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Looking for love in online games – Girlfriend

Looking for girlfriend paying a thousand
gold. Looking for girlfriend some one to be my girlfriend in real life and I’ll
pay you a thousand gold looking for girlfriend in real life I’m paying a
thousand gold I’ll be your girlfriend Really? Yep hehe How much gold? Thousand gold Yep I’ll be your girlfriend How old are you? 21 female Sydney got blond hair and huge tits my god you sounds so beautiful can you send me a photo of what you look like? yeah here you go oh my god you’re so sexy in that photo it’s amazing Yeah I am So you wanna be my girlfriend then? Yeah Here’s a thousand gold Can we hold hands? Yeah Do you wanna go for a walk? Hmm You’re really handsome Thank you And you’ve got a really nice voice nyo hehe And I feel really safe around you Yeah? I can see this going long term

Looting random chests in games – Chest

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Looting random chests in games – Chest

Oh did you get any potions at the
merchant? Ah damn I knew there was something I was meant to do in town oh sorry man
that’s right all right man – oh chest! Oh hey hey hey you got the chest last time right? Yeah. Yeah so this
is my one thank you come on come on come on something good…
Oh damn there’s some good stuff in here some shirts and armor belt cup book
helmet oh my god potions… oh sweet we need those. Oh daym
the golden skull of Rhaul What’s that? I sold one of these the
other day to a merchant for 50,000 gold 50,000 gold! Hahah I’m keeping that. Well just grab
everything else and we’ll sort it out later You ever wonder where these random chests come from? Imagine if someone owned them?! Haha yeah that’d be awkward Here I put all of our positions just in a in a wee box and I just put it right over here… That’s good because I am honestly at breaking point do you know what I mean? Like another straw’s is gonna break the camels back
like I can’t really take any more bad news What’s wrong? Are you’re having a stroke? or oh did you eat some seafood? I’ll just go grab our stuff… Okay… You’re not picking up anything. Where’s
the stuff?! Oh it just got out of my hand All the stuff’s gone isn’t it? What? But I hid it in the forest… You didn’t hide it in the forest it’s in plane sight Why did you leave the chest in the middle pf the path? No…I put it behind the trees You call this behind trees? It’s not behind the trees it’s in the middle of the trees Sorry it’s just I feel like you’re kind of putting a lot of blame on me Oh you feel like you’re getting a lot of blame? That’s probably because it’s entirely your fault What (what?) How’s it my fault? (how’s it my fault) What I don’t talk like that You do talk like that you DO talk like that! First you sell our children and then you lose all of our possessions. You’re pathetic No I’m not. You’re a big blubbering baby
oh you look like a baby wearing a costume of a sad old man The costume is clothes That’s a costume and that beard is the fakest part of all No… A bald baby with a big bushy fake beard You’re saying mean things to me… You know what… this marriage is a flippin failure just like your flippin fruit stall At least you’ll never leave me new home…

High Ping Advantage A Hoax? Low System Latency The Real Advantage?

Hi my name is Chris and this is Battle(non)sense Today I have something special for you And big shoutout to nvidia for sponsoring
this video and their interest in todays topic which is
a quite sensitive one. Is it possible for a player to gain an unfair
advantage by playing with a very high ping? The answer to this question is quite complex
and depends on the decisions the developer made
when it comes to how a game deals with delays and how hits get registered. This is why the answer that I will provide
in today’s video is specific to PUBG and might not apply to many
if any other game out there. To answer the same question for another game
I would have to test that game specifically. So please do not apply what you will learn
in todays video to any other game than PUBG. Now since this is a very complex topic that
frequently sparks very heated discussions, I knew that I to make sure that my explanation
is as simple and easy to understand as possible. This is why you won’t hear me talk about
the tickrate, update rates and server processing delays
today. Nevertheless,
you might still have to watch this video several times
and maybe even sleep over what I am about to show you
to fully understand how shots register in PUBG,
how that affects your online experience, as well as what can
and what cannot be used to gain an advantage. So, to find out if you can use a high ping
to gain an advantage in PUBG I placed 2 PC’s side by side
and then recorded my tests at 250FPS with a camera. That allows me to show you the perspectives
of both the player with the low
as well as the player with the high ping without any video editing. To increase the ping of player 2 I again use
the Softperfect Connection Emulator, a quite expensive tool which is also used
by developers and network engineers to simulate various network conditions to
test applications and services during development. So that is a professional tool capable of
simulating real network conditions. In the following examples I have increased
the ping of player 2 by 500ms to make the impact that this has on the hit
registration as obvious as I possibly can. However,
I did also run tests at 150ms as well as 250ms.
So be assured that what I am about to show you is not specific to playing at a ping of
516ms. So, the popular opinion is that a player gains
an unfair advantage from playing at a high ping
because he can run around a corner and kill you
before you can even see him. So, at a ping of 516ms,
player 2 does indeed see player 1 first and so he can open fire before he shows up
on the monitor of player 1. But how does this delay affect the hit registration? In this example player 1 fires first
After 8ms his shot reaches the server And the server then sends a data packet to
player 2 to tell him that he is dead. While that information travels to player 2
he also fires a shot at player 1. But the server then just ignores that shot
as player 2 was already dead when it arrived at the server. In the next example Player 2 shoots first
But because of his ping of 516ms, That shot needs 258ms to reach that server. While that damage is traveling to the server,
player 1 now fires at player 2 And 8ms later that shot arrives at the server,
which now sends a data packet to player 2 informing him that he got killed. When the shot from player 2 then finally arrives
at the server it gets ignored,
because player 2 is already dead as far as the authoritative server is concerned So the server,
simply does not care about the fact that player 2 shot first. When it comes to damage,
then the player who gets his shot to the server first, wins the gunfight.
It really is as simple as that in PUBG. Now let’s have a look a different example. So what happened here. Player 2 comes around the corner,
sees player 1 and almost instantly starts to fire.
2 shots were enough to kill player 1 and these 2 shots are on their way to the
server before player 2 even shows up on the monitor of player 1 now player 2 shows up on the monitor of player
1, while the 2 shots of player 2 still haven’t
even reached the server But player 1 does not manage to fire back
at player 2 fast enough as player 2 did not only open fire almost
instantly when player 1 showed up on his monitor it also only took 2 shots to kill player 1.
So player 1 loses this gunfight. Now lets look at this. This
time it took player 2 a little bit longer to open fire
This gives player 1 enough time to fire back at player 2 And thanks to the low ping of just 16ms
As well as the fact that player 1 only needs 2 shots to kill player 2
he wins that engagement and player 2 dies. So these tests show us that the server does
not care about which player shot first. It only cares about who gets his shot to the
server first. Let’s take a look at this graph to explain
that further. The ping of the attacker,
the player who comes around the corner first is completely irrelevant
because as you’ve seen the server does not care about who shot first. So, what matters for the attacker
is the time between identifying an enemy and killing that player. For the defender to win that engagement
he must be able to kill the attacker quicker in order to also compensate for the delay
between him and the server. So, the attacker cannot use a high ping to
his advantage as the ping is irrelevant for the attacker. For the defender on the other hand it is essential
to play at the lowest ping possible because the higher his ping
the longer the delay between him and the server. So if Time A is shorter than Time D,
then the Attacker wins the engagement. And if Time D is shorter than Time A,
then the Defender wins that engagement. Again, to keep things simple I ignore the
tickrate, update rates
and server processing delays here. But you should get the idea. So the only situation where you will die in
PUBG with no chance to respond is when you have a high ping as a defender.
You will be dead before you know it with no time to respond
because of the time it takes data to travel back and forth between you and the server. Once your ping is higher than about 60ms as
a defender you will have a very hard time to get Time
“D” shorter than Time “A”, unless the attacker can’t aim, or has a
much worse gun. So there is no way for you in PUBG to use
a high ping to your advantage. Playing at a high ping is a major disadvantage
as you have little chance to survive 1 on 1 gunfights,
doors will open with a noticeable delay which gives a low ping player on the other side
more time to kill you, it takes longer to get in and out of vehicles
and picking up stuff from the ground also takes longer when you play at a high ping. But,
while playing at a high ping does not give you an advantage,
it will cause that other players receive your shots behind cover. Which is annoying and extremely frustrating
when you have a low ping to the server. That said, the shooter does not have an advantage
here. When both have a ping of 16ms then he still
gets hit, just not that far behind cover. What makes this so frustrating though is that
the developer could do something to mitigate how much of an impact the bad connection of
another player is allowed to have on your experience, when you have a stable and low
latency connection to the server. But that is a topic for another day. If the player who is diving behind cover has
a high ping Then….
Well…. when the defending player has a high ping
then his experience is not a good one no matter how high the ping of the attacker is. So since you cannot use a high ping to gain
an advantage, what can you do to improve your odds to win
a 1 on 1 gunfight? No matter if you are the attacking or the
defending player, you obviously want to improve your aim and
recoil control so that you can kill an enemy as fast as possible,
right after he shows up on your monitor. To see an enemy as soon as possible
you want to reduce your system latency as much as you can. That means that you must play at a high frame
rate and use a high refresh rate monitor,
ideally one that supports a variable refresh rate
as that then also eliminates the distracting tearing and stutter
and it makes tracking moving enemies a lot easier.
A gaming mouse with a polling rate of at least 500Hz will also further reduce the latency
in your system. And you want to play at the lowest ping possible
because the higher your ping the higher your risk to have that delay be
the reason why you cannot get your shots to the server fast enough
to kill the attacker that just came around the corner. Now, I understand that many players won’t
be happy with the explanation that I provided here
as the popular believe that high ping players have an advantage is a very strong one. However I hope that I could clearly demonstrate
that this is not the case, in PUBG at least. As I said, I cannot be sure if the same applies
to other games before I test them. So for now,
please do not assume that this is applies to other games than PUBG. And that’s all for today.
Big shout out to my patrons as their support allows me to create videos like this one. If you enjoyed this video then please give
it a like subscribe for more
ring the bell to get notified when I upload my next video
and I hope to see you next time! Until then,
have a nice day and take care, my name is Chris
and this was Battle(non)sense

Airsoft Battle Royale 2 | Dude Perfect

March 2, 2020 | Articles, Blog | 100 Comments

Airsoft Battle Royale 2 | Dude Perfect

Oh my gosh. Oh god, this is really– We’re off to a terrible start
for Airsoft Battle Royale Two. Dude Perfect. Today’s battle is simple. Each squad of three is
scattered throughout the map, to scavenge for weapons
and eliminate opponents by popping balloons. Last squad standing wins. Ah. Ah. Whoa. That was a long fall. What’s up, guys? Cory checking into the game. Purple Hoser checking in. I’m feeling good
about today, baby. I just had LASIK surgery done. Eyes are a little
tender, can barely see. Because of that, the guy did
add one balloon for each eye. Hey, blue squad, represent. (ON RADIO) Um, blue
squad representing? I’ve got Coby on my team. Let’s loot, baby, come on. I’ve got a good buddy
named Sparky on the team. Heard the boys
needed a six person for some battle royale action. The name is Sparky,
and I’m ready to party. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, good news boys. Supply bin inside. Woohoo. We gotta get to work. We gotta get to work. He’s going to take
us to Team Red. Trophy time! Ty, I’m going to check out
this bunker real quick, before meeting up with you. (ON RADIO) Well, good news. I just found some peanut
butter crackers one of my bins. Nice. Save me one of
those, I’m hungry. (ON RADIO) I already
ate them all. What kind of teammate is that? Blue team, I’ve got an MP5,
thermal drone, and smoke. (ON RADIO) I’m going to
try to go meet up with Gar, then we’ll link up with you. Bang, bang, bang, bang. Look at this. Yeah, I’m taking meds. All right. I think we’re just going
to need as much ammo as I can to spray everybody. This sucker will do. Coby, you read us? That was great news. Picked up a sniper
in the supply bin. About to get a high vantage
point in the bird’s nest. What is it? [LAUGHING] Great news, I found a gun. Bad news, it’s a pirate
pistol with a loader pouch. It probably takes two minutes
to load a single shot. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? Oh, I bet that’s the
tower Coby is going to. Blue is bad, blue is bad. Here we go, baby. Oh, heck yeah. Oh baby. Oh, that thing’s
like, 80 pounds. Maybe I’ll go back to my pistol. Here. Thank the Lord. Ty I got you a
weapon, and got the– Whoa. My balloon just popped. I think it might have
just hit the truck, man. I don’t know. Did you get shot, or was
it an accidental pop? (ON RADIO) Dude, I have no clue. It just popped out of nowhere. OK stay low, I’m
coming over that way. Where are you at? Did you hear a shot? Oh my God. Let’s go! Hey, get up against the trailer. Get up against the trailer. He’s hiding way better now. I can’t get a visual, otherwise
my balloons are exposed. Hey Cory, do you
still have that drone? Yeah absolutely. Put up that thermal
drone, and see if you can see somebody on
the roof of the tallest tower. I got you guys. I just lost another one, Ty. Someone’s definitely up there. Oh my gosh, this is so sick. [HIGH PITCH NOISE] Guys, I got him. It’s not on the roof, it’s
a balcony right below it. (WHISPERING) Cody. Cody. There’s somebody over there. Blue team. Blue team. All right Gar, he’s
on the second rooftop. Lay down fire and
I’m going to go. Smoke. Alright guys, I’m
bringing back the drone. Ty, you’re clear. No way he saw you go in. I’m following Codes. I’m following. He’s getting me. Get in. Go, baby let’s go! I’m here. I’m here. Yeah, peak out. Codes, be careful. Careful. We’re hurt. Can’t believe I just
lost a second balloon. That was so dumb. Gar, don’t move, I think
I’m right above him. (ON RADIO) Move in. He’s still there. (WHISPERING) Come on,
Gar, peak your head out. Let’s go! That was the greatest
move I’ve ever seen. You have to be kidding. Hey, leave your sniper
there, I’m coming to get it. Coby is down Garrett,
you are clear to move. It was disappointing. I’m going to be
honest with you guys, I’m definitely disappointed. Oh, I hate to take
your sniper Cobes, I don’t think
you’re going to be– [LAUGHING] Careful there big boy. There’s a new sniper
in town, boys. Let’s go! Hey, what did you do to my boy? Oh, wow. That’s nice. Talk to me, give me an update. Hey, now that you’re
eliminated, would you mind calling some pizza
for dinner tonight? I’d be happy to do that. Pepperoni, stuffed crust. If they got it. All right, you take
the med kit to Coby, I’m going to chase Cory. I’ve got one balloon left. I knocked two off
Cody, one off Sparky. Oh god, this is
the creepiest place I’ve ever seen in my life. (ON RADIO) Garret, I got
two more flights of stairs, and then I’ll be at the
bottom of the building. I don’t know how to navigate
my way through this place. I’m lost. Ty, got an automatic
Glock, you need it? (ON RADIO) Yeah,
grab that for me. Head this way, so we can
go to the reactor building. I’ll meet you in there, I
think I found another way. I’m pretty sure this pipeline
goes right to the bottom. Pretty sketchy. Don’t worry Cobes,
I’m coming for you. How many flights is this thing? I think it’s nine. (PANTING) Oh gosh, you’re
going to have to carry me. Did you hear that? Wait. This looks amazing. Well, this gun is sweet. I can’t see a thing. Somebody’s coming. Cory? Is that you? Where are you boy? This is the scariest thing
I’ve ever been a part of. Oh, boy. The heck was that from? Got him. Got him. Got him. Whoa. I’ve got a lot of them. Yes, I’m alive! Yes, woohoo. Oh, Cobes, I thought
I’d never find you. But I got meds. Let’s get you back in this game. Drop. Cannot wait to
report the good news. (WHISPERING) All
right, you’re good. Holy cow, I thought I was out. Oops. I won’t tell them if
you won’t tell him. I need a weapon, by the way. Cory, what’s your status man? What up blue team? There’s a new bazooka
boy in town, baby. Yeehaw! We’re coming for you. Hurry boys, I think they
might be in the building. I’m going to look
for a place to hide. Oh, dude. Sick. OK. Oh, this place is insane. Red Team, they’re coming
for me, so I’m just going put all eyes
on this front door. [LOUD CLANKING NOISE] Huh, well, gave
away my location. (WHISPERING) He’s
right above us. Come on now. Good luck coming
through that door. Ha! See ya blue Team. What you got? He’s down. Cody is done. Let’s go! No way. Yes! Are you kidding me? I had the whole door covered. Yeah, trap door underneath. We heard you walking
right above us. That’s the coolest
way to go down, ever. I still got nothing Sparky,
we got to get to a supply bin. Right, I’m just on a
revolver, let’s get you a gun. Oh yes sir, now we’re talking. Supply bin up there. Watch your left side. Do you want to swap yours? I want to keep it. I’ve got more
rounds on this one. Ty, Coby got revived. (ON RADIO) Sparky,
one of the left. He’s moving quick. Visual. Right side. Left side. Oh, got one on Ty. I’m taking heavy fire. I got smoke. I’m pinned down, I need help. We got to get out of here. Bail Spark. Bail! Bail! Coby’s out. Coby’s out. Coby’s out, Ty. I got one. He’s only got one balloon. [SCREAMING] [CHEERING] Let’s go! Boom! Somebody got me long range. I did. I got you. Unreal. You got me on the pistol,
and then you turned around, you got Ty on the pistol. I couldn’t have dreamed
of a day like this. Why don’t you take your mask
off, let the people see the– The champ has arrived. So happy to be here. I didn’t think we could do
it, we shocked the world. Well done. Well done. Gar. That hurts. Red team, congratulations. Sparks, I wanted to thank you
for being here at this point, I’m kind of wishing we
chose another friend too, for Airsoft Battle Two. But this time it is my
honor, and it is my duty, to present this
beauty of a trophy to Sparky and the Red Team! [CHEERING] Thanks for watching guys. Make sure you click
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Battle Royale Three, because we will be running this back. Yeah we will. Special thanks to
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