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201010 – New, 2020, Chevrolet Trax, LS, Sport Utility, Test Drive, Review, For Sale –

Are you considering the 2020 Kia Soul? Well then check out the 2020 Chevrolet Trax. The Chevrolet Trax offers all-wheel drive,
anti-lock brakes, and electronic stability control to maximize traction under poor conditions,
especially in ice and snow. Compared to metal fuel tank of the Kia Soul,
the Trax’s plastic fuel tank can withstand harder, more intrusive impacts without leaking. In turn, this decreases the possibility of
a fire. The Chevrolet Trax’s engine uses a cast
iron block for durability, while the Soul’s engines use an aluminum block. Aluminum engine blocks are much more prone
to warp and crack at high temperatures than the cast iron. The Trax has vehicle speed sensitive variable-assist
power steering, for low-effort parking, better control at highway speeds, and during hard
cornering, and a better feel of the road. The Kia Soul doesn’t offer variable-assist
power steering. The Chevrolet Trax comes standard with an
automatic transmission for driver comfort, especially in the city. Automatic feature will cost you extra on the
Kia Soul. The Trax’s front and rear power windows
all open fully with one touch of the switches and its driver’s window also automatically
closes, making it more convenient at drive-up windows and toll booths, or when talking with
someone outside your car. The Soul’s standard power window switches
have to be held the entire time to close them fully. Only its driver’s window opens automatically. For better stopping power, the Trax’s standard
front brake rotors are larger than those on the Kia Soul. In the 60 to 0 braking and stopping test performed
by Motor Trend, the Chevrolet Trax stopped 1 foot sooner than the Kia Soul. Come on down and try this vehicle out before
you buy it with our free 48 hour test drive. If you like it, then we will cover it with
our free lifetime mechanical warranty for as many years and as many miles as you own

2019 Hyundai Elantra Sport | Style & Hustle | TestDriveNow

There are 6 trim levels of the refreshed 2019
Elantra. But if you desire the one with the most power,
the best handling, the raciest transmission, a blacked-out grille, and a rear spoiler then
it’s this Sport model you’ll want to check out. After a lull which began with the redesigned
Sonata in 2014, Hyundai has recaptured their mojo. Along with their Korean counterpart Kia, the
new cars and SUVs they’re currently bringing to market reflect the brand ethos that garnered
so many accolades. And this refreshed Elantra Sport is the next
in line. When it was redesigned for the 2017 model
year the Elantra’s new look was met with a resounding thud. But with its thoroughly resculpted body including
LED headlights and awesome wheel designs this Sport model now has the curb appeal to match
its fun-to-drive nature. Affordable, efficient, fun and stylish, the
Sport packs a lot of attractive attributes into what is technically a midsize package. It’s spacious all around yet feels agile
like a sport compact should. I assume if you’re interested in this particular
Elantra than you want something a little more than the 147 horsepower base engine offers. Mechanically speaking, the Sport is the only
Elantra that runs with the 1.6-liter turbo-4 and a multi-link independent rear suspension. It’s also one of only 2 trims that can spec’d
with a 6-speed manual, or as is the case here, a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic. Output is rated at 201 horsepower and 195
pound-feet of torque that’s available starting at only 1500 RPM. So there’s a pleasing sense of urgency when
you get on it. There’s also a car-to-driver connectedness
here that’s instantly palpable and hard to find in a sub $27,000 car. The steering is really quick to react and
is perhaps the tastiest ingredient in the Elantra Sport recipe. Combined with a sport-tuned suspension, low
center of gravity, thinner sidewalls and some respectably grippy 18” rubber, this is a
car that’s fun to take through the corners, whether you’re paddle shifting or letting
the DCT work its quick gear changes in Sport mode. It’s got a little gusto to its sound and
keeps understeer to a minimum when you push it through the turns. It’s the kind of practical, everyday driver
that’ll keep its owner amused without going broke…its 29mpg on regular unleaded speaks
to that. And with Normal and Smart drive modes, the
Sport can take on a variety of personalities to match your mood. This little turbo does a great job everywhere
it’s utilized providing good low-end power and excellent fuel economy. I love the drive modes to accommodate different
styles and Sport is definitely spunky enough to keep the enthusiast entertained by adjusting
the steering effort, and the engine and transmission control logic for enhanced driving dynamics. And with Hyundai’s high performance N Line
now available, this Sport trim finds an appropriate middle ground. Just be cognizant of the fact that with the
Sport you’re going to feel and hear the road. And that’s the biggest knock against it;
it’s relatively firm ride and some unwanted road noise. Otherwise, it’s manually-adjusted, huggier
sport seats, real leather surfaces, flat-bottom-wheel and other Sport-specific touches make for
a nice package but hard plastics and a cheap headliner are there to remind you that you’re
still in a lower-end Hyundai. But no big deal; with the cool sport instrument
cluster, heated seats, a great sounding Infinity premium audio system and one of the best infotainment
systems on the market, the Elantra Sport treats its occupants quite well. And that includes the very accommodating rear
seats and amply-sized trunk. SmartSense is the name Hyundai gives to its
tech-driven safety features and for this year SEL trim levels and above add Forward Collision-Avoidance
Assist, Lane Keep Assist and Driver Attention Alert to the existing group of blind spot
warning, Rear Cross-Traffic Alert and Lane Change Assist. And I love the auto high beams. I’ve had way more fun here than I ever would’ve
thought and the features per dollar ratio here belies this car’s $26,995 as-tested
price. That includes the Premium Package with the
updated 8” touchscreen with faster processor, navigation, Clari-Fi technology to clean up
compressed audio and all of the Blue Link connectivity services free for 3 years. It’s simply a really solid, energetic, sporty
sedan ready to please its owners.

What Happened To Dragon Tales?

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What Happened To Dragon Tales?

Hello everybody, welcome back to another video
on the channel, a series of videos where I talk about fictional characters from time
to time. I am Ruchiyoto and in this video I’m going
to talk about Dragon Tales. So what happened to Dragon Tales? Well just to recap, when was Dragon Tales? Dragon Tales is a children’s animated series
targeted for preschoolers. It aired on PBS Kids in 1999 just 3 years
of it’s prerelease which ironically came right after My Little Pony Tales. But leaving My Little Pony out of this discussion,
I’m here to talk all about Dragon Tales one of my favorite cartoons that I grew up as
I kid from the early days. The show focuses on two children Emmy and
Max who go on adventures with their dragon friends where they also learn valuable life
lessons. Now here’s a fun fact, Emmy is voiced by Andrea
Libman who does Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy in the show My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
and as for Max, well… he is voiced by Danny McKinnon who does Kohaku from Inuyasha. Their dragon friends Ord, Cassie, Zak, and
Wheezie play important roles, in some occasions they act as supportive characters where they
portray as children. The show educates children about teamwork,
problem solving, and life lessons as I mentioned earlier. Dragon Tales ran for 3 Seasons with a total
of 93 episodes, the last episode ever being released on April 1, 2005 which April 1st
also happens to be on April Fool’s Day. So is it too early to be making jokes about
Dragon Tales? I mean come on this was my childhood, don’t
mess with my emotions. The show was a huge success, and to put this
into perspective Dragon Tales recieved a 4 out of 5 star rating. It also gained millions of dollars in revenue
more than any other kid shows during the time. There was also a Dragon Tales video game released
for the PlayStation where you play hide and seek with the characters, which is a very
interesting thing I noticed even though I use to own a PlayStation back in the early
days. If you’ve never seen Dragon Tales then I don’t
know where you’ve been. Of course, not many people have heard of this
show and I completely understand that. Some people didn’t grew up watching kid shows
on PBS, some people suggest they grew up with Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon I myself including
had. If you actually have the time, just take 1
minute to listen to the opening theme and let that nostalgia flow through you. Here’s the clip. [Music] Even though the show ended off pretty quickly,
PBS Kids still aired every episode up until 2010 they removed it from their channel. However, you can still watch Dragon Tales,
personally I prefer using Kisscartoon where I can watch my favorite shows, movies, and
anime. And it’s all for free. So comment below your review on the show. And do you think Dragon Tales should make
a return for a reboot or no, I’d like to hear your thoughts down in the comment section. Well thank you for watching. Until next time, I’ll see you guys later,
and peace. [Music]

ASUS TUF Gaming GT501 Case Review: Good ENUF?!?

Today we are going to take a look at ASUS
GT501 TUF Gaming case, which is a surprise coming from ASUS as they don’t make a lot
of cases, and this case stands out not just as a ‘Nice attempt’ by ASUS, but a ‘Great
High end case in general that you can actually practically consider buying’. So let’s check out what makes it so unique,
hey guys I am Siddharth, and this is TUF Gaming GT501 Review. The case definitely looks very unique and
stands out from other cases with the current trend of going with tempered glass all over
the place. You have this textured metal front which looks
really amazing, and when I say really amazing, I mean that it looks really f**king amazing. Just look at this beautiful shot of this grill
on the front that I was able to take, it really looks like something totally different. It comes with a 4 millimeter tempered glass,
and it is very easy to remove as you can unscrew the screws with hands, and the tempered glass
itself also doesn’t need to have any holes for the screws, which makes it tougher. THE TUF LINEUP ALSO HAS SOME OTHER PRODUCTS
SUPPLY THAT WE ARE GOING TO USE WITH THIS CASE. On top you have these really unique handles
that ASUS says support up to 30 KGs and I did test it by lifting a completely built
system, and they are very strong indeed, and this is also very useful for moving the case
around when you are building your system. You can also flatten these handles if you
don’t like them sticking out on top, and you can also just remove them if you don’t
like the look, but I personally think it loses its uniqueness if you remove them. It comes with 3 120mm RGB fans in the front,
and it also comes with a little controller which you can use to control the RGB, but
you can also plug the RGB header to your motherboard and sync it with your system, which is what
I did. You can also remove the metal fascia on front
and access the fans, and it also comes with a magnetic dust filter which you can easily
place or remove. You also have a 140mm fan at the rear which
is pretty great to have pre installed. On the front, and on the top, you have support
for upto 3 120mm fans or a 360 mm radiator, and even on the rear you can use a 140mm fan
or radiator. I am not going to go full GamersNexus on this,
but the airflow is really great with its size, and even if you don’t install any extra
fans, the 4 pre installed fans will be more than enough for most cases. By the way, make sure you are subscribed to
the channel with the bell icon so you don’t miss out on awesome videos. It comes with a PSU shroud, which you can
remove, and I am not going to read out the specs, but you can watch my build video which
I made in this case, and you can see that it is very spacious full sized tower which
supports upto E-ATX motherboards. You have 3 2.5 inch SSD drive bays internally,
and you have 2 3.5 inch hard drive bays hidden under the PSU shroud, and you also have two
of them at the backside of the motherboard mount, and you can of course also use SSDs
instead of HDDs here, so you really have lots of space to mount different kinds of hard
drives here. You have the option of vertically mounting
a GPU with this case, but if you are going to use an air cooled card, its distance from
the panel will block the airflow, but for using a liquid cooled card vertically, this
is an amazing feature to have. You can also use something like the Cooler
Master vertical mount, but for that you will have to cut these pieces out from the PCIe
slots, which is not a difficult process. On the front you have a really satisfying
power button, along with 2 USB 3.0 ports, and the headphone and microphone jacks. Other cases in this price range may come with
USB Type C ports, but I personally have never used them. At the back side, you have plenty of space
for cable management, so you can be lazy like me, but you also many points for velcro straps
and zipties for a more civilized way of managing the cables. You have the same screw mounting system as
the tempered glass, and this panel also gets pushed in instead of getting slid in, so that
also makes it easier to push in the mess of cables that people like me don’t feel ashamed
of. You find another dust filter under the case
for the PSU, and speaking of PSU, The removable PSU shroud also has a removable lid on front
so it won’t interfere with water cooling reservoirs but one improvement that ASUS could
have made is that the hole on the PSU shroud that allows for the GPU power cables to pass
through is a little towards the left side if you are planning to use higher end GPUs
which are 30 centimeters in length. I was still able to route the cables in a
way that looks good, but they should have made this longer because people are mostly
going to use the higher end GPUs with this. So ASUS has taken the classic formula on PC
cases, and put it on steroids. They have then added some extra features that
add practicality, and have also made some design choices that make this case stand out
from the crowd in a good way. The only slightly odd thing I feel is that
the price segment of 12 to 14 thousand Indian Rupees is generally the budget for the highest
end builds, like the 5000 Dollar PC that Linus gave away recently, and I do think that this
case is totally worth its price tag with its quality, and the features it offers, but if
you are looking to build a TUF themed PC like me, then you will have to choose some components
that aren’t in the flagship lineup of ASUS. And while ASUS does have an ROG branded case,
I think that even the people building high end PCs generally are not shopping in that
price segment. But that totally doesn’t take away from
the fact that this is a great case that I can recommend very easily for a high end PC,
and this is a great choice, not just for fans of ASUS products, but anyone who values having
a very practical, well built, and spacious case which also looks really great. So I’ll have links to buy this in the video
description below, let me know what your budget for a case is when you are building a high
end PC, give this video a thumbs up if you liked it, or a thumbs down if you disliked
it, subscribe with the bell, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you, in the next one.

The $70 Logitech Killer – Fnatic REACT Gaming Headset Review

good people cheap gaming headsets are
finally getting good but what is it like using an eSports targeted gaming product
in your everyday life it’s okay actually I’m really hoping the fnatic react
headset is starring in trend where you don’t have to be embarrassed by the
sound quality and the mics not trash either and despite the branding all over
the place they look pretty good my first impression when I saw this was like this
is a HyperX knockoff and fnatic are not afraid to be reusing existing frames to
save on tooling instead invest that money into sound tuning for the drivers
and I can appreciate that and that’s reducing their margins further even to
hit that $69 price point honestly it is kind of refreshing to see a gaming brand
focus on the bare bone essentials when it comes to gaming headset and they are
cheaper than the alpha or the cloud 2 yet target the same audience your eyes
haven’t seen anything like it yet the new Razer Blade Pro 17 packs a beautiful
and fast 4k 120 Hertz panel with gorgeous vibrancy and color accuracy
with incredible clarity awesome for creative work that will never disappoint
with a fantastic future-proof IO as well it’s also a touchscreen so your
fingertips gets impaction the bezels are tiny the chassis is sleek the fiery
keyboard is perfect that tracked by this massive the hardware is epic with RDX
man the blade pro 17 is a complete package experience a smooth 4k gaming
link below alright so first let’s go over the basics the frame feels very
familiar with the semi robust build quality the ear cups don’t swivel so
it’s not a comfortable fit around your neck especially given the tight clamping
force out of the box size extensions are a bit on the short side I have to wear
them fully extended they are pretty flexible but unfortunately do make a bit
of noise right at the joints especially on my left side yeah the pop of color
inside each ear cup is a nice touch and the memory foam on these is awesome to
create a perfect seal around your ear that’s it’s OK with glasses too but all
three of us found the clamping force a bit too tight so I’ve intentionally been
trying to stretch the frame over the past few weeks to loosen them up a bit
compared to my Logitech G pro X headset I find the ear padding on the react so
much better but the slightly looser frame on the pro-x is a better fit for
me however I’m pretty surprised at the comfort and fit of the Kraken X by Razer
these are $49 pair and I find them a bit more comfortable because again the
clamping force is not as tight as the react but the react sounds so much
better the cable is non-removable it’s a pretty short one meter for pole
connection with inline controls plus an extension is included and I do like that
the cables are not braided this minimizes a cable noise and the mic of
course is detachable but there’s nothing to cover that input
I love the rigidity of the mic arm it’s pretty serious it’s not going anywhere
with a standard foam filter included and for 69 bucks I really love the audio
coming out of this thing I’ve gotten a few compliments in cs:go in competitive
matches and to be honest I prefer this over the G Pro X headset which is so
much more expensive the problem because it’s a closed design
I just hate not hearing myself there’s no way to add voice feedback into the
headset so that’s my only complaint the funny thing is the G Pro X headset
plugged into the same source sounds so much worse and while this thing has the
blue voice functionality it still is a pretty poor microphone and it sounds
very similar to the $49 Kraken X this is the razer kraken
x a $49 headset it sounds very similar to what just heard with the pro x and my
current benchmark for my quality for under $100 on the gaming headset is the
image 75 won by Cooler Master they really found a fantastic microphone
capsule and so did fnatic it’s definitely in my top 5 with regards to
microphone quality and you could find everything linked in description below
thank you very much with regards to sound performance we have great passive
noise isolation things too awesome ear padding and whatever bass these push out
it is all trapped inside the ear cup but the drivers are specifically tuned to
flatten the low end that is on purpose to emphasize other frequencies that
actually matter for competitive play a writer Dimitra stop hacking so they are
intentionally bright as in lots of detail and clarity in mid and high
ranges it’s exactly the signature I prefer in multiplayer so hearing someone
reload around the corner is crispy AF but I also found to be slightly too
sharp outside of competitor gameplay not that my ears were ringing after red that
too but I prefer a slightly smoother delivery with my HD v 8x the react is
also a closed design so environmental and soundstage expansion is of course
limited but that is not necessarily a negative when it comes to wanting to
hear only the sound cues that matter to know where your enemies are coming from now just for reference the $49 crack
index and the $69 react the sound difference is just insane these things
sound money there’s no control in the bass Department they are very harsh on
the high end if you crack the volume while they react sure they’re tuned to
be slightly flatter on the bass Department but it still feels much
tighter than the crack and X and so much extra clarity and detail out of the
react headset the important fact to recognize what the react headset is its
competitive sound advantage for multiplayer with an awesome microphone
and a killer price points it’s not trying to add surround sound RGB other
features software USB dongles its bare-bones nature is what makes it so
appealing and almost so perfect for the six nine dollar pair this is definitely
one of the best in its price class I do wish that they minimized on the branding
it’s a bit too much and also loosen up the clamping force because out of the
box it is way too tight really love what fnatic is doing here in terms of that
whole bare-bones direction you’re giving us products without any bling just
performance make sure to check out links in description below for all the types
of headset recommendations at different price points tube I want to be tree
thanks for watching check out this other relevant content I’ll talk to you guys
in the next video you

Cheap vs. Expensive Activewear: Sports Bras  – No Sweat: EP19

So a while back we did an episode about cheap
versus expensive tights, and a lot of you loved that episode. So in today’s episode, we’ll be
talking about sports bras. And because women don’t all have the same
chest size and physique, I’ve decided to invite a special guest on today’s episode and she’s
none other than Jem from Hype Hunt. Jem: Hi, thanks for having me. Tyen: Thanks for coming on the show. So I follow you on Instagram and I see that
you actually work out quite a lot so I’m very sure that you’re someone who knows a thing
or two about sports bras. Jem: So I won’t say that I know a lot of stuff,
I just know what feels good for me. I’m quite a casual workout person in that
sense like, I work out and then eat nuggets. So…not like a fitness guru. Tyen: Alright. So what is something that you look forward
to when you buy sports bras? Jem: So when I choose them, I tend to go for
things that are like tighter and have good support. For me, when I try on a sports bra, I just
jump around a bit, and if it hurts, I don’t buy it. Tyen: I think that’s a really good test you know, I’ll call it like a jumping jack test actually. It really depends also on your lifestyle,
what kind of training that you’re into. If you do something that’s high impact or
a lot of jumping, a lot of running. You do want to make sure you have that support
to keep it up together and not like flailing everywhere. Tyen: A lot of you might not know this but
I actually used to be really flat-chested. You know like, if this was my chest, then this is my nipple. I was so flat chested and it was just something
that I’ve always been insecure about just growing up. So I saved up and when I was 20, I actually got a boob job. Sometimes I do question my
reasons for getting it done because now I realise that a
healthy body is a healthy body. And it really doesn’t matter the size of your boobs. If you’re strong, you love your body then
that’s the most important thing. Jem: And I also think that you know, if you
just are happy and you decide that you want to do it, I think that’s totally within your
right to do it. So actually I’ve a question. You’ve always been working out right, so has
it change like the way you work out? Tyen: When I was flat-chested,
I didn’t even have to wear a bra. I could just wear a t-shirt and it’d be completely fine. When I buy sports bras nowadays, I’ll look for things that definitely have
more support in the bra. Tyen: So we’re gonna start off first with
the cheap category of sports bras. So I got this sports bra from Taobao. And I think it was around like $10? Jem: What does it say? “Dance to your own rhythm”. Wow, it is so inspirational I love it! Tyen: I feel a lot of these Taobao sports bras right, they all have these words like “Peace, Love, Work Out” something like that. “Peace, Love, Sweat”. Jem: I am quite basic, I like it. I think it’s interesting. Tyen: So comfort wise, this material is really soft and also the elastic band is also not too hard. So it doesn’t dig into your skin. And because the elastic is pretty thick, it
does give you that push and that you know, lift. The only thing I have with a cheap sports
bra is really like the padding because the padding is very thin. And when you are wearing the bra, you can somewhat like see the padding push through the bra which can look a bit
vulgar to be very honest. So when dealing with cheap sports bras, the
best thing to do is to take out the padding because you know if you wash it with the padding,
the padding tends to fold. And then you kind of have to like dig in and
like firm it out. I would personally not run in this. Jem: Oh okay! Tyen: I would probably just do more like low-impact
work, if I am weight training in the gym, maybe doing pilates. Jem: So if you are like buying for the first
time from let’s say Taobao where you can’t try it on, How do you decide that this is the one you want and you gonna buy like two at one go? Tyen: Try to look for things that have a thicker
strap, something with like elastic straps or like that, just generally thicker. They give you much better support than if
you were to get something thin like this. Jem: Can I show you my cheap bra? Can you make a guess like how much this cost? I bought this in the States when I was
there from Old Navy. Tyen: Was it like a factory outlet? Jem: No not factory outlet, just on the street. Guess how much it costs? Tyen: Maybe like $10? $12? $15? Jem: Hmm, good guess. Divide it by 4! I got it for $3 dude! Tyen: Oh my god, seriously? That’s even cheaper than my Taobao. Jem: So actually right, the auntie in me is
really happy about this buy. So I mean I got it on sale, but if you go
to Old Navy, the regular price is maybe $15-$20. But I must say, that in the US, every shop
always has a ‘Sale’ rack. But as you can tell, it’s such a cheap bra that there isn’t even a pocket for you to put a padding in. When I bought it, I wasn’t really like someone
who worked out that regularly. I’ll just “potate” around and then once in
awhile go “I feel unhealthy. I’m gonna go for a run”. So obviously if you don’t work out regularly,
you don’t even really think about these things. And then over the past year, so I’ve been
working out more regularly. And when I wore this and I was doing jumping
jacks, I was like “Why is everything so painful?” So I definitely wouldn’t wear it to do cardio. I made a mistake of doing that once
and it was so painful that I was actually hugging myself and jumping. And before you mentioned the thing about straps,
it never occurred to me. So yes, this is a very thin strap. I was like “Oh!” because I realised that actually
my good support sports bras do have thicker straps. I just never made the connection. Tyen: So actually the actual construction of the bra, the straps and the thickness of the straps actually gives you the support. In terms of the sweat management, how do you
find your sports bra? Jem: It’s not great but I think that’s also
like common sense. Like y’know, you feel it, it’s like cotton? It’s not like the nice premium material. So if it’s wet, it’s just gonna soak it up. Tyen: Okay, so for mid-range bras, we’re gonna
look at bras that cost anywhere from $20 to $50. Jem: I just have like one. This one’s from Iuiga? I don’t know how to pronounce it. It’s the one that just basically like copy
other brands. It’s a slightly questionable business model. They say they have the same manufacturer as
Lululemon. I actually think for $30, it’s like a really
good bra because look at the padding. It’s sewn in so it will never move around. I wouldn’t say that the support is like the
best bra I’ve ever used, but for $30 it’s definitely way more than decent. Tyen: Definitely! And y’know with the detailing and the back,
this material is actually really soft. It’s almost like seamless? Jem: And I definitely think the fit is pretty good. It’s like snug. As you can tell the straps are very thick. So it feels like it’s holding everything together. It’s definitely something you can do serious
high-impact workouts with. The only thing is, y’know with any kind of
bra with good support, it means it’s snug right? So when you work out, you gotta work out till like 95%. And the last 5% of your energy is going to
the toilet and trying to take off your bra. Taking off your sports bra is a
whole workout on it’s own. Tyen: So how’s the sweat management
of this bra? Jem: Well I mean, it’s not cotton. It’s like spandex? Like 80% spandex, so definitely it’s more
like quick-dry. Is that the term? You basically could work out and get sweaty,
and you wouldn’t feel like it’s sticky. But you should still shower. Because hygiene is very important. Tyen: For me, I’ve tried a lot of sports bras
from fast fashion brands like Forever 21, H&M, Uniqlo, Cotton:on, and right now I’m
wearing something from Forever 21. I don’t know if you can see, the padding is
sticking through, and this is what I’m talking about when I say thin padding. Because as time goes by, as the material starts
to stretch as you keep washing it, you can kinda see the padding that pokes through. But I will say in terms of support, I think
the support is pretty decent actually. You can go running in this, you can do your
high-impact workouts in this, you can also do your low-impact workouts. And I can wear it in and out of the gym. It’s very comfortable because the material is very soft. In terms of the overall durability, the fact
that this has lasted me a good like 2 to almost 3 years I would say. It’s a pretty decent find and I think I got
it for about like $30 to $40 like in that range. I think in general for like fast fashion sports
brands is a bit of a hit and miss. Because a lot of them are actually pretty
good quality and give you decent support. There’s some of them that are really stylish
and very pretty, but don’t give you the same kind of support. Jem: You were saying like you also got it
from Uniqlo right? Tyen: Yes, I really, really, really like this bra. Probably one of my favourite bras that I own actually. Because of the in-built padding. And it’s very similar to yours as well. Definitely keeps everything in place. When you’re bouncing, if you’re jumping, if
you’re running, this just holds everything together. I have yet to come across like a sports bra
within this price range category that provides me with this much support. Actually it’s from their Airism brand. I think the thing about the Airism technology
is that the sweat evaporates very, very quickly. It doesn’t leave that damp feeling that you
might feel on the underneath your boobs. The under-boob sweat. Jem: Yeah, that’s so cool. I’m definitely gonna check it out and then
you can check out this one. And then you can tell me which one is better! Tyen: Okay! See, this is why we’re doing this together. We’re sharing like bra secrets. So for someone who has a smaller chest, I
would still recommend this sports bra because the one great thing about being flat-chested,
or being on the smaller side is that you can kind of play around with all different kinds
of sports bras. You don’t really need so much support. This is just one go-to bra that really fits
all different kinds of shapes. Tyen: So right now we’re gonna talk about
expensive sports bras. Anything from $50 and above, I personally
consider expensive sports bras. You should not be paying more than $100 for
your sports bras. I think that is daylight robbery. Jem: My absolute favourite sports bra is this
one from Adidas. I know that people are always surprised when I say this because I don’t think they’re known for sports bras. I love this so much that the pink is
no longer really pink? It’s kind of like dirty pink? Tyen: Dusty pink! Jem: Oh I like the way you like PR-ed it! I mean I really like this because this has the
best support I’ve ever worn. It’s really like well-supported around the
sides so that when you jump or do anything, it doesn’t hurt at all. It’s surprising because when you touch it,
you may feel like, ‘Oh maybe it’s just a normal bra. Cute cross-back’. But it’s like the best support ever. And I think like the support is comparable
to my other expensive bra from Lululemon. Because Lululemon has amazing support. The only thing about the Lululemon that makes
it not cross over to being my favourite bra is that the padding is movable! Look it’s folded right now, it just came out
from the washing machine. I just feel like you should sew it in? Cause it’s not like no other
bra manufacturer does it, y’know? It can be done so I feel like it should be
done for a high-end bra. Look at how thick the straps are. So sometimes you see like cross-back bras
when the cross is just for show or for design. These crosses, when you wear them they are snug. They are there to really support you. And it also has this clasp? So if you feel like you lost a bit of weight, you can make it tighter, or if you feel like
a bit more support. It’s quite rare right? Tyen: It is, it’s quite rare to find sports
bras with these kind of clasp like how you get it from a normal bra. Jem: The good thing is that it makes it easier
to take off after the workout. Tyen: I think in general just like criss-cross
backs are very good for support. Because if you just have the normal strap,
yes it does give you a bit of that lift. But with criss-cross backs it actually lifts
it but also pushes it together. So it gives you that full support. Jem: Yeah, it makes a huge, huge, huge difference. Just in terms of how much pain you’re in at
the end of the workout. So I guess in the more expensive price range,
Adidas and Lululemon are the ones that I feel I would drop serious cash on. Tyen: Ah, okay. That’s really interesting because I personally
don’t really like Adidas sports bras. I have tried a couple of them in the past. I actually personally like their competitor
brand, Nike, a lot more. I think that Nike does an amazing job with
their high-impact line. If you’re looking for a running bra, Nike
is definitely a hands down, best running bras. Even their lighter support ones are awesome
for running. What I love the most about this sports bra
is that they have this like… It looks like underwire right? Jem: Yeah. Tyen: But it’s not. There’s no like metal inside at all. It’s kinda like a spongey thicker kind of material that gives you the sensation of a support underneath. Unlike a lot of other sports bras that kind
of just like lifts your boobs, this actually holds them individually and lifts them. Jem: Yeah, I can see that because, this is
not something I would actually ever see in a sports bra before but it’s got, what is that? Like a… Tyen: Almost like an extra like thicker padding
here and then thinner this side. This is actually great because it gives you
that extra volume? Jem: Yeah. This is something you would find in a normal…
like a push-up bra! Oh that’s what I’m thinking of. Tyen: So for someone who’s really busty, y’know,
this is a great sports bra because it actually helps to support your boobs. It lifts your boobs are individually so if
you’re running, doing any kind of high-impact activity, you’d be assured your boobs are
not gonna fly everywhere. Yeah, these are my go-to, very like bulletproof bras. Jem: Oh I like that. Bulletproof Bras. Tyen: Alright, but my favourite, favourite,
favourite sports bras is the Lorna Jane sports bra.
It’s the one I’m wearing right now. I just think that they provide the best support. I have one in a different design. Even though these are thin straps, you’d be surprise at how much
support they give your boobs. Jem: Oh wow, the padding is so thick! Tyen: Not only that, the padding is just like
out of this world. What I like about these pads, even though
they are not sewn to the sports bra per se, but they are thick and they are good quality padding so they never ever fold when I put it in the washer. Jem: Oh my goodness, it’s like a pillow! Tyen: Yeah it’s like a pillow! It’s a pillow for your nipples. It’s so nice. And the great thing about Lorna Jane is that
they have a huge range of sizes. They have everything from XS to XXL. This is definitely an amazing quality sports bra that is actually worth spending the money to get. And the good thing about Lorna Jane is that
they also come in a range of designs. So you have this pretty detailing, and with
this sports bra like the back of it. Jem: Oh yeah, it’s like a netted back. Tyen: In terms of sports bras, y’know you
look at a lot of different brands. And they don’t have the kind of design range
that Lorna Jane has. And it comes in a very wide range of bright
colours which is not common in other brands. This is a brand from Australia actually. Jem: Yeah, I was gonna say like I’ve heard
of the brand but I thought you couldn’t get it here? Tyen: Yeah, they do have one store in Singapore
but y’know a lot of the Lorna Jane stuff are usually sold at studios or you buy it online. Jem: But how does it perform in a workout,
like in terms of like sweat management and all that? Cause it is more like cloth-y than the other brands. Does that makes sense? Tyen: This has really really good sweat management. Personally I don’t feel sticky when I’m working
out, it handles sweat pretty well. I could run in these, I can do high-impact
work in it. In general, the sweat management is great! Just in terms of cheap versus expensive sports bras, what would you think is the
most worth spending your money on? Jem: I think I need at least one really good
sports bra. So I would be willing to invest in like at
least one. And then I think it’s okay to supplement it
with like the mid-ranged ones. Like the one that I have from Iuiga right, I definitely think I could wear that on a regular basis. But for some very high-impact sports,
I think for me, especially because I’ve worked out with bad sports bras and I can feel the difference and, I’m just not willing to put my body through that. But I would actually invest in a good pair. Personally, I believe that the sports bra
is the most important piece of clothing in your entire workout gear? It becomes a thing that I become willing to spend on. Tyen: Similarly, I also do feel that it’s
good to have that range of moderately priced ones, to a bit more high, more expensive ones,
and especially if you’re doing high-impact sports. When I was kind of flat-chested, you can kind
of get away with buying cheaper sports bras that don’t really give you that much support. All you need is kind of a sports bra that
covers your nipples. But if you have larger chests then I would
pay the extra price to invest in something that provides me with that lift and that support. Jem: It comes down to buying less things,
but buying good things. Tyen: Yup. So that’s all we have for today’s episode. I hope you found these tips useful the next
time you go sports bra shopping. And of course, thank you so much, Jem, for
coming on the show and showing everyone your bras. Jem: Thanks for showing me your bras. Oh yes! And, if there are any brands or places to
shop that we have not covered because we don’t know, or especially if you know where to buy
cheap and really good bras, please hit us up in the comments section. I really want to know. We’ll be eternally grateful. Tyen: Yeah, and of course, if you haven’t
done so yet, please remember to click the subscribe button
and the little bell, so you always get a notification every time
we post a new video. Jem: And you know the drill! Download the Clicknetwork App so you can watch
all our videos right when they come out, even before they go on YouTube. Tyen: Yeah so I’m gonna see you guys in the
next video! Take care guys! Bye!

10 NEW Physical SWITCH GAMES you may have MISSED!

– [Metal Jesus] Hey guys Metal Jesus here. Now I don’t know about you, but when the Switch was first announced and we heard it was a handheld, as a collector I was pretty
worried that this might be the beginning of the
end of physical media. Thankfully, that has not
turned out to be true. However, you could argue it’s almost the opposite problem now. With so many high-profile
Nintendo releases, other games get lost in the mix. So for this video, I’m
gonna share with you 10 games that recently
got physical releases that you may wanna pick up. Let’s take a look. (heavy metal music) Before we get started,
I do want to mention that most of these games I
paid for with my own money. I think only one of them
was sent to me for review. But, as always in my videos, all of the opinions are my own. All right, the first game
we’re gonna talk about is “Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair.” Now what’s interesting about this game is that I knew there was
a new Yooka-Laylee game that came out that was
a 3D platforming game, but I didn’t realize that this is the one that is actually a 2D platforming game like you see in this footage here. Now, if you’re not
familiar with the series, here’s what’s going on. You control Yooka, who is a chameleon, along with Laylee, who is a female bat, and both of these characters
have a lot of personality. As a matter of fact,
really the game itself just oozes personality. And as you can see here,
the game has great graphics. I love how the entire
level is 3D rendered. Like, it’s not just a flat 2D, it’s got that cool 3D look to it. And it controls really well, which actually isn’t
that much of a surprise because this is actually
developed by ex-Rare employees. Which explains why this has a bit of a “Donkey Kong Country” feel to it. And I know there’s a
section of people out there who love to speed run classic
“Donkey Kong Country.” And I think you’re gonna
feel right at home here because this game also has that feel, that if you know the levels really well, you can probably just zip through them. Although that said, the
levels here are pretty long and can be pretty complicated. Unfortunately the downside
to those lengthy stages is long load times. You’re definitely gonna
notice these on the Switch. It takes a while to get
into menus and out of them. So just be aware of that. I know this game is also
available on Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox 1. I haven’t tried those
versions to see if maybe the load times are less. I suspect they probably are. But again, on the Switch you’re making a sacrifice for portability
and that’s pretty cool. And again, this is a
really well made game. I highly recommend it. (game sounds) Oh, this next game is a total trip. Okay, it’s called “Evoland” and this is the legendary
edition on Switch. So at it’s core, “Evoland”
is actually two games and I’m gonna show you footage from the first game right here. And at it’s core, it is
actually an action RPG, but it takes you through
the history of action RPGs, starting with the most basic and then all the way up
to the PlayStation era. Now what I mean by that
is that, for instance, in the beginning here,
as you see this footage, well it’s a very basic
looking two-color game that you might see on the Game Boy. And your character can really only move, like on a simple grid. Just up and down, left and right. But then every time that
you touch a treasure chest, it starts unlocking new
features in the game. For instance, in the beginning of the game you’ll unlock a weapon,
then you’ll unlock monsters, then you’ll unlock a save point, and then it just keeps going from there. You’ll unlock music. Pretty soon you’re
unlocking 16-bit graphics. Then you’ll unlock the ability to move in more directions more freely. Find another chest and
you’ll get the overworld map. And then pretty soon after that, you’re gonna get turn-based combat, very similar to those early
“Final Fantasy” games. And then you even get like a “Moat 7” that you would see on a Super Nintendo. And then from there it just
gets more and more complicated. It keeps adding on and building
up this epic action RPG to the point where it starts
looking like a PlayStation. It gets high-definition textures. It’s really, really cool. Now I mentioned that this is
called the Legendary Edition because it comes with two games. Now I’m only showing
you the first game here, because I don’t really
want to spoil everything that happens when you
play these two games. And just know that the
first game actually is, it’s a simple game. It’s almost like a proof of concept. And the second game,
which I’m not showing you, takes it even further. So in that game you go through time. It actually has more emphasis
on story and characters. It’s very cool. So if you’re looking for something a little different and a little unique, I definitely recommend that you check out “Evoland: The Legendary
Edition” on Switch. (game sounds) Next up is a game called “Valfaris.” And there’s no other way
to describe this game other than heavy metal bad assery. So as you can see by the
gameplay footage here, this is a run-and-gun
game that’s very similar to your classic contras. Although it’s even more hardcore and it’s by the makers of another game that a lot of people loved in this genre called “Slain: Back from Hell.” Even more bloody, even more disgusting, and it’s also just as hard. And I know that’s saying a lot. Now as much as people liked “Slain,” there were people who complained about its brutal difficulty. Now, “Valfaris” is still really tough, but it has some little improvements that can definitely help out people who may not be quite as hardcore. The biggest improvement
being that there are now resurrection points throughout a level, so no longer do you have to actually start at the very beginning if you die, which is a really, really nice feature. And as you can see here,
the graphics are great and they kept all that blood and guts and over-the-top violence. And underneath all of that, is a killer heavy metal soundtrack. This game can be pretty
frustrating and unforgiving, but it is fair because
the enemies do come at you in very predictable ways. So, if you have to replay a section, well at least you’ll anticipate
what killed you last time. This game is not gonna be for everybody, but if you love these
old school run-and-guns and you like a serious challenge, definitely check out “Valfaris.” (game sounds) Here’s a pretty cool one
that I hadn’t heard of before until I picked up the physical
version the other day. And that is “Everspace:
The Stellar Edition.” As you can see by this footage,
it’s a space combat game. But what’s neat about it is
that it has Rogue-like elements that basically always change the universe every time that you play it. So what you do in this
game is take your ship, fly into a randomly generated sector, kind of assess the situation,
see what’s going on, see if there are any bad guys around. How much mining is available, if there are any like, floating ships that you can interact with. And then you just play out that sector. So, a lot of the time you’re gonna end up where there are some enemies
that you need to take out and then you’ll get loot from them. Often you can dock with
the ship and either trade or get upgrades for your
ship or your weapons or things like that. And because this game is Rogue-like, that means that every section
of space that you jump into is randomly generated and
completely unpredictable. And like other Rogue-like adventure games, dying in this game really isn’t problem, it’s kind of what you do. So, you just try to go as
far can and then if you die, well, you’re technically a clone. So that means you just
keep all your experience and money and everything you’ve upgraded from the previous life. So you always feel like
you’re making progress. Now a bit of a warning: This game is pretty tough when
you first start playing it because you’re gonna die a lot! You’re gonna be overwhelmed, you’re gonna be trying to
learn how combat works, and it can be a lot. But stick with it, earn
the money, do the upgrades. Just you know, rinse and
repeat and you’ll be fine. And it’s nice that they built in multiple difficulty
levels, if you need it. And this game is a nice fit on the Switch, because those sectors of
space that you warp into aren’t too big. You can actually explore them
in maybe five or 10 minutes and just move on or save your game. So it’s perfect for on the go. (game sounds) Next up are some games I don’t know if I ever expected to see on the Switch. And that, of course, is
“Baldur’s Gate” one and two, as well as “Planescape:
Torment” and “Icewind Dale,” and these are all the enhanced editions. So, what do we got here? Well, if you’re an old
school PC gamer like me, you are very, very familiar
with these classic RPGs. And again, these are
the enhanced editions. And I wanna be clear here, because I’ve read some
stuff on the internet where people say, “Oh,
these are just simple, “old school, MSDOS ports or whatever.” And that is actually not the case. Beamdog, which is the company that made these enhanced editions, put a lot of work into the UI, into tweaking the party AI. They’ve added multiple
difficulty settings. They’ve changed the interface. They’ve upgraded as many of the graphics as they were able to. These are quite amazing. – [Game Character] A den of stinking evil! Cover your nose, Boo. We will leave no crevice untouched! – [Metal Jesus] And so
what have we got here? Well, these are at their heart old school, “Dungeons and Dragons” RPGs. And again, when these came
out back in the late-90s, they were groundbreaking. They were really game changers, literally, for RPGs on a computer. They were so deep, they were so immersive, they were so well made,
and so well written that I feel like they really
stand the test of time. Now thankfully Beamdog
took those original games and updated them quite nicely for modern-day systems like the Switch. For instance, these games
were originally designed to use a keyboard and mouse, but they’ve tweaked it to work really well with a controller. And that’s saying a lot,
because party management as well as inventory management, is a big part of this game and you spend a lot of time in menus. And so, I feel like they were very smart in how they used the trigger buttons and the shoulder buttons and
shortcuts and all of that to make it somewhat
natural for gamers today. I also like how they made this
game accessible to everyone, regardless of whether you’ve played a D-and-D game before or not, you can set this up to
be, like in Story Mode, so you don’t even really
worry about combat. Or you can move it up
to the most hardcore, you know, difficulty and realistic setting that you can possibly imagine. It’s for everybody. So I would say, if you like RPGs and you have an interest
in these old school ones that people still talk about today. I still go on and on about
“Planescape: Torment.” Well, now is your chance to check it out. And again, it’s portable,
it’s on the Switch. And you’ve got hundreds of
hours of gameplay to check out. Highly recommended. – [Game Character] Ah! Minsc will be free! These bonds will not hold my wrath! Butts will be liberally
kicked in good measure! – [Metal Jesus] Next up,
we’re gonna check out “Sniper Elite III: The
Ultimate Edition” on Switch. Now it’s kind of funny,
because I consider myself a big fan of stealth games. But for whatever reason, I’ve never played these “Sniper Elite” games before. So, when the ultimate
edition came out for Switch I was pretty excited to get it because it has all of the DLC included. Yay! And right off the bat,
it definitely impresses. I mean, as you see by this footage here, it looks and plays great. And as a stealth game,
it really reminded me of the Tom Clancy “Splinter Cell” series, but just in World War II. And this game has all
the things that you need for a good stealth game. Specifically, there’s feedback
on how hidden you are. Which you think would be something that every stealth game would
have, but sadly they don’t. So on the dash there, there’s a little eyeball
that opens and closes to show, you know, just
how hidden you are, which is really nice. Also you’ll see, there’s a little circle above enemies to show
just how aware they are of sounds and your presence. And I like how big and
open the levels are. Now it’s not really “Open World,” but it’s big enough so that
there are multiple ways to achieve different goals. And despite being a game
called “Sniper Elite,” it’s not just about sniping, although that’s definitely
a big part of it. But you also have handguns you can carry. You can also do stealthy melee attacks and even pick up a machine
gun and some grenades, if you just want to make a big, old scene. But you are playing a sniper in the game, and it definitely encourages you to do that whenever possible. But there is this one feature, and you may have seen this before, where you are sniping and it’ll do a bullet-time view of the bullet flying through the air and then hitting your target, and then it goes into
kind of like an X-ray mode where it shows bones and muscles. It shows you exactly how you
shot them and how they die. It’s pretty gruesome, it’s pretty cool, and it never gets old. So yeah, “Sniper Elite III:
Ultimate Edition” on the Switch looks and plays great, is incredibly fun. If you like stealth games,
definitely check it out. (game sounds) “The Ninja Saviors:
Return of the Warriors.” This is gonna look somewhat
familiar to you guys, because it’s a re-imagining or remake of the original Super Nintendo
version of “Ninja Warriors.” Now if you’re not familiar
with the original game, well, the gameplay footage
is gonna explain it here. It’s basically a beat-’em-up. It just has gorgeous
graphics and great animation. Really solid action. And then bringing that game over to modern systems like the Switch, well they took the original
game and made it widescreen, so of course it’s running in 16-by-9. It also has a slightly tweaked or re-imagined soundtrack, which is cool. They also expanded the
number of characters that you can play as. So the original game lets you
play as three robotic ninjas, but in this new version you have five. The last two need to be unlocked. And then they kind of went all
out on the physical version. So, you see here there
is a printed manual. There is also a small poster. You’ve got some stickers, some cards, and then also, look, see
the cover is reversible. So if you liked the original game but you want to get a
cool physical version, definitely check it out. Next up is a game called
“GRIP: Combat Racing,” but this is the airblades and roller ultimate edition for Switch. This game is gonna look
familiar to some of you because the game actually
released a year ago on consoles, but this is a new version of it and it’s worth talking about. Now if you’re not familiar
with “GRIP” Combat Racing,” when this was first
announced I was very excited because this game is
actually a spiritual sequel to a game called “Rollcage,” that came out on the PlayStation
1 that I liked quite a bit. And that release a year ago actually, I was pretty happy with. I mean, I love “Rollcage” and it definitely felt like a sequel. But since that release,
the developers have put a year’s worth of free
upgrades and enhancements into the game, based on player feedback. Some of the updates since
the original include: They’ve tweaked the
online multiplayer a bit. They’ve also balanced the AI
bots in the single-player mode so that little bit smarter,
little bit more fair. They’ve also fixed a bunch
of bugs to the game engine. They’ve tweaked the weapons during races. They’ve added additional
languages, and just a bunch more. They’ve also expanded to 32 tracks across a bunch of different alien worlds. And now with this latest update, there are 42 different
vehicles to choose from, based on your racing style and preference. Now I will admit that
originally I played this game on the PlayStation 4 Pro, and
that version looks stunning! So, how does it look on Switch? Well, it’s definitely a downgrade. Although to be honest, you
don’t notice it as much if you’re in handheld mode. But when you have it on
your TV, side-by-side, yeah, you definitely go
for the PS 4 version. But again, Switch, portable. So “GRIP: Combat Racing” was already a fun arcade-racing game, but now a year later
we have all the updates and this new physical version. (game sounds) And here we have “Trine 4: The
Nightmare Prince” on Switch. I think the last “Trine” game I played was either the first or second one, and I remember enjoying it quite a bit, but for whatever reason I
didn’t play the third one. But that’s okay, ’cause
you actually don’t need to have played any of the previous ones to check this one out. So as you can see here
by the gameplay footage, it’s 2.5D platforming game, meaning you can only move left or right. But of course, it’s got this
whole 3D rendering thing, which looks absolutely beautiful! But its main gimmick is that
you can switch at any time to three different heroes
and each one of them has a very different play style. For instance, the Wizard
can summon crates, but also use magic to pick
up objects and move them. (game sounds) Then you have a fighter that
is really good at combat, but also has a shield. And he can use that
shield to deflect sunlight or projectiles to solve puzzles. And then you can switch to a
thief that is light and nimble with the ability to swing from rings or use her bow and arrow
to create ropes or bridges. And you switch between
these three characters by simple clicking the shoulder buttons. And you do this all the time because every time you
go into a new screen, there’s some puzzle
that needs to be solved and it usually requires all three of them. It feels very unique and
also very well thought out, because most games like this where you have multiple characters, usually you would just have one level for one particular character. But this one, you’re constantly switching back and forth all the time. And there’s some real brain teasers that I got stuck on for
a couple minutes going, “What do I do next?” But the solution was always something that made sense once I figured it out. It was very satisfying. And the platform in combat
is very fun as well. It’s a really well-rounded game. It looks beautiful, it plays great. It should not be missed. All right guys, well
that is 10 Switch games that recently got physical versions, but I know that is not all of them. You guys picked up some
stuff that I’m sure I missed. Please let me know down
in the comments below. I’d love to check them out. All right guys, thank you
very much for watching. Thank you for subscribing and take care.

Gaming Notebook vs Prebuilt Desktop – Is There A WINNER?

well hello there well today my good
people we have an interesting competition that is about to happen in
front of me are two identical expect machines from Lenovo and identically
priced to would like put in $50 difference so one of these is gonna go
to mic one of them is gonna go to Eber they can do their own testing and we all
can see what the experience is like owning one of these machines boys take
it away we didn’t want to bring up something pretty important to you and
that is both of our systems are similarly SPECT the only difference is
that you have desktop class components and I have notebook components now in
terms of pricing that’s that’s something interesting because even though the we
are partially sponsored by Lenovo and this video is sponsored by legion we
actually went out and we purchased these ourselves we always been like 5 grand
yeah grand Canadian right just to give you an idea his system ended up costing
us around twenty two hundred dollars and the same thing with mine except mine was
about thirty dollars more than than his so considering the pricing and the specs
it’s gonna be really interesting to see how these two align with one another but
there is something else that I know that you guys are screaming at your screens
about right now because most of you guys build your own pcs these are or at least
my T730 is for somebody very very different it’s for people who don’t have
the time or who aren’t really inclined to build their own pcs it’s one of those
pre-built systems it comes out of the box it’s ready to go you just hook it up
to a monitor it’s even got a really basic mouse and keyboard but if you’re
interested in building your own custom PC you can check out my how to build a
gaming PC video right over here and if you’re interested in buying either of
these systems links will be in the description down below so what we really
wanted to do here is not only test performance from one system to another
but also from an experiential standpoint so this is actually gonna be one of my
first experiences with a pre-built system and it’s true actually it is you
have enough experiences with notebooks so I think I think we’re gonna split up
for a next couple of days and then we’re gonna meet back here with the benchmarks
can’t wait to compare those numbers let’s go
alright let’s go so it’s been a few days we have got our
fair amount of time testing both systems and you can actually see that my
girlfriend has sort of been busy with the all the decoration all day
decorators there’s a beautiful Christmas tree on that side of those just and
we’re at way and we’re at my table again like I’m in a Christmas shopping mall
I’ve got my new book all ready to go and where’s the desktop well oh wow
alright that is a monster but you know if this wins portability no it does not
so I think what we wanted to do is we wanted to start right away with the
perforce numbers because neither of us has seen each other’s performance
numbers we put them together yeah you know offline and now we’re just gonna
sort of combine them and see what’s what’s going on yeah but there’s an
irony here I know why do you have your notebook open because you’re supposed to
well you told me a screen in front of my face wouldn’t have been very inviting
and it wouldn’t have been good for your composition Michael you’re not getting
my point my point is my notebook comes with a screen but the desktop does not
know yeah it doesn’t know get it all right so what are we gonna look at here
we’re gonna look we’re gonna start with general performance yeah general
performance yeah we’re gonna start with general
performance oh oh okay all right well I think we’re I’m not surprised because
looking at these first numbers the the desktop does win but not by as much as I
thought yeah because if you look at Cinebench and even you know both are 15
and are 20 both in single core and multi-core I can’t tell if there’s a
major difference they’re only off by 10% which is amazing considering how a
notebook CPU competes with something like the 97 okay now do keep in mind
that I have more threads compared to the 9700 Kay yes but Santa bitch loves
threads well next up we are talking about drive speeds so you have the
fastest SSD which again not by much by about 5% maybe yeah and and surprisingly
my one terabyte hard drive is faster than yours
what yep yes yep it is faster but it’s the same
isn’t it the same Drive no it is not I do have a 7200 rpm Drive I just happened
to find that my right speeds are faster than your read speeds which is did you
happen to look what do i do have not really moving on to some real-world
tests we’re gonna do blender and again guys I am surprised easy but again there
doesn’t really seem to be a big huge difference except well look at the
premiere I was just about to bring that up like my notebook destroyed your
desktop so does that mean that the IGP was in well yes it was but you don’t for
some reason on the desktop no I from what I could see there was absolutely no
way to enable the IGP even though it has one integrated I went through the BIOS
and went through Lenovo Vantage ok so you did battery life but you know this
No that is a point to bring up I am gonna bring up that point why because if
I run out of power which which we have in the last couple of days actually why
we didn’t have one of our reviews up in time yeah so so so you know the fact
that I have a battery so that I can still run off of a battery power source
is pretty amazing whereas on your desktop side you’re out
of luck if power goes out then the whole system is up so you lose everything and
you never know alright so now it’s time to take a look at gaming performance you
ready I’m ready all right let’s do it Wow well you got
the Polish number one taking a look at actual games you do have the edge man
like that 97 under K at that sustain high clock speeds and the 27 e yeah Damo
here what kind of sacrifice you’re making with the max-q design you know
technically the specifications on that are TX card are the same it’s really the
clock speeds that are lower so there is a serious edge right now for the desktop
system but to give it another leg up lenovo allows for overclocking on the
k-series chip so what I ended up doing is there’s a little switch inside of
Vantage that allows you to it says overclock the CPU or overclock only
during gaming I just flat out overclock the CPU my clock speeds actually went up
in multi-threaded workloads from around 3.9 gigahertz
all the way up to in between for point three to four point four
gigahertz so and looking at these results I’m gonna have to bring these up
onto the screen right now and say look they did improve from a real-world
testing perspective and Cinebench r15 but at the same time gaming performs
didn’t improve all right so to conclude the performance between these two
systems I have to be honest I’m very impressed with how far the Nova can
catch up the desktop pc i’m horrified i wanted this thing to be so far ahead i
mean typically when you think about performance you typically go towards
desktop systems because they’re generally a lot faster than notebooks
but the fact that you can get that all in a portable package is pretty amazing
so i like that i I like it too but I don’t because there’s one thing that I
wanted to bring up and that’s the silence of this system the same can’t be
said about this thing okay so we’ve already talked about
performance the desktop is the clear winner but we did want it to go a little
bit past that to kind of walk you through what are some of the pros and
cons of having a notebook and having a desktop and I’m gonna start with the
exterior the looks so Mike what do you think of your desktop PC personally I
love the looks I mean it looks like microwave yeah but I mean I think we’re
I think now we’re just gonna be talking about really obvious things right yeah I
mean I love the légion why 740 because it’s very minimalistic not to gamer II I
mean I’ve got ports at the back that’s conveniently accessible which is nice I
will find is conveniently accessible because you have to reach around the
screen first of all first of all let’s be honest I have a USB type-c port which
supports none of all three I have no USB type-c ports none see that’s a that’s a
major problem I think that’s one of the things that I saw in mind its quantity
of USB type aids over quality of inputs and output all right Mike oh you ready
for this this rapid fire round I’ve got speakers and they sound amazing
this notebook has a dedicated subwoofer and it’s probably one of the best
sounding systems on a laptop I’ve got I’ve got no now speaker which I had to
purchase separately but there you go I’ve also have a display it’s 144 Hertz
1080p g-sync I mean it’s an all-in-one package how
about you you need to use your notebook your your your your notebook to talk
about but okay so I think I think that also has a lot to do with lifestyle
right is I like having a separate PC for a desktop and then a really really thin
and like portable nor notebook like this x1 so the next thing that we need to
talk about is a great ability so I’m going to start with a notebook it’s
fairly easily accessible so you’ve got two memory slots can be aware 32
gigabytes there’s only one m2 slot that’s already populated by the Windows
drive but unfortunately I really wished if they added an extra n dr. slot
because it’s a 17 inch laptop in the first place and there are other
notebooks in the market with that configuration now the two and a half
inch hard drive bay can be swapped for an SSD if you want something a little
bit faster and that’s about it you can upgrade the CPU you can’t upgrade the
GPU but I think that’s where the desktop comes in yeah Lenovo allows you to
upgrade a couple of the components number one is the GPU the GPU is on a
tool as bracket and can just be pulled out and easily replaced the hard drives
there’s one additional caddy that has a hot swap adapter you just push in
another hard drive and you’re good to go the other area that can be upgraded as
the memory but with 32 gigabytes and this one you probably don’t want to do
that the one thing that I was really hoping for is another m2 slot because
I’ve already come up to almost the maximum capacity of that nvme drive I
would have liked another high-speed storage option on the Z 370 motherboard
all right so I think it’s time to conclude this video and I think we’re
gonna find a winner or at least I think we’re gonna fight for ourselves to find
a winner because I’m unhappy with this guy I’m happy with this guy we’re gonna
keep you talk with adaptability and I think that goes to the notebook why
because it’s an all-in-one package you get a display a really good display and
it comes with a keyboard speakers it’s it’s an all pal it’s an all-inclusive
package you can gain comfortably on it you can edit videos if you do want to do
that and it’s portable which means this comes with you wherever you go
where are you okay hanging around with like 15 pounds on you well if you go for
the 15 inch version of the Wyson 40 then that that can be easily disregarded and
I think from an adaptability standpoint I want a gaming desktop and a less
expensive but very efficient notebook and that for me is my definition of
adaptability well next up we have upgrade ability and that clearly goes to
the desktop whereas with a notebook it’s very limited finally we have performance
or second last we have performance and I think the desktop takes the edge once
again it does but it’s not as much of an edge that I actually thought was gonna
be there it’s 25% better but it also shows how powerful those notebooks are
becoming now the last category is value and I think this clearly has to go to
the notebook why because for the same price as we Specht out as I want to
refer back to this mind my point earlier is that it’s an all-in-one package you
get a display get a keyboard where it’s the desktop you
to invest in additional accessories like a display like a keyboard and a mouse
maybe but at the same time for me value also has to do with how quiet the system
is it also has to do with that upgrade ability factor so I think what we’re
coming to a conclusion of here is that it really depends on what your lifestyle
is or not I mean I’m gonna be honest man I’m I’m pretty happy with this notebook
and I’m sorry I think this is desktop so I don’t know how are we supposed to sell
this now all right so let’s go uh tails is this guy all right heads is yours
okay all right fingers crossed if that would go in there yeah my boy Wow all
right I guess that’s it desktop that concludes this video thank you so much
for watching guys and let us know which one you would prefer yeah thanks so much
for watching and we’ll see you in the next one are you trying to like static
clean your no but I don’t want to well it’s I’m so hopped up and that’s where
the another shark Athena