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(drumming) – [Voiceover] You know why we’re here. – [Tommy] This is it. – [Female] Tommy Edison. – [Echoey Voiceover] So
if you got any doubts or reservations, now
is the time to say so. – [Male] I’m sorry, I didn’t get the name. – [Narrowboat Dan] The
Tommy Edison Experience. – [Tommy] Hello! – [Woman] Tommy Edison has been blind. – [Tommy] I’m a blind man,
I’ve been blind since birth. – [Woman] Since birth. – [Echoey Voiceover]
Tommy Edison Experience. – [Woman] How does it operate? – [Man voiceover] Very simply, he describes what being blind is like. – [Echoey Voiceover] That’s right. – [Announcer] If you got a problem. – [Man] What’s your name? – [Announcer] You bring it to him. – [Woman] Tommy Edison. – [Echoey Voiceover] He’ll tell– – [Tommy] If that’s what you want. – [Deep Voice] The truth! – [Tommy] You just might get it. – [Deep Echoey Voiceover] Oh yeah. – [Tommy] Okay? – [Soft Voice] It’s the only way to fly. – [Hard Male Voice] Buckle
yourself in, get ready. – [Announcer] All right! – [Man Voiceover] Now, you ready Chief? – [Man] Well, here it is. – [Announcer] In Hollywood. – [Man] Give me your hand. – [Announcer] This is
already fun isn’t it? – [Man] Yes. – [Echoey Voiceover] Repeat after me. – [Announcer] Tommy Edison. – [Narrowboat Dan] The
Tommy Edison Experience. – And just like that, this
is Episode Number Two. First episode of 2020, of the Tommy Edison
Experience Podcast, that’s me. You know what? It’s, I don’t know, it’s
exciting, it’s nice to be back so thanks for coming to check it out. Thanks for being a part of it and– – [Ben] Hoo ah! (laughs) – My man, my man. Yeah, so here we go. What am I leaving out here Ben? See I’m nervous, this is exciting. – [Ben] Well, it’s a big
first show of the year. – I know, it’s a… – The second episode.
– Second episode of the, yep. – [Ben] First show of 2020. – Yep! It feels nice though, it’s good to be back and a lot of nice feedback
coming in and stuff, and the best thing is, you guys are just
continuing to ask questions. And so I’m gonna continue to answer them. Ben, what do we have so far? What are we– – [Ben] We got a lot coming in, you know we don’t have
super chat this time. – No, not yet. But if you do have something
that you’d like to contribute, You do it over @TommyEdisonXP on Twitter, right there @TommyEdisonXP. – [De Niro] Hoo ah! (laughing) – [Ben] A soft one for you. – It was gentle. That was lovely!
– [Ben] Yeah, if you got a good one, @TommyEdisonXP. So you wanna hear? – Yes please! – [Ben] I wanted to ask you,
did you see on Twitter– – Which, oh! – [Ben] This week, there was
that guy, Narrowboat Dan. – Yes, this is so cool. So he tweeted and he heard
himself in the intro to the show. We actually used a clip
of him saying my name, and he caught it. It was awesome, and there’s a couple other YouTubers in there as well, there’s even a giant
YouTuber in the front, so. – [Ben] Yeah, the opening
with all the different sound bites, the big introduction. All those different pieces
of audio, yep, there’s… And he noticed himself in there. And he’s great, he’s from
Oswestry in the UK, in England. Right in the Northwest,
what, about 3 1/2 hours northwest of London, and he’s
lovely, so thank you for that. And thanks for being a
part of the intro as well. – [Ben] Yeah, we found his video. He made a video talking about Tommy and we really liked the way
he talked about the channel and the way he talked about Tommy here. This is the sound bite. – [Narrowboat Dan] The
Tommy Edison Experience. – [Ben] That’s the sound bite
you heard in the opening. – That’s the one, yep. That’s like the last thing. – [Ben] So we grabbed it,
used a bunch of sound bites and put it in there, he’s the
first guy to recognize it. – Yeah, which I didn’t
think was gonna be the case, I didn’t know who was
gonna be first, but I mean it was awesome, and there’s
a giant one in there as well. – [Ben] Yeah, so I wanna see
if people can figure out– – Yep.
– [Ben] Who the giant YouTuber is in the open, can you
recognize his voice? Here’s another sound bite from Dan, this is Narrow Dan. – Narrowboat Dan. – [Ben] Narrowboat Dan, cool channel too. – It’s a great channel
and he’s a lovely guy. I saw a video of him turning
on the Christmas lights in Oswestry, it was
wonderful, it was so great, and just the way he produced it and stuff, it was a very cool video. – [Narrowboat Dan] The
funny side of being blind. There’s a chap called Tommy. – [Ben] Great accent. – I love the way you talk, sir. – [Ben] So there’s actually
a link to the video that we sampled in the description. – Yep, in the description. – [Ben] So it is the new year,
now does that matter to you? – Not so much. – [Ben] For resolutions and things? – Well, it did though back in 2006. I normally never mess
with that kind of thing. It’s just a night to have fun or whatever, but in 2006, it was on January
2nd when I quit smoking. The last time I ever had a cigarette was New Years Day 2006. So it is kind of special
every year to commemorate that ’cause it was a giant thing
to get rid of in my life, and I’m so proud of that. – [Ben] Congratulations. – Thank you sir. – [Ben] That’s huge. (bell rings)
– Thank you sir, but it’s one of those
accomplishments, do you know what I mean, it’s so
giant and once you do it, when you beat the thing, it’s
like you just feel so good. I’ve been fortunate,
I’ve gotten to do that a couple of times, knock
wood, as I knock on my head. – [Ben] Done that a couple of times. – Yep. – [Ben] Why did you choose that day? – I figured a couple of reasons. New Years Day happened to
fall on a Sunday that year. In 2006, it was on a Sunday. So I figured why, I gotta go
back to work anyway on Monday. I like to start things on a Monday, and besides I’ll probably
be hungover over all day on New Years anyway and
not being able to smoke just makes it so much more worse. – [Ben] Yeah. – Wait, (mumbles) sorry, about
my syntax, I just lost it. So much worserer, so much
badder, would have been trouble. So I figured I’d quit on the second. So that was what I did and I
just went to work that morning and that was the beginning of my new life. – [Ben] Did you have any bad, bad days? – Oh, I’ve had a couple (laughs). We were at CVS one night. I was like, “Man, maybe I
should get some nicorette “or something like that.” Then I saw what they cost and went, “Oh my God, cigarettes
are so much cheaper. “Why’d you buy that stuff?” But that was it, you just get through it and that was about as
bad as it’s ever got. And you knew me through all that time. – [Ben] Yeah. – We were working
together for heaven sakes. – [Ben] Yeah, I never
saw it to be a problem. – No, it was much easier than
I thought it was gonna be. But, you know I set myself
up for it and really planned for it and stuff and I had
done it once before too. In the late ’90s I took
this drug called Wellbutrin to quit smoking, I did
it on the radio program that I was working on. And that was great but I
had to do it cold turkey, so I could really, you know,
when you take this drug, you don’t really feel, they
just disappear from your life, and you don’t really know why. To do it cold turkey is like they’re consciously doing this thing and you gotta struggle every day. It’s worth it. – [Ben] So that’s a huge thing. – That’s New Years for me. – [Ben] That’s huge, so a
question I’ve seen a lot is people asking, in
terms of the calendar, how do you envision the calendar? What do you see? – I use to have a Braille
calendar when I was a kid. I used to get them every year at school. I always got one and it was just in one of those loose leaf things. And it was just 12 pages
that had S-M-T-W-T-F-S across the top and then just
the numbers down each column and that was what the
calendar looked like. And then down at the bottom,
it had all the holidays and the month and stuff, and so you know– – [Ben] What day of the week it start? – Sunday. – [Ben] Sunday, right. So okay, so it was a grid. – Yeah, kind of and it was
on this little paper too. They’re weren’t very big,
They were small but yep, and that was the Braille
calendar for me anyway. That means back in the Stone Age. – [Ben] Did you ever do those
calendars during the holidays where you have the doors that open? – The advent calendar, sure. Oh, well, if there was
chocolate behind them (laughs). That was what I was into
I didn’t really care. I was more about what was behind the doors than the actually spirit of the thing. Now I understand it better and
get what it is and all that but when you’re a kid,
wasn’t my thing man. – [Ben] What about the idea that there’s a photo
for every month, is it? – Is there really? – [Ben] Yeah, you know there’s– – Yeah there’s the fireman calendars and stuff, and whatever. All different calendars for everything. – [Ben] For everything, different seasons. – Yeah, it’s strange that
you would need all that, I don’t know (laughs)
but people like that. Like it’s a thing and people
write on the calendars and put all the birthdays in it. Do you still do that? – [Ben] Well yeah, you
have them in the phone now. – It’s so easy now, and
you just tell your phone. Hey, it’s Tommy’s birthday. Okay, got you and it’s in there forever. – [Ben] And you used to forget? – Yeah and you don’t remember it anymore. See that’s the problem. Do you still remember
phone numbers, ’cause I do. I remember loads and
loads of phone numbers. – [Ben] No. – I still do. – [Ben] I know them like
my phone number growing up, It’s, a couple of those. – I remember all those
and all the older ones in all the different apartments
and houses and stuff. – [Ben] I forgot your phone number, right? We were doing– – We’re doing something
the other day, he’s like, “What’s your cell?” I was like, “Really?” He remembers the first
six but not the last four. – [Ben] I just push, call Tommy. – Yeah, I know it’s so easy but look how lazy we’ve
gotten Ben, it’s horrible. – [Ben] So you can do this
little trick with the calendar. You’re very good at, when
we’re talking about dates in advance that you can figure
out what day of the week a certain date is. – A lot, sometimes, I’m not an expert but sometimes I can sort of get a feel for where it falls in the year and stuff. – [Ben] So right now, what’s today’s date, and this broadcast? January the 15th. – January the 15th, 2020. – [Ben] It’s a Wednesday. – Yep. – [Ben] What day of the week would be, can I ask you February 18th? February 18th. – (humming) Tuesday, right? – [Ben] That is correct. (bell rings) – See, I just have to work
it out fast in my head. – [Ben] Let’s jump real quick, March 26th. – That’s gonna be a Thursday. (bell rings) (audience applauding)
(cheering crowd) (laughing) – [Ben] Last one, May 19th. – Oh shoot, I don’t even know. It’s a Monday, no a Wednesday. Final, I lost. (loud buzzing) Yeah, no good, when is it? – It’s a Tuesday.
– It’s a Tues– – [Ben] Anyways, you’re
really good at that. I wanna point that out. That’s one of those things
you’re really good at doing. – I don’t know, it’s just
’cause I learned weird things like when my birthday is. It’s gonna be on a Friday this year. It’s terrific, I’m very excited. – [Ben] It’s six months away. – So start shopping everybody. Don’t miss out (laughs). – [Ben] How do you notice
how the day changes? What do you notice when the daytime goes to night time and vice versa? – Well, there’s a couple things, right. The heat of the sun goes away
and so I can sort of see that, but then there’s all different
things, like the birds stop making noise and it all
just stops and things just get a bit quieter as businesses
aren’t open and stuff. It’s just night time feels different. Walking around in the middle of the night. When I was a kid, I told you, I was afraid in the middle of the night
because it was so quiet. It used to freak me out. And night, it just sounds
different than day time. – [Ben] Yeah, so if you wake
up in the middle of whatever, one of those moments where
you kind of lose track of time and wake up, and you
don’t check your phone, what are the cues, clues whatever. – That’s great, that’s
a wonderful question. I listen for things outside just to see what’s happening outside. If there’s a lot of activity outside, if there’s people milling about and stuff, it might be eight o’clock
in the morning as folks are getting ready for work
or something like that. The birds will also tip me off. If it’s quiet, I really don’t
know, I’m sort of confused but if it’s sort of noisy, I
figured it’s like it’s eight, nine in the morning, somewhere in there. Like the garbage trucks
and stuff as well, right, coming through making a racket,
that sort of lets you know. – [Ben] Yeah, recently
you told me a story. How is it going with the,
you had broken some glass. – I did. – [Ben] Have you found anymore? What’s going on with that,
have you hurt yourself? (laughing) – No, this was great! So I didn’t know what to do,
I had no idea what to do. I broke a glass on Christmas Day. I’ve broken them before,
but into the sink or in the dishwasher and stuff,
you know somewhere contained, but this one was a glass
of water and it just fell and it just went. And I was like, “Oh man,
what am I gonna do?” So the first thing I
decided to do was get… I had no shoes on, I
was just wearing socks. So I have these giant rubber
oven mitts that are terrific. I can take anything out of the stove and not having to worry
about burning my hands. So I use those to pick up pieces of glass and then go over to the
garbage and like that. And I grabbed as much big stuff as I could and then I had to go for it. I went and got shoes and
then grabbed the dust buster and just went around and
grabbed as much as I could. And oh and then what I did
was I took my stick, my cane, and opened it up and
spread it on the floor. So it’s 60 inches long and I just swept and swept all the glass
right towards a doorway, and that was how I could
find the big pieces, all the rest of the bigger pieces. And I did pretty well until Ben came over and he was the first
person to come over since, and he had a look, and
I was like how do I do? He goes, “I found one piece of glass.” – [Ben] It was two inches big. – Yup, but it was scary. I didn’t know what to
do, but using my cane I thought was pretty
smart, and I’ve done that subsequently to find things. It’s a good tool to have around the house. – [Ben] Are you bare foot again? – No, socks. – Still?
– Yeah. – [Ben] So you’re not 100%? – [Ben] No, I think it’s
probably pretty good through but I’m still going around in socks. – [Ben] Well, you’ll find out, won’t you? – (laughs) I’ll find out the hard way. – [Ben] Oh, that’s great. – Then it will be Tommy’s
first aid experience I’ll be able to tell you about. – [Ben] How long did it
take you to clean it up? – Probably 45 minutes,
30, 45 minutes, something. ‘Cause I sat panicked for
a while at first, you know, trying to figure out what to do. – [Ben] What were the things
going through your mind? – I was like, “I am stuck. “What am I gonna do? “Happy Christmas everybody.” It was my first alone Christmas and this is how I was
celebrating. (laughing) – [Ben] It sounds sad. – It fun, I was having a nice
time until I broke the glass and then it just sort of went south. And then I just figured it
out and was like, all right, the oven mitts, and then I was like, “Oh the cane will be brilliant,
let’s just use that.” And that was how I did,
and the dust buster was the final thing. – [Ben] Yeah, I remember you
mentioned you once were opening one of those family-sized bags of M&Ms. – Oh my God, it’s a kilogram of plain M&Ms that they sell at Costco
here in this country. It’s unbelievable. It’s the largest bag
of M&Ms I’ve ever seen. A full 2.2 pounds of plain
M&Ms, and I opened it and the bag ripped and they
went all over my kitchen. I mean everywhere. I’m sure they probably still finding M&Ms in that kitchen today, I swear to God. It was what a mess, I
did the best I could. It was horrible, and just
all those M&Ms go on. Five second rule is only good for probably a couple of days, I guess
(laughing) and then, no. (laughing) – [Ben] So what did you do
there, you were just…? – Nothing, I just scooped them up. I just looked and scooped, and of course, I never thought
to use my cane at that time. And you remember that
kitchen too in that apartment in Bridgeport, it was tiny. So it was all pretty
much contained in there. – [Ben] Oh okay. – That’s why I’m saying there’s, under appliances and things
like that, but it was great. 2.2 pounds of M&Ms just gone one shot. – [Ben] All right, sports. – Sports. – [Ben] People are always
wondering do you like sports? Are you a fan and who do you follow? – Yes, I do, I enjoy sports a lot. I’m a baseball fan, a giant baseball fan. I root for the New York Metropolitans. I love the Mets, I know. – [Ben] Now you watch, not watch, well no. You do, you watch the games
on TV or listen on the radio. – Yep, I’m– – [Ben] When you go to the game live, how do follow the game? – See, that’s tricky ’cause
I have to go with somebody who’s, like my brother-in-law, He’s great to go to a ball game
with ’cause he’ll do the play-by-play and stuff and
you know, because I know the Mets very well. The other team, you pay
attention to line up and you know who’s
coming to bat and stuff. That’s the way I get to enjoy it live and it’s just fun to be there. It’s great to be there. – [Ben] What games are
really hard to follow on television or radio? On television, I guess. – Hockey is difficult on, I
much prefer hockey on the radio. I think you have to be,
I mean, now I can’t think of the guy’s name, oh shoot. – [Ben] Announcer? – Yeah the best hockey
announcer in the business. He is wonderful. He’s on NBC, he’s terrific, anyway. – [Ben] That guy. – Yeah, you know who I’m talking. – [Ben] Yeah, yeah that guy. – He’s, wonderful adjectives
and stuff, Frank Sales, he’s gonna probably come up with– – [Ben] Frank Slade can work on it. – Frank Slade, the great one. – [Ben] NBC hockey famous announcer. – And I’m just having a moment. Nonetheless, but see like tennis isn’t very interesting
for me on television or golf isn’t terribly
interesting on television, you know what I mean? I don’t care for those
games to much anyway but I like the sound of tennis. It always reminds me of my mother ’cause she was an avid
tennis fan, loved the game. And so, it was on all the time but it never really did anything for me. Not like baseball or basketball or hockey. Or even American football. The football was good last weekend. This weekend ought to
be pretty good as well. It’s been interesting this year and I haven’t checked out
football in a long time. – [Ben] How did you follow
sports when you were a kid? – I didn’t, I didn’t really understand it. Well I did, I followed
basketball and hockey when I was a kid ’cause they
were on WNBC in New York, and Marv Albert did both
the Knicks and the Rangers, and so instantly I was a
fan because of Marv Albert. As a kid in the ’70s right, and this guy was just killing it on the radio. In those days, I think
they did radio and TV at the same time, and
that’s how I got into it. And then I left basketball and hockey then came back to it later on, but then I discovered baseball in the ’80s. You know, when the Mets were
starting to turn it around in like 1984, ’85. And I really got into it,
and then I was hooked. And I just, I love it. On the radio was the best. – [Ben] It’s fun going to
a sporting event with you ’cause you pick up on different sounds or different things in the event. – Yep. – [Ben] That refocuses what
I would pay attention to. One of the things that stood
out to you was the crowd. – Oh yeah. – [Ben] Crowd reaction to things. – Yep, when I went to the football game. – [Ben] Exactly. (laughing) Somebody takes a major hit. – Yeah, you just hear
the whole place go ooh! And it’s sort of that thing
if you’ve ever like in a bar while there’s been football
or American football or soccer or any kind of thing like that. The whole place just
groans at the same time, it’s marvelous. – [Ben] What sports
have you learned to play or tried at least once? – Let’s see, I’ve tried, let me think. I’ve done baseball. I did baseball. I did golf, I did skateboarding. – [Ben] Little basketball? – Basketball, yup, that’s right, yep. – [Ben] Even shooting? – Even shooting. – [Ben] Like fast draw. – Fast draw, shooting. – [Ben] With a gun. – With a real gun. – [Ben] Whoa, that was flagged. – Oh excuse me, (laughs). – [Ben] Oh, it’s all right. We made videos actually
about a lot of those topics, you doing those things, which by the way there’s
playlists for those videos if you care to check the description. What about some other, anything
else that we didn’t film? – That we’ve not filmed? No, I don’t think so. – [Ben] Like archery, I
got a list of sports here. – Okay. – [Ben] Bowling, have
you ever tried bowling? – Oh bowling, I’ve done many times. Certainly as kids and
stuff, I did bowling. My worse day at bowling
ever was like a three. In 10 frames of bowling,
I got up to first ball and that was it. I just couldn’t do it. I can never keep my wrist straight. I can’t get that action,
you know what I mean? So I don’t think I’ve
ever broken a hundred but if we put up little
bumpers, I’m much better. – [Ben] Archery, no? You skipped over that one? – I probably tried it once somewhere but it’s wasn’t terribly memorable. – [Ben] Badminton or…? – No. – [Ben] Table tennis, that kind of thing? – Ping pong, yeah. We had a ping pong table growing up so I would play with it but
I always like to check out other people playing. It’s a wonderful game to listen
to, just the sound of it. – [Ben] What about yoga? If that’s a sport, I guess. Have you ever tried yoga? – No, I probably should. – [Ben] There’s a huge
here in Santa Monica. – I know, it’s giant
and I’d love to try it. I would absolutely love to try it. I think ’cause I’ve started
to run now and stuff, and I’m in much different
shape than I used to be, so I think yoga would be
a nice addition to it. – [Ben] What about surfing? – Surfing. – [Ben] Ever tried it? – Never, I’ve done body surfing. Hockey we used to, I
can skate a little bit. Well I could, I don’t
know if I could anymore but when I was a kid, I could. – [Ben] Ice skating? – Yeah, yep! – [Ben] For a game? – I don’t know if I can do it in a game but just to skate, you
know, be on the ice. – [Ben] What about karate,
volleyball, anything like that? – No, nope, nope, none of those. – [Ben] Fishing? – Yes, I’ve fished, yes, I have! – [Ben] You have fished? – With my dad and a couple
times going fishing. I never really caught
anything but it’s fun, just the camaraderie, the
togetherness of it all, being out of the water. – [Ben] Right, just hanging out. That’s a nice bonding moment with dad. – Yeah, it’s great, the old man. – [Ben] The old man. (laughs) Did you ever try to bait the hook? – No. – [Ben] That’s a little dangerous. – Yeah, that would be
pretty scary, I think. – [Ben] That’s a six pack in probably. (laughs) – Maybe nine or 10 beers. That’s like the end of the fishing trip. I wanna try it now. Come on, let me give it a shot. – [Ben] On land, so
there’s no point to it. (laughs) – Oh man. – [Ben] There’s a
question in the chat room that keeps flying by, wanna ask you. – Yes. – [Ben] What’s the worst
accident you’ve ever had due to your blindness? – That’s a great question. The worst accident, I
mean I’ve been injured. You know, I’ve hurt myself. One time, in my backyard,
I stepped on a, no, I felt something and I reached down and picked up a bee and he stung me. I was like, “Woo.” I’ve stepped on them before. I’ve guess the worst
one, I don’t even know. If you could see would
this have been prevented? A bird one time, on my head and I ran into the
house just freaking out. I was like, “Oh my God. “I can’t believe what just happened!” – [Ben] That doesn’t sound very painful. – No, it’s not terribly
painful but I’ve hurt myself. I’ve walked into things. Those little bicycle racks
that they have around here. Those things hurt. – [Ben] They’re metal. – Yeah and they’re very uncomfortable. I hit one about a week and a half ago and I’m still feeling it. – [Ben] Oh, yeah. It’s the idea that you’re
going five miles per hour and you’re not expecting it. – No, it’s the last thing I
expect, do you know what I mean? And so, I’ve learned where they are now. I know where to avoid and stuff. There’s all kinds of things to learn when you learn a new area. And you never stop learning, right? ‘Cause things change, people move things! But yeah, those things are, whoo, I don’t like those things too much at all. Sometimes pillars and tops
of things that the stick doesn’t catch, that’s
something that’s up higher. But yeah, there’s all
kinds of ways to get hurt. But I’m very careful and I generally keep my right hand out in front of me as I walk to try to protect my face and stuff. That’s a difficult thing. I can’t really go shopping
anywhere unless I wrap it around my wrist, you know the
bag, the handle of the bag. That’s it ’cause I need that hand upfront. – [Ben] Backpack. – I never even though of that, yeah sure. – [Ben] Yeah. – Yeah, all right. – [Ben] I’m big into the backpack myself. – Are you? – [Ben] Yeah, that’s right. – Nice, all right. (bell rings) Oh, what does that bell mean? – [Ben] You know what that sound means? – Does that sound mean is
it time for our friend, the can of questions? – [Ben] Here we go. – Oh let me see. This is our can of questions
ladies and gentlemen. It’s a real can with real questions inside that have been asked by you, and these are just some
of the more odd ball, maybe esoteric, off the
beaten path questions. Oh, there’s lots in
here now, this is great! And I will just take one of these out. I will hand it this way to Ben Churchill. – [Ben] Thank you. – You know what’s cool
about Ben Churchill? You can’t see him and
neither can I (laughs). – [Ben] Hey. – Come on, nothing? – [Ben] Hi oh!
– Hi oh! – [Ben] I think I actually asked this one. Do you know and use
American sign language? – Yeah, we did do that one. Shoot, I should probably dig in again– – [Ben] Do you know what the answer was? – The answer was I’ve
learned a little bit. We did a video with our
friend Ricky Pointer and she taught me a few basic things but I couldn’t really tell you anything. You know what I mean? I don’t remember, I’d have
to watch the video and see. – [Ben] The second question here. – Second question. – [Ben] What are your thoughts on glow-in-the-dark
objects and blacklight? – Blacklight is the thing that
you can see everything in. When you show blacklight, for example, on a hotel remote control. Isn’t that the thing that
they show you on the, “Tonight at six, we show you
what’s in your hotel room! “The uninvited guest in your
hotel room, tonight at six.” Right, that’s all blacklight, right? – [Ben] Yeah. You can see all the schmutz. – [Ben] Yeah and when
you’re out in college, and you wanna have all
your neon posters light up. – Yeah. Oh yeah, right, sure! – [Ben] And everything white. People’s teeth look weird. That’s an interesting
thing about blacklight. But what’s your thoughts on it? – I don’t know, I guess it’s cool. You guys seem to get a big kick out of it so for me, it doesn’t make any difference. And glow-in-the-dark is
not really bright enough where I could have ever seen it, but like those glow sticks
and stuff at raves and things. But yeah, I don’t know. – [Ben] Doesn’t really mean much to you. – It doesn’t, it doesn’t really do much. My cane is reflective, right,
it’s not glow-in-the-dark, it’s more reflective. – [Ben] That’s right, reflective. – Yeah yeah yeah. – [Ben] You actually have
glow-in-the-dark fidget spinner sitting in front of you. – I do?
– [Ben] Yeah. – Oh that’s fantastic. – [Ben] It’s one that was sent to us. Oh I love this, it’s glow-in-the-dark. – [Ben] Yep. – Bring back the old times, doesn’t it? Spinning the old fidget spinner. – [Ben] The blacklight would actually, just to give you an idea, in college if you had those neon posters, and the funny thing was
when you turned it on and you turn on all the other lights off and people would smile,
their teeth would stand out. Would light up, almost like– – And that’s very strange. – [Ben] Yeah and their
face was just regular. – Oh you sighted people. – [Ben] Very odd. – The things you get up to (laughs). – [Ben] Hoo ah! – Oh thank you sir, thank you (mumbles) – [Ben] All right,
speaking of that, hoo ah, “The Irishman” received 10 nominations. – Whew! – [Ben] Did you see this? – Wow. – [Ben] Including best picture. You talked about the
film in the last episode. – Yes. – [Ben] But it was nominated
for best picture, director, and supporting actor
Al Pacino and Joe Pesci and a few other things, yeah,
a handful of other things. – Wow. – [Ben] Al Pacino, do you
know that he won his first and only Oscar in 1993
for “Scent of A Woman”. – The first one? – [Ben] Yeah. – All that other stuff? – [Ben] And only one. – Wow, wow, wow, wow wow. – [Ben] Which that movie
came out December 23, 1992. People have always been wondering what you think of that
film because it’s about, what is it about? – Well, it’s about a colonel,
right, an Army colonel who has recently gone blind. He’s lost his sight due to an accident and it’s about how he copes with it and the different challenges
that he has to face and he’s got a bad attitude. How do you describe,
it’s not a bad attitude but he’s just a hard guy. He’s an old colonel. – [Ben] Likes to drink. – Likes to drink, does
enjoy the refreshments. And you know, he’s one tough customer. (laughing) – [Ben] So he teams up
with some young guy, right? – Yep, he was gonna be his assistant, and this guy’s gonna help him
out with day-to-day things. It’s 1992, so you know,
there’s no internet, so you need a heck of
a lot more assistance than you do today. – [Ben] Right, so I think– – It’s a nice story. There’s some great things about this film. I mean Al Pacino is tremendous. – [Ben] What do you, so they
portray him, he’s a blind man. – Right. – [Ben] What do you think,
how do they portray that? – All right, you know, listen
there’s some moments in there that are absolutely lovely. They really are, but some of
the stuff is way over the top. I mean there’s a couple
of scenes that I just, I’m sorry, I just don’t buy it. When he’s dancing, “I
need some coordinates! “Give me some coordinates, kid!” “A 20 by 30, band is over on the right. “You’re gonna be like…”
this and this and this, “Okay, go,” and he dances
perfectly, you know what I mean? Come on, I don’t believe it. Granted, he had the gift of sight. I understand that but still, but still. And then the other one that I found just completely unbelievable
was the driving scene. The driving scene was nuts. – [Ben] He got the Ferrari. – Yep, he got the Ferrari. Now, I love the scene
in the car dealership where he’s trying to get it. (laughs) – [Ben] And he drive around in
the Ferrari for two minutes. – He drives around for 2 1/2 minutes, there’s crazy music behind it. There are so many variables
I can’t even tell. I’ve driven a car, okay, I’ve
driven on highways before, I have, you know. If you want, I’ll tell
you that story in a second but I’ve done it and you
have to be very careful, and you have to know, for example, when I drive a car and
somebody goes, brake. The first thing I do is
smash the pedal to the floor and we all go through,
you know what I mean? You can’t do that, You
gotta go, okay brake, ’cause it’s so gentle, the brake pedal. And now he’s braking and
turning and all this stuff, come on, come on. – [Ben] Yeah, a little silly. – A little bit. But that being said… – [Ben] He won the Oscar. – He did win the Oscar. – [Ben] It’s funny, and
he did the yelling thing. – Yeah, he yelled like crazy in that film. He did some terrific yelling in there. – [DeNiro] Hoo ah! – (laughing) And he was gentle as a lamb. – [DeNiro] Hoo ah. – There he goes, who you
calling that (laughs). – [Ben] I know, watching
some of the clips, honestly, while there are some cheesy I have to say there’s some great moments. – [Deniro] If I was the
man I was five years ago, I’d take a flamethrower to this place. – I love that and you
know what that sound is, I never knew this. That’s him banging his
cane on the counter. – [Ben] Right. – His fold-up, his collapsible
cane which is very cool. Does he have one nearby? – [DeNiro] If I was the
man I was five years ago, I’d take a flamethrower to this place. – See that’s a cane. You can hear the couple pieces, can’t ya? Right, there’s a couple of
different hits, it’s great. – [Ben] Yeah, I know they
layered that from the sound. – Yeah, they did a nice job, well done. – [Man] Well if you like it that much, why don’t you sleep with it? – (laughs) Settle down,
settle down there Mr. Pitt. – [Ben] Yeah well. – [DeNiro] You got me all misty eyed. (laughing) – [Ben] Whatever. – Good luck at the Oscars Al. Good luck, we’ll be thinking about you. – [Ben] The guy who directed that film, do you know he did “Beverly Hills Cop”, “Midnight Run”, “Meet
Joe Black”, and “Gigli?” – He did “Gigli”? – [Ben] Which was the
Ben Affleck, JLo thing. – Jennifer Lopez, yep. – [Ben] 2003 and never did a film since. – Wow, that’s the last film he did? Hoo hoo hoo ah! (laughs) – [Ben] Yeah, hoo ah! – There we go, thank you. – [Ben] Sorry, I was enjoying your own. – That’s all right baby. – [Ben] So blind film critic,
would you give it a rating? For “Scent of a Woman.” – “Scent of a Woman,” there’s
a lot of things to like about it but there’s lot
of things that, I mean, some of the music he uses,
there’s too much music in that film. There’s just too much music. What’d I give “The
Irishman,” one and a half? – [Ben] Yeah. – Okay, see this is what I get stuck in ’cause this is how I think. – [Ben] You’re talking
about the music, the point? – They ruined some scenes with music. There were some lovely
things that were happening and they brought in the music too soon and it took away from the
emotion that you’re feeling in the scene, it was terrible. And then while they’re driving,
I mean it was this crazy (verbalizing music) “dicdicdicdicdic diddlelick
dicdic deedleliddleliddle liddle “maydayrayday dee,” not that,
but you know that piece… Am I gonna get flagged
again for that, sorry. (laughs) – [Ben] Right, you’ve made
this point before where they, you woke me up to this,
you made me aware of this. – Yeah they use the music
to help push the story and sometimes they push it too hard. The most famous one was the
“Spider Man” thing that we did a bunch of years ago for the
Blind Film Critic Review. And they just wow, when
the people who couldn’t act were on screen, there was
music, music, music, music, and when the people that
could act were on screen, it was just as quiet as could
be, and you could just tell. You just knew, I did. – [Ben] Yeah, film by committee. Put some music there,
we’re not sure the audience is gonna filter it. – Let’s test it. – [Ben] Sorry to interrupt but what was for “Scent of a Woman,” what
is your review or rating? – I’m gonna have to go
two and a half Eyes Open. – [Ben] Out of what? – Out of four. – [Ben] Two and a half. – Yeah.
– [Ben] Beautiful. – Yeah, I think that’s about right, right? – [Ben] Yeah. – ‘Cause there’s really
some warm spots in there. There’s some great things. As a blind person, I’m a
little come on, come on, unbelievable, but it’s a fun ride. It’s a fun journey and stuff so yeah, that’s how I score that one. And I’m sticking to it!
– [Ben] Do you know that this was based on
a 1975 Italian film? – Stop!
– [Ben] “Perfume of a Women”, that’s the translation. – Really?
– [Ben] A woman, yeah a woman. – An Italian film? – [Ben] Profumo di Donna. – Wow, di Donna. – [Ben] Yeah, which also
has that comedy style to it which is what is the tone was half. – Yeah, it was that and half
dramatic, It’s very strange. – [Ben] Well thank you Tommy,
we always wondered about that. – No, I’m glad to finally
be able to talk about it, you know what I mean? That’s what’s great about
doing this is I can, you know, get to sit down and talk
and have a conversation! So I love it, thank you. – [Ben] Color blindness. What do you think about color
blindness, people with it? Any understanding of it? – I sort of get it. I guess that everything sort
of looks maybe washed out or the same color or
what, I don’t really know but it’s gotta be frustrating. – [Ben] Do you know what
it is, more than that? Do you have any idea? – Well it’s just you can’t
distinguish color, right? Like traffic lights are
easy ’cause there’s a top, middle, and bottom one, so
it doesn’t really matter the color there right, isn’t that true? – [Ben] Mm-hmm, generally. – Yeah, but I couldn’t
imagine what it would, because how do you get dressed? How do you pick out your clothes? People ask me the same thing. So, how do you do it? You just must know. – [Ben] You have all your built in tricks. – You have all your tricks
yeah ’cause I have all mine. – [Ben] Other blind people, how often do you meet another
blind person in your life? Somebody who is legally
blind or blind since birth? – You know, not too often! I mean, you know, as a result of YouTube, I’ve met several, and
some wonderful people. We made some great friends and
stuff but I generally don’t. Although, I will tell you a funny story. I was walking around in my neighborhood probably a couple of months ago now, and all of a sudden, I
heard an iPhone and I went, “Why is my phone talking?” And it was a blind person and I was like, “Hey, you’re using your phone.” He’s like, “Yeah.” I was like, “Voiceover?” He goes, “Yeah.” I was like, “Yeah, me too.” And so that was how we met. – [Ben] That’s cool! – That was a neat little thing,
yeah, just on the street. What’s my phone doing, stop! It’s somebody else, hey (laughs). – [Ben] Question from the comments. Body language, do you recognize
when people are nervous without hearing them talking? Is there things that they
give off without talking? – Maybe yes and maybe no. It depends, some people
are just naturally fidgety, do you know what I mean? But when you hear people
sort of shuffling around or kind of moving around, it lets me know that somebody is a bit uptight, you know? I think that that’s kind
of thing I’m listening for. It’s a weird thing because I
don’t have a lot of experience of people who aren’t talking
to me, you know what I mean? ‘Cause most of interactions, we talk. – [Ben] Sure, and then when they do talk, what are some of the…? – It’s funny because people
don’t know how to talk to me. That’s the biggest thing
I encounter all the time, people just don’t know what to say. And so, I can just hear
right in their voice, they’re just a little hesitant. They’re a little bit of
fear, a little trepidation. They’re not quite sure exactly how to put what they want to say. And I always have to, “No,
no you’re all right, come on. “Just say what you need
to say, don’t you worry “about a thing.” So, you know, just those
little things are kind of what I notice. – [Ben] What happens,
they don’t know how to..? – Yeah, they’re afraid,
because people are so afraid that they’re gonna
offend me by using a word like see or watch or look or
any of those kind of things. It’s just part of my, I
hear it every single day. Or the other one I like
is that people don’t know what to call me. How long have you been that
way or visually impaired? Whatever it is, they don’t
wanna say the word blind. They feel like it’s gonna offend me. I don’t know, it’s what I’ve
always been so that word is never going to offend me. And there was a time in
my life I didn’t wanna be but it’s still was what
it was, and is what I is, you know what I mean? – [Ben] Uh huh, I hear you. – It’s cool, it’s all good! So don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid. – [Ben] Someone said in the
comments, you’ve changed. The innocence looks, I’m
sorry, the innocent looks on your face vanished this past two years. – Uh oh. – [Ben] What happened Tommy? – Well, how do I lose my innocence? Listen, I went to a small
Midwestern University. No, that’s an opening from, that’s a very old reference, nevermind. (Ben laughing) I’ve lost my innocence,
what does that even mean? Like I just look different? – [Ben] Well, you have lost weight, right? – Yeah, I’ve lost a bunch of weight. I’ve lost about 45 pounds. I started working out. I always had a treadmill so I began to run and I committed three hours a week to it, that’s it and I love it. It makes me crazy and I
love being finished with it every single time, I love it! – [Ben] People wonder how
have you seen yourself change? We’ve talked about the
whole weight loss thing on a past show but how have you noticed how you’ve seen yourself changed? – I’ll tell you a funny story. I was coming out here to get my things when I left California the last time. And I’d run out of the house
and I had my wheelie bag in one hand and my stick in my other, and I notice, my shorts were
starting to fall off me. I was like, “Oh my God, what’s happening?” ‘Cause I didn’t realize if I
just stop eating all this junk that I was eating and taking
better care of myself, I just automatically
start losing tons a weight and it just fell right off
me, I couldn’t believe it! So that’s the thing, in
clothing I’ve noticed. Like doing laundry, I’ve seen,
before I saw my old clothes and went, oh holy mackerel. I have some old T-shirts
that I work out in, that I run on the treadmill
in and they’re giant. They’re just absolutely huge. I was like, “Wow, I use to fill
this thing out, look at me.” So that’s what I notice
about underwear and stuff, it’s like holy, look at
the big giant underwear I used to wear! But now, everything’s gotten small, that’s the one thing I noticed. And the funny thing too is
when I was getting bigger, I never noticed myself getting bigger. I just had to get different sized clothes and just whatever. Time’s change, what are you gonna go. I didn’t know. I had no idea and then when
I heard my weight and stuff and somebody told me,
you need to shape up kid. – [Ben] How did you gain the weight? – Eating garbage, eating just junk. Drinking tons of beer,
Coca-Cola, McDonald’s. Listen, I still like
McDonald’s, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t have burgers there anymore. I have a chicken sandwich. You know, that grilled chicken
sandwich with nothing on it, I don’t care.
– [Ben] Okay, so in 2000 what, 16, 17?
– 17. – [Ben] Is when you
peak, it was your peak. – At that time, at the
last, I weighed 238 pounds. – [Ben] Wow, I never heard that number. – Yeah, I was giant, and
she just said it so loud. I was oh but shh with that
number, please (laughs). Easy sweetheart, easy. Come on, that’s between you and me. – [Ben] It seem to happen rather
quickly in the big picture. – It happened so fast. – [Ben] Over a period of a year? – Yeah. – [Ben] Or eight months,
where it started to… and the only reason I say
that is ’cause I noticed it. I noticed it in the videos. – Yep. – [Ben] And a funny note
is we told you about this in one of the videos, the
Guess What’s In The Mail video number four. We shot it over a period
of six to eight months, just at the end of other
shoots of you opening mail and you can see your weight change. – Wow. – [Ben] In these different
sections of the video. Nobody is gonna notice
unless I mention it here, but (laughing). – Is there a link for
it in the description? – [Ben] No, actually there’s not. (loud laughing) Guess what’s in the mail four, I failed! (flat ringing) Unbelievable!
(loud buzzer) – I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be a creep. I’m so sorry. – [Ben] I love it. (loud buzzing)
(laughing) (groaning crowd)
I got two of them, two wrongs. (laughs) You’re getting me back
for bringing that up. – Oh, it’s all right, baby,
don’t you worry about it. But, you know, I’m so proud of myself, and I just can’t believe it. So this is new and I’m like… – [Ben] No, it’s awesome. – I just love how I feel. I run upstairs now all the time. I just boop boop boop boop,
and I use to be winded running up the stairs before
when I was heavy, you know? And certainly when I was
smoking, I mean it was (wheezing), you know,
wheezing my way up the stairs. Now I just fly up, I love it. – [Ben] So somebody on
the YouTube comments is asking if you can identify speech that is sped up eight
times its normal speed? They’ve heard that blind
people can identify speech eight times the speed of normal. Can you do it? And they ask, they
actually suggested, could Ben play something sped up eight times and see if he could understand it. (laughing) Sure! – Oh boy. – [Ben] We can do that. – All right, can I give a disclaimer? – [Ben] Yes. – Okay, my nephew is
also blind since birth. He was actually featured in
one of the videos that we did. – [Ben] Right, Andrew. – Yep, that’s his name, Andrew. He’s a wonderful kid, he’s great. But he listens to his
phone so fast as computers because he grew up with this
technology, I did not, okay. So we’ll see how I do. You understand? – [Ben] Right, when
the phone talks to you, his is sped up a lot faster. – His is like brrrrrrrt, I’m like, “What?” Somebody was hanging out
with his sister one time and his sister’s friend goes, “I think there’s something wrong “with your brother’s computer,
it’s just going brrrrt.” And they’re like, no no,
he’s listening to something. He can hear it that fast. – [Ben] That’s funny, so
this soundbite is a soundbite of somebody talking for 23 seconds. – Okay. – [Ben] Sped up eight
times, I’ve kept the pitch. – Thank you sir. – [Ben] Here we go. (speeding audio) One more time. (speeding audio) Any idea? – No. – [Ben] Okay, five times the speed. (speeding audio) – That’s better.
– [Ben] How could you though? – But it’s not quite. – [Ben] Four times,
eh, I’ll jump to three. Three times? – I think I could do three. Let me try four. – [Ben] Let me do four. (speeding audio) – Is that Robert Downey Junior? – [Ben] Do you know
what he’s saying though? – No, I don’t I know what he said. He’s talking about something
that was the best of his life, something about being in the movies. I catch little keywords but
I’m horrible at this game. – [Ben] And by the way. (buzzer rings)
– No? – [Ben] No, it’s not Robert Downey Junior. – All right. – [Ben] Let’s try another soundbite. Let me have another soundbite, shorter. – Okay. – [Ben] Two times. – [Soundbite] You know, I
was a single person, and um– – [Ben] Let me try it three times. – [Soundbite] You know,
I was a single person, and um, I’m six feet tall
and in movies, so you know everybody (garbled speeding
audio) I guess things will go easier for you, you know. (garbled speeding audio)
most people were saying (garbled speeding audio)
to be sure I was single and exploring my life. – [Ben] Any idea? – I know he’s talking about
being single before the movies and stuff and how it was
the best time of his life, but I just don’t listen
to stuff like that. It’s not comfortable for
me, you know what I mean? Like it takes all the
naturalness out of the speech, it drives me crazy! – [Ben] It’s weird, it’s manic. – Yeah, it is! – [Ben] It’s a little– – You know what I mean though?
– [Ben] Unnerving. – It takes all the feel out
of it, and it just, woo ooh, I don’t know. – [Ben] Here’s the actual
soundbite, play just a part of it. – Okay. – [Soundbite] You know,
I was a single person, – Really? – [Ben] Who is this? – [Soundbite] And um,
I’m six feet tall and I’m in the movies.
– Who is that? – [Soundbite] So you know,
everybody puts two and two together–
– [Ben] It’s a celebrity. – [Soundbite] I guess, I guess
things are easier for you. – [Ben] Oscar winner, I believe. – He’s shorter than me, not by much. – [Soundbite] Um, it wasn’t all true, what people were saying,
but to be sure I was single and I was exploring my life. – Not Charlie Sheen. – [Ben] Any idea? No, not Charlie Sheen. That’s Kevin Costner. – That’s Kevin Costner, wow, wow! What’s he talking about? – [Ben] Oh, I don’t know. (laughing) – [Ben] Here’s another one,
you wanna do another soundbite? – Sure! – [Ben] see if you can
identify this giant star. – Okay. – [Ben] Guess who this celebrity is. – All right. – [Soundbite] I mean the
body’s pretty amazing, it will acclimate, it
will do what you tell it it needs to do. I worked for the guy who
knew a lot and he said, “To get to where you wanna
get to for this thing, “you have to…” – Who is that, who is that? – [Ben] Giant star. – Yeah. – [Soundbite] You have
to put yourself in place of discomfort every day. – Is that Leo? – [Ben] Wow, that is not right. – No. – [Soundbite] I mean the
body’s pretty amazing, it will acclimate, it
will do what you tell it it needs to do– – Who is that? – [Ben] Why are you thinking Leo? – I don’t know, I’m just, ’cause
I’m just thinking big star. But I’m talking about– – [Soundbite] I worked
for the guy who knew a lot and he said, “To get to
where you wanna get to “for this thing, you have to,
uh, you have to put yourself “in a place of discomfort.” – Oh, no, what’s his name? (mumbles) McConaughey, is that Matthew
McConaughey, talking about Dallas Buyer’s Club? – [Ben] No. – No. – [Ben] The answer is Brad Pitt. – Brad Pitt! – [Soundbite] Every day. – [Ben] Here we go,
here’s a giant musician from back in the day. – Okay. – [Musician] You feel
like an imposter, when– – Tom Petty! – [Ben] Nope. – [Musician] When someone
thinks you’re someone flying in here, and– – Bob Dylan! – [Ben] Bob Dylan, that’s correct! – There you go, come on!
(ringing chime) – [Ben] Nice, dude. – Thank you sir! – [Ben] Want another? – Yeah, sure, I love
this, are you kidding me? Now that I got one right it’s more fun! (laughing) – [Ben] Here we go, another giant star. – Okay. – [Soundbite] And this one
is different because I think it’s not only the intellectual
acrobatics that he normally does, but there’s a real
heart to this movie– – Jim Carrey. – [Soundbite] And it really
touches a nerve, a real nerve. (chiming bell)
– Come on, come on! – [Ben] That’s right! – You know what he sounds
like at the very beginning? If you just listen to that clip
for a second, it sounds like you flipped by Home
Shopping, just check it out for two seconds. – [Soundbite] Yeah, this
one is different because– – Doesn’t it? (laughing) It’s like you just blew past QVC! – [Ben] Jim Carrey selling
In Living Color DVDs. All right, here’s another one. – Okay. – [Female Soundbite] Once
you enter the popularity sweepstakes, which you do
when you become famous, whether you’re a singer
or an actress or a model or a journalist, a TV
journalist, whatever, you know, you enter the world of– – Is that Madonna? (chiming bell)
– [Ben] That’s correct! – That’s like from 30,
40 years ago, right? (laughing) Just being funny! – [Ben] That’s funny! 15 years ago. – Yeah, easy, right, that
was yeah, (laughing). – [Female Soundbite] How’m I doing? – How’m I doing? You sound like Ed Koch. – [Ben] How’m I doing? – Former New York mayor. – [Ben] Here’s another one for you. – Sure. – [Soundbite] It’s a real family show too. – That’s Prince! – [Ben] There you go! – Come on!
(ringing bell) – [Soundbite] Played in
theaters recently, and ah, – [Ben] All right, and the last one. – [Soundbite] A lot of
my supporters have been– – Let the man finish!
– [Ben] Ssh! – [Soundbite] With me a long
time and they’ve grown up and they’ve got kids now so they’ll
bring all their kids too. (crowd chatter) – I got you, Prince! Go on, yeah I had to let him finish! – [Ben] I know, and I’m
rushing through them, sorry. – (laughs) You’re fine! Listen, I could play this
game, we could just do this for a show. (laughing) – [Ben] Here’s one, we’ll
let it play, people can play along at home. Who is this, no longer
with us, that’s your hint. – Okay. – [Soundbite] I can’t
explain the kind of breaks that have come my way,
and that are out there. Dreams come true, dream
your dreams and massage them and you’ll live them out,
I’m telling you, it works. – That’s lovely, that is
absolutely beautiful, well put sir! – [Ben] And who is that? – You want me to tell you? – [Ben] Please do! – That is the great
George Carlin, everybody! (ringing bell) – [Ben] That’s correct, man. – What a lovely guy, and
he was wonderful too. I never met him but you know,
saying things like that, you know what I mean? That shows you his character,
his heart is right there. It’s beautiful. Smart guy too, lovely, smart smart man. – [Ben] Last one I think. – Okay. – [Soundbite] I think anybody who’s met me know my personality, just even around here when we’re not filming, and I
like to think I’m a good guy. I treated everybody the
way I wanted to be treated and I gave what I got, you know. – [Ben] Any idea who that guy was? (laughing) – I certainly do! – [Ben] Go ahead. – That is Orenthal James Simpson. – [Ben] There you go!
(ringing bell) – Come on! The Juice y’all, the Juice! – [Ben] OJ Simpson, nice job. – Aw man, wow, has this been fun! What a nice time, thank you so
much for being a part of it. Thanks for the great
questions and stuff and please keep them coming, if there’s
anything you want to know, you have a question for the
show, just be sure and just send it off to us. You can comment on this
video here on YouTube, or on Twitter, @TommyEdisonXP. Just ask away, and we’ll take care of them during the next couple of shows! We’re looking forward
to coming back for you. Thanks to Ben Churchill of course! – [Ben] You’re welcome sir, thank you! – Thank you Frank, of
course, taking care of things behind the scenes! – [Ben] Frank San Diego Slade! – Frank San Diego Slade,
everybody, America’s Sweetheart. – [Ben] He’s the moderator
in the chat room. – He is, and we love him. – [Ben] The show was live, yes. – It was live and now, and
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and I’ll tell you what, this’ll be a promise or
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to do, but let’s get it on, let’s see if we can get
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where this podcast is available? – I did not mention where
this podcast is available, doctor, thank your for that! You can find this podcast
on iTunes, Spotify, Google, and anywhere you get your
podcasts, and so that’s how you get it! Subscribe and enjoy, thank
you so much for this! – [Ben] Well great show
Tommy, thank you very much! – And thank you for everything,
you guys are the best, and we’ll see you soon! Happy New Year! Look, I can still say it. (laughing) (upbeat jazzy music) – [Loud Male] (yelling)
Gah, I’m staying right here!

Why choose A-Star Sports?

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As coaches I think we all understand the difference
that a positive introduction to sport can make. Children are much more likely to continue
to enjoy sport throughout their lives if it’s fun, inclusive and varied. I really love it that parents can stay and
watch the classes. You can see the children learning so much and there’s lots of new ideas
to take home with you. The parties are also fantastic, lots of fun, stress-free, kids
of all ages love it and the parents go home really happy. My children have really developed their skills
through such a wide variety of games and activities. It’s been lovely to see the positive steps
from the early stages to the sports themselves. They absolutely love it! The kids are totally engaged in the activities
as well as the social aspects of the classes and holiday clubs. The coaches really know
how to capture the kids’ attention and imagination. It definitely inspires long term involvement
and above all it’s seriously good fun! As someone who works with children what stands
out the most is how easy the A-Star Sports teams make it look. Not only do they take
on board the key developmental stages but everything is inclusive. It’s absolutely fantastic to have such positive
role models for my kids. The classes have helped enormously to increase their confidence,
concentration, learn how to work in a team, understand about winning and losing and they
look forward to it so much each week. They do lots of different sports including
hockey, cricket and dodgeball and things you wouldn’t normally do at school. I would definitely
recommend A-Star Sports. It’s a fantastic foundation for the future. I love A-Star Sports because the coaches make
everything fun. A-Star Sports is a brilliant place to meet
lots of friends and it’s a great place to learn sports. I really like A-Star Sports because it gives
you lots of exercise and you have fun at the same time. I mean it really makes you forget
all about things like video games that don’t give you any exercise. The good part about A-Star Sports is that
you can do sports that you haven’t played before like handball or hockey or cricket
and you can meet new people and make new friends. I’ve been coming to A-Star Sports for a long
time but I never want to stop coming. A-Star Sports is the best thing ever! The kids here at A-Star Sports are always
full of enthusiasm and excitement. They’re really motivated to take part because the
coaching gets everyone involved. It is important to understand the value of multi-sports and
children having positive exposure to a wide range of activities. This opens up choices
for them in sports that they wouldn’t otherwise experience this early on and that includes
my sport of dodgeball. We love A-Star Sports!

Power Rangers Ninja Steel – Invisible Girl Tennis Match | Episode 18 “Abrakadanger” | Sports

Will play Haley Foster. [Boy] Nice. (crowd cheering) [Friend] You got this. [Man] What is she
wearing, protective wear? Oh you’ll need it today. ‘Cause I’m bringin’ the heat. Ugh!
(fence jingles) (light hearted music) [Boy] What a pro! Oh! What? That racquet was brand new. (Victor snickers) Hey, hey. Oh.
You got it. Thanks, Cal. (whooshing) Oh! (crowd gasps) Oh, man. You nearly took my head off. Your head. Huh? My head? The mask! Oh no. Uh. Oh. Preston? Uh, Ta-da (chuckles nervously) Yes. Yes, it was me. Just another one of my delightful tricks. [Haley] Yeah. Presto. Presto change-o. Unacceptable. You’re trying to distract
Victor with your magic. It’s against the rules.
Wait! Haley is disqualified. What? No! [Boy] Yay, Victor. Man! I am so, sorry. (victor chuckles) Congratulations, Victor. You’ve finally won your
50th trophy (laughing). (crowd clapping) Oh! What’s going on? Oh. (buzzing) Did you see that? What is this? Oh, so you’re not allowed to use robotic super-smasher arms? That’s how you could hit so hard. You cheated, too. This grudge between the
two of you has got to end. So, tomorrow at lunchtime,
we will have a rematch. The winner will get their
name on this trophy, but if anybody cheats, they’ll be suspended. [Boy] Get ’em, Tiger.
[Friend] You got this. [Boy] Go Haley! [Friend] Come on Haley. [Girl] Go Haley! (crowd cheering) [Fan] Can’t spell
victory without Victor. (whooshes)
[Crowd] Oh! Yes! (crowd cheering) Lucky serve. [Fan] So close, Victor. (Victor growls) (whoosh) Uh!
(whooshes) [Boy] Nice one Victor. Too easy (laughs)! Match point. Wha! (crowd cheers)

Sports Ledger: CORE V

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Sports Ledger delivers a new paradigm where sporting professionals thrive through the application of modernized wearable technologies. Equipping global sports professionals with the tools to monitor daily, hourly and to the second their capabilities, recording
their strengths and weaknesses and understanding their daily sporting data outputs. Incorporated into the Sports Ledger platform, these premium records will be delivered directly to the Sports Professionals alongside accurate interpretable visualisations of the data that matters most to them. Through the transparency of Blockchain combined with IoT, these players will be able to open and share these records via the Sports Ledger platform with their clubs and fans. However, only an SPSL token holder will be able to view the data in real-time. Welcome to the revolution of sports. From passion to profession.

Titan Sports: Titans Assemble | S17 E11

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Titan Sports: Titans Assemble | S17 E11

Welcome back to another episode of Titan Sports, where we bring you the best coverage of Cal State Fullerton
Athletics. I’m Cory Johnson, and I’m Rita La Vau. Titans baseball hosted UC Irvine
in the Battle of Orange County. That’s right Fullerton dropped the first
two games of the series and we’re trying to avoid the sweep. Good thing for them
though they are dominant when it comes to Sunday games. Let’s head over to Goodwin Field, where Fullerton would look to try and avoid the sweep. We start things out
in the bottom of the first inning, Fullerton getting their first lead of this
series. Daniel Cope drives a ball to right
center gap for a two RBI double in the bottom of the 1st. Way to go, Daniel Cope.
The catcher coming up big. Jake Pavletich would send the ball to the right
field gap for a two-out RBI double Fullerton would extend their lead, 3-0.
Big-time stuff there for the Titans. UCI will answer right back
as Jon Jensen blasts a home run to right field to make it 3-1. What a home run for
the Anteaters. Now in the sixth with the game tied at three, AJ Curtis delivers a big RBI single scoring in Daniel Cope to make this a 4-3 ballgame. But in the top
of the ninth, UCI’s Jake Palmer grounds it to Brett Borgogno who turns
a 6-3 double play to end the ballgame. Titans go on to win, 4-3. They
improve that record to 17-22 overall. Mitchell Berryhill would have another
outstanding performance for the Titans this series, where he had four hits and
now sits atop of the Big West Conference with a .442 batting average. The bullpen
was also great once again this series for the Titans, as they would only give
up three runs all series. Dillon Brown was strong out of the pen and with another
dominant performance improving his E.R.A. to 1.48. The Titan softball team took on
UC Davis this weekend in a three-game series. The games would be split the Titans would win the first game, 9-1and lose the second game, 2-1. Now
let’s see how the Titans did in that decisive game 3. The UC Davis Aggies
hosted the CSUF Titans for a Big West showdown. We pick it up at the bottom on
the first where the runner would steal second, with that high throw Alyse Rojas would come in to score, Davis
would lead 1-0. Now in the bottom of the fourth with the same score, Daisy Munoz
would hit a three-run home run to left field. Her sixth home run of the season
giving the Titans the lead 3-1. In the bottom of the fifth with the Titans
looking for insurance runs, Ari Williams would single to the left-field scoring
two on the play and putting the tines up 5-1 in the bottom of the seventh with
Fullerton looking to close it out Ari Williams bonus makes that great play in center
field to win game three, 5-1 and take the series. With that win in game 3 the Titans
remain in first place in the Big West with a conference record of 12-3 and an
overall record of 32-16. the Titan tennis team headed down to Indian Wells
for the Big West Tournament where they entered as a number 2 seed they beat
CSUN, 4-3 in round 1 and this is what coached Dianne Matias had to say after
their victory. They would advance to their third straight semifinal where
they fell to Long Beach, 4-1. The Titans end their season with a record of
15-6, with their second fewest amount of losses in program history.
So many big things happened this past weekend with our favorite superheros.
However, it was the NFL that certainly gave us a lot to talk about.
That’s true and for more on this we now send it over to Brandy with this week’s
What The Tusk. What The Tusk is up, Titans It’s your girl, B, and I am going solo
artist today because Little Miss Ashling didn’t make it out of bed after this
weekend. she saw Avengers: Endgame on Friday and yesterday Game of Thrones
literally lead her so sick she couldn’t make it in today but that’s ok I can do
this all by myself no problem right well we’ll see so just start off the draft
just happened and of course there are a lot of your obvious picks and your Wow
didn’t see that coming well not for me I need the Giants were gonna pick Daniel
Jones but the craziest things that happen on the draft might have just
flown under your radar to begin let’s start off with Pat McAfee roasting the
Titans in Tennessee as he was announcing the pick for the Indianapolis Colts it
was amazing take a look for yourself I think it was very
tastefully done, and it reminded me that the Colts were still relevant seen in
the NFL it was almost just as good as when David Acres announced the pick for
the Eagles last year in Dallas now I’m not gonna play that clip again but as a
die-hard Cowboy fan I got to give credit where credit’s due you know. Now moving
on to the second best thing that happened in the draft and that was this interview
of the New York Jets newly drafted Quinnen Williams now I can’t tell if
this is wholesome or if it’s cocky because he blessed and thanked himself I
mean look either way I like the confidence he has but it also shows that
he doesn’t trust anyone not even if they bless you to him so gather from that way
you will. oh man I really wish Ashley was here for this segment I think you guys
are gonna what I’m going to talk about Men Are Trash so today we’re looking at
Tyreek Hill in the ongoing investigation where he is being accused of physically
abusing his son now this could possibly cause them to be put on the exempt list
this week an audiotape recently surfaced where he talks about physically abusing
his son even mentioning breaking his arm in that audio he also tells his fiance
that she should be quote terrified of him to bleep end quote
ladies and gentlemen men are trash and we’ll see how this investigation pans
out see what it happens but after that audiotape which aired on the news first
by the way I think he is dunzo to say the least now let’s move on to something
I thought is a little bit lighter and someone who is actually supportive of
his son now what are you’re about to see is the cutest video of all time Dodgers
pitcher Clayton Kershaw’s son and narrated by me, so here we go. Ok so we
look he’s in his stance he’s ready to go but he’s gonna turn around
check his bases to make sure none of those guys are running then he’s gonna
get set with a giant cute smile on his face a little blue shoes stretches over
just like dad and boom alright so the last thing I’m gonna finish with is are
actually a shout out to our very own Cal State Fullerton softball team so
basically it’s a newer trend for softball players that I have personally
seen on Twitter to coordinate dance with each other and then they post
social media in hopes it goes viral two of our very own Titans, Samantha Kennedy and Kiana Parrish decided to do just that and it was awesome, take a look. So I do
have some disappointing news for you guys before Ashley told me she couldn’t
make it in today we actually had a little dance plan for you guys. But I
refused to do by myself so I propose that we make Ashley do the dance next
time by herself as punishment for leaving me, and being fake I mean come on
girl, use your antibodies I know you’re little but come on tiny but mighty. I
don’t know all right well that is all I have for you guys today. Make sure you’re
keeping up with What The Tusk is going on, Titans. Now it’s time to find out
what you’ve been slacking on with In Case You Missed It.
Thanks guys,I’m Alex Lustig and if you missed any action last week I got you
covered right here, on In Case You Missed It. Starting on the diamond where the
baseball team lost to top-ranked UCLA in a midweek game, 8-3. Now
running over to track and field, Fullerton performed well in the Steve Scott
Invitational the men’s team placed second in the 4 by 100 meter relay while
the women placed in 4th. Diego Courbis finished third overall in the 400 meter
hurdles after posting a season-best 52.30 at one point I ran track myself the only
running I currently due is to my car or my bed when I get home. Heading over to the
green the men’s golf team began the Big West Championship in Hawaii as a number
one seed the tournament will conclude tomorrow we’ll have the results on our
social media platforms. Well that’s all we have from this past weeks games let’s
toss over to Mariah with the upcoming games on Titan Timeline, Mariah. Thanks, Alex and welcome everyone to this
week’s edition of Titan Timeline where we give you a rundown on all of the
upcoming Titan Sporting Events I’m Mariah Ross. Starting things off on the
diamond the baseball team is headed to UC Irvine to play in a non-conference
game on the 30th, but these Titans will be gone too long as they head back to
Goodwin Field May 3rd through May 5th to face UC Davis for another conference
series. Pitching it over to softball where they will be taking on Cal Poly
here at home in a doubleheader May 4th and they will close up the series Sunday
May 5th. And finally racing over to Santa Barbara where the Titans track and field
will compete in Big West combined events May 3rd and 4th that’s all we
have for this week on Titan Timeline. Let’s send it back over to Cory and
Rita at the desk. Well folks that’s all the time that we have for today thank
you so much for tuning in to today’s episode. You can watch our past episodes
and game highlight packages on our YouTube Channel make sure to LIKE
comment and subscribe don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram at
CSUF Titan Sports and like us on Facebook to stay connected with us. On
behalf of all of us here at Titan Sports I’m Cory Johnson and I’m Rita La Vau
remember to keep those Tusks Up, Titans and we’ll see you next week.

Anthony Thinks More Sports Need Moments Like That Daytona 500 Crash

– Alright, our first headline is in the auto racing world. – NASCAR. – Daytona 500. You know they kick off the season with like their biggest race, and a massive crash which
took out about half the race. Twenty two drivers in all were taken out, with about nine laps left. – Massive crash at Daytona. Erica play the clip one more time. (imitating crashing sound) You can hear that it was, I mean it was a crazy crash. How many cars Greg? – 21 – 21 out of 50. 50 cars started the race,
21 involved in that crash, and at the time I think ten of them were even off before that. So that’s more than
half of the competitors out with one turn. I love that. I wish that happened in more sports. Imagine if like on one play in the NFL half the players got hurt. Half the players had
season ending injuries on just one play. It would be like the equivalent I think of, as Hines Ward’s kickoff return in the Dark Knight Rises,
when the entire field collapses behind him, and both teams, everyone on the field dies,
except for Hines Ward. The deadliest play in NFL history. I think more sports should have this sort of catastrophic possibility. – When you have the threat of
potential death at all times, doesn’t it make the actual
event more meaningful? You feel the meaning. That’s why older people
often say, as long as they don’t get the penis cancer,
the end of their life is some of the happiest,
’cause they’re aware, at any moment, that it
could have all been over, and you appreciate it more. – Yeah, I didn’t really take that angle. I just thought it’s more
fun to watch if like, like an MMA fighter or boxing
fight, there’s a chance that it could go 12 rounds, there’s a chance that it
could be over in five seconds you know, if someone gets knocked out. And I wish they had that in more sports. Like I think, in basketball,
they should blind the players. That way, you could just slam
into someone and it’s over. You could run into the
backboard, you could run into the stands by
mistake and kill yourself and that would be the end of the game. And that would be so much
more fun to watch the game. – Wait, how would they blind
them, what do you mean? With like, throwing stuff in their eyes or they would have a blindfold, or what? – I think you’d wanna make it permanent once you get to the NBA level. Like, in high school you
would blindfold them, in college you would probably
throw something in their eyes that would blind them for periods of time, and then when you get to the
NFL, you gotta pluck ’em out. You gotta take ’em with a spoon
like in Slumdog Millionaire. – Oh yeah. Eugh. – You’d Slumdog Millionaire ’em. And then I think the NBA
would be more popular. You’d get to your seat
before the game started, ’cause you’re like, “I don’t
know how long this is gonna go. “I paid a lot of money for these tickets “and I don’t know what’s up.” Let’s say baseball, if
when you swung the bat, you had to let go of it. Like, you had to let
go of it on your swing. Think about how much more exciting major league baseball would be. How long is the pitcher gonna pitch? Could be one pitch, could be
the whole game, you don’t know, ’cause the bat’s coming at him. – I like how they, the
announcers, all took it totally in stride. I mean, they were kinda like,
“wow, this is a big one!” They were calling it a big one, and there was a little bit of silence, and then the guy was just like, “well, that ruined everything.” They weren’t worried at all
about the safety of the drivers or anything, ’cause
that’s part of the sport. – Well, if you heard the crash, I think you got all the
information you needed. You didn’t have to hear the
announcers pontificate about it. Erica, play the crash again. (imitating crashing noises) Yeah, when you hear something like that, what are the announcers gonna do? How are you gonna add to that? You can’t, unless you
go back and talk about Hines Ward’s kickoff. (laughing) The deadliest play in the NFL. I think that’s a lot of the
reason why they’re trying to get rid of the kickoff. You know, a lot more touchbacks now. – Because of Hines Ward? – Because of the teammates
Hines lost that day. – Right. When they run
the stats and it’s like, “oh, the average fatalities
on kickoff returns “are way higher than any other play.” But that’s all just Hines Ward. – And just after that
play is when they executed a nuclear physicist right on the field, in front of everyone. (laughter) Which, you know, I think
the NFL needs more of that. – Tennis legend Martina Navratilova was in the news this
week, by writing an op ed in the Sunday Times in London, saying that it’s insane and cheating
for transgender women to compete in sports. So, olympics, bicycles, anything. – Never in my life did I
think Martina Navratilova would speak out against trans people. If anyone has an ally, you would think it would be Martina
Navratilova, who is, you know, a woman, but could pass
for trans, let’s say. She could make it. Her speaking out, it’s the last
person I would ever expect, and I love when people
speak out against things that won’t affect them, and could not possibly affect them ever. Like, Martina Navratilova
does not compete any more. Why is she talking about this at all? And let’s go to what she
said, that trans people competing in any sport, or in tennis, is insane and cheating. Is it cheating? Yes, but so is using a racket, and everyone turns a blind eye to that. (laughing) Is it insane? Again, I’m gonna have to agree with her. That in today’s day and
age, I think trans people have better things to do than play tennis. That if I had a trans daughter or son, I would not let them play tennis. I would have more
activities for them to do. – Like what? – Hockey. I think the trans community
could excel at hockey. I think the trans community
would be great at soccer. I think the trans community– – You’re going through the
names of sports that you know. – … could dominate the
NFL, if they chose to. I think they’d be really
good at swimming, diving. I think running.
– You’re still going. – I think track and field, pole vault. But tennis? Get the fuck out of my face. – The topic didn’t even come
up, having to do with tennis. It had to do with the
cyclist that she randomly decided to back. You know the microphone is picking up you opening the turkey jerky bag, Anthony. I mean, talk about dropping
the ball (laughing) and professionalism. – When I wanna show disrespect,
I eat while I’m working. It’s strictly for disrespect. – I mean, it worked. She was talking about a cyclist,
but my favorite thing was, she kinda got caught up in
this by saying this wasn’t fair back in October, and
she says, then she spent the ensuing months researching the topic so that she could be better suited to write this opinion piece. Which, I love the image
of Martina Navratilova spent the last three months
just researching trans topic, and she got deep into
it, in terms of hormones, and men have muscle and bone density, and they can’t measure that. It’s like, don’t you have
something better to do? – Now the story’s getting stranger. This sounds to me like she got caught looking at trans porn
and tried to cover it up by bailing notices for a research project. (laughing) And then they’re like,
“wait, we just did chicken.” She was like, “let me
say something and just “get it out of the way
before I get embarrassed.” Yeah, wasn’t, in the ’70s or something, there was a trans woman
or guy who ran a race or did something, and they were like, “oh, men are going to become
trans so they can win medals.” And that never happened. Like, no one has that priority. – Right. Renee Richards,
who played tennis, I believe was kind of
the first famous trans. – Yeah, it was tennis. – It was tennis. I think there was a 30 for 30 on it. But yeah, that whole thing sounds very, and you know, she’s
been called transphobic, that her big argument was that, what’s to stop a man from doing it, and then they get the trophies, and then they change their
mind and make some babies. Then they can go back to wanting to be a woman and make babies. That’s a long way to go. – And also, imagine that person, that has no bragging rights what-so-ever. It’s like, “yeah, I
pulled a fast one on ’em. “I got sick of these chicks
getting their trophies, “so I thought I’d go through
a long and painful procedure “and then win some, and
then switch it back. I’m no fool.” Yeah, it’s hilarious that
she came out with this. It’s just an old person talking
about old person things. Erica, anything you wanna add? Any other sports you think
trans people would be good at? – Field hockey. – Field hockey, that’s one. Lacrosse,
– Lacrosse, definitely – I think they’d be awesome at. Horse riding, equestrianism. Equestrianism is what they call it. Curling. – Bobsledding. – Bobsledding. Regular sledding. Skiing, snowboarding.
– Snowboarding. Windsurfing.
– Like recreational sledding? What is regular sledding? – Water skiing.
– I think crossfit. Like I know that’s not a real thing. But like, video games? Video games, I think trans
people would be good at. – Chess. – Chess, checkers. – Ping pong. – Ah, that’s too close
to tennis, you know. Badminton, I wouldn’t put in there. Basically, the trans community, stay away from rackets
and paddles, in that way, and we don’t have a problem. You’ve got other sports you’re good at, you don’t need tennis. Erica, before we move on, one more time, play the clip of the crash. (imitating crashing noises) Good job. (hard rock)


December 5, 2019 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments


what’s that very welcome back to the
channel today we are going to be doing a kind of a part two to the wrong sport
basketball video we did a while back we’ve got smooth from Ukraine and the
Randall twins today we’re gonna start with a game of knockout with a
basketball that’s normal then we’re gonna move on to football wiffle balls
cornhole bags ping-pong ball and then finish with tennis balls but you have to
use the racket house your 10th house your tennis skills solid if you get
first place you are awarded three points if you get second place you get two
points if you are third place you get one point if you are the last place if
you’re the first person that you get 0 points most points at the end wins here
we go Pete gets zero points isn’t awarded the role of cameraman come over
here Jake Oh Oh take it his time no no I didn’t
deserve to win I miss like 19 layups you’re okay move move three points two
points one point Pete next sport next up is football
what are your football skills like I’m a hero of all zero skills I’m a better
shooter with a football apparently that are basketball I don’t miss I haven’t
miss you I miss impressive if I don’t say so myself
okay that’s five points for me I got three one smooth three three all right
next up wiffle ball you get I’m just give me the basketball not this weird
balls you go oh this might take a while Oh oh my gosh oh that was through yes so
you got three tail three I have now I’m six I got six – ooh close game yeah okay
okay okay this one will be interesting cornhole
bags are you familiar with cornhole yeah I saw it once on a TV okay okay okay look at that I get it down oh you did oh
my gosh I can do this the common eating Jake right now okay this is big this is
big this is big money I can’t lose all these all the time Oh with this me oh my god oh my gosh
alright so plus 3 plus 3 what is your total now 6 6 5 5 7
I got 6 & 6 it’s a close game yeah it’s very close and there’s only 2 rounds
left next up ping-pong balls there you go
hi this is white like Shaquille this what it feels like guys do we want to
move up to the free-throw line for this okay we’re gonna go to the free-throw
line for the ping-pong ball right I need I need a I need a Pete dove here for me okay hold that there you go oh I’m glad
I got out on this an early you hit it it’s like physically
impossible he’s gone he’s gone oh I get him out of here
get him out of here Oh nein I’m also at nine we’re tied going into the final
round how we can have a three-way tie potentially what do you have I’m at six
I’m out if you’re at six No oh if you wouldn’t I go if I win but but
if one of them gets one if you or me win oh yeah we we tie then yeah but we’ll
have to lose never right next round is tennis balls but you have to use
brackets Oh oh my goodness did you thought that one oh my gosh on
camera you have no idea where that ball came from yes right now oh thanks Hey well I still
beat you haven’t yet subscribed my friends are Randall twins I’ve been
doing a lot of uses them on their chance of cool subscribe go check out their
videos and hit up my friends the Ukraine Dimitri smooth he’s the man ball handler
dunker all sorts of things to go check out his channel and his Instagram show
him something oh what a hear my jam shout outs and
make sure you click on those videos up there we’ll see you guys later bye
Oh Jake’s dying