the ships or one of the asteroids or comets that’s coming
at you, if you miss it, it goes and it hits Earth and you have a gauge on the bottom that
says what percentage Earth is destroyed and if it gets to 100, that’s it. Metal Jesus: Yeah, it’s a surprisingly really
fun shooter. I was like, “I played this a lot.” Now, you’re holding two versions of
it here and I did this because I wanted to remind myself that one of the nice things
about the Game Gear is that it is region free. So often if you can’t find a copy of the North
American version, get the Japanese version. That’s exactly what I did here. You can play
either one, it’s pretty cool. So okay that was cool. Next up for me was a game, I was
a little surprised and that is Vampire Master of Darkness. Kinsey: Yes. Metal Jesus: It looks cheesy as hell. Kinsey: The story’s a little cheesy, but it’s
worth it. Metal Jesus: It’s cool. It’s basically a Castlevania
clone. They’re not even sugar coating it, it’s Castlevania, right? But I like it. For
one, I find it to be a little bit easier than Castlevania for some reason. To me that’s
a good thing because on a little screen it can be difficult. As a matter of fact, this
game on the original Game Gear screen I think is pretty difficult because it’s hard to see
bats and stuff. On my modded one it changes the game, it’s so much more playable. So,
yeah, highly recommended, this is a fun game. Kinsey: Nice. And then one I really wanted
to mention is Revenge of Drancon. What I really like about this game is that it’s super unassuming.
Most people probably walk by this because… Metal Jesus: It looks like a budget title. Kinsey: It looks like a budget, I don’t know,
generic, but, it’s Wonderboy. It’s so fun. It’s basically the arcade version of Wonderboy
and it’s wonderful. Metal Jesus: That’s weird that they changed
the name to something like that, though. Kinsey: I don’t even know how to say it, come
on. It looks super generic, but this is full of wonderful secrets. So if you see this,
you can get it. Metal Jesus: Awesome. Alright so next up for
me is a game called Dragon Crystal, speaking of games that look fairly generic. Now this
game, when I popped it in I was like, “This looks so familiar.” But that’s because it
also came out as Fatal Labyrinth, or at least very similar in style. So this is a maze like
dungeon crawler, top down. This is another game where I popped it in and I played it
for way longer than I expected to because it’s so easy, it’s so much fun. Essentially
you’re just cruising around in this maze, you’re slowly exposing parts of the dungeon
and combat’s fun. You basically just push up against the enemy, you don’t have to battle,
you don’t have to button mash, there’s really not much skill, which is perfect for a handheld
where you’re just trying to have some fun. But there’s armor upgrades and all that sort
of stuff so I enjoyed it quite a bit and this game is dirt cheap. Kinsey: Yeah. Alright and next I’m going to
talk about Legend of Illusion, Mickey Mouse. Metal Jesus: Nice. Kinsey: And this one’s awesome because this
is in the same series of Castles of Illusion, which everybody knows, but this one, I believe
it’s a sequel. It’s in the same series, but it’s…I think the story is a little bit more
interesting and it’s just not one that anyone played. Everybody knows Castle of Illusion,
but this one’s definitely worth it. Metal Jesus: Cool. So next up is a game that
I had never heard of until I got a Game Gear and that is Ax Battler: A Legend of Golden
Axe. So this is a total surprise. It’s basically…it reminds me of Zelda 2, where there’s an overhead
map and then it goes to a 2D exploration. I don’t know, I guess it’s a side thing for
Golden Axe. So I don’t know. It’s pretty cool, I enjoyed it quite a bit and it plays great. Kinsey: Great. Alright and we wanted to mention
a Sonic game. Metal Jesus: Yes. Kinsey: Because how can you talk about a Sega
system without talking about Sonic? Metal Jesus: And you and I were talking like,
“Well which one?” Because you almost picked Sonic Drift. Kinsey: I really like Sonic Drift and Sonic
Drift 2 is the only one that came out in the U.S., but it’s really good and I know everybody
hates it and I’m sorry. Metal Jesus: I just put you on the spot right
there. Like, “Dammit!” Kinsey: I know people don’t like it, but you
can play it on the Sonic Gems on the GameCube. So it’s awesome. Anyways, this is not Sonic
Drift. This is Sonic Triple Trouble and it’s in the same series as Sonic Chaos, it’s the
sequel. A lot of people also didn’t like this one because they thought it was too easy,
but part of me, if I’m sitting on the couch playing Sonic the Hedgehog on a handheld,
easy is fine with me because I really like flying through the levels. That’s when you
can go fast and not have to worry about it as much. Metal Jesus: Yeah I agree. Easy difficulty
is not an automatic turn off for me. I’m like, “No, no, no, that’s kind of cool.” Because
there’s plenty of other ones that are hard. So you can always play those ones too. Kinsey: Yeah. Exactly. Metal Jesus: Alright and then finally, one
of the more collectible and it’s really not even that expensive, but it’s Shining Force,
I’m going to have to say this here, The Sword of Hajhy, H-A-J-H-Y. Kinsey: Hajhy. Metal Jesus: Why? I don’t know, but this is
a fantastic game on the Game Gear. It’s actually one of the more highly rated ones too. Shining
Force games are really cool. They’re very similar to Fire Emblem, where they’re turn
based strategy games. Now I don’t believe this one has permadeath though. There’s a
lot to it. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Again, it’s a little bit more collectible so if you
find a copy, definitely check it out. Kinsey: So that’s our buying guide for the
Sega Game Gear and it’s a pretty rad system. Metal Jesus: I know, I love collecting for
it. I love going to expos and retro gaming stores and everyone else is ignoring it. They’re
looking at Nintendo and I just weasel right passed them, look for games I don’t own. It’s
like awesome. Kinsey: It’s great. Metal Jesus: Now the thing is, is that Hyperkin
has announced that they may add Game Gear support to the Retron 5. Kinsey: Yeah. Metal Jesus: I know, so cool. The Retron 5
is a clone system that supports a lot of different things and Game Gear was left out for some
reason. Kinsey: I know. It’s why I didn’t buy one.
I heard it was going to have all these different systems and I was like, “Game Gear, Game Gear,
Game Gear.” Metal Jesus: It supports Game Boy and Game
Boy Advance. It’s perfect just for Game Gear. I know. I actually reached out to them to
see if they could give me some more information. They didn’t, but I will update this video
in the description and also in the annotations as news comes available. So I’m crossing my
fingers for that. Kinsey: Me too. Metal Jesus: I know. Well hey, thanks for
coming on the channel. Kinsey: Of course. Metal Jesus: Now where can people find you
on the interwebs? Kinsey: I am on Twitter @KinsZilla, K-I-N-S-Z-I-L-L-A. Metal Jesus: And you have a YouTube channel? Kinsey: I have a YouTube channel, three videos
and two that matter. Metal Jesus: Two that matter and the third
one is? Kinsey: Just gameplay from the Witcher when
I had a weird mountain bug, there were mountains in the city. Metal Jesus: Oh really? Kinsey: Yeah, it was too funny not to share. Metal Jesus: Well and you’ve done an unboxing
video. I remember that. That’s awesome. Alright, you can find me @MetalJesusRocks, Twitter,
YouTube, Facebook, all that sort of stuff. Alright guys, thanks very much for watching,
thanks for subscribing and take care. Alright, now that I have the Sega Game Gear
buying guide under my belt, I’m curious, what other buying guides would you like to see
me do? I have some ideas. There’s some good stuff out there. You know what needs to be
done, a P-S-P buying guide needs to be done. That’s a pretty good one because there’s like
three different models, tons of good games.

Top 10 Spider-Man Spidersonas You Won’t Believe Exist

What’s your favourite version of Spiderman? Is it Peter Parker of earth 616? Or Miles Morales of earth 1610? Or maybe you prefer Spider Gwen of earth 65? What if you could make your own spider persona
and it made its way into the comics? That is a very real possibility right now
as Marvel has decided they are going to be doing just that, integrating fan made spidersona’s
into the comics. So you can make your own #spidersona and potentially
have it shared with the world! How neat! I don’t think there is another superhero in
the world that has more alternate versions than Spiderman. Ever since the Spider-Verse storyline and
the uncovering of the Great Web and Spider Totems which exist throughout all realities,
Spiderman has been blowing up even more than normal. Which is pretty impressive considering that
Spiderman is the most popular character Marvel has ever created. As such it is unsurprising that even more
totems are constantly being added and we even got a film like Into the Spiderverse which
celebrates all the different totems that exist. Today we’ll be taking a look at some of theses
spidersonas as we count down the top 10 spiderman spidersonas that you won’t believe exist. But before we do, a word from our sponsor,
Raid: Shadow Legends. For those who don’t know, Raid: Shadow Legends
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customize your Champions – choosing their artifacts and creating a unique mastery build
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is Lyssandra. She allows your party to get the upper-hand
in a battle due to her speed enhancing abilities and she has ginger hair, like me! What I love about this game is that everyone
can find something for themselves. My favourite aspect is that you dedicate as
much or as little time as you want to this game and it’s still fun and engaging. Play for 5 hours or 5 minutes! Personally, I think this game is astounding
but you don’t just have to take my word for it, with over 300,000 reviews, Raid has an
almost perfect score on the play store! This game is growing very quickly and the
highly anticipated new Faction Wars feature is now live! There’s also a new awesome rewards program
for new players. Get a new daily login reward for the first
90 days in the game. So what are you waiting for? Go to the video description, click on the
special links and if you are a new player you will get 100,000 silver and one free champion. Look at that badass champion they are giving
you for free! All this treasure will be waiting for you
here. Hurry up! As these rewards are relevant for 30 days! Alright, let’s get counting. 10
Blue Recluse There have been so many amazing fan made spidersonas
that we had to mention some of them. And if you want to check out even more than
the ones we have listed here go out to twitter and check out the hashtag spidersona and you
will get to explore a world full of glorious fan art and fan story creations. Blue Recluse is one such creation that comes
to us from @malcomharrisx on twitter. Parker Peterson who is a science nerd and
high school football player. He is not as graceful as most other spidersonas
so he makes up for that with strength and toughness. There is also a huge obsession in a lot of
the fan-made spidersonas with the colour blue which I also love as blue is kind of the polar
opposite to red. More blue coloured spider costumes, please! 9
Spiders Man Coming to us from earth 11580, Spiders Man
is a spidersona made of nothing but spiders. Ick. He underwent a horrific transformation following
an accident at Horizon Labs, wherein Peter Parker was killed and Spiders Man was born. Spiders Man is just a collective of spiders
who share Peter Parker’s consciousness which was somehow transferred to them at the time
of his death in the spider-pit where they all were. Imagine spider man but just made of spiders. Recently in the comics Spiders Man is living
up to his monstrous appearance by involving himself in some villainous and semi-shady
dealings with Norman Osborn. 8
Alice and Pace Twitter and instagram user @argonaut11 did
these pretty adorable doodles imagining Pace as a spidersona and his partner Alice. Pace was bitten by a weak radioactive spider
so he struggles with his career as a hero as he does not have the full power of most
spidersonas. His partner Alice received her powers as being
a part of a failed experiment, attempting to replicate the abilities of a symbiote. As such part of her also travels around with
Pace in his suit. The user also created a few pieces of artwork
that reveal what Pace looks like under his mask and that shows the pair of them breaking
the 4th wall. 7
Lady Spider May Reilly of earth 803 was born into a wealthy
family and grew up during the turn of the century. Her father kept many animals and in the house
and one day, May opened the cage to one of his spiders to let it out and it bit her. To her this moment was a turning point and
taught her that you should never let anyone cage you. After her father passed away, she used mechanical
parts from his garage to craft her own steampunk spider suit. She fights crime as Lady Spider and we get
to see her go up against such fiends as the Six Men of Sinistry. I just love her and whole character design. You can find her in Spider Verse vol 1 issue
1. Honestly we need more of her in the spiderverse
and the earth-803 version of Felicia’s Black Cat as well. 6
Magical Spider Girl What I really love about this twitter user’s
spidersona is it is inspired by their very own self. This spidersona comes from twitter user @sneakygeist. It obviously has some magical girl vibes which
drew me to it as a huge Sailor Moon and Utena fan. I love me some magical girl vibes. I also feel like if we had a magical girl
version of spiderman they would be on the verge of being undefeatable. Magic meets radioactive spider abilities meets
spidey sense meets cuteness. What is there not to love? Someone get this spider girl her own moon
stick! Web stick? We’ll work on the name for it. 5
Ashley Barton The Old Man Logan storyline gives us a pretty
fantastic female spidersona, that of Ashley Barton from earth 807128. She is the granddaughter of Peter Parker and
the daughter of Peter’s youngest child, Tonya and old man, Hawkeye. To me that math is something I don’t want
to do in terms of age difference. But also it’s old man Logan, so you know anything
pretty much goes in the post-apocalypse world. Ashley has the powers of most spidersonas
but not spidey sense. She actually ends up killing Kingpin and taking
over her territory after her dad comes to rescue her from his clutches. She then also proceeds to chase Wolverine
and Hawkeye out of her new territory of Hammer Falls, threatening to kill them. She goes by the alias’ Spider-Girl and Spider-Woman. She’s know by another alias as well but you’ll
have to look that one up yourself. 4
Froggeomi There’s a lot of fan made spidersonas that
are a spider merged with something else, and I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of obsessed. I saw on spidersona that was caused by a wolf-spider
bite and another that was a merged imagining of spider and shark abilities. I don’t even know how to really describe it. But I want to see Spider-Shark become a thing! One my favourites that I saw though was this
adorable one called Froggeomi that imagines a spider who had it’s dna spliced with that
of frog before it bit this unsuspecting, I’m assuming female victim and transformed them
into a superhero. Froggeomi or Frog-Spider possesses superior
jumping abilities, night vision and ectothermic abilities. The suit that Frog-Spider wears is inlaid
with liquid crystals that allow the shape to change colour based on the temperature
and mood of the wearer and also grant them chameleonic like abilities, allowing them
to blend in with their background. This spidersona comes to us from @geckogirl315. 3
Golden Spongecake Spiderman This spidersona sadly died in Spider-Verse
volume 1, issue 1 but will truly live on in our hearts. And at least hopefully the earth that he came
from will live on because truly it is the greatest. This Peter Parker came from earth 51914, a
reality where everyone loves Hostess Brand Snacks and as such all superheroes fight criminals
using only those sweet treats. I’m not joking. It’s glorious. I personally have a low-key twinkie obsession
so I’m all about this earth. Too bad Morlun got this spidersona in the
end but I bet consuming this spider totems energy gave him a sugar rush. 2
Weapon S Wow. So this one needs to make it into the comics
as this persona would be so OP. This spidersona is Athena Parker. She was bitten by venomous radioactive spider
whose venom causes your insides to liquify. In order to save her life, she was given the
supersoldier serum. Being such a uniquely powered individual she
was put through the Weapon X program and had her DNA mutated and spliced with that of Wolverine. Weapon S also had her skelton enhanced with
adamantium like Wolverine. Her blood is venomous and acidic and her claws
actually allow her to also inject you with her acidic blood. She also ends up tangling with Thanos and
Venom and eventually becomes bonded to the Venom symbiote. This is one epic story that I would be insane
to read. It might be too much but with the way comics
are moving something this OP would not even truly be unheard of. Weapon S was created by twitter user @ArtbyAthena1. 1
Spider M’am The ultimate in spiderpersona oddities. Spider M’am is May Reilly which imagines a
world where Aunt May was bitten by the radioactive instead of Peter while delivering a forgotten
lunch to Peter’s school while a scientific demonstration was happening. She is aided by her family in her crime fighting
abilities after they find out that she is Spider M’am. Oh and this is also a reality where Uncle
Ben is still alive. She’s also just as snarky and witty as Peter. I guess earth 616 Peter Parker got a lot of
his wittiness from his Aunt. She originally appeared in a What If comic
scenario in 1980 and has since joined the rest of the spidersonas and totems in the
Spider Verse and Spider Geddon storylines. You can also see her battle her earth’s, earth
3123’s version of Vulture in Vault of Spiders. Personally, I think Spider M’am needs her
own comic series. Thank you so much for watching. And a big thank you to our sponsor Raid: Shadow
Legends. Be sure to check out the links for those Raid:
Shawdow Legend’s in game rewards in this video’s description. I hope you enjoyed exploring some of these
fan-made and Marvel made spidersonas. And if you have one you want to create be
sure to use that spidersona hashtag and tag Marvel. Who knows maybe you’ll see your creation in
a new spider-verse series? How cool would that be? And if you do some more doodles of Spider-Shark
be sure to tag me as well. Cause I want to see more of that. Who is your favourite spidersona? Let us know in the comments below. And while you are on your way down there be
sure to also like, share, subscribe and ring our bell. This is top 10 nerd and my name is Amanda
McKnight reminding you to stay nerdy, YouTube.

Top 10 Video Game Urban Legends That Will Make You Never Play Again

Top 10 Video Game Urban Legends That Will
Make You Never Play Again Connor, have a no name brand chocolate bar. What why? You get a little strange when you’re hungry. Wait, so you don’t want the time stone? Greetings gamers welcome back to top 10 gaming,
I’m your host Connor Munro and today I’m going against the purpose of this channel
and acting like your local news and telling you why you shouldn’t play video games. Well not really, but this list may deter you. Or make you go even deeper. If you are new here or haven’t already be
sure to hit like and subscribe for more daily gaming content, plus ring the notification
bell to join the clan. Make sure you stick around until the end because
number one has some HOT Tea for ya. Okay, now let get into todays list of the
Top 10 Video Game Urban Legends That Will Make You Never Play Again, boy that’s a
long title. Roll the intro. #10 Street Fighter II’s Secret Character
Sheng Long is an April Fools day hoax from 1992. In a February issue of EGM [Electronic Gaming
Monthly] a joke based on a translation error was suggesting that there was a secret character
named Sheng Long that was unlockable in Street Fighter 2. After other places reprinted the joke as a
fact without verifying it or themselves, the rumor spread like wildfire and everyone assumed
it to be fact. Fake walkthroughs surfaced online on how to
acquire the character and everyone was getting frustrated about not being able to unlock
it. This isn’t really, scary per say, but it’s
more of a warning to not believe everything you read. Even if the character would be super cool. Sheng Long influenced the characters of Akuma
and Gouken with the former appearing as a secret boss in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. So I guess he is real, he lives in those characters. #9 Demonic Killer Cows
The first Diablo took place in a small town named Tristam with a few smaller buildings,
and a church that eventually led into hell itself. And for one reason or another, lots of cows. If the player were to click on the cows to
interact with them, the cows would moo. If you kept clicking, they would moo more
and more, with those moos becoming more aggravated as time went on. Somehow, the cows getting angry at people
for annoying them turned into a widespread rumor that if a particular cow or a certain
set of cows were clicked the right amount of times, you would be transported to a secret
dimension filled with hostile axe-wielding cows. Here’s laughing cow! Does that cow have a name? I don’t know. This legend got so popular that blizzard,
the creators of diablo started referencing the level in other games like Star craft and
World of Warcraft with “there is no cow level” being a cheat for starcraft and a
loading screen tip in World of Warcraft. They then included secret cow levels in both
Diablo II and III. #8 Killswitch
Killswitch is the story of a woman who wakes up injured at the bottom of a coal mine. She must fight her way through demons, specters,
undead miners and possessed machinery to escape. The game gave you the choice to play as Proto
who is the woman who wakes up injured, or Ghast, an invisible deamon who you would not
be able to play as, since you know you cant see them. This game is very strange because nobody can
verify that it ever existed. But while nobody can do that, they are able
to recount specific details and puzzles along with the graphic style and even soundtrack. The game supposedly upon completion would
erase itself from your computer leaving no trace behind, and it was not able to be copied. That’s some BS if you pay for a game and
after beating that game it got deleted and you were never able to play it again because
only 5,000 copies were created. #7 Demon Children of Goldshire
When you think World of Warcraft you may think of it’s popularity, the fact that it came
out in 2004 an people still play it, or the fact that it’s the reason your older brother
doesn’t go outside. But with such a massive world you need to
expect some weird moments and little hidden Easter eggs. Well one of the creepiest easter eggs in this
game by far, is the damn child cult in the first town of the game. When we go to the edge of goldshire there
is typically an empty house on the edge of the lake, however at 7 am you can catch six
little kids standing in a pentagon like formation. Doing nothing in particular. Players have reported that standing in the
center can cause slight hallucinations, as well as auditory hallucinations like banshee
screams, growling, crying, and a voice saying *you will die* followed by an old woman laughing
maniacally. And when you enter the room, a new music track
starts playing with creepy undertones. Blizzard however has never issued an official
statement. Maybe they never included this in the game. #6 Nuclear Playstations
Back in 2000, the Playstation 2 was all the rage. So much so infact that a rumor surfaced that
former president of Iraq Saddam Hussein had bought up to 4,000 playstation 2s and was
harvesting their CPU chips. According to reports, these chips could be
bundled together to create a supercomputer that could be used as a missile guidance system. Yeah, of course the story was full of bs and
totally made up, but it combined what the public wanted. A terrifying story, that solidified hatred
for the middle east and showed the evil of video games and how they poison our world. What a load of crap. The only slight truth to this was that it
was cheaper to harvest the CPU chip out of a playstation than actually buy one by itself,
so maybe he had a good idea. Wreck some playstations and turn a profit,
assuming you knew how to get the chip out of course, and didn’t break it. If this was the case however imagine what
kind of games we could play. #5 Bound And Gagged
There are only 2 characters in the Portal series (not including the companion cube. You the player, Chell, and GLaDOS, a robot
running puzzles to torture you with the portal gun, with the promise of cake. The cake is a lie. At the end of the game you finally get to
see the real GLaDOS and she actually had a body and isn’t just some omnipotent AI. You fight her and win game over yadda yadda
yadda. But take a close look at GLaDOS At first she
looks like a mess of machinery and cables, but look at her without the background and
she sort of resembles a human, that’s hanging upside down at least. That’s actually intentional. The art director of Portal Jeremy Bennet said
“eventually we settled on a huge mechanical devide with a delicate robotic figure dangling
out of it, which successfully conveys both GLaDOS’ raw power and her femininity”,
first of all when I think of something dangling in relation to a human I don’t think female,
secondly she is a robot. According to Bennet, she resembles an upsode
down version of “rise of venus” but in reality, if you look at it presented in game,
she looks like someone who has been bound, gagged and hung upside down. That’s weird and oddly confusing. #4 The Hall of Tortured Souls
According to some people on the internet, Bill Gates is the devil and wants your soul. And has been leaving clues all over his products. A popular urban legend claims that sames like
Bill Gates, Windows 95 and MS-DOS 6.21 add up to 666 but like honestly what? Another one says that there is a game hidden
inside word 95 called The Hall of Tortured Souls. It’s a creepy first person game with doom-esque
graphics. And if you made it to the end of the path,
it would reveal a secret about Microsoft. This isn’t true in fact, there is no hidden
game in windows 95. Its in Excel 95. If you open a new excel file in this program,
go to row 95, select it all, tab over to column B, go to help/about, hold down control-alt-shift
and click on the support button a window will appear called Hall of Tortured Souls. If you make it to the end you will see a load
of Microsoft developers recreating what seems to be the last supper. Yeah, it’s creepy. Even without the religious connotation. Perhaps Bill is the devil, and he’s calling
out his pops. #3 Morrowind Mod
So a mod is scary? How so? Well a user made mod called Jvk1166z surfaced
and was thought to be a virus at first, causing your game to stay at the loading screen for
and hour before just crashing, currputing your game and all your saves. Eventually users figured out a way to run
the mod, but then things just got scary. The mod started controlling the game entirely. Mountains of major NPCs including all those
required to complete the main quest died. And their corpses never disappeared. As you kept playing, more and more characters
would die, causing every town to scream with silence. Nobody knew why. Some Npcs who didn’t die immediately would
step outside at night, look up at the sky, say “watch the sky” and then say nothing
else, even if interacted with. The player’s health would slowly deplete,
going faster if you stood still, because the player was being hunted. By a shadowy figure some say they would see
out of the corner of their eye but then would disappear. Some people who played this mod for a long
time, even started seeing the figure in real life. #2 Daisy is Deformed
Daisy. The peach rip off was included in Mario Kart
Double Dash for GameCube, but only had one line she could say. *Hi, I’m daisy!* She would repeat this over
and over like a murderous psycho. But this isn’t what im talking about here,
if you can play Super Smash Bros. Melee, go to the trophy gallery and zoom in until the
camera clips under her hair. You will se something that may be disturbing. A potential modeling error causes Daisy to
It bulges out of her head! This horrifying discovery was use in her character
in M.U.G.E.N, a freeware fighting game that takes random characters from different franchises
and pits them against each other street fighter style. And apparently it shoots lasers. So there’s that. #1 Fallout 3 Predicts The Future
What’s scarier, a creepy legend about a video game or when it starts affecting the
world around us? Well if you answered yes to this question,
you didn’t listen to the question. In fallout 3 the player is able to receive
radio transmissions which will occasionally read out numbers followed by Morse code. Among these transmissions were *1-2-5-5-2-8-2-0-1-0,
What you talkin’ bout? You will be missed” and “9-4-5-4-2-0-2-0-1-0. Accident in Gulf, several dead. Oil spill apparently averted”. What you talkin bout was a catchphrase made
famous by Gary Coleman, who died at 12:05 pm, May 28th, 2010. 1-2-5 12:05, 5-2-8, May 28th, 2-0-1-0 2010. And the other prediction corresponds to the
bp explosion at around 9:45 9-4-5, April 20th 4-2-0 also in 2-0-1-0 2010. They also predicted that Britney Spears will
win an academy award in 2023, so it that comes to pass, prepare for a nuclear wasteland full
of mutants people. There we have it ladies and gents the Top
10 Video Game Urban Legends That Will Make You Never Play Again. If you enjoyed be sure to hit like and subscribe
for more gaming fun, as well as hitting that notification bell to join the clan, and to
gain protection during the nuclear apocalypse. Thank you so much for watching, I have been
and shall remain Connor Munro and I’ll see you in another video.

Top 10 Cursed Games You Should Never Play – Part 2

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing
Channel on the internet. I am your host, Rebecca Felgate and you guys
seem to loveeee a cursed game. I made a part one of the cursed games and
you guys well all over it so I have decided to make a part two… and how better to deliver
it than in velvet! Yep. Before I get started, let me know what cursed
videos you want to hear next – what about cursed foods or cursed theatre plays – I
would LOVE That one! Let me know in the comments section down below
and while you are there, why don’t you like and share this video with a buddy …or someone
you want to curse and would be stupid enough to try any of these games! – Social! Okay, lets start strong at number 10 – This
game killed half a million people – It is Bo
Bo was a board game that involved a 14 faced dice and some serious strategy. Bo was an absolute banger of a Han Dynasty
Game – so we are talking 206 BC to 220 AD…which is a long time for a game to be surviving
and thriving. Bo lost its popularity when it led to a whole
host of untimely deaths… and Bo, well Bo hasn’t been played in 1,500 years. Here is why. So two ancient Chinese kingdoms were brought
together when two men played Bo. Liu Xian played Prince Qi, but as Xian won
the game, Qi got very angry and threw the heavy board at the visitors head, killing
him. This was enough to anger Xian’s father who
declared war on the kingdom, marching half a million troops towards the capital. What ensued was a bloody war that killed hundreds
of thousands of soldiers and civillians and …well… the game has basically been retired
since then. Probably for the best. 9 – EA Madden NFL
I have to say I have never played this game…I have played PES, but that’s like…football
football. The NFL is the national football league, one
of America’s fave sports leagues to watch. This game allows players to play as their
favourite American Football sports stars on the PS4 and the XBOX. So this game is not so much cursed for the
people at home that play it than it is for the people unlucky enough to have been on
the cover of it. The game came out in 1999 and over the past
19 years – 15 of the cover stars have befallen injury or misfortune in some unexpected way. This list includes Barry Sanders, Michael
Vick and Rob Gronkowski. The rumours of the game were so strong that
EA have publicly denied that a curse exists…which… well that doesn’t make me feel any better. This game has driven people mad 8 – 10 thousand
Dollar Magic Squares If you love difficult puzzles, you will probably
have heard of, and even played with, Magic Square puzzles. These puzzles work is by each direction of
squares in a line creating the same sum…. It works with 4 by 4 magic squares, 5 by 5,
6 by 6, 7 by 7….but at the moment nobody has been able to create a 3 by 3 magic square
that works. In 1996, Martin Gardner, a mathematician offered
$10,000 to anyone who could generate one, but over 20 years later, nobody has been able
to do it… many have tried and literally sent themselves doolally in the process. 7 – Lady Spades
Lady Spades is kind of like bloody Mary but like, actually worse! The idea with Lady Spades is also to summon
an angry probably dead woman, although Lady Spades does come with a bit of a positive. If you manage to successfully summon the spirit,
you can make a wish. BUT like with all occult games and assorted
demonic summonings, Lady Spades comes with a few cons, too. If you in any way annoy or upset the spirit,
not only will she not grant your wish, she will make the opposite happen AND she may
even possibly haunt you…so…probably not worth the risk! The stakes with lady spades are pretty high! 6 – Taboo: the Sixth Sense
There is a reason that Taboo, the Sixth Sense was taken off the shelf, and that reason is
it was probably cursed. The 1988 game was for the NES console and
was like a tarot reading future predicting game. Players would enter their name and age and
a question, a bit like a more in detail death clock or magic 8 ball, this game would predict
your future by giving you a video graphic tarot reading. It seems that there might have been something
more mystical going on here, though, as the game reportedly accurately predicted the tragic
deaths of some of its young players. Also…can we just listen to the opening music…. Like clearly this game is cursed. Again… lets have a little listen to the
tarot shuffling music…. Urm. 5 – Tunnels
Tunnels is another mirror game and by now you should basically know that all mirror
games are pretty damn cursed. For this one, you are supposed to set up two
big mirrors facing one another and stand in the middle. You stand looking in the mirror and count
how many frames you can see over your shoulder in your reflection…like mirror after mirror
after mirror…. It is probably enough to send you mad. Anyway, you are supposed to look out for movement
in the frames, as the many you’s reflected are thought to reflect other you’s from
other dimensons. Its all a bit mind bending… but basically,
so it goes – one of the versions of you may bring something bad from their dimension
to yours…and…you know, in ever world in which you exist…you probably aren’t always
good! Probs better to leave this one alone! 4 – Voodoo Doll Board Game
Who’s idea was it to invent a voodoo doll board game! I am honestly not sure black magic lends itself
to gaming… many believes in voodoo magic will tell you it is absolutely not a game. None the less – Kheper Games have brought
out a game not so ironically called cursed that includes four voodoo dolls that lets
you place curses on the other players. The game is part card, part pin in effigy…
classic. If you have the fewest pins in your voodoo
doll when someone reaches ten pins, you become the voodoo king or quin and you win. While this does sound like good harmless fun
and actually I now have to admit I kind of want to play it…I’m not sure we should
be messing with voodoo! 3 – White Enamel
White Enamel is clearly cursed…or haunted… or both…at this point it is much of a much…
there is some bad juju here. So this web point and click seems to be some
kind of horrifying online game or interactive movie or something. When the site launches you are overlooking
a town. You can then explore parts of it, and it seems
to be a sprawling mental asylum with scary sounds and scary rooms. There is one part where you can draw on the
walls in blood… Also, the page loading screens are needles
that lose fluids…like we the viewer are being injected. When on this website I noticed that my browser
was telling me it is not secure, sooo either this game will curse you, or curse your computer
in the form of a virus. Either way, I think I am good….I’ll stay
away from this one. 2 – Yahtzee
You might not know this, but Yahtzee is one of the top board games to cause domestic violence! There have been a number of Yahtzee related
bust ups and even some deaths! For those of you unfamiliar with Yahtzee – it
is a random chance dice roll game in thirteen rounds. Thirteen… hmm… a pretty cursed number
if ever I heard one. So basically, it seems this game evokes a
lot of strong feelings … notably, a nine year old called the police when a game of
Yahtzee devolved into a brutal fight between his parents. His drunken father hit his wife with a wine
bottle and it seems the mother also resorted to violence on the man. The pair were questioned by police when they
arrived in the scene and the child was taken into custody. Another Yahtzee game led to a Florida man
chocking his wife, and another Christmas game of Yahtzee led to the notorious killing of
a mother of three by her children, who put a bag over her head and hid her body in a
shed. So….Yahtzee…. I don’t think it brings out the best in
people. Finally coming in to number one… this is
a bit of a Scottish Mystery… and we all know I love a good spooky legend…. 1 – The Lewis Chessmen
I actually love this story…and I love chess… although maybe I wouldn’t fancy playing
with this set for fear of what would happen to me. So, the story goes that in 1831 a high tide
exposed a cave on the coast near Uig in the Isle of Lewis off North Scotland. In that cave, a local labourer found a chest. Thinking it may contain treasure, he bust
it open and found a different kind of treasure – chess pieces dating back to the 1200s! So…a then 600 year old board game! The pieces were made from walrus tusk ivory
and are very very expressive. The labourer was afraid of the pieces, initially
running away thinking they were evil fairies. His wife sent him back and the pieces became
valued in the community. Sadly, bad luck befell the highlander who
found the pieces. Most of them now sit in the British museum,
however the urban legend goes that guard dogs and police dogs that enter the building will
not walk past them. The chess pieces are thought to have come
from Norway, so perhaps they have some kind of Viking Norwegian curse hanging over them! comments from the top ten cursed dolls you
shouldn’t touch…. Siya Varrier wrote: One of the things I’m
most afraid of are Haunted Dolls! SAME. I DO NOT LIKE A LITTLE PORCELIN LADY! To be honest, a lot of you shared that sentiment! FewGrain 42 was quoting my nuuu not my lunch! They also wrote Also i love your videos. Bacon. Nice little plait on the left hand side. Thanks. Its Lurch-berg pronounced! That is a lot of information – thank you! What is the bacon part about…. I like it…just …you know…. Bacon.

Top 10 Gaming || Bowsette The Birth of A Legend

Welcome back gamers to Top 10 Gaming, I’m
your host Johnny Rogers. If you happen to be new here we put out daily
videos on all things gaming related so if you’re down with that then tap subscribe. Plus leave us a comment down below with why
you love Bowsette and while you fiendishly type out your response lets jump into today’s
origin story of Bowsette – The Birth of a Legend. On September 13th, 2018 at Nintendo Direct
the company released a trailer for the New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe for the Nintendo
Switch As you can see in the video a pink Toadette leaps onto what is known as the Super
Crown. Following that the trailer shows the character
transforming into a new character dubbed Peachette. A few days following the release of this new
game trailer a user on Twitter by the name of – At-A-Y-Y-K-92 also known as Haniwa posted
a comic strip of Mario and Bowswer being rejected by Peach. This simple comic strip would change Nintendo
fandom forever. It truly led to the birth of an internet legend
) The comic strip was said to be inspired by the events of Super Mario Odyssey. Heres where things get extra weird. So after Bowser gets rejected he takes the
Super Crown and transforms into a human woman. Yeah. The end result is this strange amalgamation
of a Peach looking Bowser. The comic then even alludes to Bowsette and
Mario dating now, I guess to teach that snobby Princess Peach a lesson. This comic strip at the time of making this
video has garnered over 85,000 retweets and over 200,000 likes with hundreds more commenting
their own versions of Bowsette. The comic strip sparked a large surge of others
tweaking the comic strip with their updated Bowsette appearances and for whatever reason
started a real trend of dudes being super attracted to Bowser now. And as with any strange thing that happens
on the internet in comes the memes Distracted Mario is perhaps the funniest thing
Ive seen all day. Of course many of you may be thinking why
do fans have to over sexualize stuff like this, well the internet agrees and followed
up with some proper Bowsette Fan art ) Now thats what a female Bowser would look like! If youre going to go through the trouble of
creating a monstrosity like a female Bowser you have to go all in, otherwise its not believable. Nintendo on the other hand doesnt care what
monster you concoct from their original characters they reject it all. Nintendo insists that Bowsette will not be
appearing as an official character for New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe as they attempt
to shift the focus to their Peachette character. According to the companies official website
only Toadette can use the Super Crown to transform into the Princess Peach esque character. Needless to say this really upset fans who
were drooling over the idea of getting to play as that weird Peach Bowser mutation. Although after that comic strip about the
powers of this new Super Crown it raised the question as to what other strange combos that
this crown could create, in theory of course. Nintendo has been very clear they want no
part of this. Going back to Bowsette though she grew into
more than just a viral meme. Game modders started doing what they do best
and began manipulating portable Nintendo games to include various iterations of this Bowsette
character in place of popular Nintendo characters. For example a modder named Kaze Emanuar declared
that someone paid him to do it and it wasnt something he really wanted to do, but in this
commissioned mod he put Bowsette as a playable character in Super Mario 64. Along with tons of video game mods including
a strange skin change in Zelda Breath of the Wild The character has also proven to be a
highly sought after Amiibo. In a video by a YouTuber named Ganda Kris
they show how you can transform the regular Princess Peach Amiibo into your very own Bowsette
Although were sure this process would take a ton of work and some necessary crafting
skills the end result looks pretty incredible. Cmon Nintendo how are you going to sleep on
such a beloved character. I mean the fans are even out here making their
own Amiibos for you. I suppose they may just be getting mad that
they didnt think of this first, but still! If Nintendo takes this character into their
own hands they can be the ones to dictate what its final look would be thus putting
an end to all of these Frankenstein creations by fans. The sad reality is that Bowsette will probably
never be anything more than just one artists dream. Although the artists work has not gone without
proper recognition. They were presented with a shiny new award
by website NicoNico and Pixiv. More specifically Bowsette was named the 20th
most popular trend of 2018. Now remember how we said that Nintendo essentially
doesnt even want to acknowledge the existence of Bowsette well thats not stopping fans from
arguing over which version of this mythological meme should be canon. For starters the original interpretation of
Bowsette holds strong. When the Super Crown transformed Toadette
into a form of Princess Peach it looked just like Princess Peach. Which would mean that if this were to happen
to Bowser he would transform into a Bowser Princess Peach and not a Princess Bowser. Which okay makes sense. However a new base of Bowsette fans still
think that a more accurate depiction would be what Bowser would look like as a human
woman. As such the character would keep the red hair
In regards to the more tanned skin many fans think that because Bowser has some darker
scales this should translate into the overall complexion of Bowsettes skin. Were sure this debate will go on for a long
time until Nintendo finally adopts this outcast into their family of characters, but until
then we want to pass the question on to you. If you had to choose would Bowsette be the
blonde peach looking version or its very own Bowser Princess character with the red hair. Let us know your thoughts in the comments
down below! And that has been Bowsette the Birth of a
Legend. Thank you so much for watching and if you
enjoyed this video then show us some love by tapping that like and subscribe button. Plus for more videos like this one just click
that playlist on your screen. From Top 10 Gaming, I’m Johnny Rogers and
until next time, take care.

College Kids React To 10 Upcoming Games In 2019 And Beyond

– Is this– wait, whoa!
Is this Halo? What the heck? – FFVII remake! So, still relevant,
Square Enix, Nomura. – I’m back! (laughs)
– Ahhhh, oh my god! ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we’ll be
showing you 10 trailers of some of the most anticipated games
that are coming out soon in 2019 and beyond.
– Well, very nice, ’cause I love video games.
– (FBE) This episode was actually chosen by one of our Diamond members,
Marty McSlamberg. – (gasps) McSlamberg! Oh my god.
We know each other very well. We call Marty just McSlamberg,
and McSlamberg only speaks in the third person.
He’s always in our streams. We really appreciate him.
– McSlamberg’s in the house. – (Kyle) Yeah!
– (Sierra) Yeah, yeah, McSlamberg! – (Kyle) Where you calling from–
– (McSlamberg) A great idea I was thinking of, like, video games
that aren’t released yet, like try to do like a little–
possibly a try to guess that video game by little
small clips of the trailers. – (Sierra) What if we made it
more like 10 video games that are coming out this year
or something like that. – (McSlamberg) That works too, yeah.
– (FBE) So, every month, our Diamond members have access
to an exclusive livestream with the producers here at FBE
where we brainstorm ideas. And these Diamond members get
to pitch their own episode ideas that we will actually make
into episodes just like this one here. – Ah, cool. Oh my gosh.
I’m loving this interaction. – (FBE) Fans watching at home
can check the links in the description to find out how you can pick
what we cover here on FBE next. – That’s so cool. How fun. You get
to basically be like a producer. – Come join the SuperFam.
It’s a lot of fun, and we get to hang out
with you guys extra. ♪ (upbeat rock music) ♪
– Pokémon! – Anything with Pikachu,
I’m down for. Pokémon, down for. – Oh, heck yeah.
– Maybe this will bring back a resurgence of Pokémon GO.
– See, I’m actually super excited about this, ’cause I was watching
a lot of gameplay of it at E3 and I’m like, “I want to play.”
I was feeling so nostalgic. – Sword and Shield. Okay.
– You’re literally playing through the original Pokémon
but with completely updated graphics. It’s still pretty much the same story
and everything. It just looks so good. – I feel like the Switch right now
is the hottest thing, and it’s very smart of them to put this out
on something everyone has. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪
– “The Jedi have fallen.” – Oh. A Star Wars game?
– Damn. This is a video game? Wow. Looking like a straight up movie. – (Cal) Trust only in the force.
– This deadass looks like a movie. – Jedi Fallen Order. This looks
like it’s gonna be good. I might have to get this one.
– Why would you not wanna play that? ‘Cause it just looks beautiful.
– This one looks a lot better than Battlefront.
This one actually looks cool, ’cause it’s a story game
with the Star Wars universe. – I’m not taking any chances with it.
I’m waiting till I see it out, till I see people playing it,
till I see reviews. Because they’re still under EA,
I’m like, “Uhhh, you’ve got me on a teeter-totter here.”
– As someone who bought Battlefront 2 on day one, uh…
you know, they’ve tried. As crappy and disgusting
as the loot boxes were on day one, I have to say DICE has really put in
an effort in trying to kind of redeem themselves. Do we trust EA?
No, we don’t. Let’s see what happens. – (voice-over) To move forward,
simply jog in place. – Oh! (laughs)
They’re adding Wii Fit to the Nintendo Switch!
– (voice-over) You may find yourself paddle boarding,
flying through the sky… – Oh. Exercise, huh?
I don’t know about this one, bro. – (voice-over) Or rolling ahead
to get to each destination. – It’s like a ghetto Temple Run.
– I never buy these things, but I love that Nintendo
does crazy stuff like this. – (man) Playing this adventure game
every day will become a natural way to enjoy regular exercise.
– There’s a full band! See, this is like
the whole Wii Sports thing where it actually
forces you to get up. – (man and woman) RingFit Adventure.
– I’m not sure how much it will actually do for me.
I don’t think it’ll make me all that fit, but it’s fun to have
a little bit more of an active game than an “I’ll just sit on my couch
and play on my Switch.” – Real fitness, you know,
you want progression, you want tension, you want
all these different variables to obviously keep you progressing.
It’s still, I think, at the infancy stages
of maybe AI or VR or AR to really see what we’re really doing. – (voice-over) They threaten
and extort money from shop owners, get drunk by noon, and cause trouble.
– Ooh. What’s this? – Yes, Shenmue III.
– This is like a mix of an anime RPG, like, Mortal Kombat. (laughs) – (man) Wait, right there!
– This game looks like it came out in the early 2000s.
– This is so chaotic. – This is so weird. (giggles)
– Someone called Huber from Easy Allies,
he was really hyped about this. – What is this?
Shenmore III? Oh, Shenmue.
Where’s Shenmue I and II? – (FBE) First two Shenmue games
were released in 1999 and 2001 for the Sega Dreamcast.
– I was about to say, they still look like Sega graphics!
– (FBE) Those two games grew a cult following
but were commercially failures. – Oh my god. That’s kind of cool,
though, ’cause now they have a weird cult audience
that’s actually gonna buy it and make them some money this time.
– (FBE) The third game has spent over 10 years in development
with a Kickstarter campaign launching in 2015 that became
the fastest campaign to reach two million in just seven hours.
– Seven hours?! Two mil?! – (FBE) Knowing all this, are you
more willing to check this out? – Yeah, I’m always interested
in new games. – I’m a little picky when it comes
to games, so I would look more into it first.
– I would need to see more gameplay first,
’cause from what I’ve seen, it’s just an old PS2 game.
– “His friends have gone missing.” Oh, Luigi’s Haunted Mansion!
– This had a lot of hype too. I haven’t played Luigi’s Mansion
since GameCube. – And I love the sounds always.
I don’t know what it is. Something about the sounds these
characters make is just my favorite. – I think, pound-for-pound,
Nintendo games are just the most fun overall to play. – (Luigi wailing) – Yesss! The third one!
I’m so excited. – Nintendo’s just great
at making games, so I almost kind of just
give them my wallet at this point. – For advanced gamers,
for gamers of maybe my age, it ain’t the move,
unless you really like Nintendo. It’s up to personal preference. ♪ (intense rock music) ♪ – (Heidegger) These sewer rats
appear to… – Okay, this is
the Final Fantasy… VII? – FFVII remake! So, still relevant,
Square Enix, Nomura. I’m really hyped for this game.
– I’ve always heard a lot about Final Fantasy,
but I haven’t played it yet even though I’ve heard
only good things about it. – (Sephiroth) I have a favor
to ask of you. Run away. – I couldn’t get into the games,
but I loved the movies. – (Sephiroth) You have to live.
– (Cloud) You bastard! – Oh! – Graphics are cool
in this one too. – (Sephiroth) Hold on to that hatred. – I’m happy for the fans
of this franchise. – Final Fantasy.
They’ve made a million of those. – I’m so hyped for that game.
The music, I love! The composer’s amazing.
Can’t wait to see him come back. – It’s probably gonna be amazing
to see the difference between PlayStation 1
to PlayStation 4 now and how different it’s gonna look.
And I’m sure this is long awaited by the fans and MAYBE
I’ll give it a try. Maybe this is gonna be my intro
into Final Fantasy. – Oh, what’s this? This looks spooky.
– (system) …detected. Tag desig– – (man) This is UNSC Pelican Echo 216.
– Graphics have really just picked up. Do you see the cold
coming from his breath? Is this– wait, whoa!
Is this Halo? What the heck? – This is like an alien game?
Oh, no. This is Halo. – I love good trailers,
and that was a hella good reveal. – (man) Okay, if you can
hear me in there, I hope you’re ready. Please don’t die.
– This is why people get so invested. They’re so dramatic! (laughs)
– (man) Yes! – So much hype when
I saw this the first time. – (man) We’re going home! (laughs)
– I’m so ready for Halo Infinite. – This is what Halo–
this is Halo 6 now, right? Or they’re on 7. Infinite?
Oh, so they don’t even number it. Okay, that’s cool.
That looks pretty tight. – It’s the franchise
that made Xbox if we’re being real, I mean, going back to the OG Xbox
all the way to the very beginning. – (FBE) So, Halo Infinite
will be released sometime in 2020 with rumors pointing that this
will be one of the first games to release–
– On Xbox 2 or Project Scarlet, yeah. – (FBE) Exactly.
– Yeah. – (FBE) Do you think it’s time
for a new generation of game consoles? – I’m so bummed. I’m so happy
with my PlayStation 4. I don’t wanna spend more money!
– Consoles are always evolving, and I think that’s something
that us gamers are okay with. You know, with a new console
comes new technology, and I think that’s something
that we can never say no to. – Ooh! Is this gonna be
an Avengers game? – (Iron Man) Was that a joke?
Did Thor make a joke? – I don’t like different voices
coming from them. (laughs) – I don’t know why
this game’s getting so much hate It looks like it could be
so much fun. – The animation’s a little…
I don’t know, weird to me. I can’t pinpoint it. – This is gonna sell
like hotcakes. – Wow. I’m excited for this.
– (FBE) So, the highly anticipated Marvel Avengers game was met
with negative feedback with many fans poking fun at the character design
and the graphics. Developers have taken into account
the negative feedback and have promised
that the finished product will be true to the franchise.
– Hm. I hope so. – The graphics looked a little cheesy.
I feel like for something that probably would
have a huge budget, they could’ve done
a little bit better. – (FBE) Regardless of the backlash,
does it still look like it’ll be fun to join
the Avengers in this way? – I think any time you can
suspend reality and put yourself in a situation
that’s different, it’s fun. – I don’t care. It looks great.
It looks cinematic. I’m really excited
to play as all the Avengers, and it looks like
they’re gonna add heroes. – (man) Just take
the [bleep] chip, Dex! – Ooh, it’s Cyberpunk.
– (Dex) Every corpocop in this city is gonna be…
– I just finished Detroit: Become Human,
and I love it. – (Dex) …after what you
and your psycho friend did. – Cyberpunk 2077.
– (Dex) …attention, dammit. – 2020, game of the year.
I’m gonna call it right now. – Yo!
– That’s like cyborg Wolverine going ham right there.
– I prefer games that are action-packed like that. – Whoa, this is crazy.
– Oh, [bleep]. She’s badass. What is this? This looks cool! I’m getting Terminator vibes. – Yes. It looks like a fun game.
– That looks awesome. and I mean, CD Projekt RED
even said it’s not gonna be– the world itself won’t be
as large as Witcher, but it’s gonna be
way more in depth. – (FBE) Cyberpunk 2077 is adapted
from a 1988 tabletop game similar to Dungeons & Dragons.
Actor Keanu Reeves also has a starring role in the game.
– Ayyy, that’s gonna be tight. I love Keanu Reeves.
– It was already a day one purchase for me,
but Keanu is just the sprinkles, the cookie dough pieces
in the ice cream. – Incorporating a big
Hollywood actor into a game sparks interest from people
that don’t know what the game’s about. Now, that kind of makes me–
and, you know, for example, in my case, wanna look up the game
or wanna look up what it’s about. – (FBE) For FBE fans who have
watched us play this game years ago, we saved the best for last.
– Oh, Last of Us. It’s gonna be Last of Us.
It’s Last of Us 2. – Oh. Oh my god. Oh my god.
Is it The Last of Us 2? The last time we got an announcement
for it was like a year ago, and they never gave us
a release date. And then, now finally,
we got some more news for it, and I’m gonna lose my [bleep].
– (Tommy) You have no idea what you’re walking into.
– Oh, this is Last of Us 2! I did see a trailer
for this recently! – Straight film-level-type stuff.
– Naughty Dog is on next level stuff. – I think this game
would be stressful to play. – Thank you Neil Druckmann.
Thank you Naughty Dog. – I need to play the first one.
I know. Get off my back. – My heart fluttered just because
I just remember playing it and being like, “Oh my god!”
(chuckles) – And the best part.
The best part! – (Ellie) What the hell
are you doing here? – There he is.
– (Joel) You think I’d let you do this on your own?
– Bro. – I’m back! (chuckles)
– Is that Joel? He’s so old.
– I’m gonna be so mad if that’s a dream sequence
or part of her imagination. (groans loudly) Oh my god!
– Oh, man. That’s gonna be a good game.
I don’t even need to play it to know it’s gonna be a good game.
– Believe it or not, I actually watched this on FBE.
This was one of the first series that I watched myself.
– People were always saying how epic it was, and I think
that that just proved it to me. – (FBE) So, the highly
anticipated sequel finally has a release date,
coming February 2020. In this golden age of games,
why do you think this game in particular is so loved
and people can’t wait to play the sequel, arguably more
than any other game right now? – I have never really been
into the whole zombie scene. Anything like that,
I always found super cheesy. But for some reason,
the way they told the story, just with the scripts,
you got SO invested in the character. It felt like I was watching
a movie while playing it, but I had a say.
– You know when you’re watching TV, but then you’re watching
that next level TV where it’s really well edited,
directed, shot, written? That’s what Last of Us was
for video games. Please have me on.
I’d be more than happy to play it. – (FBE) So finally,
with so many video games, you know, out there,
we want viewers at home to leave a comment on what games
they are excited to play that we missed. But for you,
is there a game we didn’t cover today that you’re excited to play even if
it’s a more recently released title? – Yeah, dude. First of all,
Gears of War 5 wasn’t on this video. Call of Duty wasn’t on this video.
– It’s definitely Death Stranding. – Animal Crossing: New Horizons
comes out in March 2020! – It’s a really exciting time
right now for video games, so yeah, I’m just happy
to be part of it. – Thanks for watching this episode
of College Kids React. Shoutout to Sofia.
– Don’t be a noob. Make sure you subscribe
and hit the bell, so you never miss an episode.
– Bye, guys! – Hi, guys. JC here,
producer at FBE. These are just 10
of the many, many games that are coming out in 2019
and beyond. What are you looking forward
to playing? What do you want us to cover
here on FBE? Let us know down in the comments.
Bye, guys!

Top 15 SCARIEST Gaming Theories (Scary Video Game Theory Analysis)

Before we get started I wanted to give a quick
warning for spoilers, and to let you know about my gaming countdown channel, GamerBrain. If you’re into gaming and these kinds of
list videos, I think you’ll ready like it. The channel is practically brand new and any
support is greatly appreciated. The link is at the very top of the description. Number 15. The Mysterious Stranger: Red Dead Redemption
has been described as an atmospheric and beautifully written game, with strong characters, engaging
storyline and addicting gameplay. During the game, players can find countless
Mysterious Strangers, for which they can do missions for. These usually range from running errands for
them, intimidating others, and just simply talking with people. However, one of these characters stands out
among all others. A nameless, well dressed man can be found
in all three regions of the game, and he speaks to John Marston in a somewhat condescending
tone. He reminds John of his previous criminal life
and that of his gang, before asking John to conduct missions of morality. Whether or not John completes the mission
in a good way or bad way is up to the player, which the man seems to not care either way. In the final encounter, John becomes enraged
and attempts to shoot the man, but apparently misses before the gun jams and the man vanishes
without a trace. Later, this becomes the site where John, his
wife Abigail and the ranch hand Uncle are buried after the game’s final mission. There are many theories as to who the man
is, but three appear to be the most popular. People have suggested the man is God or some
sort of angel, while others say he’s the Devil. However, the most credible answer seems to
be the man is Death; evidence to support this is the man is neutral to John’s actions, since
he will collect his soul either way, he calls himself an accountant “of sorts”. Rockstar have not commented on the man, leaving
it entirely up to players to analyze and interpret. Before we go any further, do you think video
game theories could be true? Let me know in the comments with a simple
yes or no. My answer would for sure be yes, there’s
just too much evidence to support these theories. If you’re feeling generous, please leave
a like as it really helps out. Number 14. The Pokemon War: Since its introduction in
1996, Pokemon has become an entertainment phenomenon, with a successful anime series
and trading card franchise. While heavily targeted towards kids, there
have been subject matter in the games seemingly targeted to an adult audience. The most famous is Lavender Towns original
purpose of hosting the graveyard of deceased pokemon. However, there is a major theory which brings
the entire game into a different light. Fans have pointed out how the main character
has no father, how his neighbour is an orphan, and how there are not a lot of adults found
throughout the game, and those who you do encounter are either rather old, or act aggressive
to the player. With the scarcity of people in the Kanto region,
and an abundance of younger generations, fans have speculated there was a devastating war,
leaving many people dead. One of the gym leaders, Lieutenant Surge,
is regarded as a respected soldier, and is even quoted saying “I tell you, kid, electric
Pokemon saved me during the war!” This certainly puts a lot of backing behind
this theory, and many people take is as credible. This even puts further explanation of the
generations the video game titles have used, since Red and Blue is Generation I, as in
the first generation after the war. Whether it is meant to represent a devastated
post-war society or present a hopeful future is up for players to decide, but it certainly
puts a dark spin on the most beloved children’s franchises in history. Number 13. Glados: The Portal games gained unexpected
popularity upon the release of the first game in 2007. Players found the unique puzzle mechanics
and comedic narration enjoyable, leading to a massive fan following. Hardcore players have analyzed to storyline
and the layout of the maps, and various theories have arose as to the backstory. The most popular ideas is Aperture Science
is a rival company of the Black Mesa facility in the Half-Life franchise, and that both
games take place in the same universe. The big focus of analysis has been the antagonist
Glados, a large super computer which, at first, guides the player through the various puzzles,
but then turns on you after she attempts to kill you and as you attempt to escape. When players find Glados at the end of the
game, she is revealed to be hanging from the ceiling during the boss battle. In Portal 2, Glados’s backstory is revealed;
she was Aperture founder’s, Cave Johnson, personal secretary Caroline, and she had her
mind placed inside the computer. This has led to disturbing revelations about
Glados’s design, as she appears to resemble a women in bondage hanging upside down. Furthermore, unreleased audio from the game
shows Caroline was forced into undergoing the procedure. This has fueled credibility that Glados’s
design was made to purposefully resemble a woman in bondage, as Caroline was an unwilling
participant in the dark happenings at Aperture Science. While the game is overall a comedy, this does
shed a dark tone on a beloved game. Number 12. The Madden Curse: Sometimes, it’s not the
games themselves which inspire theories. The Madden NFL games have been widely popular
since the first game was released in 1988. With every new game, a new NFL player from
a different team is featured on the box cover. A series of coincidences have led people to
believe the Madden games are cursed, and will go after anyone featured on the cover. Initially, the idea started as a joke, but
as strange things kept happening to the people on the cover, it ballooned into an entire
superstition. The first instance occurred in 1998, when
Garrison Hearst was on the cover and later broke his ankle. Out of the 19 players to be featured on the
cover since then, 17 have experienced personal, physical and career trouble, and several have
had injuries which prevented them from completing the season. This has led many to attest the Madden Curse
is real, and players should decline to be on the cover. However, both the NFL and EA Games have dismissed
the idea as mass hysteria and imagination run wild. This hasn’t deterred fans from attempting
to figure out a way to break the curse, and allow players to safely pose for the cover
of future Madden games. Number 11. Limbo, Purgatory or Hell?: Limbo was a puzzle
game released in 2010. It was praised for its simplistic, but beautiful
artwork and immersive gameplay. The entire game contains no dialogue and minimal
sounds, depending on ambient music and background noises to create the atmosphere of the game. While the story is largely left to speculation,
it is believed the player is travelling to find his sister, but for reasons unknown. There are subtle clues in the game which hint
at the background story, and many theories have appeared since its release. The most popular explanation is the entire
game takes place in either Purgatory or Hell, with the title being used as the main hint. Limbo is the first circle of Hell in Dante’s
Inferno, and is a place for those who were unbaptized reside, though not necessarily
being punished. Limbo is also a word used to describe being
in between one plain of existence and another, which makes the idea it takes place in Purgatory
as likely. Once the player completes the game, he walks
slowly towards his sister, before the game abruptly ends. The main menu screen shows the area the game
ends, but with a broken ladder and two groups of flies in separate areas. It is believed the main character died along
with his sister, and he was somehow responsible for their deaths. Therefore, he was sent to Purgatory, and must
now navigate through the world to redeem himself. Another theory is the main character is on
a mission to kill his sister, with the AI characters encountered along the way tasked
with stopping you. Whichever the real meaning is is left up for
speculation, but it certainly makes the simplistic storyline much more in depth and complex. Number 10. Luigi’s Dead: Players of Luigi’s Mansion will
note that while the game is still very family friendly, it still has a darker tone than
the rest of the Mario series. The game was a quick fan favourite, with the
new game mechanics and with players controlling Luigi for a change. Ever sine its release, people have tried to
analyze the game and it’s strange storyline, leading some to believe Luigi is actually
dead throughout the game. Interestingly enough, this theory began as
a result of a glitch found in the attic. Whenever lightning flashes, Luigi’s shadow
is cast several feet in the air and in the AI’s default pose, not matching Luigi’s stance
at all. People thought it was meant to represent Luigi
had hung himself in the mansion’s attic, and now he is in some sort of Hell and attempting
to escape. Developers dismissed this claim, stating it
was a glitch not caught during development and was too late to fix by the time of its
discovery post-release. This has not dissuaded fans from adding to
the theory, coming up with reasons why Luigi might be dead or have committed suicide. A common theory is Luigi was tired of being
in the background of his brother, so he took his own life. It is much too dark for a game meant to be
child friendly, but it be the first time developers have added adult themes into video games. To this day, gamers continue to speculate
about Luigi’s Mansion, while the developers have stood their ground with the official
explanation. Number 9. Satanic World of Warcraft: With a world as
vast as World of Warcraft, it’s no surprise various bizarre encounters occur. In the region of Goldshire, players have found
a group of six children, who move together throughout the Elwynn Forest. The children seem to reside in a cottage,
which they always stay near. The children spawn from the house at 7am server
time, run to the Valley of Heros, then to Mirror Lake, and then right back to the cottage,
where they stand in a distinct pattern before despawning. Those who have explored the house have reported
to hear unsettling music when in the house, and the children will sometimes stand in a
pentagram pattern. Sounds heard in the cottage have also been
a banshee scream, a ghoul call, growling, a woman crying, and a dark voice saying “You…will…die”
and “Death is close.” This has caused speculation that the children
are worshipers of some sort of Satanic entity in the World of Warcraft lore. One of the children has been rumoured to say
“Remember C’Thun? Good ol’ C’Thun.” So far, no official explanation has been given
about the children by Blizzard, but the community accepts them to be an easter egg meant to
make players feel creeped out and speculate. There has also been comparisons to Children
of the Corn and Village of the Damned, since both also contain creepy children conducting
malevolent actions. However, the children appear to have no in
game and real life consequences to players, but it surprising no creepypasta story has
taken advantage of this to date. Number 8. Death and Majora’s Mask: The Legend of Zelda
series has a huge nostalgia factor on people today, and with each new game a new generation
to admire its beauty. Back in 2000, Nintendo released Majora’s Mask,
a direct sequel to the critically acclaimed Ocarina of Time. Both games have similar themes in terms of
time, but it is what aspect of time that have intrigued players. There is a huge theory about Majora’s Mask
that the entire theme is Death, and how people deal with the inevitability of death. The five areas in the game is said to represent
the five stages of grief: Clocktown is denial, with the citizens ignoring the falling moon
in order to celebrate the carnival, the Swamp is anger, with the habitants blaming others
for their despair, the Goron Village is bargaining, with the habitants begging Link to save them,
the Great Bay is depression, with the people saddened by the circumstances befalling them,
and finally the Ikana Valley is acceptance, with the spirits of the dead there accepting
they are dead, and mainly keeping to themselves. This has caused wide spread debate amongst
the online community, and there is so much to discuss that it can’t all be detailed here. There is so much speculation and analysis
to give great credibility to this theory, and it makes for an interesting topic of analysis
and discussion. Number 7. Braid and the Destroyer of Worlds: Back in
2008, Number None, Inc. developed the puzzle game Braid, and it quickly rose to the top
of the Xbox Arcade charts. Game reviewers from Metacritic to Gamespot
gave it overwhelming praise, furthering the games popularity. The game has you play as Tim, who is searching
for a princess who was kidnapped by a monster. As the game goes on, it becomes more evident
Tim is in fact the monster, which is revealed at the very end of the game. Those who have analyzed the game have discovered
links between the game’s themes to that of the creation of the nuclear bomb. This has led people to theorize the game is
an allegory of the guilt the scientists felt upon the bomb’s creation. The evidence to suggest this are hidden messages
players can find in the game, including the famous quote “Now we are al sons of bitches,”
which was uttered by Kenneth Bainbridge after he witnessed the first nuclear test in New
Mexico. Furthermore, Tim is a scientist, and the main
mechanic of the game is Tim’s ability to alter the flow of time; it is speculated this is
Tim’s desire to reverse time so he would have nothing to do with the bomb’s creation. While without this revelation, Tim appears
to be the true antagonist, but now knowing what he wants to do and what the princess
possibly represents, he becomes more of a sympathetic anti-hero rather than full blown
villain. With the amount of hype and speculation surrounding
this game, it is a further example of video games being an art form. Number 6. The Weighted Companion Corpse: Besides the
non-existent cake which took fans by storm, Portal players also took a liking to the Weighted
Companion Cube. It looks no different than the other cubes
used for puzzle solving throughout the game, but this one has a heart on the sides, and
is used in more than one of the rooms in the game. However, once its purpose is complete, Glados
asks you to dispose of the cube into an incinerator. Disturbingly enough, Glados warns the player
not to listen to the cube should it begin to talk, even though it’s an inanimate object. This has caused players to speculate there’s
more than meets the eye. The way Glados speaks about the cube almost
makes it seem it has some sort of sentient being. This evolved into people theorizing the Weighted
Companion Cube is infused with the corpse of a previous test subject. The popularity the cube has taken outside
of gaming has taken on a scary twist, since the real world literally grew attached to
a fictional object, much like how Glados warns not to become too attached to the object in
the game. In the graphic novel Lab Rat, the story follows
Dough Rattman, who has a Weighted Companion Cube with him wherever he goes, which talks
to him unless he takes psychiatric medication. There is discussion in the book about the
other subjects lost during testing, which have led people to believe the cubes and the
dead subjects are related. In one of Rattman’s hideouts, the companion
cube is taped over the faces of people. The most compelling evidence is the achievement
for incinerating the cube is called Fratricide, possibly hinting you have just incinerated
a fellow test subject without hesitation. Number 5. Squall’s Dying Dream: Final Fantasy has certainly
redefined the RPG genre since the first game was released back in 1987. People have become engulfed in the Final Fantasy
world, and its numerous cast of characters. The storylines have also been known to be
complex and well written, even to the point where symbolism has been discovered within. By far the most popular symbolism discussion
concerning the games is during the events of Final Fantasy 8. The main character, Squall, suffers a grave
wound during a fight, when he’s impaled by an ice shard. However, in the next scene, Squall appears
in good health and unphased, despite the severitiy of his inflicted injuries. Fans have wondered why this is, and have theorized
Squall is in fact dead, with the remainder of the game being his dying dream before slipping
into the afterlife. The dream is similar to the life flashing
before ones eyes, but is instead representing Squall’s regret of not living to his full
potential, and him witnessing where he could have gone and what he could have been. There are several points of dialogue which
seem to support this theory, with Squall even acting surprised when he sees his wound is
gone upon awakening.Also, during the ending, Squall is seated under a starry sky, as memories
flash through his mind. This is believed to be Squall reliving his
happiest moments before moving into the afterlife. As the Final Fantasy series continues, there
is bound to be further deep meanings behind them, and the fans will certainly jump to
analyze every bit and piece. Number 4. The Hell Valley Mystery: Mario Galaxy is a
family friendly game, using the familiar Mario mechanics and implementing them in a space
environment. However, one area has become a hotbed of discussion
amongst players. In the Shiverburn Galaxy, the player must
navigate over pools of lava, avoid fireballs and defeat enemies in order to progress. Players began to notice strange figures on
the cliff faces looking down towards the player, and once viewed in first person, they appeared
to be misshapen humanoid figures observing the player. When checking the game files, someone discovered
the name of the texture for the background above the cliffs is called “Beyond Hell
Valley,” and the figures are labelled as “Hell Valley Sky Trees.” After this discovery, people began to dismiss
the creepy figures, believing them to simply be bizarre trees, but their humanoid shapes
still have provoked theories. The most common of the theories is these “trees”
are actually aliens which inhabit the planet, and choose to study Mario from a distance
rather than make direct contact. Nintendo developers have never made a statement
about the Hell Valley Sky Trees, leaving the actual explanation hidden in the dark. Number 3. San Andreas’s Mythical Creatures: With a game
map as large as the ones in Grand Theft Auto, it is no surprise the developers have included
hundreds of easter eggs. However, it is sometimes the fan speculation
which becomes more intriguing than the actual content. When Rockstar released San Andreas back in
2004, it didn’t take long for players to start writing about mysterious sightings in the
game’s vast backcountry. Several mythical creatures were rumoured to
be in the game, most famous of which was Bigfoot. People swore they had seen an humanoid ape
creature in the region Back-o-Beyond, which is a rather bizarre and creepy area on its
own. Photos were uploaded to the internet claiming
to be evidence of Bigfoot, but they were either to pixelated to be confirmed, or were proven
to be a hoax, either through mods or a glitch. Rockstar issued a statement that Bigfoot was
not present in the game, but this did not deter gamers from searching frantically for
the beast. Several mods were made to include Bigfoot,
and other mythical beasts. The hype also led to speculation that there
were Megaladon sharks, a lock ness monster, giant squids and even aliens somewhere in
the game, but none were ever confirmed. Rockstar seemed to enjoy the publicity the
mythical creatures were bringing, and even provided fan service years later. In the Red Dead Redemption DLC Undead Nightmare,
players can find not only several Bigfoot in Tall Trees, but also hunt down the Chupacobra. Achievements await those who kill a Bigfoot,
titled Seven Years in the Making in reference to the time between the release of San Andreas
and Undead Nightmare. Number 2. The Tetraforce: The Triforce is a major plot
element in the Legend of Zelda series. It is the most divine object in the game’s
universe, holding the abilities of wisdom, courage and power. Zelda holds the triforce of Wisdom, and Link
holds the Triforce of Courage, while Ganondorf usually takes possession of the triforce of
Power in order to achieve his malevolent goals. However, fans have found hints of a possible
fourth missing piece of the triforce, leading to the Tetraforce theory. In several games, the number Four has a significance
to the plot. Majora’s Mask has four temples, Four Swords
has you play as four different Links, there are four light guardians in Twilight Princess,
and there is also a lot of discussion about Light and Shadow in the games. The Triforce itself has a blank space in the
middle, which is also a triangle, though darkened. This is believed to represent the Triforce
of Shadow, explaining all the evil in the world of Hyrule; evidence for this is the
Shadow Medallion has an upside down triangle in Ocarina of Time. In the Japanese language, the word for Four
sounds similar for the word for Death, and so it is believed the fourth Triforce could
in fact be the Triforce of Death. On a more positive level, there have also
been references and use in the games mechanics of Time manipulation, leading many to believe
the fourth piece is related to Time. This theory has gathered a lot of support
simply because there are so many different theories behind what the fourth piece could
be, and it could possibly be explained in future games. Number 1. The Earthbound Abortion: For the most part,
Earthbound is a family friendly game. But once the game progresses, the story gets
noticeably darker in tone. In the final level of the game, the main character,
Ness and his companions travel back in time to fight the final boss, Giygas. Essentially the embodiment of evil, Giygas
is a truly terrifying form, resembling a grotesque screaming face in its first form. As the boss battle goes on, it becomes more
and more terrifying and surreal. People analyzing the game noticed Giygas’s
final form seems to be the outline of a fetus, and people have speculated the final boss
battle is representing an abortion. People have observed the Devil Machine, where
Giygas dwells, resembles a cervix, with Giygas in an egg shaped vessel in the centre. As the story goes, Earthbound creator Shigesato
Itoi had a traumatic experience in childhood, when he accidentally walked into a showing
of “The Japanese Policeman and the Dismembered Beauty.” The scene playing was disturbing, and Itoi
believed he was witnessing a rape on screen. This has led some people to believe Itoi is
using the game as a way to cope with the memory, and is literally having an a fetus aborted
due to it being a production of rape. None of the theories have been confirmed,
but it continues to lead to speculation to this day.