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Games That Kick: Trust Games

January 29, 2020 | Articles, Blog | No Comments

Games That Kick: Trust Games

Fran Kick: I really enjoy the trust sequence that
Frank does because it helps build that trust in a sequence and
the same way you build trust in a sequence for this game
has implications for an organization, or a
team, or a company, or even a relationship 1-on-1. We gradually build trust and it’s easy
to fracture that trust sometimes by having
people cheat or a lack of integrity just like in the game — just like in life.
“Probably on of the most critical things that are important for a group or for you to function as an individual within the group is really
addressing this issue of trust and how important trust is when it comes,
you know emotionally, it comes physically, it comes in all different kinds of dynamics.”
Frank Crockett: This becomes a very defining exercise as far as really allowing a group to progress in a very
productive direction and again, paying attention to the video
and how it’s set up and how it’s led. Feel feel to interrupt it and teach while you’re doing it versus feeling like
‘Well, I gotta finish this exercise because…” Remember, it’s all about the process. So if you feel like
there’s an experience that’ happening that needs to be interrupted because there’s something
going within the group, what a great time to stop pull away from what you’re doing,
sit down, let’s talk about this, let’s use it. “And let’s just focus on doing the technique correctly. Very good. Again, this is very important that your hands are together like this as well because…” Fran Kick: The other neat thing about this Trust Game
is that of all the qualities and characteristics that people identify
that are needed in any organization or group to succeed at a very high level, trust is always one of the top three. Regardless of where you do this — context or content —
when you ask people to identify what’s really important here?
Trust always comes to the top of the list. So by illustrating that through this activity it’s a very rich discussion starter afterwards. “Trust is one of those critical key elements when it comes to what’s
important for a group to work well together. And if we can figure out this whole trust thing
and create an environment that feels safe you will go to a level that most groups never get
here because they struggle with this whole element of trust.
You guys did an excellent job, give yourselves a big round of applause.” [Applause]

TOSS MY SALAD (Virtual Reality) | ChefU

January 27, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 2 Comments

TOSS MY SALAD (Virtual Reality) | ChefU

What is up my cranky crew! It’s Ethan from CrankGameplays and today we are back in more of the HTC Vive. We’re playing some Chef U today so, let’s get right into the game. All you do is you’re a chef and you- you’re- You’re a chef! This game seemed really fun though all literally all you do is cook food in VR, and apparently the physics are a little bit odd so Let’s get into cooking shall we? Let’s go to the kitchen, and let’s get rockin and rollin. Hello, hi. Thank you very much Oh, I don’t need anything. Oh! Hey there Where you going? hmm? But where you going? Where you going you sweet, handsome man OH! HORRIBLE, oh that was just the worst Oh no, oh no, you can see his eyeballs. Oh no you can see his teeth I AM YOU NOW! I’m so sorry that I did that, I shouldn’t have done that What a lovely face you have, what a lovely what a love- oh I can touch my nose to your nose. What’s inside of your body? Got some good pants Now what’s down here? Ah a whole lot of empty space? alright anyway AH, recipes (chef being injured in the background) What? What are you fucking- stop- calm down. What are you hurting yourself on? What? ok Stop what? I don’t know what you’re talking about Pan-seared steak, let’s get right on to it. Season the gener- I don’t know what you want me to do I’m sorry. Uh wha? What? What? What? What? Season generously with salt and pepper on both sides, alright Heat skillet over high heat, place steak on pan and cook until golden brown. Plate the completed recipe and ring the bell, alright Well, I’m down for it. I’m down for it I need a skillet. Ow yes, good good good. Alright Oh God, a little bit, a little bit tricky, alright, so we need this, and we need uh, a little bit. Oh! Whoop! WHERE ARE MY INGREDIENTS Okay, hold on. Will you stop hurting yourself, sir? I honestly don’t know what’s up with you. Olive oil. Okay. We’ll just put that there. Oh, hello Wall. Let’s get to it. I, I understand, sir. I don’t know what’s going on with you I honestly don’t know why you’re in pain. You should not be in pain. Get this out of here Let’s turn on these bad boys. Nope, we’re gonna, we’re gonna turn it off. We’re gonna turn that uh Maybe we’ll salt and pepper Stop, don’t get too ahead of yourself. All right. We’ve got our ingredients. We’ve got our ingredients. We’re gonna put this right here can we Oh my fucking God. Are you fucking kidding me? I just got everything together I just- fucking- I’m trying to make a nice dinner for the whole family and I can’t even fucking do it without you complaining, get the steak out of there, goddamn it I fucking slave away for this goddamn family, and this is what I get in return Will you shut your goddamn gourd? I don’t care about anything that you have to say. Where did my fucking pepper go? Bring me back my pepper. Where did my pepper go? Huh? Is it down in the cabinets? The fuck?ing door Close? What the fuck Alright Perfect. Time to redo this, and hopefully I won’t- stop. I don’t understand I don’t under- alright. Well. I guess we’re just gonna live with that. Alright, so we’ve got our stuff here, right? We’ve got our, we’ve got our stuff. We’re going to take the skillet pan. We are going to go back over here I’m just gonna, I’m just gonna put this on, on the stove. I’m just gonna put this right there, right there. Yes, that will be good, okay. Sir, I don’t understand how you’re in pain. Please stop. Oh my god Just put a fucking bandaid on it. I don’t know what’s going on! Alright here we are. Oh great Oh great, the steak. It’s ruined! It’s all goddamn ruined, wonderful. Alright, so let’s get some salt and pepper on it How do we? How do we, how do we grind it? Oh? Oh yes, that does not look very good at all no thanks. Let’s get some salt on there. Yes, those are very large salt flakes Okay, okay Heat skillet okay, we’re gonna need some olive oil Right? Right? I know how to do shit, there we go. That’s gonna be an oily ass steak right there, and let’s, oh there we go. There we go make it, make it piping hot. Yes. Good. Good. Good. Good. Good. Good. Good Close this. Yes, take the steak and I don’t know which way I’m facing, but what is this? How come I can’t cook it- How come I can’t get it out of there? Do I need to cut it out of the thing? Is that what I need to do? Do I need to cut it out? What the fuck do I do? THERE WE GO alright Alright, we’ll leave that one for later. There we go! Now this MWAH This, MWAH This is a steak. This is a steak for the ages. Now we’re gonna take this, make it Just flip it around a little bit. Good. Good. Good good How’s it on that side? A nice golden-brown, a nice medium-rare. Mwah mwah Which way am I fa- okay. Hey, hi. Alright, alright, looking pretty good, OP The fuck? Alright? Don’t burn it! Don’t burn the steak. Okay that part’s done Uh, this. Don’t, don’t burn yourself. Alright a little bit more olive oil in there should be good, there we go, there we go. Okay. We got to do this in a timely manner. Ready? Oh? Flip it! Flip it! Because that’s what you do with steaks, you flip the steak Excuse? Oh of course, it went inside of the oven, alright perfect Well, this steak looks ready to fly. There we go. We’ll keep this on the oven Plate the completed recipe and ring the bell, oh shit I need some cookware don’t I? I need a plate, hello. Now let’s plate this bitch Yes very nice, oh This is the perfect steak Oh, that is the loudest thing I’ve ever heard Jesus Christ. I wish that there was a voice setting I wish there was a fucking voice setting. Free play! That’s what I want to do I want to have free reign over my goddamn kitchen Yes, perfect. This is what I’ve wanted the entire time. Well now, we’re cooking! Do we got recipes up the goddamn wazoo in here? Chicken alfredo, we got meatloaf, we’ve got sesame crusted tuna steak, jeepers creepers, we’ve got everything you could ever want. Oh wait. I don’t want that though. Alright. Let’s do these roasted vegetables Let’s do these goddamn roasted vegetables. Quarter the zucchini and add a roasting pan, okay. Skillet pan, skillet pan, large pot, saucepan. Where is my fucking roasting pan? Excuse me Excuse me, where- no this is not my roasting pan! Where is my roasting pan? Who stole it from me? Oh wait, is this the roasting pan? Wait No, that’s a fucking baking pan Uhm uh, hold on a second, is somebody trying to bam- oh my roasting pan, alright, alright uh, I thought that I was about to have to murder somebody because they were trying to steal my roasting pan Alright here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna put that back there. Oh perfect, perfect, perfect. Alright what do we do? Quarter the zucchini and add it to the roasting pan. Zucchini. Where are you? Oh are these my fresh vegties- vegetables? Are these my fresh veggie tobs? Oh I believe they are. Let’s grab the zuc out of there shall we? Alright. We’ll put these, we’ll put these in the sink. Well we’ll wash them all off, like a responsible chef would, right? Yep, anything else in there? There’s one little broccoli in there, one little straggler, come on get out little one. Ah, out! There we go! Now the zucchini. Thank you. You can close that, thank you very much, okay What do I have to do? Quarter? The zucchini? Oh I will quarter the fuck out of this zucchini Oh Nope, I need that back. We want to cut off the little tip of it. Oh yes Oh yes Oh Good. Good. Oh, and right into the bowl it went, right into the roasting pan. This isn’t really quartered Because, I didn’t make it into four pieces I don’t need you Maybe I will, but not right now. Alright, chop the red onion and add it to the roasting pan Red onion. Right in here. Open into your face, hold on, open it up. Put the mushrooms back in there, okay get your bowl. Hold on, grab the bowl, good. Shut the door, shut the door. This is bread? No way! No, way. Out. Oh, I grabbed it. Oh no! You made me drop my onions! Oh, you just can’t get good people, can you? I’m hiding behind the counter like in Jurassic Park, remember? Grab the garlic, grab the garlic, grab the garlic, grab your success! Put that bad boy right there. I’m gonna put this right here. What are we doing with this? Chop up the red onion and add it to the roasting pan. Ah okay, okay, okay. Ready? Hold it Oh, oh Look at these little, fine dices we’ve got here. Oh, this is nice Oh wait, should we have minced it? Should we have cut it a different way? Okay, hold on. You gotta, you gotta grab the back end of it, Okay, we’re gonna put it down, now Oh yes, this is good. This is very good. Alright, This back end part of it? Not great. Here we go and Just plop those right down in there. Yep, slide them on in, slide them on in Oh Perfecto. What do we need now? Chop up the red bell pepper and add it to the roasting pan. Oh, I’m afraid to reach down in there. I’m really afraid to reach down in there, but that’s alright. Here we go, grab the knife, grab your bell pepper, a simple little slice. Oh there we go now We’re going to cut it long ways, ready? Chef Ethan will teach you the way. First, we’re gonna chop it in ha- op fuck, in half Why am I holding another knife already? I don’t need that knife. Fuck it. Fuck it. We’re just gonna fuck it We’re gonna fuck this bell pepper. All right. We’re gonna take some of this, some of this, some of this, good You don’t need a ton you know? When they when they tell you that you need a lot, you don’t, you don’t. The bell pepper? It’s a very big flavour you know? You don’t want too much of it. You really don’t. Just a nice little hint. Now! What do we need? Add broccoli, garlic, and mushrooms to the roasting pan, quarter the squash and add it to the roasting pan Where’s the squash? Alright. These bad boys, uh Kobe I am Deer and Fox from downtown, OH of course my baby boy made it. Put this, right in there. Comin back hot. Alright. Yes. Oh good, good, good. How am I holding this? Alright, get that squash in there. We are going to make a magnificent, little piece of cake here, a magnificent little piece of cake, put that all in. Good. We don’t need this anymore So, to the elevator it goes. Thank you very much. Now, what now what was it mushrooms? I think we need the mushrooms in there. The garlic? I don’t know if we need it yet. Season the vegetables with salt, pepper, and thyme. Grab the pepper really scrunch it in, yep You’ll want to get that seasoning in there. A little bit of salt, a little bit of pepper, alright. Now we will go over to our shelf here. Which one is thyme? Probably, THYME I knew it! Give it a little, a little sniff, just like Ratatouille. Oh up there, there you go and Just a sprinkle, just a sprinkle. We’ll leave that there for later. Thyme is a wonderful spice, that you should have in your arsenal of kitchenry. Alright, now Bake until all the vegetables are a healthy colour, alright. I’m gonna add in my little spruce I’m going to add in, just a pinch more salt Good. Alright, and we’re gonna sprinkle some olive oil over this. We’re just gonna sprinkle some olive oil over it Really make it our own. Bake until all the vegetables- so you’re gonna want to put your oven, up to a good four or five degrees. Alright there we go. Wait until it’s piping hot and put your hand in there test her out I’m not sure what any of these do. I’m gonna assume that that’s on. We’re gonna pull that bitch down. Alright. Anything else we need in here? I don’t think so. Just make sure this is in. Sprinkle it around a little bit. Pop her in the oven. Push her back, a little bit farther because she’s a little bit too far out Close her up, close, and wait! You know we don’t want to rush things. Cooking is about, being patient. Let’s open this up. Let’s take that, oh those roasted vegetables are nice, and we’ll add the garlic. Because you always add the garlic afterwards, and we will grab ourselves a plate to put it on. One of these big boys One of these big boys, we want a big plate. We want a big plate. Let’s go back over Let’s grab a glass for them to drink out of. We’ll give them a nice little drink. There we go. Perfect. The perfect dish. Alright. Now, take this. Is this open? There we go, and two shots of vodka, alright They are about to have a- dOH FUCK AH OH GOD I’m bleeding! I’m bleeding! Oh my god it exploded inside my body. Oh God! Gordon! Gordon Ramsay! Oh God, I am an idiot sandwich for sure. Alright guys! Well I’m gonna end it here It’s a fun game. It’s a little bit wonky, a lil bit, a little bit wonky, a little bit weird um, but overall, pretty fun. I bet that if you actually got in that and took it a little bit seriously and learned how to play, it would be a lot more fun the physics are really fucking weird in that game though, but that’s what makes it a little bit fun, it’s so charming. So anyway let me know if you’d want to see me cook anything else, maybe I’ll- I want to make a cooking video in real life cause I don’t know how to cook anything at all, so maybe I’ll do that sometime soon-ish, who knows? So thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed if you did make sure to slap that like button right in the face And I will see you guys in the next video. Love you all stay cranky. Bye

เซอร์ไพรส์ทีมงาน!! เปลี่ยนสตูเป็น E-SPORTS – Bie The Ska

Aww! A truckload of them! Brace yourself for a major change of The Ska studio Hey Hey What’s this? Right now I must tell you.
I just got sponsored by Redragon. And I received 20 eSports chairs which are limited edition with
“The Ska” logo embroidered on each of them. I consider it a good luck Aside from chairs, we also received 15 keyboards. So I got an idea to surprise The Ska crew by changing this studio, this office, which is so untidy and too normal, into an eSports arena. And I’ll surprise my crew
with these keyboards and chairs. I wanna know as well how the crew
will feel when they see the new studio. But I gotta have my assistants Man, Game, Dean I just received new keyboards and chairs for gamers. I want to rearrange this room into an eSports arena. Please tidy up for the surprise. So when they come here tomorrow, they’ll see and be amazed like
“Hey! What’s this?! The studio has changed!” Something like that. Okay? Please do that for me. Go extra, ok? Just us three? Just three… Go extra, ok? just three… Yeah, just you three. And the desks are… Okay So we’ll install some lights and like… Oh! So there’ll be some lights? So the lighting will be… Oh! Like this? With LED lights? But these are not from Redragon. We’ll change to Redgragon ones though. We’ll just dump this one? Yeah! Trash them! We have new ones now. And burn these chairs! We’ll use our new chairs The Ska X Redragon chairs Ok? You can do this! The Ska Studio renovation begins!! Starting from tidying up the desks The next morning Today Ah, why’s Forst here? Dean’s at home. So all work and no surprise for me 🙁 I will install a row of lights under the desks. We’ll set up everything before
the package arrives tomorrow. Let’s do this. The morning the chairs arrive Now, Redragon is here. There! A truckload of them! Come on in. I’m excited myself. I don’t know how the crew will react, or how excited they’ll be. But I am excited. Ok Let me see. Wow! So dope! These tiny foam balls! Not those! The chairs! Wow, it’s embroidered Ooh It’s hella dope. Real extra So cool. What about this box? The keyboards Oh, the keyboards I’m not gonna let you guys see these for now. We’ll unbox this one together. Come on in, come on in. I’m ready, you? Yeah All night. We’ll be rearranging
the studio all day and all night. Game played games all night too. What? I helped… I helped… You’re slacking off again, Game. I helped… It’s heavy. Man, is it heavy? No, no You carry that, ok? You hit his face! Sorry ‘_’;; When we’ve done with the boxes Soooo cool! Seriously, it’s so extra. I mean the embroidery. Look here, “The Ska Film” They made it so nicely. The embroidered logo is so pretty. That’s the back. Let’s look at the front. Is this thing on sale? Absolutely not. Honestly, I’ve seen chairs like this when they want it to have a logo,
they’ll put on a chair cover with logo But this chair is embroidered. This is an adjustable pillow. This is as well. You can adjust where you want it to be. While the assistants were arranging the chairs, Bie did a random unboxing video. This is a random box. Will it be worth it? Worth it or not, I’ve got the keyboards. So it’s definitely worth it. These are for my crew. Redragon sent us this box. Let’s see! Wowww There’s only one? Nah, there are many. It’s handy. 15 of them are in here. Do you wanna unbox this? Let’s unbox one. Look, here it is. So many gadgets inside A USB cable It has LED lights, right? Teh? You can even change the colors, I guess. What’s this for? To pinch that off. Oh, to pinch the button. And these ones are custom keycaps to decorate the keyboard. Ah! They are. I’ll match each of these for each keyboard. Oof Listen to that. It sounds so heavenly. You can play with this ring on. Finally, The Ska Arena is completed. And now we’ve set up the lights we’ll watch each of our crew’s reaction when they see the studio which
has turned into an eSports arena. How will they react? We’ve got new chairs, lights, and keyboards. Just be patient. It’s almost working hour. 5 minutes later Why didn’t they turn on the lights? Ooh Is this an office or a gaming cafe? 10 baht an hour, bro. Pay now. You charge me? Yeah Oho Superb But we have to work in the dark like this? Yep For the vibes, you know? The chair is comfy. So avant-garde. !!? What’s all this? – Ping, hello
– Hello What’s this? Are we gamers? 10 baht an hour 5 baht please. Let’s meet half way. Ooh! A new chair and a keyboard with LED lights Are you amazed? I’ll be more productive ’cause my gadgets are cool. Quit joking, Noom! Wow! Damnnn – Pond, hello
– Hello This is a gaming cafe. What’s this? What are you doing? Calm down, Aom But what’s all this? Hey, nice lighting Nice for a nap Aom look! It’s embroidered “The Ska” You can’t get a backache in a chair like this. It’s designed for those who have to sit for long. All day long You mean work? Sleep! Hey! Damn Why does it has LED lights? Wait, those keyboards tho Does my desk have a chair like this? Woah! The chair! Whose chair is this? Do I get one like this too? Ooh! The keyboard

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | This Week in GWENT 24.01.2020

Welcome back to episode three of This Week in GWENT! Your weekly summary of everything happening in the world of GWENT! The Lunar New Year Festival launched this week so lets learn more about that! The festival, which begins today and will last till February 7th, gives players the chance to earn Red Envelopes as part of their daily crown progression – 4 rewards per day. Each Red Envelope contains a selection of in-game gifts, including a cardback, borders, portraits, a player title, and resources — Gold, Scraps and Meteorite Powder. We have a lot of festival-themed items in the Shupe shop! Starting with the Lunar Game Board, which features the golden wererat in the middle. The Prosperity Pack which contains 25 Ultimate Premium Kegs, 400 Meteorite Powder 1 random Legendary card from the pool of all existing GWENT cards and finally the Lunar New Year Bundle in which you’ll find the Lunar Premium Cardback, Lucky Avatar, Golden Coin Border and The Lucky One Title! Hurry up cause these items will be available till February 7th 2020. Important update: starting with the next patch, which will happen at the end of this season we won’t be providing full mill value for cards, which received a full rework. This new change will apply to all patches moving forward. Want to know all the updates for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game starting with closed beta? Then check out The History of GWENT by YouTube user Denis Gajdács! We’ll link the video down below so be sure to check it out! That’s it for this weeks TWiG, see you again next week!

FAQ for my AVATAR Game! | Thank you! Also: Jump Animations | [Day 41] [Dreams PS4]

Hey guys! First of all I’ve heard your feedback, the
head is way too humongous; so here you go, I hope this makes us both happy. Second of all; thank you soo so much for the
support, this channel is exploding recently; glad you are all very excited about my Avatar
Game! So today we will go into some frequently asked
questions about it, while I do some quick and dirty jump animations
in the background. 1. Will you release the Game on PC, Xbox, Switch
(Mobile apparently? :D)? Short answer: No. Long Answer:
No, because I make this game inside a Game called Dreams which is a PS4 Exclusive title. So you will only be able to play this inside
Dreams which will release on Valintines Day this year for 40 Bucks. Therefore it will also be free to play IF
you have Dreams on PS4. There are rumors that Dreams will come to
PC too though, but don’t wait for it. 2. How many People are working on this? Me. 3. Release…when? I have literally no idea and I don’t want
to say any date. I aim for this year but then again,
I did say the same thing last year. So it’s ready when it’s ready and I am happy
with it. It’s a Game
for fans by a huge fan. 4. Can I help you with X/Y/Z? In theory yes; you have to do everything in
Dreams though so we can collaborate; I can’t import anything. I also can’t pay you since this all is non-profit
and just a hobby. 5. What about Copyright? I am well aware that this could be shut down
at any moment. I tried to contact Mike Dante DiMartino the
executive Producer of Avatar and informed him of this project. Didn’t got any answers yet; I hope he is cool
with it though. If it should get shut down; I will reskin
and rename the project. 6. Storymode? Timeline? Multiplayer? The Game is set in the last airbender timeline. The story will be original with you visiting
all major locations and landmarks from the series. A Arena Multiplayer is planned after the release
of the Singleplayer. I also planned a Momo Spinoff Minigame aswell
as a Glider Spinoff Minigame. 7. I need more Updates and a Roadmap! Look no further, I reguraly update and share
my progress on my Twitter – @Elca_Gaming – and I also have a Trello Board on which you
can see the roadmap, planned features, stuff I already made and an additional FAQ;
you can find both linked in the description. 8. I want to throw money at you! Keep in mind that this is just a hobby project
I do in my freetime after my dayjob; I can’t guarantee you that this will be finished
anytime soon or finished at all (I’ll do my best though!) But if you want to fund me doing this or just
like my work be sure to check out my Patreon Page linked below. If we get enough money together I might actually
be able to do YouTube and therefore this project fulltime
so any help is greatly appreciated! Also keep in mind that EVERYTHING you see
right now is not finished nor does represent the final Game. Every Animation, Model or Mechanic is subject
to change and will evolve over time as you probably have seen
in my 4 Minutes Progress Video, or my more recent Update. 🙂 Anyways thank you so much for all the support
and nice comments over the last few days! Next Video will probably be funny shenanigans
with Momo. Stay tuned!

Top 10 Upcoming Action RPG Games like DIABLO in 2020 |  PART 2 of 2

Hello and greetings from Eastern Europe, my
name is ColdBeerHD and this is the second part of best upcoming hack and slash isometric
games of 2020. There is no difference from which part to
begin, watch it freely. Gatewalkers As developers say, this indie co-op survival
game which tells the story of the Gatewalkers, who are able to teleport to other, mysterious
lands, each of which differs in its climate and elements of the environment. Yeah, it would be very sad if every mysterious
land looked exactly the same. Well, maybe except if that would be a mysterious
land of bouncing boobs and vodka. Then it’s ok, let it be the same, over and
over again, I don’t mind spending some time there. Well, anyway, the gameplay is primarily about
exploring a randomly generated world, surviving, fighting with difficult weather conditions
and various kinds of creatures. The thing I’m not excited at all is the
actual survival part in this hack and slash game. Here you’ll face cold & thirst, also here
you’ll have to eat just to survive, meaning that you have to find food, water and wood
for fire. Is this an overkill that will distract you
from the fun part of hacking and slashing? I don’t know, but for now it seems so. Anyway, game is not available yet in any form,
so I’ll have to check on this game a bit later again. Naxia Game is set in a fantasy world where Angels
and Demons wage an eternal war. Well, it could not get more Diablo’ish than
that. Here you’ll have to choose between four playable
characters with unique skills and fighting styles and fight for humanity. Here each playable character will progress
through a unique story-line with character-specific interactions and dialogues. Also you can uncover the power of Rage Form
– a combat ability which allows you to shape-shift into a divinely powerful inhuman monster and
eradicate your foes. Hulk… smash! Yeah, something like that. Torchlight Frontiers This is a shared world where hundreds and
thousands of players can meet, play, hunt for gear, level their characters, drink vodka,
eat marinated herring, and of course together they can do amazing raping and pillaging. So basically it’s a Torchlight 3 and at
the same time it’s an MMO. Or I can be wrong. Just remember what MMO have done with Elder
Scrolls. Yeah, Let’s be fair and square and… triangle,
if your’e fan of Torchlight, you’ll probably hate this game. And if you just want something fresh to play,
it may be a good choice. Especially knowing that the game will be free. You can sign up for a closed alpha test right
now and hope to get a key. But I must say that I have signed up about
a year ago and still nothing. Disappointed! Katanakami: A way of Samurai Game takes us to an alternative version of
the feudal Japan. Here we are told the story of a blacksmith
living near the pine tree, which is the gateway to another world. When this man was unable to pay his debts,
his daughter was kidnapped. Unexpectedly, a strange samurai approached
him with a proposal to help. And you think you know what happens next,
righ? You’re wrong. Here your task is not to kill evil jakudzas
and save the girl, oh no, here your task is to raise the money and buy-out the girl which
requires hard work in the workshop and making dangerous journeys
to the underworld itself. Unexpected this is. Yes, really quite unexpected. Minecraft Dungeons The action of the game takes place in classic
fantasy land enriched with strong magic elements. The plot revolves around a villain known as
Arch-Illager, the leader of monster armies. Players take on the role of brave adventurers
and their task is to save the village that has become this villain’s target. Here you will explore dungeons, swamps, and
canyons full of dangers. You’ll have to avoid pitfalls and fight monsters. One thing that distinguishes Minecraft: Dungeons
from other Hack and slash games that there is no character development. I think I’m gonna throw up. No no no, please mister, it’s not that bad. Instead, character development is done by
finding better and better equipment, mainly weapons. And we all like weapons right? I don’t know, this game might be not for everyone
or it might be a total hit. A way to lure younger generation to our dark
action RPG side. Oh who am I kidding, I will play this game
myself, no doubt. That’s it, my awesome list is over, but
don’t worry, in my channel you will get constant updates about all those games and
many more. Consider liking and subscribing, and if you’re
already a subscriber of mine, who watches my videos with pleasure, please consider becoming
a patron, you can help me a lot. You’ll find all links in the description
below. Have a nice, productive day. bye

Can FRUITS Be the Game Changer For Weight Loss? | (New Study Breakdown)

Support PicFit. I like fitness science, and I hope you do
too. If you do, come support more of it with PicFit
Merch at picfitshop.com . As long as you can see this little advertisement, you can use
the code SCIENCE20 to take 20% off your PicFit order. PicFit thank you. Fruits, supposed to be healthy right? Unless you’re doing keto, where fruits are
the devil’s treat. Just kidding, kind of. As much as we often associate fruits with
healthy living, we don’t often hear them being the food choice for weight loss. Well, can it actually help? A new study seems to be purporting this, using
the fruits of our world to nudge you a bit closer to your fitness goals. Let’s check it out. In this study in 2019, researchers pondered
the impact of fruit consumption on satiety. The feeling of fullness, the reduction of
hunger, desire to eat, aka appetite. So, they took 17 healthy, young males and
had them go through three different protocols. In all of them, they were given a lunch consisting
of fried rice and water, with portion sizes relative to each subject’s food records. The difference between the three lunch protocols
is the addition of fruits. In one lunch, fruits, in this case, 60 calories
worth of sliced apples, a fairly small snack, was given 30 minutes before lunch. In the other, the fruits were given 30 minutes
AFTER lunch. And of course, there’s the control which
didn’t have any fruits. Subjects were required to eat all of the apples
but only advised to eat as much as they would like of their lunch. Food intake, satiety scores, and other markers
were measured. Now, what happened? First and foremost, it was very clear that
eating fruits, before or after, increased satiety scores. Subjects felt fuller for longer when given
apples. Total daily calories consumed and lunch consumption,
however, was actually not statistically different across all groups. In short, the apples did not result in eating
less in both during lunch and for the whole day. But, there is an interesting outcome worth
mentioning. Although lunch and daily intake was not different,
subsequent intake, the food eaten AFTER lunch, was statistically significantly lower when
subjects were given apples BEFORE lunch. About 165 calories lower on average, or an
18.5% reduction. Not less at all. But, ultimately, what does this data mean
for us? Can fruits be a good piece to the weight loss
puzzle? Well, it’s only one study so nothing’s
definitive. Also, this really only applies to apples,
red delicious Washington apples in this case, but not all fruits. But we have seen other studies finding similar
outcomes with prunes and apple sauce. At most, it’s quite an interesting finding
and I would say, pretty harmless to just try for ourselves. And keep in mind, although a 165-calorie reduction
doesn’t sound like much on paper, this was a study where subjects weren’t actively
trying to lose weight, yet they still naturally ate less. And of course, one of the biggest weight loss
struggles is to eat less. IF this can help you eat less without much
effort, then kudos. Ultimately, it’s more of a “try and see”
approach. It’s cool that we got some data on it, so
let’s see what it can do for us individually. I hope you found this study breakdown at least
interesting, and if you wanna try it yourself, please let me know how it goes in the comments
below. I also wanna give a shoutout to Keith, an
amazing patron on my PictureFit Patreon. Thanks for the support Keith and thanks to
all my Patreon supports for being awesome. If you enjoyed this video, please give it
a fruity thumbs up and share it with your apple-loving friends. As always, thank you for watching and GET


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Arise, warrior. The battle is about to begin. What battle? Where am I? Hey! Where’d you get that? Put on your uniform and enter the arena. Hey, I’m not putting anything on
until you tell me where I am. Ow! OK, I’m putting it on! But only because I want to. What the heck is this place? Oh my god. Something very familiar about this. Must be a new version of the Matrix. Arr, it’s just bloody… disrespectful…! Hey! Where are we? What system is this? You are all here for one purpose. To decide, once and for all, which of you is the ultimate hero. The battle begins… now. Rorschach’s journal. Appear to have been abducted by alien species to battle fellow costumed heroes on their home world. I refuse to fight for the entertainment
of an alien species. Would not be the first time. If you refuse to fight… you agree to die. I’m sorry, Jim. SPOCK!!!! Does anyone else agree to die? I don’t want to die. I want to live. FIGHT!!! THIS… ISN’T… SPARTA!!! Expecto…! The unexpected. I’ve got you in my sight. I can half-see that. My name is Inigo Montoya. I’m Captain Jack Sparrow. The name’s Bond. James Bond. The name’s Jason Bourne. At least I think it is. I’m federal agent Jack Bauer. These initials aren’t
big enough for the three of us. Impossible! Yeah, I hear that a lot. Draw. You draw. Well, it’s not my best work. Adamantium cuts vibranium. Dammit! I failed Fictional Chemistry. Stay. Just my luck. The wrong planet at the wrong time. Quicksilver! You… idiot. Ugh, you are so lucky you don’t have a brother. Tell me about it. I’m an orphan and a widow. Christmas at my place? Flame on! Flame off. Die, white-walker! Die, Snow. Die, tribute. Die, orc. Die, sky-people! ‘Sup! We’re the real Guardians of the Galaxy! No no – wait! I’m not an alien – I’m human! Gahh! Why won’t this helmet come off?? I am groot! FREEDOM!!! Yes! I finally killed Bill. Ahhh, so satisfying. He has a particularly good set of skills. Want to trade shields? What the hell? Hey man, you’re the one who put a target on it. This belongs in a museum. That’s why I shoot first. Time to die, replicant! How dare you, sir! Get off my playing field! You’re all under arrest. Hasta la vista, babies. Get away from me if you want to live! Dracarys. Come on! T-800, meet Mark 46! I hope this can be buffed out. Seeya later, Terminator! Ugh! You mated with a space slug? Your master cannot help you now. Use the Force, Rey! Let go. YEEHA! I’m finally living up to my name! Two for one! I’m coming, Scarlet! Just give me twelve days to get there. I hate bugs. Puny human. Autobots, roll out! Thank god he remembered to wear his underpants. I hate doctors. Life… is a highly overrated phenomenon. Bloody hell. He’s popped nearly everyone. Doctor Manhattan, if you truly believe life is meaningless, there’s only one way to prove it to yourself
and everyone else. Your logic is sound, Professor. Who’s gonna clean all this bluey crud up? So. It’s down to us then. Please. Not for long! Marvel as one! Thanks, Doctor Jones! You know that bats eat spiders? I always saw you as more of a fruit bat. Respect your elders. What kind of program are you? The Jedi kind. Whoa. That’s for taking all the best artifacts! Yeah, but I didn’t get to keep any of them! Funny. The last person to whip me, also wore leather. Why’d it have to be bats? Everything I own is bat-shaped. Get with it. What’s the point? They all have body armour, healing abilities
or super powers. What do we have? Bullets and bullwhips. Would you like to go tomb-raiding
with me sometime? The next tomb I raid will be yours, Jones. Dude, I’m blind! Stop. You will remove your clothing and weapons. Honey, do I look weak-minded to you? Done and done. What else has to happen? EW! You will put your clothes back on immediately! Bogus, dude. Fascinating technology. Does it come in black? No. But it comes in green. Quite emasculating. I’ve been Revenge-of-the-Sith’d! Now prepare to be Sleepy Hollow’d! That actually worked? Deadpool. You… are the ultimate hero. I’d like to celebrate by performing
a dance move I just invented. It’s called, “the torso”. Mm-ch-c-cha, ch-c-ch-c-cha-cha! Beam me up real slow, Scotty. So, while my limbs are regenerating, how ’bout we
pass the time by you explaining to me… what the hell was this all about? In time, all will be revealed. Before then, something else is needed. For as I’m sure you know, a hero… is only as good… as the villain. Que pasa? Arise, warrior. The battle is about to begin. Who’s your daddy? [HENRY JONES SR]
Junior! If you can hear me, I’m trapped in an antechamber
with four strange morons! [THE ANCIENT ONE]
Oh I’m not Strange. I’m his mentor, The Ancient One. I’m been trying to extricate us from this room
using spells from the Dark Dimension. No luck just yet. I think I’ll switch to the Milk & Hazelnut Dimension. [YODA]
Believe that Deadpool triumphed, I cannot. Weak, is he with the Force. [MORPHEUS]
I cannot believe that Neo failed. Does this mean he is not The One? Is the prophecy a lie? [GALADRIEL]
I should have stolen the Ring of Power and used it to conquer all. In place of a Dark Lord, you would have a Queen! Beautiful and terrible as the dawn! All would love me and despair! [YODA]
Do not give in to sore losing. To the Dark Side, that path leads. [GALADRIEL]
I do not take advice from deformed dwarves. [YODA]
I am a 900-year-old Jedi Master! [THE ANCIENT ONE]
900 years? You must be the Really Ancient One! [MORPHEUS]
Wait. I have a foolproof plan to free us
from not just this cell, but the entire world. Can anyone see a landline telephone anywhere? [YODA]
Well, I’m out of ideas. [YODA LAUGHS] [YODA COUGHS] [HENRY JONES SR]
This is intolerable!

NEW CROSSBOW! (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Crossbow)

What’s up guys, this is M3RKMUS1C and today. We’re back on modern warfare after 70 hours of downloading the update I think the model warfare patch file was around like 20 gigs on console, maybe like 48 on PC something like that I had to delete some games to be able to get this update But it’s finally here. And here’s pretty much what’s new as far as it goes for game modes They added capture the flag and they brought back shoot the ship which is just shoot house and shipment nothing too crazy there But now when you go to look at your weapons, you’ll see that you have 5 extra load outs That’s right guys a couple dozen gigs for a couple extra load outs right there has to be something better than that Are there any new guns? Oh Okay, I’m over exaggerating a little bit but they added a crossbow to modern warfare and it’s pretty badass Let’s check the whole thing out stylings and agile This high-performance crossbow fires 20 bolts 20 inch bolts with exceptional lethality Exclusive customization distinct functionality and unique ammunition types put this weapon in a class of its own even though it’s in the marksman rifle class Standard 20-inch bolts are recoverable and are undetected by trophy systems Ooh, I think in Pascal did it games trophy systems were blocking the crossbow now to actually unlock the cross Well, you have to buy 5000 supply drops. Just kidding. Thank god, that’s not the case But you actually just completed challenge You have to get 5 kills in 25 different matches using a marksman rifle with the reflex optic super fun Now look this challenge is obviously a lot better than having to spend money to try to get it but unfortunately for me I probably won’t be unlocking the crossbow even though it might seem like I’m some nerd that doesn’t do anything other than play call of Duty, I’m actually gonna be going out for a couple days. I’m gonna be going on a little trip I’m gonna be playing some things so I won’t be able to unlock the crossbow quite yet, but for sure when I come back I’m gonna be unlocking this crossbow and trying to cover it some more Ever since black ops were you had the akimbo shadow claws? the crossbow has been brought back in cold duty, and it just really hasn’t been as good as black ops 3 So I’m curious to see how Modern Warfare’s crossbow is. I guess it’s time to start grinding the challenge I guess this site should work if I want to unlock it But before I try to get it unlocked online, let’s see if I can use it in a private match That way I can hopefully show it off in this video. Oh, well, there it is. It’s just right there. Perfect Alright, I think I lucked out holy attachments. What’s you can get different cables you can get different arms I can go from tier X to wacky inflatable to man pretty quickly. It’s got a tag laser Oh my god, what so many different sites for this thing? That is crazy You got all these different stocks – oh my god while I was not expecting this different bolts as well Throw my tip explosive tips here. Guess what? It doesn’t look like you can get it at a Kimbo but it should still be pretty good in here. This is so interesting I don’t know exactly what’s gonna make this thing like better or worse I feel like I might just be playing against bots today and showing our different attachments and things like that I’m probably not gonna change the bolt for the crossbow quite yet. I want to see how it is Just like on its own I think this is pretty much gonna be the build that I test this thing out with right now We could test it out in gulag showers. This is gonna be great So, yeah for anyone watching this video if you want to play with the crossbow before unlocking it You can do it in a private match I’m not sure if they’re gonna continue to allow us to do that for a future new guns, but for now, it’s pretty nice Oh, look at this thing dude, it looks really cool. It looks like it pretty much has a built-in reflex sight It looks a lot like the red dot from cod4. This is really cool. Only get one shot at a time though okay, that it oh, I Think I’m gonna like this for online Let’s get a quality with against these Putrid BOTS. Okay, nevermind. I’ll take the stock off so I can change the bolt try the explosive one first Let’s see how the explosive is though. Oh, oh, it’s just like black ops one. That is so cool So you can sick people and then oh, well, it’s still an insta kill if you hit them So it’s oh maybe not maybe it depends on where you hit them to get that insta kill a headshot will kill them Oh my god, this is so cool. Let’s try out. The tear gas cartridge. This should be interesting Okay, so basically just the far corner Hey, wow, I feel like this is gonna be super annoying for online Oh my god. I thought I already hated the far corners, but I’m gonna be seeing this everywhere But Furillo, it doesn’t really seem like it’s the best attachment you could put on this thing. Well draw the thermite tip Her way she’s gonna keep melting them I feel like this thing with the thermite sip would be really annoying in domination when someone’s trying to capture a flag or in ground War I’m not just shooting that at the tanks. Holy fuck all of these so bad just constantly spanning him with thermite I would imagine that the thermite tips are probably weaker against the tanks, but you know, we got to test that out I’ll make sure to do that when I get this thing for real the scope-1. It’s pretty neat I mean it’s not like that differs from other scopes, but I feel like actually trying to hit a crosswalk wampie would be pretty tough Just look ghost. Oh my The reload is just too slow. But it yeah, I’m pretty sure they did that because it is a one shot So if you can reload this thing too fast, you just be getting tons of insta kills and you know, people are gonna complain Oh There’s the quad feet. It’s rolling Fuck I can’t believe I’m missing shots against bots. This is private match. I Wish you could get collapse in this thing. That’d be so cool, or possibly even a tri bolt attachment I was kind of hoping that there would be a Kimbo for this because I’ve talked about this before I think it’d be really fun. If autoworker had a Kimbo gun It would probably make this game more casual like model want for it too, but I don’t think they’re gonna do it It’s feed time, come on no All right. I think I’m done again spots. The new crossbow is definitely super fun I can’t wait to actually unlock it and use it online so I think for the time being I’ll probably try to play some shipment and get some progress for this challenge because there’s definitely lot Of fun and potential here with this crossbow. It’s definitely a pretty grindy challenge though I know this is really bad But what I’m curious to see is if you can get five kills in a match and then just leave and actually get that progress Account, that’s what I want to do. I’m curious to see if everyone’s actually gonna be using marksman rifles Hopefully this increases the amount of weapon variety in pubs. Oh, there’s some people using the card on dak I bet All right. There’s one I’m keeping track. I’ll leave – oh Fuck three I once had a splick wat be there There’s four and five. Alright, let’s get here. That was fast. Did that actually count though? It did oh shit, dude all about the cheese. This challenge is so hard I bet you guys are glad you clicked on this video if you wanna play with the crossbow immediately either just pick it up in a public match or just use it in private match and Hey, it looks like you can choose the challenge for the kills All right I don’t pause it enter up right here because you’ll actually see later in the video that you can’t necessarily Choose the challenge and you’ll see why soon let’s be real if you have to spend two days downloading a 50 gig update you might As well just change the challenge. I can’t find anyone. This’ll wait. Does that guy at the crossbow? Wait, what’s Iceland? Someone’s got a variance of it what you get a variance. Oh shit I might saying this Lobby then I want to know how someone has a variant of this thing already Oh, I bet you can buy it in the store or something. I’ll get my 5 kills that I’ll leave and check that out It’s feed time let’s get it come on More people no, okay. Oh shit. There’s a crossbow. Give it give it give it. Oh I couldn’t pick it up There we go. Picked up. Someone else’s gun. What the fuck? How many people argue about that Cal dude, no, ho I want to feed Our Emily just want to make sure I’m still getting my progress looks like a oh I didn’t oh, okay. That’s weird I don’t know why I counted for the first match, but it didn’t give me progress that time Okay pump the brakes because maybe it won’t count every game or maybe I just didn’t get enough killed. I don’t know. That’s weird Oh, yeah, let’s see if there’s something in this store. Yep. There you go. Sneaky sneaky That’s how you’re gonna be able to get it quickly personally. I don’t think I’m gonna be buying the bundle It’s not that worth it and you should do it you can do the challenge is just get it for free It’s not that hard to do. It might be a little time consuming but probably not worth the money I can’t want to overkill with another marksman rifle. I’m actually gonna go for a swap feed. This could be fun Everyone’s doing the challenge. Let’s go Oh swap one so slow. Why is it so slow? No Come on, this is definitely a really fun class to use though Whoof Oh my fuck come on that one swap to the cars is too slow. Oh Shit come on swap Anthony marker. Oh shit the noscope more. Oh fuck dude. What the fuck? Oh Why did I miss that shot dude that fee was fucking sick, oh my god, I was such an awesome six man Yeah, there’s really not a need to buy the variant when you can go for sick ass clips like that. Oh My switch again No, okay, I’m mark Reeth, you know What you need to miss it? Oh Fuck man. This is so much fun. Oh My nails bother with the food I’m gonna spawn three people behind me man. Come on. I’m personally really addicting this challenge Dude the intensity. I mean if I miss a lot of shot, that just looks really cool. Oh my god This might be one of the most like fun class built at try. Holy fuck Oh Come on switch switch switch switch now just do slow some of these weapon swaps are definitely a little too slow Come on new who are they gonna spawn off right here shit. Oh my god. Oh, This glass is so much fun to use though Ooh boy those clap Oh, oh I’m the current Nicki just too slow. Do what the fuck was that 5 min? Oh my god I think I got a Klat in there the potential in this Lobby is just so good Almost a triple. Oh I blew him up Dan shit, dude. Oh No, I do wish to keep going on man look at that, I got 90 kills of that class that is awesome I had to have played you know, so ridiculous. This was the going clear ight here, so No, let’s go for the swap and then two more so ridiculous Oh, yeah, I think only for this crossbows gonna be like one of the most fun challenges ever for this game I’m really hoping that Infinity Ward has more plans to do stuff like this now. Hopefully that counted it didn’t count What’s ok, that’s alright. Maybe it’s cuz I started putting more attachments on I don’t know that doesn’t make any sense to me I’ll have to make like a separate class with really barebone attachments, but that’s gonna do it for this video Thank you guys very much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed watching me cover the new crossbow modern warfare as soon as I get back I’ll do my best to try to unlock the crossbow and use it some more do some more videos on it as far as it Goes for myth-busting and being able to make different class videos and just show off the crossbow some more There’s a lot of potential here. And with that being said I really do Hope you guys enjoyed this video If you guys did it and you want to see some more new stuff on modern warfare Make sure to drop a like I’ll see you guys later

Wii HIDDEN GEMS – 9 More Games for the Collection! ** NEW for 2020**

– [Metal] Hey guys, Metal
Jesus here, and you know what? I am still playing with my Nintendo Wii. I still enjoy the system, I still love trying to find hidden gems for this. But after doing so many of these videos, I’m startin’ to wonder, is it tapped out? Are there any more
hidden gems to be found? Let’s take a look. (hard rock music) All right, so the first game I wanna check out is called Pirates Plundarrr. You have to do it with that
little arrr at the end of it. (digital music) So this is a game that
is exclusive to the Wii, and right off the bat I know many of you are going, hey, this looks an awful lot like Castle Crashers,
and yeah, you’d be right. Now I don’t think this is actually made by the same developers, but you can tell that they were heavily
influenced by that game and were usin’ it as sort of a blueprint to make a beat-em-up on the Wii. And I gotta say, this game
is actually a lot of fun. So as you can tell, the
game has really colorful 2D-style graphics and also animation. Again, very similar to Castle Crashers. There are 40 different enemy types, so lots of baddies to beat up. Plus it has a lotta RPG elements where you can earn XP to upgrade your character as you progress, and there are a bunch of
different weapon types that you can use both in your
primary and secondary attacks. This game is just a really fun beat-em-up, it’s very simple, very easy to get into, it’s a lot of hack and slash fun, and if you have a Wii,
definitely check it out. (dramatic music) (swishes)
(grunts) Next up is a racing game that I have been planning to talk about for a while now. It is exclusive to the Wii, and the DS if you wanna get technical, and that, of course, is Need for Speed: Nitro. Now, I know what you’re thinkin’. Hey, how could a Need for Speed game be on a hidden gems list? Well, I would make the argument
that this is definitely, I think of all the Need for Speed games, this is probably the one that
is most often overlooked, and that’s a real shame, because this game is designed from the ground up to be a Wii exclusive, and
it’s just arcade goodness. This is an awesome game. (sirens) And the thing is for me that
the Need for Speed series has been going a little bit more realistic in the last, I would say, decade or so, and that’s fine, I like
those games, but this is definitely a throwback to
just pure arcade goodness. You can see by the gameplay footage here that, yeah, it doesn’t play like a normal Need for Speed game, at
least one that’s come out in the last 10 years, and again, I think that’s actually
a really good thing. This is so much fun. Being that it’s a Wii
game, a lot of people are concerned that (groans)
does it have motion controls? Well, yes, but thankfully
you can turn them off, so actually in this gameplay footage, that’s actually what I’ve
done, is I’ve turned it off, I’m playing it normally,
as it was meant to be. And really, the game
is just super arcadey. You can tell by this
footage, it kinda looks almost like some of the classic Burnout games, which is why I like it. The game has five different locations, Cairo, Rio, Madrid, Singapore, and Dubai. And it also has licensed
cars, which is cool, but again, as you can tell here, they are a little bit more cartoony,
a little bit more colorful. So yeah, if you like arcade racing games, you like the Need for Speed
series, and you got a Wii, definitely check out
Need for Speed: Nitro. (percussive music) ♪ Oh no, there goes Tokyo ♪ ♪ Go, go Godzilla ♪ Unleashed, on the Wii. (digital tones) (crashes) So yes, this is Godzilla:
Unleashed on the Wii. Now, of course, I do have to say, this also came out on the Playstation 2, but if you got a Wii
and you like Godzilla, you should definitely pick this up, because this is a really
fun monster beat-em-up game on the Wii, it’s surprisingly fun. And when I say surprisingly fun, it’s because, well, when this game originally came out it got a little bit beat up by professional
reviewers at the time, and I have to say, I think
that’s a little bit harsh, especially with a little bit of hindsight now that we can see it for what it is. Maybe the Playstation
2 version was better, but I have to say that this game uses the Wii controls, the Wii motion controls, and honestly it actually
works really well. They’re not very frustrating, it just feels very natural, very fun. And if you’re a big fan of giant monsters destroying everything in its path, well, this game’s gonna be for you, because it has a huge roster
of 26 different monsters. Monsters might be pushing it a little bit, because there’s aliens and all sorts of other stuff like that, but yeah, this has got a huge roster
of stuff to choose from. One of the really cool parts of this game is that you can totally
customize a battle, if you wish. You can go in there and modify almost everything that is
happening in this game, so including what type of monsters, the type of power-ups, how
often the health regenerates, you can even control the
size of the monsters. It just goes on and on and on. It’s actually really
cool if you just wanna totally just get in there
with a friend of yours and beat the tar out of each
other, it’s pretty cool. The Godzilla games can
be kinda hit or miss, but if you have a Wii, and
you have some friends over, this is a pretty good time,
definitely check it out. (crashes) Here’s a game that turned
out to be a total surprise, because, well, one, I never
actually saw the movie, and two, it’s a licensed game. And you know how that can be sometimes, that can spell trouble, but trust me here. Ice Age: Dawn of Dinosaurs is really fun. First off, I should probably point out that this also came out on other systems, but again, we’re just focusing on the Wii here, and yes, it’s great on this. Now, as you can see by this footage, this is a 3D platforming
game that’s pretty similar to a lot of the games of the time, very similar to the
Ratchet and Clank games where you platform around,
you’re collecting stuff, you’re doing a little bit
of combat, things like that. But the reason why it’s on this list and why it’s in this video is because it’s so well-designed, I
mean, it’s got great graphics, and it has really good level design. Great writing, and
honestly the voice acting is often hilarious, and there’s
tons of it in this game. And this game did a really good job of really grabbing my
attention as I was capturing this footage, I was having
a lot of fun playing this. (squeaks)
(percussive music) Now there are some motion
controls in this game, but I feel like that it’s not
super annoying when they do, because for the most
part you’re just moving with the nunchuck, and
then there’s a little bit of combat with the motion
controls, which, yeah, not probably my favorite,
but, again, it’s not too bad. But then there are times when
you’re shooting something in first person, and I
really feel like that’s a good use of motion controls. It actually feels more natural than trying to just use the thumbstick. So yeah, this is a
really fun and well-made 3D platforming game, if
you like these kinda games, you should definitely check it out, because this isn’t really hard to find, and again, if you don’t have a Wii, you can get it on other systems as well. (crackles)
(dramatic music) So you guys know that
I love light gun games in the arcade, but one of the reasons why I love the Wii so much is because so many light gun games came out for it. And I’ve covered many of them
over the last couple years. But one of the last
ones I wanna talk about is this one right here,
it’s called Top Shot Arcade. And it’s kinda funny,
because, I went on the fence about this one about whether
I wanted to talk about it, because this is definitely,
of all of the light gun games probably released, it’s definitely one of the most realistic ones,
because you’re technically hunting animals in the forest, and maybe not everyone’s not gonna be into that, but I wanted to cover this one anyways, because the truth is, it’s
a fun light gun shooter. And yes, you’re shooting
animals in the forest, and that might not be
everyone’s cup of tea, I totally get it, but this is a fun game, it’s well-made, and it deserves a mention. – [Commentator] Load your gun.
(bangs) No score for him.
(bangs) Popped him in the noggin. – [Metal] Now a couple things
that I notice about this over other light gun games is that, one, the stages actually are very short, sometimes lasting only a minute or two. And two, the precision of your shots is very important in this game, almost like you’re really going hunting. And I know that’s kinda silly to say, because this is obviously an arcade game, and it’s not realistic really in any way, but it is definitely
tougher than it looks. Unlike other light gun
games I’ve played before, this one I really had to
replay some of the levels multiple times because, as you see here, some of these animals
are running really fast, and it can be pretty hard
to hit them in a spot where it’ll actually take them down. So anyways, I know this game is not gonna be everybody’s cup of tea, but I’m pretty sure that no actual animals were harmed in the making of this game, and so, if that’s somethin’ that you’re interested in, and you
like light gun games, you should definitely take a look. (bangs) – [Commentator] He’s takin’ a dirt nap. – [Metal] All right, next up is a game that, well, I just kinda stumbled upon. I didn’t really know that much about it when I first bought it, but that is a game called FlingSmash. (cheerful music) The big selling point for FlingSmash was at the time it was one of the first games to support the Wii MotionPlus, and that is the device
that basically makes the Wii motion even more
accurate and more sensitive. And like the title of the game suggests, that’s exactly what you do in this game, you fling and then smash for score. And really, the game
kinda feels a little bit like pong or tennis, but
because of its physics, and because of the way
that it bounces around, it also feels a little bit like pinball. And what you’re trying to do is take out as many of these bricks while
the level is autoscrolling, and you’ll often have
power-ups and multipliers and stuff like that, so
there’s a lot going on, especially as the game progresses. And so what you’re doing is basically just controlling the direction and power of that critter that you’re
knocking around the screen, and then he takes out bricks, but you can also press a
button on the controller and that will instantly stop him, so that way you can autoadjust the angle and also how much power you wanna give him and send him off on another direction. Now, I’ll be honest with you,
this is not an amazing game, but I was surprised at how
much fun I had with it, especially when you consider that when I bought this, I paid a dollar for it. So when you wanna talk about hidden gems and games that people are overlooking, this is definitely one of ’em. And also, I would say, this is probably, if it’s not your cup of tea,
it may be really good for kids. That’s kinda what it feels like it’s designed for, so
just keep that in mind. All right, next up we got
another arcade racing game, this one called Hot Wheels: Track Attack. Now I’ve covered the Hot Wheels series in other videos before,
and the thing about the Hot Wheels series is that, again, it’s a series that always adds in fun. They’re never simulators, they’re always about just over-the-top action, and that’s actually what I really like. Now, I can read your mind,
and I know what you’re saying. This game looks like
ass, and you’re right. It’s not a very good-looking game, even when you consider that
it’s running on the Wii. I know, I get it, but here’s the thing. All I care about is is there a smile on my face when I’m playing a game? And the answer is yes, when I play this game, actually it’s a lot of fun. I mean, any racing game that
has a loop-de-loop, well, OK, I’m gonna give it a shot,
you know what I’m sayin’? (roars) And I wanna point somethin’ out, and that is in this game
there is some physics, and you can kinda see
that in the footage here, because you might see me
sliding around corners, and that was a part of the
game that I wasn’t expecting. And I actually think that’s pretty cool, ’cause once you play a
racing game like this and you know the rules of
it and how the cars handle and how it’s gonna take the
jumps and stuff like that, how it’s gonna go around
corners, I really dig that. So it’s a nice mix, again, of arcade and just enough realism to keep it fun. And the other thing when
it comes to racing games, and I wanna mention it
here, is that you can turn off the tilt controls, so,
that’s very important to me, because, you know, sometimes tilt controls can be a nightmare, and it’s good that some of these games
allow you to toggle that. So this one and also Need for Speed, like I said, you can
just play them as normal. And I mentioned the loop-de-loops, right? OK, cool, yeah, definitely check it out. – [Commentator] Outrageous!
(roars) – [Metal] OK, so first I talked about the Ice Age movie game, and now I’m talking about Penguins of Madagascar. Don’t hate me for this, OK? Just stay with me for a second. Yes, this is a licensed game
based on a animated movie, and typically those are
crap, I know, I know. But occasionally you
do get gems like this. So what’s goin’ on here, well, basically this is kind of like a 2.5D platforming slash puzzle game, and what you do is you switch between
four different penguins that each have their own unique abilities. For instance, one of ’em is
smart and can hack computers. Another one can jump and
then hover over gaps, which is really important
if the floor is electrified. Another one is really strong, and then another one can actually dash. And so what you’re doing in this game is constantly switching between those four penguins to
get past certain obstacles and enemies and get through a level. I actually found this game
to be quite challenging. It was not easy, and definitely required some creative thinking. So, yes, this is a licensed game based on a movie, and like the
other one I haven’t seen it. I do see some of these occasionally. But that’s OK, because
again, it doesn’t matter, it just matters if the game is
fun, and this definitely is. (digital music) All right, and then finally we have Hidden Mysteries: Titanic. So as you can see by this footage, it is a point-and-click adventure game that mixes sort of
traditional-style PC adventure game item hunting that you would see like in the LucasArts games, but also it puts in there the hidden object gameplay that is really popular, say, on mobile. And as you can tell by
the gameplay footage and also the title of the game, it’s really a retelling of the story of the Titanic and its last voyage, or I guess its maiden voyage
that was also its last, because of course it sunk
to the bottom of the ocean. But this also has new
story and also characters. I would say that it kinda
follows the James Cameron movie, but it’s just different
enough to feel fresh. But, again, the reason
why it’s on this list is because it really is a mix of that point-and-click, picking out
objects in the background, putting them together to solve puzzles, but then also it has sections in it that you have to find,
say, all the different pieces that are hidden
within the background. And so it’s very much like
two different types of games mixed together, and it feels very natural. I will say, though, that the puzzles can be a little bit obtuse. You will probably get stuck in this game and wonder what the heck to do. Now, there is a hint
system, which is very nice, and it’s completely optional,
but you are gonna be clicking around, kinda
wondering what am I supposed to use this for, where
is it supposed to go? Now, there are four different endings in this game, because you do have a bit of choice as to
how the narrative goes. And as you complete
the game, there is also a bonus level that you can unlock. And I’ve always felt that these kind of point-and-click games
are well-suited for the Wii because the Wii motion tracking actually is very mouse-like, and typically these games would be made for the PC. So, again, if you like
puzzle games, you like a challenge, you like a good
story, definitely check it out. All right, guys, that’s
another Wii hidden gems video in the bag, and I think this makes my sixth or seventh video
about Wii hidden gems over the last, jeez, probably five years. And the thing is is that I’m
kinda wonderin’, is that it? Is this the end of the Wii hidden gems, or are there more to be mined? According to Wikipedia,
there are over 1,500 games released for the Wii, so I
dunno, I’m kinda curious. Although I haven’t actually dove very deeply into other regions, either, so there could be actually some Japan-exclusive ones or maybe
over in PAL territories, that’d be kind of
interesting to check it out. Either way, I’d love to
know what you guys think down in the comments below, if there’s some hidden gems that I
haven’t played on my Wii, I would love to know
and share ’em with you. All right, guys, thank you
very much for watching. Thank you so much for
subscribing, and take care.