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Is Trials of Mana still worth playing? – The Game Collection!

Is Trials of Mana still worth playing? Welcome back to The Game Collection! Recently the unthinkable happened. Square Enix after 25 years finally localized
a game I had long since given up hope on. And then not only that, but it’s getting a
remake?! That’s great and all, but sometimes there’s
nothing better than the original. So how about it? Is Trials of Mana still worth playing today? Let’s find out! I am SuperDerek, and this is Trials of Mana! Back in 1995, the team over at Squaresoft
released a game that some would go on to call the best Action RPG on the Super Nintendo. Seiken Densetsu 3. Western fans of Secret of Mana were waiting
with baited breath to hear of we would receive the game state-side. Preview Magazines were abuzz with this “Secret
of Mana 2” talking about the multiple characters, calendar system, and all kinds of new features. Would we get it in the West? Unfortunately with the launch of the Nintendo
64 just around the corner, that dream would go unanswered by Squaresoft for decades. But sometimes it is darkest just before dawn. And though our cries to Squaresoft for Seiken
Densetsu 3 fell on deaf ears, there were fans with the skills and drive to make those dreams
a reality. Neill Corlett, Linda Chan, Nuku Nuku, and
SOM2Freak, would go on to make one of the most famous fan translations of the era, eventually
released in 1999. Finally after 4 years, players with a firm
grasp on a moral gray area could experience what would became a cult-classic of legendary
proportions. Knowledge of this patch spread far and wide,
purely through word-of-mouth, spread in hushed whispers in school lunch cafeterias and some
darker corners of forums across the Internet. It was in one of these such dark corners that
I first heard the legend of Seiken Densetsu 3, and acquired the forbidden codes needed. The Rosetta Stone that would change these
indecipherable runes into English words, unlocking the gates for any old schlub to experience
this greatness! I only got a couple of hours in before dropping
it. Nothing against the game, I just have a weird
mental block that kills my drive to finish games when I emulate them. So I never really got to experience the game
in its entirety back in the day. But time flows like a river. And now Square Enix has seen fit to bring
Trials of Mana to the West in the Collection of Mana on Switch, featuring the first 3 Mana
games: “Final Fantasy Adventure,” “Secret of Mana,” and the newly christened “Trials
of Mana.” Now I can complete my review of the trilogy. With a physical copy in-hand I got to work
with renewed fervor! Was Trials of Mana worth the wait? Trials of Mana begins with a choice. You are greeted with six characters to choose
from. Picking your first character will determine
which path of three you will be given through the game. The other two characters will eventually join
your first character on their quest. Character choices include Duran, the noble
swordsman, Hawk the cunning thief, Kevin a beast in every sense of the word, Angela the
flirtatious sorceress, Lise the cool-headed Amazon warrior, and Charlie an orphan girl
wielding powerful healing magic. For my play-through I picked Hawk as my main
character, leaving the other two possible story-lines for my eventual play-through of
the remake. Make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss
that! The story of Hawk, in my play-through of Trials
of Mana had a simple and powerful hook. Hawk, a member of a noble band of thieves
has been noticing some changes occurring in the way their leader has shifted focus away
from survival and more toward empire-building. While confronting the leader and his sorceress
advisor, it is revealed that Hawk’s love interest had a cursed necklace placed upon her. If Hawk acts out of line he does so at the
risk of Jessica’s life. If the sorceress is killed, Jessica’s life
ends with hers. Backed into a corner, Hawk is sent to prison. Cue my favorite RPG trope, the prison break,
and Hawk flees from his home nation in the desert. Eventually Hawk meets a fairy who clues him
into the Sword of Mana, a powerful weapon that can be wielded to destroy evil, and possibly
save Jessica’s life from the curse. But in order to get the sword he’ll have to
visit several Mana stones, overcome trials, and make some new friends along the way. The stakes are definitely high, but I appreciate
how the outset begins with something simple and down-to-earth. Your girl’s in danger, you’re backed into
a corner and have to go on a journey to hopefully get the weapon you need to un-screw the situation. That’s not necessarily where things stay,
but the fact that you don’t begin by setting out to save the entire world is appreciated. That big-picture story of having to go do
something huge, difficult and perilous for your loved ones is a powerful one, though
it’s also as old as time. That makes the story timeless, but also maybe
a little cliched if that sort of thing bothers you. To be totally up-front though, the scope and
scale of the adventure told in Trials of Mana seemed a bit less epic overall than Secret
of Mana. The story of Trials of Mana is likely its
weakest point. You might already know from my reviews, that’s
pretty much par for the course for the early Mana games. And besides, saying that’s the weakest point
isn’t really saying all that much because the rest of the game is stellar! The characters that I picked for this play-through,
aside from Hawk, were Duran and Angela. Unfortunately when they’re picked as secondary
characters the amount of character development you get is for the most part, really limited. I have heard though that with certain character
combinations, you can unlock a few additional scenes here and there that flesh out their
characters a bit more, but for the most part this was Hawk’s story and the other two were
just along for the ride. If you want to experience those characters
stories, you’ve gotta play Trials a few more times. Seiken Densetsu 3 plays similarly to Seiken
Densetsu 2, for the most part, but with a lot of little improvements here and there
that make Trials of Mana the distinctively better game of the two. The iterations went in a different direction
than those made in Secret of Evermore. For one thing, the bar where you have to wait
for your attack meter to hit 100% is gone. Just gone. And this is wildly improved because now you
spend less time waiting and charging and more time wailing away on enemies, which is always
a bonus in my book. Successfully connecting a hit against an enemy
charges your charged attack. Once you have built up enough points in your
meter you can unleash that hard-hitting charged attack whenever you choose to! Magic during battle is still menu-based. And the ring menu system make another appearance. More on that menu system in a bit though. Magic is no longer just handed to you as you
rescue elementals as in Secret of Mana. Now you also have to have the right stats
to use that magic, or those skills. Properly allocating your points will unlock
more powerful abilities. Luckily the stats you will want to pick are
pretty intuitive for the most part, but it will change depending on the character you
pick. For instance, pumping up the Dex stat for
Hawk the Thief unlocks his Jutsus, or special thief skills. And increasing Intelligence for Angela increases
her magic damage and unlocks her higher level spells. Stat progression is restricted a bit so you
can’t craft completely broken characters in either sense of the word, so your ability
to min-max your characters to ludicrous efficiency is unfortunately not an option. That said, some characters are just built
that way out of the gate regardless, such as Kyle’s strength and Charlie’s healing spells,
so I guess that’s not a huge problem in the end. The difficulty of the game was definitely
there, but not insurmountable. I was lucky enough to choose a path for Duran
that granted him a healing spell though, which would otherwise have made Hawk’s route particularly
dicey, or so I’ve heard. And by path, I mean there are class changes
which each character can unlock as the story progresses. Once with a level-restriction and in the late
game using rare item drops. Each character has one of two paths forward
at each point: The path of Light and the path of Dark. So this means each fully upgraded character
has 4 potential outcomes by the end of the game. So between the 6 character options with 4
different class options, you could potentially play the game as 1280 different character
and class combinations. Not to even mention the 3 different paths
you could potentially take through the game. For a Super Nintendo title, there’s quite
a bit of replayability here. The Menu systems in Trials of Mana will feel
very familiar to fans of Secret of Mana and Secret of Evermore. However for some reason or another, the designers
moved equipment from the ring menu system to a much clunkier, much much slower menu
system. Did I say earlier that the story was the weakest
point? Let me correct that. This menu is the game’s weakest point. And it’s the single, solitary downgrade
from Secret of Mana. Exploration within Trials of Mana will for
the most part be similar to that within Secret of Mana, there’s not really an over-world
for the most part, paths between towns are mostly comprised of linear paths along which
you can fight hoards of enemies and monsters. Faster travel method gradually unlock including
the staple travel methods of by boat, being fired at your destination out of a cannon,
and of course riding on the back of some local fauna in Mode 7. Similar to Secret of Mana, Seiken Densetsu
3 supports local multiplayer, and I’m happy to report that local multiplayer works on
the Collection of Mana port as well. It should be noted however that Trials of
Mana, even in the original Japanese release, did not support 3 player co-op as found in
Secret of Mana. There are ROM hacks of the original release
that enable this mode, though I have heard that this patch causes some other kinds of
glitches, so caveat emptor. The game-play found within Trials of Mana
is definitely a step forward in pretty much every way from Secret of Mana, and even Secret
of Evermore, which tends to get brought up in the Mana discussion, particularly the myth
that we got Secret of Evermore instead of Seiken Densetsu 3 here in the West. But that was a load of nonsense, check out
my video on Secret of Evermore for more details on that underrated and misunderstood game. The world presented in Trials of Mana is far
more diverse and varied than Secret of Mana’s world, and I gotta say that I really appreciate
that variety. Dark misty forests, bright grassy planes,
craggy mountains and scorching deserts, and the cultures represented within them feel
less like dungeon themes and more like actual cultures of the world. However, these areas do have pretty hard boundaries
that keep the world from feeling wholly realistic and truly interconnected. Then again, this IS a Super Nintendo game
and that goes with the territory. Each area is stunning, and approaches the
pinnacle of that classic 16-bit aesthetic available on the Super Nintendo. Trials of Mana looks the way I thought I remembered
Secret of Mana looking back before replaying it for review a couple years ago. The text was so much easier to read in Trials
of Mana thanks in no small part to the much prettier text backgrounds. Each character is animated fluidly, and the
bosses are out of this world! You know, sometimes it just doesn’t get any
better than a game that really puts the Super Nintendo to full use, and this is one of those
games. The music found within Trials of Mana is once
again a full eclipse of improvement over Secret of Mana, and contains some of the absolute
best songs on the console. Hiroki Kikuta reprises his role as composer,
and completely knocked it out of the park. One of my favorites played while riding around
on a giant mohawked turtle, Vuscav, or Buskaboo, depending on which version you played. Which is one of those things I feel I ought
to mention somewhere. If you played the fan translation, you probably
loved it and are attached to the character and location names… Well, the Square Enix localization seems to
have pretty much gone out of their way to change 90% of the names of places and people,
which might throw you off a bit. I didn’t think it was a big deal, but there
it is. If you’ve gotten this far into the review
and are curious about whether or not you have to play Secret of Mana first, you can put
that fear aside. There’s no reason to play Secret of Mana first,
except for maybe the fact that playing Secret of Mana afterwards will just make the game
pale in comparison in just about every way. So if you plan on playing them all, maybe
play them in order for maximum enjoyment. I’ve finally marked this one off my backlog
after 25 years, was Trials of Mana worth the wait? Yes, yes it was. Though I still can’t quite explain why I
waited so long to begin with really. The game was loads of fun, and is of course
a must-play for Action RPG fans who love the Super Nintendo. This game is right up my alley and brings
everything to the table that I love. The smooth action-packed game-play, the variety
of characters and locations, the graphics, the music… this is a true upgrade in every
way from Secret of Mana. Fans of the show may be wondering, how to
I rate it compared to Terranigma? That’s going to be a much longer discussion
than this review has time for, so make sure you’re subscribed to see that video next time. But the other question, I can answer here
and now. Trials of Mana has absolutely earned itself
a spot… In The Game Collection!

The Ultimate 1440p Gaming Monitor? Viewsonic XG270QG Review

The Viewsonic Elite XG270QG is one of the
best 1440p gaming monitors I’ve ever tested, let’s check it out and find out why that’s
the case in this review. The Nano IPS panel is 27 inches with a 16
by 9 aspect ratio and runs with a 1440p resolution. It’s got a 165Hz refresh rate and a fast
1ms grey-to-grey response time with G-Sync support, so based on those specs it sounds
like it’s got everything you could want for gaming. To get games at high enough refresh rates
at 1440p you’re going to need some decent power, I’ll be testing with my RTX 2080
Ti gaming rig with an 8700K overclocked to 5GHz. You don’t require Nvidia graphics though,
I’ve also confirmed that I could use FreeSync with a Radeon RX 5700 XT, I can still get
the full 165Hz refresh rate, and CRU reports the FreeSync range as 1 to 165Hz. Viewsonic list that the monitor has support
for 98% of the DCI-P3 colour space, though I got 93% with the Spyder 5, either way the
results look decent compared to other gaming monitors I’ve tested, they’re even similar
to some content creator targeted panels I’ve used. The contrast ratio is listed as 1000:1, however
I measured mine at 620:1, which is on the lower side when compared to most monitors
I’ve tested. The brightness was fair, at 100% I measured it at just over 400 nits in
the center, though the specs say 350 nits, so my panel might just be giving me a bonus. I’ve run the UFO test to look for ghosting,
this footage is slowed down about 5 times from the original speed to allow for a closer
look, and I didn’t think it was looking too bad in this test. Viewing angles were fine regardless of angle,
the specs note that it’s good for up to 178 degrees both horizontally and vertically. The bezels aren’t too thick, I measured
them at around 1cm on the sides, though I honestly can’t say I noticed them or really
care once you get into a game. There was some backlight bleed, mainly towards
the bottom corners, definitely not ideal, but I found it hard to notice when viewing
darker content, and it will vary between panels. It’s not all just about the panel though,
the stand feels quite solid and has a brushed metal base, though the rest was plastic, at
least on the exterior, and all with a black finish. There are quite a few adjustments available
including -5 to 20 degrees of tilt, 90 degrees of swivel in either direction, 120mm of height
adjustment, and 90 degrees of pivot in either direction. The stand connects to the back of the panel
without any tools required, and behind this are four screws for the 100mm VESA mount if
you want to attach the panel to a different stand or monitor arm. The back also features a Kensington lock towards
the bottom on the right, along with speakers on the left and right, which I thought sounded
quite good for a monitor, probably the best I’ve ever heard in terms of monitor speakers,
they had some bass, were clear and they got loud enough at maximum volume. There are two rubber mouse anchors built in
which you can pull down to put your mouse cable in to keep it out of the way, one on
the left and the other on the right, so you’re covered regardless of which hand you use your
mouse with. There are three buttons in the middle below
the screen. These include a power button, the main joystick in the center for on screen
display navigation, and a quick access button which by default turns the blue light filter
on or off, however you can customize its function in the OSD. The I/O is on the back and faces down, from
left to right we’ve got full size DisplayPort, HDMI, 3.5mm audio output, USB Type-B which
you connect to your PC to use the following 3 Type-A ports, and the power input. The cables included are full size DisplayPort,
USB Type-B to A for the USB hub functionality, and a power cable and brick, unfortunately
that’s not built into the monitor and is external. I was a little disappointed that
HDMI wasn’t included, although when I tried my own HDMI cable it wouldn’t run at 1440p
above 60Hz, and the overclock option used to enable 165Hz was greyed out, so seems like
DisplayPort is required. There’s a plastic cover that goes on top
of the cables to keep the rear looking a little neater, and you can run the cables through
the hole in the stand to keep them tidy. There are also optional plastic doors you
can screw onto the sides, installation was easy, and they help reduce other light sources
from hitting the display. The left hand side has a metal headphone holder which folds down
if you need it, and you can still use it with the side panels installed. The on screen display itself was easy to navigate
through, but occasionally I would move to the wrong menu, not sure if I just suck as
using this particular joystick or what. There are quite a few options here, you’ve got
to enable the overclock option to use the full 165Hz refresh rate, you can change the
OSD timeout value, monitor colour profiles, disable the blue power LED on the front, change
RGB lighting and more. Speaking of that RGB, there’s lighting on
the back in this hexagonal shape around the VESA mount, and also 5 lights on the left
and right sides which provide an underglow effect. The effects are limited to just 3
through the OSD, and outside of rainbow you seem stuck to the colour blue, but you can
turn all lighting off if you prefer. There’s software you can download from the
Viewsonic website to manage the monitor, you just need to connect the included USB Type-B
cable to your PC to use it. Most of the functionality is locked at the moment as it’s in beta,
all I was able to do was change the RGB lighting, but this does give you more effects to choose
from compared to the OSD as well as colour selection. So far the monitor looks pretty good, but
how was it to actually use day to day? I normally use a 32” 4K monitor as my daily driver
for video editing, so swapping to 27 inches at 1440p was a little adjustment. Overall
I thought it looked great, and when playing some games that are actually able to spit
out high FPS gameplay just felt smooth, probably due to the combination of 165Hz, G-Sync and
the 1ms GTG response time. Unfortunately all of this comes at a cost,
you can find updated prices linked in the description. At the time of recording, the
Viewsonic Elite XG270QG goes for $600 USD, while we’re looking at double the price
here in Australian dollars, the current human malware issue has killed our exchange rate. It’s really difficult for me to talk about
value and how this stacks up compared to others, as I haven’t personally tested much else
with similar specs. I can see there are what appears to be similarly specced panels for
less money on Amazon though, check out the card in the top right for the Hardware Unboxed
top 5 1440p gaming monitors by Tim, needless to say he’s tested out far more than me. That said, without having tested others, this
one did feel great to play games on. The only issue I had was the bleed towards the bottom
right on my unit, otherwise I thought it was excellent. Let me know what you thought of the Viewsonic
Elite XG270QG gaming monitor down in the comments, and also let me know if you’re interested
in more gaming monitors, I had a few requests lately to see some more and I’ve got another
here to test out. Finally, as always if you’re new to the channel consider getting subscribed
for future tech videos like this one.

WORLD OF HORROR – Early access First impressions

I have a confession to make. I am very picky with my horror games. Although I enjoy horror games a lot, I honestly
don’t play that many of them. Mainly because I find that very few of them
manage to catch my interest. What I’m trying to say is that, when I do
get curious about a horror game, I’m only ever going to stick with it if I’m truly interested
in it. And let me tell you, this game managed to
hook me from the first 10 minutes I played and it’s definitely not an experience
that I’ll forget anytime soon. Just like the title screen says however, the
game is still in early access so if you’re interested in checking it out please do keep
that in mind. So whatever thoughts and feelings that are in this video will obviously also be based on the early access version of the game as well. WORLD OF HORROR is an adventure game in which
you have to solve a number of different mysteries in the small sea-side city of Shiokawa in
hopes of warding off a terrible evil. The game was inspired by retro adventure games so if you’re familiar with games like Arkham
Horror or that sort of adventure board game, you’ll most likely find WORLD OF HORROR very
easy to pick up. But do not worry! Even if you have no experience with these
types of games and you just want to check the game out because you think it looks cool,
there’s a very handy tutorial that’ll answer any questions about how the game works. So don’t be too scared. As you start a new adventure, the game will
ask you to pick a case to investigate. Each one of these cases that you choose are
built up of a number of events that are randomly generated. This means that every playthrough will be
slightly different from the next and that you’re encouraged to investigate the same
mystery numerous times in order to see all possible events and see all possible outcomes. During your investigations as you’re traveling
to different places to check for clues you’re going to be faced with both enemies and different
types of skill checks. The combat is turn-based and features an action
bar which you can fill up with any kind of actions you’d like to take in battle as long
as you have the required equipment. You have several different options whether
you’d like to actually fight enemies, run away from them or try your hand and some form
of communication. The success of all of your actions obviously
depend on your current stats and equipment. And speaking of your stats and equipment,
there’s a leveling system which will allow you to spend points leveling up whatever stats
you’d like. As well as a shop that will sell you certain
items, but you can also come across items as you’re investigating. The outcome of the skill checks will also obviously
depend on your current stats. (So keep that in mind before you try something
stupid and end up dead like I did.) So although each playthrough of the game will
be of very varying lengths and very different overall, they’re all generally pretty short. And that is again because you are encouraged
to investigate the same mystery several times. You’ll see new things if you do and depending
on your choices, you might find a new ending. If you’re looking into this game, you’re probably
going to hear the same thing being repeated a lot. And that is that this game feels very Junji
Ito inspired. But that’s because it’s true. WORLD OF HORROR isn’t an adaption of any of
Ito’s stories and it’s not a rip-off in any capacity but it’s very obviously inspired
by Junji Ito. Although the extremely intricate drawings
from a Junji Ito manga can’t be translated into something like a 1-bit artstyle, that’s
also not the point. With its uncanny faces, body horror and placing
unknown horrors into the mundane, WORLD OF HORROR ends up feeling Junji Ito inspired. One can also absolutely not ignore the very
obvious Lovecraftian influences. When cosmic gods come knocking on your door
you’re bound to think of H.P Lovecraft. That’s not to say that the atmosphere doesn’t feel unique because it certainly does. The mixture of Japanese urban legends and
cosmicism is very interesting because it weaves together folklore with the horrors of the
unknown. So although the setting feels very average
every day, you’re bound to be creeped out when you open one of the lockers at school
and can’t even wrap your head around what’s currently living inside of it. It’s a game that wraps its claws around you
within minutes of starting it. Because of the nature of the gameplay, all
your decisions will either doom you or save you and it’s up to you to figure out what
the best thing to do is. All while trying to, you know, stay sane in
the face of eldritch horrors. The pixel art-style is something that although
fairly simple-looking, really gives the game a special feel. The black and white is reminiscent of old
manga and some of the monsters in this game really made my stomach turn. Something that’s also really cool is that
the game has a bunch of different colors palettes and gives you the choice to either customize
your color palette yourself or to pick a random one before each new playthough. This sounds really simple but it makes a huge
difference, especially when you go in for your 2nd and 3rd playthroughs because it can
give scenes a completely different feel. It is absolutely also worth mentioning that
this game was made by one guy. We’ve had several of these amazing releases
in the past few years that were made by just one person, and it’s really cool to see people
so passionate about their projects. So while WORLD OF HORROR may not be the longest
of experiences, that’s not something that holds it back. As a matter of fact it’s quite the opposite. It’s adapted a very effective short story
formula which is what makes it so addicting. As a horror fan, I would strongly recommend
it. It’s been a while since a game got under my
skin in the same way that WORLD OF HORROR managed to and it’s just as spooky as
it is refreshing. I was really longing for something unique
to catch me off guard this year and I was pleasantly surprised to find it hit me upside
the head. So if you’re interested in checking this game
out, keep your eyes open because WORLD OF HORROR will be available on Steam, Playstation
4 and the Nintendo Switch this year. And like I mentioned earlier, is already available now in early access. I hope you enjoyed this video. Thank you so much for watching.


about time you got here you told me to be here at ten ten-to-one you want the game or not yeah course right here’s a hundred dollars No hey wait a second now what I’m going to do fine flash game were pretty popular thing back in the early 2000s but nowadays is all about those hip mobile games but because there are so many flash games of course we’re gonna have some bad ones because pokemon with such a huge franchise of course we’re going to get some bad ones of them combined I mean there’s some decent ones out there but I mean there’s weird one like this one pokemon cross the lava I remember this episode of Pokemon when ash has to hop across rocks and some kind of weird volcano world classic what you’re telling me you don’t remember this episode of Pokemon take a look at the game description pokemon cross the love is a very difficult but most addicting game of pokemon you have a splash people takes me like 15 seconds by some preschool and you’re telling me it will be more addicting than all the other pokemon games yeah okay day this music is rad I love that two seconds soundtrack loop real creative don’t get sick of it all I quickly found out with this game that you can just hold the mouse in the same spot and just keep clicking any pretty much are good to go but I mean that’s no fun the best thing to do in this game is just shoot a straight up into the air and then watch him bird alright let’s move on before the soundtrack makes me want to jump into a volcano everyone remembers the memory matching is we have a bunch of cars flipped over you flip over match the pictures that’s not assuming this pokemon click like game is so let’s check it out oh my what what is going on here and here and here and what’s up a charred you okay man she look terrible alright let’s let’s press start here with that about all these pictures are already flipped over in the correct way there’s no memorizing to this at all I just click and then click on the same picture what is this really a game and have more fun matching my socks don’t get it wait what well a tricky game okay we’re moving on let’s play something that’s a little more interesting like evil to rampage okay what’s going on here we’ve got like five legendary pokemon just hanging out so that’s good let’s press play so apparently I’m supposed to destroy 21 of these deoxys legendary pokemon don’t really get how you’re supposed to kill them though because sometimes they died when I jump on him and other times it’s just like man this is so bizarre what’s up with the random choice of pokemon at the bottom of lava and Ed YY just those two and why is Pikachu purple well I went to Google to answer that question found out that apparently a purple Pikachu is a type of drug I’m not even joking here the picture I found how in the world you have purple Pikachu drug in the first place so hold on let’s think about this first second maybe this purple Pikachu represents drugs and the deoxys must represent our brain cells and the other Pokemon below represent our other body organs in the building’s they must represent our friendships and the more and more you do purple Pikachu the more destruction to do upon yourself it all makes sense this is a Pokemon anti-drug flash game or it just sucks i don’t know deal of woodcarving but hate half full I don’t know woodcarving well then this next game is perfect for you I guess woodcarving pokemon now this sounds like a game full of action or maybe not i mean i’ve never done woodcarving in my life but I’m almost positive it’s nothing like this it’s impossible to trace anything because this chisel is like at this weird angle so no matter what you try to do with going to look like garbage as far as i know this is the only pokemon you can trace too so it’s pretty boring would you like to move on same now it’s time to take everyone to favorite game rock band and pokemon this trim together create pokemon crazy drummer this title looks like it was something that was made in kid pics anyway when they say crazy drummer they really mean it what watch but what button is this i get the letters match up on the keyboard but I have a foot on my computer and this is the easy setting by the way home calm down okay let’s try this again okay well that’s all you i mean i’m pretty sure there’s no other team and get more bizarre than what the

Top Ten Disappointments in Video Games

March 21, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

Top Ten Disappointments in Video Games

As any great gift to the world could humbly tell you, joy…is a valuable resource. Any day you receive it…is one to stash in the heart. Though, the day you learn it’s also a FINITE resource threatens to break said heart. Video games, being our latest and perhaps greatest great gift…knows how to do both. Likely, better…than any other. The happier they make you, the higher the voltage when they shockingly disappoint. Mmm…I smell a mood fatter than Canada. Yes, we’re all intimately familiar with disappointment. Such is the fate of an eternal pursuer of smiles… The frown was invented for a reason, people. Hopefully I can pin it down while not being a disappointment myself. …too late! Alrighty, disclaimers… All my choices are conditional on official developments. NOT community development. In other words, only the cause and effect of the proper professionals behind each misstep are considered… …and not atrocities committed by the player base. It’s all on the brainchildren. Be it an entire game, creative choice, or executive dumbassery…yeah, lots to talk about. Share your own list! It was…probably easier to make than mine. Let’s roll! Call me a moldy boomer wrapped in threads laced with mummy farts, but…I’m real half-and-half on the digital age. Stop me if you’ve heard this before: I actually like OWNING the things I buy. You can TELL me it’s mine, but if I can’t touch it…it ain’t mine. Physical for life! But, virtually replicating historical artifacts for…preservation’s sake, is FAR better than leaving the ether to babysit them. Ahem! I have come to say the N word! …and trust me, it’s hard enough WITHOUT an r. Nintendo. Hoo, lordy. I dodged the cliche of flushing Switch Online down Loggo’s ass-gravy esophagus just fine. But that only meant something else was guaranteed to hit. In this case, with a deliciously retro sound byte. You mind laying out your thought process when you KILLED Virtual Console, guys? It was like that of a supercomputer when you came up with it. But the slow yet steady steps taken to phase it out of the public market… …yeah, I hear the sounds of somebody not wanting MONEY. Y’know? Company food? It’s like financial Atkins, this shit you’re doing. DON’T. I’ll admit adding bits of old catalog and sticking them in a clean vintage plug ‘n play system is nifty… …and, hell…including them in your online service adds value where it’s REALLY fucking needed. But…why can’t I just buy them all to own them all? I love these old games! Sure, I’d prefer physical…but still! Our great gaming grandpa’s supposed to be fun, man! Not racist to grass the one time we wanna frolic in the grass! It’s so limiting. …and for a company I know damn well has unlimited joy to give, taking that away “because waffles” halfway offends me. It’s…pre-made CODE. From billions of years ago! Pictures on a PHONE take more space! You give goods, I consume, your wallet gets thicc and juicy! Done! NEXT. Some say high expectations are just an excuse to dodge mediocrity. …completely forgetting that that shit’s a homing torpedo, and we’re a crippled 60 ton boulder. Still, it’s a sign that we still practice hope. It’s beautiful. But when our friends start requiring fresh straight jackets every Sunday…yeah, that’s ugly. Three’s one hell of a number. It’s company, it’s a crowd, and turns on the charm on it’s dates with time. It’s also the amount of swings you have before striking out, so…! …MMM! 3 titans of entertainment turned thick-skulled idiot pariahs… …the live footage of Konami, Bethesda, and Blizzard taking the piss after the piss makes a 1,000 monster truck pile-up look like a utopia ruled by Mr. Clean. First up, Blehzzard. I’ve never given even a phantom of a fuck about them. But banning and fining a top player of one of your games for fighting against atrocities plaguing his home country and LYING about Warcraft 3: Reforged being a faithful remaster… …there goes any chance of me ever caring about you. Still, a lot of my friends cared. They’d be owed an apology if that MEANT anything from you anymore. Next…Bethesda. GOD, this hurts. Turning their fun as fuck game franchise about living through the aftermath of a global disaster… …into an ACTUAL global disaster with NO chance of living through turned them into THE hit punchline of 2018. Disgusting incompetence, LYING about promo item craftsmanship, running away with the money… …MILKING poor loyal customers with your shitty subscription service…assholes! If that new Elder Scrolls isn’t Breath of The Wild good, you clowns are DONE! …and finally, Konami! The big top tent of this whole damn circus. Abandoning your beloved franchises, focusing more on GAMBLING with stupid-ass PACHINKO machines… …and fucking humiliating and EXHILING Hideo Kojima… My spit would DODGE you if it was launched your way! *sighs* Yeah, I’m done here… Double standards can be…fascinating. Sure, they suck and cause problems…but they kinda show you what people are…afraid of. Sonic fans are ripe for this case study. No matter how many times he screws up, they’ll NEVER turn on him for fear that he won’t come back. It’s heartwarmingly fucked. I mean…C’MOOOONN! Ya gotta love ‘im– “He-he-hey! What’s this big red button do?” *presses* I hate Sonic. Open letter to all technicians: Don’t make your self-destruct button shiny and gigantic. Make it puny and smear it in Muk splooge and decaying dreams! Nobody’ll touch it, then! It is somewhat fortunate that we now have an example of that to NOT follow…but, man! …MAN! The year 2014 saw a brilliant push to re-brand post-2010 Sonic into something fresh and exciting. Goofy, enjoyably stylized redesigns…an all new world! Nay, generation! Mmm…never heard that one before… The TV show’s awesome as hell. But Sonic Boom’s attempts at being a game…were more like attempts on his LIFE. You think the Wii U NEEDED an atrociously unpolished, horrendously dull, subtractive defamation of beloved colorful super mammals? …in the middle of the awesome modern resurgence, no less? Rise of Lyric makes my stomach scream. On top of, like I said…being unpolished, dull, and back-ass on SO many things… …it added ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to the franchise. No, not even a mortal wound that helped it grow. Sonic 06 is at least hilariously bad…and was a valuable, if not harsh, learning experience. Sonic Boom’s highs are textbook average, and it’s lows are too low for even PAPER to limbo under. Playing it just makes you feel EMBARRASSED for liking Sonic. …and I was excited for this, too! Just…EXCUSE! Now! “It all went by too fast…” BULLSHIT. Don’t talk like you know what that word means! “Wasn’t there a 3DS game, too?” I-I dunno, I don’t–*sighs* …I don’t give a shit. Knuckles! Please! Save us! Formerly just a VERY strong creative suggestion, flying the flag of originality is beyond critical for an art form these days. WASH the fucking thing, or…wave it around in a stupid way at the absolute bare minimum. If you’re gonna schlorp up my mannies, it’s common etiquette to at least do it like nobody else. A game console without exclusives is basically just a shiny drink coaster. GEE, WOULDN’T THAT BE STUPID. Huh, boy oh boy oh boy… Anybody who’s become rich and successful can only be 1 of 2 things: brilliant…or lucky. Remind me again: which one is Microsoft? ‘Cuz it kinda looks like neither right now. You might say I’m filling the cliche of Nintendo fanboy by unconditionally hating the Xbox One. Except…no! Reminding the capital M how much they fucked up this last generation is what binds us as a species. Leave the Wii U outta this, man. That at least had games! Oh hoh, you bet your ASS I ain’t ever letting THIS one go! Don’t quote me on this, but didn’t you clowns “promise” your “cutting edge” home console would have…enticing…exclusives? Like, the reason why we should give a shit? What happened to THAT? With the SOLE exception of Rare Replay, which in itself is simply a collection of old masterpieces made mostly on your RIVAL’s platforms… …there is not a DAMN thing worthwhile you can find ONLY on the Xboner. EVERYTHING else was either multi-platform, or a TIMED exclusive that ended up on PC later anyway! …and better! In addition to being an ATROCIOUSLY unprofessional blunder, you pretty much spit ALL over your brand loyalists who DARED to expect special catering. This probably would’ve been MUCH higher if I was a die hard Microsoft supporter. …but even as a casual customer, I wanna puke! It’s like even they themselves knew that Xbox One’s just hip slang for “just buy a PC”! Like this whole thing was just a TIP JAR… “Huh-ho, sorry! We’ll get it next time, though!” GAHHH! Remember what I said. The happier a player’s made, the more deadly a shock of disappointment grows. So take one of the great kings of your heart, and the pressure to stay king could effortlessly crush all 15 legendaries that run it. Yet despite being pretty much my favorite thing ever, Pokemon’s never struck out hard for me. Got iffy a grand total of…twice, but it never lasts. Yep. Never…lasts… It’s never fun when it arrives, but when the time comes to ask…what the HELL happened…? …the answer’s a mythic monster just WAITING for you to catch it. I can’t ever seem to shut up about my historical disappointment in X and Y. But long after coming to terms with the sub-100 Pokemon roster, I clear the air with the ONE thing I simply can’t get over. It never gave me a second chance. Although not everyone likes it, EVERY. SINGLE. REGION. …on the face of the PokeEarth, merited a strong look back. Be it in a remake, refresh, or sequel…we got another chance to see it’s worth. But after saying “Adios, Kalos.” for the first time…it was the last. You can keep your “Dexit”, you can keep your Let’s Gos…not revisiting the X and Y mainland is what really got me. It’s so discomforting! Every player, be it a huge fan that LOVED Kalos, the nay-sayers who think it’s bland and lacking… …or hell. Guys like me, who merely felt indifferent… NEVER got to see the untapped potential, huge improvements, or added exposure they were hoping for. When it gets to the point where the third pillar of your mascot legendary trio isn’t even fully BUILT until the NEXT GENERATION… …I must repeat: what the HELL happened?! It honest to Arceus felt like they WANTED to forget it, even while it was new. Even when it needed them arguably more than any other. Cubone ain’t the only tragic orphan in the series. …and there’s no evolution awaiting it. NOTHING’s more hype than Smash Bros. NOTHIN’. It could inhale for an ugly sneeze and we’d still impregnate our pants. Ridley! FUCK yes! King K. Rool! Oh mah god, TAKE ME! Mother…fuckin’…BANJO & KAZOOIE! *happy shudders* Assimilate my existence, Daddy Sakurai! Kirby! …Kirby! King K– I try to be respectful to homicidal balls of cosmic bubble yum, fair to say…maybe I dunno what it’s like. I dunno. But this kinda downgrade…even Dr. KING would be speechless! Hate to stack shit on top of an already oppressed kind, but…I have no idea how Kirby mains sleep at night, knowing how hard they were jipped. Sakurai’s star-born son is one of the most versatile characters in gaming history. Dozens of unique weapons of infinite chaos…and a lot of cute hats! He was destined to be one of the all-time coolest characters in all of Smash. So, please tell me. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?! Out of the 21 move slots Smash allows, ELEVEN of Kirby’s are basic, almost STOCK kicks. No personalized flare, no diversity, and zero franchise loyalty aside from *kinda* resembling old fighter animations. I suppose this may have been an attempt to replicate how ability-less Kirby feels in his games. Okay. Yeah, ask anybody why they like Kirby. You’re definitely gonna hear tons of ‘em say “HIS FEET”. NOBODY likes using ability-less Kirby! It’s BORING, as FUCK. Even after two decades, they’ve only BARELY gotten halfway. Half of his move set IS fun and interesting, and *clears throat* LOYAL… …yet the other half is the blandest, most BORING Smash material I’ve ever seen. …and SHIT, his play style’s practically DEFINED by these boring-ass moves. Yeah, I don’t think you realize how serious this is–KIRBY…IS…BORING. Those words…should not be friends! I forbid it! See, this is why I love Mega Man. HE’S WHAT KIRBY SHOULD’VE BEEN. Look, I don’t need perfect accuracy here, otherwise he’d be quintuple S tier… …but THIS, is not this. Fun…NOT fun. Omnipotent cosmic silly putty…FOOT: the character. I’m the last person to suggest that life is simple, but likewise…I’m also not one to deny patterns I don’t like. And the vicious cycle…is one of them. Reach one end, loop back to the opposite…rinse, repeat…at a SELECTIVE speed. I get vertigo just writing it. One day you’re king, then peasant, then king again… …then peasant again? HA! You wish! Oh…! Kil- *gags* Kill it! This is why you don’t pull your job off of a paper strip out of a hat. Pull gaming’s equivalent of the french beggar…and kill’s your only shot at peace. …and I’m fuckin’ serious, man. KILL IT. …WITH FIRE MAN. Feels like it was only yesterday when Capcom’s abusive parenting and racism towards robot children was making headlines. Cancelling hyped up games for likely shitty reasons…drool-sleeping on the franchise that made them a household name for YEARS… …and like that. Like an angel leaving hell to fetch us heaven, Mr. Keiji Inafune said: “FUCK all y’all… …the world need some blue robot goodness, Imma head out!” …and head out, he did. Only… …forgot to bring that goodness… Pinned up a call to finance on the internet’s own help wanted sign: kickstarter! Mighty No. 9! Hell yeah! As in: yeah! …hell sounds good right now! OBLITERATING it’s pledge goals, revitalizing the public’s passion for one of gaming’s finest…restoring the hope of millions! …and then it all rained puke chunks… Over a full year of radio silence and delays, leaving the faithful funders in the dark… …only to pop out of it to jumpscare the public with a horrifically underwhelming junk heap. …causing irreparable damage to Inafune’s new studio and kickstarters in their entirety. …and you just HAD to wind up that punch, huh? Give us hope, then tossed it in a buzzsaw! 4 million goddamn dollars and over 3 years for…what? Something not even HALF as good as the worst REAL Mega Man game? Kicking’s a love tap at this point. Ship this dead horse to the GLUE FACTORY and stick this memory to a dark corner just like Capcom did! A long, hard day of shattered hopes… …personal plans downed by the brunt of reality’s harsh check. Agony, I can’t escape… Alas, not but one night betwixt the pages of a good story…sets me free. Telling me a towering tale gives my villainous days endings worth keeping. …it’s all we could ever want. The happily ever after! Everyone’s been read that one book that’s awesome all the way through…until the last few pages. Cue the shitty ending that ruins EVERYTHING. Perhaps the most infamous software disappointment in all of modern Nintendo… …post-2007 Paper Mario blew a gory, gaping, gangrene-coated hole in the Mario RPG ensemble’s left leg. …and big shock–that dead tissue is still dead, despite having an elder wizard for a doctor! I hate making those that genuinely like Sticker Star and Color Splash uncomfortable. But for you all to really understand how inhumanely scarring these nerve nukes REALLY were to the vast majority… …try to imagine a time when these games FUCKING meant something! Magical worlds, profoundly professional passion, and mechanical and strategic excellence…unflinching in the face of time. OH, RIGHT. You DON’T have to imagine! The legend’s true! So…WHY…did you throw all that away? Watch the video in the corner card if you REALLY need to hear the big problems. But…I’m just, hurt. I can no longer fall peacefully asleep to a magical chapter of Mario Once Upon a Time. I have to take the nightmare of creatively sterile, unfulfilling, BORING as FUCK worst-sellers with admittedly gorgeous covers taking up shelf space. Sure, they look pretty, but oh GOD–don’t read them… I’ll say it again: this isn’t Paper Mario. It’s Mario-shaped paper! If they came before the other 3…there would be NO problem here. But it’s too late! You’ve shown us what you can do! …and until you care enough to do it again, don’t you DARE read where they once read! I couldn’t even imagine what it’s like being on top. …those comments should be interesting… But, truly! Look at you! Up in the clouds on Jupiter! You’re standing on the whole universe for your cover shot of “Hot Shit Quarterly”. …you have ANY idea what kinda pain you’re in for, should you fall? I don’t think you realize… …how, loud… …the human voice can actually scream. This mic’s a replacement. This…is a re-take. I…MURDERED…the last one, recording this segment. A capital F in the chat for this brave, brave soldier… …and right back on top of the atomic FUCK. YOU! …Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts deserves. I know a lot of people say “this ruined my childhood”, and that’s stupid… …but, THIS crime against space-time tried it’s DAMNDEST to. …and almost succeeded. Imagine: your best friend from childhood falling into an eight year coma. You wait by his bedside every day of each of those–unsure if he’ll even wake up again. But when he magically comes back, he’s now a car obsessed, preppy asshole with no memory of the fun…and no care for you. “Not so bad”, huh? “Still worth a try.” …surely. I hate, this fucking game… Nothing anyone can say will ever sway me… This. Is defamation. …and the FATTEST middle finger I’ve EVER been given. Oh, yeah! The game IS a boring-ass vat of molten butt sludge barfed in and out of Gruntilda’s hairy EARHOLE… …even the goddamn Gizmondo’s too good for! …but I don’t give a DAMN about it’s quality. It shot 2 of my favorite childhood games and ANY hope of them ever getting sequels in the FACE. With an ugly, blocky grin on it’s own. Completely, trivializing the beautiful wonder of magical adventure so many of us were SHAPED by. It’s a fucking…insult! Thankfully, WE won in the end, ya lifeless…bastard! Knowing when to let bygones, be bygones…is crucial in keeping happy. Sometimes…you can’t do anything about it. …and you gotta let the past die, before it kills you. But…listen to me. I’ll say that again: …sometimes. But when everyone knows, for an indisputable FACT…that you can do EVERYTHING about it… …letting that past die, is what’s gonna kill you. You disappoint me more than anybody else… …Valve. Casual reminder that it’s perfectly okay to cry. …and even more so to let others see you do it. But… *depressed sighs* As something somehow even more uncomfortable to discuss than goddamn Sticker Star and Nuts & Bolts combined… Valve’s detachment from the holy water spigot is tragic. Once the dispersers of the deepest, most beautiful software pool PC gaming had ever seen… …is now a neglectful father putting hobbies before family. I’ll put it straight, I don’t give a demon’s DAMN about VR. I wholeheartedly feel it’s an overhyped, overpriced fad with minimal sustain as an “industry standard”… …despite the fascinating tech. Well, guess who disagrees with me! Ooh! Better yet! …guess who disagrees with me SO hard that they tunnel-visioned close to ALL of their resources into it? …and that’s where it gets uncomfortable. I’m yelling callously at a creator…for doing what they want. That’s disgusting. It makes me feel awful! But at the same time…what about what WE want? The consumer? The loyal fan that protects you from heatstroke? Do you think we LIKE, watching our favorite IPs DIE…because their rich daddy’s too busy swatting at digital bugs?! Portal. Left 4 Dead. Team Fortress 2…my 3rd favorite game of all time… Abandoned at worst, and drip fed…at the ABSOLUTE BEST. I’m so glad CS:GO and Dota 2 fans have the LUXURY…of consistent love. But guess what? IceFrog and Hidden Path…AREN’T the father. They’re the beautiful uncle who always WANTED to be a father. …and the fact that this is all, by absolute CHOICE…really hurts me. It hurts…a lot of us. …and this isn’t even considering stuff like that stupid-ass card game they made. …and they do it, because they feel invincible. Must be intoxicating. Others can relate. Blizzard…? Konami…? …Rare…? *quiet chuckles* YOU taught the gaming world the consequences of not looking back. You better have more than a piece of wood covering yours… This is being Fawful’s Minion… Good night, team… …and now, give it up! For the high-tier Patrons! …may we meet again!

LGR – Doom Eternal Review

March 21, 2020 | Articles | No Comments

Greetings folks, and welcome to an LGR Doom Thing! Ahh finally, it feels like an eternity since Doom 2016 came out and blew away expectations, our preconceived notions exploding all over the place like so many gory demonic entrails.
And now the folks at id Software are back with Doom Eternal, the follow-up to Doom that
isn’t called Doom II, thank god. Having to call Doom 2016 Doom 2016 was confusing
enough, so let’s hope that kinda naming scheme is over with. Besides, as it turns
out Eternal isn’t only a sequel to Doom 2016, but rather a follow-up of sorts to several
Doom games and spin-offs of the past. Back in my Doom 2016 review I said it was a series
reboot, but after playing Doom Eternal I don’t think that holds true anymore. That being
said, this review will not be diving into plot spoiler territory, not even boss fights,
so don’t worry about it. In fact, since I received an early review code, I had to
agree not to spoil a whole list of spoilery spoilers. But the rest of what I’m about
to say is entirely my opinion, and neither id Software or Bethesda are looking at this
beforehand, they’ll be seeing it for the first time same as you. With that nonsense outta the way, AUGH DOOM ETERNAL! This game ****ING RULES. If Doom 2016 was the best shooter I played that year, then Doom Eternal has to be one of the best shooters I’ve played, period. No exaggeration,
this game is top-notch single player bombastic first person pandemonium from start to finish.
It picks up some time after the end of the previous game, with the Doom Slayer headed
back to planet Earth in a massive spacefaring building, known as the Fortress of Doom. But
just like the original Doom II: Hell on Earth, it turns out Earth has a rather serious problem
regarding Hell, on Earth. In short, 60% of the world’s population has been wiped out
by demonic forces large and small, with the tendrils of evil spreading out from major
metropolitan areas threatening to destroy all that remains. It’s up to you to find
some Hell Priests and kill ‘em! And just like that, you’re tossed into the nightmare
world of Doom Eternal, shotgun at the ready, and demons just asking for a good beatdown. [a good beatdown commences] Yeah that’s right, in this game, your starting
pistol is a shotgun! [chuckles] Or more accurately, there’s just no pistol anymore, with the
first weapon slot being claimed by the combat shotgun instead. And I am all for that really,
since the last game’s pistol sucked, and in even in classic Doom games it’s really
only there until you find the shotgun or you’re in an incredibly desperate situation. Here
it’s just like nah man, here’s a shotgun, have at it! Oh and the chainsaw too, why the
hell not. [copious chainsaw carnage] Then hey, why not upgrade your shotgun with sticky grenades or a fully automatic buckshot chaingun? Fuse that with the return of glory
kills to use when an enemy staggers and yeah. Within the first minute of Doom Eternal you’re
already well-equipped to take down any of the half dozen most common enemies in the
game, it’s truly wonderful in how much it does not wanna waste your time. Well, except
when it’s wasting your time when you’ve got the tutorial on. Honestly, if you’ve played
Doom 2016 you can turn this right off and ignore the incessant pop-ups for the first
couple hours. Besides, there are codex notifications on the left side of the screen, so I just
left those on for new features and it was fine. Otherwise, it’s too easy to become
overwhelmed at the sheer mass of CONTENT™ being revealed every few seconds. Piles of
guns, lots of special moves, like twice the number of demons as before, and the upgrades.
So many upgrades. There’s a set of collectible rune upgrades, a set of Praetor Suit upgrades,
a set of weapon upgrades with a set of upgrades for those upgrades followed by mastery upgrades.
A set of attribute upgrades that turn into more upgrades once you merge upgrades. And
a set of upgrades on your space station that help unlock cosmetic upgrades, like weapon
reskins and player models. But yeah it’s all just a lot. This “stop and read” approach
is doing the game a disservice, since the lifeblood of Doom Eternal relies on maintaining
momentum through combat and learning how to best deal with each enemy’s attacks on the
fly. So I say just play the dang game, the best way to learn here is by doing. And by
doing, I mean engaging in absolute non-stop slaughter by way of the Doom Slayer’s menagerie
of finely-tuned firepower. An immensely satisfying act considering the way demons crumble apart
now into a mess of bones and bowels. The aforementioned shotgun and chainsaw make a return from 2016,
as does the heavy assault rifle, now known as the heavy cannon. Along with the plasma
rifle, the rocket launcher, the super shotgun, the chaingun, and the legendary BFG-9000.
Each one functioning more or less the same as they did before, but with some fresh upgrade
paths and mastery end goals here and there. For instance, the assault rifle still offers
an endless micro-missile launcher and a sniper rifle when upgraded, as seen in the last Doom
game. But the new Ballista is more of a remix, sliding into the spot previously occupied
by the Gauss Cannon. It’s an absolute beast of a weapon, basically a railgun that can
also shoot explosive bolts, as well as throw out substantial charged blades that slice
their way through any and all hordes of nastiness. The classic Super Shotgun shoots off two shells
simultaneously, and its secondary attack is a devilish little thing: a grappling hook
module Scorpion would approve of, known as the Meat Hook. Fire this deep into some demonic
flesh and hold on for a ride as you’re thrust straight at ‘em, setting you up for a point
blank double barreled barrage or a well-time melee move. The latter of which often makes
use of the new Doomblade, a wrist-mounted attachment popping out to slice open torsos
and skewer eyeballs on demand. You’ve also got the Blood Punch, something you charge
up to make the Doom Slayer’s overpowered fist even more overpowered, violently combusting
just about anything in the general vicinity. But yeah both are a perfect pairing with the
Meat Hook, which can itself be upgraded to another level so that each time you use it,
it sets everything on fire. A most excellent addition that I recommend unlocking sooner
rather than later, since fiery enemies drop piles of armor shards while they rapidly burn
to a crisp. Speaking of flame-broiled giblets, attached to your shoulder is another new weapon:
the Flame Belcher. And ah, it’s never been easier to set something ablaze at the press
of a button, being assigned its own hotkey along with grenades and the chainsaw. Mighty
useful stuff, since armor is always at a premium and it’s quickly depleted by the more deadly
demons. So always try to remember: burn first, shoot later. And get good at those grenades
too, especially the ice bombs, since they’re one of the most effective ways to stop the
assaults of low and mid-tier monsters. I was having a rough time with a few of these jokers
before I started switching from frags to ice. My go-to siphon grenades from the last Doom
are no longer a thing, so yeah, ice bombs are a dear Eternal friend. And finally, late
in the game you receive one more power tool of pain: the Crucible. A massive glowing red
blade only able to hold enough charge for three swings at any given time, but it’s
an ultra-heavy instakiller so eh, who cares! It’s like a BFG in the sword form, doesn’t
get much better than that. Regardless of your preferred setup it’s gonna be tough to keep
the heart rate down while blasting your way through the 15 to 20 hour campaign, especially
with another Mick Gordon soundtrack keeping you company. It’s even better than the 2016
score in my book, with a bit less of the glitched-out chaos and more melodic ambience and guitars
than before, and even some choir vocals performed by various metal musicians. Just excellent
stuff. [chaos, sheer chaos] That being said, which enemy you attack, when
you attack them, and in what way matters immensely here, an equation that remains in flux from
moment to moment. More than ever, this incarnation of Doom is an FPS combat strategy game, a
blood-soaked chessboard littered with demon guts and spent shell casings. Each encounter
is a puzzle to be solved at a moment’s notice, like if you need a health boost? Whittle a
dude down to perform a glory kill and spawn some health. If you need ammo, it’s all
about that chainsaw, spewing gobs of ammunition with each viscous dismemberment. As mentioned,
the Flame Belch and other fire attacks provide armor drops in copious quantities. And glory
kills also help build up Blood Punches, granting an effective way of chaining together other
moves so you can keep the combat flowing without missing a beat. All worth remembering since
the old enemies have been buffed up to become more effective at both defense and offense,
being faster, angrier, more armored, and more unrelenting in their urge to slay the Slayer.
It’s all mighty vicious stuff, when even seeing a pinky demon means you’re in trouble,
you know they did something right. And that’s not even mentioning all the new enemies, with
all their own counters, defenses, immunities, and special moves easily offsetting yours.
Carcasses, gargoyles, cueballs, prowlers, dread knights, doom hunters, marauders, tyrants.
These satan-spawn are out for all the blood you have, and they’re designed so that if
you get too close without them being staggered or frozen first, they’re just gonna clobber
you to death in a fraction of a second. No more running up to every other demon point
blank with the super shotgun, half the time that’ll get you knocked back or killed.
Instead you’ve really gotta use the right tool for the job. After a little practice,
each confrontation turns into a rhythmic exercise, playing out beat by beat as you switch from
weapon to equipment to special move, with every monster playing its part as they dance
to their death. It also requires such split-second accuracy at times that I have no idea how
you play this on higher difficulties with a gamepad, a good mouse and keyboard setup
is crucial in my opinion. I whipped out a controller just to compare, and nah man. Yeah,
however you’re controlling it, this game can be downright brutalizing later on. I began
playing on Nightmare difficulty and did so happily for the first several hours, but went
to Ultra-Violence and then to Hurt Me Plenty at one point. And that point was when multiple
Marauders start showing up at once, those things are insane. For me at least, this difficulty
spike happened at a point where my arsenal and skillset just didn’t match the abilities
of the new demons and ugh. Yeah, my kill/death ratio was more of a death/death ratio of negative
nothing, it was pathetic. There are still plenty of checkpoints in each map, but no
quicksaving, so failing at any point sends you back to the start of the area. However,
this can be alleviated by the addition of extra lives, enabled in the options menu,
and while I was highly skeptical of this in the gameplay trailers I now understand why
they’re included. Not only are they few and far between, often hidden in secret areas
or just around a corner you can’t reach without a conscious effort. But they provide
a way to respawn during some of the most infuriating encounters in the later parts of the game.
Usually involving Archviles and again, in my case, multiple Marauders. At least you
rarely see Lost Souls anymore, they mostly only show up when Pain Elementals are tossing
them out like boney baseballs. Anyway yeah, extra lives exist now, and even if you never
use ‘em it’s still fun to figure out where they are and how to reach them. Cuz yeah,
secret places man, and collectibles! Doom 2016 had plenty, but Eternal goes utterly
bonkers. Many of these are clearly-labeled with a glowing question mark, acting as a
tease that they exist but with few clues as to how to get to ‘em. Usually it involves
angrily punching something. But yeah you’ll find extra lives, berzerk and supercharge
power-ups, collectible figurines, sentinel crystals, 3.5” floppy disks with cheat codes
to use when replaying the game, various instant upgrade tokens, even vinyl records with music
from past id Software games. You’ll also run across secret encounters and combat arenas,
activated by smashing demon hearts. But these are hidden, more optional experiences compared
to the ones in Doom 2016, unlocking bonus items and keys that you don’t entirely need
but are nice to have on down the line. Oh and hey, Dopefish! That… is terrifying.
Anyway yeah, collectibles and secrets are everywhere and it’s good fun snapping them
up for display back at your Fortress of Doom, home sweet home. Described by the devs as
“the Doom Slayer’s man cave,” it really is a place to unwind between levels and take
a gander at what you’ve collected. And dude, as a lifelong id Software fan, there’s a
whole lotta nifty crap here, it’s easter eggs and references galore. I especially love
this little DOS PC over in the corner, with even more stuff to unlock once you collect
all the different floppy disks. Also dig the records and their companion posters. They
let you play music from games like Commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3D, Doom III, Quake Champions,
all sortsa good stuff. Really sets the mood for wandering the fortress, admiring your
spoils of war, and taking part in the game’s “practice moooooode” down in the ship’s
Ripatorium. Because of course that’s a thing. Rip and tear folks, rip and tear! [downright delightful demon-slaying] Combine this with the classic Doomguy skins,
centered weapon models, and original Sound Blaster sound effects? [chuckles] Yeah it’s
pretty much peak fanservice, but I admit I enjoy some quality servicing every so often. [classic Doom sounds, demon deaths] Even without the direct references to old
school sensibilities, to me the whole experience feels more like a Doom game than I’ve seen
since, well, Doom II from 1995. Despite the modern upgrade systems and flashy combat,
there’s an array of little touches and broader brushstrokes that evoke classic Doom. From
the floating red, yellow, and blue keycards you pick up, to the massive winding levels
full of traps and secrets, to the more vibrant color palette making use of bright reds, purples,
and greens reminiscent of the DOS games’ 256-color graphics. Addressing another of
my critiques from 2016, the hellish landscapes and setpieces here are far more vibrant and
surreal, with a wider variety in locations compared to before. I was psyched to see the
whole “Hell on Earth” idea fully committed to, with skyscrapers, shopping malls, and
industrial complexes overtaken with satanic insanity oozing from every crack and crevice.
And the horrific torture dungeons of hell are truly an awesome sight to behold, this
is exactly what I was hoping for in a modern Doom game. It takes those original textures
and blocky rooms from the 90s and reiminages them in unsettling detail, I love it. Really
is like strolling through a heavy metal cover, it’s all horns, fire, corpses, and teeth,
props to the artists for going balls-out. I’m glad they’ve included a photo mode
as a result, I’ve already spent far too much time posing my Doomguy in front of all that delectable fire and brimstone nightmare fuel. I also really appreciate how they designed
the maps in such a way that they feel more, I dunno, Doomlike, and less of a string of
obvious combat zones. A complaint I had about the last game was that so many levels relied
on locking you into a room while enemies spawned in waves, then a door opens up and you move
to the next section to do it all again. This time around there’s much less of that, and
when it does happen it’s presented in a less predictable way. You’ll often wander
into a new area and see demons just hanging around doing their thing. Patrolling, in-fighting,
talking politics, whatever demons do. Often the exits are still locked until you clear
the infestation, but levels are overall more conducive to wandering around, even during
combat. Many are also significantly more wide open than in 2016 too, with even more verticality
and nonlinear exploration involved. And some even evoke Half-Life’s Xen with how many
hovering platforms and jump pads are floating around. Thankfully it’s much easier to navigate
than Xen since Eternal features all new traversal mechanics. Grappling onto ledges and double
jumping and such, yep, that stuff’s still here. But so is a button for dashing, helping
you speed along the X-axis to strafe around projectiles and hit far off platforms, especially
useful in finding secrets. And I guess the Doom Slayer has a bit of that radioactive
spider blood cuz he can stick to certain surfaces and climb up and around them like it’s nothing.
Mix all that together with the yellow poles and monkey bars found on any given level and
you’ve got a quite the athletic stew going. Just jump or dash onto a bar and you’ll
go flying out at an angle like the buff shotgun-wielding gymnast manbeast that you always knew you
were. Once again, I haven’t had this much fun swingin’ around virtual worlds in a
long time now, it’s like a demon-slaying Mirror’s Edge meets Uncharted and it’s
fantastic. No question, sometimes it’s tricky. But it’s not super punishing either, even
with all the bottomless death pits. Drop to your doom and you simply respawn with a small
health penalty, no lives lost. And yeah, that’s the gist of the Doom Eternal.
Which I keep wanting to call Eternal Doom for some reason. Probably because I’m used
to saying Final Doom and Ultimate Doom, so Eternal Doom just sounds right but anyway.
About the only other thing I’d wanna touch on are the story details and the boss battles,
which I won’t do cuz spoilers. What I will say though is that the story most certainly
exists, with more meat on its bones that it did in 2016. Yet when it comes to the villain
of the game, well, it’s hard to say if there really is one in particular? There are some
big bads, but they weren’t the primary focus. If anything, one could argue that you are
the villain, a fitting narrative considering the Doom Slayer lore set up in the last game.
And there are a surprising number of cutscenes too, whipping the camera out to third person
and then back to first person kinda like it did in Doom 3. You’ve still got endless
codex entries and audio diaries scattered around as expected. Personally I got more
outta the cutscenes though, so if you’re into Doom Slayer lore then I think you’ll
be pleased. All the Doom wikis are sure gonna have their work cut out for them. But yeah,
I thoroughly enjoyed the campaign the whole way through, with only a few overly frustrating
moments taking me out of the experience. Which was alleviated once I improved my skills,
better-equipped my guy, and went back to revisit the levels I sucked at before. Which you can
do at any time using the Mission Select computer terminal in the Fortress of Doom, allowing
you to replay any map to grab things you missed and redo battles that previously ruined you.
Any progress made applies to your overall save file too, so you can really just have
fun whenever you first play a level and don’t have to worry about grinding for gear since
you can essentially jump into New Game Plus any time. There are also Master Levels to
try out, which are tweaked versions of regular levels but with harder and more numerous baddies
supplying a greater challenge and upgrade opportunities. And finally, there’s multiplayer,
which I can’t talk about yet because it hasn’t gone live. The most I can do is show
some of the offline tutorial for the 1v2 competitive game, called Battlemode. It’s an asymmetrical
multiplayer mode where one person plays the Doom Slayer and two others play as demons.
Each player demon can either attack directly or spawn in more demons to try and overwhelm
the Doom Slayer, while the Slayer player attempts to fend off the demons using the same moveset
seen in single player. Interesting idea, but I can’t play it yet so who knows. The other
online option set to arrive in the future is Invasion, one of those deals where someone
can jump into your campaign as an enemy to try and give you a hard time. Can’t say
I’m typically a fan of that kinda thing in other games, but again, it’s not available
yet so whatever. Fine by me, since single player is still a radically wonderful time,
presuming you’re into this flavor of chaos and have the PC to run it. I mean it’s also
on consoles but yeah, like I said earlier, mouse and keyboard is the way to go if you
can. It does require a somewhat beefy system if you want 4K at 60+ FPS, but on mine running
an 8086K CPU and an 8 gig RTX 2080 SC I had zero problems as you’d hope. No stutters,
no crashes, nothing but silky smooth demon murder. Y’know, looking back on the last twenty-odd minutes, I guess I really haven’t had much to critique, huh? I dunno, I loved the vast
majority of Doom Eternal though I suppose I do have a few little things. As I mentioned
a while ago, I think it teeters on the edge of having too many upgrades and unlockables.
I think some of the upgrade options could be simplified or combined into one skill tree
instead of two or three. There’s also no SnapMap anymore, or any kind of level editor
or official mod support at all at this point. Which, yeah, I guess they’ve promised to
release single player DLC to try and make up for it, but I’d rather have the option
to download fan-made stuff too. And then there’s the multiplayer, and sorry, old man mode fully
engaged here. But this is a Doom game, one that evokes so many old school Doom ideas.
So I’d love to see proper deathmatch available and maybe some other classic multiplayer modes.
Doom Eternal LAN party anyone? I’d be down. I’ve already got it running in 640×480 on
a CRT dude, just gimme some Bawls energy drinks and an ethernet cable and I’m good to go.
All right old man mode disengaged, because no matter what Doom Eternal is such a solid
single player shooter that I can’t help but gush about it. Once again, no one paid
me, this isn’t sponsored. Frankly I’ve no idea how I ended up with a code for this.
But yeah, I just really enjoyed my time with Doom Eternal if you can’t tell, I can’t
wait to play some more of it. It goes without saying, but I absolutely recommend the hell
outta this one. [combat chaos, sad death] [Mick Gordon music is Mick Gordon music] And if you found this review informative or
enjoyable, then great! You’d probably like the others I’ve done on older Doom games,
or any number of computery things I cover on LGR. Either way though, thank you very
much for watching!

[REVIEW] Animal Crossing: New Horizons – 3 Minute Review (Nintendo Switch)

It’s been a funny old year, so far.
Disease. Division. Stock market crashes. A shortage of toilet paper.
It’s fair to say 2020 has heaped its fair share of misery on us, and it’s only March.
Yet into this schoolyard bully of a year steps Animal Crossing: New Horizons,
a game so pure and wholesome that you can let all your troubles melt away as you get
lost in an island paradise – and what a paradise it is. There’s always been something indefinable
about Animal Crossing. A truly relaxing quality, where the act of
playing it feels less like performing a list of chores
(even though that’s basically what it is) and more like snuggling up under a warm duvet
on a rainy day. It’s always been a series that asks you
to slow down, complete its tasks mindlessly and at your
own pace, and have fun doing it. That same quality persists in New Horizons,
and is arguably more rewarding than it’s ever been before.
But where previous games dumped you into a pre-built village complete with houses and
amenities, New Horizons asks you to start from nothing
and build a living, thriving town entirely on your own. Arriving at a small outcrop of completely
deserted land surrounded by trees, sand, and sea it’s up to you to set up a rudimentary camp, recruit fellow villagers to come stay with
you, and slowly build something to be proud of.
It’s a brilliant new twist on the series that adds a level of depth to everything you
do that wasn’t really there before. You’ll still pull weeds, collect fruit and
fish to sell, donate to an owl who runs a museum, and talk to villagers
– all that standard Animal Crossing stuff. But there’s a really clever cyclical design
at the heart of New Horizons that means everything, and I mean everything, you do in-game has
newfound meaning and contributes to the constant improvement and development of your very own
island paradise. You might be catching fish, spending bells,
paying off loans, or even breaking tools from overuse (a feature that some of you will hate) but you’re always making progress.
This constant progress is made tangible in the form of Nook Miles, another new feature
that, along with your brand new Nook Phone, gives
you the chance to buy special furniture, hairstyles, upgrades, and a few other surprises. It’s the kind of feature another publisher
might have turned into a microtransaction-riddled mess so let’s be thankful Nintendo didn’t go down that route, eh? It’s not like most of us ever needed an
endgame or incentives to enjoy the simple pleasures of Animal Crossing,
but having this ultimate goal of a “perfect” town to work towards made me that much more
invested in my sweet little patch of land. And the constant, small rewards along the
way, help to keep me chugging along on the slower days, because there will be slower
days. The level of customisation in New Horizons
is truly staggering. From the bigger stuff like working out where
to put a new shop or house, or funding construction efforts for a new bridge,
to furnishing your home with a brand-new in-depth decoration mode… or even choosing your outfit
from an extensive wardrobe Everything that happens on the island is up
to you. Even if most of these features lead to loans and debts you’ll be forced to pay
off. But it wouldn’t be Animal Crossing – or indeed
life – without some crippling debt, would it? Eventually, you’ll even unlock the ability
to place or remove entire cliffs, rivers, and waterfalls.
This, coupled with being able to place furniture inside and out of the home,
as well as create all kinds of new materials and decorations via a pleasingly in-depth
crafting system means that you can make your island, your way.
Watching it develop from nothing into an actual community is a thoroughly rewarding experience. I’ve only had my hands on the game for about
two weeks now, but in that time I’ve brought in a handful of adorable new villagers,
a gorgeous museum, a local shop, and a town hall where I can further plan the development
of my budding town. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a game that
runs in real time, so your ideal town won’t be constructed overnight – but that’s part
of what makes it so engaging. While you can use the Switch’s internal
clock to skip ahead in time and see everything before the rest of us,
it’s not recommended. Instead, settle into a schedule. Dive in for a little bit a day
to talk to villagers, gather materials, sell fruit
– whatever, just relax and enjoy. Realistically, some of you will not get along
with the slower nature of the game and the fact
that you can only really play for a few hours a day, but adjust to its pace,
and you’ll find a game that you will be picking up play for the rest of the year…
because one of the best things about New Horizons is that there’s always a reason to be excited
for tomorrow. Shops will have new furniture in stock.
Plants and flowers will have grown. Construction efforts will have inched that
much closer to completion. New and strange visitors will have come to
town peddling excited wares. I already can’t wait to see what Summer,
Autumn, and Winter have in store, with their own seasonal events, fish, and bugs. For now though, I’m just happy to take my
time, pay my loans, water my plants, and live my best island life at my pace. While
New Horizons doesn’t do much – or anything at all, really – to win over
anyone who didn’t “get” Animal Crossing previously,
veteran fans and interested newcomers alike will find 2020’s sweetest, most wholesome
game yet. Now if you’ll excuse me, I do have a new bridge
to fund and the monkey next door just isn’t doing his part.

Dressage Sport Boots Review

March 19, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 2 Comments

Dressage Sport Boots Review

AL: Hi, I’m Al from Creative, and today I’ll be reviewing
the Dressage Sport Boots. I love these boots
because of how durable and comfortable they are. It’s really hard to find a boot
that’s going to be both protective for your
horse but also conform to the curves of his legs. This boot really gives
you the best of both worlds and I know that my
horse freckles is protected when he interferes behind. The outside of this boot
has a Coverlight strike area that’s going to offer
you the protection and the inside has a soft
fleece layer that is highly resistant to fungicidal growth. These boots are super easy
to put on with their hook and loop straps and I don’t have
to worry about my horse’s tendons. The best part is is
that they’re waterproof. These boots are perfect
for anyone looking to provide protection to their
horse from interference. They’re great for riding,
lunging, and during turnout for both
the front and hind legs. These boots are machine
washable but let me tell you how I’ve avoided washing
them for months now. The secret is to brush them
off really good when you’re done using them and make sure
that your horse’s leg is perfectly clean before
you put them on. I just keep them rolled up
and stored right in my grooming tote, but if they do get wet I make
sure I leave them out to dry. These boots have a great size
recommendation on our website and I find them to fit
true to size. If you get these boots and they
don’t fit, no worries because you can
exchange them for free with SmartPak’s free return
shipping. I’m Al, and the Dressage Sport Boots
are on my horse for every ride.

hello guys and welcome back to a new
video the new BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe 2020 model is right here actually we
have the m235i 2-liter engine petrol 305 horsepower X
Drive is the the model diversion right here in front of me and today I will go
into detail interior exterior I will try to review it for you guys and show you
as many detail as possible actually to be honest it is a big big big
improvement from the previous version to series and in comparison with the 2
Series it is amazing it has a great design very good i/o dynamic also
beautiful rims you can see here brake calipers
you can see it in blue because we have this M package on the car so actually
here also around the window also there are this plastic glossy black that make
the car look much more modern in my opinion also blinkers full LED lamps in
the back in the front headlights tail light all LED and the shape of the car
in the back it’s super nice I love the bumper I love the lines design and
everything here you can see closely the BMW signature right here on the tail
light and the LED light in the three-dimensional shape look phenomenal
in my opinion I like the way they they add this glossy plastic from the from
left to right and they kind of stick together
the tail light now on the mirror black mirrors LED lights also in the mirror I
like the fact that it’s all all over black glossy plastic even here on this
leg of the of the mirror down here we have just an LED light that illuminate
the floor in the night we have the blinds put technology right here in the
mirror you can see actually the mirrors have have a nice shape they are so big
so you have a great great visibility also in the front LED light on the
blinkers and not only the daylight this this beautiful shape of the taillight we
have also for high beam and low beam LED light and also adaptive LED from BMW
kind of the latest technology we don’t have the laser one but it’s still very
very good now the grille in the front it’s glossy
plastic you will see it a little bit later the bumper down there
sporty bumper looks super nice we have even on the handle an LED light here
that illuminating the night very nice I like this kind of stuff also keyless
entrance you can see there on the handle and also here in the back the same story
same LED light on the handle I think those look very nice in the night and
going up to the windows you can see here around the windows glossy black plastic
around there that make the car look much more nice and I see that many many car
company premium car company use this plastic tinted windows in the back they
have a nice nice shape there and also we will go in the interior but before there
here up here we have the camera and raining sensors the camera help for the
lane assist and also for reading the traffic spilling it BMW logo here also
by the way if you are in Switzerland autumn arty Punta Hajj
check out those cars price and also test-drive it nice shape as you can see
here the car have a fuel on the side but the shape it’s
phenomenal it’s also look like a very sporty aggressive car and die or dynamic
of the car it’s it’s well made and it’s fantastic you have a great grip on the
road with this car now let’s go to the rims here guys we have ventilated discs
also the M package brake calipers in blue 19 inch rims here if you’re
interested in tires and there you can see the ventilated brake discs the M
logo right there on the brake caliper you cannot see it so well because of the
rims but I think the rims the 19 inch rims fit perfectly with this car now
going in the front on the bumper we have six parking sensors in the front right
here guys also some glossy plastic here on the side that looks super nice here
we have some air intake kind of for a better aerodynamic and there it’s good
air inside it’s a radiator and then it goes away or directly to the brake to
cool down the brake a little bit also here the air come inside and go outside
there here we have the rudder for adaptive cruise control emergency brake
all that stuff the front grille here it’s closed right now but it’s open when
the engine need a little bit of cooldown so it’s kind of nice to see those nice
design here beautiful design anyway in my opinion this is the bumper it’s very
nice it’s the M bumper that you find it also on the other BMW if you didn’t see
it check out on my channel and other videos with the BMW so you can see the
same front bumper on the M a packaged car so yeah in my opinion it’s it looks
super nice and you can combine it with all BMW models they make the car looks
very nice anyway I have to tell you guys this car
interior it’s also a very very proof and you will see it in a moment also a few
lines sharp edges here on the on the hood that also makes the car look better
down here some plastic glossy black plastic with white combination and then
yeah from the side you can see it right now from the side on the right side here
in the back we have also this tank where you can fuel your tank and we have the
normal version we don’t have the easy fuel so we just you have the previous
version of tank so it’s nothing new there you can see also here the lines
from the side of the car and then the back is my favorite I love the back of
the car I love this bumper we have again six parking sensors in the back we have
this kind of nice insertion of plastic with some holes a little bit here for
better look in my opinion it’s look much better then you have some light
reflectors here and then you have this glossy plastic with a exhaust pipes and
then the real one are right there in the middle in the back they look super nice
at the air diffuser very nice design in my opinion and I like this glossy
plastic it looks super nice like that and then going up we have reverse camera
LED lights on the number plate of course as expected and then this is the back
here you can see the m235i then at the xDrive logo on the other
side and then going up a little bit you will see immediately this spoiler right
there and also this line that come together
and stick together the the taillight up here we have some glossy plastic spoiler
a little small spoiler that helped car g-force it helped to keep the car better
grip on the road and a better stability also there is the antenna for radio nice
design also here in simple tinted windows also in the back so yeah that’s
that’s that’s a nice design let me go inside the trunk guys now show you the
space we don’t have automatically it’s just manually you have the triangle
there here you have two handles on the side and stuff material I like this leg
here I like the way BMW designed these trunks with these
legs just like that it’s a nice design here we have some rubber that protect
the water to not go inside the car like it’s happening Tesla Model 3 so it’s
kind of nice to have this rubber a little bit bigger here and it will stop
the car you will stop the water going inside the
trunk now here we have some plastic at the entrance and one centimeter deepness
there some space here on the right side where you can put your stuff 12 volt
port also here on the right then we have some hooks there in the corners and it’s
quite bit pretty big in my opinion it’s pretty big they really have an LED light
up then you have these handles that you pull it and then you can push down on
the seats you can fold down all the free seats here we have another 10 centimeter
deepness so in my opinion the trunk it’s quite big it’s very spacious here you
have the medical kit you cannot open it the down part so this is all I try to
see what it’s under but I cannot I cannot take
so I guess this is all the trunk but for a coupe a car it’s quite big and in my
impression my my first impression is that you have plenty plenty of space
here in the trunk also it’s easily you pull that handles and then you push it
and you can see how easy it is to fold down the seats you have an amazing space
and you have a flat floor there so if you look from outside you never think
that this new BMW 2 Series Coupe would have so much space here in the back and
I like it more with the four doors like that it’s amazing you have a sporty
coupe a car with four doors that look phenomenal I think this will be the
competitor the Mercedes a-class ok if you see it in my channel check it out if
you can see it will be a big competitor for for it is to see risk where the
entries in the car it’s quite small here because they keep the the windows right
here this small windows this small part they keep it there we have frameless
windows here as you can see pretty nice design here I don’t know if you can see
it I didn’t want to focus there but this is the entrance now you can see in the
interior of the space you can make an idea I like the flat floor I think in my
opinion you have plenty plenty of space there in the back and then it is kind of
a huge huge space in the car terror guys and then looking on legs room you have
plenty of leg room there a lot of space there and also on the other side
plenty of space even with the seat folding down up here we have great
quality two LED light and some glossy plastics soft material on the roof good
quality on the roof as well and on the door as well guys soft material almost
everywhere it feel nice I do touch it good quality even handles are very nice
going down we have some some kind of I don’t know kind of plastic but very nice
design the trim it’s nice and there inside here we have the LED light so we
have ambient light inside this plastic then we have the speaker the stop
material down here some LED light with blue stitches some leather with little
stitches and then here we have plenty of storage space in the door in the back a
lot of storage space so I like the design of the door now you can see the
back of the front seat we have Alcantara almost everywhere some nice glossy
design sport seats some storage space down here and then let me go forward we
have two USB C port down there I think you can see it and then the vent right
here in the middle the vents kind of simply they’re just simply nothing to
add to the vents everything it’s it’s the way it was before now I like the
fact that here it’s Alcantara on the side and not plastic I like also the
seatbelt and I like very much the Alcantara here on the side this is
amazing it’s very comfortable for the passengers and then we have our qantarah
see it’s blue stitches is your fix for the kid you can see even in the middle
there we have the fabric material in blue kind of blueish the same same
design of the seats as BMW uses with and the seats are very comfortable something
that you should keep in mind even the center armrest it’s in Alcantara I can
see right here we have the classic cupholders from BMW right here in the
middle very good quality also you can have a button here you can fold down
only the middle seat and you can carry long items without any problem there bad
so I like that very much very very useful also the
headrest you can adjust it in the middle there the way you want it and yeah very
good quality in the interior that’s for sure now let’s see you guys the space in
the back right here and you can see in the back I have plenty of space on my
knees actually my Russian it’s it’s a huge space and yeah I can believe in a
cool peg or I have so much space on my legs you can see in the front seats are
kind of a normal position for the driver let me close the door and let me show
you the head space here on the head space is not so yeah maybe one finger
it’s not so amazing the space but on the legs it’s quite good if I go a little
bit in the front and will be much better so no problem for me is no problem there
I like the way they put this window so I have a good visibility on the windows
here we have also kind of a hook right here so no handle just a hook good
quality on the roof here in the middle we have those LED lights that I told you
before let me go in the middle in the middle here we have plenty of legs room
so the good thing on the car is that you have plenty of leg room the bad thing is
that you don’t have space on my head it’s my head it’s it’s there it’s up
there on space but if I go in the front will be much much better so you have to
go with your legs in the front and then you have much more space in the left in
the right it’s more space so three people here you can you can go easily
for short trips no problem and keep in mind that it is a Cooper car and it has
this amazing shape for a better aerodynamic better sportiness so being
able to have three people in the back with this space it’s quite good
beautiful design of the dashboard we have the newest is dashboard newest this
technology right here the Yee e7 this infotainment system and
multimedia system but we will go in the moment they’re also the doors here in
the front the same great quality you can see right here on the upper side it’s
soft material everywhere also we have the lock and unlock the doors and the
buttons for the electric seats because this car come with the electric seats
speaker right here the buttons electric windows electric mirror adjustable
mirror then we have the speaker the same fabric material in blue we have inside
here the LED light ambient light it’s inside this grey plastic there it’s kind
of amazing the way they do it and also we have plenty of storage space in the
door then we have the leather with that blue stitch is the same as in the back
the M 231 e logo so stainless steel right here and also the pedals are
stainless steel right there great quality electrical just a bullshit and
then in the front the same amazing quality sport seats those are the M
sports seats that we find it on the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe a and Alcantara
almost everywhere and then you can see right here some glossy plastic in the
middle there and then we have this fabric material in blue in the middle so
amazing I think and we have the side support and they are actually very
comfortable even the seat belt you see it in the back already
then we have the center console there and then the dashboard it is great the
same will also amazing quality here we have the new controllers for the light I
think you already know it you already see it in the other cars it’s very easy
to control everything of the quality it’s better also this nice plastic trim
here around the vents look nice the vents feel good as you touch it good
quality soft material even here you can see and the same nice trim with little
little bubbles there on the dashboard looked fantastic
also the car come with the head-up display right there in the front I think
you can see it right there display from BMW it’s one of the best a
speaker and everywhere on the – it’s soft material with blue stitches and
fantastic quality we have to bend in the right side right there and then a
speaker on the a-pillar also an interesting design the way they chose to
do it in the corners there for the vans and of course soft material everywhere
so let me close the door to show you forward so now guys the newest is
infotainment system you will see it also in the moment and I like the way they
integrate is this new dashboard so here you can see also the globe box is quite
big a lot of light inside so you can see it is later also I like this this trim
on the dashboard it’s super nice looks super super nice the way it is all over
– and the way they integrate the multimedia system with the cockpit it’s
super nice also we have right here the star stop engine button and you can see
immediately the new digital cockpit I think you already see it I make a full
review with this new cockpit and multimedia system on my channel for BMW
so you can check it out on my channel if you want to go into details there I’m
not going to go in details I don’t make so long this video but you can check it
on my channel if you are interested in that also you can control different
function from these buttons for example on the cockpit or on the multimedia
system you can customize the right side the left side is for
driving in the middle it’s also customizable you can have the navigation
right there in the middle we have heated steering wheel we have this great great
em steering wheel a great quality very nice grip also clappers for changing the
gear manually if you want to we have a speaker right here down on the a-pillar
let’s stay on the door think you see it already and then we have here in the
middle of the vent and the other stuff clappers you already see it I already
told you about them and here we have the controllers and on the other side you
have the controller for the cockpit so from this controller you can can
change different voltage function on the cockpit on the right side only the right
side it’s customizable the middle one also you can put the navigation and in
the left side is the driving information great visibility around the windows you
can see it as well here also you can see that at the car have fantastic unity
there you have fantasy visibility we have a leather here arm rest in the
middle that you can open it and you have plenty of space here also on a USB port
right there so I think you can see the USB C port very useful some glossy
plastic right here in the middle console then we have electric handbrake how to
hold a co different driving mode EcoSport everytime you change the
driving mode it change the color of the cockpit and here we have the controls
for the multimedia system it’s very simple while you’re driving it’s
recommended to use only these controllers from the center console and
not a touchscreen and use it also as a touchscreen but it’s better to use it
from there as you know the new digital instrument cluster and the new
multimedia system a7 it’s fantastic at the BMW one of the best it doesn’t have
any lag at all it’s very nice
see when you have plenty plenty of customizable thing and also great
resolution nice colors here we have the stick to change the gears guys look
super nice glossy black then we have some buttons here for the parking
sensors also traction control here we have USB port two cupholders in a space
where we can charge your phone the same center console that you find it also on
the BMW 2 Series in one series as well so here are the controls for the media
classic glossy plastic button and also the kinematic system right here very
simple to adjust things hit it sit of course and here depends I like the fans
very much the design of the fans it’s very nice yeah so blinkers there
and here in the middle you can see the usually the climatic system information
the mirror it’s also very tiny and nice has a nice design up here and also up on
the roof we have some lights button as always button and nothing else just the
microphone there I wish it was a classy support up there also a light here and a
mirror small mirror that you can see yourself in it for those of you that
really use it now what can I say a few words but I don’t want to go too much
into detail so you can see you can customize the right side on the digital
cluster there you can customize in choice what you like to see in the right
in the middle usually is the navigation system also you when you when you choice
a destination you can also see it in the middle here the multimedia system you
have all the menu right there and the left it’s very easy to use as a
touchscreen or with the controls I don’t want to go into detail check out on my
channel if you want to see the the new multimedia system from BMW the full
review it’s on my channel so check it out there because if I go in detail I
will make it so check it out but anyway amazing
quality i think BMW make big big forward steps with these those new cars in 2020
also here you have a small space where you can put your stuff I want to show
you also the engine for those of you that are interested to wait the engine
look like and then we’ll close out so let me go in the front to open up the
trunk here I think is something here or I think I have to pull it two times I
think I make a mistake I have to go back to open it up again so let me go back so
you have to pull two times hold it two times in order to open it on BMW it’s
much more easy than other cars here’s the M Performance BMW engine two-liter
engine 305 horsepower 450 Newton meter amazing powerful engine on this car so
this image tell you something then that’s good so what can I say guys at
the end of this video I will give you all the information price and all the
the information about the car you can check it out you can also pause the
video to see it I hope you enjoyed this video if you enjoyed it please subscribe
to my channel if you want to see more of these new cars interior/exterior reviews
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in the next one bye guys