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Michael Strahan’s Super Bowl LIV Pre-Game Analysis

-You have a big — a big weekend ahead of you. You’re going to be in Miami, and you’re going to be on Fox
analyzing the game, the Super Bowl.
-Yeah. We got a big, big, big game
on Fox obviously this Sunday. The Super Bowl.
How many Chiefs fans do we have? [ Cheers ] How many 49ers fans we have?
[ Cheers ] All right, more 49ers fans.
That’s who’s going to win then. [ Laughter ]
-You’re good, yeah. -You got to know
your audience, man. But, yeah, we got a big game.
This is like — -I think it’s going to be
a good game, right? -Offense of the Chiefs
is amazing. -Yep.
-But the defense of the 49ers is like, second to none. And one of the rare things
that they can do on the 49ers defensively is they can rush
four guys up front. That way they have seven guys
they can put in the coverage. Most teams have to blitz and do
all those things to put pressure on the quarterback, and I just
think that they’re very unique. Me, being a defensive player, and knowing how I feel like
in our Super Bowl, our defense won the Super Bowl.
-Yeah. -It’s going to be very hard to
vote against the defense. And the Chiefs have been
starting slow, you know? They start slow and get down
in this game against the 49ers, they will not come back. So, I’m not giving a prediction.
-Uh-huh. -But it should be
a high-scoring game, and the Chiefs have
to start faster to maximize their opportunities. -Will he do his no-look pass? -No — he’s got to do that. That’s what he does.
-I thought it was fun. -I mean, him doing the no-look
pass is like you putting on underwear in the morning,
you know what I — But I don’t know if you do that
or not. I don’t live with the man.
[ Laughter ] -I was going to say,
how do you know? -I don’t know,
but I’m assuming. -Follow me on Instagram, yeah.
[ Laughter ] ‘Cause maybe — does that help if you’re getting blitzed or
someone’s going to tackle you? -It helps if you’re
getting blitzed, but the great thing about
Mahomes, he’s mobile. So if he’s getting blitzed,
he can get out of the pocket, buy himself some time,
but this front four can run. A lot of times, you know,
you get these linemen who can pass rush,
but they’re like 350. -Yeah.
-And chasing this quarterback at like 185, 205, you’re not
going to catch him. These guys actually can run.
They are not lumbering runners. They actually will
hunt you down. So, he’s got his hands full
on this Sunday. -Do you like working
on Super Bowl Sunday, or do you like —
-I love it. The only reason for me
at this point in my life to go to the Super Bowl
is when we work and do the game. -Yeah. -I don’t miss
the parties anymore. Like, I’ve done all that stuff.
-Sure. -But I like — I love
being a part of it. We’ll go to practice,
get a chance to see the teams up close and personal
the week before. Knowing my experiences from
being in two Super Bowls, just seeing the young guys,
and nerves, how excited they are
at the same time, like, I love all that stuff. And I love being a voice
on a Sunday for the biggest game
in the world. So, for me it is
the ultimate treat to having a long career that
afforded me an opportunity to talk about it on TV. -Yeah, ’cause I guess right now,
they’re both winners in their — -Yeah, right now they’re
both winners. -Right? They’re like, “Dude,
we made it to the Super Bowl.” We both won. That’s awesome.”
-Well, you know what? I was in a Super Bowl
where you lost. You don’t feel like a winner
after that. [ Laughter ] They’re like,
got the confetti falling. They’re basically
getting broomed. This is like you’re in the
Apollo, like — [ Laughter ] They’re whooping you.
-Sandman. -You guys stay out here,
the old Sandman’s coming to get you off the field.
-Oh, my God. -Oh, man, it’s so demoralizing. -You don’t even get a hat
to put on. -Well, you know what,
you don’t get the hat. You know, they make up
hats for both teams. -Yeah.
-But, then they send the other hats somewhere for other people
to wear, like — -They take the hat
away from you. -They take the hat away —
You don’t get it. And so they got t-shirts, hats,
and you just don’t see them. -It’s going to be a good game.
Also, I think halftime show is going to be phenomenal.
-Yes. -Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.
-Shakira. [ Cheers and applause ] You know, my job — my job is
really hard, Jimmy. -Yeah, I —
-My job is so hard. -Uh-huh.
-Because when I go down there, part of my responsibility is,
I have to interview J. Lo and Shakira…
-No. -…on Friday for our
show on Sunday. -That is — that is unfair. -It is unbelievably —
[ Laughter ] I have to sit in that room… -You lucky man. -…and talk to those two.
-You lucky — That’s going to be —
it’s going to be fantastic. -It’s going to be fantastic. I think they’re
going to be great, and I love the fact that
we just don’t get to see one incredible artist, yeah,
we get to see two incredible artists on
the biggest stage, the halftime show. Hopefully the game is, like,
super close so everybody’s tuning in,
and it’s not one of these games you’re just watching
for the commercials. -Yeah, exactly.
-Because it’s a blow away. -Yeah.
-And the halftime show is always one of my favorite
parts of it. Even when I was a player,
I’m sitting in the locker room going, “Man, do I have to listen
to the coach? I want to go outside and watch
the halftime show.” -Exactly. Who was at the one
in 2008? Remember who that was?
-Uh, good question. They wouldn’t let me
go out and see. -Yeah, I know. That’s smart.
That’s why you won. -Alicia Keys did sing before.
I was listening to Alicia Keys on my headphones working out,
like, stretching and stuff. -Yeah.
-And then I’m like, why is it I have the over-loop of two different
Alicia Keys songs? -So you take it off?
-Then I took off my headphones and realized she’s playing
on the field. -She’s right there. Yeah.
-It was awesome. Awesome.

2017 #DontNeed2 NubAbility All Sports Camp

January 28, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 1 Comment

2017 #DontNeed2 NubAbility All Sports Camp

Welcome to NubAbility!!!! I know I don’t need 2 to know that I can
beat you. You know you’re going to need 2. Or else you’re going to lose. I know I don’t need 2 to know that I can beat
you. You know you’re going to need 2 or else you’re
going to lose. Knowing I don’t need 2 I take a breath and
breathe through all the stress and evil. We are all just different people. Stop making up excuses, you don’t want to
challenge me fool! Step up to the play and watch how fast I take
the lead bruh. With speed too. NubAbility is THE clue. Sam Kuhnert reaching heights that no one else
has ever reached to, because he never quit trying to thread the needle, and when he steps
up to the mound you know he’s pitching mean WHOO! I know I don’t need 2 to know that I can
beat you. You know you’re going to need 2. Or else you’re going to lose. I know I don’t need 2 to know that I can beat
you.You know your going to need 2 or else you’re
going to lose. I know I don’t need 2.You know you’re going to lose. Loving NubAbility. Athletics and Agility. Welcome to the camp of perseverance and tranquility. We believe that you can be anything you have
the will to be. Believe in yourself and any competition you’ll
defeat. You will be come a legend like Bo Jackson
or Pistol Pete and if you take a loss you gotta brush it off and still compete. Keep building your talents day and night and
even in your sleep. Dreams become a reality. If you do something go really deep. I have no excuses I DON’T NEED 2 ALWAYS ON
REPEAT. No matter what the challenge be just don’t
give up and never cheat. Sam Kuhnert never did, because giving up was
too easy. I’m happy that he didn’t because he founded
NubAbility. A camp where we make friends that never limit
capabilities. And if you’re feeling shy I hope our coaches
make you feel at ease. We’ll help bring out your inner beast. I hope you really feel this beat. I’ll give it all I got and I’m bringing all
my energy. I know I don’t need 2 to know that I can
beat you. You know your going to need 2. Or else you’re going to lose. I know I don’t need 2 to know I can beat you. You know you’re going to need 2 or else you’re
going to lose. I know I don’t need 2. You know you’re going to lose. Philippians 4:13….I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH