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Do YOU Think Like a Challenger? (Test with Commentary!)

Hey everyone. This week we’re introducing
something new that we haven’t really tried before. We asked Hector to go smurf like always,
but this time we asked him to provide educational commentary as he plays the game.
We’ve uploaded his full commentary smurf games exclusively to our website and will be continuing
to upload a bunch of them on a weekly basis. Hector’s also promised not to leave his desk
and respond to the questions you may have on these commentary releases for the first
7 days upon their release, so be sure to check us out after this video.
So, why have we done this? Well, there’s definitely a difference between analysis made after the
fact, and how someone *actually* thinks when they’re playing the game. Both types of analysis
are useful, but it may surprise you just how simple the decisions a Challenger player makes
can be. We’ll be asking a lot of questions this time around, so see if you can think
just like Hector does when he’s smurfing. Let’s hop right into the start of this game.
The match up Hector will be playing is Ashe and Thresh vs a Lucian/Blitzcrank lane. As
the lane begins, what do you think Hector’s game plan will be for this bot lane match
up? Let’s see what he had to think
this is uhh…obviously new content. I’ll outline exactly when I want you to cut my
voice off, so there’s no confusion. otherwise, just mute my voice unless it’s a blue node
Okay, that’s a very easy to follow game plan based off simple logic. There isn’t a whole
lot of thought process behind this. Having wave advantage lets your support land hooks
Not only that, but even if your support misses a hook here and there, your opponent will
be unable to punish. They can’t threaten skill shots through the big wave you’ll have to
protect you, if you have the shove lead. This same logic can be applied to any support
match up where both champions have a skill shot. If you deny the enemy support the chance
of ever landing their skill shot, while at the same time opening up your own support
to do so, it’s obviously a win win and the lane will go much smoother.
That’s what happened this game. Hector and his Thresh were able to consistently get good
trades, until eventually they scored a solid, if somewhat sloppy, double kill.
Since there’s no real game play theme to this video, let’s just skip ahead to a much later
part of the game. Hector managed to snowball pretty hard, so let’s hear the logic behind
his current actions. “so we keep pushing here. we see 4 of them
on the map ” Okay, once again that’s sound, simple logic.
Reacting to the enemy team’s plays around the map would be incorrect. He’d get there
too late. It’s much better to cross-map and look for an advantage elsewhere. The real
question for this section will be what Hector’s action will be after he takes this inhibitor
tower. What do you think he’ll do, and you’ll get bonus points if you tell us *why* he’ll
do it. Alright, let’s see what happens and what he
thinks about it. “this is a free inhibitor, now I will say
I don’t think taking this inhibitor is correct, but I think my team’s mental would go boom,
if I didn’t, because they don’t understand why this is potentially wrong”
Okay, that’s a bit weird. Making a call he thinks is incorrect to spare his team from
tilting. Let’s break this down. First, let’s discuss why taking an inhibitor so early is
usually not ideal. The problem with taking very early inhibitors
is that they’re only useful, if you can make use of the pressure generated from the super
minions. With the inhibitor down, you’ll always have a man advantage for everything you attempt
to do, since someone on the enemy team will obviously be stuck clearing the super creep
waves. The problem is that having a man advantage
this early into the game is not always that useful. Trying to do Baron at 20 minutes,
even with a 5v4 advantage is usually suicide. And it’s not like you can just randomly push
or dive mid lane towers. Towers will still be relatively powerful at that stage of the
game, so it’s difficult to get any meaningful advantages by grouping near a tower. Especially,
if the enemy team has reliable wave clear. Therefore, if you take too early of an inhibitor,
most of the time you’re just funneling farm into someone on the enemy team. This can be
quite problematic when it’s a hyper-scaling champion, such as Jax for example.
To illustrate just how bad it is to take early inhibitors, let’s take a look at an extreme
example from recent competitive history. At the 2019 MSI semi-finals, G2 *willingly* let
their inhibitor die to minions against the best team in League of Legends history. If
professional players think other professional players can’t use the early inhibitor pressure,
then you most definitely don’t want to rely on your random gold and platinum teammates
to use the pressure efficiently. Okay, so if it wasn’t a good idea, then why’d
he do it anyways? Just as he said, he doesn’t want to give his
team any reason to tilt. If he’d left that inhibitor alive, who knows what someone may
have said or what it could lead to. Any time you can afford to do something that boosts
team morale, you may as well do it. But only do so, if you’re sure you can win
anyways. Luckily for Hector, he’s obviously a smurf. He took that inhibitor because any
advantage he gives the enemy team won’t matter in the long run.
Alright, let’s take a look at a couple of examples from another game Hector played.
In this game Hector has already accrued a pretty large lead, so his team plays around
him setting up a solid dive. At the end of it, he places a pink ward in the lane bush
and walks back to hit the tower with his team. After a bit of pushing, we arrive at the point
where he makes another interesting decision. It’s very clear that he has plenty of time
to kill this tower and get first tower gold, especially since we see no one coming any
time soon thanks to that earlier pink. Instead, he just backs off without taking
the free 600 plus gold. Why do you think he did this? There’s 2 reasons this time, so
think hard. Let’s listen to what he thought about it.
“I think I lose a lot of tempo by doing that…..back out on the map to prevent this dragon, right?”
His foresight instantly pays off, as he’s here in time to cut off Lux’s rotation to
dragon securing a free kill, as well as ensuring that his team gets the objective easily.
Now of course this decision was based off the fact that he didn’t need the turret gold
and the dragon was up. Let’s imagine some different scenarios. Imagine you’re playing
Lucian, and you need 600 gold to finish Blade of the Ruined King. In that case, you *would*
stay to finish the tower and just relay that information to your team in hopes that they’ll
be patient. Huge power spikes like that are too important,
and securing the necessary gold before you base would be the correct call.
Now, let’s imagine there wasn’t a dragon up. This means there’s no rush to get back out
on the map. You may as well take the free 600 or so gold This opens you up to potentially
rotating top after recalling, since you don’t have to go back bottom anymore.
Alright, let’s take a look at another macro decision Hector makes shortly after this dragon/tower
situation. “I would ideally like to go top lane……and
I don’t want to share farm” Again, pretty simple right? This is something
we’re constantly bringing up about not going to lanes that are already being farmed. With
that line of thinking in mind, what do you think is the most pressing issue on Hector’s
mind at the moment? “I will just pressure mid and hope Ahri goes
bottom. If Ahri comes mid, I will go bottom” Okay. He’s not even remotely thinking about
the enemy team, but is instead focusing on what his own teammates may do.
ADC is a unique role in that way. After a certain point, you and your support should
be taking over mid, but people really love to ARAM for some reason, which usually results
in you sharing farm. You need to be hyper aware of not only the
enemy team’s movements, but your own team’s as well. In case they come to group at a bad
time, you should be looking for other sources of farm you can rotate to, just in case. In
this scenario, Lux had pushed in a wave bottom that Ahri should ideally be catching, so she
can pressure the side lane. But in low elo that often times won’t be the case. It’ll
be up to you to react to your own teammate’s bad macro, and rotate appropriately.
Alright, that’s going to be it for this guide. We’ve uploaded the Kai’sa game for you to
watch, if you want. Remember to leave absolutely any feedback on that, and we’ll see ya next

How to Build a Gaming PC in 2020

March 30, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

How to Build a Gaming PC in 2020

– Hello, and welcome to my
2020 Gaming PC tutorial. Have you ever wanted to build a Gaming PC? Well, you clicked on the right video. So we’re here in Tustin, California. At our wonderful sponsored
Micro Centers location we’re now going to pick
out all our components for our build, but I’m also going to show you step-by-step
how to actually built it. So, even if you maybe
built a computer before, come along with us shall you, shall we, shall us, and shall we build a Gaming PC. When choosing components
for a build, the place I always like to start
with is the processor. Now this is going to dictate a lot of my other choices for picking
different components for my build and really
when it comes down to the processor, they’re a
couple of major choices. AMD and Intel. Now for this specific
build, I’m going to be going with the Ryzen 5 3600X. So for this build, I’m going to be using the ASUS TUF B450-Plus. And not only is this a
solid mid-range board which is microAT- oh this is microATX. The one I was looking for
was right in front of me. (coughs) The thing I like about
this, is it not only a solid mid-range board that will fit in our case, which I’ll show you in a
second, but on top of that, it will support our Ryzen
processor, you have M.2 slots. Basically, all the things
you would typically look for in a motherboard,
this has it, and thanks to our wonderful sponsors at Micro Center, they have a combo deal,
so I get like 20 bucks off when I buy this as well the
Ryzen processor together. The next component I like
to go for is the case. Now once you have your
motherboard selected, which in our case, is a microATX board. Means you can pick what
size case you want. So there a couple options
with our specific build, we could go with a
smaller microATX chassis. However, if this is your
first time building a PC, actually do generally
recommend going with a little bit larger chassis and
because this is the H510, means that we have a nice clean aesthetic. It’s all white, actually
does a good job of kinda hiding your cable management,
so it’s a little cleaner. And you have tempered glass
panel, not bad for 70 bucks. Now when it comes to building a Gaming PC, arguably, the most important component is your graphics card. This is really what powers
all your gaming performance. It is a very crucial
component, now for this build because we are aiming
for something mid-range, I think AMD’s brand new
Radeon 5600 XT, which I very conveniently have
right in front of me, is going to be perfect. At 280 dollars, this should be plenty for- well literally any 1080p
gaming you can think of, and even 1440p if you
really want to push it. Once you have your graphics
card selected and you make sure it will fit in
your case, which shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re working with a very very small case. The next choice to have
pick is your power supply. So this is where something
like this PowerSpec 650W unit is going to be perfect. Now it depends on you specific
sort of system on what kind of wattage and there’s
actually a couple of features you should pay attention to with the power supply. So one of the which is the actual size. So there are a couple
of different models, so there’s SFX, which is generally again for very small systems, say
smaller power supply, generally a little more expensive. Or you can go with something
like a full size ATX supply, which is what
95 percent of people are probably going to want to do. Now this is a really solid
option at only 60 dollars, you’re not only get a 80 Plus
bronze rating, you always want to look for 80 Plus
on your power supply, if it’s anything lower
than that, you’re likely getting something very low quality. And a nice little benefit
with this, it is a semi-modular supply. Again, tell you a little
bit of that later. But essentially, it means
your cable management will be a lot cleaner
because you’ll only plug in the cables that you actually need. As oppose to, stuffing
a giant pile of cables in some corner of your case when you’re not needing them, this is much better. The next thing to look for it RAM. Now this is an area which
is fairly straightforward. So first of all, unless
you’re building a very budget system, I would
recommend at least going with 16 gigs of RAM and
beyond that if you’re using an Intel processor, the
speed is not incredibly important, DDR4 is
pretty much all you need. But if you are opt in to
go with a AMD Ryzen system like we are, you do want
to get something at least a little bit on the faster side of things. Not necessary, it will
definitely work with lower speed memory, but if you
can get something like this Trident Z Neo at 3600 mhz, it will significantly speed up your performance. And importantly, it also
has RGB, so there’s that. The next thing you’ll
need is your storage. Now this is totally up
to you, if you want to use a old school mechanical hard drive, by all means go for it. You are going to get a lot of capacity, but they’re really slow and at this point, I don’t really recommend
it unless you want it as a secondary drive. You should really pick
up something kind of SSD for your main boot drive. Now you have a couple options here, there the older school
status style, which is a bigger kind of SSD
that you actually have to mount inside the
case, they’re generally going to be a little cheaper but they are going to be slower. However, if you’re
building a new PC today, pretty much every
motherboard should support the M.2 NVMe Standard,
you’ll find that over here, notice that a much smaller
SSD, but importantly is going to be significantly faster. Which is why we’re going
to be going with the Inland Premium SSD, the 512
gig model, which is only 67.99, is well, really
fast and really good for 67.99. So that’s all you need to
build the gaming PC itself, however you’re probably going
to want a few extra things. So first of all, you’re
going to need peripherals, so I opted to go with HyperX
stuff this time around. So I have the Plusefire
Surge RGB mouse, I have the Alloy Orgins keyboard, as well
the Cloud Stinger headset. Truly speaking, mousing and
keyboard definitely needed. And so it is time to
actually build our PC. So we’re here at Micro
Center, we’re actually taking advantage of their workspace,
although realistically all you need is a decent
sized table and a very rigorous set of tools. Philips Screwdriver. – [Ken] That’s it? – That’s literally it. So the big reason why I
chose to go with this case is because it’s so wide
open on the inside. So even though the motherboard
won’t even fill the entire thing up, it’s
really easy to run cables behind the back of the
motherboard and specifically our power supply has a nice
little basement to live inside. So the PC opened up,
our next step is to work with the power supply. Now this is the semi-modular
supply I was talking about earlier, and there was
a good reason for that. You see all these extra
cables it comes with? Now depending on your
build, you may actually want to use some or all of these but odds are you’re probably not going to
want to plug all of them in. And if we don’t have to say
plug in five hard drives, we can easily not use that, it will make our cable run a lot cleaner. When you install a power
supply, you need to pay attention to where the fan is. So with a case like
this, we could actually theoretically put the fan up or down. However, because if you look
on the bottom of our case, we have a dust filter, we
should have the fan facing down. So all this might look
complicated and confusing, however, it’s actually not that bad. So let me walk you through a
couple of the power connectors that we are going to be
using for this build. So if you look for the really big fat guy, this is the 20 plus
four pin, this goes into our motherboard, every
single PC build is going to need one of these right. Next up, we have our
CPU power, so this is a four plus four pin, most
of the time you’re going to want to put these together
and this will also go into the motherboard
but for some boards, you may only need four pin,
and that’s why it breaks apart. You can see it has a little
clip on it so it only goes in one way. If you’re building a gaming
PC, then the next connector is something you’re almost
certainly going to need and that is the PCI power. Now this is a six plus two
pin, so again, depending on your graphics card, it may need six, it may need the full eight
and in many cases you’re actually going to need multiple of these. Installing our power supply
is very straightforward. So with our fan facing
down, all we need to do is to slide it into place. If you look inside your power supply box, you should find four tiny little screws. Now this is all we need to use to actually mount the power supply. So if you come a little bit closer here, you can see, there are
four different holes, so if I actually line it
up (coughs) line it up correctly, there’s a whole
here, here, here, and here. And all you need to do is screw it in. Now one tip, this is good for
PC building but it actually applies to a lot of things. Is to use a cross pattern on your screws, so don’t do it super
tight, and then instead of going around in a circle. Now that we’ve got our top left end, we’re next going to
screw the bottom right. The reason you want to use a cross pattern when you’re installing power supplies or really any PC component, is
that it applies even pressure. So if you do the left side
first, the entire supply might actually be slightly misaligned. This actually just good
general advice, if you’re putting on like a car tire,
you should use a cross pattern. You shouldn’t just go around in a circle. Before we start building
with the motherboard, let me give you a brief
tour what’s going on here because at first glance,
well there’s, a lot of stuff. So, number one thing to
pay attention to is this, this is the CPU socket,
it is slightly different between AMD and Intel but
regardless, you essentially you just drop your CPU in here and I’ll explain that in just a second. Now to the right of that,
are our memory channels, so these are our dim slots as
the kids call them these days. The ram dims, the dim… So it’s really straightforward,
open up the little slots, and this is where we’ll
be installing our memory. To the right of this,
is our power connector, so this is that 20 plus four
pin, that really big guy, that’s why that gets plugged in. And if you look on top of
the CPU socket, this is the eight pin power supply. So again, from the actual
power supply, you’re plugging two things in here, the 20 plus
four pin, and the eight pin. That’s it. This is our PCI slot, this is where you’ll install your graphics
card, now you actually have a couple of other slots and generally speaking you can use
these for things such as, I mean if you’re doing
a really crazy build, multiple graphics cards,
but usually you’ll like you know a capture card or maybe like a wifi card or something in here. The next thing to pay
attention to is our M.2 slot, now depending on the
motherboard, you may have multiple of these,
sometimes they’re actually on back or underneath
kind of cover, this one’s thankfully right in the
middle and this is where you will install your M.2 NVMe SSD. One thing to pay attention
though are these little screws right here, so you’ll see 2242, 2260, 2280, and 22110. Now based on what size your SSD is, its almost always a 2280,
you’ll want to plug in screw or screw in a screw
into one of these holes and that screw will come
with the motherboard. So that’s the only thing
that kind of gets confusing because you definitely need
that screw to keep it in otherwise, it falls out and
they you don’t have an SSD. So the thing I want to focus
on first is our processor. AMD as actually done a
really good job recently of shipping pretty
solid coolers in the box and specially considering
that this entire setup is not particularly expensive,
it actually makes a lot of sense for a semi-budget
build, so you can see that it’s a fairly beefy heat sink. Now one thing I will say,
is on the bottom of any of these coolers, AMD, Intel,
whatever the case is, they will have pre-applied thermal paste. This is great, we don’t
have to deal with any sort of tubes, we can just drop this right on. However, don’t touch this. When it comes to a processor,
this is actually one of the more fragile
components of the build. So generally speaking,
grab it by the sides and do not under any
circumstances, touch these tiny little gold pins on the bottom. And because this an AMD
processor, it has a lot of this pins and if you
bend any of these, it can very easily kill the CPU. So all we do is lift up the
little metal retention arm, you’ll see the entire socket move back. So take our processor,
there’s a tiny, tiny, little gold arrow which has a
corresponding little notch on the actual socket. All we do is line it up,
again do not force it, just gently rest it down and look at that! Your CPU’s installed,
push the little arm down, done, simple right? I know it can be scary right? I may or may not have
bent a pin or two on a CPU in my lifetime, however,
as long as you’re nice and gentle, do not push it into the slot, let it rest, if it’s lined
up, it will slide down and you’ll be just fine. Now we just need to toss on our cooler, which should actually be
just pretty straightforward. Now because this is an
AMD board and we’re using a little bit of a larger
cooler, we actually do need to remove these four
screws on either side to remove these little plastic pieces. The reason I bring that
up is if you actually look on the back of the
motherboard, we have this little metal retention plate. This actually needs to
stay here, just going to remove these guys. Don’t worry about that
back plate too much, because it’s not going
to go anywhere if its- oh god that’s really tight, ugh, holy what kind of robot was having a bad day with this man. Oh yeah, one little tip,
so there’s actually two ways this can go on, it
doesn’t matter at all except that you got this
little AMD logo, I’ve accidentally done it wrong
where its upside down, so just keep in mind which
way you want to do it, but essentially, – [Camera Man] We have
a window on our case. – We have a window on our
case, so this is the point where you make bad decisions,
people will judge you. This cooler is very easy to
install, so all we need to do, again, try not to touch
that thermal paste, is just line it up with the
screw holes we have right here. It should just rest right into place. And with that, then we’ll
just start screwing it in. Now another reason why you
want to make sure you’re applying even pressure,
is because we want to make sure that thermal paste on the actual CPU, is making a nice solid firm attachment. So this is starting to
look like a thing right, we have a cooler and a CPU,
very important components. So you’ll see there’s a little cable that will attach to the fan, so
this is a four pin header. Now they’re usual pretty
close, ours is right here, a little CPU fan header. It’s really easy to install,
you’ll see there’s a couple of notches here’s, so it means it only goes in one way. Now all you do it line it up
and drop it right into place. Boom, we’re ready to CPU. So when it comes to installing
RAM, there are a couple things to keep in mind. So because this is DDR4,
you’ll see that there’s a little notch in the
middle and the entire thing is slightly curved, so
that means you’re only going to be able to put it in one way. Line that notch up with
the corresponding notch on the motherboard, if
you try to put it down and it’s not going in, you’re
probably doing it backwards. Now the next thing to keep in
mind is which slots to use. So it’s actually a little
bit complicated, on Intel it’s fairly straightforward,
on AMD it depends. So you’ll see here that
we have four demo slots, which is the standard. So we have these two black,
so it’s one and three, and then we have these two
gray which are two and four. For AMD, you want to take
advantage of these two, in fact, actually if
you look really closely, you’ll see these little
asterisks behind, beside B2 and A2, these are the
preferred memory slots. Drop it in the slot,
and then 3, 2, 1, push! And there, is out RAM
installed, look at that we’re like half way, there! Don’t worry about the
other, look we’re almost there, we’re almost there. And the next one is even
easier, it’s our SSD. So, installing this SSD
is very straightforward, so you can see that it’s
tiny, it’s literally the size of a stick of gum. Now to install it’s very
straightforward but you do need to keep in mind that we need a little hardware from the motherboard
box, which I don’t, did I get out? Yes I did, Okay, so it’s
really easy to loose this, you see this tiny little
screw and the little adapter, this is what we need to install our SSD. So for this, it does
help if you have a little bit of a finer Philips
head screw just because it’s really small. But essentially, what
we need to do is install the little, what would
you call this, like the… I’d just call it the nub,
like the little screw guy. So because this is a 2280
SSD, the vast majority of SSD of you’ll be using will be 2280. We can just install this
finger tight, so let me screw it in, there we go! And now to install this SSD,
will take us like 3 seconds. So we line it up with
fill slot, so I usually put it in by with a little
bit of an angle, kind of work it in to make sure
it slides, so there we go. The next step is to take
our SSD screw out, and then just literally lean it
down, use the little screw to screw it into place to
make sure it doesn’t pop out the socket. You know look, we installed
our SSD in literally like 18 seconds, that’s it. So now it is time to bring back our case and now we just have to
install the motherboard. Now, something that will
very much vary between your cases is how you
actually do this, and specifically which standoffs you use. So I flip this guy over,
what you’ll see is there a series of little brass
standoffs, so these are painted black sometimes
they’re actually gold, but you can see there’s standoffs on the top, there’s also some
standoffs in the middle and especially this NZXT case
has a little post here, this is really nice cause’
it will help us line it up, and also some standoffs on the bottom. The important thing here
to know is that it’s actually pretty straightforward
to install this, the only thing we need to
do before installing the motherboard is installing our IO Shield. Now this came with the
motherboard and essentially once you open it up here,
it just slides into the back of the case, so you’ll see
here where your ports will surface and you just
want to make sure this case or this little shield
is here to make sure that I don’t know, it looks nice. So this is actually is a
little bit of annoying thing because essentially have to
kind of push it until it clicks. So I usually just work
the corners until I see it not want to jump out of my hands. Click for me, click for me, aye! So now, all we need to
do is put our motherboard into our case, now again
because I’m using the NZXT case, I’ve got that little post in the middle, so as long as we get it roughly lined up, perfect, love it. And then if we can get it on the peg here which we can, boom, look
at that, motherboards’ in place and now we need
to screw it in with like 300 hundred screws that
are hopefully labeled in our NZXT little baggy. And this will be very close to done. Surprise, surprise, the
way to do this best, and I’m sure you can’t
see this at all on camera, is using the cross method, so
just start with one corner, get it screwed it then
go to the next corner, the next corner, and kind
of work your way around to make sure that again
you’re applying even pressure. And with that, we have a motherboard installed into our case. So if you flip it upside
down or right side up, it doesn’t all come
crashing out, and we’re actually getting pretty close. The next step is to
install the graphics card, which we so hopefully have
right behind the case, it’s almost like it planned it
out like that, look at that. This is our PCI connector,
so this is what will attach the graphics
card to the motherboard, which will go into this
slot right here and then if we look around to the back of the card, you’ll see that we have a single
eight pin power connector. So the help of our little
video light, so you can actually see what’s going on, the next thing we need
to do is actually install that graphics card. So you’ll see right here
our PCI slot, the only thing we really need to do is
take a look at that and you’ll see it correspond
to these little metal connectors here. So these PCI slot covers
we just need to remove based on where the motherboard and the graphics card set. So what you do it remove this little cover on the back, so not all
cases actually use this although it’s becoming
a more popular thing and wow, what jacked up
robot cranked this screw in, holy balls, ok, so we
remove this little piece. And the next step is to
remove these top two screws which should be pretty easy. You know when it comes to
installing a graphics card, this is a very difficult
process which is going to require a lot of
concentra- I’m just kidding. You just need to line
it up and push it in, it’s really easy, so just
line it up with the slot, click it, boom, done, look at that. Now, I will use my giant
screw driver to put this little PCI cover back in
place and we’re next going to jump into cable management,
oh boy the least favorite part of any PC build. So one thing I am going to
do is because this already has the cables sort of
pre-run for the fans, I’m going to plug these in first
just because if I don’t do them first, I’m baring
them and I won’t be able to touch them again. So one of our fans is
actually perfectly sized to fit into this channel fan right here. That’s actually, either
really good engineering, or really lucky. Now just like when we plugged in our CPU, these fans that are up
top and on the back, they are notched so they’re
only going to go in one way, these are 3 pin as opposed
to 4 pin but it doesn’t make a difference, there’s
only one way to plug it in. So you see we have a
little bit of extra slack, however, I’m just going
to pull that around back right now and we will pretend that exists or deal with it later,
whichever one I feel like. So, I just plugged in
the 20 plus four pin, the really big guy, and
ugh I’m so happy right now cause’ look at this
little cable channel, all I have to do is wrap it
around here, go straight down, and that’s it, once I’m
done with everything I’ll Velcro it in, this is,
making my life easy. So you can see right back
here I plugged in the four plus four pins CPU power connector, now it’s a little bit of
a tight fit, especially in this specific case, however
I’ve run the cable up on the top, basically just
keep in mind that as with most of these connectors
there’s a little notch on it so it’s only going to go in one way. Next up we have our eight
pin PCI power connector, now because this only
needs the one, we have the extra lead we’ll just deal
with that later, we’ll just cable tie it up but
again we’ll just line it up, looking at the place and that’s it. Okay so we have a few
different cables coming from the case itself so we have a USB 3.0 lead, this is annoying because
it will get stuck and you can easily break
it, so just be careful. We also have out audio,
this is for our front panel audio, and what I’m really excited for are front panel connectors. So these are typically
separate, so what you’ll see you’ll have a bunch of little
tiny individual connectors which will go to things such
as the power button, and the reset, and the LEDs. However, NZXT was kind
enough to provide one all in a single brick. So first thing is we’re going
to install are HD Audio, so you’ll see this little AAFP
connector here and there’s one little pin knocked
out on the top, there’s a corresponding pin
missing here, which means only thing to do is
light it up, and easily just plug it in like so. Next we have USB 3, which
is this guy right here, it’s the sort of larger
connector and its got the notch at the bottom which
corresponds here, again it’s pretty easy to install but
just if you ever have to uninstall it, it’s a pain
cause’ it likes to get stuck. And the next thing is the
front panel connector, again these are the ones usually
suck, however because I have my little notched sort
of input, I can just do this and live a happy, happy life. So with that, we have built
ourselves, a Gaming PC. So before we do any proper
cable management, before we start putting the sides
back on or anything, let’s first connect it to a monitor
and make sure it works. All right, so we have setup
our computer, we’ve plugged in our USB peripherals from
HyperX as well as we have our headset here, we have
our monitor connected, we remembered to flip
the switch on the back of the power supply which,
I don’t see anything, oh yep, we see some RGB
action, that’s a good sign. Okay, we have power to our
peripherals and we have a successful post and
soon as you see this, the first you should do,
double check everything is correct. So we have Horizon 5 3600X, 16
gigs of RAM, keyboards, mice, lets hit F1 and make sure
everything is successfully showing up, but as soon
as you see a post, that is a very very good sign. There we go, we see our two
8 gig Gscale Dens, which we’ll have to change the
speed up and everything later, all of our fans are showing up, 3600X. Now from here, you want to
do a couple of minor things, so we do want and go ahead
and actually setup DCP, so we have our 3666 mhz
memory and beyond that, we’re pretty much good to go. So we can start cable
managing, get this thing all sort of buttoned up, install
a copy of windows, and you’ve successfully built
yourself a Gaming PC. Congratulations, if you
found this tutorial helpful, definitely be sure to
subscribe to the channel if you’re interested in any of these parts definitely check them out in
the link in the description and again, huge, huge
thank you to Micro Center for sponsoring this video and allowing us to crash their space and give
you guys a hands on tutorial, a real look to what
it’s like to build a PC.


Hi Guys, see you again in this video I want ROM review Corvus 3.5 (corona virus os) this is the rom later I will review, and all we give a tutorial, how to install it hmm, this ROM is very
interesting, and… for those of you who haven’t eaten yet, eat first after that we go into the intro first and here I give a way to install it just follow, for Android ROM 10, now, must use, fw lavender (redmi note 7) version 20.1.21 or higher (so it
doesn’t go into fastboot booting) so you download it
first in the description and I use the gapps version “flamegapps” I’ll include a few later recommended gapps for this corvus rom and don’t forget to download the rom well, we will execute it first. first backup your data then wipe “dalvik, cache,
system, vendor, data” for the convenience
of the data format, so internally free of germs,
bacteria, viruses, dagen old memories of old ones. install fw lavender first if you already have to install ROM Just install Gapps, because of this ROM there are no gapps yet And here it is Bootanimation from CORVUS 3.5 ROM this bootanimation
is like a dirty unicorn well maybe this rom is from its base DU rom for developers, it’s the same From @Andrraa & @ Genkzsz11 okay! if you already have see the tutorial video
how to install it and now we will make a conclusion from this ROM Well, the conclusion after I use it for 5 days almost a week and I will read this first, I made the writing because of that often forget, forgetfulness so, in my opinion, this
ROM is very unique can be seen from the boot animation labeled dirty unicorn Well, maybe this ROM from dirty unicorns or durex rom, dagen is inspired from corona virus. which becomes corvus and now this ROM Corvus 3.5 yes, can be seen from
the initial appearance This ROM uses the launcher from Corvus yes, maybe this rom is
decompiled – recompile continue to be renamed corvus Yes, because I am not a stranger with this launcher other uniqueness,
starting from the statusbar here then music “sound”, notification lockscreen, and battery and also gesture you can change this there is a menu in the settings there is a menu very complete customization yes like CrDroid, or Dirty Unicorn, which
has a lot of customizations then for the performance here I can’t test because of its antutu application, does not appear in playstore yes, maybe because, gapps that I use is FlameGapps you guys try later OpenGapps or other gapps it can appear or not you guys can appear in
the description if it appears I will use it later gapps from OpenGapps and BitGapps to play this game,
there is no problem at all there is no leg, and we are play to your heart’s content and here I am not playing puberty because my friends don’t play PUBG anymore so I joined in, to play mobile legends again okay we continue, for
the battery problem here, after I played the game,
for example, mobile legends there’s only this much left hmm economical right. for battery charging problems if you play a game, while
chas it, it can still be filled then I have tried ROM what? that, it seems on ROM Revenge OS I play games, while charging
it turns out it can’t be charged, apparently it’s a kernel problem and for this rom, yeah, that’s great he can play games while playing or you install thermal mod I recommend it version 4 (Jthermod), because
of that many tweaks are available okay! for this bug problem,
which I encountered starting from TWRP, it’s time set Up this one maybe if you choose yes it won’t happen like this this rom that I used was
encrypted (FDE to FBE) so, even though I already
entered the password which I set, and apparently can not hmm even though i have 2x guys data format apparently can not be lost Alright maybe there is the only way, that is moved to PBRB or another TWRP, yes or you can also install via external memory, you move the file externally, no need to go internal then for other problems for other problems here FM radio is broken can not be used then screen cast, for this screen cast can’t be used either not working, and other additions there is Gaming mode so it is not disturbed when a notification has arrived dagen for this screen record problem this can there are 60FPS then for internal audio problems works fine well, to replace the flash screen like this one. you can replace it via twrp you just flash, then choose bootlogo / splash then stay, swipe to install for this rom already support for some devices, for example like redmi note 7 (lavender) redmi note 6 pro (tulip) Redmi S2 redmi 3s redmi note 4x dagen zenfone max pro M1 okay that’s all for a review of this rom don’t forget to rest just enough at home avoid crowds, avoid fray I JkoCah Gadget,
see you next video. bye..

edpuzzle: A Game Changer App for Creating Online Courses

If you want to teach online courses then this
video is for you because in this video I’m going to show you how to add some amazing
features to your video lectures. For example, how to add questions how to add voice overlays
and we are starting right after this short break. Hello and welcome to my channel my name is
Tahir and if this is your first time, please hit the subscribe button and also the notification
bell to get notified whenever I post a new video on this channel. every Tuesday and Friday.
I make videos about technology which any student or teachers can use, for example, learning
management systems, certain applications which can enhance your video lectures and improve
student engagement. So if you are interested in creating online courses, or tutoring online,
you Then subscribing to this channel might be useful. Now this video is a detailed video.
So I would suggest that you take a cup of coffee or tea whatever you drink and sit back
and watch full video because I am confident that you will get a lot of value if you are
an online teacher. Now what are these features which we can add
by using edpuzzle application so there are few things as an online teacher we should
be focusing on. For example, we want to force our students to watch full video lectures.
Also, we want to ask questions at a particular location. This is also very important and
sometimes when we are making video we forget something and once the video is ready, we
want to add something inside the video and it is sometimes very hard to re edit the video.
So what we can do is we can add some wires overlay so this is a very important feature.
So edpuzzle provides us the ability to add all these features you can add up Question
two any particular location the video will stop there student will have to answer the
question. Otherwise they will not be able to watch the rest of the video and once they
submitted the answer, then there will be a Continue button. They will watch the video
then you can put multiple questions then you can also see how much video they have watched
or how many questions they have correctly answered by using edpuzzle application. This
is not a promoted video. The only reason I’m making this video is because I like this application.
And I think that this application is a game changer for online teachers. Now without further
ado, I will jump on my computer and I will show you how you can add all these features.
I will try to explain edpuzzle features by using a teacher’s account and a student account
in two separate windows I need to open incognito window for student account. So therefore I
will show you one by one. This is my teacher’s account on edpuzzle On the left hand side,
I have home which is the current location, then curriculum name of my school and my contents.
If I click on my contents here I have two types of videos on the right hand side, these
two are my own videos. While these two videos are those videos, which I have added from
any of these popular channels, and I will show you how to add a video in a minute. But
as you can see that we have many channels, and if I click on edpuzzle, I can see that
there are a lot of videos. Similarly, if I click on YouTube, I can have any of these
YouTube videos I can search and I can find a video. Similarly, we have Khan Academy,
which is a popular YouTube channel, National Geographic TED talks and some other channels.
So if I click on curriculum, I get this page and on this page, we have three different
tabs, elements school, middle school and high school. And if I click on View contents as
you can see that we have a lot of video contents for elementary schools and we can use any
of these contents This is the duration of the video and beside that you can see that
nine and then this mark it means that this video has nine questions then if I click on
digit idea, this is my school. It’s a brand new school. And the most important part here
is in my contents area if I click on my contents Now let us see how I brought these videos.
So if I click on Add Content, if I click on create video, I can search any content for
example, let’s search for algebraic expressions. And if I search as you can see that I find
these videos this is one of the videos which I have got from here. Let us assume that no
I want to take this video. I click on this video and now the video is here. No, I can
play the video. And if I click on YouTube, this will take me to the YouTube channel of
this person. But if I want to take this to into my contents,
I click on assign here. And now I have few settings. For example, if I click this, it
will prevent students from keeping the video so they have to watch the video in continuity.
This is to turn on closed captions. And if I want to use this video as an assignment,
I can have a due date here. So let’s put some due date of 21st of March and save. Now here
I have few options on the left hand side. This is the only class I have at the moment.
So if I click here, and then assign it will be included to my class. So this is one way
of adding a video to a class. If I want to add at a later stage, then I don’t click this
and I click later. So if I click later, I can come back to this area. So if I click
on edpuzzle I will go back to my home screen. And if I click on my content now, as you can
see that this video is here, so let’s click this video, I have many options here, assign,
edit, move to a particular folder duplicate, or I can simply unselect or let’s select again,
I can delete. So in order to assign this video to someone, I have to click on assign, and
I will see the same screen and no I click on algebra class and no, I can assign this
to all of my students or I can assign them manually. Currently, I only have one student,
which is myself from another account so I can assign this to this student. If new students
join the class, you need to add them to this assignment because I am going to assign this
to a particular student. And if I assign this to all then it will be assigned to all students
and no I simply click Assign. Now I have the option to review the video in student mode.
So let’s click on the video. And now if I start the video, I can turn off the voice.
And if I want to move this to forward as you can see that this locked will appear here,
but I can still pause the video and later on continue it, I can take this to full screen.
So now I have not put any question on this video. There are no notes. So the assignment
is to watch this video. So this is the assignment. As you can see here on the right hand side.
It explains that was the whole video to turn in the assignment you know I click on edpuzzle
again to go back and this time I click on digit idea. And no I have a great book option
here. If I click on gradebook, as you can see that my student has washed for zero second.
So this person has not spent any time on this video. No, I am in my student account and
I refreshed this. So now this assignment is here so if I click on this video, it also
explains to me as a student because no I am logged in as a student that I have to watch
this whole video. And no I have watched this video for one minute and few seconds. As a
student if I click on my avatar, I have the option to log out. So no I have logged out
as a student. Let’s go back to my teacher’s account and if I refresh this, as you can
see that now it shows that this student has spent one minute watching this video. So this
is how you can check the progress of your students and if you feel that student is weak
in a particular area, you can double check that whether the student has watched the video
The topic or not, so you can clearly see that the student has not watched the complete video
if I click on Add puzzle into my contents and now this video has four questions, I want
to assign this video. So I click on this checkbox and then assign this to my student, all of
the students in this class and I click Assign and now I log in again as a student I can see this video and let’s click on that
now This video has three questions already added on this video. So if I play this video,
and now we are approaching the first question, which is a multiple choice question as you
can see, the time is coming close to two minutes and eight seconds. And exactly at this point,
the video stops and as you can see that the on the player there are no controls. Students
have to answer this question at this time and the video Is unplayable they cannot played
they cannot click anything nothing. They have to answer this question. So let’s say I click
six, and noise Submit. And it shows to me that I got full marks. My question is correct.
If I want to rewatch I can rewatch otherwise, a Continue button appears here and no, I can
continue. Now the video will start playing again, until the second question is reached,
and so on. And now I’m inside my teachers account and gradebook. And no, I refresh,
and I click on this video, and it shows me that the student, that student has watched
40%. And if I click on these questions, I can see that, that these are the questions
and if I click on this circle, it shows me that one out of one, right. So this was the
right answer. If I click on Next question, so it shows me zero out of one right and so
on. So this is all you can see the result of the questions attempted by students. No,
this is the most important part of this video, we will learn how to edit a video I am on
my home screen and now I click on my contents I select the video which doesn’t have any
questions or anything so that we can add these features. So I click on this video, and then
I click on Edit. And now as you can see that we have three main features here we can cut
this video cut all the irrelevant parts we can put our voiceover where we want to add
any comment or our own opinion at a particular location of the video or we can add questions.
So I have already shown you these questions from a student perspective and now I’m going
to show you how to add these questions. So let’s start from cutting the video below the
video. You can see this blue horizontal bar and there are two white vertical bars so you
can drag this before we Cut. Please note the duration of this video this video is seven
minutes and 13 seconds. And if I want to cut the beginning and end of this video, I can
simply drag these white bars and I can keep the portion which I want. And now you can
see the new time of the video is only 335. And this is how you can cut from the beginning
or end if you want to keep only a specific part of the video. Now what if I want to cut
three different areas of the video. So how to do that I undo this undo again. And now
let’s say I want some part from here and some part from there and some part in the middle
since I need three parts. So to do that, I click on this needle and when the needle is
in the center, this add cut will be enabled and I just click Add cut and no I have two
sets of vertical bars which I can drag so then I can change this part which I want to
keep and I want to different areas in this site. So I bring this needle in the middle
and click on Add cut. And no, I have three different areas, which
I can move wherever I want. And I can keep that particular area and remove the areas
which are not relevant to this topic. And no, my video length is only four minutes and
four seconds. So if I click on finish, my video is now four minute and four second,
and this consists of only those three blue areas. So let me click on Edit again. And
this time, I want to reset this first. So I click on reset and my video is in the original
shape. And now I want to add a voiceover. So if I click on voiceover, and then I have
to move this to a particular location where I want to add my own comments or my own opinion,
so let’s say I want to add here one minute 51 second, I just click on start recording,
and no I can add My voiceover whatever I want. So this is my voice over, and then I say stop
recording. And no my voice over has been added, which is just 11 seconds long, and which starts
at one minute and 51 seconds. So if I want, I can listen to this. And if I want to delete
this, I can simply click on delete, and it will be deleted. So this is all you add voiceover.
Now, in order to add questions, click on questions. And no, either you can add a multiple choice
question, open ended question where students will get some space to write down their answers.
Or you can also add a note. So first you select where you want to add the question. So let’s
say I want to add my question at this location. Now I click on multiple choice questions.
And now I type my questions and then the correct answer and then the Romans For example Which
plane is this? x y? x A y Zed? Or I can add another answer
let’s let’s say exit. This is my correct answer and these two are wrong answers and then I
can simply save the question and no I have to click Finish when the video will reach
at this point, this question will appear student will have to answer the question and only
then they will see this continue button as I have shown you earlier. So as you saw that
this is a fantastic application for online teachers. You can curate contents, you can
create complete courses on particular topic just by curating the contents from any YouTube
channels or any existing videos available within edpuzzle applications. You can check
the progress of your students, you can automatically grade students and you can run online courses
and how easy it is to curate courses from Existing videos. There are millions of educational videos available
on YouTube, which you can access from within at puzzle and we are not stealing anyone’s
contents. We are just linking to their videos. So when some students are watching those YouTube
videos, they are actually watching those videos on YouTube. And there is the YouTube button
at the bottom. If they click there, they can straight away Go to the YouTube channel. So
I hope you like this video. There are many more videos available on my channel for teachers.
So you might be interested in those videos. Some will appear at the end of this video.
Thanks for watching. See you next time.

(ENG/ESP/JPN/IDN) 사상 최초로 엄마 깨워서 OO한 NCT 127 [엄마가 잠든 후에]

No! Listen to mom! [Pop!!!!] Don’t hate on each other. Long alone~ [◎◈◎bb] Roar~ [After Mom Falls Asleep] [Sydney♡] [♥Heart♥] [After Mom Falls Asleep -Directions- 1. Eat late night meals deliciously while mom is sleeping! 2. If there’s a noise over 70 decibel, there’s a penalty! + Please make sure to wear headphones] To the world, this is NCT. Hello we are NCT 127! [Love it/ Love it] [Nice to meet you/ Nice to meet you] Everyone it’s white day soon! Right! -Candies are too common…
-Right!! [Planning to make a white day cake]
-We are thinking of making a cake for our fans.
-Yes!! By the way I want do try something. [70dB decibel check let’s go]
Can we do rock paper scissors to check the decibel. [Win]
Rock paper scissors! [Feeling the bad luck]
-Am I going to lose here again.
-Rock paper scissors! Wow I’m really bad. [Really bad]
Rock paper scissors! Increase your voice. New thangs… [Need popcorn] [Covering their mouth at the strict standard] Ah I saw this on TV! I saw it on YouTube! [Penalty curly hair wig]
Good good. [Prim at younger brothers’ compliment]
So cute. [So excited]
Now then. We will start cooking. -Then why don’t you cut the fruits nicely.
-Shall I shall I? [Cuts] [Johnny’s raw grapefruit break up show] It doesn’t take that long? (Because it’s sour) I’m getting saliva. [This person’s getting saliva as well] [Embarrassed] [Penalty pixel glasses]
Is that Chicago fashion? Mom’s not sleeping? [Because]
My mom’s a fashionista as well. [Tight appearance] Now cut grapes please. [This small one?]
Cut green grapes? Yes. So it should be 0.3cm thick. [?What?] [Hahahahahahahaha] I’m getting better at this as I’m doing it. [Dangling]
What are you saying, you cut it like this. But until when do I have to cut it? Lastly cut one more please! [He earned it with a backache]
Ah my back hurts. [A plate of fresh fruits♥] Now Haechan will continue. Blow it. [Hu~] [With Doyoung’s help] [Foul play hahaha]
-Let me do it.
-You have to do it till the end! [Dumbfounded]
-Why why why why.
-You need to wear it all the way. There’s no such thing. Ah you must. [Doyoung does not let him take off] [Hate gloves/Crafts made by Haechan] [Snitch] [Doyoung is right/Penalty is shark hat] [He’s about to begin..] Wow that one’s hard. [Unwrapping plastic/He got the boss] [Using warmth to minimize adhesion]
Wow he’s smart. [Haaaaaa~] [Please] [What’s up with the control]
Wow what’s up with the control. [Chopsticks thriller] [Ha/ Doyoung’s face=our face] [Haechan who is holding on to the throat of the plastic bag…] [Thinks carefully] [Breathing in] [Hahahahahahahaha]
Let’s do another one not a cake… [He’s bracing himself to do it..] [Hahahaha! hahahahahahaha] [Cruel] [Penalty penguin mask] [Soft/ soft] If you use chopsticks you can cut it horizontally. How? [Looks suspicious]
This is 3 pieces? Okay okay okay. I’ll just do it. [Bread living point/Just do it.]
Just do it just do it. Ah that’s too thin? [Slowly slowly] [Feeling of failure]
Ah we ruined it. [Bread/A wreck/”Kill me..”] Ah it’s okay it’s okay. [First apply the syrup] -Haechan.
-Yes. He likes to collect perfumes… [“Good bye world”] [Whew..] [Firmly/ Haechan loves perfume question, what if you express members in aroma?] For Johnny, I will choose chocolate scent! Is it because he is sweet? Right. For Yuta, I will choose cool scent! For Jungwoo, I will choose fart! [Agree]
Foot odor. For Doyoung, I will choose cucumber fragrance! Cucumber. What about Haechan? For me, I will choose deep wood fragrance. [You’re the only one who’s fine]
Whatever. [Yuta/ Sharp advisor]
I don’t think so. [Hehe/ With the hand of delicate wood] [Sheet complete!]
-Done. Good job.
-Looks good. I’ll change the color of the cream. -Good.
– With the color that suits our Sijunis. [With a sweet heart] [Ice cubes are dancing] [Snitches]
-Who was it? [The penalty is Pharaoh hat]
Hold it, hold it. [Let’s go Doyoung] [Smashing his back]
Hey, don’t do that on purpose! [Hahahahahahahaha] [The penalty is accessories set]
Oh, it’s really pretty. [Shiny Full Sun] [As soon as Doyoung holds the plastic wrap] [The hands that come in] [Smiling/ No no] [They practice team kill] [Finished getting rid of it] [Doyoung is going to find whisk]
-Wait for your turn. [No one goes easy on him] No! [The penalty is flower swim cap] I’m tired. [Split the cream well] [Start making the food color!]
Which one should I choose? [Having a heated discussion]
-Choose these two and…
-Mix them? [What did I just do] Hip-hop~! Hip-hop! [Suddenly he’s excited] [Calm-down] [Aw, seriously hahahaha] [Squeezing] [Making something]
No no. [Making something wrong/Hey!] [Shake it/ shake it] [But he is pretty] [They are not surprised anymore] [Penalty space helmet]
-You look cool.
-Thanks. -Let me add blue as well.
-Okay it’s up to you. [Add Jungwoo’s heart] Ha this.. looks dirty. [Dirty]
I’m done. Nice~! [Hahahahahahahahaha] [Penalty fish shaped bun]
-All together, let’s do it all together, all together!
-All together! All together! Hey let’s not hate on each other from now on.. [Suddenly making a warm direction]
Let’s all do it at peace. While we are at it, Johnny, show martial arts! Martial arts all of a sudden? [But he’s doing it haha] [He’s even trying hard] [Determined] [Wow!/ Almost a human compass] [Wow!]
[Almost a human compass] Okay! Doyoung is next. [NCT 127]
[Do everything given to them] [Chap] [Boong young bbang is sulking] Okay, good job. [Crooked] I will put the fruit and cream on~ [Jungwoo/ playing hospital]
Mes [Hahaha] [(reacting) mes?] [It’s actually a spatula]
[Preparing mes] [Jungwoo/ fascinated]
[“speed is the key!”] [Here! (get it)] Who is it? Mom, it’s me~ [Haha X10] [Punishment] [Rabbit hat] [After Jungwoo spreads] [Doyoung puts the fruit on] Stupid~ [Sweet]
[Yuta rolls up his sleeves] I will just put two strawberries. [(Pretending not to know)] [What do you mean by that hahaha] [Punishment] [Parrot glasses] [Bam] [Pat] Jungwoo has a very unexpected side. [Question]
[Please express your softness and charisma with facial expression] [Jungwoo soft. VER] [(This time) charisma!] [Jungwoo charisma. ver] [Me too] Our cake is becoming weird. [Let’s cut it in the middle!] [Correcting it] [Cutting off the weird part..] Didn’t you cut off too much? What a waste of cream. [Destruction king] [I need to remove 2/3 of it..] [Small..]
It’s so ugly now. [No, it’s supposed to feel like a vintage(?)] [(Yum)] [Oh!] [Eating it like as if it’s a rice soup] [He is so bad at it] Jungwoo, you are doing great. [Sad] You are the only one. [(Crying)] [Best♥] Okay next! Yuta is good at drawing! [(Great)]
Good luck! I believe in you! [I can’t]
How am I supposed to use it? [Haha x10] [Okay] [Good?] [Such a loud noise] You! Let’s change the punishment. To what? [(Harder one) to push-up] [Accepted] [And add 10 spins] [Okay start from the next round X2] [Got it right after] [(Calm) I can’t make my hands dirty] [Just spin] Is there any meanings to this? Yah, a good one. [Does everything requested] [(Putting it secretly)]
One two [Hahahaha] [10 more] [My head hurts hahaha] [Turn quick X3] [Building up strongly]
Turn quicker [Yuta is always suffering hahaha] [He is not holding on to his nose] [Diligent] [(@@)] [Satisfied] I didn’t do anything until now. [So funny]
I’m tired.. Can you help? Like this [(Fast turn around)]
Sorry [Urgent SOS haha]
Hey hey! [Coy…]
No~ [Jungwoo is so sweet] Help! We are a team. Okay let’s go! This is enough. Oh it’s coming~ [Making a heart…] [For NCTzen] Good. – Yuta!
– Yes. Utah is called ‘lion because of his long hair! – And you
– You called me like that. always react ‘roar’ to that. [Question]
[Show your roar to the camera] [Jungwoo, do it]
Okay. Lion~ [Roar~!] [Good job~] [(Roar)] [Wow scary] [Haha X10] [Baby lion Jungwoo roars as well] That’s eccentric. [Please put that one] [(Dumbfounded) you have to put it] [I’m busy]
I have to do this now. [?? X10] [Others are helping Yuta] [Spin (determined)] [Calming down] [Human drill]
[Dududududu] [Darn it!] [(Out of battery)]
Okay, good. – 10 push ups
– push up! push up! [Gasp] [Here, hand!] [Walking over] [Putting hand in the ice water] [Done!]
Done! [Kim pure…] Okay. This is actually pretty. [(Yuta) has an artistic sense] Do a good job~ [It’s a little like an art..] [kkang! kkang! kkang!] [Hahaha X2]
[(Spin spin)] [Attack] [Jungwoo’s fake]
Six seven [became his own punishment] [Haha X10] [These people are weird…] Are we filming Idol Athletic Championships? [(Come on)] [(Come on)]
What are you doing [Refreshing~] [Let’s go back to cooking] But if you think about it there are only four when we have five people here. Eliminate one you hate. [Eliminate the betrayer hahaha] [The cake is being decorated beautifully] [without a betrayer] [What did you write? (Curious)] Here? [(Ignoring)]
You have to fill these in too. [What did you write there!] [(Not listening) Here as well…] What did you write. [(Repeating) What did you write~] [Yuta/ going straight]
Name [Yuta/ going straight]
Done [Haha X10] Doyoung, Haechan, Johnny, Yuta [(Betrayer)] I didn’t write Jungwoo because he bullied me a lot. Now then it’s done, let’s light it up. [(Applause)] Applause~ [NCTzen’s cake done!] Let’s make a wish and blow the candle! [Praying] [With their hands folded] [Hu~] Blow it? One, two, three [♥Wishes come true, please♥] Let’s make a separate one for NCTzen Because this might cause a stomachache – Let’s try it.
– Good. [(Eyes) (Shaking)] [Punishment] [Bunny earplug] Okay, who wants cake~ [(Chewing)] [Punishment] [Tassel glasses] [(Big bites)] [(Yum)] If it wasn’t for the fruits here, [It tastes bad]
– it might have been the worst.
– Yes, it is so bad. I would never buy a cake if it looks like this. [Yuta/ shopping king]
I would buy it out of curiosity. [Still eating well]
Doyoung~ – You are famous for your pretty hands amongst the fans.
– Ah really? – He always brags about it. [Same] [Like a peacock with feathers] [Stretch your fingers] [Haha X10] – Oh, this as well!
– Oh right. [Fatal…] I never did that~ [Wanda]
[Wow, the original is different~!] All of the songs in this album are so good. [Question]
[Can you sing one of the songs?]
Okay. Let’s sing ‘White Night’. I love this song titled ‘White Night’. Ah~ that’s good. One’s long~ No! Sing properly! [I don’t want to do this (punishment) hahaha] [(Fuss)] 5 6 7 8 One’s long goodbye~ A sleepless night [Haechan/ an impudent bear]
Why did you do that~ [(Love♥)] [(Fighting)]
Stop! [No] [Impersonating]
Listen to mommy! [Mom’s voice is so determined haha] [Doyoung/ good son] We filmed music videos for all our songs in this album. So please look forward to that. I’m sure they’ve already seen them. – Ah, you did?
– Yes, they did. [Question]
[Who has changed the most in this comeback?] One two tthree Jungwoo [The scene of fabrication]
[Let’s all vote for Jungwoo haha] [Jungwoo/ transformer]
Thank you~ We made a comeback after a long time. And he did a piercing. [Surprise]
Actually, this is a wig. [Haha X10] Take it off please. [(Rejecting)]
No! Not now! I can’t until I get an advertisement! I need to film a wig CF! [Fake advertisement]
Buy two, get one free! Five stars! [(Contact me, advertisers)] If you want to see Jungwoo’s skinhead, make sure to watch the comeback on March 6. [Frustrated]
They’ve already seen it! [(Sly)]
Ah~ you’ve already did? [Hahaha X2] Then we have something very important. Let’s try our new song ‘hero’ [Let’s get it~] in an ASMR version. Should we stand up? [Boom] [Pow~ pow~] 5 6 7 8 [Comin’ up, to here] [baby, can’t understand with this head] [fighting for all day]
[Don’t think about anything, but walk as your story] [fighting for all day]
[Don’t think about anything, but walk as your story] [Longitude of Seoul, 127!] [Let’s fall in love with 127!] [Thrilling!] [NCT 127 is NCTzen’s hero♥] [I go forward, pow] [Go left and right, pow] [I poke forward, left and right] [Cheer up everywhere we go]
Uh? yah, let’s stop here! [Wrap it all up high] [Where ma roof at, roof is at the universe] [Let’s go-] [I poke forward, left and right Bruce Lee] [I fly all day, Bruce Lee] [So addicting~♥] How was it today? I actually never knew – that being silent is this hard.
– Right~ I think mom woke up a lot. She never slept. [Mom/ didn’t sleep]
[“(shook the light stick)”] Actually, I have a hard time being very quiet. – I think I was noisy enough.
– Right. [I always wanted to film this and it was really fun] [We had a great time too♥] [Ddoing/ butterfly]
[Haechani/ flower] [“bow”]
Great job! If you invite me again next time, I’ll try to improve myself. How? I will promise you twice, three times. [Promise to come out again] I loved being on the program I enjoyed being here and I had a great time and I hope to be here again with other members who were not here today. [Yuta’s mind=PD’s mind♥]
Yes! Please call us again! [Wow~] I will play mom when I come back. [(You are always welcome)] We were NCT, the 59th member of ‘After Mom Falls Asleep’. We had a great time. Mom! Mom wake up!! You’re on fire when you’re on stage. I poke forward, left and right Bruce Lee. I fly all day, Bruce Lee [♪Born again♪] [(Jungwoo_following_Tom and Jerry.avi)] Press here to go to our ‘Hero’ music video.

Arcade1Up BurgerTime Limited Edition Arcade Review!

what initially began its life as a
karate champ themed cabinet, originally shown to the public at CES in 2019. Is
now taking a new life as the limited-edition BurgerTime cabinet. After
some time spent collecting community feedback the team over at arcade 1up
decided to go back to the drawing board and change up the look and design of the
original karate champ prototype in favor of the BurgerTime themed cabinet you see
before you today and it wasn’t just different graphics left on the machine
to make this change but rather a complete overhaul of the product
entirely for starters you won’t be able to find this cabinet at your local
retailers this cabinet is only being sold exclusively on the arcade
onenote.com website and is limited to 3075 units
priced at $399 each this limited-edition cabinet comes with all the bells and
whistles featuring a unique cabinet shape with rounded side panels
reminiscent of the original Burger Time arcade machines nestled atop the unit is
an illuminated marquee with Peter pepper and mr. hot dog and beautiful red
cabinet trim along the sides of the control panel they really make this
cabinet pop this arcade also comes with a separate riser adorned with custom
graphics around the sides continuing with the Burger Time theme
the control deck is where things really start to distance themselves from the
original Burger Time arcade cabinet this one has a unique layout designed to
allow for ideal gameplay experience from each of the four different included
games on this machine where the original Burger time cabinet had a single
joystick centered on the control deck with single action buttons on each side
this one now features four joysticks and four action buttons respectively
included games are amongst some of my favorite titles from data East Burger
Time karate champ caveman ninja and bad dudes ran out the stellar lineup for
those of you not familiar with some of these games you might glance at this
control deck initially and think that this allows for four players to get in
on the arcade action but that’s simply not the case the four joysticks are
specific for use while playing karate champ as each player controls two
joysticks apiece in order to pull off the player’s actions within the game for
the remaining titles on this cabinet each player will utilize the leftmost
stick on each player’s side as well as the action buttons
hello the controls and buttons themselves are of the same recent
quality we’ve seen on many other recent releases from arcade one up while not
name-brand they do well to offer the player an arcade experience and control
and while examining these joysticks themselves these are actually the same
Sanwa style clones we’ve seen other recent releases and had the same square
gates on all four of the joysticks joysticks themselves are actually eight
way and not dedicated four-way joysticks and this is certainly a bit of a
head-scratcher as all for the included titles on this cabinet would have
greatly benefited from having dedicated four-way joysticks over the eight-way
sticks that were delivered apparently this was an accidental oversight that
was caught a little too late in the production run at the Burger Time
cabinet it really caused the issue with the eight-way joystick being shipped
instead of 4-way joysticks now when asked directly on the retro buzz David
Macintosh from arcade 1up says there is an official solution coming to resolve
this issue from arcade went up very soon dropper messaging to go out we
understand it that’s an issue we actually we figured out it was an issue
at CES and a toy fair but at that point it had gone through the manufacturing
process so there definitely will be a solution in place and then your future
thanks for hanging in there though and we appreciate your support on the burger
time unit you’ll be happy to hear what we have to say in the next couple of
days but until then there’s actually a relatively cheap and easy solution that
I’ve got for you that can actually change those eight-way joysticks into
four-way joysticks you can purchase these 4-way restrictor gates that
replace the stock ones that came on this arcade unit then in a matter of moments
you can swap out the old gates with these new ones that restrict the
diagonal movement of the existing stock joysticks essentially transforming these
eight-way joystick into the four-way joysticks that would have been ideally
included from the very start the volume slider works well to adjust the single
speaker volume in individual increments during gameplay should you need to a
single speaker was utilized here over a dual speaker setup as none of these
games actually truly utilize stereo speakers originally players may notice
the volume output on this single speaker is actually slightly louder than other
recent released arcade 1-up cabinets such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or
the Marvel superheros cabinet both of which came with the new and improved
stereos from arcade one up in terms of gameplay
display there’s some unique changes that had to be made in order to accommodate
the vertically Alliance 17 inch screen on this unit while BurgerTime and Crotty
champ were designed for vertical screens Capeman ninja and bad dudes were
originally played on horizontal screens and while some may choose to foolishly
write this cabinet off because of those changes I found myself still enjoying
the gaming experience regardless of these changes made to the game display
adjustments and didn’t really find it to be at all distracting from gameplay
overall the actual measurement of the displayable play screen for bad dudes in
caveman ninja is 10 inches across and 12 inches diagonally and while you could
argue that they could have made the screen horizontal in this cabinet and
just given the vertical games black bars on the sides I think it’s important that
they chose to keep the title game BurgerTime unaltered and true to form in
its vertical orientation as these are truly some of my favorite data east
games ever released on this cabinet I had a blast playing all four games on
this unit burger time is as fun and addicting as it ever was in the original
arcades the challenge of not only advancing through the levels but chasing
your high-score leaderboard makes this an awesome experience and speaking of
high scores yes your high scores are saved across all four the included games
on this cabinet I’m very happy to say karate champ of course is a fantastic
experience on this machine as well thanks to the dedicated double joysticks
for each player something that was truly great thinking by the original game
designers as this unique control interface allows the player to really
feel a connected sense of action with the player on the screen as they fight
their way through the game in various head-to-head challenges this game throws
their way caveman ninja is a vibrant and colorful
platformer for two players that is filled with quirky enemies unique level
designs and fascinating power-ups strewn about the game for our prehistoric
heroes to find this game also features some very neat choose your own adventure
style elements intertwined as it allows the player to select different paths
throughout their gameplay that ultimately lead to a slightly different
gameplay ending depending on the choices made further bumping up that replay
value one of the pinnacles of 80s machismo was the arcade hit bad dudes in
it you and a friend have the amazing task of fighting through hordes of ninja
kidnappers as you race to save President Ronald Reagan from certain doom should
you prove successful in your heroic journey you get an amazing invite for a
burger with the former president himself bringing the theme of burgers on this
cabinet full circle and summarize my final thoughts on here quite frankly I
think this cabinets a winner with the overall cabinet design and shape I mean
specifically that Peter pepper shape truly iconic arcade and I really like
that they redesigned it they kind of scrapped the crowded champ even though I
was a big fan of the crowded chat design I really think they did the right thing
when they put Burger Time on here specifically with these Peter Piper’s
side panels I mean it’s a truly iconic arcade and I think it really really
really stands out the red trim is also a nice feature the four joysticks for that
unique karate champ action experience that’s great light at Marquee no one
does it better as an arcade 1up honestly if they don’t have any bracketing
there’s no silhouetting of screws or anything like that it’s just a very
beautiful fully lit marquee all the way across custom riser on the bottom
everything really just looks phenomenal the only flaw as we’ve already mentioned
was the 8 way joysticks instead of the 4 Way joysticks and since that’s easily
solved we’re just swapping out the restrictor gates that’s not really going
to be a deal-breaker for a lot of people I don’t think but if you are interested
in picking up one of these cabinets remember they are limited edition and
they are only available on the arcade 1up website and as of making this video
when I check today there was only less than 400 units still out there of the
3075 that they were making so if you want one I suggest getting one now
rather than waiting as a celebration of all things burgers
I’m gonna be giving away this little my arcade BurgerTime cabinet for you all
you have to do is like this video comment down below what your favorite
arcade 1up releases thus far and share this video with your friends that’s all
I ask at the end of the month I’ll be giving away this BurgerTime little unit
for anybody to enjoy but anyways it doesn’t for the video guys hope you
enjoyed the content subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already and as
always thanks for watching guys it really means a lot you

Kali Begum / काली बेगम खेलना सिखे (in Hindi) | best card game for 4 to 6 players

Hello friend! I hope you all are safe at home. But it is very boring to stay at home So, to keep you entertained I am making a series of card games The very first game is “Kaali Begum/Black Queen” it’s a very interesting game Which you can play with family members and friends Usually, it’s played with 4 players Towards the end of this video, I will share a trick Which can extend this game to 5 or 6 players Please watch this till end If you like this video, do give a thumbs up Share it with more and more people So that they can also be Entertained
while staying at home Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE the channel Hit the bell icon to get the latest updates Let’s learn how to play this game This game is of 25 points 13 x 1 point for each card of heart and 12 points for Queen of Spade, yes Spade So 13 + 12, total becomes 25 Series of such 25 points games are played and we keep a note of the scores You can see here, I

Meet Your Reading Goals With Sports Romance!

– Hello, my name is Heather
from the channel Bookables. It’s that time of year football fans, so I thought it would be
high time to talk about some sports romances. I’m not really big into sports but you know, there’s some awesome sports romances out there. First up we have Tough Guy by Rachel Reid. Pro hockey star Ryan
Price may be an enforcer, off the ice he deals
with a lot of anxiety. He was recently traded
to the Toronto Guardians, which by the way, this
is an ice hockey book in case you’re wondering. He’s determined to make a fresh start in the city’s dynamic LCBTQ village. The last thing he expects to find is a blast from his past named Fabian. Now aspiring musician
Fabian loathes hockey but that doesn’t stop
him from being attracted to a certain someone, wink wink. He hasn’t forgotten the
kiss they almost shared back in high school and it’s clear the chemistry between
them has only intensified. Fabian is more than happy
to be Ryan’s tour guide for Toronto but of course
as they get closer, feelings develop and you can guess where it’s going to go from there. Hunky ice hockey romance, check. This sounds amazing. Since this month is football month, we’re going to have to talk about a football romance book, of course. We have Intercepted by Alexa Martin. This book is all about
Marlee who finally leaves her pro football jerk of a boyfriend. And she’s not ready to make any serious commitments any time soon. In fact, she’s like, “don’t look at me any football players, ever.” And that is until Gavin Pope arrives. He is the new quarterback on his ex’s team and they once shared a very
steamy night long, long ago. Sparks fly and Marlee
finds herself falling head over heels for Gavin. The only problem is a pro football player has scorned her once,
will it happen again? This series is all about football romances so if you’re into football romances, I would highly recommend
checking out the series. They’re great, they’re steamy
and they’re so romantic. Next up we have Goalie Interference by Avon Gale and Piper Vaughn, which is another ice hockey romance. Ryu, I believe, is the main
character of this book, forgive me if I pronounce
that wrong, I apologize. He had a stellar season
for being the goalie of the Atlanta Venom. When he’s called into management’s office, he expects he’s gonna get a promotion, he expects it’s going
to be really good news. But, he learns that
there is a hotshot rookie coming here on this team to try and take his spot. Not what he expected at all. His name is Emmitt and
he knows that he is lucky to be on one of the best
ice hockey teams ever. Ryu doesn’t want to admit that Emmitt’s smart mouth turns him on. In this league it’s winner take all. They’re more to life than winning and if Ryu and Emmitt
can get past their egos and competitive natures,
they might discover they work better together than apart. Another steamy hockey romance, yes please. I haven’t read a ton of hockey romances but now I just really
want to read all of them. The Right Swipe by Alisha Rai is another fun romance
book that has a little bit of football romance in it as well. We follow Rhiannon who is a creator of this dating app and
it’s really going well and everything like that. She has a competitor that she
really kinda wants to buy out. And then she learns that the competitor has a new spokesperson for their app. His name is Samson and Samson and Rhiannon have a past together. They shared one amazing night and then Samson just disappeared. So lo and behold, Samson and Rhiannon get tied up together in
this app world of dating and things like that, and things start to happen. Feelings emerge, steaminess happens and it’s a fun romantic book. Samson is a former pro football player so there is a lot of
football talk in this book with how he dealt with his
life as a pro football player, how he’s dealing with his after
being a pro football player. So I’d say this definitely is reminiscent of a football romance and if
you love football romances, would highly recommend this one. Lastly, we have the Locker
Room by Meghan Quinn. There is this rumor about
the locker room in this book. Legend has it if you bring a
girl into this sacred domain of a space, it will end
with a walk down the aisle. One rowdy encounter against the lockers lands the girl of your dreams. In translation, that basically means that baseball players are extremely and stupidly superstitious. It’s a fun book. It’s about this guy
who’s trying to woo over this girl and try and get
her to the locker room and things happen. It’s kinda a hate to love romance with baseball in it as well so I would definitely
recommend checking out. Of course I had to
include baseball romance because I’m not big into sports but I really do love baseball, go Braves. It’s a fun, like I said,
quick and steamy read especially if you love baseball. So there you have it. Those are some sports romance books I think would be right up your alley. If you have any favorite
sports romance books, of course I’m sure I didn’t list some, please leave them down
in the comments below. We would love to hear. And if you haven’t already subscribed to Read Bliss, please do so. We put out videos every single week featuring a variety of
booktubers and authors, all with the topic of,
you guessed it, romance so you definitely don’t want to miss it, especially if you love romance. Thank you guys for watching and I will see you very, very soon. Bye. (calm friendly music)

square enix gives away 2 tomb raider games on steam –  free games

hello I am Demi Jack and today we on
GamesRadar.com now this is a very interesting story I personally think as
it involves free games and who doesn’t like free games
nowsquare enix gives away two tomb raider games on Steam and asks us to stay
home and play now I really in my opinion like the story I think it’s a wholesome
story now we’re gonna read this article and I
will give my opinion about it at the end and what I think about it and in a bid
to keep gamers home self isolating as a corona virus pandemic continues square
Enix has made this 2013 reboot of Tomb Raider free on Steam though the free
becomes part of the stay at home and play campaign the game will remain in
the libraries of those who have been good of the offer forever Lara Croft and
the Temple of Isis will also be available for free to snag your copies
and help to be some entertain as we all play about fire safe home the games will
be available in 2 11:59 p.m. on March Monday March 23rd which is 7:00 a.m. UK
Tuesday March 24th as at the time of writing there is sadly no structure
offer on the console or stadia versions yet we are warmed by stories of
community spanning the every support those in need during uncertain times and
by honoring directives intended to protect the most vulnerable among us
gamers are part of the global community we will regularly rally together online
to return balance to fantasy kingdoms recruit crew to save a universal sci-fi
threat and indulged in healthy competition through a high-octane action
game for others shifting to plus online Lord complain is unfamiliar territory
but this in mind we are offering a gift to our community
donning right now through Monday March 23rd we’re releasing the Tomb Raider
2013 and lara croft andtemple of orisis for
free on things even if you’ve never been a fan of law cross sports and hunting
adventures Tomb Raider is sure to impress its expert sense of pacing
captive setting and dark turn create a truly memorable experience that further
enhanced by immense level of detail lara croft the old lara croft is dead in
place of a dolled up gunslinger to do what it takes to survive I hope she
hasn’t has had her fill of adventuring just yet to round this article off as we summrized
last week dcovid 19 pandamic has a string of high-profile cancellation
prints tournaments and change related to the alarming spread of the coronavirs most
notably EE3 2020 has been cancelled pokemon go are implementing changes to in charge
social distancing and Disney has postponed screen play productions
ea has confimed it stoping all live events – and is recommending and stuff
to work from home and as is rockstar so amongst many others on a more positive
note nivida is giving PC gameers a chance to make a real difference by
using that hardware power to access the folding at home application which lets
you donate unused computing power to help with research into the corona virus
so this iron was written by Vicki blank and I think it’s a wholesome article now
we’re gonna get in opinions and I’m gonna give my little opinions on it so I
thought this was a very very interesting story – free games due to world events
and stuff I think it is pretty pretty good now also I do want to urge and
everyone that because of this pandemic is essentially the best idea if your
country has not gone in to lockdown yet please exactly stay home and relax and
play game like play games like there are a alot you got a lot of catching up to do on new gaming as of right now this is the
best time to catch some your gaming so maybe hop minecraft and build that new
castle or whatever you want is whole base or whatever you want to build on minecraft get on fortnite and get a battle royal or well like me get on WoW and
level up some alts oh it’s better yet yeah look get these games download them
and play them because you haven’t played them before and you’re interested in
playing them so that is essentially what I think of the story I think it’s a
wholesome story and I think it’s pretty good and and said you don’t want to
catch the virus you don’t want to catch the virus so lets everyone try not to
catch the virus yeah if you did enjoy this video please remember to like
subscribe comment down below cuz I read all the comments and also share
and as always I will see you next time probably next week and today is the last
day a week and I will see you in the next one business this is demi jack gaming
signing out you

10 Strangest Unsolved Video Game Discoveries – Part IV

Sometimes some things are going on out in the
world that make you want to stay inside, only to find something that in a video game that
makes you think… It can’t be that bad out there, right? Today, we’re going to be diving into the
top 10 strangest video game mysteries and discoveries that still remain unsolved to
this day… Part IV. Stay safe, everyone. Emily Wants To Play. “Hello? Pizza’s here!” Thanks to dimencionman for submitting me this
unsolved mystery from the 2016 survival horror game, Emily Wants To Play. OH GOD! Anyway… if you go through this door right
at the beginning of the game and head into the bedroom… What is that? Moving right along… Since the game’s
release, this lamp has laid on its side with a light flickering overhead in the middle
of the room, remaining rather inconspicuous, until the developer released an update in
August 2016, mentioning in the patch notes he ‘made something (that no one ever found)
a little more noticeable.’ This time when players went to the lamp, now
corresponding with the flickering flashes of light were a strange series of buzzing
noises. Mark Zuckerberg on Steam—not the actual
Mark Zuckerberg—posted about the observation on the game’s discussion board, and suggested
that it was Morse code, and Shawn Hitchcock, the developer himself responded with only
this… Despite fairly solid confirmation that the
lamp or the flickering light have to do with something, no one knows what exactly that
something is… making it a still unsolved discovery since the game released in 2016 Oh god, what the hell is that? Okay, I’m out of here before this gets any
worse… OH!! Apex Legends. Thanks to The785 for submitting this discovery
to the Oddheader reddit. Shortly after the recent release of Season
4: Assimilation, Redditor SheeplessWolf was playing around the new Planet Harvester addition
to the map with his friends, when suddenly they noticed something odd, as they saw what
appeared to be a dog or a wolf running around on this walkway in the distance… and when
they went up there they found nothing but a player playing as Bangalore. This occurrence instantly sparked a number
of theories online, the most popular being a potential teaser for the upcoming character
named Loba, a character who was datamined from the files of the game shortly after Apex’s
initial release … whose name also happens to translate to “wolf” in Portuguese. Another theory was it was just another player
in the game, most assumedly as Wraith, possibly Naruto-running across the walkway… though
players such as YouTuber Kevtheking99-YT spent hours trying to recreate the exact angle of
the footage and never once managed to replicate anything close. “We tried this so many times… at the end
of the day, we could not get it.” Seeing it in slow motion, I personally see
rather convincing animation that moves exactly how I would expect someone to animate a dog’s
legs to move, which is really a tough thing to animate, so the idea we ended up with that
accidentally seems pretty strange to me. Intriguingly, shortly after this discovery
was found, many players reported that after the find that they could hear howling throughout
the map, possibly adding some validity to the mystery. [howling] And while perhaps unrelated, Glacier0516 also
recently submitted this footage to me that occurred on the training map shortly after
the update, as he was playing alone when suddenly he was hit out of nowhere… “My abilities don’t work! I’ve been short-circuited!” And then unexpectedly the map started acting
strangely all around him at once… Glitches or not, there’s definitely a lot of creepy,
unexplainable things going on in the world of Apex Legends as of late … Resident Evil 3: Nemisis. Thanks to CycloneJoker for submitting this
mystery through my website oddheader.com. A rather obscure and long-running mystery
lies on this screen near the very beginning of the game, as players noticed what appeared
to be a strange random face in the corner of the screen … what the? …If we were to invert the color of the
image, we can see that it’s … well … definitely a woman’s face…
creepily staring us down from the sky above. Whether or not this was a mistake or intended
has been a contentious debate among the Resident Evil community, as many are skeptical that
the developers would somehow miss this in this kind of highly-detailed, pre-rendered
background … I mean, look there’s even a Capcom easter egg right here for the eagle-eyed
player… Capcom being the publisher of the game… Stranger yet, this “error” wasn’t
ever corrected in any of the games’ ports, including the Dreamcast and Gamecube versions,
which provide a higher resolution image. A popular theory is this may be Regina from
the Dino Crisis series, which is made by the same team as Resident Evil, and while I can
definitely see that, especially with the red hair that appears before we invert the colors,
whoever these mysterious eyes in the sky belong to remains a mystery, and we’ll have to
keep an eye out if any references are made in the upcoming remake… only one thing we
know for sure… She’s always watching… What the Golf. 2019’s What the Golf released on Apple Arcade,
PC, and soon the Nintendo Switch… is a game that definitely fulfills its title. Less a game about golf and more of an endless
stream of random gameplay moments, What the Golf is a ride filled with countless easter
eggs and head-scratching discoveries around every corner. One mystery I found while putt-ing my way
through the hub world was a series of coded messages that could be found on terminals
throughout the game. Digging through the AppleArcade subreddit
I found I wasn’t the first person to notice this. As other redditors discovered the codes
were morse and actually translated into many segmented messages. So far only LadyGwynn on reddit has organized
one of the messages into the assumed correct order and found this message: “SECRET BLUE HORSES AT WHAT THE GOLF .BASEMENT” As of the publishing of this video, nobody
really knows what the secret blue horses are or where this basement is actually supposed
to be. Nor does anyone even know how to fully 100%
the game… unfortunately, it’s going to be difficult solving these mysteries considering
nothing makes sense in this game to begin with… South Park: The Stick of Truth. Thanks to WestbethConvergence for submitting
this mystery to me through my website oddheader.com. South Park viewers may still remember Pip “Lunchie-munchies! Hmm?” “Go away Pip, nobody likes you!” A once prominent character whose role was
delegated to Butters after Season 4, only receiving one speaking line in his last eight
years on the series, until he finally spoke in 2010 and then was immediately squashed
by Mecha-Streisand… South Park fans questioned if this marked
the true end of the character, eventually asking South Park Studios if Pip was actually
dead, who only responded with: “He looked pretty dead to me.” Yet bizarrely, dataminers found in The Stick
of Truth an eerie discovery when combing through the files of the game, as they came across
across Pip’s skull in the files rendered with two creepy glowing eyes. And, thanks to Cunkier on my discord who helped
with additional research, it turns out Pip’s skull is categorized as a weapon… meaning
beating enemies with the demon-possessed skull of a murdered boy is a feature that’s no longer in
the game… Which would probably sound more disturbing
if I wasn’t talking about South Park. Grand Theft Auto 5. Grand Theft Auto V has a number of ongoing
mysteries, from Mt Chiliad, mysterious lights, or even this window that sprays blood that hasn’t been patched out of the game despite numerous reports about it to Rockstar. Odd. Intriguingly, another mystery recently cropped
up through the Casino Heist update, as players could interact with the Madam Nazar fortune
machine, who’s also a character players can sell collectibles to in Red Dead Online. Players noticed it would eventually provide
a random series of numbers, which when rearranged turned out to be a same set of numbers that
can be found in Red Dead Redemption 2, as it could be heard from an unseen, mysterious woman
chanting inside a random outhouse that can be found in the forest… “One… two… three… seven… six…” …Another mystery players have scratched
their heads over since that game’s release in 2018. After obtaining all the numbers from the machine,
it was found if the numbers were plugged into the player’s phone, they would receive
this especially cryptic message from Nazar herself… “You were looking for me? Yes?” “The future is open to me!” “Safe travels.” Whatever the hell that means. No one has found a deeper meaning behind the
numbers or its connection between the two games. And also, I want to mention yet another really
creepy unsolved mystery that still remains in Red Dead Redemption 2, as players discovered
if they went into the depraved town of Butcher Creek at exactly 4 a.m. and peered underneath
this exact house at just the right angle, they could see an ominous, glowing red pentagram
illuminating from beneath the floor below. And… that’s all anybody’s got. No clues or connections to anything in the
game have yet to surface; the only theory anybody has is that it may just explain why
everybody in Butcher Creek is an [bleep]hole. “You son of a [bleep]!” “Alright, simmer down.” Destiny 2. Thanks to Oren Gabriel Bush for submitting
this mystery through Oddheader.com. In September 2018, Bungie introduced the Last
Wish Raid, where players discovered when they came to this door, if they instead decided
to end it all and jump off of this cliff, they could find this hidden path that led to what
is now known as the Wall of Wishes. By shooting precise combinations of patterns
onto the wall, players would unlock random rewards… Such as snazzy head ornaments, a
Paul McCartney song, and confetti headshots known as Grunt Birthday Party which also appeared
in the Halo series. With extensive efforts across the raidsecrets
community on reddit, players found 14 different combinations of prizes from the wall. However, dataminers managed to find that an
unfound 15th wish still existed inside the wall, waiting to be found, with the description
even saying “This one you shall cherish.” A clue was seemingly found for the missing
15th wish when players noticed a reference in an in-game book, explaining if they reached
level 999 and defeated Dul Incaru, they’d unlock the true ending of Dreaming City…
Dreaming City just happening to be the area that holds the Wall of Wishes. At that time, players had to wait a whole
year for hitting level 999 to even be possible in the game, and when player Bagel4k finally
managed to hit level 999 in November 2019 and defeated Dul Incaru once and for all… Jack squat happened. Not with wish 15. Not with anything at all! Later Bungie sent Bagel4k a personal message
with some cryptic cyphers that seemed to hold some new clues that could tie into the Wall
of Wishes. But at that point, the damage had already
been done. Not cool, Bungie. Not cool. Metal Gear Solid. Thanks to Metalray for submitting this crazy
mystery through my discord server. To start, the Metal Gear series is actually
one of the first video games to feature Virtual Reality as a plot point. In game and lore, the series’ characters
use VR in order to prepare for real life scenarios in the field. Virtual Reality also serves as the backdrop
for training mode in the first Metal Gear Solid, where the player, just like the characters,
can learn the game’s mechanics before going into the field. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty upped
the ante with VR even further, playing with Virtual Reality so much in its story, partnered
with the fact the game was somehow more bizarre than the first game, many were sure that a twist
was coming that was going to reveal the whole game was a VR simulation… Except, that
never happened… and some players are still aren’t convinced. A major breakthrough in the theory was seemingly
found when players unearthed an interesting discovery in the first Metal Gear Solid. As players found when they were in the Metal
Gear bay and zoomed all the way up in the corner of this room, they could see what appeared
to be one of the VR targets that doesn’t actually appear anywhere else in the main
story, as they’re only supposed to appear in the VR training mode! For many, this discovery blew the Virtual
Reality mystery case wide open. Is this just a misplaced game asset that somehow
ended up in a viewable portion of the map? Or is it rather what many others believe it
to be: a cryptically placed clue that suggests that the entirety of Metal Gear Solid was
just a simulation? Some even going as far to say that the whole
game was just Raiden in a VR protocol before his character was randomly introduced and took
over the story in Metal Gear Solid 2. Does this prove that Hideo Kojima planned
an elaborate conspiracy from the very start of the series, that would change the whole
context of the entire series with this single discovery? Honestly, being that this Hideo Kojima…
yeah, I believe it. Elite Dangerous. Thanks to CMDR CojeX for submitting this mystery
through Oddheader.com. The Elite series is known for being one of
the longest running and largest open-ended games, with the newest game, Elite Dangerous,
actually being a 1:1 scale of the Milky Way galaxy. This mystery actually begins with the first
installment in the series all the way back in 1984, as the game came with a book that
made mention of a mysterious Raxxla, a planet that supposedly holds a gateway to all the
other universes and was once seized by a secret organization who continues hide its existence
to this day. Back in the day, this led many to believe
that Raxxla was somewhere in the 1984 game, which the developers of that game iterated
many times was not actually the case. However, the developers of the 2014’s Elite
Dangerous sing much a different tune, as they’ve been very vocal that Raxxla does
exist somewhere in Elite Dangerous, except it still hasn’t been found. Weirdly, in 2018, a redditor posted what appeared
to be prerelease images of a mysterious creature known as Thargoids. Even weirder, every time this redditor posted
these images, they were removed from the Elite Dangerous subbreddit, leading people to believe
they were either faked or actually held credibility and could have even been from an ex-developer. When other members questioned this redditor,
he revealed that the location of Raxxla was tied to the Founders World. At one point this location had a mission to
transport a mysterious “SAP 8 core containers” that no one had ever seen before … and then
even stranger still, these missions were swiftly removed from the game… assumedly because
the developers felt it brought players a little too close to the secret of Raxxla… Unfortunately, looks like players are going
to have to find Raxxla the hard way. Considering it takes a ship traveling at lightspeed
200,000 years to travel the distance of the Milky Way, which again Elite Dangerous is
the scale of… I’m not holding my breath anyone’s going
to find Raxxla anytime soon… If you enjoyed this video, please subscribe. If you know of any other mysteries that I
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